oh there we go okay HEY TRIPPSTERS I’m about two minutes early so I’m just gonna sit here and wait for you guys hey Robert how you doing baby figured I’ll get here early rather than getting here late how luck I did the last two times so I figured I would come in about two minutes early oh god yes that was an awesome concert I mean but you know what can you say it’s Shania so of course it’s gonna be awesome oh my god I love hey Brit how you doing honey I haven’t really started covering any subjects yet I was gonna give everybody time to get here since I’m a little bit early today I might not be as bright in here as it has been for the past few livestreams hey Justin welcome I am doing pretty good how about you are you feeling any better hey Saxon now I was it was suggested by you and forgive me if I get this wrong but I believe it was Elsa that suggested that hi Mercer how you doing Colin sorry I’m so used to your last name I calling how you doing honey look one shitty can bacon you know I love that somebody suggested and I believe it was Elsa so else oh thank you that I give you guys my top ten female country artist and my top 10 male country artists great good to hear it so since I don’t have any breaking news today I figured I would go ahead and give you guys like Elsa suggested my top tens now oh yeah I have no doubt that there will be dancers on the now tour and I can’t wait for this thing to kick off and I’m not even going to the concerts but I’m just really really hot for her to kick it off and get going I mean oh my god what a blast it is gonna be oh of course if you’re starting with mail Garth is definitely number one that is my number one right there and let’s see I will mark them up as I go so I guess we’re starting with email artists so Garth Brooks is my number one now I’m more into the female than I am the male country artist right now but as far as my 10 male artists I would have to start with Garth and then I would have to say Blake Shelton taping now tour in Vegas oh my god if they’re taping it there’s gonna be a freaking DVD oh my god okay I cannot wait the tour has not even started yet and I’m already wanting a DVD let’s see we did Garth and Blake and let’s see I would have to say Brad Paisley and Eric Church and Luke Bryan oh and Keith Urban no actually but he is a clay is not on my list but he is the honorable meet you coming back with Chanel oh my god she was also in China’s come on over and up

towards oh my god dad is awesome I hope she is coming back oh yeah okay let’s see where were we Oh uh-oh and I have to say Jason Aldean and Tim McGraw now I’m gonna say Kenny Chesney although it’s been a while since I’ve heard anything from him but and this one is you’ll have to get in maybe not the way way back machine with me but maybe a little bit back Keith Whitley I loved Keith Whitley so that’s my ten and my honorable Meechum would be clay Walker Billy Currington now Billy Currington is good what about King George he is also an honorable mention only because I haven’t gotten anything from him in a while so usually if I’m doing the top ten it’s what I am currently into Allen Jackson now around the around the time Allen came out Travis Tritt also came out and at that time Allen Jackson and Travis Tritt were my two favorites at that time first single no Billy had music before that I’m almost sure Billy had music before that yeah I’m pretty sure he did yeah I can look it up and let you know later but yeah I’m pretty sure he had music before that thought he just kind of you know when he did the song mission I party for two then everybody went oh my god who is that guy that kind of thing you know so and he is still doing music but he has he has been touring on his last album he has toured for geez what is it three years now two or three years now on his last album alone well a little straighter yeah yeah that’s it Robert yeah so he was known before he did the song with Shania but he was better known after he did the song wish you not yes yes that was a good one yes she definitely boosted his career by leaps and bounds yeah oh wow you got to see Billy in concert Oh at the State Fair nice he is good I’m surprised that he’s not more popular than what he is but it may be because he doesn’t release music as often as other artists do okay Colin what is it column has breaking Shania news you’re not liking his new stuff I haven’t I haven’t really heard any new stuff from him other than his last album that was like I said it was either two or three years ago oh that’s right yes she did yes yes she did Elsa yeah she son with Bram want the original version

of from this moment on was actually sung with brown white as a duet okay let’s see what Colin says breaking news about Shania Twain I think the trailer for trading paint will be released this month yes that’s right let’s hear it for Colin Thank You Colin oh my god so yeah we did actually get some breaking news today oh I can’t wait to see this trailer I can’t believe it took this long for them to actually you know put one out especially with it being there I mean I know we’re all excited about Shania being in it but John Travolta is a huge star yes yes they’ll so it is about time once I get guys okay sorry about that hey Jordan welcome well thank you for tuning in and hello to this little reader Loretta Lynn Dolly Parton and/or Reba yes Thank You Colin uh actually I am a huge fan of okay hang on Oh many aspects queen is at her grandmother’s right now they’re up there doing laundry they’ll be back here shortly that’s who keeps dinging my phone okay oh yeah I have two hairspray definitely okay let me know how it goes : or I mean Jordan sorry yes to the slow reader yes I am actually a fan of all three of those women Loretta Lynn Dolly Parton and Reba I actually grew up listening to Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton because my mom was a fan and then kind of discovered Reba on my own so and I’ve been a fan of those three ladies for years the original one Missoni bone up no Saxon since you asked about many aspects Queen she was supposed to be here in time tonight to say hello to you guys but they’ve not made it back yet but hopefully when they get back she’ll come in and say hello to you guys and no that’s not our topic we don’t have a specific topic I just thought I thought that tonight at Elsa’s request that we would cover top tens of top 10 country female and male artists I’ve already gone through my top 10 male and I will start on the female here in a minute a new album apparently soon like 2019 okay Colin where did you hear this oh my god Colin is saying for those of you that are not reading the comments Colin is saying that apparently she not is due to release a new album in possibly 2019 yeah yeah I’m a good old country girl so I like the good old country yeah singers women well and me oh my god are you serious Bria that’s awesome oh good top five good top five okay well my top ten would be I’m just gonna rattle these off so if you if you say something and I miss it give me a second I’ll catch back up okay my top ten female artist country how far do you live from butcher holler quite a ways but yes right here in Kentucky and for the record no I’ve never actually been okay my top ten female artists obviously would be Shania Twain number one followed by and you can put these pretty much in any order Taylor Swift and yes guys I know she’s no longer country but at heart for me she will always be country Carrie Underwood Miranda Lambert Ashley Taylor Reba McEntire Jennifer Nettles solo or as duo

Kelsea Ballerini oh my god can that woman sing Faith Hill lee Ann Womack and as an honorable mention I have to say Julie Roberts and if you have not heard Julie Roberts I don’t think she sings anymore she no longer has a contract or anything but several years back she did a song called break down here and I absolutely loved that song it was great I’ve been to Dollywood but not to butcher holler oh you remember Julie Saxon okay oh god you do to Robert okay yes I’m not the only one I saw when they opened John Wow Rhonda Vincent Wow now it’s been a while since I’ve heard that name want to see movie her free oh I love funny movies I love them really trace adkins I’ve not heard it okay thank you Robert oh my god yes I remember that song Saxon and I don’t remember the name of it either but yes that was also one of my favorite songs that she did honeysuckle rose that name sounds familiar gosh your accident oh my god Barnes a noble oh that’s an odd place yes yes he is he is a tall drink of water well I I know you meant when I had time Jordan I knew that he put epsom salts in a man’s coffee oh he was doing a book signing okay see I didn’t even know he had a book so you can learn all kinds of stuff live streaming and for the Shania fans out there which I think most of you are uh do you guys know the name nope hang on yes hello I’m sorry hang on guys I got a video call coming through hey um I don’t know let me look excuse me guys if you’re looking for an ink cartridge its ink cartridge 61 oh you’re welcome ah let me turn you around here so I don’t know if you guys can see this but this is many aspects Queen say huh Cowan says huh what you want to see him okay well they can’t see you Jordan says huh

and so Elsa says huh hey Elsa says hi Elsa she loves your name she is a huge huge frozen fan okay you guys be careful okay it’s okay I’ve turned the phone back around Jennifer shot she didn’t want to be on camera oh she’s hilarious I’ll tell her you said hey Mercer well you’re welcome I was she was watching one of my live streams the other day and she was watching it after it went up as a video and I had spoke to you and said something to you about hi Elsa or Thank You Elsa or something anyway when I said Elsa she’s watching it on video and she dead stops and looks up at me she was at Elsa she thought she liked me from frozen Adele oh god yes no she’s not on my list because I was doing country singers but Adele rocks I love her well she doesn’t rock rock but I mean that voice that woman’s voice is unbelievable I know it’s cute it made Elsa she loves it um I wonder what I was saying and yes guys I will tell them all that all y’all said said ha what I was about to ask you was for the Shania fans out there do any of you know wake up older yes thank you Robert there it is sex and that’s the song we couldn’t think of it’s called wake up older the original name I’m sorry I’m getting sidetracked and tickled and everything um the original name of the Shania Twain song oh god now my mind went blank hang on guys let me run the lyrics through my head love gets me every time do you guys know the original name of that song and if so why she changed it yes thank you Robert oh my god yes thanks and that’s it it was originally called gall-darn gone and done it do you know why she changed it yes Robert that’s it oh my god see I love the little tidbits that you find out yes yes oh my god you knew it to Elsa yes that was it that was it dead-on Saxon the they were afraid the DJ’s would have trouble saying it and that they were accidentally cursed you know salvation no I’m not had a chance to look at it yet Colin but I will or you can just send it to me on messenger or something and I’ll look at it that way oh my god oh yes I would love to see it oh yeah I can see that happening to Saxton yes the slow reader got it yes yeah I think that’s let’s see I think I’ve heard her tell it in a radio interview back years ago when the album was first released he huh I can see the slip-up yes she was smart to change it primetime Country special nice rodeo video Inc okay I’ll check it out Justin oh I saw your video the other day by the way your top favorite youtubers oh thank you Colin oh you’re a sweetheart I gotta give it a second to load so I can see it

ooh that was quick oh my god I love it and look at the hair okay I’m gonna turn this around let me see if I can blow it up oh there we go uh get off okay I’ll turn it around so you guys can see it I’ll try to get the glare off of it there you go can you guys see it real well Thank You Colin I appreciate that oh I like the name either way too yes it was huh no I don’t think I’ve ever heard that version yes Jordan I did and I watched it and oh my god that was heart-wrenching it really was I know the Hera right that’s the first thing I thought when I saw it I was like whoa look at the hair that’s what I was thinking International Version oh okay okay yeah I actually had both versions well you guys know you’ve seen much in my collection okay after going blurry him block put my eyes on here guys hang on well something just came through oh it was Jennifer she was apologizing for interrupting the chat okay there we go okay oh no what still gonna have him to see okay let’s see where were we okay let me let me back to comments up guys it also says it’s on the international version I have that one yes I have that one too on her Instagram I have not checked my Instagram oh my god guys I’ve had a thing from Twitter earlier today it said today is the official nine year anniversary I think it was of my Twitter account so apparently nine years ago today I started my Twitter yeah that’s what the piece was right there the black piece that was her head Mac I don’t think I’ve ever seen her with bad hair I really don’t even all the way back in any man of mine video when he’s just kind of you know whatever you call that looked I thought that’d look good on her too of course it’s kind of hard for she’s not trying to look bad she just looks good all the time she probably looks great when she rolls out of bed in the morning she’s one of those beautiful people oh I bet they will yeah it did me too I actually listen to the book and it tore me on pieces oh yeah you get a selfie with her we want to see it Saxon yes uh slow reader it was it was heartbreaking it really was yes she does always look good yeah I do actually remember the video for you lay

a whole lot of love on me that is an old old one that is from her very first album she is six at yes Robert she is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous sexy the woman just oozes sexy yes yes it would be a great picture for him to get and guys if you’ve got pictures of you with any artist send them to me I’ll put them all in the video and put them up on YouTube for you today is your day music video oh yeah yeah I saw that one yes yes I will I mentioned this in a previous previous livestream one of you guys suggested it and I can’t remember which one please forgive me because I talk to a lot of you guys but one of you suggested that I do a video of fans with artists like country artists or welcome even have to be country it could be any artist and send me the pictures and I will put all of your else pictures in one video and put it up on YouTube careful now she’s got a great big husband okay weird world okay I remember that uh Colin I remember that picture I’ve still got it somewhere you know Ashley Tyler has never got to meet her either as big a fan as she is of her but that is one of her goals in life is to meet Shania Twain yes with her permission with her permission that’s that’s you know that’s important oh okay Brett I’ll look just in a second see I don’t know the band members names yes good point slow reader and her husband’s permission if he is anywhere around get his permission Gus he’s a great big ol boy he could hurt somebody John Travolta got to kiss her with Fred’s permission okay yeah long as he had friends permission it was all good may 22nd 2004 uh oh my god oh my god you’re a baby oh my god can I show this oh yeah watching just to make sure oh you saw that oh goody I know about lost it I’ve just about lost it I was just screaming and jumping and whooping and I know I was tickled to death I was pretty much in tears happy tears oh my god this is this is adorable Elsa can I show this or I’m sorry I sorry I got you guys mixed up I meant brick can’t show this yes okay guys check this out this is brick this is the Chuckie lover with Shania Twain in was it 2004 check this out look at what a baby she is right here and you aren’t oops sorry about that you are beautiful you really are that is so cool oh my god okay I’m keeping that a man that to the video when I do it

yes oh my god yes I love that thank you sets then that was cute and it reminded me of something I heard Shania Twain til one time at the end of any Madame on the song song video whatever every version the the little thing that she does and that just reminded me of it when you said kick stomp stomp that thing that she does at the end of that song did you guys know that was not originally in the song when she went into the studio to cut that song that was not on the end of that song she completely and lived it right there while she was recording it near Louisville um I mean um Hannah Jones I think oh my screaming black guys okay oh uh Colin is she watching heel to toe let’s see though yes that’s the part that’s the part that’s support she totally ad-libbed I live in Pat County Pat Beale I’m sorry the way I normally say it is powerful but that’s my hillbilly accent I believe the correct pronunciation is Pikeville but I am two or three hours away I think from Louisville oh my god Jordan that’s awesome did I okay I completely forgot I cover so much that’ll bring anyway I forget what I say yes it really was not something to reply okay so is she watching right now and can I show this that was in Louisville oh my god okay um well welcome to the live stream Hannah and this is Hannah Jones apparently she’s one of my fans and Colin provided me with a picture so Hannah I’m gonna show your picture now this is Hannah and she is a fan of mine so hello Hannah and welcome I’m so glad that you watched my videos and I hope you enjoy them and yes guys I’m just that way I love people that watch me that that enjoy what I do because I enjoy what I do and I will show every picture as long as I can I will just keep showing them and in case you missed it Hannah the slow reader says hi thank you Robert I appreciate that that’s very sweet I’m just myself no matter what all the time I’m actually a little off today so if I seem a little different uh don’t worry I’m fine I just kind of screw screwed up my medicine nothing serious is just after I had this thing done I was out of it for the next couple of days and I forgot to take my medicine now guys I’m gonna I’m gonna divulge some personal information here okay because I’m just opening blatantly honest about everything in my life I am diagnosed bipolar and I have been for years and I have been medicated for it for years so I’m not dangerous I’m crazy as a shithouse rat but I’m not teachers but because I was so out of it from the heart cath that I forgot to take my medicine for a couple days and it’s got me all off track so if I’m not completely myself there’s why

Carrie Underwood Oh God that woman can sing oh my god she blows me away Oh Thank You Jordan you’re sweet Taylor Swift fans 17 hello and welcome to the live stream we talk about everything we started out talking about the top 10 male and female country artists that we love and we have gone through everything Shania Twain Carrie Underwood goin hurtin nothin we just keep talking as long as somebody’s got a subject we just sit here and talk so welcome to the insanity and yes we do talk Taylor Swift and I’m going to guess by your name a Taylor Swift fan that you are a fan of Taylor Swift I’m a huge fan of Taylor Swift I love that woman’s music oh really okay well um hello Mitchell guys this is also one of my fans this is oh god I don’t know how to do this and get it where you guys kids can y’all see that that is Mitchell and his sister Janelle I believe so hello and welcome and thank you for joining us on the live stream oh I’m always ready for the ACMs absolutely um Taylor Swift fan what did you think of Taylor’s latest album I know I’m so stoked about that how remember back when she used to host it before I which I watch it every year I think I’ve only missed it once probably in the last 25 years and that was because I didn’t have cable at the time which I still don’t but I go over Jennifer’s as much it and yeah I remember when she was hosting it before and I remember when she hosted it with Vince Gill so I’m glad to see her back cuz I think she’s funny I’m not sure it would be safe for me I’ve not seen a list of who’s performing Robert so I don’t know yet I don’t think it will be safe for me to meet Garth Brooks favorite Taylor song is okay wait live a picture to burn okay Saxons favorite Taylor song is picture to burn okay Taylor Swift fan loved the album always loved country Taylor absolutely very happy that her new oh god yes I’m loving the new stuff my phone is like dinging off the hook over here I love her new music everything that she comes out with is even better than the last and you wouldn’t think that would be possible to keep doing that but everything she releases is better than the last thing she released and the last thing she released was great oh my god I mean she just keeps getting better as she goes her talent is amazing the CMAs oh god am I thinking of the wrong show I remember when he hosted the scene it was the CMAs oh my god I’ve got my work shows mixed up yes they were very funny together in low places oh absolutely love friends in low places oh I loved her TV show I thought it was hilarious somebody on here the other day said and if they thought they were gonna do a reboot of that show it’s good in Central Station and I’m loving every second of it okay Cody’s favorite Taylor song hey Cody welcome is a time between white horse and red oh oh wow horse oh my god the first time I heard it I just fell in love with it loved it yes I love Carrie and Brad hosting the CMAs they are awesome together yes a reboot would be great I would love to see it oh god a favorite song from her new album oh god there’s so many because

that is the first album that I have actually gotten a hold of like a full-blown 10 or more track album in the last oh god I want to say almost 10 years that I can just listen to beginning to end over and over and over oh so it’s hard for me to pick just one but give me a minute to think about it saxons favorite Garth the red strokes oh definitely that was a good one loved the video it was complete insanity debut a new single oh god I hope she does I would love for her to mrs Doubtfire yes I loved that movie that’s okay we just jumped from topic to topic we don’t care mmm non single okay hang on I’m still thinking about the Taylor one oh you know what hang on one second I’ll be right back okay had to go get it so I can look Oh God even looking at it it’s still hard to pick okay um if I had to pick just one for my favorites I did something bad and right under that don’t blame me would pretty much be tied that is my two favorites on the album but if I could just pick one I would have to say I did something bad that is unbeliev oh my god I love it yes I’m hoping she releases a new single and a new video her videos blow me away did you guys know there’s two videos to her current song yes it was one of Robin Williams funniest movies that was a huge loss when he passed away oh the slow reader likes delica that’s his favorite from the reputation album no I was just looking at that the other night : I’ve not heard any news on the second season oh absolutely the whole album just the whole album the next single off of gunslinger okay what would I pick alright hmm hmm that’s a tough one um hang on one second gasp okay let’s see hmm that’s a tough call this is weird because uh he won’t release a song that is too country um my phone is ringing I don’t where it is no guys I’ll be right back okay we’ll take care of it baby oh okay sweetie all right love you too ah sorry guys

that was mini a spits Queen now Garth won’t release something that’s to Cody because he says the radio won’t play it oh okay hang on one second Colin absolutely put him on your YouTube channel we would love to see him yes I am oh absolutely seriously Jordan I had no idea oh absolutely thank you for joining us and I do this usually Monday through Friday I do it at two o’clock in the afternoon if you’re available to watch and thank you again for joining us many ask its Queen is home now as far as a song I don’t know for me ask me how I know was the best one on the album if he was gonna release another one which I don’t think he will I would love for him to release whiskey two one as an actual single but he won’t because it’s too country so I would pick pure adrenaline yes a great duet that’s one of the best ones I’ve ever done together which I’ve loved every song that they’ve done together pretty much but I think it’s great and you know I can’t believe that say it’s to country to play on country radio that’s just ridiculous oh my god they’re adorable this is Bonnie and Bruce this is Colin’s grandparents and apparently they watch so hello to Bonnie and Bruce a couple of my fans there you go guys hello and you have a wonderful grandson I know right they said I wasn’t country enough to play on radio to rock for country radio they’re both Shania fans good deal I see where you get your taste in music Colin I know right they’re like oh no she’s not country enough and now look at her she’s like probably a billionaire guys hang on one second and I’ll be right back yes where are they they’re right here on the computer okay oh here you go just

look rather than saying hello this is mini house pets Queen sorry I think I just got in trouble yeah but she wanted to come say hi Oh what they’re all saying huh Elsa is right here Elsa this is your biggest fan she said hi he neat you met summer and she said you need to bring back summer Justin said hi and Saxon said hi and the slow reader says hi and Jordan says hi he and Elsa some time how many house pets Queen no she’s probably just aggravated she’ll be okay once she comes down she knows I won’t let nothing happen to her yeah she’s here too guys oh yeah I just wanted he says I’m just staring at my daddy and it’s like oh boy you’re gonna stand out with your daddy than that oh boy he’s coming in if he’s coming to get me oh that’s why mommy’s upset oh yeah yeah who’s that because she that’s a also she said sorry I’ll let it go she let it go she let it snow that’s probably why it’s snowing outside Elsa did it Thank You Olivia what sir oh you better come and see me in that next time sincerely excuse me sir sorry oh you crazy okay careful what she said oh that was Saxon he told Elsa you can send this note to me oh no he said to me I can see yeah you can have this no snacks intersection we don’t want it I’ll welcome you hey hey dad said I love snow said she loved snow okay come see me next time I’m in 70 I didn’t wanna come over to seven-day 77 days where I live okay bring your car it’s in the snow to England yes please send us a note to England well you got me any a nap a train yes yes I do okay l said uh I also said okay okay okay bring on us so when you come to see your Elsa don’t forget to bring honor an Olaf and Olaf oh god I have Olaf and bring em I don’t see him what’d you say oh no that wasn’t her honey that was Sexson she said okay Andy’s making mr. oh oh the yeah yeah okay I’m watching you alright let me set

this down guys it’s been okay it’s been about an hour I hate to wrap up so quickly but okay Saxon I’m gonna say goodbye because I gotta take her home and calm her mom down I got around the code without a code on that so that’s my mom got upset but I’m gonna take her home which is just next door but I will see you guys tomorrow if you want to do it at 7:00 we can if that’s good for you guys out chef who’s gonna tell Anna and to come to see me okay bye okay hang on by me don’t go back out without coats I’ll give you one month alright guys so I’m gonna wrap it up and I will talk to you tomorrow yeah I will do this again tomorrow is 7:00 okay for you guys if I’m not on it – okay yeah if I’m not on it – tomorrow check back at 7:00 Oh I’ll let her go out without a coat just from her apartment to mine but it’s colder than crap outside right now so her mom’s a little upset but I think there’s a different reason for that yeah but it’s okay hey my bad 7:00 p.m. okay all right guys we’ll do it again tomorrow at 7:00 if everybody can get here two or seven either one okay all right then that will do it for now this has been a blast now it’s going and I am Tripping out