Good morning, Doodlers! We are out on a wander today Isn’t this lovely? I’m still obviously social distancing like mad, this is it the first time I’ve been out on a walk, where I’ve driven somewhere else and not just gone around the streets of my house. The first time I’ve gone to a lovely fieldy parky place It’s so nice to be out again. I’m still going to stay away from people – luckily there’s a lot of space here So the reason I’m bringing you along with me is because I’m going to do some art sketching while I’m out and about. So the whole point of this is to go for a walk and see what we can see! Find lovely things to draw, enjoy the natural surroundings… just take our time with life Hello lovely tree [Loud rustling tree leaves in the wind] Can you hear the noise of that? The wind in the trees? I hope it’s picking up, because it’s sooo nice I’m going to be weird…and just stand in it! Hello leaves! Aren’t you just so pretty! I don’t know my flower types… if you know what the flower is, comment down below But it’s pretty I like these very much. I don’t know whether you can see on the screen but they’re really tall and they look so delicate. I don’t know whether they are anything particular or whether it’s just a rampant wild flower. Aren’t they lovely! It’s like a little misty cloud amongst all of the trees Beautiful! Coming up to the big tree. We’re at the top of a hill here It’s not very interesting commentary is it? “Here’s a tree. On a hill. Enjoy!” Okay, I think I might try and draw a bit of this gnarly wood thing – wood trunk – because it’s got the barbed wire coming out, which is quite… kind of sad and strange It’s just to keep you from going further into this creepy bit of wood. But still interesting context I’ll just back up a little bit so you can see I’ll just try and get some of the textures or something… let’s see what happens If you want to go on an art walk, but you don’t really want to take your sketching

stuff with you, you could just do a photography walk. But try and not just “Click! Got it! Click! Got it! Seen That! Got it!”, because that’s what I do sometimes, but really try to stop, and take a few pictures of the same thing from different angles if necessary, to properly try and SEE the thing because it’s just a bit more mindful I suppose. Anyway look at this – it’s nice, no? Just how lovely is it in here? So beautiful Ahh look, I found a fairy door! Oooh somebody lives in there! I think I might try and draw that…hmmm let’s see where I can put you While I’ve got this quiet little log to sit on, and there’s not too many people around, I just thought I should probably go through what I brought with me So I’ve got my A5 sketchbook, because that’s nice and portable, and I did bring my whole pencil case but I think I’m just going to use my fine liner pen. This is a 0.5 nib and it is a Unipin fineliner I think that will be nice for capturing gestures and ideas and the basic shapes of the things that I want to see. I also have with me a bottle of water; I have put sun cream on; I have my sunglasses; I have my handy-band on which will hopefully stop me from getting sunburned on the top of my bonce; I have a cardigan but I don’t need it because I’m boiling! I think that’s it. I have a snack… is that enough? This is a really nice little bit I’m sitting in – hang on let me just swivel you This is the log I’m sitting on, it’s a lovely long log That’s where the little fairy door is I can hear people coming but I can’t see them. I feel like I’m being creepy, hiding in the bush, but I’m not hiding…I’m out in the open Okay so I was sitting here attempting to do this tree because I liked how the shadows are on it from the leaves. So I was attempting to scribble a little bit

of that into my sketchbook. Try and capture that. This is what I’ve got so far with that It would be easier with some sort of shading things but it’s nice to just get the essence of it and I can take it home, and I’ll also take a photo of it as well, and then I can work on it further at home if I want to Look at these cool logs! Aren’t they awesome? I kind of want to try and balance on one but I think I might hurt myself. And I’m all alone in this wood…who will come and find me if I break my leg Oooh I am actually on it [Sings: Circus Music] This would be so much better if somebody else was actually filming this – whoa – this is very good for my coordination Okay, okay…Yesss! I mean it’s a small triumph but it’s MY triumph you know. [laughs] Ooh is that a squirrel? Oh I don’t know what it was, it was something very quick and fleety Crunchy crunch, crunchy crunchy crunch… [sound of snapping twigs underfoot] I really hope you can hear the bird song that’s going on in here, because it’s so nice What WAS that? Oh I think they’re teeny tiny birds [Sings: I’m all alone, there’s no one here, beside me [Still singing: When you go down to the woods today you’d better go in disguise, when you go down to the woods today you’ll never believe your eyyyeees!] Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! I’ve just seen them Can you see them? That’s a squirrel there and there’s another one just there, I can’t really zoom in any further I’m amazed that they haven’t gone away already Oh such a shame I’m at maximum zoom on my phone I’m like a squirrel stalker Disturbing the squirrel life. Look at that one over there on the tree I don’t know what he’s doing… Is he stripping it? Is he taking bark off the tree? What’s he doing? Oh you know what, guys, this whole video now is going to turn into just a squirrel cam We’ll be standing here now for half an hour just staring at these squirrels Oh he’s lovely This is going to be shaking too much I think I just got my other camera out it has a better zoom on it but it is juddering around like nobody’s business Hopefully I can stabilise it [in the edit] They are running around on that tree That’s the bark-stripping one. Look at him go! Oh well done mate, he’s doing a bang-up job of stripping that

Getting that bark off. Okay, people who know about squirrels why is he doing that? is he gonna use the bark or is he just really wanting to get up close and personal to the tree? It’s very efficient Look how much he’s taken off that tree Good work, mate Absolutely stonking I’m so happy…but there’s people coming now and I think he’s going to scarper So a dog came along and all the squirrels scarpered, but I’m just showing you this tree – it’s now, like, a bit nudie. You’ve done such a job on that! There you go. You learn stuff every day Okay, this is definitely turning into Squirrel Watch There’s so much moving around Oh look, what’s that? Magpie?… Magpie and squirrel There is so much moving and wandering about, which, usually when I come to the woods it’s with my doggie, and when the dog is about you don’t get none of this! Because, there you go! You see, there’s some doggies, and the moment they get on the scene it’s “SQUIRRELL!!”. Hey there, doggies. Poor squirrels, I bet dogs are the bane of their lives [Jaunty bouncy dancing-in-the-woods music] So I think I’m going to head back now. Do let me know your thoughts, whether you enjoyed this video? If you did, would you like more? Shall I do another one somewhere else? Let me know and if you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up, it really does help to support me and the channel. Iif you would like to subscribe, please do, click the little bell and then you’ll get notifications

every Friday when my videos pop up! Anyway, have a lovely day and I’ll see you next time! [Sings: “Gotta crawl, gotta crawl, gotta crawl, to the ugly bug ball, to the ball, to the ball, and a happy time we’ll have there…”] Hello Mr Caterpillar He’s so hairy! Byeeee!