i wiII Republic loose you’re watching cavan TV hello good evening and welcome to come to time and queen were becoming to a web TV near you the show is live on the internet every friday evening from heathrow 229 check drumlin media.com for for the details if you would like your artists or venue featured on the show you can contact Quinn’s country time at gmail com or drumlin media @ gmail.com and tonight on the show we’ve got a new artist in the making her name is Rosie Flanagan I maybe you haven’t heard report from here on in you will hear an awful lot more with our dis artists Rosie welcome to the show thank you very much for having no problem at all and I’m delighted to have you here tonight you hear from her part of the country I’m from Ocean County Westmeath fabulous and a great part of the quantity for artists there who he lefted that part of the quantity we have we have like good pedigree from where we have a great item excellent BriTANicK Foster Tony on the Simon Casey we’ve a lot of singers from around this part of the country I’m did he rolls it foul together you you are not coming star and you are not coming sir good wine to last to the right and sit and you just mentioned there TR you you a dirty [ __ ] meteo there in relation to the TG cars well change it back in 2009 TR asked me to do a program called Gloria yes she care so am I was surprised and delighted and so we did that program and it was it was a great experience and it gave me the opportunity of singing live with a live band and being on live TV and it was terrific in US but it gave me the the gumption to get up and go and get myself into the music scene because I’ve always wanted to do what I’ve been in musicals and theater but yeah after that I would often a recorded an album and no I’ve recorded a second album and exceeds I’m moving nicely from me think old Andy or do the show there you would have met one man dared aoi terrifying all I used to come me either because they love here is it there never that easy Maria yes I a gentleman just a fabulous fabulous came in every day and start with us the hollies cup of tea and a chat the very same as everyone else he was lovely lovely man yeah and before we go any more and people would like to maybe hear a song from Warner fair Rosie’s dvds and problem with you would you like us to play now what since it’s the day after Valentine’s Day we might do a little one called loving all night last night on ice and we will play that never audience there at the moment I turned and let their view baby pull the covers back over my head wanna get it up out on Big Boss Man is just about it hope it don’t get me wanna make it everybody my place I hang it on doubt about it being loving all night when you tell me i’m pretty as a fresh good flower when you show me how you

love me in the wee small hours everybody sleeping on around this jack hope it don’t get hanging loving all night yeah talking when you’re looking so fat when you move your body up and close to my love abbie tomorrow maybe I’m gonna things right oh hang it all time I’ve been loving on everything right well you with No loving on fantastic sound looking for another people of the relevant they’re on the show last night and he is a lovely song have you wrote that song sir rodney crowell some in a virgin singer he wrote that he was actually I just recorded that and he was over in ireland in castlebar in the theater right so I’m I made sure you got a copy of it very nice does it yeah you have to keep plugging away don’t kind of a token away and you were saying you don’t know a number of avenues where like CDs I’ve done two albums right my country rules was the first one I did it’s just after Lord here and then I’ve done my new album which college called her dancing I’m very good you’re in good yeah I recorded some of that Nashville which was a great experience it was great you were just love to you need to Nashville they do they record yeah they were treated so well I guess thought I was out of my depth when I would interface studio but it was fantastic really was and it is a great place to record and it’s simple for your CD is right to have that you are watching in Nashville tips yeah there’s a reminder to sing in legends corner when we were over there which is a famous oh that’s right so which was great way to get up there and sing with the musicians over there fantastic as well you know they were the greatest yeah cream is right and for yourself as well like you know it is nice to say i’ve been there i Doan that and you’d love to go back again oh it love to come back again at the Grand Ole Opry growed up is mighty next time you’d never know you’d never know and also DVDs you have the dvds as well of your music as well yeah for dvds that i recorded so am the first DVD was California here I come right and actually think mrs. recorded that out to know that stables it was a cabin man that alright stables I quit with his name so we did that out there so the second one was and loves Nadal’s rolls it was a big ballot and sad song i basted kind of honor on an orphanage kind of a theme and that sounded really well it did well over America as well it was an American lady the raw that right and my third one was loving all night and I have a new one now called how to dance in actually my parents are in this one which i think is great marina slowly and and they’re like dancing as well you there it dance music door we call me Father twinkle toes because he loves to dance he loves to dance my mother loves to dance as well which is great and is the life and the soul for people like dancing because it is great for my soul and body to get out there fantastic it’s vitally getting brother house as well its doors and we did a concert no tuesday night for in mold right and there was loads of different artists there but it’s just great to watch all the young man old out dancing together some guys even changing their

shirts I know the feeling I know well that’s meteor woken how did the dancing yeah yeah yeah hey did not hear some where your daughter sang with you as well Ordonez that’s right my daughter sang on my first album she sang field of gold which was only 12 Farina and on my new album she has done a beautiful song called my connemara marble ring beautiful absolutely beautiful so we am the lot of actually a lot of djs from abroad have requested that some from they’ve seen it on YouTube and requested Sophie sounds over there she do very well do murdered me yeah she has she’s coming out for Obama so it has to be good good she loves the singer she likes singing further horses but she likes thing yeah you’re a your hobbies their network with horses are not and stables on you your daughters are authorized yeah yeah I used to do a lot of horse riding bottom as you get older you know you don’t bounce as much off the ground more you’re more fun outdoor garden and movie show jumping I just a lot of show jumping are you actually comes up to cabin here quite a large under sort of phytase hearing Kevin from yesterday’s antagonism and it’s a lovely pass statement it just gets away from from the rest of life and healthy or nasarah side of the fresh air and it’s lovely it is very healthy Angie musical backgrounds with regard to your mama daddy or there any those in into music that there are no I don’t know where I got it from don’t know where I picked it up what is certainly whatever has you have a tenday you’re only in a few years as well I only am a late starter I am only four years at at them in the music business no but I’ve done an awful lot I gave up my job full time to go into the music business because I’ve worked all my life so I just thought it’s my turn to do something so I enjoy singing noticing doing something that you love and you like Ann and Andy and it certainly listen to your music and listen to using you did this is fabulous and I can see gold place as an aunt in a big star in any way like Michelle get everyone else don’t worry they’re telling the world it they will go what’s happening to it maybe open your hundred forty countries at the moment and so our viewership is just is rock with nope at the moment and it’s great to me means we get back from people saying that have much to enjoy in the shows it is fantastic and and is we we like to hear people’s views out there as well you know telling us how much they liked it but it and we can do another song for children we do like never mmm what what what we do probably do a California here I come we might do that be talking to here no the horses no all right whatever we get up that so no it with a forgery of the song so some reaches marriages still you want to put my face in the movies wants to talk to me about the future mama says honey I don’t wanna lose you but I can sing and that’s my head it’s being in I wanna make it and now i’m singing kept on your here I come I’m gonna live my dream is a son goodbye everyone Here I am and it’s been nearly six months not a word little money can’t afford much got to use me when I couldn’t say no just another pretty face in a video I ain’t proud of the way I’m leaving seemed so long since the day out singing here I come I’m gonna live my dream um goodbye everyone I don’t wanna be no one be a one mega break take a chance on me just wait sisters back in Minnesota bonus morning cuz I never rode her she’s making plans

go Nicole wants to stay wouldn’t be for her to see me this way she’s out a carnage packing loss she’s bringing too late to stop her and now she’s goodbye everyone I don’t wanna be no wanna make a break take a chance on me yes wait another beautiful song and you’re saying that’s an original as well too it is a guy from England Rogers if we call Ryder asked me what I record its I did and it certainly it did suits used down to ground he picked the right person right did you spot anyone at the beginning in that video IDs I did and you told me had written ours for a long time you look like you never left right nursing good as you just like it through pro on it you mentioned two at one time you don’t concert not even over in Scotland and I did I was invited over to Scotland last year for a three day tours all the source oh so myself and feel the guys went over and we had a fantastic time was a great experience this is a lovely spot to go partly yes friesen live but a lovely spot it’s great great dancers over there as well uh ya know how to see the support and any of the Irish artists and particularly in concert and shows they’re there they converging good very welcoming I have to say very well when people are really nice I really enjoyed it ideas it isn’t what parts cotton was that knows northern open torso right or yeah you go any further your foliage and see I don’t know I know is them and have you doing any other concepts as well or being onstage with other various artists game I’ve do a lot of concerts around and you know the big charity concerts we did a big concert for a most last year area this year to raise money for the museum park in mulund everyone was there with Robert misère the conquerors Nathan character crying we grease deccan Ernie definitely caught me by the leg before I got on stage oh yeah it took me about five minutes to get away from that will be grateful yes he’s a great character data and he’s a break and it’s great lent you to meet all those artists in the Warren venue because the disc commandery and most people weren’t matter where you meet them and you’re fitting into is there’s a circle out there that you just get it yeah yeah and the slice he called open that ad is the good phone and it also for detractors well because when you’re appearing at concerts like that people never hear that person before I’m looking forward to hearing them and this is the opportunity to do it and you get great opportunities when you go to do concerts like that you’re invited to other venues another that’s right so that’s how you get your name out there nice and you want to hit it on the subject you won an awards there then Finn 2012 their vest females you know best new female singer country singer for 2012 so I was really pleased to get that award it was my parents and my family were very chuffed as well yeah well I’ve worked hard you know to get my name out there he’s a great achievement and you put a lot of work into it and deservingly so was rather than on winnin that to you and and I’ve know that coming in 2014 13 and 14 more will come your way is gone all the way in line and when it wit because it you’re that type of person that you know you’re bubbly and you’re prepared to work don’t give it all your best to pee I think I take you on as my new manager I think I know I’m enjoying it I’m having fun now so please go this year now we move forward and try do a bit more this year yeah I know is it’s not easy and no but you’re a current album at the moment the type of sounds is on that other your quantity is the release your area move need a different type of self-defense country and there’s there’s a couple of balances and there’s a few country rock songs in it like my love and all night was was one of the Vice rocked up songs so and I was nice at that mixed I got a mixture in just to kind of suit everybody yeah you know so and it’s nice because you get reaction in back from people to see it did I like this and like teleport there is a great clean a combination of selves on your abdomen and they are each everyone the more fabulous than two but then is the person is a good boy haha yes that’s what I tore through me to have you here it is right here I I know when I when I spotted it was like when I I spotted a boy Denver I remember say any more time your gold place and same I wanted in that nitin character may be back tears when I be there as well and I’m seeing the same with you you want

good good you do both you weave is the Irish over your house I know you’ve got what it takes and it’s nice to have that and listen to yourselves here tonight like what you’re doing this is you’re going in the right direction I know you’re a great outgoing and bubbly person and prepared to you know get out there and it is late nights and I’m not coming home to me before five in the morning but yeah I don’t mind a great husband behind me he comes to all the geeks and he sets up the gear and you know he’s a hundred percent behind me you know just great you need that what do you you didn’t have that it would work in lastik you do need that you do need that and how would that even is with your own family as well you know when you’re when you’re on the move and traveling around make you know when my daughter now is should be 16 now next month right so she’s a big girl now I’m having heart attacks I got a pair of the night well that’s very then no I have a great family around me my parents live close by in jerz parents live close by so they’re all was there to look after Sophie right Rex teachers parents comment on the gig with me a lot right they often hop off into the van and come with us we have our yeah well that’s what makes it Tina well it is in order I will actually move to another song their name off your a dvds right titles or is it one take the type of your corn optimist its title track record on hearts or dancing and my mother father in this one so i ah beauty grocery as well but my heart would be dancing I will look forward to here than I Oberon one two three step two three whenever the wall see two comes out she’s tried to teach you for the meet you so they bound Oh you get them smile and now worried that there of time he steps on her toes she giggles and goes on cuz love is forgiving and come hey from the moment day it there so deadly John that you love for Oh the golden versuri he toasted the fam time flies when it’s fun is too my sweet wife she’s made us a great night and I’m the lucky and though music play en here and she took his head you counted 23 as they want we could see their stay in those golden bear but that’s another beautiful sound and your mom and dad knowledge that which is great Isaac it’s nice to have that memory in something look back on his behalf area and working people that you pick up your videos and DVDs and contacts for those sharp music are supplying my videos and I return my CDs sharp music on iTunes my website Rosie Flanagan calm and how do you get all my

stuff I’m any good music chef can I stop be downloaded anywhere to can people you don’t know stuff from itunes right if you like but you can go into a youtube and you can I put everything up for everybody to see on that as well and it takes stuff from there as well so from thank you it no question is gentleness Rosie Flanagan and thank you again for coming in and it was great having year and steering hurts and they talkin to you and in the future we look 40 maybe you come back later on the year and talk to see of course thanks very much for having me it was great you’re more than welcome you’re more than 120 now our starting off with the gig item start off in Monaghan the glenncarroll hotel in Casa Blaney friday the fifteenth of februari Johnny Brady unless in the ballroom fright of the 52 februari answer your rice in the temple bar when’s the 22 februari quarters mcgee and that social dancing friday 22nd in February Mick flavin and that’s in the ballroom Jimmy’s Baron Marlon Friday the 52 februari come along for the sing-along with Damien cherry Saturday the 62 februari tom campbell and sunday the 72 februari brain carried in the stars at 7pm Terry’s lounge in modern 72 febrian asanda stage 2 it starts at seven-thirty 2 930 p.m. we have the four seasons hotel in modern is only the suddenly def every Robert brazell sunday the 24th in February Lisa me Hugh and the middle term market house in our mind the fifteenth of februari and that’s country tradition doesn’t tonight 932 1230pm the shebeen bar in Casa Blaney friday the 15 to februari k and Nashville sound soured the 62 februari white ice so did the 7th ed Federer Kevin loke and his band and monitor the ATT februari motley slave bike tours and center and we have soured the 16th of every time a mac son the 17-day februari big pat our pine hotel in navan monday the 18 to februari Jerry quarry and the CD launch their LED light that’ll be a great night and wonder 25th of febuary Jimmy Buckley we have unpop father in Monaghan sorry the 16 to februari mark t Connors son at a 72 februari Roy Ballantine and guests and that’s a 932 1130pm and fried the twenty-second of februari and his blue tack and the greenhorns and as blue and font group waters old coach in castellini frightened 52 februari pad words sorry the 16th of every Colorado cowboy and that’s in the evening time in the lounge it’s rainbow in the bar is tickler pig and I’ll tell ya Hitler we take a living all the way there in modern and so did a 70 def every traditional country and Irish music Johnny Brady frightened 52 febri of the glen count hotel in castleblayney sorry the 62 febri in the well and multi culti was made some of the suddenly de febrero and the landmark hotel in carrick-on-shannon in Leitrim and mon at the 82 febri and the canal need court hotel in urien country down derek ryan and he’s cruising at the moment and he won’t be back he’s off to the 72 very lucky mind and went into the twentieth of februari in luxury hotel in La Korean Galway galway bay FMS and concert and Friday the twenty-second if every and Derek only harder and county fermanagh Robert mazzella frightened 52 favorite and Josie’s bar and their Kenyan Donegal sorry the 16th of fabric mcwilliam park hotel in Clare Morris and caramel sundae the 72 februari the Four Seasons Hotel in Monell more than dat teef every in the bush townhouse hotel in colerain County Derry and thursday the 24th februari green hills hotel and thus in Limerick Jerry quarry friday the 15 to febri in the melon country and there are no monterone saturday the 16 to februari the morn country hotel in urine country down and mother dat teef every and the art buying hotel in navan look forward to talking to Jerry a geek nathan carter he’s cruising as well i won’t be back until 17 to februari i wish i was there and when is the twentieth of februari to mourn with the 25th in February and he’s on a Scottish UK tour Patrick Feeny Sahara is the 16th in February the Ryan deal in my enter own sounded the 70d febri and the Carlton shearwater hotel in ballinasloe and Galway and first of the 21st a febrile erectile in this and the nice rolled in Dublin make flavin friday the 15 to februari to the 17 as the UK tour and Jimmy Buckley he’s soldered from the 10 to the 17th of every and he’s cruising as well all these guys is having a ball the time I i wish i was there to come back all times I’m the Calvin gig guide hotela kill more in the country club in caverns saturday the 16 f every the fabulous gene dale and the champions will be be crouched down and do community because a lot of people have been torn away from that club because they’re coming in early to it sergeant 20 throat and februari Patrick Feeney and wonder the 2050 febri little

be an all-star concert there and starts at eight o’clock and that’s Monday week next the height of a laborious are the 16th of every Tony Bart friday the fifteenth of februari cross Hall and vailable social dancing to show board the vellum on Thompson could hit wonder the 18 to februari Midnight Cowboy Brady’s lounge and bailing out issara de 16 to fabric Mick Calvin the LA vienen Calvin sonder the 70d favorite kyun rosny and his band the sleeve Russell hotel in ballyconnell in Calvin 72 favorite is Tommy Fleming in concert the arrogant house will tell include hill in heaven when’s is 22 febri footsteps the harbor bar and lounge in Bellator Burton Calvin sour to the 16 to febri Frank Nelson asunder the 72 februari continent Frank the orchard lounge in cavernous under the scent need of every aunty Mike Breen and so on the 24th in February give Laura the millennium bar Main Street in Valhalla sorry the 16th of every the arch the shantou lien encrust oni in Cavan Sardis 62 febri quiroz knee need of hall ballroom of romance sardis 16 de Fevre the Cascades and us dancing from 1932 1230pm and that brings tonight show to an end be sure and join me at the same time next week for more of what’s happening on the Irish and courtesan and from Quincy time and Quinn and Rosie Flanagan goodnight you