The team of The AfterDark Project prevents persons under 18 from the research and capturing of “marginal” phenomena During the event and record of a “marginal” phenomenon which is perceived aesthetically disclose at that time by the members of our team Tatoi journey in history AFTERDARK Tatoi is located 15 kilometers north of the center of Athens in the Tatoi forest stands the summer palace of the former royal family of Greece the ancient official name of the area … is Dekeleia Tatoi is the birthplace … of King George the Second The story of Tatoi is the triumph …from scratch creation and then maintenance one of the most beautiful forests of Attica at the foot of Mount Parnitha At the present location of the palaces is believed to have existed the ancient Decelia municipality of Mesogeia of ancient Athens A few centuries later during the Ottoman occupation Tatoi was an ottoman chiffon along with the neighboring chiffons of Mahunia and Liopesi After the Greek revolution the land were bought by the noble Fanarioti Alexandro Kandakouzino the land eventually ended to the husband of his daughter Elpida Scarlato Soutso In 1871 after the recommendation of Ernesto Ziller… King George the first purchased the land of total area of 20000 acres from Soutsos family the price was 300000 drachmas Although Ziller was looking forward to build a huge palace complex King George the first wanted to get a leisure estate than to have just another palace For this reason Ziller designed a two-storey GreekSwiss-style house with an open roof design intented to be a royal guest house…use for which it was never made available The construction of this first building was completed in 1874 and served as the first country house of the royal family The growing needs of the royal family with the arrival of new family members they forced King George the first to build a new country home of english style for this reason the architect Savvas Boukis was chosen which they sent him to Russia in order to capture an English style farmhouse a work by architect Adam Menelaus at the Peterhof Palace Complex that belonged to Alexander the Tsar the second uncle of Queen Olga So in 1884 the construction of the new palace began of total area of 1100 square meters In the late 19th century a series of buildings was constructed that recall to rural settlements of Western Europe at the same time a number of auxiliary buildings were constructed such as the school of encyclopedias, the principal, the hotel the Sturm home, the teacher’s residence,and some other buildings

In 1898 immediately after successive purchases but also from the concession to the king from the Greek parliament as a private property of the former private Bafi estate Tatoi acquired the maximum extent of land 47,000 square acres Compared to the 250,000 acres owned by the Sutsu family and Andreas Sygrou’s 300,000 acres the King’s estate was not the largest in Attica but it was the first leisure estate in Greece Αlong with its land growth the organization of its management went ahead and the development of its infrastructure in these pioneering works of that time the foreman was Ludwig Minder…Danish forester Danish forester and philhellene as well as his successor Οtto Weisman The first house was first occupied by King George in 1889 shortly after the marriage of successor Constantine which they left him the use of the old house By the end of the 19th century Tatoi had acquired two temples, the church of Prophet Elias and the temple of the Resurrection a courthouse, a courtyard building, a telegraph, the director’s residence 3 house complexes for workers,a winery, a butter factory, 3 stables, warehouses, workshops guard accommodation Τhe old windmill was turned into a tower where it was arranged inside as a museum with small finds of excavations from the area Tatoi has acquired 400 kilometers of road network, bridges, excellent water supply and fire safety system as well as two artificial lakes, Goose and Guitar Αs it crosses the public road of Chalkis the estate had its own inn for passers-by It also acquired a hotel called Tation which was advertised in the tourist guides of that time Τhe architect of that time was Anastasios Metaxas