hello everyone and welcome to another wicked gameplay episode today we’re in explain and we’re looking at the Karen Otto Archer this is an old plane or quite old it’s one of the Karen Otto early planes and I wanted to do this episode because someone one of my viewers actually requested me to do it and I do have it and I’ve never actually got around to doing it so that’s what we’re gonna be doing today we’re going to be doing a short flight oops that’s not what I wanted to do we are going to be doing a short flight and we’re gonna take off from this Airport here we’re gonna have a look at our paths that we’re going to be taking our flight path we’re gonna check out this aircraft on the way and see what it’s all about and yeah basically check it out see what she’s got so like I said this is an older aircraft one of the early models at Coronado developed and she’s quite nice on the outside but on the inside here she’s not as up to scratch as the later ones but it’s still pretty acceptable and she is quite an affordable aircraft and they like around the twenty dollar range so you know I can’t say I’m really complaining about it it’s just something to be aware of it’s got a lock here it’s pretty cool never even noticed that it’s got a lock and we can open the door here and we can close that what else we have good out all your standard stuff you’re going to expect from Karen Ardo aircraft adjusting these where a temperature all the good stuff we’re gonna have fuel tanks down here so you can switch it off on twenty-four gallon so you can see it’s and this is some of the earliest stuff so you’re not going to expect it to be out on par with in yourself now it does have this is version three so this is the latest version and if you get close in here you can see you get the scroll wheels which most of the time are pretty good but there’s definitely times that I find them a bit weird that’s just my opinion like you try to scroll and if you just miss a little bit you get this you sometimes hitting the wrong thing I’m not I don’t know I think it’s along the right track I just don’t think it’s perfect yet okay so let’s have a little look at the path we’re going to be taking the airport here I’ll put a link to description of the scenery here this is quite a simple airport we’ve got our fuel bowser’s and then here so we can fill out a little our chart without gas and we’ve got a little small FBO over the end there and we’re going to be flying off out of here this should be runway 7 and we’re going to head out and we’ll take a right turn on at the river there so no real major navigation so let’s have a look at the map ok so this is our map of where we’re going to be flying it’s going to be fairly short trip probably that 15 minutes worth of fly and so we’re at charlie bravo romeo 2 just called Kessler Airport we’re gonna leave runway 7 we’re gonna fly east and turn right along this river all the way down do we get to Crawford Bay here and we’re going to take a right turn into this inlet and move down sort of south westerly into Nelson here which is Charlie Zulu oven bulimia will stay along the right the left-hand side I should say come over the the buildings here and make a touchdown onto runway what is that is it gonna show us what runway that is looks like two to runway two to and yeah there’s actually quite a nice airport as well so what that’s what we’re gonna be doing that’s our trip okay so it is gonna be sunset we’ll get a little bit of a little bit more daylight let’s have a little look at this aircraft I was playing around with this before mixture is off fuel throttled is off or good part brakes on doors are locked we got plenty of fuel so let’s give ourselves some power some weirdness going on there why mixture okay so put some mixture in here we’ve got to just

give didn’t mean to do that that’s what I mean I didn’t mean to do that I’m just trying to scroll in and I’m catching that scroll so we’re gonna turn our battery and alternator on give our fuel pump a bit of a go got some fuel pressure going on anti-collision lights yes on we’ll turn that Peter heat on and just trying to zoom out and we’ll hit the starter no so starting so it’s got a bit of a weird static sound sucked it’s missing the initial turn the engine okay we’re good we’re up and running that lean out mixture out of it all righty so we might just turn on some of the lighting here you can see the gauges are a little bit scratched up she’s had a bit of wear and tear the old dog you test out a nun see outer panel just pretty simple it is a very simple light aircraft there’s a lot going on in here for that egt gauge for your exhaust gas temperature our radio stack is so we’re gonna have one comms one and comes to and nav 1 and L 2 we’ve got a ADF throw right here dear me and our transponder so I probably should just will turn this on let’s just turn it on to bolt as if we’re ready to go kind of almost are almost ready to go anyway well goods is not really that much more going on okay if we move over here a little bit we can adjust that shrimp you can see there between the seats and you can actually find it remove this seat so you can’t move the eyelet seat captains captains we’re just could you say it’s a captain like this pilot in command he’s probably the right term now we’re gonna have flaps down the bottom here so I might set that to flat one okay I think we’re ready to go what else we got we got a pitot tubes already on it snaps which doesn’t work not sure what this thing does I thought it was lights inside it I don’t believe it is because we have lights up here turn that on and let’s just make our way out of here we’ll get going okay I’ve got my beacon on I’m not going to do a run-up checked just for the sake of getting things moving you know I do have custom failures on all failures the default explained failures I do you have them on just to maybe make things interesting and if we don’t make it that we don’t make it that’ll be part of the adventure okay so let’s she was clear we’ve been clear by DC thank you very much we’re clean for runway seven and clear to take off all righty we’ll line up we check all our instruments so everything looks good we got oil temps good all pressures in a yellow left fuel right feels good we got oil pressure would probably turn out no no don’t do that fuel pump I think we’ll leave that on Ash now take off and we’re all good everything else is fine here we got some heaters heat is good and we’re not gonna be shooting any nerve to anything so let’s just let’s make our way out of here mixture full rich start to accelerate we’ll get this up to probably around the 6th Sentaro take off let’s assume that I did check the ADA’s is correct which catcher around two and a half

this place 2,300 rpm mixtures for rich at the a JT gage coming up trim this down that’s good and sound loop of the so here we are let’s check outside and have a little look it up there’s a little beauty of the plan along beautiful area nice little flight that you can try be wondering maybe thing is all this is landing right on it’s night what I don’t like when you confused but if it’s okay so what I’m going to do is takes a bit further down will turn into the River to the west Southwest and we’ll start heading down to No okay so as you can see here with making our way to the right just about nice is the touch more actually that is quite loud okay so where we’ve got the one Airport just here whatever that was called we’re gonna make our way to the right here and that’ll take us over to Nelson and we’ll be able to come in and land on runway two two to add some picturesque and music nice calm water beautiful

found a so we’ll make our way around here along the river and into okay so we’re almost at Nelson now and we’re gonna be moving over to the left of the river here currently sitting around three and a half thousand feet I want to drop to low start losing some speed trying to slow it down a little bit probably maintain about this altitude I believe the airport is around 2500 what was interesting is I moved over the clock here and you can see I can adjust the time now which is kind of interesting I didn’t know you do that we could make things a little bit more interesting yes sir not lighting see what she looks like at night I’m still having faith navigation lights but that’s final all righty so let’s get this show on the road should I say on the tarmac I’m gonna go really one set of flaps there was probably too early really should get the Aspen into the white arc quite a bit of back pressure on the yoke at the moment so just drink a mystery so that’s what you want it to be I’m pretty sure I’ve had these navigation lights working before but don’t know it’s done something yeah but so you got this nice little bridge here as well I’m not much goin on out here got mountainous terrain so you’re going to be extremely careful it’s raining in a simulator we wouldn’t want to risk our lives crashing tits right it would be good I’m just trying to spot where the runway is don’t want to lose too much I’ll come probably a little bit too late it’s lowest and is the old I think I’m coming in just too low probably should have a bit more altitude it’s a bit of a bad habit actually that uh she’d find myself in where is this runway did heartless full flaps well we’re way too fast way way way way too fast see if I can float a little bit oh ha ha ha we want to be about 55 so we’re coming in way too high and we’re gonna run out of runway you surprised you didn’t bounce a lot more than that oh well we made it off the fuel ah heart is racing there we go it’s actually quite a nice little airport so that’s one of the things I wanted to show you this is a freeware airport created by a talented member of the explained community got these nice hangings that’s actually done a pretty good job of this

I can’t wait to the FBI’s here let’s jump outside now I’m just keeping my landing Lots on just to give us a little bit more visibility good see she’s actually quite nice the lighting in it in x-plane is amazing it’s just so realistic so look at that she’s actually very very nice I’ve put a link in the description for for the scenery and both places she can get at the org store not in the org store at the explained download section that this is not pay where so it’s not on the August or okay so there we have it I might just Park it right here there we are feel that it’s not a great job on some of this scenery looks awesome let’s have a little quick look yeah up and around here had a great job like this and yachts or something in the water we’ve got houses in the water here Oh watersheds maybe we say that watersheds but I got these fluoro kind of blue boats Zeon land but in any case great work and I appreciate that this is scenery that is free can’t complain much about that can you so thank you to the member of the x-plane community who created this Airport and also to the other member credd the other Airport that we took off from there we have it that wraps up the Karen Otto Archer review aircraft tell me what you think if you’re looking for a little GI aircraft at a budget price then this is a bargain so I hope you enjoyed everyone thanks for watching appreciate all your support and we will see you on the next one you