It’s in the public’s interest to know about Gladys Bochy cleans Metro to Beijing I’m saying is for legal reasons And also because I predict the Australian government will become more Authoritarian as it slowly is meshing itself with the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing Currently Gladys Periclean is the premier New South Wales the most powerful woman in Australia How did she get here? What are the forces behind her meteoric rise to power? Yet when we look at her wiki page she is Armenian Australian Armenian first not Australian Armenian Why is Armenian first an Australian second as an Australian? I am insulted that one of our politicians puts a foreign country ahead of ours I put Australia first in everything I do therefore I expect the same from my politicians by 2006 Gladys Birju clean was occupying the Shadow Minister role for both transport and citizenship Portfolios there is a pattern here you’ll understand as we dig deeper why citizenship and transport are Perfectly aligned and how this could have helped to propel her to power following the election of barrier farrell government at the 2011 state election on 3rd of April 2011 Gladys Barry clean was appointed Transport Minister She quickly got to work on Sydney’s rail future the New South Wales Transport master plan less than 12 months Later, she announced the mid 2012 the Australian people were going to pay for this Metro simultaneously the light rail was to be built in Sydney CBD So this particular Metro could be built without scrutiny While the extreme people’s focus was on the CBD She quietly was building the metro to Chatsworth later Gladys Periclean became premier of New South Wales My question is who lobbied for this Metro who is behind it? And why these questions I will try to answer today as we have a closer. Look at Gladys barians Metro to Beijing The Metro starts at a low Wong Station past many quiet Austrian towns picks up at a Chinese colony in Epping Which connects to many other Chinese colonies like Eastwood then the ultimate destination is Chatswood? Where the Metro ends and the passengers must depart Where there is a concentration of economic wealth there will be a concentration of political power Chatswood is metropolis compared to all other suburbs northwest of it which means that the majority of passengers will be using the Metro simply to depart their quiet town for Chatswood for the shopping centers spend their money in Chatswood then return to their hometowns situated north west of Chatsworth This is a sweet deal for all businesses in Chatswood as they will benefit economically from the extra foot traffic Which is now being funneled to their door by gladys perigee client’s new Metro Because I only have access to publicly available information I must do this research myself by piecing together the puzzle and joining the dots today, I’d like to provide enough circumstantial evidence that Chatswood is in fact a Chinese Communist Party owned and run colony with the intention of replacing Sydney CBD as the wealthiest part of Australia and Ultimately to become a gated community Which only allows Chinese Communist Party members access the future of Chatswood is that of an elite who control Australians politicians our judicial system our police and Force everyday Australians into abstract poverty as economic slaves within their own country Now, let’s have a closer. Look at Chatsworth Station There is only one exit and entry from the station as soon as the Metro was finished These brand-new signs went up. They make it clear that Chatsworth station is private property The distrain taxpayer just pay for a train to a privately owned station. If so who owns this station? Could the owner of this station one day choose? Who can and cannot enter this station? Kind of like how they control the general public in communist China. Is that possible? Chatswood is home of Huawei how ways? Headquarters is in Chatswood Which America has banned outright because this country uses cyber espionage against Western countries yet? We have this country here in Chatswood and it is expanding its reach by opening more stores I don’t believe our politicians are dummies. I don’t believe our politicians are naive. I Believe they are complicit in this breach of our national security

Chatswood is also home of Bank of China which only hires Chinese nationals and actively discriminates against hiring Australian workers not to mention Facilitates the movement of Chinese Communist Party members their money and their families to our country Which is going totally unscrutinized by our government surprise surprise Once their elderly grandparents and parents moved to chats Will they become a burden on our Medicare system? They also become a burden on our welfare system and our pension system this will eventually be Cancelled because of the extra weight that these Chinese Communist Party members are putting on our systems this is why Chatswood is such has such an enormous Centrelink cart filming there, but 99.9% Of people inside centerlink are Chinese Nationals who hide their money so that they can defraud the Australian people. I Call this the invisible Chinese hand Because suburbs like Chatswood seem as if they are bringing money into Australia and helping our economy But in fact the opposite is happening They only buy assets which help themselves and their community through teamwork by building Concentrations of wealth and political power within our country then build an economy within our economy which only benefits Chinese nationals through tax avoidance and our right fraud which our Incompetent government is not capable of detecting While the invisible Chinese hand weakens the greater Australian economy It only benefits a racist foreign colonial power and corrupt Australians who are willing to take money in the short term against the interest of the majority of us Chatswood is also full of Chinese owned businesses, which pay their employees in cash. They don’t pay tax. They don’t pay PAYG and they also pay under the minimum wage and most of these businesses have unpaid trial periods for new employers up to three months They don’t pay penalty rates for overtime or over the weekend. This makes it impossible for Australian businesses doing the right thing that the right thing means paying tax and not exploiting their employees it is Impossible for them to compete with these Chinese colonies like Chatswood You can visually see that the Australian businesses always have half the amount of employees There is no other explanation As to why a Chinese owned business can can sell its products and services at a lower rate plus have doubled the amount of Employees to an Australian business right next door unless they are cheating for this competitive advantage the only other explanation is that they are money laundering by using this business as a front and if that’s Happening then I’m probably more likely to say that it is Ok, because though they were spending money in the economy But I don’t think that they would be throwing money away because that’s not how the Chinese people behave they are very savvy people so I believe that they are totally fraudulently avoiding tax and Doing everything they can Illegally to get a competitive advantage against Australian businesses who do the right thing and pay tax it now Let’s have a look at the social consequences of a racist colony like Chatswood. Let’s look at it Sysm against white people in Chatswood You cannot have a dominant insidious colony without having a way to mobilize them against the local population Back in 2018 – in America that is – black men were asked to leave Starbucks for being abusive They refused the police were called. This made world use the CEO of Starbucks Apologized for this and it made world news. So these people they got justice they at least got recognition of racism in America My argument is that it is far more difficult being a white man in Australia than being a black man in America Because I had an even more shocking encounter with the owner of shingle in a cafe inside Westfield Shopping Center in Chatsworth, which is very similar, but even worse I Was in the lead-up to my hip replacement I was in chronic pain and I needed somewhere to sit down because of my disability the Chinese owner of shingle Inn abused me told me to leave aggressively and Then when I got up I filmed the encounter he chased me. He said he’ll remember my face. He’ll call the police

He’ll call security. He threatened me He then ultimately assaulted me and tried to take my phone off me all within Chatswood, Westfield Under CCTV, so we have video evidence not only from my camera, but from the CCTV within Chatswood Therefore it is far more dangerous being white in Australia than mean black in America. I later asked asked an Asian guy to sit in Shingle in for me to Run this experiment just to see if it was pure racism. I wanted to have evidence My Asian friend was not bothered. He didn’t buy anything He just sat there and played with his phone for a long time, which is evidenced that the owner of shingle Inn Targeted me based on my skin colour Here is the footage Huh I’d pay for them. Ok Ok, I’ll go what’s none of my business You’re AB you see you I think you’re racist. I think you’re racist When I why are you telling me to go away It’s because I’m Wyatt is it because I’m white, isn’t it? Because you’re racist And you hate white people Well you hate white people There’s nobody here I’m trying to go You just touched me don’t touch me did you see that he just assaulted me Also, you cannot have a successful colony if your women end up dating the Barbarians and the locals in the country you are trying to dominate this will integrate the two peoples Which the Chinese Communist Party does not want to happen? The ultimate goal of a colony is to segregate the colony from the locals economically politically and socially Because you cannot control them unless you are separated from them therefore before the Chinese Colony has total control of our local government and can use force by enacting anti mess a nation laws They must use other means to warn Chinese girls away from dating the locals This is where Asian boss come in They became famous for their anti messin a shin YouTube videos Which say that all white men have a fetish for Asian girls white men have diseases like yellow fever These videos were filmed in Chatswood and warned all Chinese girls against mixing with the dirty white Locals these racist videos by Asian boss perfectly meet the needs of this Aggressive Chinese Communist Party colony the scariest part is that after creating such disgustingly racist videos Australian businesses were still happy to sponsor Asian boss SB the SBS Introduced them as social media stars Maki a nightclub in the star casino allowed them to film inside which was probably a paid sponsorship as well Here’s some of their video a Term usually applied to white male who have a clear sexual preference for Asian woman and it’s extreme yellow fever can even be characterized as some sort of a fetish for Asian women based on their race and their stereotypes that they are easy and submissive negative thing. I Think it’s kinda racist. It’s not basing on their personality. But just because you’re Asian, then they like you I guess I heard maybe they think We’re there follow we can follow the husband. We can do a lot of housework We can be gentle when it’s angry. You can comfort them like a cat look cute little Asian girls Yeah, cute little Asian goes that’s what they usually say I think you know obedient ORS the things that they are told from the white man I’ve seen TV shows where people discuss that and people have said that’s because of porn and I Christine if that’s the case I don’t really See that as a positive another problem with this Chinese Colony in Chatswood is that they cannot allow any meshing of cultures?

They need to keep reminding the Chinese Communist Party members in chatsworth that their culture is Superior to the culture of the people that they are trying to dominate So you cannot allow any meshing of cultures and you cannot allow any external influence to Infiltrate your colony. This is why on our national public holiday Australia Day the Chinese Communist Party will actually put up Chinese New Year celebration decorations early on Australia Day to cover up the fact that it is Australia Day so they can block it from the view of the local people You see this is how the Chinese Communist Party controls their colony through culture they want they they want them to believe that their culture is superior to the Australian people’s and the the barbarians that they are trying to control now once the colony has a distinct identity and it is Superior in their view than the barbarians that they are trying to control If you are a barbarian white man like me It makes it almost impossible to make friends any social interaction Bring any culture Dating is impossible. It is impossible to get work it’s a very harsh place to live because the Chinese Communist Party rules it and their enemy is white men, so Here’s more ever of a white man. Simply saying hello to Asian men in Chatswood Hi, I’m Kylie very nice to meet you. Oh nice to meet you too Mike. What do you want? Let’s Go come with him. What do you want Patrick your friend? What a very nice guy Hey looking for some all right, what do you want? What do you want? What do you want? Tell me? What do you want? All right, tell me come on Then what would you want? I? Need to go my mom’s late thing. What? What are you? All right, what do you want? All right, wait, so we Looking for fuck buddy what do you want my Alright, take it easy, man. Yeah, you too I’m being big. Yeah. Hi. Thank you, but it’s pretty like if you talk to anybody else It’s not that good. All right Yeah, you too see Ron Once I was in the Commonwealth Bank of Chatswood, and I was talking to a Chinese born employee of the Commonwealth Bank no doubt a beneficiary of our diversity targets of our us welcoming and giving employment to Immigrants to Australia, I was talking to her and we’ll in the middle of a conversation about a problem I had with the bank when an old Chinese lady came from outside of the store walked in started talking in Mandarin to the person that I was talking to and The employee of the Commonwealth Bank the lady who was hired by an Australian bank the Commonwealth Bank Stopped talking to me mid-sentence focused all of her attention on the interrupting Chinese lady Walked off to serve the old Chinese lady and left me hanging in the middle of nowhere waiting to be served There is a clear Racial bias in Chatswood the same way a colony would behave before they have the power to dominate a country It’s quite disgusting if you witness it for yourself I’ve run many experiments in Chinese colonies like Chatswood and one of these experiments is when I would enter Chinese owned businesses and I would say that I was highly qualified for the work and I would ask for a job and even if they were Advertising online they would just tell me straight to my face that they do not have any work for me so then what I did was I hired a Chinese person to go in to these businesses afterwards and Say that they were Under qualified as a control. So therefore I was highly qualified and the Chinese man was under qualified for the role What happened was shocking? I was refused work almost a hundred percent of the time and the under qualified Chinese man was offered work almost a hundred percent of the time and Sometimes because they have lack of workers They would harass This Chinese person through text and email begging them to work, which is a pure

Is pure racism not just on the fact that I was deemed to be more Higher qualified for the role. It is also the fact that they were clearly desperate for workers They just refused to hire a white person out of pure racism because this is in fact an aggressive colony also Chinese real estates starting to gain monopolistic power in around Chinese colonies so I have run experiments where I’ve used my own time and gone to real estate inspections for rental properties in areas like Chatswood and What I would do was I would observe how they will treat the different races and What happened? Almost every time was if a Chinese person turned up to the rental property inspection The real estate agent would then tell me and the other people who are not of Han Chinese Descent to leave and say hey, I’m sorry But this place has already taken and even when I query them and I say but the advertisements still up It’s clearly not taken and that’s why you turned up today, right? And then the real estate agent will say I’m sorry it’s just been taken and they’ll send me away and when everybody leaves I would peek around the corner and watch them and then What the Chinese real estate agent will do discriminating against all other races would allow the only Chinese people who came to inspect the property in And I would wait around and they would come out and clearly it is pure discrimination against the local people and then what would happen is that same Chinese real estate agent would offer me a property of the same size but a far more expensive one give me their card and what their what that is is that’s another version of The invisible Chinese hand how they they they make the local People economic slaves and they give all the benefits to their Chinese colony So this is how they build a parasitic economy within our economy so that they can turn us into their economic slaves within only one generation Finally I hope hopefully you guys wait to the end of my videos because I’m putting together a lot of work into these videos and I hope you wait all the way to the yen and get all this Information because it’s so important for Australia to understand what I’m saying here I’d like to share my overarching theory that the Chinese Communist Party has a long-term goal of building up highly concentrated economic race monopolies So the Chinese Communist Party can exploit a highly concentrated monopoly of political power Chatswood meets that ends by acting as a replacement for sydney CBD Once the political power is concentrated in the hands of a few chinese colonizers chinese elite this power will be most impossible to dislodge My micro projection correlates with the macro predict rejection as they are very much acting in unison my warning to the Australian people is if you do not do something now by 2034 the Chinese Communist Party will dominate Australia and your children will be unemployed uneducated and Relegated to a low socioeconomic status with impossible barriers to economic prosperity in the future See you guys in the next video