Guide manjuntha is saying that for all those who come after watching my video for all my viewers, tourists he will give an offer from his side it seems come let us ask what that is? we are entering the tunnel wow you can see the sun is just rising now hi, namskara to all yes i am going to hampi now in my channel highest request i received for Hampi in every video is the video nice or not instead of such comment when will you go to hampi this comment was maximum hence i am going to hampi now i am going with my friend Vijendra Babu i will be going to Bangalore and then pick him up and proceed from there this video will be about the road trip we are going to hampi via road come now let us all go to hampi a very good morning to all just now the sun is rising i have reached Bangalore now Vijendra Babu is there with me he is driving now now we are stuck in Bangalore Traffic as you can see this is adugodi area so much traffic, what time is it now? time now is 9:45 now unlock 5 is going on or 4? i think it is unlock 5, unlock 4 is over i think unlock 4 by the time this video is uploaded then it will be unlock 5 we are going in front of the central library from its side vidhana souda when we were small we could go near the steps of vidhana souda isnt it babu we could climb the stairs there was no compound Bangalores traffic how is the Bangalore traffic now Babu since lockdown it has increased a little if you compare it before lockdown then it is 20 % lesser you mean it has only decreased by 20 % comparted to before lockdown then once unlock 5 comes from 10th onwards if film theater open then from 15th be it swimming pool film theater all they will open it seems then the traffic may increase to earlier times but compared to peak hours it has decreased oh what a traffic once upon a time i too was part of this traffic almost 5 to 6 years earlier now when i see this traffic i feel how was i here? we have planned our road trip to hampi 4, how many nights have we planned? not less than 3 nights so much we have planned hampi as we know has lot of places to visit to cover it all we will have to stay put there for atleast 2 to 3 months that is not possible at present hence as of now we plan for 4 to 5 days we plan to explore there for our this trip Car cardiac Care has supported us i inaugurated their Mysore Branch to view that video you can click on the I button here in the description i will include that videos link as well most of you know Vijendra Babu in many of my videos you may have seen him i call him as Babu viji, babu such i call him he is my chaddi friend chaddi friend means literally he is my chaddi friend it was second standard isnt it when we met Babu Vijendra babu i know him since second standard my classmate we used to sit in the same bench next to each other and study we studied in Robbia Convent School at Koramangala later in 6th standard i complete 6th there and when to another school for 7th he joined another school i left Robbia Convent and for high school went to Hombe Gowda Boys High school when i went there i found Vijendra Babu there again then he was in A section and i was in B section we were in different sections inspite of that our friendship continues later in college time we were in different places but since we both were in Koramangala we used to meet every now and then that way our friendship continued and now now same for travelling we are meet more often even Vijendra loves travelling a lot when going for a fun trip we can go with any number of people or with anyone we can adjust and go when we go to make a video for youtube we have to put lot more effort we have to spend lot more time Vijhendra knows that isnt it? in some places we spend so much more time that

then we cant do it like a fun trip it becomes a trip with effort a trip which includes lot of hardwork for that Vijendra Babu cooperates very well with me that is the reason why i go to all trips with Vijendra not that i do not go with others but it requires a lot of patience should be able to enjoy that exploration we both enjoy exploring places if we go to new places we do not go looks at just the tourist place and come back we will deviate from there and we search around as to what else is there around the place they if we find something we spend lot of time there to make video Vijendra cooperates a lot hence due to that in many more trips Vijendra will be there with us first we thought of public transportation in order to do some cost cutting but now there are too many rules as you all are aware unlock 4 unlock 5 and all too many rules are there hence using public transportation is not a feasible option our elephants, Vijendra also has a elephant you would have seen it in chunchi falls video so first we planning on going on those elephants later we decided against it why the elephant let us go in the throne above the elephant that is why we are going in Marazzo now we are going on this trip in our Marazzo and many have asked me via comment after seeing the logo on my Tshirt if i am from Air Force? i am not from Air force i am not working for Air Force if i was working in Air Force then i could not host a Youtube channel there are many rules in central Government even in state government there are such rules isnt it if one needs to come in social media they all have many rules hence those who work for Airforce usually will not host social media in my family one person works for Airforce from their side i have all these contributions now we have crossed Nelamangala did we cross nelamangala or is this nelamangala we crossed nelamangala, this is the bypass toll we have reached nelamangala toll now we have come near tumkur we still have to go 6 kms to go to tumkur we have not reached Tumkur yet this is Tumkur district before Tumkur at Sri Nanjundeshwara Veg restaurant we are taking a short coffee break come let us see how it is we came here for coffee after drinking we realised we wanted to make a video for this very reason i do not do food vlooging because many a times after i finish half my food then only i remember that i should have made its video or clicked its photo that is the main reason why i am not doing food vlooging after all food is over i will remember that i should have made the video which place is this babu ooru kere from here six lane starts six lane yes but the problem with our 6 lane is in all 6 lanes there will be slow moving trucks isnt it Babu correct not just 6 even if they make a 8 lane in all those 8 lanes slow moving trucks will be there we will have to drive in zig zag way that is our situation for example see here slow moving vehicles are going on the right side and also on the left side hence we have to drive zig zag we are entering Chitradurga you get to know that you are entering Chitradurga say what? fans windmills all sides there are windmills this side iron ore is there what even there they are quarrying the mountain any idea about it babu i think they are doing that to construct some office is it for some government office? no idea about it will have to check that way goes to chitradurga right? if we go straight we will reach Davangere, Belgum now we are going on sholapur route Vijendra babu comes regularly in this route why do you come here regularly? My native is Chitradurga that is why these places are familiar mine as well as my wifes native is this side hence i am familiar with this place Hampi express way private limited

in Chitradurga i have one two videos chitradurga fort and chandravalli cave almost all of you would have seen it yet those who have not seen those videos that videos link you can view by clicking the i button else i will include the link in the description as well this is the new road only after doing so much they are collecting the toll the road is still getting ready inside city it has started hospete 120 kms what is this so big? where? ahead no idea the colour looks good its mentioned as BPC will have to see the board in front Basaveshwara rice mill such a big rice mill is it? after chitradurga we took a break in order to stretch ourselves road to is too good babu was this road the same way earlier previously it was in very bad condition with potholes although it was a high way it was a difficult road too much time used to be wasted too many pot holes were there now they have made it smooth like a highway along with it they have done a toll too so obviously roads will be good now time gets saved the place where we took the break the view is super we are surrounded by mountains on all side and above it are the windmills it looks very nice from here Chitradurga is a sunny place this is the best time to visit the mountains are all green since it rained well this time hosapete, hiremallanahole we are nearing our destination now we are taking a diversion to a place known as parakbavi were are we going now babu? that is my relatives place so we are diverting a little to go to babus relatives place for food and break so they have arranged for our food there now from highway we have entered the village road on the way very nearby we can see the windmills the windmill is so close by i have not seen so much greenery over here would there be no greenery around here? i have visited less frequently during this time greenery is there now and road too they have done well previously there was only rock and mud road now there is tar road the contrast looks nice those stones on the side, black road, reddish on the sides above that the green inbetween the green is the black it looks beautiful a windmill is right next to us here itachi chilli chilli coated with batter that is what it means chilli coated with batter mandakki we had a good lunch at Vijendras relatives home what was that babu? Mandakki ogarne(Tempered beaten rice) along with itachi mensinkai (chilli coated with batter) to tell it in simple way mirchi mandakki (chilli beaten rice) this side chilli coated with batter and beaten tempered rice after that curd followed by buttermilk to mix with it is chutney powder the taste was super stomach is full i have eaten well vijendra promised that he will drive so i ate well looks like Vijendra ate lightly i generally eat only so much i eat lightly but frequently on our way back from parakbavi to highway we came across a super landscape so we stopped for few photos and videos had to make few calls as well so we stopped here the scenery is super babu said that we can even go near the fan and have a look this is right next to the road let go right next to it and have a look at it we are standing right underneath the windmill

see how big it is this is the first time i saw a windmill from such close proximity which place is this vijendra? this is Iyanahalli M B iyanahalli we saw the wind mill up close where to next Babu are we going direct to room? direct to room at hampi but if we find any thing interesting if not a refreshing tea we still have one and a half hours journey left now from here we will take a left turn and go isnt it? towards Hospete again we have hit the highway towards hampi oh its so nice babu stop the car pull over garden on the way we saw tungabadra back waters so we took a break here view is super here is a park next to it Gunda tree park we are not going there now we are only seeing the backwaters and then proceeding towards hampi it is super come let us see water and water till all you can see as far as your eyes can see there is water it looks like a sea gunda tree park now we are hitting the highway again now direct to room isnt it babu? yes we will try to do that but we cannot assure you that if we find any more nice spots we will take a break but now light is fading fast so even if we take a break not much video will be there view is super along the way it is too good see this oh tunnel since when? was it there when you came here last time? i had not observed it since i had come in the night i only do night journey and reach the place and then night journey to return since we preferred day journey it is good wow we are entering the tunnel wow what sudi, you are showing me, what all things sudi see the reflection here isnt it nice awesome it was super now it is telling us to go somehow from here left and we need to go up this is the round about route they are quarrying the mountain and doing it the are constructing a under pass or something over here

this may be the water coming from tungabhadra isnt it the canal looks like it they are washing all vehicles here on the way we can start to see the mantapas may be here previously was a entrance to the fort it looks like it there are so many places to be explored in hampi New hampi we should turn here doesnt look like there are any restaurants around here in the place we stay is it there we will have to see there is one stay will be pleasant i guess nice and peaceful a little away from the city where have we come, this is a residential area? ok we are going for homestay isnt it so we have come to a home here we have booked a home stay i guess it is a stay in somebodies home itself as you can see we have parked the car in the residential area we have to go ahead and see what kind of room it is we have to come a little away from the road around 200 meter then we can see RKS home come did you get the key they will get it we have to climb up here come let us see home stay two rooms isnt it one is here this is another room is nice after seeing the photos room is nice they have wifi here toilet shower this is the toilet small but clean the only disadvantage i found here was car needs to parked a little away around 200 meters away we need to park it so carrying luggage and walking all the way that is the disadvantage there is no way you can get the car here if you get it you can not turn it so you will have to come in full reverse or come and return in reverse that is the only disadvantage if not it is nice here we have got home made dinner as well chapathi, rice, sambhar beans pallya and curd how is it Babu? it is very nice just like home food its nice this is pure home cooked food i liked the food a lot again as i said earlier after i almost finished eating i remembered that i should make the video this is the reason why i am not doing food vlogging every time once the food comes i will finish it after i finish eating i remember that i should have taken photos of it videos of it but good is too good exactly at 6:15 am they have given us breakfast we usually in hotels do not opt for breakfast as by the time they give it will be 7:30 or 8:00 am for us it is equal to half a day is over isnt it babu? yes yes they have got it by 6 am dose pallya and chuteny we felt very happy about it so we do not have to go outside for breakfast how is it Babu? it is nice taste is super especially i liked the onion potato pallya it tastes super with this chutney also it is nice now from second night we are staying at our guide Manju Gowdas homestay here for us one advantage is

morning at what time we tell if we say 6 then correct at 6 he will come similarly no matter how late we get he travels along with us and and then gets us along with him to homestay and also they provide all the food facilities so being with him and staying at his homestay is an advantage to us, as per me so i will show his home stay too this is our Manju namaskara welcome to Manjus Heritage Home stay here at manjus heritage home stay this is our living room this is where we cook our home food this is where you cook you food we prepare all home cooked food me and my family along with my daughter we manage the place here similarly above two rooms are there so we are staying above here there is a small garden swing for kids to play it is small and traditional now on the first floor there are two rooms in one room we are staying vijendra and me in one room similarly there is a double bed A C TV furniture’s now due to lockdown little work is pending in the future all will be complete other than that here is the attached bathroom kamod 24 hrs hot water hand wash the second room also has same facilities second room is a little messy we bachelors kind we have maintained it so we will not go inside and show it same facilities are there too here to sit and read books about hampi here is a small library all kinds of options are there here in my home stay along with two rooms our cultural style uttara karnataka style food we cook and give my mother and wife together a good uttara karnataka style food we provide similarly as a specialty on our roof top on the terrace there moon light dinner we provide candle light dinner also we provide along with that i will make my own full package in our omni car or AC or non AC both cars we have in that car the tourists who come we pick them on arrival get them here, stay at our room serve them our traditional food provide them a full entertainment along with telling them about our beautiful culture and heritage along with that as a guide i will be with them so all facility from there arrival till there departure i will make it a full package and provide in this job of mine car, guide, home stay, traditional food in all forms we will give them a feel of our hampi i will make my best effort to give such an experience to them i will ensure that i send them back fully happy this is my responsibility this in our homestay they have arranged for mobile light dinner this is roof top dinner under the sky watching the stars now i am focusing my camera to the sky for the video but my mobile does not capture the sky rooftop mobile light dinner you can see the idea that he has done for the light on top of the mobile water bottle has been placed that light is being used here for dinner in this we can design as well this is all our manjunath gowdas ideas now Manjutha gowda will tell us about the menu please tell this is corn ball, this is tuvar dal grains this is fried ground nuts powder also known as tasting powder lemon pickle this we call as Uduka brinjal and chilli is burnt burnt not fried then it is grind into a paste this a special dish of this place this is veg omelet boiled eggs oh veg omelet boiled eggs chicken dish similar to chicken 65 this is our todays dinner now we are staying at Manjunatha gowdas homestay now we are at guide Manjunatha gowdas in front of his tea shop usually our morning tea we used to have from here you can see his tea shop generally all guides are like this other than the guide work they generally do some other work too because they get client based on the season

only during season and weekends they get more clients rest of the times to earn a living they do such jobs mainly they do not have a fixed salary only if they get clients they get income if not they do not get any income that is their situation you can say Manjunatha gowda i hear about your special tea will you tell us about it after lockdwon i made this teashop to have a specialty in the tea shop to save peoples health as well as my livelihood too should condition so what i did was the things against this virus to develop resistance we use turmeric, lemon pepper, cumin using all this we make a kashaya tea i am making this tea there is so much demand for that tea from hospete and near by areas all those coming for morning walk they come compulsorily to drink Manjunathas kasaya tea also here i use organic bella that mainly everyone likes it along with that is tea coffee beaten rice, puffed rice i am also thinking of making idli vada in the future for the time being this is working out well to make a living in case if guide work is not there then i do this if guide work is there then i go there so balancing both of these i am managing my life like me almost all guide have a lot of problem some of them are going for agriculture work some are working as construction labourer’s and daily labourers especially after this lockdown yes too many problem cannot tell about our condition but unavoidable situation, we have to survive we have to fight against it and to work towards our brighter future today we will survive and tomorrow we will plan our future on the way to hampi is this new hampi board you can see in front of that board is his shop guide manjunatha gowda is telling for viewers who come after watching our videos for tourists he will give an offer from his side what is that come let us see after this lockdown the bright future is being given to me by Sudeesh Kottikkal in order to make our hampi grow to greater heights for the tourists who come here and tell his name as far as possible and in as less budget as possible through as much discount as possible i will give my services to them and for more and more tourists to come i will make facilities available this is my personal promise, i will definitely do it we are drinking hot coffee with Babu? how is it Babu? it is nice in manju gowdas tea shop we are drinking coffee it is nice