it all began with an annoying phone call it’s always like this every year once Christmas is over all the festive feeling simply vanishes without a trace as we count down towards the end of the year when Harvey would begin the activities that she’d come up with I had a brief period of winter vacation in which I could get some breathing space at that time I was busy with the end of year spring cleaning chores while wrestling with shamisen in my room hold still be a good boy it’ll be over soon I ignored his protests and lifted up the twisting furball with new grown fur for winter holding him under my armpit memories of the time shamisen reduce my chair is jean jacket to a piece of worthless cloth serve as a painful reminder to regularly cut his claws shamisen also seemed to have a good memory as well for a cat as every time he sees me walking towards him with a nail cutter he would always attempt to escape at the fastest speed possible it was a nightmare trying to catch him as I had to hold down a cat that with claw kick and bite endlessly while I tried to straighten his paws in order to cut his claws to a reasonable Lake one by one my hands will always be covered in claw marks once it was over but while physical wounds can always be healed the embroider on my jean jacket can never be mended so I dare not relax for a moment how I missed the days when he could eerily speak and understand what happened to that straight-talking you forget it if you start speaking again I mean something big has happened again a cat ought to behave like morning he’s make meowing noises as i was done trimming the claws on Shami sins right front paul and he’s working towards his left front barging into my room without knocking my sister carrying the cordless phone in her hand when she saw shamisen struggling in a battle of dignity and authority between cat and human she smiled ah Shami did you help good in your class let me help shamisen turned his gaze away from her as though she were a busybody and snorted like a human I once asked my sister to help me cut his claws at that time we split our tasks i was in terms of holding his paws while my sister was in charge of cutting them unfortunately this 11 year old 5th grader didn’t know when she was going too far so she didn’t have the talents for cutting nails either in the end she went far too deep into shamisen snails and he went on a hunger strike for a week in protest compared to her my cutting skills are obviously better but as always he would still run claw everywhere are the brains of a cat as big as their foreheads who is it I put down the nail cutter and picked up the phone receipt seeing a chance to escape shamisen quickly jerked loose and kicked off my knee before finally running out of the room my sister happily picked up the nail cutter and said bunny says your friend she then ran off to chase after shamisen and disappeared into the corridor outside I stared at the phone in five who could it be if it was poison me than my sister would have recognized him taniguchi kunikida and my other friends would always call me on my cell phone not my home phone if it’s some boring telephone pole or salesperson they can go to hell I thought as I pushed the talk button hello hi is that keown it’s me it’s been a while as the rough voice said the first sentence wrinkles appear on my forehead who the hell is this guy I never heard his voice before it’s me we were in the same class in junior high remember do you know how much I’ve side during the past six months as I was thinking of you what the that’s gross identify yourself who are you it’s not Kagawa we were still classmates a year ago have you got them after just a year or have you made new friends in high school and now you’re forgotten all about your classmates from junior high how cold-hearted the voice in the phone sounded very sad yet of course not I opened my memory banks and retrace my memories in my third year of junior high nakagawa huh I think I remember there was such a person in my class he was a white-headed broad-shouldered and muscular athletic looking guy I think he was in the rugby club but I once again looked at the receiver we were only classmates in our third year and we weren’t particularly close to each other we hung out with different groups in class while we would occasionally greet each other when we walked by I definitely don’t remember ever having a conversation with him after graduation nah Kagawa’s name in appearance never even registered once in my mind I picked up the claw shreds dropped by Xiaomi Xin on the ground and said nakagawa is it so you’re naka gawa it really has been a while so how are you doing I remember you entering an

all-boys school well why are you calling me now have you become the secretary of the Alumni Association that position has already been filled by sudo who’s now municipal high but that’s not important of course I’m calling you for a reason so listen carefully because I’m serious about it you call it all of a sudden just to say you’re serious after such an ambiguous sentence I wit her at an end as guessing just what he was trying to say kione you have to seriously hear me out the only one I can talk to about this is you you’re my lifeline no isn’t that exaggerating a bit alright already hurry up and say it I think I’m in love mmm I’m serious I’ve been troubled about it for these past few months whether i was awake or asleep i can only think of this i’m up to the point where i can no longer concentrate on doing anything else no that’s not true I still managed to immerse myself in my studies and club activities thanks to that migrates have actually improved and it took less than a year for me to become a regular on my team this was all fueled by my love did you understand keown I’m so trouble deep inside after looking for your home number in the junior high school book do you know how long I have written for calling you even now my body is still trembling this is love it’s the amazing power of love that is compelled me to call you I hope you understand but nakagawa I licked my lips both sweat trickled down my forehead oh god I should have never answered the phone I’m sorry but i don’t think i can accept your love all i can say is I’m sorry I really am I just can’t promise you anything I guess you could say a cold shiver just went down my spine now let me set the record straight I am an absolutely normal heterosexual male my preference for the same team weighs less than that of a hummingbird in other words it’s non-existent whether sub consciously or unconsciously my preference has always been straight see aren’t i right my body would go hot just thinking about Asahina son it poisoned me had called me saying such stuff I would have hung up already by the way I’m not bisexual either do I make myself clear my mind was full of rhetoric I wasn’t sure how to address I continued to speak on the receiver so nakagawa we can still remain as friends but I don’t think I’ll be able to commit myself to a romantic relationship I’m sorry that’s all if you want to pursue romance try the boys school you’re studying at instead as I intend to lead a normal high school life I’m glad to be able to hear your voice after so long if we should ever meet in an alumni gathering I’ll pretend not to remember and would still treat you with respect I also won’t tell anyone about this so goodbye oh the kill nakagawa said sounding astonished are you talking about don’t get me wrong you’re not the person I’m in love with would you get such ideas anyway that’s gross then what were you saying all that romantic stuff for if you’re not saying it to me then who was it for actually I don’t really know her name I just know it’s a girl from North High though I hadn’t completely understood what he was talking about I breathed a sigh of relief like a soldier in the battle trenches relieved at hearing that a truce has been made there is nothing scarier than hearing a confession of love from a guy for me that is can you please elaborate more just who was it that you’re in love with it was in spring sometime in May that girl was walking with you I need to close my eyes and her image would appear in my mind ah appearance is just so adorable absolutely beautiful not only that I even saw a glowing aura behind her back that wasn’t an illusion yes it was as holy am yours and heaven shining upon near his remembrance sounded like those dangerous drug hallucinations I was completely overwhelmed it was a feeling I’ve never had in my life it’s as though and I like your current just went through my whole body no it was like being struck by a mega lightning bolt that nailed me to the ground I then stood there for hours it seems as though I’ve lost all sense of time by the time I regained my senses it was already nightfall then I realized this is love let us organize na Kagawa’s andromeda strain induced ramblings from what he said he saw me walking with someone back in May and he was all struck by that person who happens to be a North High girl the number of girls that have walked on the streets with me and horror heels very small and I’m not making this up if it’s limited in north high school girls then my sister would be off the list which would leave just the three SOS Brigade girls a celtic determined my fate nagawa continued to revel in his

glorious moment in Tokyo I had never believed in those mystical things like love at first sight I to consider myself being materialistic person it loves right so suddenly and it is open my eyes it really asked on the first psyche oh why must I listen to you ramble on and on love at first sight seems like your eyes have been covered by some external skin no that’s not true I’m not the sort to be full by a girl’s looks or failure what’s most important is her inner character I saw through to her inner character with one look and that was enough that powerful impact made strong impression on me that will be impossible to replace sadly I can express this in words all I can say is I fallen in love no I’m still falling ja understand keown that was what I didn’t understand forget it let’s leave that aside I decided to put an end to knock Agha was never-ending insane chatter you say you were struck by the lightning thrown out by that girl back in May right but it’s already winter now is what have you been doing until now that’s it kion now do you mentioned that i now feel even more depressed i’ve been on a loss of what to do for these past few months my mind has never rested since then as my feelings couldn’t find a way out I was thinking all the time whether I would be a good match for a girl I’ll be Frankie own I only just thought about contacting you recently it was because you were walking beside her that I remembered you and decided to look up the junior high school book for your number the beauty is just so dazzling never before as a girl made me go crazy like this to lose yourself completely over a girl whose name you don’t even know and to be stressed about it for nearly half a year isn’t your obsession a bit too scary describe what the girl you have fallen for it looks like nakagawa went silent for a while she had short hair he says they were tracing his memories and she wore glasses ah the north hi sailor uniform looked as though it was made specially for her she looked gorgeous in it uh-huh actually was completely engulfed in this glittering aura well I don’t know much about that but do you mean Nagato it really was a surprise at first I thought that the person that would drive nakagawa nuts would be either horror here Asahina I never thought that it would be Nagato taniguchi sure knows how to grade his girls the first time I saw her I thought she was just a silent and weird ancient doll sitting in the club room I never knew there were so many people such refined taste of course my impression of Nagato now has changed greatly since then especially in the past few months sorry name’s Naruto is it la Kagawa’s voice began to sound excited Yuki Nagato it’s a good name you can now the toast song is just as I thought it’s a clear name full of possibilities elegant yet not overbearing and it doesn’t sound aloof it’s just as I’d imagined it three how did the imagined it to be what sort of delusion could he see with just one look you say you only care about inner character may I ask what does ones in her character have to do with love at first sight I just knew he said matter-of-factly his confidence was beginning to sound irritating this is not a delusion I’m sure of it that no matter what she looks like her water personality is she possesses a kind of rational beauty I saw on her the wisdom and logic that one would find him deity she’s sort of highbrow girl than one might never made ones whole life that’s what I don’t get why is it that you know she would be Noble just by looking at her once you’ve never spoken to her you merely saw her from afar I just know that’s why I’m so hopelessly in love with her why should I listen to you yell for no reason I’m so grateful to god I’m so ashamed of myself for not believing in him before since then I’ve regularly gone to a nearby shrine to pray every week I would also occasionally go to churches of Catholic and Protestant praying blindly everywhere is more unfaithful than not believing anything at all besides it’s not like you’ll get results every time you pray pick one deity and stick with praying to him yeah you’re right I thank you count I’m even more determined now because of you now on I’ll only create a one goddess and that is Nagato son she would be my only goddess to whom I will give my unconditional love nakagawa as we’ll just go on and on I quickly interrupted him partly because it sounded too cheesy and partly because I was becoming irritated for some reason so what do you want I already know why you called but what’s next you know it’s pointless telling me about your love for Nagato I need you to relay a message for me I hope you can give a message to Nagato somme please you’re the only one who can help me since you were walking side by side with her you should be pretty close to her right he’s sort of

right we were both members of the SOS Brigade and we are still happily rotating a satellites around Hardy’s orbit besides the Nagato we saw walking with me was the speckled Nagato back in may I see so it was back then the first SOS Brigade mystery search the time when I went to the library with Nagato how nostalgic compared to then my understanding of Nagato has now increased hundreds of times so much so that I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve come to know too much about her with these memories in mind I asked nakagawa right you say you remember seeing me walking with Nagato to be honest I felt uncomfortable asking this question but why did you only think that I was merely close to her didn’t you think that I could be dating Nagato not at all nakagawa didn’t flinch a bit you’re the sword was found a weirder girls like back in our third year what’s her name weren’t you going up that enigmatic girl you as a Nagato lover are the least qualified to comment on my preferences I suddenly felt as though I just lost my balance but it’s obviously got something wrong ah yes kunikida has gotten that wrong as well I was just friends with that girl now that i think about it we’ve not even met since our graduation from junior high I still do occasionally think of for every few days I wonder if I should send her a new year greeting card for some reason I feel as though I’m digging my own grave perhaps I should change the subject so what is it that you want me to relay an invitation for a date or do you want me to ask for Naga toast phone number I’m sure that’s a needs your favor to do know right now i’m still a nobody how could I just appear before Nagato sound like that it’s just not qualified that’s why you please tell her to wait for me wait for you to what end wait for me to propose to her will that do because right now I’m just a first-year high schools do about any social experiences well I’m not that much different from you that won’t do listen to me KO i’m going to work really hard from now on no the truth is I’ve already been working hard at this rate i would qualify for state university with my grades well it’s good to have a long-term objective i’m going to do a major in economics I’ll continue to study hard when Simon University and try to be the best amongst North High graduates once i’m out of the society i’m not going to join some big company but i’m going to get a job with a medium or small sized firm i won’t be content with being a classless person give me three years no i’ll only need two years other all the knowledge that i need to start a business you sure knows how to talk and it sounds as though it’s all going to happen i’m not going to stop you so go ahead and give it a try if by then i’m having trouble with my career mind if I work under you after that the company that I’ve created would take five years no I’ll try some of this in three years by then it’ll be listed in the second section of topics its projected annual growth will be at least ten percent and all the net profit I find myself struggling to catch up with na Kagawa’s mood of thinking but he seemed to be getting more excited as he went on by that time I will be able to take a small break since all the preparations will be ready preparations for what preparations for my proposal to the octo song I fell silent like a deep oceans shellfish while naka gawas words felt like a torrent of waves splashing over me I still have two years before I graduate from high school and four years from university my end rob chaney take at least two years while it take three years for me to set up company and get it listed in public it’s a total of eleven years no let’s round that up to 10 years in ten years I’ll be a formidable entrepreneur are you nuts I’m sure you would all understand why I was suddenly so rude what girl in her right mind would wait for him for ten years not to mention that the girl is never even met him before to suddenly have a guy ask her to wait 10 years for him so that he could propose to her if she had actually waited mindlessly then she wouldn’t be from his world unfortunately Nagato just so happens to be out of this world literally I bit my tongue in waiting I’m serious what’s worse was that he actually sounded serious as well I’m willing to bet my life in this because I really mean it if sounds have blades in them and his voice sounded as though it could cut through many wires at once now what should I do to get this over with well nakagawa the image of Nagato silently reading her book appeared in my mind this is just my personal opinion but Nagato actually has a lot of hidden admirers so many that she’s already feeling exasperated by them I commend you for your fine taste in Nagato but she is going to remain single for now and the chances of her waiting 10 years for you are close to zero I actually made all that up how was I to know what would happen in 10 years I wasn’t even

sure of my own future besides something this important not to be told in person and Nagato herself though I’m reluctant to do it I’ll still help arrange a meeting for you it’s winter vacation now so it shouldn’t be a problem asking her to spend one hour meeting you I can’t do it na Kagawa’s voice suddenly when soft right now I don’t think I’m capable of seeing her if I saw an octave sounds face I would faint at once actually I I have seen her from afar recently that time it was just outside the supermarket by the station del was at night I still recognized her back I was instantly frozen I stood there until the supermarket was closing if I were to meet her directly consequences will be unimaginable no boy nakagawa has been completely infected by the love virus he even set out his plans for the next 10 years such was an indication of how serious his illness was while there exists secure it’ll only be made available after he has been all struck by meeting the alien directly and then having her eject him and run away besides he has already gone to the great lengths to call a person he barely knew just a bit Mona’s agony even more terrifying it was impossible to predict what he’s going to say next I already have to put up with Haruhi and now Nagato has brought me another annoying person to deal with a deliberately sighs loudly to the nakagawa kit here well basically I understand already just repeat what you want me to say to Nagato thank you Karen nakagawa sounded really grateful will definitely invite you to our wedding I’ll have to ask you to write a speech for us then you’ll be the first to give the speech I’ll never forget you for my whole life if you ever feel like making a name with me I’ll make sure there’s always a place of my comfort for you no thanks just hurry up already I listen to knock Agha was anxiously irritating voice while placing the receiver on my shoulder as I grabbed a point sheet of paper