lyrically spiritually i am blessed now bill gates is not the only bill that i’ve been observing and not the only bill that i find kind of disturbing let’s go back to the year 1986 and meet the 99th congress what a bunch of dicks they came up with hr4456 the child vaccination act and here’s a wild fascinating fact no legal solution the one that was with me we need to get the [ __ ] up out of here whenever i am and i know my abilities you’ve been given me directly spiritually i am blessed now let’s say that you’ve got a foundation and almost all your donations they’re directed toward the containment of a particular contagion and one of your experts is kind of grouchy his name is mr fouch he comes up with an equation fear plus persuasion equals the creation of a frightened nation which panic and lack of education and only wanting just some protection from this agent of infection they had in your direction and they asked mr bill for their injections there’s nobody while the chemicals were killing me and never left you stealing me i feel your divinity in my vicinity whenever i am depressed or under duress and i know my abilities you’ve been giving me american spiritually i am blessed i guess you two are never in the same room at the same time so people think you might be the same person but anyway [ __ ] it man what’s been up how’s the vaccine fizz i know you wish that everybody was on board like maxine is oh guess what my wife’s pregnant again you remember myrtle yeah i always seem to wind up with these gangs what’s up when you have three kids i thought melinda was inverted and you were shooting flanks and what’s up with all these tanks i see him being transported on a train is that for martial law this shit’s getting insane you remember when i met you in new delhi you were complaining that it was really smelly well i asked you to save that polio vaccine and you said i was making a great decision you know my daughter’s okay but my son micah he lost his vision yeah it’s been some time in a lot of tears now and micah he’s been blind for years now he’s gotten pretty good at walking with a cane though anyway hit me up yo got nothing left to confess

lyrically spiritually i am blessed what’s up everybody how you all doing it is thursday evening late evening apparently zeus likes it at this time rita girl is in the house just so you all know and i’m sure i’ll have to repeat this throughout the evening um when you look at my comments it says poison stinger that’s not me that’s a little girl she has my ipad she is currently in the hospital recovering she should be home tomorrow evening and i am definitely looking forward to that however everything has went good and well she is still a little bit in and out of the out of it because of the anesthesia but uh yeah the doctor says everything went really good so good news on that thank you for everybody who had us in your thoughts and prayers though for sure gerald b says last person to die with the ronan in this state was in the 90s most of the deaths with rona here are really old and most in nursing homes uh we have gerald b asking you know making sure that little girl’s doing all right yeah let’s see and irish usmc vet is in the house what’s up irish how you doing poison sting nation huh right we should have a name for our crew right everybody has a name what are we going to call ourselves and i can just start referring to you as my you know thumper nation or some [ __ ] i don’t have no idea there’s the lights oh i miss that during the daytime or you know when we do it earlier in the day i think it gives us an ambiance you know uh let’s see yeah little girl is poison stinger prayers for you and riddle thank you very much daniel oldfield is that the daniel oldfield that i know here in arizona what i know daniel oldfield i haven’t talked to him in a while he’s a good friend back in the 90s we went to job corps together if it is man what’s up bro you need to give me a call i need to give you my phone number don’t i if it is daniel oldfield man i gotta get i gotta get a hold of you yeah that’s cool that’s really cool okay so i was talking with irish usmc vet on the phone right before i came on here and he’s talking about you know how he wants to be a big time youtuber right and he he’s asking me all about all the advice how do i do like the top 10 things you need in order to survive the htf and i told them you know what the first thing you need it’s the top 10 things that you need to survive the the shtf you need yourself a christmas kitty cat that shakes its butt to baby got back that’s the first thing you need the second thing you need is some tanner right third thing you need is a video camera possibly more than one because you want to get that [ __ ] at a whole bunch of different angles and then you need to have fun with that and record it 407 for rent what’s up how you doing daniel oldfield giving me a smile dude dude hold on i’m going to type something in chat it’s not riddle girl but i’m gonna type something in chat uh see actually riddle girl can you type your email in the chat we’ve already done your email anyway daniel you gotta give me you gotta send me an email man we gotta get in touch if you are the daniel oldfield i know which i think you are i mean i don’t know why who else i mean i guess there could be other daniel oldfields out there right storm there you go the swarm nation venoms nah i like swarm that’s pretty cool all right well i appreciate everybody here let’s get on to it uh where is it there we go we are gonna watch a little bit of mark dice one thing that i want to point out here though is this screenshot and it was my thumbnail yup yup yup it is it is the daniel only he would call me vince what’s up bro

yeah for real man uh riddle girl littlegirlstinger littlegirl if you’re awake can you uh put your email in chat so daniel can uh give uh give us an email i would i would definitely like to take you out and show you a good time we got some fun toys bro uh you might have a good time with it including that that ak you know what i mean yeah there it is right there daniel write that down i want to see an email at some point man we gotta we gotta hook up we gotta hook up maybe we’ll make a video out of it or something man especially with it now not being fire season we can go out and have a good old time in the desert you know what i mean sweet so yeah the survival rates of the rona if you’re zero to 19 years old you have a 99.997 chance of surviving 20 to 40 year sorry 20 to 49 years old you have a 99.98 chance of surviving which means it’s only a point zero two percent chance of death if you’re between 20 and 49 that is less than the flu 50 to 69 you have a 99.5 chance of death i’m sorry you have a 99.5 of not dying if you’re 50 to 69 years old okay that’s the majority of people are 20 to 69 and you have a very good chance of surviving and 70 years old and more you still have a 94.6 chance of survival was there ever a pandemic in the first place i argue not i argue that this is all a setup and the people that have died obviously are being used unfortunately but uh this is less than the flu yeah we shut down the entire country’s economy for it okay daniel oppel is done and done will do brother thank you i appreciate it man we got it’s been too long and and we lose each other’s numbers way too often but i’m glad you found my chat bro i know i shared my channel with you a long long time ago but i’m glad that you checked it out by the way daniel oldfield takes photo well you did i don’t know if you still do takes photos of the arizona desert during lightning storms and he keeps the i’m not technical so i apologize for my ignorance on this but i know that you keep the iris open for a very long time right so when the lightning it basically captures a whole bunch of lightning strikes all in one photo it’s absolutely gorgeous and uh dude you need it i don’t know if you have a website or whatever but if you do hold on let me let me go ahead and fix this because this is my good bud i’ve known him forever so i’m definitely going to add him as a moderator you’re more than welcome back anytime daniel and if you want to share any kind of stuff that you do by all means share a link you got you got an open forum here for real okay record on phone using video vivia video pro app to edit post video uh okay the doc doctor got 29k per death so there was an initiative to lie hell yeah there was and the state got money too right every time that they uh announced another rona patient they got a certain amount of money if they put them on a ventilator they got a lot more money if that person died of the rona they got even more money right and that’s why they were counting people who died in a car accident as rhona deaths that’s why george floyd who you know died he had the rhona i’m sure he was counted as a rhone of death too you don’t believe me go look it up okay actually we will watch this but we will watch it a little bit in in a little bit so let me get to an actual story here real quick oh by the way apparently there was a town hall tonight and i didn’t even know about it until i got home i have it here i don’t know if you guys want to watch it it is an hour long but i do like to do these live this would not be live though so i probably won’t but i have peeked in on some of it and i find it very interesting because there was also a joe biden debate going on and it’s funny because they had a whole bunch of democrats asking trump questions but only one republican asking joe biden a question and that republican didn’t even vote for trump in 2016 softball questions much matt zoo hey matt zoo i shouted you out too to my good friend

irish usmc vet um matt zoo has a channel where he uh shows off some of the things he sells on ebay including a uh gen one night vision i don’t know how much are you selling that for bro cause i’m definitely interested in night vision but i’m broke at the same time so i don’t even know i mean even if it was pretty cheap i don’t know if i could afford it right now but i think it’s really cool and if you’re looking for i believe it’s technically military surplus stuff that you do mostly i believe correct me if i’m wrong matt zu but uh if you’re looking for some military uh surplus stuff i would definitely check out his channel and his ebay been trying to catch the show good to see you guys still on i got shadow band on igfb okay i know fb is facebook instagram yeah okay thanks yup i’ll be in touch sweet bro sweet yeah daniel’s a good friend man it’s been a while it’s been a long time definitely probably one of the best friends i’ve had um from back then right i’ve got the good friends now because of doing youtube and stuff like that but he was one of the one of the good ones he’s a good dude okay anyway so i don’t know if we’re going to watch this you let me know if you want to watch it it is an hour long so you’re going to have to be committed right facebook twitter be clowns themselves in a desperate bid to lay cover for the bidens media and social media companies including facebook twitter and the washington post ensnared themselves in a farcical attempt to justify censorship after the emergence of damning data from hunter biden’s abandoned laptop now they’re saying that they don’t like to share stuff that’s been hacked it hasn’t been hacked he abandoned this laptop let’s talk about the stuff that you should be uh suppressing that was hacked how about the supposed tax records of trump no no no no you’ll put those out those are fine if it hurts trump no problem but if it hurts the people that you like oh no it was it wasn’t an abandoned laptop it was hacked threatened to derail his father’s presidential campaign the biden-backing companies issued an array of contrived excuses including twitter’s claim that the new york post bombshell violated a never before enforced 2018 policy that prohibited the sharing of hacked information exactly and it wasn’t hacked uh the washington post meanwhile claimed that joe biden had never pressured the ukraine officials to fire a prosecutor investigating corruption at the barisma energy company despite a 2017 video in which the former vice president admits to doing precisely that and we’re going to watch that a little bit on the mark dice video far from being uh esther centric and unverified the video was widely referenced and circulated during the president donald trump’s impeachment proceedings for alleged abuse of power after he had asked the ukraine’s new president to reopen the investigation nonetheless facebook cited the washington post false claim about the obama era ukraine scandal as justification for reducing distribution of the breaking story on its platform but several other explosive storylines emerging from the laptop data on thursday it was clear that the dam was poised to burst on the media’s desperate censorship efforts oh boy it’s election year season y’all getting ready for this oh my goodness it’s it’s something every day it’s something different right due to the attempts to tamp down the spread of the stories as unproven the emergence of hard evidence to the contrary meant the outlets risk shattering the facade of neutrality and also damaging their credibility do they have any credibility left by permitting the biden campaign and its leftist allies to spread this disinformation after the washington post so-called lead lead fact checker glenn kessler tweeted out the text of the watergate breaking papers new policy on hacked or leaked material many were skeptical some people are some people some pointed to the paper’s silence over recent leaks of trump’s tax information and those used to propel the fbi’s 2016 russia hoax among countless examples of duplicity in making exemptions to the rule that benefits left-wing narratives so there you go they’re in panic mode right now all right let’s see what’s going on broken patriots in the house let’s see

uh matt mention poison before purchase i’ll give you a discount also poison i have used some night vision and xl kevlar helmet when you’re ready dude uh you you see that email address that little girl shared littlegirlstinger send her an email or something and tell me how much you want for that stuff because as of right now i mean i’m gonna have to wait for my government stimulus check you know we just had a drop oh what was it little girl i think like 1500 down on that so i mean we’re a little bit broke i haven’t bought any medals of any kind in the last month and a half ish so you know sacrifices have been made for good reasons for really good reasons and i’m glad we did it but you know we’re a little broke what’s up broken patriot how you doing what’s the username on ebay yeah matt zu if you don’t mind put the username on ebay up there uh what’s up broken patriot ww2 oh let’s see i have ww2 field gear ballistic helmet uniform uh night vision if in dallas i got some previous metals nice not much abp you was putting out some vids today has hazy i am sorry i haven’t caught any video the only video that i’ve caught today is this mark dice video that we’re about to watch let’s go to broken patriots channel screw it i want to see it hunter biden says vote for my dad okay it’s only four minutes oops hold up a little subscribe right down there go over to his channel subscribe if you haven’t already so we’ve all heard about the whole hunter biden stuff oh my god i can sit here and make videos for the next three days about this stuff and i guarantee joe biden is freaking out i also saw a new story about someone on kamala harris’s staff has come down with the roni rona and how she’s suspending travels and everything but in one of the uh groups that i’m in on facebook somebody had made this i don’t know who made it this is epic the funniest thing ever everybody’s showing you know all the news talking about how bad this is this is terrible this whole hunter biden joe biden stuff this should automatically disqualify joe biden from running as president and you’re a moderator now matt you can go ahead and put your link into the chat make everybody vote for president trump because if you’re dumb enough even after all this stuff was brought out to still vote for joe biden just because you hate trump that bad you need help a lot of people need help broken help so uh share this video guys because this this is epic there you go there’s matt zu’s ebay go check out out that ebay store um he’s got some nice thinking anything please put it down because the first time i saw this i blew coffee out my nose you’re gonna share this video broken patriot are you gonna wait to make sweet thing on i think it is okay hey listen guys it’s me ash hunter um listen deep fake this is gonna be a problem for my dad and and i really i’m already on his [ __ ] list and i can’t afford to get any worse because honestly i i’m not making a whole lot of money right now and i really need my dad not to be mad at me because he’s kind of my mail ticket you know what i’m saying so so listen listen just don’t do it for me do it for me dad okay do it for my dad because he’s been wanting to be president i don’t know for forever as long as i can i can’t remember last week but but for a long long time okay just just do me a favor keep this whole thing on the downbow don’t say anything to him don’t ask any questions yay and it’ll all blow over okay it always does it always does okay so just just

ignore everything that you read and uh and uh and vote for joe biden okay vote for my dad thank you and and god bless america or something bye bye hey it’s just that was epic so share the hell out of this i’ve never laughed so hard when he said all right thank you very much zeus for the 99 cent sticker super chat i don’t know why but my uh my wow mode is not working what the heck do i don’t have it on here no it’s right there huh maybe it’s not in the front did you guys hear a whole bunch of wows you might have let’s uh let’s try it again no it’s not there interesting i don’t know why i should have had the wow effect going that’s sad well thank you very much zeus i really do appreciate the dollar super chat super sticker i’m not exactly sure what that one’s called uh awesome thanks man i will email you after the show i’ll show you the gear right on i saw the one i saw a couple things on your videos because i did subscribe i actually subscribed on my gaming channel first because i can’t keep the channel straight i always forget to change it over so i’m doing things on both channels so you might have got a recent subscription from stingers playground and also i think i did go ahead and sub you on this channel as well if not i’ll fix that uh poison stinger hopefully i didn’t miss too much going to the restroom is an ordeal i know it is riddle girl i know it is by the way once again you see poison stinger in the chat because i did get off the screen for a little bit no i did not go get to go to the bathroom i went to get another water uh that is riddle girl tonight so everybody little girl is in the chat even though she is not here and you won’t hear her um pitching you know chiming in from a distance so she has to chime in from the chat unfortunately for tonight however tomorrow she should be back with us and tomorrow’s chat should be at 7 00 p.m basically three hours earlier than this chat you know goes on live but it might be a little late depending on if you know getting little girl back from the hospital um takes a little extra time you never you can never tell right all right no you didn’t miss much uh little girl we were playing broken patriots video which is kind of funny i mean it’s it’s a fake video obviously which is why it makes it funny right it makes it funny hopefully that was the right video broken patriots said to play the biden one so let’s see what other one did you have you had house republicans call for emergency hearing on twitter facebook censorship yeah we were just discussing that i think that was the right one and you streamed a day ago a test stream right on dude hey matt zoo well darn man i mean you could once again i don’t know why my wow doesn’t work strange but thank you very much for the support i mean i really do appreciate that and so does riddle girl she says wow thanks little girl why is my while not working i don’t get it that is strange uh maybe if i unlock it nope that’s not working either oh well i’m not gonna mess with it but i do appreciate the support thank you very much matt you could have just told me hey you got five bucks off you know what i mean i would have dealt with that too but now i mean that’s kind of a five dollar off there although google’s going to take their cut somebody said it’s like 30 i don’t even know i’ve never really checked but i do appreciate that all right hide and try one team one fight okay you all are having a conversation that i’m not aware of all right let’s watch this mark dice video this week in censorship was another doozy but also quite the wake-up call for those who have been ignoring us little social media personalities who have been warning about such a thing for many years now after the new york post published a shocking story revealing what appeared to be hunter biden’s emails admitting that he introduced his then vice president father to his barista buddies despite joe biden playing dumb saying that he had no idea about anything that halter was involved in then the big tech giants decided to dump that story down the memory hole as soon as it started going viral twitter blocked the link and wouldn’t let anybody else post it this is the error message that i got we’re sorry we weren’t able to send your tweet would you like to retry or save this tweet in drafts but i certainly wasn’t the only one white house press secretary kelly mcinerney was suspended from twitter for previously sharing the link before twitter was able to prevent people from sorry about that they claimed she violated their rules against

distributing hacked material even though the emails weren’t hacked they were on an abandoned laptop you are not allowed to share that information and make no mistake if they can ban the press secretary of the united states for president trump they can ban who is a citizen and that is pathetic that’s a great point our own adam housley on his account has confirmed the authenticity of of that i mean as have other media reporting of course when richard maddow obtained stolen copies of president trump’s tax returns and reported on that um she wasn’t suspended or locked out of her account i i have never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses period i did anything wrong and uh i didn’t realize he was on the board until after was after he had been on the board and at the same time he has come forward and said it was a mistake on his part to be on the board i don’t know what he was doing i know he was on the board i found out he was on the board after he was on the board and that was it the fact is i was unaware of his investments until that occurred and i’ve never discussed what my son’s business with him because i didn’t want any conflict i don’t discuss business with my son i didn’t know that was the case i’ve never spoken my son about his overseas minnesota i’ve never discussed my business or their business my sons or daughters and i’ve never discussed them of course you didn’t joe just like you didn’t pressure the ukrainian government to fire that prosecutor according to twitter’s fact check and the washington post which says then president biden played no role this is why you should never believe a fact check i don’t care what side it comes from they’re fact checking that he never said anything all in pressuring you about invading fire and firing the prosecutor of course that’s not what you told your globalist friends at the council on foreign relations so they said they had they were walking out the press conference said no i said i’m not gonna or we’re not gonna give you the billion dollars they said you have no authority you’re not the president the president said i said call him i said i’m telling you you’re not getting a billion dollars i said you’re not getting the billion i’m going to be leaving here and i think it was about six hours i look i said i’m leaving in six hours if the prosecutor’s not fired you’re not getting money oh son of a you’re fired it must be just one big coincidence in other censorship news the big tech companies are taking down posts that include information taken directly from the cdc about coronavirus survival rates like this post from my local independent kusi news station which shows the survival rate for those under 70 years old is 99.5 percent but that’s not scary enough when you actually look at the numbers so instagram got upset about it well throughout the whole pandemic social media websites have been cracking down on what they are calling false information from the cdc it was flagged on instagram after fact checkers claim that the information we posted was false even though that information came directly from the cdc that’s right you’re not allowed to post facts on social media unless they can be twisted and turned against president trump if biden is elected you think you really think that the big tech companies are going to stop doing the bidding of their masters in washington not a chance you think big tech is going to suddenly think oh you’re allowed to think for yourself no but that’s not the only thing the left are upset about after don lemon had learned that nbc was hosting a town hall event with president trump he had to give them a piece of his mind it is embarrassing i’ve spoken to several friends especially over at msnbc they are incredulous about this they cannot check on the means of the people over there wow my lgbtq friends who are over there the way that this president treats them it is just they’re like oh fine if you want to if you want to give donald trump air time on your network have him go on msnbc have him go on with with rachel have him go on with joy have him go on with someone where he can be challenged rather than going on a town hall where he’s going to take questions and he’s going to try to avoid them so i don’t understand it i am i am outraged by this and for all of my brothers and sisters who are over at that network and are afraid to speak out because they think that you know they’re going to lose their job or lose their standing or there’s going to be repercussions for it i will speak out for you it is outrageous and i cannot believe nbc is doing it and i am sorry for you and guess what i think you should speak out i think at any there is no other moment where you have this much leverage and you’re going to be able to tell your bosses what you think is right it is absolutely ridiculous nbc it’s a pure

d as we say yeah can i go now hey you’re a grown man you’re a grown man yes how dare a major television network allow the president of the united states to answer questions from the american people of course we all know that those questions are going to be carefully scripted and pre-planned but don lemonhead is just upset that they’re giving him any air time at all maybe he should go on rachel maddow’s show however because it would certainly be a lot more entertaining than what they regularly air i just realized that i would kick myself if i didn’t just ask you i’d be all right that’s that whole fly on the head of mike pence story which is kind of lame all right let’s uh let’s go over here real quick it doesn’t work on in this screen either that’s that’s a shame okay so i want to read some of the comments here uh you got fact check on a meme daniel says the fact checkers need fact checking yes they do uh you can make anything say any and joe biden he’s been i mean he plagiarized people’s speeches and claimed that he did stuff that other people had said in his in their speeches i mean this guy’s got a long history he’s been in politics longer than i’ve been alive and he’s had all sorts of different upbringings apparently it’s just crazy i mean at some point this it’s all on tape there was video of all of it and still some people will have their head in the sand and i i talked a little bit about this with irish usmc that people are will willfully oblivious they don’t want to know they know that you know iron buildings steel buildings don’t come down because of fire they know this it deep in their hearts they also know that a piece of cloth in front of your face is not going to protect something that is airborne they know this but they they don’t they don’t pretend they know this they hide that knowing of it deep down in their soul i reference the matrix the matrix is a great movie you can reference a lot of things by the way i believe it was yeah it was daniel daniel you’re the guy that told me hey man you like guns you should check out the matrix and i was like oh i never heard of that movie and i watched that and i’ll tell you what that was like the coolest thing ever because i went into watching that movie with absolutely no idea what the matrix was all i knew is it had guns in it right so i went and watched that and boy i tell you what that was one of those movies where you’re like just your mind is blown because the fact that i had no idea what was going on i never even saw a trailer for it right you didn’t tell me anything other than that yeah anyway it was a lot it’s a lot like the matrix right people don’t want to know the truth the truth hurts the truth is scary they want to be willfully uh uh yeah they willfully don’t want to know what’s going on look at the guy in the matrix who was like you know what if i hadn’t known then what i know now i would have told you to give me the the blue pill right i want to go back in i know the steak ain’t real but i don’t care it tastes good i want to be oblivious to this again i want to not even know that this is fake put me back in there put my mask back on you know put my blinders back on this is a scary world i live in and you have a lot of people that are like that i mean it took me a long time to come to the realization that something is fishy with the 911 right and i’m not saying i’m big into conspiracy theories but i am deep into the truth and facts do matter and the fact is only three buildings in the world’s history have ever collapsed i’m sorry only three steel buildings have ever collapsed in world history because of a fire of any kind and they all happened on the same day jet fuel does not melt steel what melts steel is thermite and guess what planes don’t carry thermite yet thermite was found in 911 in the rubble and there’s video evidence don’t believe me do your own research right i did i know you can’t go on youtube well at least you can’t go on youtube channels and do the research the the one that really got me the one that i recommend that you watch if you haven’t watched it already is the engineers engineers for 911 truth those are educated people that know exactly what they’re talking about on how buildings are made and how buildings come down right and so that was very important to me but people are people don’t want to go look at that a lot of you guys are a lot of people who watch this that

think you know the government didn’t do anything wrong and it was it was basically exactly how they said it happened you know terrorists flew planes into the building those buildings came down we got to go kill them 911 you know that’s why we got we got the patriot act right and they won’t they won’t go look into that they won’t do the research they won’t go look at the architects for 911 truth because to do that would to be to admit that the government might have had something to do or somebody i would say somebody i want to say the government i would say somebody had something to do with this somebody knew that it was going to happen and planned for and aided in it because they had something to benefit from it going down whether that be the government whether that be the person who owned the buildings who knows right but the facts are only three steel structures have ever collapsed due to fire jet fuel does not burn any hotter than any other fire the only fire that takes down steel is thermite once again planes don’t carry thermite but people will not look into that because it will shake their beliefs in the lies that they’ve been told and they they want to believe people want to believe lies because it makes their world seem safer right wearing a mask prevents you from getting the rona oh i feel safer i’m doing something patriot act searching grandma before she gets on a plane that makes you feel safer however tsa still fails 95 percent of the time when they get tested but you feel safer you’ve given up your essential liberty for a little promised security and you didn’t even receive the promised security and now most of your liberties are gone and you did it with a smile you do it and applaud you do it and say tsa lives matter willfully oblivious willfully oblivious okay let’s get back that’s my little rant for the day okay there is three matrix movies i know there are the first one was the best okay let’s not get that wrong i did watch the second and third now he told me about it before the second and the third one came out i believe he told me about it in 2000 2001. i could be wrong on that so it was already out on dvd at that point right it wasn’t in the theater anymore i had to watch it on dvd but i did and i was impressed all right let me just get caught up i do not have financial relations with that wormhole matt zu i’m just waiting for that emergency text we got a while back saying we’re under attack by media deep state this whole past year was to rid trump from office at all costs right you also said i think earlier that you tried before but would do paypal had debit card handy okay i do have a paypal uh link down below if you don’t want to have google take their cut and you can do it as a friend and family thing and that way they don’t get their cut either i guess there’s those ways uh but i do appreciate whatever you give i mean seriously excuse me it’s very well welcomed kevlar donation donation okay zeus well i mean i have level four plates i kind of want to do a helmet and some nods to be honest that’s my next one that i’m looking at getting all right matt zoo he said white men are most dangerous threat in america same guy kissing a white man on a beach everything they say is opposite how many flies is too many flies what’s up saints how you doing i don’t think i mean everybody’s fly gate yeah that’s what you’re taking away from that debate i mean i guess that debate was kind of a snooze fest to be honest uh riddle girls that saw a meme of a cat jumping on pins’s head and eating the fly okay and matt zeus says kissing so he said white men are most dangerous threat in america same guy kissing a white man on a beach everything they say is opposite okay thermite in the lungs of 911 victims they can’t explain that reface app like is like deep fakes for your phone it’s really awesome is that what that was broken patriot you know i i know riddle girl was doing some stuff she got

uh she can put face supposedly there’s this app that puts your face on hollywood movie characters lines and stuff and she put mine on a few and they weren’t really that great but there was one of uh on johnny depp of pirates of the caribbean that is hilarious and actually kind of looks like me i i can’t i have it on facebook i could probably show it but i’d have to hold up my phone for it but it’s pretty funny see yeah i won’t i won’t do that all right next year is the 20th year anniversary of 911 it is i was a demo man my boss called it out it was common knowledge and military we considered it an implosion well building i was not i’m not in that kind of field right so building one and two for me you know it looks us but at the same time i’m not an architect however building seven that was that was the one that really got me because i have seen a demolition before and i know what free fall is and even at that time i said that look like a one of those buildings in vegas that they implode you know thermite is made out of aluminum planes are aluminum yes you are correct i think thermite thermite’s rusted i don’t know i don’t know the common makeup of of thermite but i know it’s not just a chunk of aluminum gets thrown in there and boom you got thermite you have to process it it’s got to be a powder or something and i think that’s not thermite that’s uh tannerite i know tannerite is aluminum right somebody correct me if i’m wrong on that i’m probably wrong on that all right uh stefan hey all the wtc 300 tons of gold never found vaporized hey y’all silverstein building 7 all documents destroyed and dozers dozens of uh dozers of accusations here’s the thing though you gotta be careful right for a long time i didn’t even go into it because i wanted to be willfully oblivious but at the same time every time i did think well maybe i will look into it all i saw was a whole bunch of conspiracy theories talking about how the planes weren’t even there how they were added later on on everybody’s cell phones i mean come on man to quote joe biden right when you’re gonna that kind of stuff hurts the truth movement i am all about truth i want the truth i seek the truth i love the truth right but stuff like that it just hurts the whole cause people tune out i tuned out well uh that was the cni n guy that said that okay timeline is right 2001-ish matrix 2 and 3 weren’t as good no they weren’t but they were still good i did enjoy matrix 2 quite a bit matrix 3 was a little bit too much cgi and basically it was just a big rain fight for most of the movie right but matrix 2 with them gun those turrets that were firing up at the dome oh and all the sentinels came through it wasn’t as good as the first movie but it was still pretty dope you know what i mean uh let’s see facebook also fact check the towers burning picks that said we will never forget on 9 11 this year well you’re not supposed to remember 9 11 and you’re not rem supposed to remember who did it right because that would be uh not that would be racist and and some sort of phobia that i have no idea what it is right now every 100 years we have a virus flu it’s part of the world’s history that’s how the world takes care of its own population control lots of times however i do believe this one’s man-made pentagon hit then money gone if anyone did it it was mozad well here’s the thing the pentagon with all the cameras the pentagon has has no good shots of what hit the pentagon and a lot of people think it was a missile and i i’m not gonna i’m not gonna comment one where i don’t i don’t know what it was but i i can definitely tell you that i do not know if it was playing because there’s no but no video footage of it at the pentagon one of the most secure buildings of all of america even in 2001 you would think that it would have better video than something that streaks by real quick that look kind of like a missile but i mean i don’t know if there’s a missile or plane there’s no way to tell because the video was that crappy rust and aluminum shavings okay daniel maybe but as i said don’t take my word for if you’re interested in that subject and you have not watched um the architects for 911 truth i would definitely suggest going to watch that and not to mention if a building collapses it’s not going to collapse free fall like they did but once again do your own research right now you’re

getting it second hand and this is not a great channel to get anything second hand lol holograms there you go best bush fire by they illuminati’s a terrorist id patch from a plane floated down from the crash and they id the terrorists i call this a fall flag from that one event i don’t know man i don’t know i think i think terrorists were involved i think they hijacked planes this is just what i think right you do your own research you come up to your own conclusion i think terrorists did board a plane they did hijack a plane they i think people knew about them training in america did nothing i think they knew about the event they know about every event look at the the whole kidnapping plot of the governor in michigan right they know about this stuff you don’t think they know they know they just didn’t do anything this is my opinion right they allowed it to happen the people who did know that something was going to happen maybe helped it along and decided that they were going to take advantage of this situation a little bit more right hey maybe we can uh put in a big insurance claim for all this gold that we have stair stored here and then just kind of move it off site and then the buildings come down we can say that it went all up you know evaporated and we’re going to get a whole bunch of insurance from that i’m just saying there’s a lot of follow the money you know what i mean hey clay okay uh our missile batteries were also not operable that day and the left is all mad about the judge barrett religion but i’m fine with elon omar’s religion not your fine i’m sorry they’re fine with it well apparently dianne feinstein was caught on a hot mic saying that uh she’s worried about how religious she is and the pro-life thing and all that all right rudy giuliani explains biden’s crime family split a split of corruption or corrupt proceedings proceeds as the new york post published block buzzer bless blockbuster evidence collected from an abandoned computer that showed hunter biden traded on the influence of his father’s former vice president joe biden to win lucrative contracts with suspect companies like ukraine russia china and iraq in the case of j james biden joe’s brother rudy giuliani produced a 16-minute 16-minute video that explained the grift in details watch above so i don’t know it’s 16 minutes i don’t really know if i want to watch that i don’t really want to watch that emails hunter biden’s chinese consulting deal worth 10 times burisma’s 10 cut for joe in what was sure to be the first of many explosive follow-up stories tied to the trove of data gathered from hunter biden’s abandoned laptop the new york post revealed that hunter sought to reap profits more than 10 times as big as this controversial burisma deal from a chinese energy firm seeking access to the obama administration backing up earlier allegations made in a report by the senate homeland security and governmental affairs committee the post reported that hunter also sought to bring other family members and business associates in on the deal with the cefc china energy company that likely included his father current democratic presidential candidate joe biden possibly in violation of federal laws prohibiting public servants from profiting off of foreign entities according to may 13 2017 you know first of all how many of our public servants are profiting off of foreign entities nobody’s going to ever find this out because they’re all doing it and if one person reports on the other then they’ll all report on each other and that’s how they keep themselves from being reported on anyway according to the may 13 2017 email with the subject line expectations which was authored by james gallar of the international consulting firm j2c hunter and his business associates planned to establish a separate company for their venture gilear outlawed uh re renumeration packages that included the amount of 850 for a person identified as hunter in addition they discussed the division of equal shares in the company which included 20 percent for h the initials listed in the payments amounts appeared to correspond with those of the four men included in the email two of the unidentified men not included in the email were mentioned one going by the name jim and the other being referred to as the big guy and we learned yesterday that uh the big guy might be a hunter’s uh code word for his dad right he’s likely referred to joe biden and his brother

james the plan was to reserve ten percent of the profits for the big guy although the funds were to be held by h according to the email interesting joe biden was vice president at the time which would have made him subject to restrictions under the constitution’s e-moments clause and other laws governing ethical conflicts of interest the terms of the cefc arrangement once again surfaced in august 2nd of 2017 exchange that referenced yay yamin the company’s former chairman who was since vanished after being arrested by chinese authorities oh that’s not suspect the email authored by robert biden which is hunter’s first name said he sought to re renegotiate the terms of a three-year consulting contract that initially had offered hunter 10 million a year for introductions alone by comparison hunter received an estimated 1 million a year for his consulting services as a barisma board member the chairman chain changed that deal after we met in miami to a much more lasting and lucrative arrangement the to create a holding company 50 owned by me and 50 owned by him hunter reportedly wrote all right let me read some of the chat all right i love that judge named barrett i need one of those okay he always on a 20-year plan next year it is bush and nwo bones and skulls yeah yeah i’m no fan of bush don’t don’t think i am man i mean it’s because of bush that we have the patriot deal it’s because of republicans that we’ve lost it doesn’t matter most the time it does not matter the only reason i think that it matters with trump is because both republicans and democrats want him out and that to me means that he was not supposed to win something happened there was a glitch in the matrix okay and he won and he’s not the perfect candidate obviously he’s got a lot of floss a lot of major flaws but he is definitely not supposed to be there which means he needs to be there and that’s why i’m gonna vote for him i uh don’t fear the beast you can big mike is michelle probably right michael handle they reference that name sleep rg it’s important oh you passed out sorry i’m pretty good at uh talking people to sleep and if you fall asleep little girl it’s fine i do appreciate her being here really though i’m here if she you know if if she’s awake and she wants to to see me kind of thing barrett 50 oh okay you want a 50 yeah maybe we can we can uh get a bear uh amy barrett barrett that’d be kind of cool right i’m trying to convince riddle girl to get me a bear at 50 for my 50th birthday she got me a uh a dan wesson c bob the 1911 i won like forever i was like i don’t want any old 1911 no no no no no my first 1911 is going to be a dan wesson see bob that’s the one i want because i like the bobtail i like the all stainless steel construction i don’t like the two-tone 1911s i don’t like the ones that are aluminum and steel i want full on steel i want series 70 right i want it to be bob tailed and there was only two options that i could find one was the dan wesson and one was an ed brown cobra commander that was about twice as much and so i was like you know what one of these days i want to get that c-bob and the c-bub was not cheap that thing was like a lot of money but it was less it was less than the ed brown finally the common point is ep satanic celebrations yeah well they’re worshiping a false god whether it be satan i mean you can talk about bones and skulls you can talk about the bilderberg group and all that stuff right we we can jump down that rabbit hole right but a lot of it’s unproven some of it’s not but even even the stuff that is proven is not necessarily what you want to start shouting from the rooftops because it comes across as tinfoil hat right introduce here’s here’s what you need to do you need to find something that is very easily provable right kind of like 911 thermite you know uh and then reference the the whole architects for 911 truth you got to get them into you know do you believe architects know what they’re talking about well yeah of course i do

okay well then you should definitely check this out because these people are smart they went to school for this they know what they’re talking about they don’t come across as hillbillies who have some sort of tinfoil hat conspiracy theory going on and the bones and the skull and our skull and bones uh and the bilderbergs and the illuminati and all that stuff that comes off very strong it comes off 10 full hat and people automatically shut it out right they just automatically stop listening we need to start trying to reach people that don’t know about this stuff carefully right introduce them to small bits of truth right you do a little bit of all you have to do is plant some seeds of truth and let it grow that’s what happened to me that’s what happened to me i told myself for a long time i don’t believe that anybody was i don’t think 911 was an inside job i don’t think anything other than the official story the official stories how that happened i thought that for a long time i didn’t come to a realization of that probably until like 2015 i think right and that was because people constantly sowed the seeds and yeah i would go check out videos once in a while from people who were like yeah you need to check this out and check out and oh the planes didn’t even exist they were added later to the those people who introduced me into those things oh and the world’s flat so obviously it went this way it it does not work it shuts people off right but planting the seed of hey check out building seven hey check out the engineer for 911 truth those are the little seeds right that you need to do oh do you trust yeah do you trust uh engineers yes i do they don’t come across as hillbillies i already said that already but whatever c-span suspends would-be moderator scully after he lied about hack so this guy got busted on twitter said that he got hacked and totally got busted for calling out a hack and they fired him however they hid the fact that they fired him by just saying well we’re gonna keep the the debate canceled even though trump has come back clear of the rona c-span suspended its political editor stephen scully identified thursday after he admitted to lying about his twitter feed being hacked when he was confronted about a questionable exchange with former trump aide anthony scaramucci i think i pronounced that right everybody give me a hand the news came on the day of what was supposed to be a career highlight for the 30 year old c-span veteran scully was to moderate the second debate between between president trump and joe biden which was cancelled after trump would not agree to a virtual format because of his c19 diagnosis scully worked as an intern for biden and the media relations department for the late senator ted kennedy when he was in college a week ago after trump had criticized him as a never trumper scully tweeted a scare at scaramucci saying should i respond to trump scaramucci a former trump communications director and now a critic of president advised scully to ignore him excuse me scully said that when he was sorry scully said that he saw his tweet and created a controversy i falsely claimed that my twitter account had been hacked he had been frustrated by trump’s comments and several weeks of criticism on social media and conservative news outlets about his role as moderator including attacks directed at his family he said well it’s not the first time he said his twitter account got hacked i believe he had done some racist stuff in the past that he then said was hacked as well they were these were both errors of judgment for which i am totally responsible for scully said i apologize he has said he let down his colleagues yada yada i asked for their forgiveness and movement of reflection he understands that he made a serious mistake we are very saddened by the news and we do not condone his actions the debate commission did not immediately return a message seeking comment scully has led the network’s presidential election coverage since 1992 but the suspension means he won’t be part of c-span’s election night programming scully has been the moderator of washington journal yada yada so they don’t even reference the other times that he’s had his uh twitter got hacked all right fine let’s see dan wesson pricey it’s not cheap no it it we uh i knew that she was getting it

before my birthday we had to save up for it it took a while it took a while a friend of mine was in tower 2 wow i’m sorry to hear that bro the real conspiracy theorist tinfoil are the ones that take mainstream as facts and they think they have no agenda or reason to deceive i understand that i understand that a lot of this is truth i’m just saying it doesn’t wake people up it turns people off wake them up with little seeds of facts and truth if you want if you actually want to wake people up right there’s the people out there though they’re just like well 911 was an inside job and yada yada yada and all that you know and they spew a whole bunch of facts at somebody that’s not going to convince the person not unless they you know really really really like you and respect you maybe you can convince them but it’s not gonna influence anybody who you just met if you want to sow the seeds of truth and wake people up you have to let them find that information out for themselves you point them in the direction of the most calm well you know level-headed people out there that are speaking truth that’s why i say if you want to learn more about 911 check out building 7 do your own research on it whatever research you want and then check out the architects for 911 truth you do those two things that’s just the seeds right they can go down that rabbit hole more if they choose and if they choose they will wake themselves up and that’s how you wake people up you don’t wake them up by spewing a whole bunch of facts at them all in one second and they don’t even know who you are you wake them up by giving them just a little seed just a little nudge and then they’ll go and wake themselves up and that’s how you do that little girl is clapping okay cool the first 911 i shot was an expensive texas edition it shot so nice dude my nice oh my 1911 is hmm i don’t know i have nothing well i only have one gun to compare it to and that’s a star model b nine millimeter which is not even a 1911 it looks like a 1911 but it’s not technically in 1911 i shot a 1911 kimber most accurate group i ever had dude my dan wesson out shoot a kimber all day long all day long wake them up gently there you go broken patriot he made it out but died a few years ago due to lung problems i’m sorry to hear that i’m glad he made it out but you know at the same time he’s got lung problems i talked to carlos hathcocks nephew for a few hours today it was interesting i don’t know who that is but that’s awesome our matt zoo our news is filtered iraq what never was in news it was bs the troops in afghanistan are guarding poppy fields oh i know you’re see now you’re preaching to the choir which is that’s what i do too you know i know this i do understand that once again you can’t tell people that kind of stuff if you go and spew all those facts at them all real quick you’re going to just turn them off right you’re just going to turn them off you got to wake them up slowly first of all it goes back further than that you know why we got attacked because we keep meddling in other people’s [ __ ] right because back in the 70s we thought it would be a good idea to fund the russians or no we we funded uh the afghanis we messed with this [ __ ] a whole bunch our our hands are so into their their affairs from the 70s on we created the problem if we were a separatist nation like we were intended to be we wouldn’t get into anybody else’s business we’re not supposed to be the world police right if we just minded our own business and let countries do what they gonna do as long as they don’t affect us yeah if you come messing with us we will defend ourselves and we will attack you back into the stone age but unless you mess with us we shouldn’t have any dealings with you at all but there’s a lot of secret dealings all the time right i mean look at black hawk down we weren’t even supposed to be there we’re just creating more people hating us every single day and now we couldn’t get to be a separatist nation if we wanted to because we’ve already pissed everybody off so much that we have to defend ourselves by doing that all the time people aren’t going to fight for our freedoms shoot i don’t when when was the last war that american soldiers actually went and fought for real freedom here in america because it wasn’t world war ii right we got involved in that we wanted

to get into that war and we forced the the japanese to put us into that war right was it world war one because i’m pretty sure that the sinking of the lusitania was a false flag right because we wanted to be in that war as well so when was the last war that we actually went and fought for americans freedom i’d probably say it was a civil war that there was a side that was fighting for freedom in the civil war and before i mean the wars before that too 1912 right uh then the revolutionary yeah okay that’s enough of that what who is that zeus and staphon says just looking in who is uh who who is in bill gates dinners club too cfr etc i have tork groff m57 it’s the poor man’s 1911 with two clips you call them clips come on bro they better actually be clips and not magazines i actually accidentally took down pine tree my target fell off the tree damn good round uh let’s see let me bring it up hold on all right there you go that’s the star model b it’s a nine millimeter it’s a spanish gun this one was commissioned for the german secret police or their version of our fbi uh in the 1950s or shortly after world war ii as you can see it looks a lot like a 1911 but there is a pin right here above the trigger because the trigger does not come back like a 1911 it’s hinged so it uh it moves this way and don’t worry it’s not loaded but yeah this has been a replacement for 1911’s in many films and movies and tv shows because it was a lot cheaper to own one of these because their military surplus than to own a 1911 and use it in fact it was in mash that tv show and the movie that i liked that it was in was pulp fiction that’s mr nine millimeter samuel jackson’s character’s pistol of choice and i am trying to get that uh nickel plated okay right matt they tripled the drug production and d live ak 907 [ __ ] civil war question mark the most famous u.s sniper served in vietnam war of 1812 1812 yeah we fought the british again what’s up daniel take standard magazines question i had those nine millimeter never shot it was star police gun yeah uh well they have their own magazines i have the one that it came with it’s all numbers matching is that crazy or what i paid extra money for it too because of that but everything on there is numbers matching including the magazine and that’s pretty that’s pretty dope and looking at all the little stamps um it was really cool uh see copper with poison trees cop copper will poison trees sorry zeus dang stinger muzzle sweat the whole chat i know my apologies if you felt nervous and let me let me discuss a little bit to 907 uh ak 907 in d live what’s up d live yes slavery is a horrible thing okay i want to put that out there now but the civil war did not abraham lincoln did not start the civil war to free the slaves okay yes it was about slavery the south didn’t like the way the north was dealing with the issues of slavery they didn’t agree with it they thought you know we don’t like this system anymore we want to opt out so they opted out and lincoln went to war to bring them back into the united states he did not say he was going to free the slaves right away you can look this up okay he went after the south to bring them back into the union which is technically unconstitutional and it well it’s technically unconstitutional he then later made it about slavery and said that when he won the war he would free the slaves which is a great thing we should have never had slavery in this country in the first place but we did because at the time when this country was founded we needed the south to participate in the revolutionary war and they said they would only do it if

slavery was still a thing and the north said okay and then when they try to get rid of you know well they were trying to phase slavery out every time we’d get a new state they didn’t want it to be a slave state right there’s there’s a lot of history to this i don’t really want to go into all of it right but yes the the original civil war or the civil war did not start to free the slaves it came later and i’m glad the slaves got freed as i said i don’t think we should ever had slavery but at the same time i’ll say this right now there are three states that are talking about seceding from the union if president trump wins re-election that’s oregon washington and california right so if president trump wins they’re they’re talking i don’t know if they’ll actually do it but they’re talking the secession if they want to secede from the union i say let them go let them go in peace right we don’t need to have any dealings with them they can have their own economy they can figure out their own their own stuff we don’t need to subsidize them for nothing right you’re peace be with you right i’m all for that i do not think that we should forcibly bring back a state i’ve made this analogy before i’ll make it one more time this is the same thing as if an abusive husband wife left him right whether you agree with the abusive husband or not but the wife wants to get out of that relationship he decides to go beat her up some more and bring her back and say you better love me now or i’ll do that again that’s not healthy it’s not the way this country was supposed to run you should be able to join as a state if you want and you meet the criteria and all that stuff and if you want to opt out you should opt out and you shouldn’t have to go to war to opt out you know what i mean does that make any sense i hope it does i hope i didn’t offend you ak 907 but at the same time that’s truth it’s just truth in my opinion it’s my truth right it’s my truth chinese copper round lead too expensive for china it’s only ammo i got for tokro toco wrote i don’t even know how to pronounce that stefan says after forced vaxx no civil war is necessary there you go the south said slaves were to be freed regardless they win or lose south kept them out of the war unlike the union union would later and currently have mass slavery via mj laws other bs laws well as i said i don’t i want to go down all those rabbit holes right slavery is horrible we should have never had in this country unfortunately we did and unfortunately we’re not the only country that ever had slavery everybody every country has had their hands in slavery at one time or another there is no innocence i had one guy argue with me that jews were innocent they never had slaves well some of the biggest slave traders back when slave trading was happening here in the united states were were from jewish descent and when i quit i didn’t know i didn’t have no idea i’d never looked that up i did a quick search found a whole bunch of articles with facts within like five minutes brought back those facts and say okay what about what about this all he had was like fake news okay that took me all the five seconds bro anyway uh stefan georgia on my mind only five billion rest in texas white the united states supreme court ruled unilaterally succession unconstitutional while committing that revolution or consent of the state could lead to a successful secession texas versus white united states supreme court ruled unilaterally that secession is unconstitutional while commenting that revolution or consent of the state could lead to a successful secession do you know when that was i’d be curious tax slavery is smoother well they do keep people in you know they do keep people down promise them a whole bunch of things and then if you don’t vote for us you’re gonna lose all these great benefits they would have to fight their way out well hopefully hopefully ak hopefully where is she let me scroll up on the comments a little bit

my d live d live where are you uh i already lost it dang it anyway mrs aka 407 was it at d live i hope i didn’t offend you i hope you’re still here but a lot of people are going to be like oh he he believes that the self were we’re great i i just think that they should be allowed to go anyway oh man anyway my last story was about dr falci and let’s give me one second just give me one second okay i can’t find it that’s all right we talked enough we talked about a lot of different things all right did you guys watch the uh town halls at all curious i have not i’ve saw a little bit of clips of it but i haven’t actually seen the whole thing kind of been busy today with a little girl in the hospital and stuff like that all right they could have fought uh fight their way out they would have to fight their way out you talking about if uh the three states decide to leave yeah probably texas could self-sustain one few states that could probably 1860 to 1865 really that long ago interesting so that was right around the civil war so during the civil war that’s when the supreme court’s like no you can’t do that we’re going to make it unconst that’s very convenient what was it before that though you know what i mean when they signed up to be a state was that in you know in the fine print i don’t think it was i think that’s one of those examples of like oh crap they’re actually going to do that we need to make that unconstitutional oh wait you’re gonna leave me you have legal reasons to leave no no no i’m the police chief i can make that law go away they’ve never done something for the people the government well the constitution the original 10 amendments were all about the people and if you read how the constitution was wrote it was written by a slave owner who didn’t like slave owning which is a very weird it’s weird is it i can’t say it’s not a lot of people will be like you know that’s why thomas jefferson is the worst person ever because he owns slaves so therefore he should be null and void in everything he ever said well at the same time he didn’t like owning slaves i guess but yeah he still did i don’t i don’t really pretend to understand how that works right but the way the constitution was written with all people are endowed by their creator with certain ineligible rights they could have said all white people it didn’t it said all people so i don’t know it’s a conundrum i’d be interested on your guys thoughts about that for sure uh stefan says nowhere they never done something for the people nowhere you talking about the government the supreme court who are you talking about stefan as i said i have a couple favorite presidents but they’re all in the 1700s uh i’m not i’m not a fan of most presidents pretty much every one of them was tyrannical i would say maybe the first two are okay but like as soon as the whiskey tax went into place man we already went away from what this country was founded on and i ask you what have you done to be free today you know what i mean because let’s not forget why everybody fought in the revolutionary war they fought for freedom they wanted to be free they yearned to be free they said give me liberty or give me death and they meant it they didn’t meme it on instagram they didn’t put a square on instagram and said well i did my part for the revolution they went out and gave their lives to give us freedom that they didn’t have and they won they took on the world superpower at the time with pitchforks and pointy sticks and they won they won and that’s why when people are like what do you think you’re gonna bring the country back

you’re not gonna go up against the tank you’re not gonna be able to go up against the biggest superpower irene i try to remind these people that we’ve done it before not to mention the fact that a lot of the people that have those fun toys that they like to say that’s going to wipe us out in five minutes will also probably be split down the middle if that ever came to it right but they went out and they fought they died and they won and look at where we’re at now are you free how free are you when you go to the dmv and you get your registration and your tags and your driver’s license aren’t we supposed to have constitutional freedom of travel how free are you when you have to get strip searched in order to go onto a plane when your grandma has to have an anal cavity search because she might be packing in her butt how free are you how free are you when you go to the store and you’re on so many cameras whether they be for the grocery store or for the government shoot we got cameras in front of the fries that are the state police world they’re the police cameras that have facial recognition and they read your license plate so if you disobey their mask or or you know mask rules they’ll send you a ticket in the mail how free are you you can’t ride a motorcycle without a helmet how free are you you can’t drive your car without a seat belt how free are you because if you do you’re going to get fined well i say that you know if you give up a little essential security for a little promise freedom or i’m sorry if you give up a little freedom for some promised security you’re not going to get either we didn’t get any extra security from the patriot act we’re not getting any extra security from the virus with paper masks or any kind of mask that’s not helping i mean you can but you have to wear a lot more than just a piece of cloth mask it takes a lot more than just that to protect yourself from a virus what part of our daily daily is free i don’t drive around with a seat belt sometimes not because i don’t believe in seat belts i do i think seat belts probably do save more lives and it kills i think they can kill you too i do it because it’s my little stick it to the man it’s my little protest when i get pulled over and i occasionally do and they give me my seat belt ticket for 200 i remind them that freedom isn’t free and i might not be able to fight for freedom the way i would like to but this is kind of how i can fight for my little bit of freedom right they never done oh wait i remember that france helped us don’t forget that yes i do know that uh they fought for money only can wear a mask in a bank 2020 is fun and do you go fully armed because i don’t go anywhere without my piece boston tea party only for the taxes remember we went to war with the greatest superpower because well it wasn’t the only reason but at the time that was one of the main reasons right the boston tea party was because we were getting taxed two percent a two percent tax man would we we’d be pretty happy if all we had to pay was two percent right now now our taxes have taxes but people don’t care people are willfully oblivious and this brings it back to that right they’re willfully oblivious you actually see people so indoctrinated now that they get mad that trump got out of paying some taxes they think that he didn’t do his share right because they have to pay taxes everybody should have to pay taxes how else would we have roads there’s a lot of ways we could have roads a lot of ways not by you know stealing from people because taxation is nothing but theft now we can talk about different kinds of taxation taxation’s been around for a very long time we could do it it could be fair we could do a 10 percent tax one time on just sales right sales tax just a 10 flat sales tax you buy something and that’s anything you get charged 10 for sales tax everybody and that’s all you pay nothing else no loopholes right just a 10 flat tax on everything you buy obviously if you’re rich and you have a lot of money you’re gonna buy a lot more stuff you’re gonna pay a lot more taxes just because that’s how that works if you’re poor you’re going to pay some taxes but you’ll pay less because you’re not buying as much

it’s fair so a billionaire or let’s let’s say a millionaire because math is hard a millionaire buy something for a million dollars right he’s got multi-million dollars he’s buy he buys a million dollar home he pays 10 percent right i believe 10 is 100 000 right that’s a lot of money for a common person we could never afford a hundred thousand dollars but we wouldn’t have to do that right if somebody of lower class decides to buy a three hundred thousand dollar house they’re gonna pay thirty thousand dollars that’s a lot more affordable that’s a tax you can put that on the payments right anyway uh can we switch to motorcycles please okay we had automobiles and roads before there was taxes trump said himself he didn’t want to pay taxes because government wastes it on dumb wars yes i don’t want to fund the government the government already has enough issues the government already made our money unconstitutional and our money is backed up with nothing it’s only fiat it’s backed up with the promise that it’s worth something which is nothing i’m i’m preaching to the choir here but i’m having a good time tonight and riddle girl i think is out so i think i’m gonna end the chat here pretty quick uh before you go make sure to check out the descriptions below if you like the song that comes on before i come on live that’s adam lawson’s blessed the link is down in the descriptions below there are links to all the causes i believe in and support we have justice for canon the five-year-old boy who was shot in the head by his neighbor you will not see that in the news because canon was white and the neighbor was black we also have ryan whittaker who was a man here in phoenix who was shot in the back and we have kyle rittenhouse go fund well he doesn’t have a gofundme kyle rittenhouse the way to donate to his defense fund is in there and also is an organization that goes out and looks for lost service members bringing their remains back to their families it’s a great organization and lastly his irish usmc vet my good friend who was in the chat earlier i don’t know if he’s still in here it is the petro dollar uh but he has a place well he’s trying to set up a place in tennessee where veterans can come live room and board free while learning a new skill to get them back into the workforce like gardening blacksmithing and gunsmithing i believe in that and i’ve donated to those causes so if you’re looking for something to donate to those would be it hey little girl’s still with us what’s up little girl how are you holding up okay the petrodollar see that’s the problem when uh the world decides that our economy or our currency is no longer going to be the world economy we’re screwed we are screwed and not just us but the whole world’s probably going to come crashing down at some point everybody got away from silver and gold and decided to print money and then they claim that counterfeiters are the real problem when they are the ones counterfeiting anyway and i guess that’s another ebay listing all right cool anyway next is all the different ways that you can support the channel if you so choose to do so and i do thank you matt zoo and zeus for supporting the channel tonight i really do appreciate that that is awesome i’m hoping to get a green screen at some point uh that will benefit this channel it’ll also benefit other channels it’s just something i need either that or another camera i would love to have a secondary camera so that i can show things in like review videos and things like that so that that’s where that money will most likely goes either a new camera or another camera or a green screen so thank you my store find my other items from link okay sleepy call me after so we can say good night i will also china all electrical cars by 2025 that’s gotta affect the dollar yeah well we’re in a definite cold war with china aren’t we not and let’s see what was what else is in my you know what i was doing that from memory what’s up zeus with another dollar donation thank you very much bro i appreciate that i was actually doing my uh my stuff by memory oh yeah all the places you can follow me my [ __ ] shoot channel my d live channel for all my d live viewers hopefully aka 907 is still in the chat still like you uh parlor youtube facebook twitter facebook is riddle girl though so you know and twitter i did tweet tonight about riddle girls condition so if you were following me on twitter you would have gotten a little bit of a heads up on that one all right and let me just check on the chat one last time daniel oatfield good night stinger riddle be emailing you in short order okay great i do appreciate that man i i want to hang out we got we got a lot to talk about i’m sure and uh dude you should check out my newest pistol that’s all i’m saying i don’t even know if i have a picture of it right now but you should check out my newest pistol i think it’s uh have i done a video on it no i don’t think i have i’ve only done the video where i shot it with glock or

bob and it’s changed since then i could show it i don’t want to go get it but i can show it on picture here and i’ve showed it quite a few times on this chat anyway so there’s no need for that but let’s see where is it give me one second guys daniel has not seen this uh there we go oh no that’s not even a recent picture wow i don’t have a recent picture of it that’s crazy anyway oh no wait i do i do have a recent picture there we go check that pistol out that’s my pistol the 300 blackout skeletonized pistol anyway that’s all i got for you guys thank you very much for joining me until tomorrow remember tomorrow night it’s at 7 p.m mountain standard time that’s 11. wait a minute is that 11 i think that’s 11 that’s ten p.m eastern nine central seven mountain time that’s tomorrow’s show we might be a few minutes late depending on if i have to go pick up riddle at that time i’m hoping to have her home before then okay so we will see you then until then though make sure to keep your family close to you at all times watch out for the government and what they’re trying to do to you and try to live as free as you possibly can in the tyrannical world that we find ourselves living in because what have you done to be free today is my question do something do something every day to be a little bit free whether that’s not wearing a seat belt whether that’s not wearing a helmet i don’t know what it is go into a store without a mask and just defy it and say it doesn’t work why am i going to do it you’ll probably get kicked out but at least you were free until you got kicked out right because freedom there is a price to freedom anyway that’s all i got for you guys hope to see you all here tomorrow at 7 pm mountain standard time until then though peace you