filling up for the road trip to Clinton Road that 8:30 at night bout to go home shower pick up my boy $30 for a half a tank right now that’s why I’m at 493 dough should have went to a different place get Shima – we don’t hunt on Jersey we have people come back towards me I like humping my own I worked at a gas station I’m sorry cash bag somewhere so I bought this I need it because I wanted to check my tire pressure almost 8:30 almost time ago my boy has an answered unfortunately which means I might have to do this trip solo cuz I waited on him last night never II went so I’m in tour money there it’s about 150 miles one way I’m 300 total in the longer way so it’s gonna be close to 400 I leave at 9:00 at night I should be back if I leave at 9:00 at night take my time I should be back by 3:00 in the morning maybe four so and we’re gonna Clinton Road in Jersey I don’t know if you guys know where that is it’s supposed to be the most haunted road in the country so I’m gonna go fill some air and I’m gonna fill death death something the end it’s called that’s like supposed to be the scariest part and you suppose that’s where the most hauntings and like paranormal has been seen um so yeah I’m gonna go delete on my phone to right now so I get a couple I could make this video long as cuz I know the guys like those long vids next clip I’ll be leaving I saw it’s almost 11 o’clock Matt’s been pulling up on Clinton road about a mile away it’s been an hour and a half said it was going to take two hours I think I’ll get back after we leave our 15 minutes no stop for some food up coming up on it right now I’m gonna stop a dead man’s curve from the video for you guys happy dope got to be turning up and finally here haven’t been here in the years who’s that I feel it’s almost good I thought that sign said it was closed in eighth this isn’t even a crazy section I ain’t even doing Ladd is so dark already it’s so creepy I wanted to shift an overdrive to keep the loser it’s awesome yo dude they repaved this [ __ ] – – ha – say it’s so dark over here that’s very good Stevens during the day I can’t wait till we get past all the houses and it’s gonna be even weirder no one no one like there’s a haunted house right before it ends I’m not sure if it’s this side or the other side people move in there and their hours and months saying they see creepy that might be it actually I’m not sure kill it so he gets a dead man scripture it’s ten miles long got a couple of miles before we get there GLaDOS exhaust is so annoying not to shift the over we’re so high up I don’t know where dead man’s curve is that’s why I don’t want to be doing like 50 no because you’re just flying down these roads and like see up here there’s a sign they’ll blow by these signs not seeing them and they’ll keep going yeah like that you know just keep fine dude don’t just be doing 60 and hit that wall and fly off and die falling over die like there’s your story about to Camaro girl I was telling you about if you get out not even to have the car can

just stop there and mention the story she’ll pop up now I’m not taking no DEET who I’m gonna steal in this [ __ ] I drove all the way out here I’m staying on it do I saw that closed road sign I got so snow way no way dude dude what the man dude what the bro local fishing oh I’m about to plow through this [ __ ] I mean give a about the Polish then go for it I mean I wouldn’t say reckless I’m not saying wreck and I’m saying move dude what guys were moving this rolls and stuff no no cops won’t cop we’ll just say it was opened you sure man because and I mean we’ll be cool and everything but I mean that is asking for trouble if we move it there I’m like do I drove there another entrance now you have to drive all the way around we have to hop back on 287 dude man I’m bout to go all the way from all right guys we’re gonna attempt to take this detour because I’m an officer’s ready apply through that but this way is gonna take us around clean Road bring us up from the top that’s only other entrances and hopefully there are no detour signs over there we could reach that man’s curve because I mean I didn’t drive 300 miles to be kicked around a man so when we got to the other side of Clinton Road I’ll start filming again like this road right here road that’s coming up there why it’s real bad someone I’m gonna be able to do like 30 miles an hour like even here just go struggling off so it’s still creepy but this isn’t the road with the back stories behind it my boy was saying that he thinks it’s a setup I am NOT down him was sketchy next clip we’ll be entering flame rose to the top alright guys so when I’m Clinton Road we came up from the north side there were signs saying it’s close but with all these houses here they can’t really close this section of the road so we’re gonna see how far up we can go I doubt very far just like last time they want people gone real farness road they have to turn around so and there are no other roads to get us back to the main road that we were just on we had to turn around no detours so when I see how far up we can go it’s just starting to turn black now pretty disappointed I filled my tank for this my miles-per-gallon type just to have to turn around I love those heels so like these right here you can’t see what’s up could be a animal running across the road I’m not they better wait nice on gently instead mother that’s what they’re working on I guarantee if they say bridge they’re dead man’s curve is one bridge and there’s another bridge after that on our side no side my on right now and that dead man’s curve is definitely the one that working on the other butchers fine there’s a 500 pop this world drove I’m glad we didn’t push through those things before that’s crazy because they’re never cops up you up in these roads and there’s only like one more house through here and I probably making sure no one’s doing what we wanted to do before and like I said everyone knows everyone in this tags I got people who live up here and they see cars that they never seen before on roads like this the back roads not the main ones they’re nothing some sketches happening or it’s just people trying to see this road now there are no more houses up here so he knows we’re coming here just to local side that Massacre never caught me calling this way paid attention on the way back on this road right up here’s where I have my parents pull over to piss right there I remember because there’s no driveways after this and I know that I remember this Bend I mean you’ll see driveways and should do but you won’t it and see any houses where people living in them glad it hasn’t been closed at like this is what it really gets creepy this is the side that’s creepy his too I hope we see some crazy especially since the roads closed we’ll be the only

car on this road the last car we saw it was like a mile and a half back it was a cop but this is why people crash here and die because lay all these bends like there are no signs telling you to slow down and the signs that are they are hidden so people do 50 and crashing to trees and and just die and the Mafia back in the 50s and 60s dump bodies five miles down this road throw back out to the Bronx and Brooklyn and they would never be found they would throw them in a river deep in the woods like a mile deep in the woods and that’s another reason why people say it’s haunted and like we’re really not gonna pass any houses now and I’m glad we were able to make it this far so far I’ll be happy if we can gets a Deadman’s pair but they’re working on a bridge see if that man’s care for the one that’s gonna block us from getting dead man’s Cove there was a garbage bag over there dude that’s creepy you saw that that’s some creepy no one’s coming this far in the woods that dump leaves in a plastic garbage bag that’s how you dad look at that you see that all right this is why I don’t like because you’re in no houses around at all this is before this is the last house on this road maybe yeah well I mean that’s what I meant like this is the crib no one looks you but I wouldn’t doubt people will be posted up in here waiting for people to come down this road and jack their y’all get out real quick you want it guys get out as far as we can go you best believe I’m leaving this neutral doors open leave your door open to open open open like jump out yeah I got the lighter jump into corner dip open new case I wouldn’t adapt people be posted up up in here yeah I know it’s gonna be coming down here and listen tours so I’m not worried about being parked on a long side of the road I’m I like that flashlight – it came prepared car car coming dude this this might be a trap I’ll hop in hop in dude no hop in dude driving slow could be a cop dude and is a glaucoma and it is cop cop cop cop stop all right we’re gonna I’m gonna leave you guys on he’s gonna ask us a bunch of questions we’re gonna tell him we’re Explorer stop him stop him I’m not peeing on just hold it in I not much I’m from burnt and we heard stories about this road we figured we come up here and check it out fortunately his clothes drove all the way out here and it’s closed you know how long it’s going to close still man you know I was turning around asked him to fetch a parking and Effie I figured since it’s closed and I won’t be coming around yeah yeah that’s what I that’s what I heard yeah I know that’s where we came up all right thanks all right you too surprising I’m actually to be honest there are never any cops on this Road dude and like of course he turns around that’s the cop I was telling you guys about before and he turns around to see where we’re heading for sure no more driveway man at least it was cool but I mean like that’s can’t even explore there’s no way he didn’t EVP uh I know that’s why I said that’s why I didn’t want you peeing right away because I knew that cop turned around and he be right behind us it’s like I said there were no driveway to pass the performance aw man so guys our trip is road trips my ass dude this and got that leg I do alright guys you can’t walk around that Sox you want to go ahead and go back to the other side just on the way back and walk around over there you see that’s out of his jurisdiction

oh yeah we’re going to go to the other side and explore for a little bit I’m actually parked the car on the right side of the road cause he was black heard about that I figured keep it cool with the guy he won’t search our whip and get me up both of us my boy was pissed and I can see we’re all in up and I knew that cop is going to turn around it I figured he did because I’m not I told I told my I told you I told you there were no more driveways past the point he was no more driveways well no more houses that people were living in when we drove by him so I knew he was going to turn around to see what we were up to especially in this car and he was literally 30 seconds behind us because 30 seconds after we stopped turned around I see lights rolling up and I was like yo get in the car dude that’s a cop that’s a cop and it was either a cop or a trap because no one’s out this deep and all the local locals know this road is closed so this is going to end this clip here the next clip will be walking around on the other side since it’s on the way back there why not we know we can’t get on on getting on this side so we’re gonna attempt to do it he didn’t say not to do it he said you’re not going to see because it’s just miles and all the creepy shits blocked off even though from the last open house that’s where the creepy should starts most of the creepy isn’t most of the creepy should happen try on dead man’s curve because their houses here dude I mean about a mile from where D how where last week in hostages right here where it’s where to close it off and that’s what a creepy started so we’re gonna try and get back in on the other side and hopefully walk a good distance pitch-black I’ll have my flashlight though so I’m gonna in this clip here because I got to start doing some little driving our next clip will be walking you guys really can’t see cuz I’ve got my flashlight closed back there and uh this is seriously creepy like I put my flashlight down you guys can’t even see it but I mean like my Adrenaline’s pumping big Tom I’m ready and knock a out if I have to but I don’t even have a pocket knife ground me or anything all I got is a nice pepper spray bottle in my pocket in case I need it but I’m sorry so we’re gonna walk up to dead man’s Creek you guys really can’t even see I mean you can see that but keep the camera right he just got a camera shut off and have enough memory can’t really see but I’m about to go take a piss I’ll film if crazy happens and when he gets a dead man’s curve hey guys so we’re a good distance away from the car to at least a half mile on but uh while I was pissing I heard some like creepy as and we know no one’s going to be passing us right now because uh with only people here we had to walk around what do you mean that the car sounded pretty close you with me now like you guys I film this clip to tell you that I heard like a loud roar before it’s like a mile away now he just heard it yo that’s just creepy he just heard a car and I’ll tell you I’m not going to mention his story here but I’ll tell you guys the story in the car around dead man’s curve and the car noise just said I heard I don’t know if he’s with me but it’s creepy as right up there dude can I see it on camera you do the face just popped up on camera now I’m with you I’m gonna walk up here Eddie huh you want to walk up any further I mean literally well we have to walk up and then down like to uh like maybe a haunt of feet and then we’re there it I’m actually pretty cold but my Adrenaline’s pumping so it’s like a hot and cold type and the creepiest part is like this is where all the creepy starts right with a sigh noise I mean me and him already heard two different sounds one one heard it and the other one didn’t and their creepy thing is since this roads closed I wouldn’t bet there are homeless people living out here that is reality

all right this is creepy right up here I’m sorry guys you can’t see see is about it yeah it’s always good to have someone on the phone just in case crazy happens that’s why I park my car there so I’d say we are here for a while see we are here for a while pop to see ya come looking nah let’s keep walking wait let’s see if the camera will pick up both Lloyd’s don’t flash too late down there’s your car all right there’s a car park right where we’re parked so if you see that light I gonna have to go if they’re coming further than the sign actually so it’s got to be a cop all right I’m gonna keep this one just in case some crazy happens because that that cars call me turn that light off that course coming through the signs I really hope it’s a cop honest I never if you never hear me say that he’s parked in front of my car right now so that has to be a cop because he’s not moving I wish you guys could see this no no don’t lot going on this but if I have to run at some point I want to be able to breathe for right now the car is turning right down to detour he’s turning around he’s driving slowly by he just went down to detour you want to turn back now did that was the top remember one returning on Clinton Road let me show it at Tahoe that’s him Tahoe yeah whenever you saw it I caught the full returned on Clinton Road you said it’s hot out here yeah got that later what’s this same cop because I was a Tahoe unfortunately Cameron picked up a lighter just in case we get artists and I want to get one less honking I’m glad to say that creepy as mm-hmm sound like a little girl saying hey you didn’t hear that do it he’s here in Santa I’m not here in the 90s and he’s not here and that’s what real creepy and no I’m not even scared so it’s not my fear with my head way down there I felt the pressure of someone watching me I like that feeling you get when someone’s watching I’m not feeling it anymore but down there every step closer to Deadman’s curve I felt like eyes on me well that’s what I meant that’s what the feeling feels like there’s every time I’ve been watched and I found out afterwards whoa I scare the out of me I don’t even want to flash the light ahead because I want that cop seen us wow did you sense we gon’ we’re way far back I wish you guys Kelly that’s the moon you guys are see now I’m light up there I’m gonna bring my HD camera up here next time see the thing that made this trip so much better honestly I think it’s better now because the road was closed and we actually got out and walked about a solid mile we wouldn’t have done that if the road was closed I know if you guys has heard that we heard from the cop that may not this roads opening back up best believe we’ll be coming back because they’re working on a bridge they said but I’m hoping it’s not dead hoping it’s not dead man’s turf those are the rocks with the lighting with the writing he heard he saw that somehow someone’s back here brand-new can a fool loca and I smell a flower bud bro all right there’s the signs idea the cotman blocked it blocked his lights out so he could see us walking back and so we’re going to stay quiet until we get to the car we’re gonna sneak in them all out with my headlights off this will be the second encounter with a cop tonight because you parked right in front of my car stared at it Flay I saw a solid minute and then he pulled

off in the ID torso I hope you didn’t call for backup and drove away and called for backup because a creepy but I’m really hoping that was a cop because if it wasn’t why the is he pulling the front of my car if it wasn’t but who’s at I hope so cop cop let’s just try not just right there right in front of my car yeah I got the video my car is parking backing up it’s a bunch of teenage girls let’s go scare the out of them but see if they want to walk with us are they getting out too job you know creepy as back there yeah I went to debt I we were almost went to dead man’s curve but I felt like why you guys want to go I wanna it we got bigger crowd this time I’ll be sketchy I’m gonna leave my car here not I should have bought that now you nevermind Rock I was getting my hopes up I thought they’re gonna walk all the way down there no it let’s just walk that night dude we came all the way out here daddy I want to go back I wanna see this I’m just about half of mine I’m not walking any further we did enough walking yeah I just literally walked into a spider web this so much been closed for a minute yeah keep hearing noises in the woods it’s been are you sure – footsteps all right when you hear the footsteps yeah where did you gem before wonderful here I’m again dude how weird is that though we pull up here to walk through here and other people do what and now she’s beat whenever Circe tossers sketchy throw Matson walking all the way down there like we planned and then on walking into a bunch of people I thought it was so sketchy come on they’re more headlights and a dude turned out to be a cop looks like they’re driving through here – dude no I don’t think so Harding and I saw a cop that’s not a cop find it before we get pulled over because I remember how before I did the corner whoever the whoever was up there sucking down by now he’s in Shawnee or that’s why why you going work early you’re gonna work early my boy said he was gonna meet us at Wendy’s so it’s dope my boy said he’s gonna meet us at 1d he’s up here dude but one DS at the one of these I’m hungry surprise you want to come with us back here why make your buyer so definitely more creepy I haven’t had it had an adrenaline

rush yet when you got a light bar from my car dude look hella dope just for show like this I’ve been wearing New Jersey gears up guys 215 just got back from Clinton Road in New Jersey road trip wasn’t quite 240 all right I didn’t take the way I wanted to it took a it was actually longer just less miles thanks for shitty DPS I got but the way back that’s what the way I wanted to he’s like an extra 20 miles but whatever tired his right now the road was closed unfortunately we’re going back me and I let them be driving lectures held up like a tank I did I had to do a 8200 something mile an hour pool because there was a drunk driver swerving and you wanted me behind him for some reason because he was drunken Ian want to get pulled over so he won the car behind him so I sped up to honor this dude was doing like 95 chasing me trying to get in front of me was meeting him on the road that was it and we were passing a police station that’s when I gunned it like he going to to like I was pulling on him harder so but I could see him creeping off as soon as I let off the gas but then we were in clearing Road and we were walking to dead man’s curve we didn’t get there because I had parked in front of the road closed signs and there was a cop rolling up you guys heard that on video I don’t have much much to show you guys because pitch-black out but the cop rolled up parked in front of my course get my plates bounced and then we were walking back he said I’m gonna get towed we see another car pull up right wouldn’t really buy my car and it was like a bunch of creepy ass guys and like some sketchy ass chicks and they asked us to walk with them because I guess the guys were sleeping on them hard or some and guys were whispering the whole time like they were trying to find out where we live and she liked that and I was like well don’t worry about it like ask my boys name and he was like oh and I forgot my name like you could tell chicks were definitely with us I’m like these guys are being dicks to him we could tell that we could have definitely pulled them [ __ ] from him but they said they were local even though they weren’t because they didn’t know they didn’t know what they were talking about I know more than them and I ain’t logo just because I’ve been on that road multiple times hope you guys enjoyed this video I’m about to go in hash sack glider I’ve used half a tank that was it crazy it cost me thirty two dollars to fill up from a quarter tank gas prices rising just used to cost 25 for me but hope you guys enjoyed this video remember to comment rate subscribe give it a thumbs up definitely I definitely have better video footage next time whenever Road opens up opens up may not they said so go May 10th and they’re doing some work on dead man’s curve unfortunately the famous dead man’s curve just like the historic part of the road they’re working on I hope they’re not getting rid of the historic birds for people Christ into their paint marks on it or to follow me on instagram at Williams Lexus build and it’ll be in the description he’s