hey no means the holding each of our party and you know man the whole foot bed now I’m ready for another victory holding my own show new track neutron and surprises after all the inner barrels of the halfway point is then what number 10 what this week we want show you the younger side of her also known as pop warner football today will go behind this school scenes here and chief stadium Aaron defeat from the New York the team de qualité the Kings County Chief and we’re going to talk with the players now 2015 Kings County happy at defensive back you I Artie ha as you can 40 35 here an effective

hello come back on 43 Carly 90 SIA what is it while you met your king county now cute and play pull you up on the other side of the break if you’re anything like my family then you love to play basketball it’s an amazing sport there’s running there’s jumping there’s even dancing most importantly playing basketball for just one hour a day is a great way to get fit so get on out there shoot some hoops and most of all have some fun hey guys is my teenage friend Fred rad hey pal you want to pay attention to the road relax man I got it look my man if you’re a bad driving gets me killed you better hope you die too or I will haunt you silly and I’m not just gonna float over your bed like I’m gonna be making a more annoying noise like aah and instead of wearing those long white robes I think I’ll wear something more form-fitting it upsetting the other goes to look and be like wow we’ve never seen that before my life is full of statistics thing is I could have dropped out of school and become one myself but I did because I had people that believed in me here’s another statistic 7,000 students drop on every school day that’s one every 26 seconds this time their students know that we believe in them inspire a student and share your message of support at booster org I knew that was gonna happen here that a three yes hey Ron here it is now time to reveal the answer to our work for working straight on Rose well now I hope you remember the cooking before is in most new york women who have high tips the letters are ki EK r eftpos and the correct answer is roxette itself r 0 PK jejeje es hope you got the answers directly for that but now it’s time to reveal who are the lucky to he just won their official roller coaster and they are paralanguage of quincy massachusetts and one day fall of knoxville tennessee so congratulations to the two of you and by the way will notify you by Facebook and we’ll get your size and color and we’ll set you in fixation again congratulations interview telling rest at when he falls Walker back to Rosa it pop warner

football just be shiny a lot of good football between these great busy ways so much and goes about the author possess and use Habakkuk all gold come here and get that is getting the same and this the villages tickle really defensive work and then how about the defense covered all see the replay and this whole of branding work thanks to go in peace in pulmonary okay this back is heavier gold for a five layer and also I’m never grazing off agencies into place it comes little puzzle like Pokemon they said and under pressure and they are going to bed defensive team and they’re incredible football give them a lot of credit I’ll be often been cooking third type of to be printed and we’re in the way try again to take it where you can all and put it down to the house with a crisp white background Oh drunk baby she just simple way Oh and there’s no exit pleasure to play by the if you want to go up two flights way we can be due point position significance of yarn and Shore and Jeff Holly did is a very unstoppable team who are and how they get everybody hangs the moon after they were pried it out as Lord of FP and barely Oh didn’t get oh you forget for one albanian football so Joseph flat as a pancake let’s see the former can see from the NFL again simply make it a perfect reason and come on out dating football team now I’ll steady lifting it they came up with another touchdown a 4-yard pass they had a half-time in a certain fixed another dog eyes they said every 44 game we have typically out of there is in second and that’s it the door 15 and for good measure one more down dip it in and daily very high 56 to nothing what happier being about final score in the days where we can walk and sit down and with all the other drugs ends up today at 66 said nothing that means they’re perfect records the widow’s able to complete a few them one more loop again Bank angle capybara Seminole kingdom I way I don’t down season a lot of the very back row there come back we are get a view with the this week’s MVP once I worked up more road trips after the break and now for ionic objects hey run here it was now trying to our party to cure with our NFL fix for district 23 here the list of games and Hi Larry a

little that I’ve said and if he marries a friend too far or a 50 years ago put some sellers obesity the bland summation go to please everybody back NFL rock song fest 2015 and please specialist care me as in QA for the intercessors grill secure eastern time reach us pacific online as well sell for your back arms that christian or ones everybody whether you just call cool calm and 69 2908 went below melrose for coming your way on the other side of the break you alright guys really smarter about what we bite on okay I want everyone to go outside we’re gonna run Red Rover on three what about a two-tone I’m gonna run around circles flap my arms and make engine noises I guess when it comes to playing be kids are the pros we’re eating right to we fuel up some plays Dixie your school doesn’t have a program feel even start one click today and draw your mind because of camp I learned to make lasting friendships with people i still keep in touch with today because of camp i learned about self-esteem because of camp I play guitar because of camp I am sending my kids to camp this summer I learned that I was the best Tarzan yellow in the camp because of camp I got a personality now I’m because of camp I turned out just fun okay Simon what do people wear clothes that’s right so it’s important to learn how to dress yourself here’s how it’s done sure I don’t wear pants socks shoes underwear always first name tag on the back then pants and shirt go ahead and put this on now with the shirt you want to make sure the first buttons writer you have to start all over again thick socks left on left right I’m right Tonya with shoes romantic places we’re gonna cross them over when I turn around with a bunny goes down to the hole pull it tight and bunny ears got it most parenting is hard to do with just two minutes but two minutes twice a day making sure they brush is easier and it could help save them from a lifetime of tooth pain hey guys this is my teenage friend Rachel she’s cool hey hey could you watch the road he could too much there right now all right well if we die in a car crash I want to donate my eyes to my neighbor Gary he has a boat and sells all around the world I would love to see that I don’t know if you actually needs eyes but who would turn on a free pair eyes right hey who’s that rich April for the back door open big win for GG campus at the novella think I rated files for a 57 will yield and with that big wins but keep our digital a very proud teams just go only under good knowing the people get very well the parents of those kids be proud as your throat acrylic season for your king Janey wounds one year guys and it’s been a pain so far that’s what this is okay so the next thing up the Lions ready for the playoffs this season okay absolute senior your son doing very well this year and so now the playoff-bound they’re about ready to see if they can bring a championship home yeah we’re excited can’t wait so enjoying this incredible secure victory already absolutely absolutely and what do you think this is going to be their year if they can end up being the champions this year great so seeing your son did very well this year what’s going to be happening for now do you think this is going to be this is their favorite team maybe team so right now six on all right now as the chief team are you ready for our great playoff season well 60 no an incredible year for your chief is what do you enjoying this mostly I enjoy the camaraderie the camaraderie amongst the team means to see them so happy and excited it’s an amazing feeling coach flash and the wrestling coach Sal and now with the point off coming up very soon I think do you think this is

their year for their cab interior I think they’re going all the way to taking it to the Super Bowl and they’re gonna do what they did today Lee shutout I’m protected in it your all we had to pay to see a game like this these kids wanted they love it and they live in such a burger boy y’all found right now baby this is gonna be there there is no looking back we’re gonna get 57 ship this game right here everything that comes along see you already six at old goals team county way and this has been a multi-site even the play by play ball is by this manner it is sillas fak a chunky yeah we see a lot of great football today and we have seen great place great defensive work everybody yes they came out to flame when we give it ready all season coach for friends no very well looking forward to our next week’s final game of the season and get ready for these playoffs and speaking of playoff so there’s a number of playoff teams it’s going to go after for the title and you think this is going to be our year for the championship yes indeed without question we’re ready all right so let’s all hope for the best that’s for the King County Chief stickers day 157 the nil if soccer folks who are watching the office was the press of 57 and every win for King County and I picked the MVP and most off to that person after the break normal is coming up after the break at GC I used to never really talk ever I was scared and shy it was hard to look at people’s faces I was afraid if I said something wrong everyone would laugh at me but then I started to play golf with Special Olympics I met friends and won lots of gold medals but I learned more than just playing golf Special Olympics helped me to find my voice and now everyone else is speechless the New York Yankees have teamed up with the new york blood center to save lives in our area there’s nothing better than watching the home team knock one out of the park now we’re hoping that you do the same join the team and hit a home run for our community by donating blood one pint of blood can save up to three lives and mean the difference between life and death for a neighbor call the number below or visit the website to schedule your time to give the gift of life the new york yankees the new york blood center in the whole community thanks you well what’s up guys is my cousin Rob from Michigan what’s up he’s a teenager totally all right oh hey you’re slow down no one really huh hey you know what a beautiful animal is a horse a horse yeah beautiful mane unbelievable muscle tone when it runs it looks like poetry in motion it’s the most beautiful thing on earth and sometimes when you feed a horse its lips will tickle your hand just just ticular just a little bit it makes me giggle sometimes I don’t know I guess what I’m trying to say is if you don’t slow down I’m gonna bite into your head like an apple and thanks guys for listen to my horse stories I could talk about ponies all day long when you play hockey you play more than just a game hockey get your legs moving and your heart pumping builds lean muscle and it keeps you fit plus it’s fun to play no matter who you are or where you are so let’s move let’s skate shoot and score let’s build confidence let’s eat better so we have the energy we need to play let’s create friendships and become part of the team just go to letsmove.gov to learn alright son let’s get ready for school before she got to make your bed remember what I taught you take the fitted sheet pull it tight around the mattress no slack next take the flack she lit up six

inches from the top of the bed then pull your comfort over the flat sheet make sure the pillows are parallel to the end of the bed yet angled at 120 degree angle for aesthetics mom really likes that got it close enough most parenting is hard to do in just two minutes but two minutes twice a day making sure they brush is easier and it could save them from a lifetime of tooth pain make sure your child is brushing for 2 minutes twice a day visit two men to xorg for helpful resources and tools talk about great performance for a six and oil team and this is the reason why he has an interception I’ll return everything he’s got and this is Jane Jane first of all congratulations year thank you so incredibly incorrect that first play that he came up with the run back you know from the return that was actually one of the best player that season tell us what happened hi they kicked it to me on the phone and I like I’ve dropped the class like I caught him and he slipped out and then I look back to see if anyone’s coming like because if someone’s coming forth i get them next to me i just got on it but it’s because no war zone n right something’s blocking i just gave me more and you did this that already and also you had an interception that got you into a big lead after the big league got the game locked up already follow my locker that was a good coming in because of you it was a great and every right now we’re 60 know you’re in the playoffs already go get one more game coming up this year or you make it when you’re ready to make it a perfect seven yeah okay what’s one other question with we’ve talked a lot of kids to see who’s your favorite NFL player or who’s your favorite in the top layer I’m not really samba Oh copyright favorite plays on my show me anyway okay well congratulations well done to the conference alright so great win for the team calorie cheese 57 to nothing after a great win we have seen the incredible bunch of great kids to see some great football off at the defense congratulations to coach resin are six of the win and next week you try for a perfect 70 against the Kings babe ingles if they can do that they may have a good chance to win the final day rocks hey folks in Satan so much for joining us don’t forget to check us out on facebook twitter youtube linkedin pinterest and google+ for all of our episodes of road trip and lots more hey stay where you are get up your day is up next and we thank you so much for joining us until we meet you again exactly 107 hours 31 minutes and 15 seconds from chief stadium here at the high school campus of New York reprisal in Brooklyn I’m rod Robin good night road trip is a RonRon da video production this is Don Wilson saying good night