hello and welcome back to Paris Sawyer’s locomotion for a third series this time we’re going to Europe because the earth is dying your people must escape into fish so this is a European map called Europe escape made by shocky the map itself but end of scenario is made by me by modifying his map and adding all industries and whatnot and the challenge is to live deliver 5.4 million colonists within a hundred years this number right here is the official population of Finland according to the most recent poll and the starting date is 1984 my birth year and there are no companies at all to meddle with my affairs and build their stupid brick bridges everywhere so yeah it’s a custom scenario with all kinds of futuristic stuff added in new industries two types of monorail tracks etcetera and now I’m gonna insert a diagram that I made about the industry change to hopefully clarify the situation it’s a bit of a mess with all kinds of lines of one not on it but it’s showing pretty much everything except wheat farms and food processing plants which I actually replaced with a custom industry called grain elevators to make food but then the rest is all types of futuristic stuff like uranium nuclear with nuclear waste batteries and electronics colonists etc some left we have the raw materials uranium oil silicon and bauxite and then different arrows leading from them and with the arrows they’re not only color-coded but they also have these black dots on them and if they do have those then that means that’s something that I added or removed from the original industry chains because this whole thing is made up of like three different industry mods combined and modified to be more interesting and whatnot so uranium is turned into nuke fuel but you also need gasoline for that which is me that they are refinery out of oil and then the new fuel goes into a fusion power plant or a spaceport to produce either goods or batteries but the fusion plant also produces nuclear waste which you can turn back into uranium by combining three pieces of waste at a nuclear waste disposal facility then batteries going to the electronics factory factory which also requires chemicals and the alloy is made at a steel mill out of silicon and bauxite which used to be called an iron but I just renamed them to be more modern and more nuts and for the alloys they’re also used to be an electronic stuff Factory in the middle which made electronic stuff out of batteries and alloys but I removed that because I thought it was an unnecessary step in the middle so now the batteries just go and allies just go straight into the electronics factory which then delivers electronics to the shopping center which requires and produces also passengers which come from towns obviously where you can also take the goods out of the space spaceport but that thing requires not only new fuel but also colonists that are made at an academy out of normal passengers so colonists are the ones that I need to deliver 5.4 million with in honored years and then with the gas station which requires gasoline and good zip to produce nothing anyway that’s all the industry stuff explain but diagram and let’s get into it and start the show and the music as well that we’re going speaking of the music I have new music from openttd and open source version of the original transport tycoon deluxe so new music as well my name shall be Conrad Wellington the third and that is a perfect image for him except I’m gonna change it into this because the Conrad name matches well with that logo and my transport company shall be consolidated

railco right there which comes from this car custom logo thing it suppose the game so stuff doesn’t happen too much even though there aren’t any competitors wanna let’s go for some yellow color with some of that blue because it matches a lot of these custom stuff that I have here like this from the Netherlands and then we also got some British stuff like that these I think are from Germany or somewhere around there and then we got a bunch of TG B’s from frames there’s more another lunch stuff and British stuff we got milk tankers and all kinds of custom stuff down here more another ones stuff and British tankers right there three types bps alone shell is known as exon I think in the yes there’s a shell 1/4 from Netherlands as well and we got tilting trains and more custom stuff all around and then there’s the narrow gauge which has some trolley types on it and these two they aren’t used for trafficking and all this they’re just for our station stuff the good station baseplate and best passenger station baseplate it’s just a way to add more of these types here your train depot cold store dummy platform warehouse the old station and town station and then in the signals we got switched ours and station extensions and all kinds of things to be more decorative and whatnot let’s check out the I wasn’t this one that I was looking at yes so the passenger station one also has new stuff town station old station and stuff like that some of these had to be duplicates for some reason I can’t remember why though you get a lot of stuff in there and then of course the normal railway station has a lot of things like loading bridges for ore mines and coal loading bay iron motivated cetera and in the signals we have normal stuff with so gantry signals that you can span across multiple tracks more station expansion types transact and have anything special but then there’s normal narrow gauge which also has something and trees and stuff look at the other vehicles we get nothing custom yet in the buses but I think there should be a few ones later on top sir standard except for modifications into the cargoes that they can carry like this one has uranium a nuclear waste and one has batteries an electronic stuff and one doesn’t have anything new but this one has a new fuel and gasoline in there no new transit but I think there should be some customers later and then there are planes we have a UFO which cost 20s negative 27 million so I can use that in a pinch to get money and then in the ships we have the standard stuff plus some custom ones or actually the only one custom one currently same stuff from the previous series nothing you think as for Road stuff there’s also some custom ones here mind loading bay and iron loading bay and minecart loading unloading or something I can’t remember what it’s called airports we also got the International custom ones and nothing new compared to the last years but there are then ships pretty much the same as the last series so let’s look at the map here we have Europe and all its glory I also did some lot of pitches to the map when it comes to like terrain over here and it’s some desert stuff this used to be just grass when I change the grass into dry ones and added this sand and red sand and whatnot to make it look more African and then as for the Europe itself I think added some stuff like this over there and some some snow stuff over here in Norway and I also added a few more challenging to Finland my home country they’re only used to be Helsinki right here or headl sinking like it’s pronounced finished but I’ll sided oh look up here at the bay and I think also

I had a few towns into Norway and Sweden there’s a why now if I recall correctly it’s been a while since I did the map modifications so here we conceal the industry is colorist Academy silicon mines which are pretty much iron mines with a new name and then you’ve got new quirks that was the one that makes nuke fuel waste disposal facilities for nuclear waste to turn it back into uranium grain elevators or for food there’s one right here it looks like that I should I should check all of them out to see what they look like then it’s the colonists Academy there and then silicon mines one of those are just iron mine I mean actually coal mines new perch looks like at that it’s got like balls wonderful they’re weird-looking doohickeys waste disposal facility that unfortunately looks exactly like the steel mill slash alloy works what was it called it goes like metal works or something like that there it is and that thing looks like a steel my own but it’s called metal works in it turns bauxite and so looking into a law agent and then we have the box and mines which looked like iron mines and high-tech electronic factory looks like a watchman khalid a printing press actually this is the high-tech electronic shopping center not the factory the high-tech electronic factory looks like a factory surprisingly then they always nothing new about them you can hear one of the new songs from open transport tycoon deluxe this one’s called chugga-chugga and then we have the valuables model refinery which I modified to produce yeah some chemicals alongside gasoline it only used to produce gasoline looks like a standard oil refining this song is true man I gotta lower it problem with these openttd songs is that they’re MIDI files so I can’t like you wanna find their their a volume like I can with mp3s with using a certain program like I have to modify it on the fly by raising the lowering the volume of the media player which is when app it really kicks the llamas ass anyway back to the industries then we have the fusion power plant right there looks like a nuke plant with the new skin and we’re doing a zoom around why is the smoke or whatever vapor there frozen is that the same deal with the with the normal nuke plants we can’t remember anyway then we got oil rigs around here and off the coast of Norway and what nah nothing special but then wheat farms are also standard stuff producing the grain for the grain elevators and then these already went through but then there’s the spaceport it looks like that it’s gonna like shuttle things lined up to ready to go and some texts all over the place nuke fuel and ISP I don’t know what that means and then finally their uranium mines look like that big-ass bore holes or something there so now for starting line I was thinking of starting with the colonists so let’s go over here and it’s probably the best place to start in terms of colonists academies because there’s a spaceport right here and that’s where I need to deliver the colonists so I could do a tram or some narrow gauge stuff or buses there’s so many options now let’s go with narrow gauge because there’s all these and you uh you want you call the tram types here the trolleys it’s like a deal like a loop from Paris and Rotterdam and count cone when Frankfurt maybe you know start with this station here do I need a rack rail nope but I like need some overhead and electronic wires yeah all of these required them didn’t do two things so let’s do overhead electric let’s get

electric start building right here do you where to put the Rotterdam station though maybe on this side make a big boy curl here’s another modification that I did I did these big boy curve because normally can’t you can’t do those I remove the smallest curves because those aren’t really needed on this map there were four super mountainous track types I cannot track types of a map types well new silicon mines under construction near Kharkov right don’t know how to pronounce that it’s probably somewhere in Russia yeah almost down into Tunis in Tunisia and so let’s go to stationed somewhere around here this means that how much money do I have on pretty low already maybe I should do a bridge to save money oh yeah I forgot to mention the bridges these are standard here but then we have the earth bridge of course and this new brick bridge which has unlimited speed and the tubular bridge bridge familiar from the previous series as for normal rails there they’re the same but then for the upcoming mana rounds there’s different types bridge for those but I can’t look at them yet of course because they haven’t been invented yet and these also have the same stuff and roads I can go what did I put full road let’s see it looks like the same stuff anyway continuing on with this let’s go for any steel bridge now this song is super low get arranged a volume it’s called run for your life doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo raise it more come on pump it up they don’t save money and just stop here and continue later to these other terms so let’s build a station I’m not gonna get fancy yet with all these extra stuff because I don’t have the money yet so let’s just do any city station here so another one over here exits passengers and producers colonists the icon for colonists is almost the same as passengers and any differences the clothes on the female there are more red I think let’s do that Duchenne one two three four five or six like they have and it’s for the train we got many options see this one goes 80 that’s 72 72 72 and 80 and these have the same capacity 175 that’s the same price and running cost what’s the difference between them even the power is the same why do I have be thinking I don’t know let’s go for you to when I can’t afford it I got a thousand grand that blow up in me how much was it two hundred eight thousand dududududududududududu there we go it comes the trolley just let it go because it doesn’t really need orders yet can’t load anything in there what do I put it there it’s got a speed record already just by going from one end to the other people we get in here just 32 another speed record 45 kph and of course I’m using kilometers because this is Europe oh wait a minute didn’t this thing just open up now it’s closing down already what the hell maybe it was this one let’s see do I still have that old noobs in here actually there it is yeah it was this one the they totally ousted this guy by forcing him out of there I’m not looking good in my finances and there’s nothing I forgot to mention about this scenario

the money type or currency is called credit another custom thing I think so now it’s probably trying to get these colonists out of here into the space board over here probably ship would be the best or easiest at least but they cost the court a lot or the credit I think this one I modified to carry colonists but these two can should be able to be refueled uh-oh bankruptcy warning don’t make me buy your UFO or I can always take some loan to negate that stupid message there let’s see that’s like 189 that’s 193 that’s 187 probably go for this this thing is super slow oh yeah let’s check out the cargo payment rates as well for all the new stuff seeing this is a bad thing these don’t work the highlights they only work up to here and we’ll start from the top here we go no chemicals silicon is I think it’s the same as coal I didn’t modified in any aspect bauxite same things the same prices iron and then we have analyze down here which probably is the same price as steel used to be batteries is around the same a bit higher colonists is like higher than passengers decays with about the same rate and then high-tech and electronic components that’s not used I think that used to be called electronic stuff which I renamed to electronic components but then I took out the whole electronic stuff Factory all together but it’s still remained here for some reason when we have the actual high-tech electronics to like the most high highest paying stuff right there and it used to be like somewhere up here ridiculous ridiculously high so I modified it to be more realistic down here the new fuel is it sees it like somewhere I think it goes there somewhere sure and yeah that line there should be new fuel or what could actually be hearing him uranium or nuclear waste they’re all the same color but they’re somewhere in there actually let’s see you know that’s belt box ID that one down there but probably nuclear waste I think is the lowest thing you feel the highest out of these three and then gasoline is up there and it’s compare that to oil yeah it’s better than oil two gives it to refined product and then money that’s not in the game but it’s from the mod that contains the oil refinery is the valuables mod that’s a remnant from that and grapes is also remand from when I modified this map originally I had had what you call it those vineyards instead of these farms then I decided to switch to the farms guess that way I could put farms like so much anywhere but grapes wouldn’t make much sense to be up all the way up here or in Sweden they would have all only been growing like in France and Spain and Italy and whatnot so I switched to farms anyway let’s see if I can loan up to 190 thousand of the credit yes sir but I also need money for the for the dark oh that’s not a dog – a dog did you do what you tell me now that one doesn’t really match that one could also be a good one okay come on but it’s like looks like it’s facing the wrong way or is it no it should be facing to run away let’s do this one who do you want no damn dogs and then over here there are nine chosen anise whatever I had the how do you pronounce that I can remember ship ship is gonna be harder for oil which I cannot afford because the price

already went up by several thousand wait farewell my cash girl holy did those docks cost that much where’s construction it oh man yeah they cost totally shattered actually now that’s not just the docks how much did they cost ninety thousand that wasn’t a key actually I was two times ninety thousand was all the money had pretty much did you do did you do today we go hydrofoil ready and then I’m gonna refit it for some colonists take a full load and head over to the spaceport five comets waiting let’s rename this to port doc or actually port is also another word for ducks and that’s good now there’s a dash in between the port enter space should be Academy Station in this one shall be you are damned Academy ducks yeah are you doing oops did I turn off here’s a kiss I did don’t wanna do that to have a media player taking care of that looks like this thing is fairly making profit but very small amounts of it well well roots would also be pretty easy to do with some tankers in other words the or foreigner is it or refinery near a cubic in Iceland there’s no known over here dammit no profit yet come on probably should have started with a industry route because they produce much more than these small towns plus 1 for 2 diesel rail bus there’s so many vehicles that I’m probably never gonna use because I don’t have the money start here some years you just go ahead and buy one of them UFO if I’m alone but then I can’t destroy it because otherwise I’m gonna lose let’s see yeah I’m gonna lose 22 million so I gotta keep it in my inventory now let’s do some oil and oh if I take the oil over here then it’s pretty hard to get it out of there except with ships or cargo planes which by the way aren’t there aren’t any yet there should be some coming up at some point so it would be better to take it over here your silicon mine under construction near Kiev right it’s done with this one Glasgow oil field down goes there there dogs go here somewhere I guess this side is closer boom aah hey aah hey Bobby I finally see what type of tankers weekend that’s a carrier so it can’t carry any liquids this one came for the kph colossal full of oil put a whiteboard somewhere in there and a damn off you go you