I was thinking that we should just talk about our experiences in Europe like all the guys that we met I know they’re all wonderful that’s what you usually talk about when you talk about your tales of Europe all the cute Italian guys you met no but you lived in Europe for a while like a year now I spent a summer there in in college and I spent a little over a month in Ian’s high school so combined it was like out of five or six months Germany right in Germany so the first time was like outside of Frankfurt in a small little uh well I literally lived in a small little village called neter clay and shout out neter clean but is outside of boots box which is the bigger city and that was I was just like foreign-exchange I was like one of the American kids and in the in school there and then I went in college during college with uh with Rutgers University and Duke they had an exchange program in with the technisches when you post eat ate Berlin so the Technical University in Berlin and I spent the summer semester there it was it was dope I love Germany it’s it was my major in college but it was super cool do you speak German at all yeah I do I mean I hope I do you do not have in German I just never I’ve never heard there’s never been an opportunity while both of us were together where you had to throw out some German I mean there’s there’s hardly opportunities to speak German in general here in the States but I do I want to take that back so speaking German is like one of the fun facts that I’ll say you know at a company when I just start right but I just started any job that’s founded by Germans and a lot of the people that work there are German so it’s like not cool anymore that I speak German it’s just normal well they’re not impressed that an American knows German I feel like Germans wouldn’t be impressed what would be slightly impressed that an American knows German but the fact that I know German is just like most Europeans know more than one language anyway so it’s just like whatever so yeah that’s why we won World War two so Americans don’t have to learn other ways so we don’t have to learn your language I mean you really do have to thank the British Empire and the US Empire for not having to learn other languages yeah yeah and then now we can do it as a hobby or like as a side project instead of like as a necessity can you imagine in like 50 years we’re all gonna need to learn Chinese okay I mean I don’t think that will happen but I mean it’s a possibility everyone has to learn English like yeah so I was in I was in Amsterdam and I was at this bar and everyone speaks English and everyone yeah English perfectly – with a weird accent oh just perfectly yeah well the accent in um in Holland is more American sounding than British oh yeah sure or even German but they get these one they only get a couple of words wrong like they’ll point out with it what announce it swinging the big schwimmen hey like hey boys how are you you guys want to go swimming and then it will check on certain words it will just completely come out and it’s it’s kind of funny I asked this girl for her phone number yeah but I would say Amsterdam – I noticed that also but you know obviously they speak Dutch they’re in the Netherlands and Dutch and German on paper looks pretty similar but spoken is like fucking weird to me total disclaimer for anyone who’s Dutch or speaks Dutch like no no offense or anything like that I just think it’s one of the funniest sounding languages overheard it’s hilarious I don’t you go about the cigarette I took like a red-eye from Berlin to the red-eye train that is from Berlin to Amsterdam laws they’re just for like a weekend hang out with the boys and stuff and halfway through when we switched over the Netherlands like they switch conductors so they also did an announcement in Dutch and it literally woke me up that’s how funny I thought it was I just like I got this one picture from a McDonald’s cuz I was like Burt like poor shit when I was in Amsterdam so I was eating McDonald’s almost every day and

the trashcan thank you in Dutch is dank you reason why they speak such great English there it’s because they watch American television without something really yeah that’s that’s why in in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and in Scandinavia at least in Sweden I think in Denmark as well they consume American media without subtitles I mean without them without language without dubbing yeah yeah so they’ll have subtitles but I guess and that’s probably mostly for the old people who don’t know it I’m too lazy to learn it yeah they will just you know if you watched German television every single day and in German with American subtitles you probably pick it up after a while and they also take English classes like when they’re five like that’s when they start learning English and I feel like most Europeans start that shit pretty early yeah yeah Europeans are traveling more from country to from you know their their car they’re traveling from border to border more so than American so it’s sure especially with the European Union and their open border policy there yeah yeah so it’s just there’s more opportunity to speak English because you know if you’re a German going to France then I mean maybe I’m wrong about this you can correct me you probably have more insight I’m assuming that they’ll most likely speak English to each other if they if they need to communicate I mean I imagine especially in business in business I know that this is like more common I don’t know about like just in in regular life but you know if you were German going to France and you know you were working in France the common language would probably be English or vice-versa although German and French I think like a good amount of Germans and French people know each other’s languages but yeah I think in wish is typically like the default language I know that don’t they do they’re the eu-parliament or whatever isn’t that in English right yeah that’s all in English I mean I was in Brussels everyone speaks English in Brussels but again they have to like that’s where the EU headquarters is when I was going to eat when I was when I went to Brussels my expectation was it was going to be a backwater like fringe we know European town that was full of I’ll just say like no-go zones and stuff like it wasn’t like that we didn’t go I didn’t go into any areas and Brussels that I felt unsafe at but it was there was a degree of shadiness in Belgium and or at least in Brussels where I had my friend lived there for a year so I want to go visit him and when I went there my friend wasn’t even there his friend I met him in Amsterdam like a day-night later but my first day in Europe his fucking siren you can hear that pretty well don’t you yeah I’ll just we’ll figure this out we’ll keep this in the video but it’ll edit it out of the podcast but we’ll show what my friend was there she like showed me around and she was like we walked down this one we walked in this one neighborhood and she told me is like be really really careful there’s some guys who are tailing us don’t go to an ATM machine because they will they will rob you if you go to an ATM machine out in public and I’m like what like are you serious like I you see a bunch of goofy French people everywhere like they’re not gonna I didn’t even like Brussels has a bad reputation of being like filled with like a lot of a lot of migrants from the Middle East uh-huh really notice them I noticed a couple but alright but did you notice but did you notice gypsies though really I noticed a lot of gypsies in Prague in Prague there’s a ton of gypsies in in Berlin like a lot of them and really I saw so many I only sold gypsies in Prague Prague was the only place where someone try to pickpocket me hmm well I mean I don’t mean to say like I saw gypsies is in the sense that like I was almost robbed I’m just saying that there are a lot of Roma people all over Europe but particularly in Berlin there was a lot of them and I would go to the to school and there there’d be a bunch of them around and and they would hold up these cards right and they’ll approach you and that you know obviously trying stereotype you like if you if you look American they’ll try and speak English to you so I speak English obviously and I spoke German so I couldn’t get away with saying a first-edition ich do you know because they speak German too so I try to go with the Spanish route like a note they in theme though lo siento you know like and then she spun the card around and it’s in Spanish and I’m like god dammit like just asking for money of course but I thought it was pretty funny of course

yeah there’s so there’s they got all their bases covered yeah the the homeless I mean gypsies are homeless right I don’t think they’re homeless or migratory it’s different they don’t have like a like a set home I guess you could consider that homeless I’m like the most literal sense of the word but I don’t know they’re traditionally like like migratory they’re like homeless in California then they’re not like well york homeless – they’re like california homeless living out of the car living it living out of the car and living out of tents because the weather is nice so they won’t freeze to death yeah but i noticed a lot of them in prague and it got really dicey in one situation some some lady came up to she’s like hey na you boys have a light and my buddy was like no walk away and I like turned around and like first she was probably about 15 feet away from me a good 15 feet away from me within a second she was two feet away from me just like bent space and time to get your wallet Dragonball Z when yeah who learns the ability does they yeah Instant Transmission hell yeah that’s what that’s what she did and then I just start feeling hands everywhere everywhere on my body like just like it was more than two hands it was like five hands going down my pants and I was like slapping I started slapping my my jeans like it was like a whack-a-mole and my other friends like get away get away get away it was it was really it was really funny she didn’t get anything thank God she went down the wrong pocket but uh lady that’s not a pocket going into Europe I really thought that I would I just wouldn’t I wouldn’t get pickpocketed I didn’t get peptic pocket but it was a very close call but I thought being a New Yorker I was street smart enough to avoid any situation like that but man they hit they strike you very hard they got the home they had the home turf advantage Hina those gypsies are really good maybe there was two of them maybe maybe there was three of them maybe maybe it was just one but she was just moving so quickly it seemed like more than one wait and Europe they have witches right I don’t know everywhere has which is technically I thought it was just Europe no I came over because like a storm Bush hope that I we killed myrnna most not all witches haven’t you seen the crucible I mean no but I I’m aware of the Salem witch trials so we did it right in the United States again out doing a marring Europe we killed our witches right when they got off the boat and Europe never killed their witches or they didn’t kill them off of them so nah man which is there sir of them which witches are still thing man like there’s this one which store in Bushwick that I go to every now and again to buy rocks like crystals and shit and they always ask me like Oh what are you trying to like you know heal or solve I’m like lady I just I just like rocks this one looks I have a child’s heart they got some interesting shit in there like you know like the the penis bone of a coyote and like the wing of a bat there’s a difference between a witch and a Shaymin yeah yeah and a witch in a juju man and a witch and a witch doctor a witch and a witch doctor I don’t know which one is worse but um I guess Europe is just very very strange the differences are yeah it’s subtle but they’re also very extreme at the same time I agree I think it’s it’s just like how Europe is set up it’s like Europe is pretty small you know in comparison to like other in the United States for example like imagine if you know we’re in New York now imagine if you you know cross the Hudson and went into New Jersey and they spoke a completely different language well I mean I guess technically they kind of do speak a different language in New Jersey but you get what I’m saying like a completely different language you know it’s retarded in New Jersey hey hey hey I’m from New Jersey they don’t speak retarded anyway like imagine if you just cross state lines here in the United States and it’s like a completely different language and in like a very different culture and like a different you know a different history you know like a very very different history I think that’s what makes the dynamic of Europe so interesting and also so intriguing just because you know hop skip and a jump away and you’re in a different like a completely different country you know yeah it’s weird like that I just found Europeans kind of

strange in general especially so I’ll be honest a lot of the people who I everyone I dealt with was really nice I didn’t deal with it you asshole well yeah there yeah I dealt with a lot of really really loud obnoxious British people interesting louder than Americans way louder louder they weren’t they weren’t your tip the British people that you see here in America you know like soccer hooligans or something like that right yeah the British people who migrated over to New York are usually coming here for some type of job so they speak you know oh hello my name is Nigel and I’m here if the white job at government sucks so I came here from the school of London like they speak you know like the the prime speak proper a proper they speak the proper English in Amsterdam all there was they outnumbered everyone the I guess the guys from the outskirts the good the boy the last from Liverpool and in places like that are from from East London that’s where they have like the really mr. West Wales West West West with oh you were fucking sheep shaggy hey you fucking walk mate are you fucking shape they can all use your toilet or piss off you fucking cunt or they they curse more than anyone like I’ve never met a group of guys who have the worst tongue like this everything they said but all the British guys are super cool like they’re all like they’re really really fun guys to hang out with but Jesus they would be speaking in a different language sometimes they’d be like I thought yeah you fucking faggot say you want to get any hey they get to fuck you me my Mike just wanted to get a quick point you’re gonna be let me let me Bond H I like just speaking so quickly every sentence is it like that’s not cotton oh yeah they can’t ya at the cockney accent like five words there’s a curse yeah I was like I was talking to his bouncer in Amsterdam and I was like I just like like what’s the worst crowd like what are you what are you like wait when they walk into in your bar like what’s the most annoying group though to uh to work with he’s like I feels like I hate stag parties stag party like a snack party is a British bachelor party yeah and he’s like they come in here they’re so loud they’re so obnoxious they start singing they start fighting they they can’t and that meanwhile as we’re talking about this he was this kid comes in his kid just comes to give his ID or whatever he’s like could be my lights get in here for fucking pint just like drunk just like that like just cross-eyed and just slouching look could me my Mike just come in here wait quick you’ll see it ain’t for any girls and all my mates hornies fuck rock now lay just speaking like just he was he sounded like he was retarded I’ll be completely honest in the balance I chew at our word bro and the bouncer was like can you he’s like can you English guys go one sentence without saying a curse word and this bouncer was a huge black guy who was super intimidating and he was just like can you say one word one sentence without saying a curse word it was he’s like all piss off then did I feel like I feel like in Europe though their Styles behind America or at least I don’t want to say British guys cuz British guys or at least a British guys in the US who we we you know bump into it from time to time they all dress like they’re like their David Beckham you know what I mean like they all have talked they all did dress look in a very preppy way and they always have pea coats and nice scarfs on like they you can almost instantly spot a British guy in America by how they how well they dress which is a good thing mm-hmm they can spot us really easily and all yeah I once a spot of these British guys this is this was in New York I passed these British guys and I heard him over say whoa so why do Yanks never talk in their shirts but the guys and the guys in Amsterdam the guys on the stag parties they dressed like they were like seven years in the past like they were wearing what we wore when we in like 2011 like FUBU hats and like baggy pants especially not

actually I’m actually incorrect on this this is this is more of this was a big group of Northern Irish people okay of the Northern Irish the Northern Irish who I met and I could even I can’t even replicate their accident it wasn’t quite British it wasn’t quite Irish it’s that it was actually not a very appealing accent I’ll be completely honest however I mean it’s just one group of guys not to say that all Northern Irish people suck I mean the majority this conversation was a giant stereotype anyway so let’s just make that disclaimer this group Northern Irish guys they sucked so I was in this bar in Amsterdam my friends are all being really really loud and we’re all just you know being dickheads and this group of girls come come to us and they’re they’re from here from Switzerland and they were like they were like oh we were going to talk to you but we thought you were British so we didn’t want to we didn’t want to talk to you and I was like what it’s like why did you guys think we were British and she they were like it’s because you guys are loud and obnoxious exact words like we thought you guys were British because you were loud and obnoxious oh man so I was like no we’re not British we’re not we’re not British and it’s just loud enough not just because we’re American yeah we’re Americans Americans can be loud and obnoxious and so the group of guys like who was reported us they were all was big group of guys they were all from northern Northern Ireland they overheard that and I guess they missed part of the conversation and they were hammered and one of them comes up to me and he’s wearing like a I think it was like a pokemons hat but it was backwards okay so yeah about to catch a Pokemon he was wearing a bleep bat it might have been like a squirtle on it or some shit like that or Elmo or some it was something like that no adults would never wear and it was fitted and he had like baggy jeans and a really big white shirt he looked like he was dressing like Allen Iverson in 2005 and he’s swimming in his clothes yeah swimming in this clothes and he was like oh hey when he comes up to me he gives the old shake and then I’m like okay sure and I give I go to give him a handshake I thought as as as in tradition and he pulls his hand away and he’s like whoa and you’re like sorry too slow to you any walks away he walks away to his group of friends and he’s there all high-fiving each other and I’m just like this that was bizarre like all like my friends are all like what the fuck was that the fuck was that did he just say and and it was very bizarre so I went up to the guy and I was like I’m like what what was that like what did I do to you why did you pull the psych on me that’s what he did he pulled his psych on me to slothy I didn’t do I didn’t do anything to you like I thought you were trying to shake my hand and you’re just being an asshole like what’s the deal with that it wasn’t being like abrasive her aggressive I was asking him why Tereus right and he’s like oh I thought you bill always will British we fucking hate British and I was like what sound British and I know he was up north I can’t do the northern I mean okay I can’t do that accent so they’re all just British accents so he and I’m like now or were Americans like we’re all from New York and they’re like oh what whistle we win it main thing offend you we just hate the British when we call me and I was like Jesus Christ you guys are fucking losers so yeah that was my only experience Northern Irish people they dressed like thirteen-year-old posers and they sucked but all the other British the British guys are super super fun whoo-hoo we hung out with in Amsterdam they were all just really loud like they just with happy guys you’re like oh come on Mike get over here take a fucking shot you fucking twat you know what I mean well hey just cursing and fun for a night maybe not for a life your life half the time you couldn’t understand what they were saying but they’re all fun guys like oh you can’t hate like the word cunt was used so aggressively no it’s actually it’s a term of endearment honestly like I have a friend who’s Australian and he says cunt like way too much like way too much but it’s like normal for them yes nor it’s normal oh

come on you can’t he got fucking caught you say it in a very they say it hard though it’s a hard it’s a hard T very very very hard T but yeah I mean they’re they’re cool Amsterdam people are cool as well they’re all really really really nice yeah yeah I noticed that they’re all just like super nice normal and cool like I would if is you were gonna teleport me to a place to live I feel like I’d want to live in Amsterdam if I had to go to a place and like Amsterdam was like super beautiful during the day and then at night it gets kinda creepy not like scary but like creepy because like all their buildings are lumpy and like they you know lump into each other and their alleyways are super cramped together and that’s just like a normal straight for them and of course there’s the red-light district just one time I was offered heroin just like nonchalantly on the street by this one random dude and he was just like would you like to buy his heroin and I’m like no he’s like okay and I’m like would you like some heroin I’ve got some heroin just give me a sure phone number but yeah it’s I’m not even talking about the red-light district like if you were gonna throw me yeah no no of course suburbian area yeah my brother Brad Harlow I wouldn’t want to go to I wouldn’t want to live in London i-i’ve never been related to me I’ve only ever been to the airport in London I’ve never been to London but I’ve I don’t know I feel I mean it probably would be the big the easiest culture fit because people from England now are all like fat Americans anyway now they’re like I think they’re pretty close to the like the fattest country in the world or they’re there if they have not asked you not the US then you know we heard that now where the titleholders for that we’re winning we always win on that one dude the British are are right behind us when it comes to obesity I’m sure but we’re always gonna win if they have don’t take this away from us the British are very close to Americans in obesity if they haven’t passed I don’t I don’t think they have passed us but they’re closed they’re a fat country phad fat yeah they’re they’re a fat country I just couldn’t deal with with the them driving on the wrong side of the road nah dude that’s cool generates did that should our bait us in Barbados when I went to Barbados I drove on the wrong side it was pretty interesting that’s why we dig that’s why we had the American Revolution because we didn’t want to we wanted to stop driving on the wrong side that was that was in the original Declaration of Independence life liberty and driving on the right side of the road so yeah Britain I’m yeah whatever Britain fuck you guys remember it now I’m joking what was the other thing I just wanted to talk about this one one bit you know cuz we’re talking about how a Europe is weird and we talked a lot about languages and stuff and on the way you know home from work today I just like popped on a couple of videos and I forget the guys name maybe I’ll I’ll try and link it in in the and the YouTube video here but he was talking about Italian stereotypes and obviously the most pervasive Italian stereotype is this you know the hand gesture right Baby Bop what a boom and he had a really funny video and is like really well produced and stuff like that but he acts I spoke to some you know like experts from Italy like in Italy so I tried to figure out what the hell does this mean you know and evidently there are a ton of other hands and gestures that Italians use that that have codified meanings like the one that stuck out to me that was hilarious was you know obviously this is it what it kind of means is like what are you doing like what is he doing what is she doing what what’s up with that right that’s what they use one hand it’s never – it’s just one the other one that they do that stuck out to me and I’ve never seen this before is how many if you see this what do you think this means so I’m doing what looks like the the ruble symbol it’s not vagina but you’re not far off either it’s like a bird a girl it’s it means if you do this to someone it means your wife is cheating on you it must happen a lot I was dying and the one the the guy who did the video who is just like so like what happens at a rock concert if everyone’s doing this to you just like that so the does the singer go like what she’s she’s what she’s cheating on me but evidently it’s like when the Greek here’s some history for a bro history podcast when the Greek I’ll just say something fucked up fucked up I’m gonna say what does hail guru Cobain died oh shit no too soon hit me with

that Courtney loom that hit me with that Courtney Love anyway back to the history portion of it when the Greeks came over like long long time ago and conquered Italy and and settled there obviously they spoke Greek but they also just Jess chelated which is I think I’m using the word correctly which is like to use your hands to speak and that was pervasive the language didn’t stick because it became Italian or Latin and then Italian but the the symbols the hand symbols stuck around so that’s actually where where they get a lot of that from so you can blame the Greeks for the for the this you know the hand symbol sorry monkeys like their chests like no I think it’s more like so sounds yeah there’s a lot of Italian stereotypes my favorite Italian stereotype is the my girlfriend’s Italian so I gotta tread lightly the the hair on the hair um the hair on the lip or the 35 year old man who lives with his mom 40 yeah it’s like it’s like a thing in Italy or on the East Coast as well Italian guys love their mama its economic its economical to live with your mama it is and you get all the best food you know I can’t hey my mom isn’t Hey so open having a problem mama has been fine or right raviolis nowadays and now I’m thinking about moving out there’s one thing I’m gonna miss it too much I ain’t gonna find a broad who can cook me some pasta just like the old country used to do the the Italians are very funny all right I want to go to Germans now I was a Germans Germans because they are my favorites they are my favorite to talk about yes my my girlfriend’s coming soon and she’s gonna yank me out of here but she so the Germans are by far the hardest Europeans to read yes yes they are very hard to read you never help they like you or not yes and they’re super direct as like a as a culture so they’ll say something to you and it sounds fucking mean but they’re just talking to you they’ll be very direct about it we’re like your hair is messy and you’re like what okay and they’re just bluntly very matter-of-fact tell you something and it’s crazy it’s and it’s hard because you don’t know if they if they dislike you and they’re being assholes or you know that’s just how they are they’re very direct there they are very direct and it has to be annoying something I noticed in Berlin was that and I was in all the tourist parts so you know it’s not probably everyday Berlin however like there was like a million walking tours going on a day yep and biking tourists walking tours and biking tars about Nazis mmm yeah yeah that’s a thing out every single day the people who at least commute and work around these areas yeah you have some loudmouth guy usually they’re British all the guy all the guys did who did the walking tours and in Berlin were all British guys and they would all just be like this is what Hitler this is exactly this apartment complex is what Hitler ended his life with a bullet and cyanide how did not take over this country like just yelling just all day just reminded reminded of World War 2 or reminded of how the city that you live in right now was torn apart yeah by bombing raids and red invasion like every single day you have like these tours that just talk about probably the worst thing that ever happened in humanity like it’s gotta be depressing yeah yeah and that’s also German culture though I mean because German cult-like Prussian culture like a lot of that comes from Prussian culture where which was very militaristic and I mean they crushed school like a modern day school system came out of Prussian culture I mean the word will hinder the word kindergarten or yeah like all those school terms that we use right now they all coming out of Germany Prussia specifically you know how school was a

like they started school because it’s called school sure sure sure yeah sure sure so they during like the franco-prussian it might have been before it I think it was a prank Oh fresh and more when I started conscripted armies because after the Napoleonic you know the Napoleonic war is coming strict conscription became a real thing like that was never a thing before that example would everyone who fought in the military was usually hadn’t had money it was like an honorable thing to do and you know you went there for a career and it was it was it was a fun day to go fight more but Napoleon changed the game he started just conscripted people and you know other European countries started adopting that afterwards because like I mean how are you gonna take even if you have a professional army of 50,000 men you’re not going that you’re gonna lose to an army that has 800,000 men so also the technology just kept getting better and better and better so like you just needed more people because you’re gonna lose more people more like much quicker yeah just need more people for the logistics to handle all the things like trains and supply line supply lines and medics and all that stuff and artillery and mechanics for machines and stuff like that but we lose but um the Germans we’re coming back to German so like the normal everyday peasant who would be conscripted into the army they would often run away and battle they’d run day it would just be they’d be like holy shit I’m a farm guy what the fuck bullets bombs artillery I’m getting the fuck out of here and that was like a big problem in the 1800s so they realized that it was because of the culture so they and they started to train young or at least indoctrinate people who loved the homeland at a very young age so that they would be willing to fight and die for the homeland when they got older so that’s how those are the origins of school shoes oh shoot Shola sure sure one last thing I have to say about Germans is that they many Germans don’t have a the same concept of personal space that we do so when you speak to one one-on-one they’ll often to the other digging out in front of you basically I mean they they come up real close I noticed that like a lot it feels like they want to kiss you or some like ice like yo bro back off with some space you take a step back and they’ll just step forward it’s awkward German history take a step back and they step forward yeah yeah oh man imagine if Germany wasn’t clipped from the wings okay that’s a loaded question after World War two you it is a lot of quit is a loaded question yeah after world war ii i don’t know i don’t like to imagine that it’s like a tough it’s a weird thing to imagine there’s a whole lot of reprogramming that needed to happen after that frankly yeah damage upon both yeah it was it’s weird it’s a weird thing it’s hard to really contemplate and go in without like really thinking about it hard but what if Germany wasn’t a Nile like I mean Germany was destroyed twice yeah Italy at least twice in like a forty year period yeah but so something to happen so speaking of world war one world war two something I found very odd and this is really the last weird European story cool so this kid this this german kid started apologizing we were like we were hanging out at the bar he was a nice kid he was like a couple years younger than me he was like 22 I’m very sorry for vote for – exactly what he was doing oh man started apologizing for World War one and World War two here my girlfriend’s coming right now hopefully Dan lets her in shit all right I’m gonna I’m gonna wrap this up a little quick so there was this German kid who kept on apologizing for World War one in World War two and it was really awkward yeah it was very very awkward we were like having fun and we were like just we were drinking and like we were like talking we were talking about politics losing all about politics and Merkel and my European Union and he finally like at the end at some point of the night he’s like I was so sorry for World War wanded World War two you know we you know we we associate of it you know this and I just know we thought we’re so sorry for all the pain and damage that we caused and I was like dude you’re 22 years old your period your parents weren’t born yeah one second but your parents weren’t born and it was just very very awkward

well so it’s pretty pretty strongly contrasted against like this phenomenon that goes on where you know a lot of you know at this point a lot of World War two veterans are dying and things like that but the the the phrases OPA var kind Nazi and it means grandpa wasn’t a Nazi right and it’s like everyone’s denying that they’re you know direct relative was involved in anything nefarious but when they die you know you go through all their shit to start you know um that the mourning process and then you realize oh shit yeah grandpa was a Nazi but this guy he’s like blindly maybe his grandpa was a Nazi and he just had you know his grandpa just died and he realized his grandpa was a terrible person so he’s he so he decided to apologize on his behalf but I challenge you the next time you’re in Europe how about you uh you just go to a pub and like find yourself like a nice European and be like I’m so sorry about you know Iraq 1 & 2 just be like hey I’m so sorry for about indiscriminately bombing your cities and killing so many civilians yeah alright let’s wrap this up alright peace everyone oh yeah guys Scott Horton interview so Scott horn interview went really well yeah it’s on YouTube only though so if you guys are listening on iTunes or Google go to the YouTube page to check out the Scott Horton interview it’s two hours long so I decided just to put it on YouTube it’s insane it is like just an incredible interview so check that out and make sure that you go to the YouTube channel and subscribe or trying to grow it I mean we’ve grown a little bit but like we’re still trying to push this thing out we have more content on the YouTube channel that we do on iTunes Google and and stitcher and all the other platforms are on and if you haven’t read it the podcast yet then what what the fuck are you doing alright peace I gotta go