This is Rasa Welcome to your guided meditation Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit or lie down where you won’t be disturbed in the following moments Gently close your eyelids and relax Take a deep and slow breath in and, breathe out as much air as you can Now, there are only you and your transforming breath, breathe in as much air as you can and surrender to the path of your out-breath with no force or judgement Let it go Let your out-breath cease in its own way Once again, breath in as much air as you can and flow with your out-breath as it is Take a few moments to breathe consciously and at your natural rhythm Feel how your breath transforms your body by making it more relaxed, blissful and calmer Now, imagine the pulsating red light at the base of your spine As you place your focus on the red light, it starts pulsating more and more Feel the vibration of this energy You are connecting to your own source of safety and security Feel how it spreads through your lower body, spine, pelvis, hips, legs, knees, ankles

You are safe, protected, secure and grounded At this moment, you can feel the subtle, uplifting transformation in your body Moving your awareness to the pelvic area below your navel Begin to visualise and feel the orange light pulsating, following your attention placed on the orange light its pulse intensifies Starting to feel the worlds inside and outside of you, feeling more connected to them, you are more open to express yourself freely and to be creative Your awareness goes to the place between the navel and the solar plexus – the part of your stomach, below your ribs where the yellow light keeps pulsating and opening the space of trust in yourself, courage, will-power and strength Moving upward and becoming aware of the green light pulsating at the centre of your chest You become more connected to your true self, radiating warmth, compassion, caring, self-love,

and joy Feel how your love grows and goes beyond the limits of your body It is everywhere In this moment becoming aware of the place in the base of your throat where the sky blue light pulsates It is carrying you the liberating energy, the feeling of being heard and understood Your growing awareness is now being placed at the centre of your forehead, above the eyebrows Here the indigo light pulsates carrying you the new insights into the world, power of imagination, inner wisdom and guidance Feel this powerful energy While your awareness keeps growing, you feel lighter and lighter Your awareness reaches the place at the top of your head Here, the violet light pulsates Tune into it It is carrying you the unifying energy that connects everything It is all-encompassing energy Feel how it spreads from the tips of your toes up to the top of your head

Now, observe your soothing breath, feel how it fuels the unifying energy that rises up from the base of your body and keeps travelling up your spine to the top of your head Feel this wave-like energy The red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, indigo and violet particles become synthesised into one rainbow-like light expanding beyond your body The sense of your being expanded as well There are no limits to the expansion of your awareness There are no limits to the infinite power of the authentic you The rainbow-like light keeps expanding farther away As it is reaching further away, visualise it creating an energy field, a plane; it surrounds it totally You find yourself inside the field The moment of the field’s creation is not the separation, but the deepening of your

connection to everything that is, the source of infinite possibilities You are safe This field is only accessible to the high vibrational energies and beings, including you Now, take a few moments to experience the energy of this field, to be present and connected to it, allowing yourself to receive the guidance you need for attracting and manifesting your perfect romantic partner Your spirit guide or guides can be anything or anyone Sometimes on your life path you may have received their messages; other times they may have appeared to you or communicated to you in various forms, shapes, sounds and signs Above all, they exist to help, guide and support you on your life’s path Letting your breath to be calm and natural Tune into the energy present in your body and the energy within the field Staying light and open Allowing your intuition to grow open and expansive Even if you can’t feel or hear or see anything begin to grow the trust in your connection

with your guide Give yourself time, give yourself permission to experience the connection with your guide Allow for the trust in your relationship with your guide to grow Now, ask your guide to assist you on your way of attracting and manifesting your romantic partner You can ask for its name or simply let it know that you are ready for anything it wants to reveal to you Be open to feel, sense and experience anything that your guide has to tell you in many ways If you don’t receive the answers immediately, be content with getting them whenever they come to you Trust in the right time and space of meeting your partner Simply be present, relaxed and aware Now ask your guide what changes you need to make in order to attract your romantic partner Give yourself time to receive its answers

Now ask your guide how you can connect with your perfect partner on physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and any other level Ask your guide the questions that are important to you Thank your guide for showing you the right direction Thank your guide for sharing its gifts with you And, now, feel how something is calling you back, maybe it is your inner voice or your everyday consciousness However or whatever you were looking for was revealed to you in the way you needed it most in those moments and in the moments that are yet to come You are not alone Your guides and the entire Universe are there for you and have your back You can always come back and ask for more to be revealed to you each time Coming back to being aware of your physical surroundings The space you are in, the sounds or silence present in the space

Your physical body relaxing Your breath being natural and gentle Become aware of the skin holding your relaxed body together The temperature on your skin Begin to slowly move your body Gently stretch your arms and legs Rest for a few seconds and when you are ready open your eyes Thank you for joining me in this meditation If you enjoyed it, please let me know – comment, like or share It helps the channel grow Thank you and until next time