Cheryl oil pipelines crisscross in every corners of the Delta in the absence of electricity you know the guys they became light for us and we ask is aware were happy but on lying to us which was actually slowly killing us but nobody was there to even educate also the dangers of water was warning i am comrade Sonny offer her an environmental and human right activists living in the Netherlands I came into the Netherlands in 1995 as a political refugee and from here I’ve been working to show the oil extraction processes in the Niger Delta in particularly focusing on the impacts the environmental impact of this destruction on the lives of the people of the Niger Delta I mean it is I come from the area i am from delta states I’ve been a victim of the environmental problems in the region and I think you know having this platform to be here particularly in the Netherlands where it is the home of shell the biggest or multinational oil company in nigeria I think the people need to be aware of what is happening in the Niger Delta so I basically do short documentaries I’ve visit some of these areas some of these locations and I do short documentaries to raise awareness to the situation back in the Niger Delta I have always used video filming and short documentary as a tool for my cause so right now I am starting the African Europe insights with the sony affair show and in this first episode we want to focus on the illegal oil bunkering situation in the Niger Delta and how it has devastated the environment so want to look at the role of the ordinary people who are practicing it and also the role of the government the security forces in trying to come back to this situation and what they’ve done if they’re actually using the right processes in trying to eliminate the illegal oil bunkering and also talk about those who benefit from this elbow area boundary situation and and the most especially the environmental impact as it affects the people of the area our destination is where the local people are doing these organizing this illegal oil refinery thing and these people have choosing this this profession because because of poverty because of neg let’s because of frustration so they want to take us there and show us the process how they begin and how the end what they get and how they transport it so but due to security issues concerns because around the creek right now it’s very dangerous dddd military forces are fighting against the militant groups will be waterways are very dangerous so we have chosen this spot which is very quiet and we hope to beat all the security network and get our destination review he did I record the police vegetation when the but this is where they have the illegal oil refinery and they’re going to take us around the sports and we’re going to be introducing us to every stage of the public process at the ill ago I refinery it’s a thing that started like three four years ago in Nigeria but today we

have more than a thousand more than 2,000 to be precise more than 2,000 illegal refineries cut at all over the Niger Delta and this has created the very mental consequences and the irony is that the illegal refinery is being carried out by the locals themselves and when you talk about illegal oil refinery to talk about d a lot of processes leads up to the illegal refinery you talk about vandalization of pipelines through which they get illegal crude oil you talk about the oil bunkering processes where this illegal oil refiner this illegal crude oil have been taken from and then brought to a location where they are locally being processed without the normal environmental precautions taking place so the bitumen the end process of the crude oil spilled all over the ground and I’ve been to those sites I’ve seen the processes itself and I know that some of those sites would never ever get vegetation anymore I know for security reasons we’re not gonna mention names we’re not gonna talk about where this place is located but can you just briefly explain to us what is happening in this place yeah this is a legend decrease in Niger Delta named area Billa place really find our if an hour locally refined diesel like you calculate a camp from the resource for could you know so to speak illegally because of the problem and under what always they supply all the code will supply you did not you get it could ever buy buy from the reading people to put the conference so can you people come to you yes and then you back here but yeah are you okay it’s not do the raw material for refining it is called crude yeah bonny light until go to its own point when I was touched you know you know giving back on the photos okay yeah and then I despise the body waste yes because that you gotta find it the one that bought or the level of diesel we go straight to deposit i will show you the new ways to another enter this number that is very have a good luck okay and what people are complaining all the time of spillage deter do a multinational company this spiel they have to clean up but it is also another speak another Steel II mean killing your own environment with this sort of process what do you consider do you put into consideration environmental problems that you like fault with you yeah obviously now no plans can you hear me much do you consider that or you just this is dangerous yeah this is really dangerous so you can explode like this right okay Wow okay Wow okay so this is why you do this is why you cool it with water okay yeah the color price is a kind of radiator yeah lot of the cool anything okay and I leave this one early Tecna the emotion is unforgiving let go now white pledge ok this is diesel not deserve it working he’s lucky Wow so I decide who has more refined from economies okay like how long this process it take the whole process I believe you can also track creeper you know you try to look at the situation and you look at the people who are walking there you look at their life instead of going to school they actually on those places walking and end in what I call peanuts this is the young man who do does the processing by the plant here he has tremendous experience at his age he’s supposed to be in school right now and he is doing this process so I just want to ask him a couple of questions from his experience here so if you tell us how your room for this place now I get it please Abby you they work for you the work for somebody speak loud Maddie are they work with somebody we did Timmy

for a week you’re a ghost covering you the booski attaboy school so when we’d already kayak or walk okay with in without we see money clip is cookies okay so you did you do this work now so that you Fitz get money when you take pics cookies yes okay so which means now you the support yourself yes your scoop up you deliver around here or you to come from somewhere and console yeah if you can you tell how much here and not so how much did they pay you a week the pay me fifty thousand fifteen thousand days in a week yes okay so that every week irrigated I Bobby just one week then you go every we gotta get some but then you look at the quantity of crudely bringing in the process and the end diesel kerosene and feel that they get that you see a multi billion industry and the oil companies have said they’re losing about any hundred thousands by a hundred thousand barrel of crude oil you know paddy to illegal oil banchory and then you look at the the amount that they’re losing which is running into billions of dollars in a year so this is a manas that i think has to be caught but then the government is also finding solution to to stop in it and the solution they actually apply through the JTF which is a joint task force the military wing of the Nigerian security forces is actually a crude process accrued the system where they just come to those sites and set them ablaze and creating more environmental damage to the environment instead of radiating the environment and in this episode to you see the joint task force in this case the Navy coming to one of these sites they’ve been able to identify and be seen the way they handle do the destruction of the side sometimes some of these people who work there are caught up in this in this explosion and some died so I’m escaping this in this film you see some struggling to escape from those locations by swimming out of those places and some of them may not be accounted for so we want to look at the process itself what has motivated these people to do this and how they carry them out and how the government is trying to tackle it and see if it’s the right process whoa honestly if you leave it to me to stop this illegal refineries or illegal bunkering it will have to involve the entire members of the community around this area the traditional rulers and

especially if I may advise NSA as a Nigerian I would draw it probably right to the two respected house of assemblies there is oil spillage so far it is deliberate committed by somebody within that community the leadership of that community should not be left on the throne and at the same time members of the community of that part procurement avada is spillage or where illegal bunkering of course should not be compensated and with that they will be able to either stop or reduce such criminality oil theft will be eradicated gradually you can see some few weeks back we destroyed over 100 thousand metric tons and today as you have seen we have destroyed just about five illegal wire refineries would over thirty drones of crude oil the number has dropped down seriously and I will continue to do that and I also spoke to large emoji it asari-dokubo who was the first non militant from the Niger Delta you know Randy’s Niger Delta people’s volunteer force and he’s of the opinion that in the last three years the illegal oil refineries a consequence on the environment in terms of damage it’s more than what the oil companies have done in the last 50 years true so long look i’m finallys on what they want boba it is weekend it is evil it is totally totally satanic what do you think was that should be taking land just to stop these we must do everything because of environment is dying when you google well go to this floor I went to one or both 30 on the details cotton swab practice Oh of it as a green one can smoke is going up there is little the recklessness is something beyond imagination so can we point our fingers and what in a turnip which also also point fingers at allsafe that we are destroying my own environment because of an insatiable George 40 teams of pleasure not even what using it usually is their utility three look for pleasure so women for watching and most of them end on both of these people end up there Sonny at the time they are going to leave the compound they are extremely difficult for and that is what we must stop as people of anga data we must stop this almost why this happens we must tell them that is not the reason for a strong the reason for our sorry is not to take the guns and one threaten law all mothers and fathers and village or secondary school dragas accesses the village no it is so bring determined or table if confident then can put anywhere to go to for joe both is not a job it’s not because of an employment is because of greed and that’s why i have little or no respect for the people there are many times because the added drivers of these environmental geoscience again so we can pause the silence devices of designing our society our communities solar people so euro macanudo garbage guru Baba Luna

cabeza de su cama l’unica otras one the shuttle mark can you log on the larger mcanalovin cause of your greed of a few because they go after the residue of the earth in laval from good way of refining the point in odyssey point in the farmland and this aspect that’s right it good quality better see kill all life all life can BB play on unemployment government negligence is not an employment because this week or are not looking for see my daughter let us not limit it should simply see that he was right on that move of Helios that the usual not a decision / kappa ninja saga the compile latest messages when Swiss watch telephone 25,000 in rotary phone the drink a bottle of liquor costs 1 billion naira desnuda predator that not even so it does not eat up remover now committed a little degradation we’d like to learn about our government which is wrong share sheriff to the sinner head as a movie and other oil prospecting companies I’ve indeed the prison worker and over 50 years but what we are done in the last five years who told is worse than what they did in 50 years that we draw our own hands what sorry my god but we should not also forget that these are youths who are actually jobless some of them that I met were actually graduated they didn’t have jobs so they they just sat down and they became vulnerable to any kind of approach you know for as long as they make some money out of it for them it’s fine but how the crude oil comes and where they take it to to sell the people on the ground do not actually know so having had this experience of feeling over the years having so much contents in my archives I decided that it was time for me to start my own show and and this show is going to be shown on been television and it’s going to be called the African Europe inside it is good to also know that this show would not only focus on my cause it’s gonna be it’s going to also focus on the general life in Europe as it affects Nigerians and Africans and also look at Africa with emphasis on Nigeria and see what positive things we can take out of Nigeria that I think people in Europe will have to see so we’ll be talking about we will be looking at human life will be looking at culture be looking at you know bringing people who have actually you know gone through a lot as diaspora people living in Europe and they’ve been able to you know overcame the odds and to become people that those around them are very proud of so we want to look at their lives and use their life to encourage other people who want to also look at the business climate in Europe why it’s going well and also look at the business climate in Nigerians find a way to to carry out information that can benefit put continent so we also will be looking at a whole lot of areas and also talk about inspiration the area of religion also and the differences in culture and how this culture affects people who have come here as immigrants move for you if you refuse to be defeated by all I’m gonna tell me that as a positive something windows so if I see your situation is greater than 0 it’s just because you refuse you lots of Nigerians live in diaspora I mean when

you talk about Europe you talk within the European Union you talk about 27 countries where a lot of Nigerians live and they all have access to watching Ben television via satellite it will be very interesting for them to follow true my show what is happening back home in Nigeria and also been television is also showing in in Nigeria so it will also be interesting for those back home who are living in Nigeria or have the intention of wanting to travel to Europe alas immigrant or as visitors to also know about what is happening in Europe and that is what we want to focus on Oh all right if you don’t know if these are stuck on them