alright welcome back to donkey kong country three yeah that’s it that’s the one uh let’s go look at this guy real quick before we look at the next world just because I feel like we should he’s at the end of this path uh I don’t know if he’s in the Super Nintendo game I came to my attention after the last video that the that weird a bear that wants that wants to date a girl bear doesn’t actually exist in the Super Nintendo game they actually only exists in this game which makes his existence like 10 times funnier so I don’t know I want now I’m got curious what other fake bears there are but we got we got the we got a band-aid and band-aids really all you need for a funky Kong to make a new boat does a lot of stuff with it and that bear was like oh there’s a lost world that you could go to because you know this donkey kong country 2 had a lost world and I guess they felt like they had to keep up tradition I’m not sure if we’re gonna keep I’m not sure if I’m going to do to Las world because I wouldn’t mean getting all the secrets but we’ll see anyway I got this fig now and I could I can go over rocks that’s about it we game gets a little nonlinear at this point you can do your choices I’m going to go to a mecca notes which sounds like a sci-fi planet just because I don’t know what always it always felt like the natural option and it was always my first option when I play the game Mecca dose rules it’s so this is a good this is a good world it’s got a lot of cool stages these factories stages are our one on some of the best the music’s real good i like the GBA music more than the Super Nintendo music although the Super Nintendo music has its own this own like cool little like atmosphere charm it’s got these owls and they they party these are shoot you shoot these cannons out in there using perspective which is neat i don’t think anything in dkc2 ever did that so I think I really tell at that point it’s like what we gotta do everything you can with a super nintendo to try to make something look interesting and new uh-oh what up now that was Stella fountain no this was bound to be a disaster as soon as I panicked that’s okay though I was gonna mention in the last video oh I felt bad because I kept beating stages with Dixie and I have this weird thing where if like the world map in the dkc game has too many of one Kong I like feel bad for the other Kong I don’t know what that is so I don’t know tell me about it cool I think that’s the first step in the in this led us play right that just happened pretty sure it is we’re getting we’re starting to get into the part of the game where I’m like maybe not super familiar with everything so I’m bound to screw up more which is maybe unfortunate because we are only on the third world and I’m pretty sure there are like six or seven not including the last World so I will see how that works out maybe if I die too many times I’ll actually have to start cutting things I literally just got hit the same damn time BAM that’s okay though we got we’re good right clear stage isn’t like card like it actually kind of courage as you to go as Jesus Christ it encourages you to go as fast as possible because these apples I’m assuming their l’s they they kind of have like a delay before they really get started and if you just run past and there won’t even have the chance to really shoot anything at you I should probably be careful because i think i just went past two last DK barrel with the stage and we’re very close to the end i recognized this whole bit actually the whole last bit illustrates what I’m talking about pretty well here we go yep if we just party and just go straight forward guys kick to us oh god oh ok this is literally the last part of the stage so if I die here

this will be really unfortunate ok what a beaut is Dixie I’m sorry kitty uh who’s this guy Oh No some good some guy who’s ready for the zombie apocalypse the Crimean War that’s funny that’s really that’s really the only joke we’re seeing from the sky I don’t even know what he wants for me okay this is a this is a funny stage because it’s supposed to be like the minecart stages and the roller coaster stages in the last games but it’s just this shitty little Tabakin thing it just crawls at the slowest pace maybe this was faster in the original game i’m not sure but like here it’s just like this like those like roller coasters where the roller coaster was like a Chinese dragon that only little kids could go on take a small loop this is the dkc 3 version equivalent of that I’m really glad I got that checkpoint barrel because for all the trash I’m talking if I was to die I wouldn’t want to be replaying this whole level over again unfortunately it is really not much else to say I’m like not holding the directional pad or anything I’m just pressing the X button sometimes I know there’s people who never liked I’m not going in the bonus there’s people who never liked these stages because it was very a push right to win kind of deal and like four speed runners especially that could be kind of annoying but I always liked them it was like a nice break from thinking and oh hold on the DK coin is like the laziest is just like I don’t know here you go but thanks oh yes there you go kitty finally got a flag job kitty that little like thing hanging from the chain this is a is like a secret thing I think you get shot out of the cannon to go there verbs are a just redic this is like the only good like really good tree stage because it’s ridiculous this every single stage in this world is just the goofiest thing ever like the Cannonball owls the stupid like slow toboggan and there’s just like this gigantic monster saw like eating everything I don’t even think it has anything to do with like the Kremlin’s because it doesn’t just hurt you it kills everything it’s salty earth saw the earth it’s never too hard though from what I recall although I think both of the bonuses if i recall correctly are really dumb though is it just I’m going to be invincible no okay this is the one where oh man this one’s actually like you get your butt in gear baby okay cool we’re cool now it’s just like the regular level the UH tonight the other bonus in the state just stupid I don’t know if we’ll get to it or not because I don’t remember exactly where it shows up up yeah the saw movies like slow enough for it’s like it’s really not a big deal like it’s way less imposing that it actually looks like if thats all wasn’t there i would probably be going up the stage much faster but i guess it’s a cool idea for it like a cool way to disguise an autoscroller TC yeah i think dkc games really have auto scrollers besides this one like I don’t even think there’s this is like the only stage that does scroll by itself oh I never thought about that I don’t mind novels growers there a little bit annoying and repeat playthroughs like if I die in this video then I’m not going to be super psyched about it but generally I don’t mind it oh yeah there’s your bonus this one’s dumb this is a banana one and it’s just it’s these banana things are all pure luck they show up randomly sometimes you won’t be able to get one for a very long time like right now like I’m not there’s literally nothing I can do to get more bananas because they keep disappearing

into the saw I guess they give you a lot of time for that but it’s kind of not a lot of thought being put into this ya know okay good I was actually getting kind of Minister we haven’t failed a bonus yet who which is nice but I still dreading the day when that finally happens ah secret oh I’m not going to get that secret I’m not going to get the DK coin oh well I’m just gonna finish the stage cool let’s rickshaw rage blasting through mekka nose is we’re already blazing bazookas this is the better factory stage 2 it’s really fun it kind of it kind of speaks from the carnal pleasure one receives from bouncing on barrels at an even rate like so boom ah cool like anytime you got to do that dkc2 it felt really cool but most half the time you’re doing that half the time you’re running away from these barrels so yeah oh oh no let’s see why so I’ll be able to gets quitter here give me a sec there we go I’m screwed her down check me out this guy comes back from dkc2 sort of bonus here no he does the same thing like he makes webs he could shoot stuff he’s kind of controlling him is kind of weird especially in the Game Boy Advance game he’s even more like unresponsive for lack of a better word and we’re done with him we’ll see Morris quitter later he’s got a whole level dedicated to him and it’s actually a pretty cool level so i won’t be like for another two or three worlds fell up all right there we go seeing how their T&T barrels so we can’t even jump on it now we just got to avoid them up although these guys are still called flap traps or dead another name they had a vertical plane crab traps of dkc2 and crampons no crab traps in the case e 1 and positive dkc2 oops my bad okay I could stand on these guys but I wouldn’t recommend doing it because sometimes you get like four that’s unfortunate see I don’t think I have to do this this is just like yeah if I want oh oh oh alright and even give me like an extra life kind of surprised we haven’t seen any up any switches that changed normal the TNT barrels into normal barrels I guess we never will I just went through it too fast cool okay oh gee labyrinth and the pipe stages like five stages have so much cool style but I think global design wise both of them are pretty shitty logie labyrinth idea I mean it’s pretty obvious what’s going on and it’s a cool idea on paper but man let me tell you about how not fun it is to like just move really slowly like you’re going in for a muck and I think the only real good pipe stage that I can think of is actually an extra stage added in the GBA game which I don’t know if that’s damning or whatever but that’s really all I could say music school though this is again GBA music is better than the Super Nintendo music in this stage in my opinion most of it is just navigating around these bees vu which is fine i guess but i don’t know just not the most gauging thing in the world why and if you like have to start over like I really hope I don’t like die here of all stages because that’ll take the longest to recover from we’re halfway for though oh alright cool so I don’t know if the stage gets better or worse from here because now we’re purple squawks and I’m not even going to try to guess what his name is clocks clocks box chalks Chuck’s the parrot I don’t know the point is he can’t shoot the weird coconut eggs that squawks can he just picks up barrels which is to be fair he wasn’t able to do

that in dkc2 so that gives him a bit more of an edge but he still kind of sucks and like controlling him in this is golly if controlling clocks was a little tricky before man okay let’s see I think I want to go through here without breaking this barrel cool then I go here yeah for this guy and I get to do the school secret oh cool now I’m regulars clocks I didn’t even know this is going to be a thing okay this is way better now I’m glad I did this Super Nintendo game didn’t have an enemy counter for defeating all the enemies so that’s something that you would do but mostly it’s it’s pretty straightforward going down is like I’m pushing down as hard as I can and this is the fastest town I can go and that’s pretty frustrating cool i hope i get to stay green squawks nope it’s all a lie my main thing is I want to turn back into the cons of both Kong’s ready because the very last section of the stage is the worst okay cool I got 33 lives I’m gonna need all of them sooner or later whoa where am I okay cool all right if I can just make it through this guy cool ok so the stage isn’t over yet but I think we could make it through ok cool the last part ah man so I’m not going to get the DK coin which was like just to my left that’s ok my main point is just getting through this in one piece quick Dixie cool which kitty that part is a nightmare so I’m glad we finished it all right chaos carnage when I first bought this guy I thought he was a gameboy advance only boss because I was like there’s no way a boss as stupid looking and as dumb as this could exist in this in this video game and I’m gonna get yep I already messed up really bad because he talks to you which I a boss in these games has never done so I was like okay I guess they want bosses to talk now but no this guy is in the original game full force like he’s the same and he’s the worst because it’s just a bunch of waiting like I guess a lot of dkc bosses are just a bunch of waiting but my god this he is the worst about this and the first time i played through i didn’t even you you’re jumping on his head to like hurt him but the first time I did this I didn’t I wasn’t even sure if I was hurting him and I was like am i doing the right one may have to do something else I don’t know I don’t know why he has like a tape recorder in his stomach but I guess they needed something to make it look more steampunk steampunk is even the right word still stupid this like second-rate Terminator ass and then this part is like it’s easy but it stresses me out anyway because sometimes I’ll still get hurt without really knowing why up okay I think now I just get to ya okay cool so far I’ve been jumping on his blades at every first cycle which is good because if you screw up that first cycle it gets way harder to try to jump on his head and I want to not make this fight be longer than it should be I think we have two more hits left and that’s it yeah this is fun this is great Super Nintendo boss music was better to Isis this entire never shut about music okay this is it this is the last part I don’t ok click boom and that should be it yep the Conklin chaos from sonic adventure 2 is a running away and I blew him up and he gives me a stick which is pretty useful good job kitty you beat

the world ah these crunchy bits yeah hashtag gamer that’s it for Becca knows next time we’ll do the other world that we could have done um I’ll see you then yeah okay bye