with the video so like I’ve been promising you today’s video is going to be a summary on what life is like here in China during this coronavirus times you guys know that I’ve been living here in China for about a year and for the past three months we have been rocked by this news of coronavirus that is now the world wide issue and has obviously been declared a pandemic so yeah it’s a serious issue so I wanted to just tell you guys a little bit about life here our daily life what things have been you know put in place what the government has done what measures the government has taken to try to maintain to contain the rate of the spreading of the virus so yeah if you are interested in knowing how to protect yourself how to protect people you love how to protect the society at large keep watching so casual today I’ve got on my night track see who lives I’ve got trainers on I would like listen a change has happened in my life if you know me from before you know that I do really wear trainers like I used to have at one point in my life I had 100 pairs of heels and that’s before I was 25 and like I’m not even sure in this hour I used to earn the only trainer they ever owned was for uni I mean foot uni was for gym like I used to have two hurrah cheese one white one black and I wore those to the gym what’s this I just opened it and it’s not hand cream so one of my one of the schools that I work gifted me this beautiful please guys don’t look at my nails then you gifted me this beautiful hand cream like isn’t it so gorgeous look this there’s another one there’s this little one here I fits them so I was just trying to put some cream on my hands because I kid you not I wash my hands every three seconds since this hawk ran a virus what is this it’s a gel hey no well anyway I was saying you like sis me in my pop that is definitely not hand cream what is that you know even smell like anything maybe it’s like some kind of toner or something Harger for this lady this is aged aged delaying Hey who don’t want who doesn’t want youthful looking hands young hands and teeth and what was I saying since I got with my fiance I wear so much like he’s a he’s an FLE so most of these wardrobe is sports clothes and you know you go like I don’t really do comes hello so the other day we went shopping and I actually bought my very first tracksuit gon play like right he started to inject some sports stuff here in there anyway the main reason why I want to film this video today is because things are getting a real it’s real in fact things have been real but things are getting real for you guys in Europe the video today it’s gonna be about coronavirus what’s happening like life in China right now for Russell ah who’s been living here during this time and what I think needs to be happening that’s gonna help even if it’s not the government that implements it for you as a as an individual you watching this some of the things that you can do to help your family to help the people around you to help yourself so obviously it’s very very unfortunate what’s going on in Italy and how rapidly the spread rates and the death rates have like of skyrocketed in such a short time it’s so worrying and the tea was almost earning between what’s going on here in Asia and what’s going on what has been going on in Asia and what’s going on in Europe right now it’s quite scary if I’m honest so I wanted to talk to you guys about life at you guys always asking me what’s going on come

home come home and I really appreciate your concern and everything so I wanted to tell you a little bit about how life has been here in China I’ve got a few vlog videos from like just was walking outside going to the supermarket going you know for a walk or whatever to show you like what’s been going on like what the government has put in place to help now obviously this particular Craner virus is new and is different because it was passed from animals to animals and then animals to humans are now humans to humans right so that’s why they call it the novel coronavirus because it’s not the same as any previous coronaviruses that we have seen ie the flu influenza I don’t want to say that it’s the same as the flu but it does this the minute there’s a button there it isn’t the flu hey obviously I’m not here to give a political view or anything like that a lot of people have sent me videos and messages and did it out and you know forwarding and sharing things that are going around like conspiracy theories it’s been cooked up in a lab it’s been injected to try to control the population all of these like guys me I’m a very political person I don’t really want to go into that all I know is it is bad it’s wrong it’s wrong it shouldn’t be happening to us obviously people just want to live a life of peace life of happiness nobody wants to be sick or seeing their loved ones die in it’s really unfortunate that this is happening but let’s go straight into what what’s life been like in China during this time this coronavirus time so most of you know like I’ve been living here for about a year and a month now totalized one full year here in China end of January when we were traveling with the Chinese New Year times that’s when it became a thing like there was a buzz about it and everything even though people hadn’t really started dying obviously it’s been spreading rapidly and unfortunately if you are elderly like the death rate has been high in people of you know you know all their ages like from before is something of course I’d say like really like 60 something up above that’s like the the population and in the demographic of people who are dying are in that age group so and also like if you already got underlying health issues and like you have chronic diseases like you have lung issues like the lung disease or anything like that it just kind of makes it a little bit worse to have first and foremost we left to travel on like the 22nd of January when we were leaving everything seemed kind of okay like we normally have guards at the gate so if you’ve never seen it I’ll probably insert a video in China we live in communities like we live in community said it’s like it’s massive like this and you have gates you have North gates for people that live on that side of the community south gate east gate north and west gate so it’s a massive like you kids in there are blocks I’m big massive 11 12 story blocks and each like entrance can have like three four blocks right and we have guards at each gate soon before we left like I started noticing like they don’t let my they don’t let my taxis come inside the community anymore I just the why they’re changing the rules so that was one thing that they did different and then when we went traveling and we Katie like almost two weeks away when we came back it was like we arrived like quite late at night and when we were at the gate they wouldn’t let us in they said oh we were the way first you have to register like your car’s your identity card your name where you’re coming from so that was one thing they did different so again it’s pop I don’t think controlling people but they’re controlling the inflow of people into communities so they can track who’s been where and who’s coming to which area you know I’m saying so like if for example I was then to say I had it if it turned out that I had contracted the virus they would be able to know where I’m coming from which flight I was in you know which flight I call where I’m coming from who are the people that was sitting close to me that kind of thing now after it became my really really serious they don’t let anyone to come into the community unless they live there so for us we everywhere you go actually supermarket it doesn’t matter where you’re going if it neccessity for you to enter a place like a controlled space like a supermarket supermarket or more anything like that they take your temperature the scan your body

temperature at the door so obviously anything that’s elevated you know trick like signifying a fever they won’t let you in the the ambulance or common bond oh you and take you straight away that’s one thing and then obviously at the airport they do the infrared scanning your again to see like if you have any you know temperature like that they do that I don’t know I haven’t traveled in the past month so I don’t notice they’ve implemented anything else others and not at the airport I think I’ll find out next month yeah so that’s that and every time you exit you have to show like your card now that’s not like your residents cards or anything like that you have basic if it made everyone do a new registration which shows that you live here in this community and you don’t have the virus and all of these things like that and this particular card you have to show camera single time you leave every single time you come out any events that would like bring a lot of people together they’ve canceled that a cassette guys I haven’t been to work in an office in months like it’s crazy and my last day at work was the 20th of January and I haven’t been better offices then everything has been closed restaurants pharmacies even some like hospitals like small hospitals everything this everything is closed guys I’m not even kidding like I will tell you about my nails like you guys see my nails like this because you guys know like I’ve been growing my nails so like I’ve put in work look at look at this look how long my nails are now and obviously I’ve had break-ins all these are broken because I put gel on top of my own nails they’re broken and I’m like do I cook do I cut my nails you know the ones that are not broken like these these ones here they’re not broken so do I just cut them so they can match the length of the rest of my nails because my nail shop has not poked it since mid-january every single school in this place is shut nobody’s starting school like that everyone is online we’re still teaching online like you know for me is good it’s convenient I don’t have to leave my house but I feel like that’s what other governments have to do and I like I said I’m not get into like politics and stuff like that but that’s been one of the most effective things that the government has put in place to try and stop the spread just think about it it just takes one person to catch this virus for it to go like this spreads like wildfire and if you think about it look at Italy like two weeks ago or three weeks ago they had their first case but now there are over 10,000 and over a thousand people have died it’s crazy it blows my mind and I just can’t emphasize enough like wearing a mask is great you know like but me personally I can’t breathe like I can’t breathe with a mask on my face so the black one that I wear that most of you see on my histogram a lot of people tell me is the less effective one but that’s the only one that I can breathe through the surgical max I can’t breathe through that and I also have like some you know reusable washable masks that even is worse because it’s like thick like material I can’t breathe now I want to say you know you if you do wear a mask it’s not the end of the world but obviously you just have to stay away from crowded places so like going clubbing going like just places way too close to people I would think if someone coughs I mean ooh just mom you need to stay away from such places and it’s really sad that a lot of people are saying oh well I’m young I’m not gonna die from catching the kernel virus like you need to be a responsible citizen you have a grandma you have a grandpa and obviously I’m not deaf on anybody but you wouldn’t want somebody to pass this virus on setting your family members you’re not saying like you need to be responsible not just for yourself but for the community at large one thing I appreciate that stirring on here in China everyone is like mobilized everyone is mobilized like you don’t even see before like only like a few weeks ago you don’t even see a single soul outside like it’d have been a ghost town people are self quarantine like you are at home if you don’t have nowhere to go don’t go nowhere John say like just stay home washing your hands yes absolutely wash your hands regularly like my fiance he is oh he is I thank God that he’s that way because I’m not like that I’m not gonna lie I’m not a germaphobe obviously I’m clean but I’m not a germaphobe like that like when we come in from outside he is spraying like alcohol on my phone he takes both our phones disinfect that our phones we disinfecting all the door handles our

keys everything like that just make sure you’re washing your hands disinfectant but just by normal rubbing alcohol not drinking alcohol rubbing alcohol if they don’t have – I’ve hand sanitizers that’s okay just by rubbing alcohol you need to be wiping your door handles wiping your phone like don’t be touching your face again something that I do all the time I stay to Qing this poor man’s face play with his beard but you know like it’s not good just refrain from touching touching touching touching touching it don’t do none of that yeah like things like that washing your hands and just being clean just be king wash your hands if you’re going out if you’re going to look using put the public loo make sure you have your hand sanitizer in your pocket legit when I was moving to China that is one of the things that I stocked up on like mad and I’m still using the hand sanitizers that I brought with me from the UK and but just because China is populated Jersey like there’s a lot of people I don’t catch the subway that much anymore but like the subway is disgusting is where there’s a lot of people people don’t respect your privacy they’re all up in your face I love in yellow so hands on it sizes I hope that I use all the time yeah you need to have that when you’re going outside where you might not have a place to wash your hands a lot of people some people are wearing gloves outside car I hate gloves like I don’t even like wearing gloves even in the winter I wear gloves so I’m not gonna go to that extreme I just wash my hands apply hands on Taizo when i’m outside you know by odors like 99.9% bacterial killing disinfecting what you can be wiping your door handles again if you have kids I would not send my kids to school I don’t know about I don’t care what anyone else is saying just be careful you know like in China now we don’t get new cases we don’t get new cases of like the spreading of the virus the only thing that we have in now is by people coming back into the country from Italy France UK wherever they’re coming in and they’re testing positive so thank God that they’ve managed to with everything that they’ve implemented ever completely cut down the spreading of the virus however obviously still people getting treated the majority of people who are still sick are in Wuhan where they started and you need to bear in mind like they were exposed to this for months before they knew that it was even a thing so you know we just pray for God’s protection you know above all things like you can take care of yourself it can be careful all of these things the ID unit for pray pray for your loved ones like pray for your loved ones keep your family protected under the blood of Jesus so that no thinking come you know tries to harm them but more people have recovered from this and died obviously I don’t want to talk about the death rate because this is still going and I can say always only kill no point no percent it will not be accurate at this present time however we know that people are dying but we also know that people have recovered from it so don’t let fear eat away at you like stop you from living your life enjoy your time at home with your family with your children and your mom your grandma your grandpa is fantastic for me for us even though we’ve like wasted money trying to travel out of China like at one point we wanted to go to Thailand you guys saw like they canceled our flights back because the country that we were going to transfer they were no longer operating flags into China into Beijing so it was well they can’t flies back in so we wasted we’ve lost that money and then we just decided you know what let’s not go anywhere because airports planes that kind of like all of these populated places is where you’re unless control like you don’t really know what you’re touching is that I was saying like that’s what it’s like to be living in China and this time in this corona times of you guys but I’m praying for you guys I’m praying for this lot because I’m coming home too so it’s like oh you know I just play I pray for the protection of the Lord and the blood of Jesus to cover us and everything take precautions take precautions take precautions be responsible for other people as well don’t be catching the virus and passing it on to people’s grandparents and things like that because you don’t care but you don’t think you’re gonna die from it it’s not fair you need to be responsible watch your hands make sure that you’re not touching things you’re not sneezing on things cover your face

when you want to cough and sneeze like this all right or you the tissue and put it in the bin and wash your hands and basically that’s what I have to say pretty much that’s it thank you so much for coming through and checking out this video I hope that you’re gonna have a fantastic day and please please please please please if you haven’t already subscribed and like this channel know subscribe to this channel and like this video decide drop me a comment below on what you’re thinking about this coronavirus are you worried what are your fears what do you think should be done and yeah let’s discuss if you have any other questions I know you guys always ask me about life of peace and purpose t-shirts again also you just have to wait and but it’s definitely gonna gonna happen soon and you guys will know about it but yeah thank you so much for coming this is your girl team vine I love y’all just me is your name life someone actually message it messaged me on Instagram said hey life for Faceman purpose I hope you okay no like and you know what it’s crazy good I’m sure let me I’ve got my friend here I’m sure that all my Instagram it says divine is my it says mister fromm listen actually says right there miss divine isn’t it look mister vine is my name why do you guys message me and say hello a life of faith and purpose why do you do it alright that’s not my name my name is divine okay Davina for you guys who speak French is Devine so please I redid my believe miss life of peace and taught us the Christmas in the family no comment you guys those of us down here and all right guys I love you so much but bless you take care of yourself