hi everyone its Hannah and welcome to this week’s new vlog today everything is new isn’t it my hair my glasses the great quality you can see me in which I don’t know if it’s such a good thing because now you can see the pimple that’s growing on my forehead but that’s all right I’m a human too I can have pimples also I’m wearing a t-shirt something that I haven’t done ever in my channel oh and I have a new hairpin – I don’t know if you can see it right now you I made it myself I found this little pearl bow and I said I need to do something with it because it’s very cute and so I made a hair clip this is my new look I think it makes me look a bit older so today we are going to visit an jacket and let me tell you it’s one of the most beautiful places I’d visited China so the 2nd of September we started to visiting we arrived at the hotel and we walked around the city I loved the traditional Chinese architecture it was really beautiful there were people fishing and cleaning the river and the dog notice me Isis of cakes on the bakery and I really wanted to buy one but I didn’t because you need to be healthy we did however end up buying a little chocolate cake because I just can’t resist the temptation and I as expected loved it and then we found some people dancing in the street again and then we found to be swimmin to I feel by about the woman that was wearing the green dress but it looks like she’s having fun so let’s not judge her and then after having dinner we went to a show there was some people playing I’m guessing traditional Chinese instruments because they had never seen those in my entire life and this is the building where the show was held we went inside and waited hurry to start it looks really empty but it’s because we arrived too early and then it started I was astonished I’d never seen anything like it before [Applause] [Applause] the artists were so passionate as this was the female version of the drum dance and then there was a girl dancing beautifully and then there was a part of the show I was really really shocking [Applause]

biggest human to jump rope [Applause] by the way can we take a minute to point out the fact that they were playing an instrument when there was already music in the background also what’s happening down there and then there was a woman singing they have such an incredible technique and while she was seeing two kids we’re doing things I didn’t know the human body was capable of [Applause] I mean I can’t even do a cartwheel that’s very sad and after what there was this and this I suffered more watching it than doing it I think other than to calm the audience down the next show was about a couple being really cute and then there was another singer he said so hi and then suddenly a man showed up and he started throwing knives at a girl because yeah why not you know what you tend to do on Saturday night he didn’t get to but it was still impressive I don’t know if he hesitated on purpose but that was scary also can we appreciate how beautiful the woman is she’s gorgeous [Applause] who da and then they picked a random

girl from the audience she was really shy she was so scared she can’t even watch this is going to shock you it was nuts [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] and again to calm us down there was a story of a girl in the night before her wedding and then they think so guys from the audience and they made them come on the stage and dance [Laughter] this guy won the crowd only voted for him because he was good-looking because he didn’t dance that well and then we went outside to see the second part which was going to be a confession and I’m sorry but my battery tight because I’m stupid and late in charger before leaving the hotel then the third of September I went to the National Forest Park where you can find the avatar Mountains this is where avatar was filmed this is the entrance and then we went up the mountains with a gondola lift it was really high then there was a viewpoint and another typical Chinese temple there everywhere to go to the Alberta mountains you had to walk a bit we finally got to see the other two mountains they were beautiful and then we saw some wooden figures more wooden figures and I saw this really cool path with Chinese letters written on the students there was a statue of a horse very random they explained to me the story of the host and white there was a statue of the horse I just don’t remember it I’m sorry and then there was a random guy trying to get a cool picture for Instagram I mean I don’t mind him I did too and I posted it these two mountains were supposed to be only one mountain but to be separated as time passed man there was a little lake with some statues of turtles in it and as you already know Tasos simulator longevity in Chinese and then there were more mountains and we saw this bridge that was really high it was a very windy as well and I was wearing this catch so yeah that was in a great choice and this was a part that was dedicated to Alberta fans where tourists could take pictures they call this the German beer because it looks like one I’ll enter the picture holding it here we were waiting to take the highest panoramic lift in the entire world which is called the by land elevator and I filmed it I also filmed mountains from alone perspective and then after visiting the average amount ins we went to the golden whip brook which is where the monkeys were so at the entrance there were simply talk about stones and I had to step on every single one of them except for the last one because I’m like a kid and then there was a river we washed our hands dead it was really fresh so they told us not to wear plastic bags because monkeys are very intelligent and when they see one they think that there’s going to be put inside of that

plastic bag and then they take them from people this one took about from a lady and then they realized that there wasn’t anything inside so he was pretty disappointed okay let’s look for some monkeys no don’t leave me hey this monkey was so cute and there was a baby monkey which was adorable and then they were monkey this one didn’t want us to watch you eat so the guy told us not to look at the monkeys in the eye because they would think that we were challenging them and she also told us not to preach them because they’re wild animals so guess what that’s exactly what my sister did and obviously she picks the leader of the monkeys because she loves danger then the fourth of September we went to the yellow dragon cake the yellow dragon cave is in the Tang Gita UNESCO global cheer park we saw this here into the Geo Park and then we got there it was beautiful we saw some water mills and then some more water mills and then we got to the cave and they told us to put on our jackets because it was really cold inside and then we got inside sorry for the quality by the way and then someone shouted and I got scared what there were two gates filmed over two gate and the happiness gate I went through the happiness one I’m about Chinese I’m sorry if I were a good Chinese I would have chosen the longevity one because as you already know by our Beijing vlog Chinese women love nativity but I personally don’t appreciate it as much yeah I think happiness is very important these are the boats that were used to explore the key there was a really cool bridge full of lights and this is the dragon’s face there were beautiful colors and then we went out of the cave people take pictures in here no one many searches but I only film – this wrong because the horse is my Chinese zodiac aside then after that we went to the Tiananmen Mountain we used to come to the lift and saw someone skydiving this is how it looked once he thought of the gonna limit here we were going to the Skywalk there was a little part we arrived to the Skywalk and we had to put this on her shoes so we wouldn’t slip it was so high and then afterwards to come down we had to do all that by bus the trailer went way too fast I was thirsty so with us another lemonade I just love lemonade and then going down the mountain we had to use these neverending mechanical stairs and then there was a huge hole we had to go down all those stairs I’ll wait through my legs started shaking they didn’t hurt though it was creepy all went down all these stairs also can we appreciate this fellow foodie that’s me and this is a little pig we also went to that sound deity glass bridge but I couldn’t film because the camera could fall down and no one wanted that it was honestly beautiful and a bit scary not to meet my sister and my mom I was literally running around it was so fun I don’t remember exactly when we did that but yeah I’m putting it here because I’ve already shown you all the clips that I filmed of the places we visited insanity I do have however the video of the model of the bridge also there’s something that I need to tell you as much as I loved some teaching and how beautiful it was and how it radition early Chinese it was this something that I ate fair that was a disgrace to food you know that I love food and normally I talk to you about food that I loved but this time I’m going to talk to you about something that I ate that I absolutely loathe this is the stinky tofu express how it doesn’t only look gross it is gross it’s disgusting it’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever put

inside of my mouth see a guy told us that it looks bad and that it smelled bad because it smelled terrible like literally it smelled terrible much Thoth is that once we ate it it was delicious and I’m always down for delicious food you know that and I was in China so I was like well when am I ever gonna have the opportunity again to eat this but just be adventurous and so I was adventurous and I won’t ever be again I recommend that if you ever go to China please do not do not eat the stinky tofu so that was it for this video I hope that you really enjoyed watching this vlog and also next week I’m gonna upload a different video because it’s gonna be a song cover it’s gonna meet my very first song in this channel and I hope that you really look forward to it I also hope that you learn something new with this video like for example that you should never eat the secreto food and I’ll see you next week bye so what I did with my hair is the eye current 40 years and then I cut it because I wanted to donate it for cancer so they could make wicks out of my head out of real hair because think about it you just cut your hair and then was that hair going down the drain it’s useless so why not make it become useful I wanted to do the logs of China wearing something red and then I realized wow I really need to go shopping this is kind of red not really it’s kind of this I bet you want to know what it says it says Friday Saturday sleep date because I love sleeping then these glasses I don’t know I really like them I mean I know that they’re very trendy right now and I’m not the kind of person that follows trends actually but this trend that I really did like so I like them more than the ones they had there were people filming and cleaning the river filming it’s one of the most beautiful places I visited who’s talking to me all the time shut up our game it’s my crashing I can’t tell him to shut up I feel bad about shut up gods I’m gonna silence you I’m so sorry I love you but stop it I’m trying to film God my hair is getting on my face this is what happens when you have short hair and then they picked some guys the crowd oh my god I’m gonna kill someone if they don’t stop being so nosy you would think that having a big house you could film a video but no apparently these walls are made of paper I may have a big house but you can hear everything it’s impossible to film in this house I’ve been here though I think 55 minutes you you