Metal Jesus: Metal Jesus here, and I’m back again with John Riggs John Riggs: How you feeling? Metal: Dude, how’s it going, man? John: Thanks for having me back Appreciate it Metal: You are here for a very special episode I’ve been wanting to do for a while John: Special episode? Metal: Special episode! John: Wow Oh my goodness Metal: This is going to be a buyer’s guide for the original Nintendo John: Oh, the old NES It’s my favorite system of all time Metal: Yeah, and the reason why I want do this is because this is for people who are just starting out to collect and get into the NES What do you look out for as far as the hardware goes, as far as the controllers, everything John: What are you looking for, what kind of games are you looking for? If you start out with zero games, we’re going to show you ten solid titles, not necessarily my favorite games of all time, just 10 great games that will get you going in the right direction Metal: This is going to be an awesome episode Let’s take a look! Metal: So I’m going to start off with, this is the NES that I had as a kid John: Now, that is an iconic-looking NES right there Metal: The toaster, right? John: You see that on iPhone covers, you see that as the this is the Nintendo version or the skin to so many things That’s where it all came from Metal: So a couple things to know about the toaster, the classic NES, is that it was designed to look more like an appliance for the North America market and, so, essentially it has this little flap here John: Yours is actually still connected! Metal: Yes, well, I took very good care of it, as you can tell John: It looks like it Metal: I know, surprise, surprise, a game collector However, this is not a working one That’s very important to know because you can find these things out at garage sales and things like that In my experience, if it’s an original owner, it probably doesn’t work John: It may not There are some ways you can fix it You can boil the pins and stuff like that There is some fixing to it Metal: Right, and so that brings up a point, that essentially when you put the original NES cartridges in there, they kind of go in like that, and then they push down John: That’s the toaster part of it Metal: Exactly Those pins wear out, and just like in this one, they’ve worn out over time They have that little blinking light John: Oh, get that all the time Metal: Yeah, so it’s very common The good news is that you can go and you can buy new pins, and it’s relatively easy to swap them out John: Absolutely Just a couple little screws is all it takes Metal: Yep So the controller that came with it, the classic square controller What are your thoughts on this dude? John: Ah, I think it’s legendary, it’s iconic A controller like that has been in my hands a long, long time Metal: Oh, I know John: It started out uncomfortable I think my hands just formed into it because it’s not the most designed, like for — Metal: Yeah, yeah Over time, it will dig into your palms John: Just a little bit Metal: But I mean, coming off the Atari 2600 though, and the joystick and the big base and stuff, this is pretty revolutionary at the time But it’s not my favorite for this system Just be aware though, when you’re out and about, you’ll probably end up getting one of these, but you’re not stuck with it John: You’re not stuck with it There are plenty of other controllers you can go through Metal: Like the dogbone John: Now this looks like it could be a bootleg controller, but this is not This is actually the one that came out with the second generation Nintendo We’ll cover that in a little bit Metal: Right, right So I actually like this one quite a bit, simply just because it feels like the buttons are raised a little higher I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it definitely feels more comfortable simply because it’s rounded John: Right And the buttons are convexed, while these ones are concave Metal: Yeah, that’s what I’m feeling there John: But that definitely can fit your hand a little bit better So, so smooth to use I personally use that one when I do play Nintendo games currently Metal: Then, you have this John: That’s a weightful beast too Metal: You know, it’s meant to be like an arcade stick John: You’re supposed to just leave it flat on a table, joystick in your hand Metal: What I love about this is the turbo John: It does have, well, it says turbo Metal: Well, okay It’s basically pause and unpause Is that what it is? John: That one’s slo-mo Metal: Oh, slo-mo, okay John: Yeah, slo-mo is pause and unpause Metal: Yeah, it’s basically like sitting there pausing and unpausing the game for you John: Turbo isn’t bad but it does have the knobs Metal: Oh, right, so you can dial it It’s been awhile since I’ve used this John: Yeah, it’s okay I used to use those quite a bit, too One or two player compatibility so it does come with two ports If I can find the other one here, in this octopus here There we go, two ports for you, one in one, one in the other Only for two player alternating, of course Metal: Right, but I really do feel like this is definitely, I mean, every NES game collector should have one of these and they’re not too expensive John: They’re not, you can find them pretty cheap I’d say, $10 to $15 Metal: It’s solid John: And you’re good to go With the joystick added, great for [inaudible 00:04:50], absolutely Metal: Yeah, that’s typically what I use it for John: I have psoriatic arthritis in my thumb, so a lot of the games are out the question for me anymore That’s what I’d absolutely go for Metal: We talked about the original toaster that we got but, thankfully, Nintendo released

a newer one, basically John: Ta-da, the top-loader! Metal: That’s right John: The top-loader, very cool Let me talk about what it doesn’t have It doesn’t have, for current gaming, the AV port, the component Very unfortunate about that So, you’re still using co-ax or you have a way around co-ax, totally cool Other than that, so portable, so great Top-loaders, you don’t have to worry about the pins wearing down by dropping them in there, very little blowing your cart factor, when you have something like this When this first came out, I wish we could all go back in time, they were $49.99 new Of course they were in a box because they were on the store shelves This was their attempt to saying, hey, we’re still making Nintendo games, even though the Super Nintendo came out But if you have one of these, these are phenomenal and this is the way to go Metal: This is definitely collectible, so if you run across it at a garage sale, even if you’re not interested in collecting for NES, you might want to grab one because– John: We know people who are interested in them Metal: Yes That’s a bit of the hardware there Anything else that you can think of? John: I would say, there are several third-party controllers out there You can use those to your advantage No pun attended What to look out for is, like how the Atari 2600 and the Sega Master system and Sega Genesis have the same port, this is exclusive to the eight-bit Nintendo Entertainment System Metal: Good point, good point John: So it looks like this kind of weird thing Metal: It looks like a shape John: It looks like that If it looks like that, I think you’ll be good to go for your Nintendo controller But seriously, dog bone is the way to go If you can’t find a top-loader, toaster They work You just hope it gets to work Metal: All right dude, so that’s the hardware Let’s talk about games, man John: That’s what it’s all about! Metal: That’s right John: Bring you back to the games I chose 10 solid titles Again, these aren’t the most expensive games in the world They’re also not the cheapest games in the world, but to be honest, they’re not my personal favorite games of all time I just wanted 10 great games if you’re a new collector, little something for everyone in this set Right off the bat, you got to go with Super Mario Bros 3 Metal: It’s funny you had that disclaimer, because that’s a great game! John: It’s the best game, one of the best games for the Nintendo Entertainment System, and many people claim this as their favorite game of all time And I’m not surprised Metal: I would say it’s my favorite Super Mario game of all time I mean, even though they can argue that the original game, I guess, everyone’s memorized all those levels, that is a masterpiece John: This is a masterpiece My first time ever playing this, I remember it today I was in Santa Cruz, California, and I was on a Player’s Choice 10, two weeks after the movie “The Wizard” came out I was like, glorious and drawn to me I was able to play it for all of like, whatever Player’s Choice 10s were, five minutes or ten minutes or whatever it was If you’re collecting, you got to have this in your collection, no question Metal: Absolutely John: Another one to add to your video collection, a game I was thinking about, even if you beat it or other games you can beat, you’ll go through, what about a game that just has unlimited game play value? That’s where Tetris comes in Metal: Yeah, I mean Tetris, even today, I have it on my phone When I get a new phone, I get Tetris on it because it’s so fun John: They’re still making new games of Tetris I mean, how would you think that, it’s Tetris pieces, the same Tetrads Metal: It’s perfect John: But it’s the perfect game, and why wouldn’t you do that? This is one made by Nintendo They do have Tetris II, which is great, and even if you can find this guy, which is the Tengen version of Tetris, which is the one that went through the whole liability lawsuit Metal: Very collectible right there John: Very collectible They’re all Tetris, and they’re all great, so any Tetris will be fine But I think you should absolutely have Tetris in your collection Metal: I think why Tetris works so well on the Nintendo is because that D-pad That D-pad worked perfectly with this Super precise, it’s definitely an awesome version John: My 60-year old mother, when Tetris came out, she played Tetris Didn’t even get video games, doesn’t understand them She played Tetris and loved it, and actually was better than I was That might be saying something Metal: That’s how it goes usually, right? John: Usually the case Got to go with Gold, Legend of Zelda Another one to add to your collection When this game first came out, it took me literally two years to beat Can you imagine playing any game today and playing it continuously for two years? One game That is insane Absolutely have this in your collection Metal: Such a classic game Obviously, we don’t have to tell most people here, but it’s such an iconic game What I love about this is that, again, it came out on the gold cart, and that was so special at the time, right? John: It was Metal: But we should let people know though, there are two versions of that cart John: Correct There was this one and then there is one has the same label, but it is on the standard grey cart The grey cart one actually may be as far as value, may be worth a little bit more, because that was the one that came out later in the release Metal: Everyone had that John: Yeah, this is the one that came out originally

It’s a classic game, great music Metal: Absolutely John: It’s an adventure I wanted to have some games with two-player compatibility, two-player both for competitive or cooperative, and one game that came to mind was Contra Metal: Yep, yep, such an awesome game John: I can’t get past the first level without the 30-man code I’m just throwing that out there right now I pretty much suck at this game Metal: So tough, but again it’s a classic game It’s the kind of game that, yes, it’s tough, but you want to beat it It’s such a moment though, right? John: There is But it is two-player simultaneous You go through the game, has a cool little alien feature to it, very HR Giger-like Very cool I still fall in the water every time, the bridge, the bridge explodes? I can’t make the bridge, so that might tell you I am at this game here I’m not a huge sports guy Metal: I’m glad you picked this game John: I’m not a huge sports fan, I’ll be honest with you, but when it comes to sports, I don’t know if this is considered a sport Metal: Yeah, it is! John: ‘Course it is Super Dodgeball! Metal: Dude, when someone mentioned to me that Super Dodgeball on NES was an awesome game, I was like, really? Wait, seriously? It is It is so much fun John: It is fun You can play it, again, one-player, two-player It has the element of each player has their own power-up move, like a special move, when you run or run and jump, and lob these dodgeballs at them You’ll be good to go There’s a one-player mode, and there’s also the Battleball mode, or whatever the other option is It’s not really even a game, you’re just throwing dodgeballs at each other Remember that? It’s that weird third option that people kind of forget about This is one I could play, I still play it all the time Metal: It’s definitely cool John: They’re still making new versions of that game, but always cool to have When it comes to like, I don’t even know where I’ll go with this, I’ll just show it It’s Castlevania III How about that? I wanted to have a Castlevania game, at least one of them in here Castlevania I, it’s iconic, it’s arcade Castlevania II, I love it personally, it has more of the adventure aspect, but Castlevania III I think really gives you that Castlevania feel Great music It has the option for picking up friends along the way, so you can pick up Alucard and play as him, you can pick up other players as well Totally cool game, great music Metal: I don’t have this John: Really? Really, wait a minute It’s one that has multiple endings, depending on who you take with you as part of your quest So, even after you beat it, finally, because it’s a hard game, you can go back through and bring someone else along and there’s multiple paths where you can go this way instead of this way So, it has a lot of options in there for you to take along The core of it is still Castlevania with the great animation and everything that comes along with it Great game to have Metal: I think this one might go in the pocket there John: I just had it a second ago, wait a minute, where did it go? Again, not a huge sports guy, but this game, Punch-Out!! Are you kidding me? So awesome This is Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! They also have non-Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! Metal: That’s right, that’s right, because Mike Tyson got in trouble in the 80s. didn’t he? John: Well, yeah Just a little bit Metal: Was this a Nintendo game release? This is a Nintendo game, right? John: This is a Nintendo game Metal: I see So when Tyson got in trouble, they’re probably like, they probably pulled back a little bit John: Maybe there was, oh, something with a contract or something, I’m not exactly sure You could probably Wikipedia it, but they did come out with Punch-Out!! Same game except for, instead of Mike Tyson, they have Mr. Dream It’s still the same, one uppercut knocks you on your ass and you’re down for the count Have you ever beaten Mike Tyson at this game? Metal: No, no, but it’s funny because you’ll hear about people online or in the game community, like they’re still excited to beat him today They’re still working to beat him, or if they can, they’ll go back every year just to keep their like chops up, you know? It’s a thing John: I’m sure you’ve played this before If you haven’t, each boxer has their own style Once you learn that, and learn their methodology, you can take them out pretty easily, to an extent, to a certain extent Mike Tyson, I’ve never knocked him out, but I’ve won by decision once Don’t ask me how I did it! Metal: That’s awesome! John: I don’t know if that counts or not, but we’ll call it good Another game I wanted to have for two-player compatibility is this one, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II, a totally cool beat-em-up A totally cool beat-em-up You can play as any of the four ninja turtles, doesn’t really matter They all basically play the same Metal: Now, this isn’t the one that people complain about being too difficult? John: No, that’s the first one Metal: Okay John: This is the one based on the arcade game So it’s the two-player Metal: This one’s fair John: This one’s great, it’s not a bad game at all Totally awesome I think you should have it and, with two-player simultaneous, you can go through the game It’s like the arcade game, but because it came out on the Nintendo, they decided to give it a couple extra levels too, so if you know front and back the arcade game, this one has a little bit extra for you Pretty cool to have Metal: So this next one here, I remember playing

Final Fantasy John: Oh yeah Metal: So good I do remember playing this back in the day, and if I remember right, it might have been the first time I called a hint line John: Oh right, the hint line! Metal: Yeah, because I was just like, it was before the Internet, it was before, in my little, small town, you couldn’t buy a strategy guide You were stuck! You were really stuck! John: That’s how it works Metal: I called the hint guide, the hint line, sorry, and got past it, but I loved this game when it first came out, blew me away I was a big RPG fan anyways and this was a classic John: It is a classic Now me personally, I’ll be honest with you, I’m not the biggest RPG fan in the world Turn-based style? If I hit you, I’m not going to wait for you to hit me You know what I’m saying? I get Dragon Warrior, I get Final Fantasies, and the Ultimate series and all that too I get it, not for me so much, because I want that fast-paced action but this game somehow drew me in Metal: I think it’s worthwhile for a lot of people to go back, if you are a fan of GRPGs, to go back and see some of these originals and see where, today, they’re still taking ideas and concepts from this I mean it was amazing John: Oh, yeah It’s the original People who today, they grow up and they’re like, well, the first game I played was Final Fantasy VII Which dinosaurs like us, is like, really? That’s the first role-playing game you played, really, Final Fantasy VII? When I was in high school, when I graduated? This one takes it all the way back, and to me, just is fun Metal: Yeah, no, definitely a classic John: We have nine games so far To make up 10, I know it’s so hard to choose 10 You’ve got to understand this When you originally asked me to grab 10, I think I grabbed thirty and then, through process of elimination, narrowed them down Metal: It hurts, doesn’t it? John: It does a little bit, but let’s put it this way, if I was stranded on a deserted island, no access to any other games but these 10 games, I’d be in pretty good shape Metal: You would be John: The tenth game I chose, just because it’s old-school fun, is Bubble Bubble Two-player simultaneous game, blow bubbles, pop them There’s over 100 levels, so that’ll keep you moving for a while anyway Again, it’s another game just like the rest of these I’ll still play them today They stand the test of time, is what I’m saying Metal: That’s actually a really good point about the NES, and I think why the NES has continued to be a great system to collect for is because the games are fun They’re boiled down to the essence, essentially, of just having a ton of fun John: They’re fun to have I like them personally I love the new stuff, I have a Playstation 4, I have a Wii U and all that But sometimes I want to pop the game in, push start, and play it I don’t want to go through five logos I don’t want to go through a five-minute story cut scene I just want to get right to the meat of the action here That’s why I’ll always have a friend with the Nintendo Entertainment System Metal: So at the end here, let’s do some honorable mentions just off the top of our head John: Okay Metal: Because, as you were saying that, I’m realizing that the game that I love is not in here It’s one of my favorites John: Sorry Metal: That’s okay, it’s my fault, like I should have brought it Speaking of which though, is Excitebike Dude, I loved Excitebike back in the day and so that would be my honorable mention because it’s a game, again, that I can go back today and one, I just remember how to play it I’m awesome at that game, right John: You know all the tricks and everything, you know the back tire thing and how to level yourself? Metal: Yeah, absolutely Growing up as a kid, I was really big into motorcycles I had like a little dirt bike in my backyard, and so Excitebike was there to live out that fantasy John: They made it just for you Metal: Yeah, but it’s still fun today and that’s the key So that’s my honorable mention What about you? John: My honorable mention, if I could choose one more game, you’re going to make me think about it Metal: No pressure John: Metroid I would absolutely throw in Metroid That was the 11th game between Metroid and Bubble Bubble No, wait, it was between Metroid and Castlevania III It was down to that wire Metroid, the term today used is Metroidvania for the 2-D, side-scrolling open world, but you have do certain things to unlock areas That’s half of the origin where Metroidvania came from Metal: So doing this video, I know we’re just reminiscing here, but man, it’s like Nintendo was on fire with this console John: Metroid Metal: Oh, there you go They were just on fire, so many great franchises, and again, we just barely scratched the surface here John: Oh my God, 678 licensed Nintendo games I think there’s 20 or so games from Tengen, which is the, they have their own story Then, there’s all the Color Dream games, and the Wisdom Tree games People are still making Nintendo games today Metal: Yeah, that’s true That is very true, and hacking them Like, here we go John: Hey, look at this Why did this not be number one on my list? The Metal Jesus Rocks Video Game Are you serious? Metal: But it lives on, it lives on John: Okay, perfect Metal: So, this is just kind of like to wet your whistle, if you’re interested in getting into collecting for the NES and, hopefully, this will like get you started here and as passionate as we are John: I grew up with the Atari 2600 Metal: Yeah, me too John: I found a love for video games there, but Nintendo was my escape, it was my passion

That’s where I really unlocked this, video games is art Metal: Yep Absolutely John: I could go on like this for, I know YouTube has a limit on how long you can go, so I’d better keep it short Metal: Well, that’s cool man Well, hey dude, thanks for coming on and doing this video I’m so excited! John: I’m excited, too Now I’m looking forward to, now I’ve got to challenge you, too Let’s play some games Metal: We have to hook one of these up and play some games here John: That’s right You’re going down Metal: All right, guys Well, hey, we’d love to know in the comments, what other games you’d recommend to first-time NES collectors Post in the comments below As always, I want to thank you for watching my channel Thanks for subscribing, and take care Metal: Ah yes, such a great console I love the original Nintendo, so iconic I have a bunch more of these kinds of videos on my channel, so please subscribe I release a new video every single week Thanks for watching