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twenty twenty town hall we are so grateful that you have joined guest we’re gonna get started here in just a few moments to let folks to gather come on June that we are so appreciative that you would take time and your busy schedule to be able to join us for this critical town hall Focused on the election and making sure that your vote counts tonight we have two incredible women with those who are going to be talking to us about this upcoming election protecting your right to vote knowing your rights. We’re gonna be getting into our town hall in just a few moments of course were represented tonight by cinema county election chief you know Hershey’s delivery program thank you so much madam registrar of voters we’re gonna be talking during just a day Okay Sir can to come on to our zoom here to and of course we have system deputy state with this tonight her name is Tamera raspberry this raspberries gonna with this as I. thirty thousand foot view about the C of. Is for two your in this I’m- election your intro twenty we’re a hundred eighteens right we’re gonna it about an C. C one of. Folks Roth brag on Facebook to see and we invite to be able get in Bob into night Scott. There are three ways you’re gonna a part in we want hear from you number one you can put in you question comments critiques concerns you Into the queue in a box culinary is that the of your screen you’re free to have this up there if you’d like to be able to email us we love hear from. Email us tonight Senate Dr. At Senate dot CA dog email your are common senator dot McGuire at Senate dot CA gov if you face why world. Simply put your comment your question your greatest. Into the Jack it will be those up here in J. a bit All right lasing what we get form started a again thank all for being with us. In we will this about hour to see. My is Mike McGuire and great to be to with you. In this and Rep. From the golden Bridge to them or and the organ border and I gonna start by I think Steven the- that this is election. Why no one. Here in this of Throughout the Great United States America we’re strong With the pain. The social research of. Historic wildfires Well not to me we’re all living through one the most can Election of our- a- there’s a lot of missing for. Out there at this time. Intended confuse voters and destroy from the- in that why we were to be a to come to tonight. To present you with Josh the facts from the election next. For the first time this year election hello

Will be in all. Both buying ballot. At makes due to the pain. To keep say but also to make voting to make Monning Easy as pie. During the J times that we’re all. In I go tell you it’s worth we Jeff got the updated. From sector of state so. Approx four. Eight eight million. Almost five million cal. Have our- cast their ballot. That’s a she times as- Golden State voters voting. In twenty two. Then they did in the last president election. In thousand C. I Photo with us thank you and good evening you’ve got and of course we have the system deputy secretary of state good evening to terrorize very thank you so much as Roth referred joining with us. I they’re gonna be taking your questions are gonna be responding your comments tonight and again I would remind you this is an interactive conversation we want to hear from you. If you are on scene this evening simply drop your question you’re coming into the queue in a box at the bottom of your screen. You can email us we have several folks are now on the phone joining us tonight You’re free to email us senator Bob McGuire. At Senate dot CA dot gov if you’re a Facebook simply leave your comment in the comment section. We also dozens of questions that were submitted over the last couple weeks that we’re gonna be getting to. And of course two nights town hall is being translated in Spanish in closed captioning is now streaming All right let’s get into it we’re now going to turn it over to the Sonoma county registrar of voters. She’s gonna be given as a full briefing on how to make sure that your vote counts. Any question that you have D. that is going to be the expert the answer tonight let’s welcome delivery program. For a five minute update on the election twenty twenty here in Sonoma county in the north coast good evening. This registered voters. Good evening thank you for how. Me for. I just like to say that we- all working. Hard right now and the elections offices across the state so. Please be patient with your election officials We have a great turn out in cinema county so far we’ve received in process over ninety five thousand ballots already Which is eighty over 31% turnout. We have mailed a lot of ballots to active registered voters we’ve seen that most were delivered by the post office very quickly and we’re receiving a lot back via the post office so things seem to be running very smoothly there Voters can also return ballots to eat the official ballot drop boxes in cinema county we have twenty of those. A list of those locations can be found on our website astronomic county dot CA dot G. O. V. forward slash where to vote. We’ll also have thirty in person voting locations throughout the county that will start opening on October thirty first from nine AM to five PM. And it will be open from seven AM to eight PM on election day. Those locations can also be found on our website. Voters in other companies should check in. With our county election officials on their websites for information about their voting locations in options. And we always get a lot of questions about the protections and integrity surrounding the vote so I want to make sure that you understand that our voting systems. And processes we have in place are very secure. We do update voter rolls throughout the year and constantly we’re receiving information from a USPS from secretary of state D M. V. court records death records. We Senate ballots only two active registered voters and what I mean ballots when they come back they are checked by humans match signatures against voter registration records. So we do have to have a signature on file. We also have all the previous voter registration signatures as well as previous vote by mail signatures on file to compare against in case people signatures may have changed over the years. If a signature does not match or someone forgets to sign we will mail them a letter informing them of that fact and giving them the opportunity to correct it. We also have a pallet tracking available this year throughout the state. You can’t get notified when we process your balance and if there is a signature issue you will get notified of that. The system that we do use to counterbalance is isolated and secure. All right we. Mr no

worries you go back a couple sentences if you don’t mind we just drop you just got dropped there for that all right sorry about that- we have ballot tracking it’s available this year are you can get notified when we process your ballot in office if there’s a signature issue you can get a text or email about that. And the system that we used to count the ballots actually tally is isolated it is not connected to the internet all it’s in a secure room with limited access and video surveillance. And I just want to remind everybody that. We take the security and integrity of the election process very seriously and we have a team of people. That is absolutely dedicated to ensuring that everything goes well and then we- do our absolute best to serve the voters of cinema county and across the state. Thank you so much given Ricardo are elections chief in cinema county gives an overview about how Sonoma county is protecting your ballot ensuring the integrity of your vote we’re gonna be getting to your questions and comments we have a lot of questions coming in now feel free to drop us your question your comment you’re concerned. Indeed the queue in a box is the bottom of your screen also if you’re on Facebook simply leave your comment into the comment section or you can email us senator dot McGuire at Senate dot CA dot gov all right we heard from given Ricardo our elections chief about what’s happened is known to carry. Now we’re gonna be talking about the state of California I in we are so grateful that Temer raspberries with this tonight she’s the system deputy deputy secretary of state. For Allen Expedia she’s an expert at Monning and we are so appreciative that she’s with us tonight we’re gonna turn the floor over for the next forty five minutes to miss raspberry To give us an update. Thirty thousand foot view. It’s a- thank you so for inviting dads office be part of your town tonight thank you for everyone for joining obviously if you’re here you’re interested voter add your average interested in the process I just wanna let you know that the process is Faced since twenty sixteen we have been working nonstop to fortify all the systems protect the voter registration. Rolls and our statewide database of voters. And we have a staff of five hundred posted thousands of. Ads charity workers and their different registrars offices around the state I have been working to make sure that the ballots were delivered safely the balance. When we return safely and that every ballot will be counted M because of the pandemic that governor and the legislature- along with advice to the secretary of state. Bates sure that everyone received their ballot in the mail because we didn’t want people to choose between protecting our health and exercising their right to vote so we want to make sure that everyone receive their ballot and now and as this process returning three ways J. retarded and that the US postal service. Create they don’t understand you can drop your ballot add a yes they’re still Dropbox. Account you registered Dropbox and you can also deliver it in person at the Bill Skinner was this opened up and so now my on October thirty first. And I just also want everyone to know that the US postal system is a safe delivery at partner to receive your ID everyone receive their ballot by the US post office so you sure can be user at use the post office to return your ballot to. We I personally went to the- coastal distribution center in Oakland to observe how they are handling the ballots and all ballots are being handled with care they’re all. Turned over very quickly in just a matter of hours from the time they received to the post of center to the time they get on delivery tried to be delivered to the registrar’s office it’s only about a forty five hour process. So to be very they’re being process quickly I think they said like four thousand per hour are being processed so add the system is safe they have signs all over so that everyone who works there knows what to look for on the ballot That’s why your ballot envelopes. I bad if you want to return them another way you can definitely put the minute try box. And you can all deliver them and those last two ways usually they someone handing In my spare I voted stickers so Beth there a lot of ways that at to return it because we just want everyone to be safe and make sure that you’ve I don’t know and this photo you talk about that of the Bill centre’s There to five I. That said Sunday and then I’ll let de

Bill be open from seven A. to eight PM. You just missed the registration. Registration if you have that. To vote the deadline was on the nineteenth of October but what’s the belt here’s hoping you can. Register to vote and- vote that same day it’s causing the voter registration we have to do that in person at the bell centre or at the county elections. So just happy to answer all your questions that you have I just want you know we have a whole team. That just want to make sure that your vote is protected and safe and it will be your ballot will be counted I thank you so much that’s generated very terrorized Deputy secretary of state here in the state of California thank you miss raspberry are in this program. All right it’s now time for the most important part of this evening’s foreman next hearing from you we’re gonna ask. This raspberries Brody to take themselves off mute we’re gonna go lightning round. I will be honest with you we are literally getting Dozens of questions coming in since we started so what we’re gonna do is that despite all this raspberry will take about thirty to sixty seconds to be able to address your question We’re gonna get to as many as possible in the next forty five minutes when I remind you Email senator dot McGuire at Senate dot CA dot gov. Senator dot McGuire at Senate dot CA dot dot email us your questions or comments. Or if your Facebook dropping into Facebook will make sure that I get the questions and comments. And or just drop your questions in G two G. one A. section you’re on. We’re gonna get right Jean so let’s get into what a lot of questions I’m- I want to. First start out with the election G the county of single. We’re getting a lot of questions about. Folks registering on the nineteenth- that registar so this comes in from the owner the owner asked appealing number just reading through The Bob on the nineteenth We’ll get sent valid time for the election. This part. I yes we will be we have been processed all those register Aniston cross we’re running a update to get those ballots out in the mail to the voters. All right so again you read Sherman There’s nothing nothing to worry about correctness further. Correct all right we’re gonna stick with delivery protocol she’s the cinema county registrar of voters. A lot of questions about when you actually start counting ballots let’s talk about yeah. I was pro how many ballots do you think one more time have come in so far. We’ve processed about ninety five thousand so far. Okay so let’s let’s talk about the definition of processing versus counting the ballots. In when can you start counting so tell us what is processing meaning and then talk to us when you start counting go right ahead and register. All right so processing is really as we receive them we’ll stand them we’ll do our signature checking if the signatures good we will extract the ballots from the envelope so we don’t know how people voted- and then we will scan. Those ballots and make sure that we know who. The bogus for so college education if somebody made a mistake or something like that will make sure that the vote is given to the right person. We actually count anything or tally anything Intel eight PM on election night. So everything is in. The system ready to go button. Dennis how insult PM When the polls close we will back by that’s we’re going our first chance that’s from going to be close to on our- night All right Ricardo soon Richard order yes. Inside former the state. Not John. And eight PM Yes so the Bill that are processed. To be prepared for counting but the actual tally mechanism that’s up loaded into the- computers that deliver the information to the secretary of state’s office. None of that happens until eight one. Eight and so and they will start receiving the tallies and so you can check our website L dot CA dot gov. For real time election returns so those will be process- as we get them on election night and then. For the next few days because obviously we have twenty one million voters well I said bad process and we’ll post those twice a day. Updated numbers I see on our website I. neki disorders question we’re gonna stick with them is raspberry security talks. Miss raspberry how long do you believe. It will take to be able to count All of the boats that remained in I’m gonna ask this raspberry looking for crystal ball. So your first. You will. That we’re gonna have a record turnout this year. Number one you know two I the more. It we have come Bill it take that’s no. Correct please respiratory

And also this year ballots that are postmarked by November third because that we anticipated. It needs a ladies that might be with postal Sir They have sent days. To return to be received by the registrar’s office so we’ll still be counting ballots that oversee. Twenty and so I would caution that any one who’s watching a candidate declare victory on election night I would just caution that you Dodd lest you see a 100% verification totals on the election returns that we will be counting ballots or at least thanksgiving probably. Again it’s normal but I know I’m gonna come back. Because you didn’t give us your crystal ball so- so what is your customer number twenty. Okay here we go. Do you believe in the trade that you’re seeing now are we on track for potential record breaking turnout. Absolutely absolutely I mean the registration deadline was on the nineteenth and on that day we already had twenty two million registered voters and so I don’t know this program which you can see with the balance with the registrations that you received on Monday. Baghdad we’re absolutely gonna have records right now we’re already hitting record turnout numbers I know one county the Monday after ballots were first delivered at five thousand returns the balance it just been a limited overs on Friday so people filled them out over the weekend and they were received by the I had. Register’s office on Monday and that was just what I think that was contrast to county so yes record turned out definitely. Thank you we’re gonna go we’re gonna J. thirty seconds Steven Ricardo some kind of action chief your crystal ball prediction do you anticipate record turnout or near record turnout in cinema County I would say yes. Where nearly. Your record you know what I you put on the line no no we have a very high one mark had nine three turn out two thousand eight I don’t know if we can make it I hope we can but I don’t know if I’m willing to say that we. Are going to surpass. I love it de you so Are G. deeper program we’re gonna now go to next for debate and that’s coming from Perl Perl ask is mailing boating safer cinema county indoor all California voters she wants to be certain that her ballot is received and counted. Better register. I would it is absolutely safe to vote by mail- cinema county we have over 82% of our voters regularly vote by mail. I think that’s so it’s not as quite as high throughout the state but we have a very high number of people who do this every single year- and the easiest way to Make sure that your vote is counted as sign up to track your ballot- through where’s my ballot. And you will get notifications when it’s process that your signature is good and we’re going to be able to count. All right we’re gonna stick with even Ricardo this next question is coming from Michael in- we’re gonna go to the secretary of state’s office miss raspberry here in just a moment on the same question Michael asked what sure Ince’s are there that the computers won’t be hacked when you do the count Jean. That’s coming in from Michael Ian Maria let’s go to a registered voter they were gonna go right voters in go to security talks Steven Ricardo SO are telling machines are not connected to the internet we use a system that’s been certified from the secretary of state- they do lots of testing on it. Our systems are secure people physically can’t access that room- we have physical controls as well as the I. T security in place to make sure that it is. I’m Hannah. Thank you so much I this call to Mr security C. office. About hacking is gonna lot of coverage about that how do we that won’t happen to our election system is transferred Well I Mistretta said our systems are connected to the internet our system as receiving de ad information from the counties as they report their totals that’s also not connected to the internet it’s- it’s a difficult number usually someone’s. Calling in in delivering the numbers. Or thousand do secured system but it it’s not internet based we’ve been working like I said the last four years. Fortify our systems are building itself is fortified it’s limited access on the floor is limited Zero access and I. T. room where ad where those machines that had so- and the secretary is a constant communication Andy at I.’s homeland security To add get recieves at their any stress our system and- I will add those are classified but- we’re not- we’re not aware of any. Thank you so much as raspberry we’re taking your

questions your comments. Even meet your delivery proto is the elections chief in cinema county along with Temer raspberry- who is the assistant deputy secretary of state here in California we’re grateful to both of them along with all of you have joined us here tonight. Let’s go back to our election chief in cinema county this next question is coming from our early R. Lee asked how often do balance in the drop off the ballot. Boxes get collected. It’s about other. I think we didn’t call on. Sunday but it’s- just about every forty eight hours otherwise. On a rotating schedule and then we also go out and check if we get any reports about boxes full That may come straight back to the elections office. Thank you how are those ballots transported back to the office We have teams of two will go about can’t be along with anybody and so they go retrieve the ballots they do eight counts there how many they have they bring them straight back to the elections office. And then we do a verification count when they get back to our office. All right let’s keep it we are slowly getting Alexion’s G. I. Let’s talk about the whole secured there’s been a lot of the media- in concerns about folks. Being stated goals not being intimidated so let’s talk about you common questions are coming into night Steven you Steven as the first what about polls security across The county what is the whole security look like the second question we’re getting a lot of these I’m what happens if someone shows up with a gun to a polling station I know. I it’s unfortunate we have to talk like this there’s a lot in the media we want to dispel the backs- and then also talk with you about the response. It would use the situation arise let’s go to the memory program Will go to the sector’s Bates I will. Order the guy if you’ll- to carry a firearm. In a phone place. And are it’s- our poll workers to call law enforcement if they do see somebody is breaking a law like that. We want everybody to be safe and we’re not allowed to- or they’re not allowed to do any type of voter intimidation Regarding security we are training our own workers we have. Ten people at each location so. We do have. A large number of poll workers They are given information on de escalation how to work with people. And contacts for our office as well as all the local law enforcement we’re also you contact with law enforcement to make sure that they are aware of all the locations and able to respond if there’s any issues. Thank you Steven Bradford of the cinema connection G. rabbit. Deputy secretary of state that’s our raspberry quickly miss raspberry on the issue of election security statewide I want to address that. Yes well bad advice all those years around the state that and firearms are not allowed statute. And all counties have at work with their law enforcement so that the law enforcement does every single those areas so there is. Admin instead they can quickly respond but I also know that and- uniformed police officers are not allowed in the- at last are the- but- so we just also want to make sure people feel safe. Going and that there should be any voter intimidation and whether perceived or actual. Thank you so much has terrorized very from the California secretary of state’s office we’re gonna go now over to you I give him very proud of the cinema county elections chief. Yeah do you need to ask. She’s asking for a friend on this issue she says this if the mistake was made on one of the two both cards in a replacement ballot that ballot was requested in the knowledge by the register voters- D. N absent G. email. Is the first Original ballot void. Yes if we issues you a ballot invoices the first one so you can only use one ballot so you there will be multiple ballots out there assigned to one person We’re gonna stick with even Ricardo now this one is coming from Italy and she says I don’t want to mail my ballot at this time what is the best way to make sure my vote counts so if someone wants to drive their ballot in right now. I didn’t Ricardo talk about how they can drop it off of the registered voters and then it’s talk about those. Ballot boxes and then talk to us about voting centers All right so I’m people can come in to personally drop off their ballots- we have a drive through as well as a box out front. Our office which is at four three five physical drive And Dropbox drive thru is twenty four hours the drop boxes just during office hours We have twenty drop boxes around the county that are twenty four seven. Are they are

sure metal bolted to the ground John they are. Story little things- with a lot of capacity so they can hold a lot of balance. Those are Jeff frequently so they’ll get back to our office quickly again as I mentioned signing up for tracking your ballot will make sure that you are aware that we have received your ballot. And then in person voting locations you can drop off your ballot any one of those during- they are ours which ninety five early voting days and seven AM to eight PM on election day And then you’re also she’s devoted person. All right Steven Wright. Islamic I registered voters we are now going to be going to a question from any we’re gonna have. To have a raspberry secretary of state’s office indeed Ricardo answered Israel started this raspberry the treasury shares what in these questions. Are you need early mail ballots counted on religion you’ve already said that that’s not the case all counted starting at. Eight OO one you’re not cheating you’re in California What is the off date. For returning ballot yeah been counted on election day the first reported. There so like I said before ballots if they are being males are even that received de CV risk. Postmarked by November third so you paid again the mail make sure your pet dropping it in no later than November third and- obviously if it’s a drop box it’s collected if it’s and I dropped off in person it’s also collected that same day. And but like I said before the mail has seventeen days so from Bill number third the ballot has until November twenty yet to be received by the registered voters to be counted so that’s why. We’ll see trickles of those coming in yeah probably the first wave November third then I another wave three days later when I was a member started ballot ballots that are postmarked November third I never see that numbers may start to change as ballots are still coming in. That just now what’s your ballot as Steven shore has been verified on your envelope you your ballot will be counted as center also black people to know that if for some reason they can’t deliver their ballot themselves if they’re available then they can have someone deliver their ballots for them they just have to sign at the top of the envelope That says. Ideas yeah terrorized by missions deliver my balance. That’s thank you so much miss read we’re go back now to Ricardo coming in from I know in on passport register signatures do you see the Richard if we will counties in the last couple of years. Now we’ll only see the cinema county records. Okay so again it’s still loose from Santa Barbara Santa Clara right you’re only seeing that using they would sign. Yes okay we’re gonna stick with you I even Ricardo was election G. this is coming from Janet I a senior friend threw away his absentee ballot whatever Robert. You have to get in get it to a mailbox can G. now be issued a new one if you screw as first ballot away I. Just hope that works I’m he can contact our office- by phone by email. And we can re issue him a valid it’ll go out in the mail within a day or so- and get to him before the election and you can totally use it when we issue on your ballot will will void the original one. All right I thank you so much that you’re worried proto cinema county selection G. I’m- Jim is writing and she wants to volunteer as a bulwark I should I sign up as a. Poll worker or do you have it covered. This we have a covered we have to. Our place. Workers pretty in the process and we had a wonderful response this year. So we have our polling places covered- but if you’re interested sign up for a future year would love to have you. So I would look I’m gonna ask you some- repeating questions because folks are coming in and out of the form in. I’m not Kenya we now have about six new questions in regards to boating accident Jean and dropping off the ballot so I’m gonna go to terrorize. This one’s coming in for more burgers I don’t have to G. if I drop off my ballot this week. When will it be counted I want to be sure you haven’t John I. November third so let’s just be honest. Even if you vote this week Depending on how many ballots are arriving county it may not be counted that. First night that beat their statement. I yes. Because thousands of

thousands be received an ad process. But I think someone could be confident that the totals released by November third if they have that they know that their ballot because they- signed up for ballot tracks or where’s my balance so they know about was received by the registrar’s office. Then they can be confident I Beth Fairly confident that those November third returns will include their ballot I can’t tell you like it will be the first wave you have a Robert E L. five numbers. But it. Might be the eleven thirty PM numbers or the white a M. numbers- bad it that will. Likely I am pretty calm about like happen but also note that your vote will be counted and the secretary of state has thirty days to certify the election So those numbers that come in artificial intelligence verified secretary of state which happens three days after the election. Our I will not Touch on. I of the- I do not look this is a non partisan event tonight. The number one question that we received tonight are on the phone any voter drop off boxes that have Appeared in several central California counts. So what I’d like to do is what is happening did you hear that your main question. What’s happened with those boxes are they still out there number one. In what’s happening with those ballots that were in the box so I did not want to go to delivery program- after miss raspberry to see if we had any of these phony voter- drop off boxes appear in sin okay but let’s start. What’s happened is raspberry represents securities office with these phony voter drop off boxes share well the ones that we weren’t made aware of in the ways that you probably saw the news had been removed and those ballots were delivered to the county registrar’s office so those ballots are already safe in the hands of the county registrar’s office. We continue to monitor and investigate it’s really up to the public to inform us if they had C. A. R. Allen drop box at they are unsure if that’s- a special Dropbox nasty can call our office at one eight hundred. Three four five votes or obviously the cinema county elections office and let us know Hey I saw this take a picture rather take us on Twitter and. C. H. E. S. a last C. A. of state I’ll bet we don’t have to. Out driving or looking dropping are right now so it’s really up to the public and that’s how those first drop boxes were brought to our attention or by the public saying Hey this doesn’t look right. Your best. That’s great I it obviously the city California took some court action as well on that yes. Yes we did file a cease and desist and they- complied and said they seized and then they just says Baghdad was to those entities that were identified early so we just have to make sure that no other entities are putting out and I would call the state drop boxes but and non official. And Allen Dropbox. Thank you that’s terrorized ratio is with the sector’s he’s office for grateful we’re now gonna get even Ricardo I’m not a registered voters have we seen any of these fake phony drop boxes in cinema county or you heard any of the north coast I’m not aware of any instrumentality or the north coast but we definitely got a lot of voters who were concerned about it. Yeah in again- this pro what what do the cinema county registered voters the official voter drop boxes look like you’re I statue liberty on their describe those boxes. And I know you got twenty locations give us some key locations Where folks can access them- with their metal they’re sturdy voltage the grounds at a I’m just a small slot where you can put a ballot. Really not much else- most of. Our new ones are blue. Multiple language on a our account CEO it has our phone number or contact information statue of liberty in flags. On some of our older ones are white but they still have the COO- our our contact information and all the languages on them as well. It’s a great story really focus should be looking for that read Sanoma county C. O. on there as well I see no it’s official Hey I know we’re consults find out where’d you drop out where those twenty boxes located is- internet address books don’t you. Yes they can go to much dot CA dot G. O. V. forward slash where to vote. We are all Egalet drop boxes and in person locations listed there. Right C. N. I. N. he wants your

opinion matter registered voters is it safer to put your ballot in the mail. Or to walk your ballot in. I think it’s up to the individual voter what they feel safest doing- some people feel that they need to walk it in and that’s what makes them feel comfortable and some people feel completely comfortable doing it through the mail so I think it’s completely. A voter choice. All right I we’re gonna go down to ten raspberry but she is with the sector states office is the system deputy secretary of state. We’re gonna go to first to a question to a comment First of all Steven Wright seen. This raspberry do you plan to keep ballot tracking in place for future elections are gonna be described what the heck ballot tracking news. It’s pretty cool actually and then just before you start Robert Wright chimes in and says she says this is not a question but just a comic I love the new balance tracking it’s genius and it’s given me so much peace of mind so let’s talk about what Robert said. Tell us about ballot tracking in how. Does it give people a piece of mine Yes outside ballot ballots tracks it’s a program by. A third party vendor that connects the bar code that’s on the envelope. And the system that the post office uses to add tracker ballot that bar code is I. is identifiable as belonging to this particular voter and it tracks it and when it’s at the post office and they would they are received by the registrar of voters office at. Bat and bar code is scanned and that’s how we get the data- I should say we but balance tracks gets the data we started it add two years ago I believe in implemented it statewide This year just to make sure that every how had to it another states also adopted ballot tracks so it’s been in California for a couple years this isn’t our first election cycle with it but it’s great information it also helps us To try and get numbers real time numbers that’s how I was able to save his Connie Bassett returned to date because of ballot tracks as we have that data so it’s a great data collection. For the state but also gives voters a piece of mind that their ballot was Steven can get the text message their ballot was at liberty to get that text message and you get another one saying about was counted so this is at is an amazing amazing system that were added. Just thankful to the legislature because of suspending that we’ve seen in the legislature we were able to and Vidak program and make sure that was implemented statewide all right this next one is coming from Kathy Cathleen who has a family member or receives. Delivery pros arsenal can collections G. I can’t their family member can Kathy’s family member faxed in their ballot. To the cinema county registrar of voters. Yeah overseas. Are allowed to receive their ballots by mail And by. As well your- a remote accessible but mail. And then making print to that ballot out there is a paper copy and that can be emailed or faxed back to our office by law. Right I still that’s- absolutely Roger could be for our military personnel as well correct yes Right we’re gonna go to a very specific question W. worry part of she is on tonight and- Russian so this is coming in for really Liliana sense my daughter myself have the same name in last. Same address is well last election two thousand sixteen my daughter received the information at the cinema county that’s number again G about. But I never received one this time I want to make sure we are two different persons mother daughter in both votes are counted I’m sure both those are county but let’s talk about how each individual contract there about that’s coming thank you so much will be on. Your question is going to give M ori Berger. I sick is up for ballot tracks it’s going to ask for your name and your date of birth- so you will have different dates of birth here if you have a different voter records. Are then your daughter so you will be able to individually track your ballots. Through ballots tracks make sure that you and as seen when they’re counted and then you could also go on secretary of state website. If he wanted Jim to look up your voter status make sure you’re there as well as TV status of your ballots for the selection and also for previous elections When I dress you shoot at really. It’s now coming in I and heavy right now it’s about

making sure that. Balladeer valid beginning early it’s going to be counted on election. I think that it’s good to just be well let’s level folks. Okay this is going to be a massive massive. Cinema county California across the image. I think we need to dispel any myths that we’re going to have. Final decision On election you know we may have I knew sure- turnout numbers- in regards what’s been. Who’s voted in initially Caroline G. but as far as local races are propositions. You have up until thirty days. To certify the election Senate I’m gonna go to camera. Let’s just the myth that I it may not be all night we see some of these races all. Yes we always say it’s not over until we’re certified. We do know and we’re hearing from a lot of people that they really want to make sure that their vote is posted on election night even if they’re voting by mail- one of the things that we’ve seen in the past is when people drop off their vote by mail ballot at. The polling place it’s not going to be processed until afterwards we don’t have the capacity to do any of the signature checking or security verifications. On those vote by mail envelopes until after the election so if you really want and your approach is showing up in those early returns it’s best to get it in as early as possible to give the registrar of voters office. The opportunity to process it to the signature Jackie- we will probably stop processing vote by mail- on October thirtieth or thirty first. Just because we’re going to be making the switch and focusing our resources on the in personality so if you’re dropping off your vote by mail. The weekend before the election it’s very likely it will not show up in those early returns so the earlier you can get it and the more likely it’s going to show up. Okay thank you so much Let’s take a look at I statewide news raspberry. Look bottom line is near record record turnout this year it’s not just California but are you everybody wants to see who’s gonna win for president you’re right this is what is coming down. Whatever side you’re on There may be some. That too close to call number. And most Take I sometimes a week several weeks up to thirty days to be ever certified account so can you talk about that this record Yes well I have heard it said we have thirty days to certify the election but yes election night is I we anticipate the bass but some states. They’ll be lawsuits filed that will stop account you know you Florida’s probably are examples from back in two thousand where different courts and thank you counsel accounts account account. And so we don’t anticipate that California but in those states where. The that Jeff between a you can’t would be based a few thousand votes he can expect that there will be some legal action and that those will be counted as- stop and then proceed depending on- the process is the court system. Baggett just know that a California your velvety kind of out it quite possibly may not be posted and those first returns on election night but that doesn’t mean that your vote will be counted towards the total happening in California electoral colleges indeed till December so we have. Lots of time to make sure that all of those are verified it kind and we just ask people to be very very patient and just understand that it does take a long time. To we rather be accurate and correct it’s fast should be able to deliver returns for the country. Yeah so the secretary always says we rather be correct in fact as is correct means it’s gonna take some time to ask others. Just to be. Because Richard to sure that every Bill comes in is counted thanks with Beth. Day return from Robert third just now that. November twentieth Kaliska still receive ballots that. It doesn’t added to the total that you’ll see coming in on the third all right that is the system W. sectors terrorize berry we’re taking your questions got about ten minutes. To go here we’re taking your questions we’re gonna injured our ten minute lightning round we’re gonna be just watching this possible I miss raspberry miss proto they are going to be moving on this so here we go ten minute I like being around. If you were emailing senator dot McGuire at Senate dot CA dot gov email your questions your comments it is something that the culinary the icon at the bottom of your

screen or if your Facebook we welcome your comments there. As well here we go and go to some comments we’ll right C. that track is cool. Jack just wrote in I received. To date that my balance was reached just track it’s hit. I want to go talk about you can his. It rose brings up look so county the north has been a- by while. In we’ve been devastated here’s rose question is it true that registered voters. Can vote in any precinct if they’ve lost their home- it buy a wildland fire at the foster home by wildfire say they’re living in a hotel for example they’re not even in the county residents Is it true that a registered voter can vote in any sport precinct- in the state twenty twenty. Let’s ask even reprogram. So you can vote the instant county. You can roads- if you are a registered cinema county voter you can both in the any. In person voting location in cinema county so if you are in the snow my area and something happens to your home you can vote in Petaluma orbit data Beth or Cloverdale with no issues. On if you want to go to a different county. You cannot lotus Norfolk County ballot in a different county we don’t share the ballots you would need to re register and have a residence address in the upper county. If you have lost your- home and you are in a different location. Your staying down in southern California contact our office and we will work with you to make sure that you have the opportunity to focus on accounting. In the second question our wills has will California I’d be required to vote outside. Of our normal recent. No what we’re doing is looking up in our voter. So in a live system to verify that you are a registered voter you have not already casting votes- and at that point when will issue you a ballot were waiting any other ones allowing you to cast. Your vote five. No that’s great thank you delivery precious M. K. elections G forty Wiener lightning round final ten minutes of our town hall tonight we’re gonna go to John is question. Donna is asking even Ricardo is it legal for me to drop off and neighbors C. O. ballot. At the county ballot box. Absolutely state law allows any voter to authorize somebody else to return their ballot. And they can fill out the top part of that flat for cinema county And authorize. You to bring about back to us all right I’m gonna go. To R. as does sector of state. Very talent you just thirty seconds or less we’re still getting quite. About the fate. I Dodd boxes that had turned in folks are just tuning out. Thirty seconds or less what is his date done to remedy. It solved that problem the state ballot boxes and by the way. Nope outbox big ballot boxes big bands. Or coast that’s going to turn around very each also recap what’s been done we are ready to start. So along with the Attorney General we did file a cease and desist letters to those parties that we had identified as putting out. And drop boxes that were marked official either they weren’t official. And those boxes have been removed and we had that’s our education to make sure that the public. Understands this is what an official Dropbox looks like and this is. How you find an official drop box on the website dot C. Dodd guide you can find your- ballot box. Its nearest you or your nearest drop off. And we’re also asking for the public’s help in identifying and drop boxes that. May look suspicious M. as so that’s why we have twenty four hour monitoring of our social media so if you find one basic. And send it to us on Twitter and make sure you tag the secretary of state’s office. Because we want to make sure that. Those are made in that was brought to our attention by the public. Anyway so we’re depending on the public. Thank you so much Iran With you probably. States opposite to go to the cinema county like G. even worry Lower right seeing may I get My ballot at any polling place Yeah all rights how does that work should walks and what what is your do I’m we’re gonna have the vote by mail ballot box at the end okay at close the door so they’ll just have to walk in drop the ballot off and then they can go on their merry way all right we’re gonna stick with the right part of the cinema county elections G Peter right Jean Pierre says I first time voter I knew in US is pretty cool according to my first election what do I need to do what I need to know to make informed accurate vote and that’s coming from. Peter first time voter in. New US citizen walks. Cancellations D. I don’t

either. I would say and in terms of getting the information we have information on our website we mail out the California voter information guide at the secretary of state has information on their website about the state propositions- so reach out to your elections officials and we’ll get you all the official information about. All right it would be even Ricardo we are in our lightning round we got about five minutes left of our town halls we’re gonna go to I D. like to gonna go to camera even for people whose signatures made changed over the years what is the best. Way to avoid rejection. I would say just sign your regular signature- if you are really concerned about it you might be able to look at your driver’s license to see how you signed that one. We have gotten a lot of signatures from the DMV so sometimes we will have those on file. But rest assured if your signature does not match we will now. You will have the opportunity to correct. Thank you given Ricardo Santana Lexus G. for not going to go to the system deputy. Secretary of state Janet is asking you general to please note again the info on how same day voter registration works. Thirty seconds if you don’t mind camera how do. You go to registration work. Go to your in person voting center. I find it on the website. Tell them you want to register to vote they will provide you S. one to register to vote. It will provide you a provisional ballot which is about that is guaranteed after there’s further identification verification. Add you could try a sicker. And you have voted All right the that’s we’re- stick. With this. Timbre he- Bill right seen it should be noted that balance left in a remote post office box needs to be collected. Taking to the local post office and then driven to the Oakland postal facility this can take several hours in results. The end result maybe ballots not being postmark on November third would it not be better to advise voters to drop off ballots after noon on November third so let’s talk about that Jean written. Yes this is a vote a UPS store for example And they drop their ballot in the U. P. S. store slot. What happens then. It is picked up by the postal carrier and then they go to their other routes and pick up the other locations Baghdad the post office knows that the mail coming in from that location was picked up on November third so even though it may have several hours to travel to the processing center because it’s been identified as this is the November third thank god even though made it physically arrived at the processing center on November fourth. It will happen November third at. Eight all right I’m gonna I thank you so much so again I think pay attention to the times of pick up. On the box. On the on the mailbox diva she is the cinema county elections chief last two minutes. When is the last time you will check the voter drop off back- county boxes on election night. We are gonna have county employees and teams of two at every single ballot drop location at eight PM at eight PM they’re going to lock those ballot boxes no more ballots can go in. The ballots will be removed and brought back to our office. So what do you believe that you’re gonna check- it Randy there’s not gonna be any checking after almost closed talk about that how when is the last check we more time. For that vote by mail ballots but yeah or if you folks drop of let’s say someone drives up and puts a ballot on November third at ten PM in one of the county. A legal drop off boxes when you check that. We will be going back to and close everything up- and winterize them for lack of a better word but the actual input slots are going to be locked on eight PM so there’s no way to get a ballot and- got it thank you so much. We’re gonna stick with you G. but thank you both for your undies work tonight it’s been rapid fire Richard asked me about what is the process for verifying Yakin just. The articles you have a mailing or absentee ballot two signatures what’s the process for verifying. That Austin extinguisher. We are comparing it against the rotor register cigna the past voter reg Signatures as well Allen but by Nielsen. Or any your lie that you might received the past we do have a human checking. And if they’re not sure it goes through a second management review. All right I want to Ask Jim right here from surgery states office and we’re gonna ask for closing comments camera Your opinion what is the safest way to deliver my absentee

ballot that’s coming in from germane Germaine is asking what is the safest way to deliver my absentee ballot. Probably be after the safest way is to walk into the elections office and deliver it at their at Dropbox solidity at the- cinema county registered voters office. As then that’s collected on site it is process and we’ll be ready ready to town. Ways of delivery we discussed fourth in the mail in the drop box and impossibilities are all state I did not a house for twenty after he- don’t added. Every single year so I just is to. I appreciate de LA in John that is a quick our I couple dozen questions asking you are over to Jim we’re gonna ask two panelists to be able to give us some. Comments good advice is we head into the final two weeks guess last than two weeks Jim third well with the sector is office closing comments and- by. Is we in the five stretch of Alexa twenty twenty miss Rask. Well thank you require for provide this to as thank you for the- all of your the and cry could be at that would die C. A. that geo. You just your- Holly looked. They got C A. dot G. O. V. we built a website so it’s one stop shopping because we want voters to be an informed voter is a frequent voter so we just want to make sure everyone in California has all the information they need transparencies are. Our number one goal this year so you’ll be. Receiving a lot of communication from our office thank you so much for this time- this raspberry jam raspberry she’s the assistant deputy secretary of state we are so grateful for you being with us tonight thank you so much. Closing comments from the chief at the cinema county elections office at Steven reproaches are registered voters I’m. Closing comments invested by. I would just say I you so much for joining us tonight. Make sure that you get your votes in early vote early vote safe is what we’re saying It gives us a better chance of Clearing up any issues with your signature it gets your vote counted most likely in those early election results And we just wanna make sure that everybody’s vote counts so where available for questions And we’re here to help you cast your vote in this election Even Ricardo she’s never getting elections G. then I gotta say does an amazing job on behalf of the people of cinema county. Hi a I got an idea no one no one is working harder to protect your Bob and even Ricardo and secretary via Our secretary of state yeah we’re so grateful to him and of course it’s never raspberries well look our bottom line for two nights for me to be able to come together your present you With just the facts from these two incredible election experts and there is a lot of hyperbole out there. In the world today what we wanted to do is hi through the B. S. and to be able to give you the best price possible to be able to cast your vote. We are in good hands with the sector’s date announced via. Ricardo was a registered voters here in Salem county there are few thank you I thank you. Thank you Terry While Jason Liles Morrissey thank you Gaines who is help make tonight possible we are so appreciative. So appreciative that you would join us tonight if you have any questions were happy needs always emails senator Scott McGuire. At Senate dot CA dot gov get out there and go well Alexion date in the mail November third at polls close at eight PM polls open at seven PM. Thank you so much for joining us we’ll be seeing. You next time get out there to Bob. He