francis’s fasten the u_s_ election and not cognitive elite is important the confirmation of the chinese in details to the contrary to the next decade we have says the extent and the limits of the change in the next ten years time looking for from you soon democracy ways of the west exceptional moment americans had tied together at title economic embraced and they are the two of my kids nations in the well the will once leaves the bread out of the other now the campaign is over the president has to return to the practical realities of dealing with china we think and they can send you the architect of u_s_-china relations in his first television interview since president obama was re-elected we’ll be discussing china’s future pot-bellied in chinese altered activist a political theorist is professor here that is in beijing and shanghai and the american political scientist who wrote the jade character also tonight the prime minister ishi’s this morning about trial by a twitter she’s reads right because there is a danger formal castle that this could turn into a sort of a sort of which i’m particularly its people uh… all day are from politicians being unfairly funded by social media the redeeming the leadership of the world’s second largest economy is being replaced according to plan but the incoming president in his gang of six will come under increasing internal and external pressure has decade of power as his entire hangs over to shooting pain in the end of the communist parties eighteenth national congress the clamor in the country of a corruption among the elite is ever-larger the demand for social change health care and pension stronger many students in the millions from the conduct of the city more intense anger at the savannah state lighter he and i was a ready said there’d be no western-style democracy but how much will global media fuel continued protest here’s our economics editor paul mason now berries theater spectacle but no drama a p provides a sham is not improved no indeed expression tally nothing bad no indeed like voting against welcome that happily forty times bad district of the political risk is simple handover of leadership from one generation to the next which is a great guy c_o_ two in manhattan at intel’s leaving them with is still a good morning fantasy nanti combat interruption and promoting political integrity is a clear-cut and long-term political commitment of the party if we fail to handle this issue well he could prove fatal to the party and even close to collapse of the party and before the first night recently that said show me the order at least front yard bullshit life until this year the food most powerful man in china was disgraced after his wife was convicted of murdering the british businessman pasta bowl what the leadership desires not to is calm the one thing that uh you can say about china is that after the cultural revolution their senior leadership decided that they needed consensus and that they didn’t want any radical departures in policy and i think one of the reasons that pose she live the former party chief of the strong chain was perched was that he was in that kind of leader he was charismatic you had a lot of really different policies and i think he threatened to upset that balance and so i think what we do know is that there will be a lot of continuity the tiananmen square massacre in nineteen eighty nine was the product of a split within the party between reformers and hardliners the leadership bowed never again to let the debate on political and economic change still aren’t onto the streets instead it takes place between two on that note instructions at the highest level the incoming politburo standing committee falls into two camps one loyal to former leader jiang zemin and another group aligned with current leader magento the g_m_ group built careers in the fast growing coastal provinces based and

against democratic reform of from more rapid move to the free market they are in this sense the most capitalist communists in china the group around who came up with in the party’s youth league their slogan promote social harmony is code for delivering tolerable lifestyles to workers and presents and alleviating social conflict the new leader she jing ping comes from the jiang faction who you see appeal experienced model hardship he went to the countryside at age of fifteen has spent seven years in the back towards the regions of china and then start looking at every level of the chinese government thank you john way way is ishaan high academic his best-selling book he said to have includes the new leader has a personality yeah this is a very important and uh often that he can speak his mind open so severe that he will start what would you do differently division tel i think the he said many times whenever he picks up a new position he try to see what his predecessor’s has done if you want to maintain certain coherence and continued uh… but the party can’t afford just continuity outside breaks for the people this brief and startled protest justice small and two of the problems trying to faces the middle class once a big a slice of the party the internet is awash with grievance the environments on the severe strain and dave she jing ping with strong links to the military could be the mountain advance where his predecessor could not hold towards more democracy within the party and more political freedom when something what they’re trying to say in this congress is not easy take this the political bureau has comprehensively pushed forward the socialist economic political cultural social conservation culture construction with various causes achieving remarkable results it’s impervious to logic how would you all here it wasn’t remarkable or comprehensive home what courses what the subtext wall they space clear the chinese leadership house seeing the arab spring and he’s terrified of the chinese spring chinese parking lectures not talked about that hope to prevent our revolution and people compare uh… that uh uh… the french revolution coming into the s_ and l_ uh… saying is that uh that uh… are unique to you sometimes in the gene stockton exchange answer that aunty uh… or such risks all political reform this is the most dangerous careful revolution not because of some consultees also like this in argument facing strikes disturbances always heavily repressed the leadership in september provoked its own disturbances picking a fight with japan over disputed islands launch street demonstrations to close down japanese factory this much to the high winds dispute it is again theater but he’s left the west on china’s neighbors wondering where things go next well the outgoing leader doctor heavy hinted today forgot contact we should enhance the capability to compuserve point range of military tasks the most important of which is to have the ability to win local wars keenan information page last year president obama authorized a major redeployment by the u_s_ military to asia known as the pivot it involves moving nine thousand u_s_ marines from japan to glum australia and hawaii together with strategic missile systems putting for high-tech combat ships into the vital trade lane of singapore moving a fifth of the navy ships currently in the atlantic to the pacific including a possible aircraft carrier to australia and this talk of moving some of the troops in afghanistan to the philippines the american kid that was really the most important things to obama administration did and i think it was utterly amazing ready and none of the debates was a any discussion about its appropriateness or what its future ought to be uh… i think that since the financial crisis of four years ago of the chinese have been much more assertive in foreign policy and particularly in these territorial disputes in the south china sea and they’ve been saying some pretty outrageous things uh… about poem uh… for example the fact that none of the states uh… because in that area can talk to each other about how to deal with the rise in china they all have to

simply deal with china bilaterally on the eve of the congress and influential party theorist warmed up america’s real threat to china ladies encouragement all of rights lawyers on the ground religious activists dissidents internet leaders and vol mobile groups ask core constituencies with the aim of infiltrating china’s grassroots when this list was published there was outrage because of the overtones with mobile which ones but those close to the leadership say there’s no problem of democratic accountability the tool china would evolve its own type of democracy was that the west accept it or not elated described as a selection plus some kind of election over the parts tools solvent two hundred he is seems harnesses unification two to one bc tunnel was run by one-party political structure the top level it’s all with this unified confucian state without this kind of structure the country disintegrate and uh… see if jack wizard chinese what’s the greatest fear your life do without you which means chaos and right on cue the past muster of dealing with chaos was brought out today jiang zemin himself eighty-six years old the living symbol of political repression was given center stage on a day of heavy symbolism it left many chinese people thinking back to the future all mason well the b_b_c_’s welfare’s s john simpson is in beijing and i think that’s at jong at we’ve had their out of the idea that they’ll be maintaining maintaining continuity everything you can the airbag what do you think his rule will be like well amid let me just say you’ve first of all tested that hi i was struck tremendously applied when i was in the great wall of the people of this morning by the similarities we going to those need congress’ but the soviet a communist party used to hold back in nineteen eighty seven nineteen eighty eight and nineteen eighty nine when it was trying to work out how to change where it was going to get into now there’s lots of differences major differences we know gorbachev figure of course here uh… nevertheless that sent solve of changed just kind of bubbling up all were all in the in the upper middle buddy knowing how to harness it of where it’s gonna take them uh… was was really very strong indeed said fighting i mean this new leadership is nothing very much more than a kind of extension of the previous one everybody knows it’s going to do things and it’s going to do things fairly radically and everybody thinks it’s not really going to be up to the job of doing anything very radical and that it was pretty amazing really to listen to president food going on about it the need to go to need to do something about corruption buses right at the end of ten years of his rule why didn’t you know anything about he’s talked about it plenty of times before they it’s it intent just from the scents of a of a party system faced with with huge problems as well as huge successes a dozen really know quite what to do and so just kind of goes on walking along a in the same direction in the hope that something will happen in that case why do you think will catch eyes china’s relationship at with the second time in about an administration the attitude towards americans really interesting here a month watched it change over the years uh the old attitude used to be uh… that’s about it kinda rather resentful it second-rate power felt but it was being held back was being unfairly criticized on fairly attacks and so forth by the united states that’s that’s changed now after four years of of barack obama at the chinese the system doesn’t really have any e sophie is about him and well i i had to say that minister overnight seem to say really in a way but uh… one bad figure with very very strong links to the top party people were saying they think they can pushy barons white easily safe it does dubbed the whole

approach has changed towards america and frankly it’s it’s in this part of the world in asia that uh… at the moment the chinese see that main area of operations alameda staffing that exactly that much indeed job lo join in that connection both mit romney and barackobama level being degrees of criticism in china particular with economic practices including industrial espionage china and trying to really get what they seizes u_s_ protectionism was easily with solar energy products but each country is the biggest market in the others exports of the turek interplay band together so is the idea that a military conflict between the two superpowers unthinkable and if so what will be the defining feature on their relationship in the next decade here’s our diplomatic as yet not have an action one need this piece contains flash photography resigns not my job louise johnny mnemonic the lesson of history is good week and positive way to the strong one would stand to gain jan’s america’s current preoccupation with china this produced these political attack ads as well as plenty of campaign rhetoric bearer artificially lower their prices and killing american jobs we can’t just sit back an election and a run all over it last night brock obama returned to the white house having promised to hold china to account for its trading practices what’s he going to do about it now those who’ve been inside the white house policy loop suggest it’ll be gentle diplomacy there is a gap between uh political campaigning and and uh governing i’m i think that uh… that some of the tough rhetoric that you heard in the campaign will not translate into policy i think presidents do have an ability to uh… to use uh… various tools uh… to uh… to shape policy towards uh… china and other countries of course it’s not just about trade their human rights in security concerns and the worry flagged up by this republicans campaign commercials your economy very elitist china is growing up american debt so it can be used as a source of pressure u_s_ diplomats insist but they do still defend their national interests currency uh… valuations have been a uh… or current theme during the campaign yet quietly of united states has been effective in getting china to uh uh to begin the process of of of balancing its currency verses of the dollar and in a fair manner are we where we want to be yet no uh… hasib in progress on this front the arrogant announce a portable pretensions of china that she will hold commercial intercourse not upon the terms of equals reciprocity but upon the insulting and degrading forms of the relations between northern facile so demented u_s_ president john quincy adams that was back in eighteen forty one faust how long americans have been complaining about their terms of trade with china these days than the public is much more engaged with the issue and gunboat diplomacy being out of the question the president has to take the u_s_ case to international bodies like the world trade organization richard nixon to find smoke in the u_s_ relationship with china timeliness is still largely a peasant economy that may have changed for the perception that relationship is to improve to fail remains you had a republican president open up that relationship back in seventy two you have a democratic president essentially uh… formalize that relationship every president democrat or republican sense uh… has continued to advance the relationship between the united states and china new new issues today new challenges today but we’ve never gone backward we’ve gone for solution said what to expect so careful handling them delicate relationship for sure don’t be surprised to find twenty sixteen america resi vin more index to china significant trade issues unresolved and the political ads still running we go un marker by what we discussed all that because that would have any our first interview with president since president obama’s reelect we’ve got the new bell peace prize and farming yes that is sick and national security adviser henry kissinger joining us that they are good

evening good evening after setting your mad changing paying ag thank actually talking acting with the ones tell me why did you make of him it that made him several times and why did you may call them the admin and from somebody knows them well in beijing in either man that wants to steady hugo added do make sure that there is a casinos transition my impression was that the uh… he was uh… thoughtful uh… perhaps a bit more asserted personality than the his immediate previous ezola tinto uh… shape play different set of experiences uh… inventors experience during the cultural revolution uh… played an important role very conscious of the fact that he is stepping into a position and a period of enormous transformation that lie ahead for china and to some extent for the world what do you think add domestically is his biggest issue but ed his previous has a pointed out at the end of a ten year period does uh… corruption is a key issue and a an extension of they’re difficult b etc definition of democracy rejected different come to and independence conveyed as in the american or british won but nevertheless can involved a broadening of debates in uh… uh in some manner latin both adn morocco ban land that romney had quite an aggressive stance towards china and the run-up to the election and you might have had a well the fares cars avid editor of johnson’s instead of the feeling in china actually barackobama might be able to be pushed around a little bit what do you make of that that i thought that did it during the election electrode is to be the arguments being made about china on both sides uh… rather deplorable because they were given value to be immediate short-term american domestic politics and were conducted in terms of immediate uh… american situations uh… which we’re not uh… folders for the relevant return but i uh… i think that boats obama and uh… kitchen pin uh… blue now after i thin films how day uh… expected relationship between the two hundred three bottles really want to be at the end of fair play of uh… maybe ten year period uh… and do what extended relationship can be cooperative uh… to what extent it will be uh advocate material a postcard countries impinge on each other in significantly but those leaders and thirdly uh dividends i’d know on boat no-bid any military conflict between them would be have and outcome comparable to world war one for europe in which there are no limits uh… so that it’s a fundamental challenge said why do each side and it goes domestic challenges whether they can find a broader framework for the dino american uh… relationship and that can’t be determined to go primarily in dreamt of the uh… tech agreed if you would of tibet few years allowed arrogant asking briefly i wasn’t in town so identical baba but it would be quick maids came about not being pushed around the the but fed up and i think i think that is attitude that is indeed lied to open its conduct uh… this year is not appropriate if not today theory on which anybody should act i want to ask you this at this stage briefly i who didn’t i’ll talk today about it there was a manager local territorial battles and of course and we’ve just been talking and polices film about the pendant about moving american capability into the area do you think china will push it through lock locally

it support the uh… military deployment of david but i do not believe lunch would pay to relationship this weekend and the united states uh… uh… primarily uh… one largely on the experience of the cold war of military of military confrontation lead story the experience of china had begin select from neighboring countries uh… so it is any understandable uh… expression the grouting tell you have to do it uh… but is the relationship ritter degenerated into the management of local military situation the future of the relationship would be that it died out both sides united people tonight have an obligation uh… to do there utmost to get the relationship on a on the basis of the dialogue and of a dialogue about the future and not of the medium uh… issues that uh that lead to deleted that conflict i had a cousin do stay with us because i’m going to bring add out i guess into the discussion are discussed there’s all fathers the chinese novelist and fought a business professor back in the evening she grew up in the labor camp in china and joins team democracy protests in tiananmen square tonight is in london he and grandma is getting the u_k_ that works in the united states when he runs a global political research film from and and pat says the philosophy professor daniel badlands and lectures in beijing and in shanghai and i and first of all uh… how would you at characterize the domestic challenges that’s changing paying is and going to face are they going to be ones all at your freedom and democracy are they going to be one resolved moving four hundred million people in the city of the country to the city of the next ten years anybody practical problems and i think he’s facing a huge arrange if problems and that includes moving people from very into the city corruption is a major issue ending his speech he talked about allot redistribute bution alpha wells and the range of social issues that and all said internet and in his speech of his at pease about heights ny security and safety on the internet there is a conservative message and of course the positioning a jiang zemin right in the midst of the committee did that surprise you instantly saved and i think it’d and to get taken together with the tell at this stage tumi is mother his conservative i wonder whether it is indication of the composition after coming standing committee which as we know it would be the seven most important members that will run the country in banner it was the analysis of the makeup do you think of the seven though i i i think we are talking about uh… a ferry consensus or even two risk averse group they feel like the challenges domestically are growing they know that the challenges internationally are growing big-deal of greater adversarial relationship with the united states though they don’t want one economic times i do mean actually even and you better times and analytical i would argue that the geopolitics are increasingly being driven by economically i certainly agree with doctor kissinger that nobody wants a military war but the u_s_ and china at war with each other on the cyber front everyday yeah and progress going to get worse isn’t it because that is ready have been blockages yes of telecom companies working america yes that works out but also a when you think about how the chinese china is an adversary to the u_s_ enough it’s really not on the military side where america out spends the next economies in the world together on the military but economically china will be the largest economy in the world in american companies increasingly think and they don’t have access they’re losing out the state-owned enterprise danny about how well your position and that paris do you think that’s bad america and indeed the west needs to exercise a bit of humility when it comes to china uh… obviously we’ve had quite a lot of saber rattling in the presidential campaign maybe they can you tell me calibration of even the atmosphere between the two i think it would help the earth uh… the u_s_ and other western countries recognize that there is an alternative model we can call it the china model which we can save meritocracy at the top democracy at the bottom and lots of room for experimentation and diversity between the wire there isn krups no such a big issue actually try it is not that corrupt if you compare it to countries that a similar level of economic development but why is it a big issue because the political leaders derived exited to see from being seen as meritocratic they selected that is they have ability and virtue and if there seem to be krupa nazi-like virtue that goes to the very core of the

legitimacy of the regime so that’s what it really have to tackle corruption in a way may be that countries like india don’t hide that that e-ticket land they have problems in china is that you would be a link to as you say your pat has asthmatics you know there there but ten years do their best to come to the problem is is the lower ranks in officials the corruption that one’s all the way down the food chain that makes people so furious that’s true but the lower-level officials also the right way to timothy from being democratically chosen in local elections were as the top level leaders derived much if not all of their legitimacy from being viewed as meritocratic they selected so it’s a more serious problem with the top leaders are being that’s enough from that’ll really was livingston of by that we just had a huge intact ten years the saga side and as didn’t sought a diet it says it frustration that people goods become even greater in that absolutely and they say he didn’t this historic talking about at the system which itself produces the kind of corruption and independent deleted as we know and the control of the wealthy because for a long time that you could not do any business without having and member of the need to be on the boy except a and this has become information issue as we see in the internet in the indicted theodore dependent do you think there’s my b leaving you regimes achilles heel that this clamor about corruption and this clamor for social change not necessary you their western-style democracy was social change will really heat n at had the power and authority of the off all this is the best day he’s eighteen may have taken a big i don’t think it is to talk about cheating pin a caveat absolute control decisions are made by uh… kind of contented of defending committee of the uh public bureau uh… the number of i did seven or nine proof of freedom of maneuver of repeat chairman and the motive grant remember uh… but it puts the freedom is not the same extent of mile org banjo uh appendage of it uh… uh… yes i do believe that the issue of corruption edf being at dated uh… altered by the chinese uh… at in many ways the debate challenge hope to gain uh… but then that will involve uh… such a wide range of personality that the management of uh… of the uh… improvement of the will require endelman spilled pools and the best way i don’t believe that foreign inventive will be the dominant team what a conceivable team of journey for involving t_v_ is that you may recall all i don’t think they want foreign adventures a but i do think that the necessity of continued chinese growth means that the air actual footprint on the ground in countries around the world in africa in latin america brazil that largest trade partner across southeast asia will be perceived as a challenge as a threat uh… by many local actors and furthermore the most important u_s_ ally in the region is japan japanese companies have made big bets on china and those c_e_o_’s all think they may have made mistakes now and you’ve got the tential conflict in the east china sea between japan and china and the japanese are defending themselves the americans are if this gets worse and the chinese absolutely have been pushing that over the last couple months united states are engaged in the conflict they would much rather steer clear but a hundred about how to exactly could be engaged encounter when this uh intimately linked economic and it seems extraordinary that that people they’re doing deals twenty-four hour they’ve done a sixty five days a year each is the others pages export market and you’ve got as standoff over japan yes you do well i mean it’s at the same time that the united states has its greatest external debt holder you also have a cyber war going on between east to countries all the time we’re not friends anymore obama called us adversaries in the third uh… debate but actually were friends and you can have conflict at the same time that you left cooperation that makes the japan issue very dangerous d thank you all very much indeed the prime minister warned against the witch-hunt against gay people when he was and based on daytime television today with the list of alleged child abuse escalating from the internet this evening and terry n_p_r_ roads off com urging them to