hello and welcome to the space engineers beginners guide update I’m well from steadfast gaming and today we’ll be going over everything important that’s changed since last guide if you’d like to skip the menu and world setup tutorial click the annotation now to jump to the mining ship build we covered most of the menu in our last video here’s what’s changed let’s click new world to create our mats click custom world and choose on the left side what type of game you wish to play for a very first experience I would recommend that you play one of the easy start maps to begin this will start you off with large ships small ships and the station as well as everything you need to get a feel for how the game will be once you’ve established your space colony however I’m assuming that you’ve already done that for the best survival experience I suggest asteroids this map will start you off on a rescue ship with limited fuel and your basic astronauts tools name your old whatever you like and select survival as your game mode making your game private as opposed to offline will improve your game greatly as long as you have an internet connection as if left an offline mode your refineries and assemblers will cease all processes anytime enter and inventory greatly slowing down your progress max players doesn’t matter much when you’re playing on your own they playing with friends then set this accordingly environmental hostility refers to space weather and if enabled will cause meteorites to shower your ships at random intervals these deals scaling damage depending on what you set it to and add a nice level of fear and worry to the early game later on you can create church to blast them away safely I usually set it to normal asteroid amount refers to the number of large minable and destructible asteroids in your belt the old standard was 4 to 16 large asteroids they are always evenly clustered together and perfect for beginners to the game there since added three levels of procedural generation in the infinite game mode if playing incident the new asteroids will continuously be created as you travel in a direction while infinite high density looks amazing is very fun to play it is taxing on lower-end systems experiment and play with what suits you and your computer best untok autosave and simply remember to save often set a timer if you need to but autosave causes a lag spike every five minutes they can cause wrecks or other miscalculations clicking mods will allow you to load any mods that you’ve downloaded from the Steam Workshop into your world simply select the downloaded mod in the left pane and click the arrow pointing to the right to load it to unload a mod select them on in the right panel and click the arrow pointing to the left go back to the customer old screen click advanced at the top you’re given options for your inventory sizes as well as which speeds you can do things in your game I usually set things to about here to balance fun with realism no one’s to wait eight hours for your order of fine max objects refers the number of loose items that can float around outside of inventories 256 is more than enough for most situations limit world size is set to unlimited by default if limited a scaled invisible key will be created with your asteroid belt in the middle the size will scale depending on your setting this will allow lower end computers to run infinite game modes a bit more smoothly adjust this setting and see what works for you respawn ship cooldown refers to how often you can create a new respawn ship if you destroy your old one it’s best left on the default settings new distance can be adjusted to improve system performance every computer is different so just as setting along with the limit world size setting to optimize your gameplay experience auto healing will heal your astronaut over time I play with this disabled and heal myself when necessary at a medical room enable copy and paste is a creative mode option for copying ships and stations and duplicating them or moving them from map to map clients can say refers to people other than the host being able to save the host map when playing I recommend having weapons enabled especially if you play with environmental hostility on trash auto removal helps keep your map clean and lag-free delete respawn ship will remove your starting ship from the game if you log out or die and create a new one show player names as best used on friendly servers as it makes you visible to other players from very far away enabling thruster damage will cause your firing thrusters to damage other ships and stations as well as other astronauts for maximum realism ticking cargo ships will spawn and random ships and stations they’ll often booby traps these ships are completely unmanned as there is currently no AI in the game in game scripts refers to the program will block which allows you to write in game c-sharp code to control your ships and stations the very impressive this is an unnecessary function so don’t worry if you can’t code enabling spectator will allow you to leave the perspective of your ships and astronaut to go into a cinematic camera angle as well as fly through ships and walls it’s best using creative mode for moviemaking reset ownership will reset any blocks in the map that currently belong to someone to a neutral setting permanent death causes you to lose ownership of all blocks upon debt if you have no medical rooms up your own turrets will kill you if you try to return I’m ticking destructible

blocks will allow you to smash your ship willy-nilly into any old thing no more fear during mining enabling tool shake will cause ship tools such as the drill in the grinder to shake your ship realistically forcing you to balance mass for stability though this was the standard they recently added the option to remove this functionality that brings us up to date on the menu in world creation now let’s get into the meat of the video with a revised mining vessel since the beginner’s guide covered gravity disk mining and stockpiling of resources I’m going to skip ahead of all that boring stuff and give you a tour of the Magnum boasting to refineries three assemblers and to blast furnaces this upgraded rescue ship will serve some mobile headquarters for the steadfast faction I’ve already loaded all the extra components into the assemblers and reduce them to their basic elements we’re now ready to start from scratch and build a mining vessel capable of eating all the way through an asteroid with no damage taken once most of the refined doors loaded evenly across the three assemblers inventories you begin to craft basic components that will need for the ship not that we split the work between the three assemblers using the drop-down at the top this ensures speed and efficiency we begin by creating a station and then attach the landing gear of the small ship to the single piece of station framework in order to anchor it be sure to place these first two blocks via the create station and create small ship options and a lower right of the gene menu we then secure the cockpit directly to the landing gear and welded in place armor is added to the sides of the cockpit for drill mountains a section is removable conveyors later this is the perfect width in order to eat away the stone in front of your cockpit we go ahead and finish up the drills and mounts since the drill is attached and holding the two sections together we can now remove this block and add conveyor tubes leading from the back hatch the drill the top drill mount is added and welded together make sure to remove this block here for conveyors later this also allows us to weld the otherwise inaccessible block underneath it the drill is added and the conveyor trench is made bringing access to the drill hatch we immediately fill the trench with conveyor to finish it out the first medium cargo container is added keeping the tubes from all of our four grills in line during the placement at this point I decide to replace these little blocks of cubes but fail to take their importance into account replace them one at a time in order to avoid this sort of catastrophe after a quick salvage and rebuild we’re ready to add the connector the device will act as both our landing gear and means of transferring loads of or into the Magnum for refining it has a large hatch on the bottom so we place that directly on the large hatch of the medium cargo container connecting the twos inventories the small hatch is located on the four sides of the connector are perfect for hooking up our drills via small conveyor tubes it’s time to hook our drills up to our storage since the connector and cargo container have hatches the touch there’s no need for this top conveyor attaching the drills directly to the cargo container will have the same effect it’s beginning to take shape now but we still have no power a small reactor is added with the hatch facing directly into the conveyor to connect its inventory with the rest of the ship we fly to the top of the connector and a door uranium it should then be dragged directly into the reactor but since we have no power the conveyors do not function in order to gain access to the reactor for the first time or any time you completely run out of uranium this conveyor must be removed once the uranium is added your place

that conveyor and mere the reactor to the opposite side of the ship for a total of two reactors we can drag the uranium directly into the second reactor right away however the conveyor is now fully functional gyroscopes are added to each side the armor is shaped a bit ensuring that everything is completely in line with the drills more armor is added for shaping protection the rear is armored off completely in preparation of extending the ship a second cargo container is added once again keeping in line with the drills at all times it’s now time to add thrusters be sure to add them facing in all six directions before undocking airship one bump could destroy all of your work very easily if you skimp on aside the bottom grill mount is added followed by the final drill the top drill having been misplaced is moved forward one block to make it even with the other three a third cargo container is built increasing our storage significantly the final drill is then hooked up to the cargo system more armor is added encasing more delicate components some shape is added to this area the rest of the ship left mostly blocky and utilitarian design the cargo containers are armored off for better protection from the elements the second cargo container is removed and in place in a less awkward position make certain to repair any damage caused by over grinding more armor is at is finalizing the rear of the ship it could be extended with more cargo containers but three will be fine for now a large thruster is added to the back and the armors reshaped slightly the rear

thruster complete all that’s left is to finish out the armor and tweak the placement of others wrestlers two channels removed from the top of the ship into the first facing forwards those are or detectors which does exactly what you would think it would and in the second we place our beacon the device that allows us to name our ship and find it from distance giving it a HUD broadcast our build is now complete hit Kay to open up the control panel note that i rename the drills here to be more accurate but this is unnecessary left click the top drill and hold the shift key left click the bottom drill and you’ll have all four selected click in the Box mark block group on the right and type in a name for the group hit save and you’ll see the group pop in on the Left panel marked by asterisks tap the G button to open up the toolbar config and navigate to the groups on the left here you will find the block group that you just created drag it onto your action bar and select toggle block on and off exit the toolbar config with the Escape key and press the corresponding button on your action bar to activate the drills for mining connectors are made to join together and hold the two ships in place or transfer inventories back and forth however did this be an upgraded rescue ship I never claimed the magnums connector as my own and cannot use it for these purposes to claim unclaimed systems on a ship simply go to a terminal and hit the K button navigate to the control panel and find the connector as you can see the owner is currently set to nobody click an item in the panel to left and tap control a this selects everything in the panel you can then transfer ownership to yourself on the right we should now have no problems in connecting the two ships when in range of another connector the X on the side will go yellow and you’ll be pulled into place tap p to lock changing the X to green for easier travel let’s create another group for our thrusters select the top small thruster and hold before clicking the bottom one now we have to select a large thruster which is separated do this by control left clicking it save the block group and exit the control panel open the tool bar convict with G and navigate to the groups on the left you can now drag your thruster group on your bar setting it to toggle on and off pressing the corresponding action button will now switch off the thrusters on our mining ship so they won’t fight the thrusters on our large ship during flight our new vessel secured to the bottom of the Magnum we’re now ready to move closer to an asteroid for testing hovering over an asteroid we jump back into the currently unnamed mining ship and reactivate our thrusters within detach from the Magnum with a P button and hold W to fly directly forward to our clear the large ship we tap V for a quick look around the cockpit and moving close I chose the thickest and roundest asteroid I could this one made up entirely of stone to easily tell how much we get from our first expedition once in position you’re the face of the asteroid we activate our drills and ease in tapping w once the drills bite in we hold w down giving no further input until we break through the other side of the asteroid you’ll do nothing the whole w down giving no mouse or other directional input ight at V and take another look around the cockpit it truly feels claustrophobic and tight it’s moments like this that make me greatly look forward to my next purchase the oculus real to be inside a ship of your own creation and its maiden voyage the most satisfying an addictive part of this wonderful game 30 seconds later we burst through the other side late and stuff spotting the Magnum in the distance we fly that way as you can see this light utilitarian

design is fast and mobile and has more than enough stopping power if you turn let’s see what we got by tapping k and navigating to the ship’s inventory as you can see all three cargo containers are completely full the drills not too far behind a total of roughly two hundred and seventy-five thousand kilos of stone was mined in under a minute with no damage taken whatsoever the design so simple to control could easily be automated into a massive drone as well collecting or for you but that’s a few episodes away yet that brings us to the end of the beginner’s guide update but don’t worry this is a series in the next episode will be designing a new mothership and exploring changes with game since the original guide such as antennas projector blocks and much much more this game is in a constant state of growth and I’m here to teach you every aspect of it in the meantime like comment and share with your friends it’s been a rough couple of months for steadfast gaming the content is finally starting to flow like we’ve been promising and I intend to keep it up you’ve all been amazingly supportive in my absence and we’ve even had 2,000 subscribers recently to show you my gratitude i’m giving away several copies of the game star made simply leave a comment below stating as to why you think you should be the one to win and also be a subscriber be sure to LIKE this video to help me out and good luck also I’m looking to you to help name the vessel built in today’s episode leave a comment with a name suggestion and until next time I’ll see you around the solar system you