I love you it’s just a criminal situation criminal incident I have never seen this in my life ripped my shirt off Oh … my God How much time do I have before I go on stage? how many is left before the exit? 15 minutes are left before the exit You have to look for another shirt Dear friends, I want to tell you that now, you are present at an amazing event, for the first time in the history of the Russian show business, a real wax figure of our Russian artist, Vitas, is being made We will show you documentary shootings of how this happens, how complicated this process is, but most importantly, that the figure of our Russian artist will appear in all museums of the People’s Republic of China, there are more than 40 of them I showed you today some of our Vitas’ neighbors, and now I invite you to plunge into the mysterious world of wax figure production Vitas, Vitas, Vitas, Vitas …. Vitas Vitas-China, Vitas-China, Vitas-China I was just shocked and amazed! Tens of thousands of people who gathered in the stadiums to listen to Vitas The Chinese have the whole language built like the singing of birds Do you understand? And the high purity acts on them so … as if someone hypnotizes them Do not measure this success of a person who brought the Chinese people closer to Russia I congratulate Vitas and Sergey Pudovkin (the producer) in such a wonderful victory!

They brought the Russian song to the country with the largest population in the world, this I call VICTORY! Very dangerous, very dangerous There was one very funny episode, at a concert where a 50 thousand audience … a stadium, a sea of fans, hysterics … security And really … I never thought that I would become an accomplice to the artist’s popularity comparable to Beatles It is necessary to look at real documentary shootings, which is obvious proof and svidelstvom about how our Vitas He became an artist who has a monument in another country We were escorted by 8 or 10 personal guards, they took us out of concerts in the city Nenkin We were taken out after the concert through the sewers I swear to you … through the sewage system Because we could not get out of the service exit … not through the emergency exit Because there were waiting for 10-15 thousand fans, Who did not get to the concert, but who wanted to touch Vitas And can you imagine? If you touch 15 thousand Chinese? Well … and can be shredded The security guard knocked out an abandoned door in some sort of a hatch And we literally jumped into the car, I thought that they would crush and turn, Fast Go Go Quickly! QUICKLY! carefully You will not believe, but this guy runs on the tenth kilometer to take the autograph of Vitas

You will not believe … this is the first time I’ve seen this I’ve never seen such a thing in my life (The inscription on the car) Vitas, we love you I love you Vitas Vitas, I love you Vitas, I love! I will now tell a little about the Artist, who can not either come to us because he has a schedule for years ahead He always goes somewhere, you know? Why is not he on TV Yes, because he is in China all the time He’s always in China and in Korea! Indeed. He travels in a private train, flies in a private plane, where everything is in Chinese with the big letters VITAS And he is still tearing the Internet in America Vitas became a socially significant outstanding phenomenon fortunately the only foreign artist in China This is really shocking imagination! when our Russian artist, the Chinese installed a monument in Shanghai, Vitas, Vitas, Vitas

PRESS CONFERENCE HA FEY Concert of HAY FEY ARENA 80 thousand spectators The formula for the success of an artist is first; talent Internal charisma, really the main component of the singer production talent, management who promotes the artist and of course money Vitas, Vitas, Vitas