good afternoon and welcome we’ve got a little bit of a doozy today Kitty powers Matchmaker a game that I did not think I would like in the slightest but oh man do I really enjoy playing it you set people up on dates but everything’s like procedurally generated and it’s fantastic and my face is on this video so huge step for everyone but so let’s jump right into this welcome kicking my name’s Kitty Powers and I’m your new boss hi kitty your mission is to expand this sad little branch of my dating agency to its full potential yeah I believe I can do that maybe do this by finding love oh yes and now we get to put in our informations that we have the most perfect person ever I need to turn down my volume over here where where is that game down gee so I can’t use my good microphone right now because I need to be able to see the the you know the screen and my recording setup does not allow for that very well jeez no stop messaging me shoot portray me as a male please can you do both you can do both I didn’t know that before but now we’re gonna go a female green eyes blonde hair yeah it’s it’s pretty straightforward I’ve don’t relate to the most it’s definitely geeky for sure oh man I don’t want to look like any of these hey hey stop messaging me and don’t send me ip’s that’s even worse okay maybe I should actually go offline when I do this oh let’s just start with this guy and edit him a little bit face tight yeah the smooth face oh yeah get that beautiful huge nose right there and that little overbite or underbite we got to go over by skin color I’m not I’m not that white okay short hair long hair man there’s like the only game in the world where my hair would be considered short skit let’s get something real nice in here oh there we go yes yes purple it’s purple I think dark brown that seems fine eyes eyebrows first let’s see those one seemed fairly nice I type at who was the almond eyes mmm oh man it’s so hard to choose we’ll do this one no Scott Scott eyeliner I can’t do that we’ll do we’ll do these I colored blue or green or gray man they all they all fit I’ll do believe I will do blue glasses huh no I’m done with that phase of my life earrings get those out of here facial hair I couldn’t if I tried there we go that’s it no hair doesn’t feel right I feel like there’s got to be a better one and maybe all the pompadour Pompidou is quite nice there we go that’s better okay inner clothes are we going to pick just like a t-shirt I guess nice polo oh we could do that that’s pretty get that multi-layered inner shirt see color do I normally wear blue yeah blue outer ah yeah the sweatshirt right now the maroon sweatshirt it’s perfect but that doesn’t really man we’ll just go with white just go with white that seems good ah no got the personality test please no okay when meeting up with friends who’d rather play a game in the park or have a coffee and play game apart let’s go out comes to work do you prefer a physical job or an office I mean office and in computer science it seems fine you have to get to the shops in a hurry would you rather take a brisk walk or get a bus well everyone knows that buses aren’t gonna get you anywhere I’d trust me I know this now when it comes to pets do you let them oh yeah they always sleep in my bed well no they don’t they hate me but whatever when choosing what’s read you prefer factual bait not fictional too easy in local elections would you make an informed decision or vote for the prettiest I mean oh but now informed decision beef irresponsible voter without a party I kind of sit in the corner looking at my phone when at

work I I mean at work I’d probably get to know everybody cuz you’re gonna be around them for a bit and I mean I certainly got close some of my co-workers previously that was I was fun you go on a holiday would you prefer uh yikes that’s a tough one I got to do a secluded hideaway just you know small amount of people and listening to music a band with real instant I do both right now it’s a band with real instruments which guy would you rather have new potato peeler wants a new potato peeler and you need to tell a friend something quickly you I’d send them an instant message going up the evening would you rather I guess a burlesque show but that’s because I’m not really a fan of poetry I like it but I can’t do it so that makes me not like it Oh hurts building site worker wolf whistles at me please turn around and see if they’re fit I guess and would you rather go on a date to an afternoon tea room or drag cabaret sure you know drag show that’s fine really yeah I think it’s all correct spicy experimental introvert carefree and active that sounds like me let’s do this so I remember your name okay I’m glad you can remember my name I’m just at the other end of the kitty phone even give you some coins to get you started because I’m generous like that you’re so nice guitar will be sent anonymously to other players games secret shopper and this is one of my favorite aspects of it here your avatar just gets sent around other people can date with them they’re given random names and oh so good because I’m totally not using a fake one already so generate your personalized dating data tell me your dream date that sounds nice yes allow it to go well hope it goes well should we have the size okay where shall we advertise first we can advertise at the disco for those glam types the comics for the geeky type or the club for the edgy type and literally up by the way we’re an upper alder Perry oh that’s beautiful literally everyone I watch does geeky so we’re not going to do that we’re gonna do glam we’re gonna start with a fab of the fab oh the pictures of Kitty powers make me smile everytime it’s so good okay let’s get you started with your first client press the play button oh boy oh boy oh boy here we go in the Kitty powers Matchmaker world of match making this is your Lobby new clients will arrive here looking for love click your selected clients and then take them to the hot seat hmm Who am I going to bring I guess you you’re Calvin you’re a lollipop person looking for a while so what is a lollipop purse is that someone who like holds sign and intersection you’re Calvin your lollipop or person looking for a woman you’re interested in mockumentary Zahn my favorite This Is Spinal Tap really good leg warmers I mean I’ll power to you in celebrity socialites and you love hazel eyes and white hair I can help you find your soulmate I can put your client and the hot in pink in my little black book just this once I’ll show you the best one click on them to scrutinize their intimate particular this is open suit where you compare your clients profile with the potential candidates that when I’ve pointed out clearly the best match clearly choose them by pressing the date button who do we have violet little land Pizza Delivery driver she’s a cancer they all they both like mockumentaries oh that’s so good and she has hazel eyes and white hair and he has green eyes fantastic you just need blonde hair but let’s let’s get you guys going out let’s do this send them to impress their date some restaurants are more difficult but will own you more and don’t take someone to the same place twice because that’s dating faux pas you guys hear that never go to the same restaurant twice ever watch the envelopes gee which one are we gonna pick this one I guess Creek ings helmet why is that there’s no apostrophe in there okay your

tummy is rumbling just thinking at it yes it sounds marvelous let’s go get some nice English cuisine arrived to the restaurant we can watch them through the secret cameras I’ve had installed you need to guide them through their dates by making decisions for them by their earpiece choose wisely because these people are all incompetent at dating it’s embarrassing hello are you violet yes I am and you must be Kelvin pleased to meet you keep everything oh let me just cross my legs right here fingers fingers we’re good we’re good let’s do it this is a nice place isn’t it yes it’s quite popular actually I’ll okay Oh your eyes are a lovely shade of hazel thanks that’s very nice of you to say I love your green eyes Thanks that’s a lovely thing to say oh they talk the same is gonna be great and your hair is a lovely white color too oh you’re so nice aren’t you good evening would you like to order now okay yes please what do we what do we got on the menu something hot with a white meat they said it is now you have to pick something they’d like if you know sure what the dish is you can take the writer and ask them by pressing the question button just this once I’ll show you the correct option don’t say I never did anything for you you never did anything for me huh got’em two portions of risk chicken and potatoes please inspired choice I’m not sure if that guy is gruffer classy I don’t know he’s mine sounds delicious yes does doesn’t it it’s time to pull the love endings get right in this hair clothes don’t see one you like you can spend coins to use the knives button at knives buttons be careful not to repeat yourself or they won’t be hmm well let’s talk about hair so do you like my hairstyle yes it looks great it really suits you well that’s so nice I can tell they’re soul mates because they like each other’s hair thank you I’m so glad you like it what do you think of my hair then it’s fantastic I love it whoo I feel like a million dollars yeah Oh dinner is served fantastic I’m hungry can we eat now no we just need to keep talking facial decor clothes man it really wants me to talk about clothes okay what do you think of my outfit it’s amazing I love it whoo you’ll make me blush that was the wrong voice oh he’s just so giddy he’s getting like a schoolgirl it’s nice so do you like my outfit yes it’s just so eye-catching it’s so kind amen there’s nothing awkward about this date at all I can tell just by the way they talk excuse me would you like something from our dessert trolley I shouldn’t but just this once won’t hurt excellent one moment while I bring the Tron I’d be here all night Oh get over it like like you’re really complaining about being on a date with a nice woman pay close attention to the order they’re in I can do that remember them as their date will be too busy salivating to remember their name I hope I can do that what’s here mmm vanilla ice cream fruit salad banana split tea ice cream fruit banana tea there we go yeah to you to all our desserts are handmade and delicious take your pick the third dessert looks really nice okay I believe that oh yeah I’ve got a nice can I have an order of banana split please you clearly have great is that is that sarcastic I feel like you’re being a little uh a little sassy right over there okay delicious I look forward to digging into that I like that what yeah you knew it all you knew it all I’m so proud of you okay once more on the love-handle hair we talked about facial decor and hair well we have one option so what do you think of my clean-shaven face it looks great it’s so you thank you thank you I love compliments facially and folically

gifted do you like do you like my pancake makeup then I love it you look stunning like a pancake pancakes are stunning whoo man I’m getting hungry now should we get the bill yeah I’ll call our waiter what what did the waiter look like oh it was Jordan obviously the arrow tells me so although Balthazar is a really nice name he should be my waiter all the time do excuse me here’s your bill thanks very much well-spotted I’d forgotten what they looked like you’re worse at remembering than I am and that’s saying something I never forget a face yeah I’m in that’s what I was meant to say suppose we should call it a night yes the taxis are outside let us let us be off and now after this wonderful day it’s completed oh he really likes them will you go look their date you now have up to three options keep forgetting when Kitty talks to me will you go out with me do you want to get more serious yes I think I’m in love with you after one date and now we get some little fake kissing and swimming take their faces and kiss please no I don’t think they can but they’ll just keep making smoochy faith at each other oh it’s so nice good for them good for them congratulations they become a cup of piss could be for life this could be for life all you guys should just said that at the same time that’s so nice we make 45 Mondays I do enjoy monies but we’re a nobody yes okay that was a good first date that was a good first date well done you’re now officially a matchmaker I’m so proud I’ve never done anything this important with my life before I see your profile in more detail you can even compete with your friends if they play the game – this is your letter box successful clients will send you a letter to tell you how the relationship pans out oh boy hello kittens greetings to all my veteran dating dynamos and welcome to all of my new recruits as you know matchmaking is not easy but with my help I’ll make you an expert love doctor in no time I’m not going to follow you you know I love you all with every Egyptian cotton fiber of my being and I would come round and give you big hugs individually if only I could be bothered to stop eating fondant fancies and get off my [ __ ] my chaise lounge keep up the good work kittens thanks Kitty you’re so nice let’s do this let’s do a date on our own ah well we’ve got great choices so I think we’ll take the redhead with the pancake makeup hi I’m summer I don’t even know what voice was I’m doing now she’s way too classy for that I’m summer I’m a bingo caller and I’m looking for a man well get in here summer yes I know you’re summer I know you’re a bingo caller I’m interested in suspenders smartphones and silicone enhancements I see and I love brown eyes and dark brown hair can you help me find my soul mate that’s a glam type if I’ve ever seen one always going to try and do that voice i refresh the list of people in my little black book boring old candidates have been replaced with exciting new ones giving you new dating possibilities don’t worry I won’t get rid of any candidates that you revealed personal details for oh good I can stockpile men and keep them as prisoners in my little black book Frank gay foot hotel well she does really like you you like watching sitcoms skimpy clothes and hot tubs okay oh here’s another mockumentary fellow clothes shopping and animal rights and being waited on comedy movies and tiny shorts well let’s see do we have anyone that really no one lines up well you guys have mutual liking where is she only like that the other two and they didn’t really like her so let’s try this my miles Nicholas Oh certainly after this date you will be uh where are we gonna go let’s just try for America because it is the 6th of July which I believe is close enough to the 4th route 69 that’s a snazzy one yeah yeah it is it’s a diner off of the freeway it’s

perfect place to take a date they’ve only found like for cockroaches this month it’s great well we’re here I’m pretty hungry as it goes okay okay hello are you miles yeah you must be summer right pleased to meet you wow this restaurant is killing it yes it’s quite popular actually ooh your eyes are a lovely shade of brown excellent thanks they’re both mine too it’s the best response ever if anyone ever complements your eyes as one of the least erogenous zones in the human body I mean if you say so ooh your brown eyes are giving me light thanks that’s lovely thing to say good evening much I take your order yes please oh yeah what are we gonna get what are we gonna get something hot with no meat would be fabulous oh I’m corn on the cob it’s pretty good mac and cheese yeah let’s get some mac and cheese up in here up in here Oh y’all gonna make me eat my Mac up in here up in here yeah there we go getting it yeah it sounds good let’s let’s talk about something and stop this awkward chitter chatter what are your interests oh I heard that you’re interested in I don’t remember I think it was tiny shorts being waited on in comedy movies I think tiny shorts definitely yes I really like tiny shorts you dog that sounds really exciting hey she’s all for she likes silicone carts so I mean the tiny are the shorts the bet better so what do you do for kicks no lying is bad you really you know it just be flat-out you like silicone enhancements that sounds absolutely sickening I mean if done incorrect yeah sure yeah yes it is actually denna is so fantastic fantastic hair interest we did weather wealth and check the line so do you like my hair stop awesome it’s looking a bit special ittle bit I like your hair it’s nice tanks your well nice oh man I’m literally gagging to hear a good story you do that okay here’s a good story oh I like a good story okay three attempts to dig it out of their memory to use them narrow down the option will do when I was young I entered a talent competition no my first car was real old banger Oh star hike car plain plain we used to got to the seaside on our holidays well Tai Po Tai Po Tai Po found you I built a sandcastle so huge and it needed planning permission ooh that is actually a really awesome story good for you it was great actually antastic fantastic what we got next clothes clothes horoscope horoscope no bueno they don’t match what do you think of my outfit it’s wowzers its Incredibles oh you’ll make me blush so are you digging my outfit yes it’s quite it’s quite nice thanks muchly a thanks muchly I feel well good now this guy Oh kitty get here who we gonna shoot with love we gon we we gonna shoot you you must love summer Oh what is your name Myles Nicholas I think your summer some-something here’s your bill I hope you enjoyed the meal oh how much should we tip reckon they totally deserve about 10% boom take that decimal and flip it over wow that oh you’re telling me don’t score stick with a date set in my thing feel Khan doesn’t listen yikes this is that’s a mean one 388 or 389 luckily I passed like second grades so I know how to round let’s go 388 ooh bit of a brainiac aren’t you not really it was easy oh wait she’s much you always get to your facility I know let’s vacate the

premises okay teksu I think that went well I’m proud of them fantastic work really liked them well then ask them out you goof do you want to get more serious hey yeah I’m like totes falling for you whoa Oh best feeling ever oh I keep on changing all their voices but man I don’t care you got it you got to put emotion into it that’s the important part get through a date without spending money oh yeah I’m the best fifty more coins seventy more promotion points boom we a bottom-feeder reputation up or right smack dab in the middle we’re doing well doing well aye aye well done you earned a promotion I think it’s time to expand the agency expand it kitty yes throw that bling on their personality trait this will increase the detail of your customer profile you’ll be able to make better matches and predict how people will react in certain dating dilemma however reveal their information until you ask them about it good to know so we’ve got organization activity social spiciness did I already say tradition I don’t think so and tradition I’m gonna go with social I want to know introvert or extrovert or lone wolf yeah I think that’s pretty important one yeah you ain’t gonna want to do some things that people don’t want to we got new stuff in this shop as you get promoted you don’t look up grades yeah well we can look at my as you start attracting more customer types you’ll need more pages to fit the morning well you’ve sold me let’s buy this black book and boy have we found our next client hello oh I’m Marcel I don’t know what I’m doing I’m a cleaner and I’m looking for a woman I’m interested in diamond jewelry walking on the beach and Raven yes like you those are three very nice things and I love brown eyes and black hair oh you have blue eyes you almost would have liked to oh you consider yourself to be an expert I couldn’t tell by the raving I hope you find your soul mate sending them on a date or get your Queen bonus you might even recognize one of your friends okay so we’ve got oh you guys both kind of like each other yeah we don’t know any personality traits okay that’s not bad I mean you’re alright he likes you you’re alright you like him you’re alright you like him no you’re alright you like him now you’re alright you like him and this is you’re a guy you don’t even work well I guess we’ll go with the two who like each other Ilana knock Kinski that’s an unfortunate last name that is very hard to say in Marcel hem water let’s do it that taxi driver was pretty kid hey eyes on the prize you came to my agency you follow my rules I’m watching you security cameras are watching him hello are you Ilana yes I am you must be MRSA I don’t have a good Ranger mrs. pleased to meet you it’s a nice place isn’t it it’s quite popular actually Oh your eyes are a lovely shade of brown huh thanks that’s very nice of you to say I love your blue eyes thanks that’s a lovely thing to say ooh they’ve got their eye on them they’ve got that eye on good evening would you like to order now yes please okay I’m in a very singsong mood right now cold with no meat you’re a vegetarian so you never eat me good to know cold with no meat curry coat obviously hot with me that’s exactly what they want let’s get some coleslaw up in here yeah she likes it I knew it what do you think of my clean-shaven face oh yeah everyone loves the clean-shaven face I love compliments in your natural makeup oh you like it it’s very feminine it’s very nice for you to say so give me

that extra money money money in my bank account dinner is served and there’s thick Diggins music I did not check any other interests but let’s go down that path heard that you’re interested in wind chimes oh well tried my best okay you’re gonna go to the UM okay yeah she’s climbing out the window dude I’m so sorry you you really bummed this one up and it’s totally not my fault something’s different about you hey he likes black hair you better spot the difference correctly or I’m not sure they’ll take you well hair color I think that’s it got it yeah you used to be a brunette now you’re a is there a word for someone with black hair I don’t know black head wouldn’t work so it’s like a pimple you’re not a pimple I think you look great actually huh Thanks I love the compliments well I mean this date could be going better but all in all not doing too well wish I had actually looked at what she liked I don’t think they line up Horace copic Lee would you describe yourself as shy Wallflower or the life and soul of the party Wow I mean way to just like go right out they didn’t even give them like a the hypothetical question there’s like how would you describe yourself all the life and soul of the party they’re so good life in Soul the party it’s good to be sociable and give me that kid hey get rid of that strike oh yeah oh look here comes the famous chef good evening dear guests I trust the food was amply satisfying yes it was lovely do you mind going into more detail I mean I cry when he finishes you need to repeat the sequence in order to express their food expertise hmm okay let’s do this middle up down up right down left middle had a looks luscious Lee luxuriant texture it had the unabashed overtone of youthful exuberance it was delightfully and artfully well presented had a delectable underbelly of divine nectar it had a hint of extravagant opulence yeah you had to let out your inner glass right there thank you you’re too kind by far I know you really overdid it was that really necessary you really know your food Beach argan Thanks I like to think I know what I’m talking about man like the story I guess it’s time to go I mean date could have gone better if I knew their interests but hey you like them let’s pop the question to want to get more serious oh yes she thinks she’s in love with him best feeling ever whoa make those smoochy faces yes smile and smile and kiss smiling kiss ooh we got mail Calvin middle Bert off so good he careful there microphone letter from one of my successful exes give you a bonus but bad puns will analyze you I don’t know what that is dear Dustin violet and I are still together and we’re engaged we both really enjoy mockumentaries were so compatible that I can easily live with her obsession with family trees the worst I hate when people know their ancestry and the best thing is I was completely honest with her we’re over the moon with everything that’s happened life just keeps getting better lots of love Calvin and violet oh that’s so nice anyways I think that’s all the time we have for today so let’s jump right into this I’m supposed to remind you to like comment and subscribe if you enjoyed the video until next time on Kitty powers matchmaker where my goal will be to get 25 babies I’ve never had a baby in this game despite the fact that I put together some great matches this is day if I saying goodbye