With the motorcycle from Tajikistan through Uzbekistan, Georgia, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia back home to Austria It is said that the road to Shatili is blocked because of landslides. I will try my luck. It would be a pitty because the landscape is really gorgeous I met Katrin and Uwe from Germany on the way. We decided to travel together to Shatili. We should find out, that this will be a good descision the next landslide…so we have to wait……again so this was the road

the new road looks …….adventures 🙂 we did it!! We are in Shatili!

we came right at time for having nice light for some photos i always really appreciate the hard and dangerous work of these workers who are keeping the roads intact

a “new” road for us! Good to ride 🙂

gorgeous Landscape, gorgeous Valley i got stuck! I can not belive it i am so lucky, that this time, i am not travelling alone 😉 With the help from Katrin and Uwe it was very easy to get out Uwe wanted to stop because of a car, but could not find the right place for it. So his bike felt over I was telling Uwe that meanwhile i have had a hard time to start my motorcycle and that i think that the starter is giving me problems i had to ride downhill to start the bike It was time to say goodby to Katrin and Uwe. Thanks a lot for your help and the additional photos and videos