♪ Waking up in a nightmare ♪ ♪ Facing this cruel world ♪ ♪ Whose heart is flipped ♪ ♪ Missed farewell to lover ♪ ♪ If the ending is tragic ♪ ♪ Fearlessness is born in adversity ♪ ♪ Even if the wings are torn ♪ ♪ And fall back to the abyss ♪ ♪ Hold your hands and move forward ♪ ♪ Never stopping day or night ♪ ♪ Transcending time and distance ♪ ♪ I may be hurt and heartbroken ♪ ♪ Yet be brave to fight on ♪ ♪ As a hero ♪ ♪ Looking beyond, conflicts and war never stops ♪ ♪ Turning behind, you are always there ♪ ♪ Lash out the curse in life ♪ ♪ Let the story be eternal ♪ ♪ Martial Soul surges aggressively ♪ ♪ To embrace your lone wolf braveness ♪ ♪ Even if the future is harsh ♪ ♪ I will never give up ♪ ♪ When there is no way out in reality ♪ ♪ Hope is vexed by desolation ♪ ♪ Yet smiling freely ♪ ♪ Hammer protects Blue Silver Plant ♪ ♪ The power of twin souls illuminates ♪ ♪ Surviving in every plight ♪ ♪ I will never give up ♪ [This animation is based on the novel Soul Land] [written by Tangjia Sanshao] [Previous Episode] Kill them all I’ll kill you first Defeat me, is your pass to enter Slaughter City Slaughter City, a place where soul skill is forbidden I’m here Welcome to Slaughter City Here is a paradise for crime Besides, you’re forbidden to leave once entered Hu Lie Na This place is dangerous You’d better be careful [Soul Land] [Episode 114] I want to enroll Take this. This way, please The competition has ended. 5177 won 35 wins in total What is he doing? Only one wins among ten The winner can absorb losers’ soul power This’s the rule of Slaughter Arena How to win the championship? Participate in 100 matches, you’ll be the champion But, the current top one merely took part in 67 matches Every match you win allows you one more year to enjoy yourself here Your group has filled with 10 participants Next match is your turn Are you sure I’ve decided Well, your life’s in your own hands Wish you luck My advice to you, friendship never exists in Slaughter City Journey of slaughter, begins now

Hao Tian Hammer? He is from Hao Tian tribe That’s why he’s similar to Tang San Over the past thousand years, you’re the third from Hao Tian tribe to enter Slaughter City The competition has ended. 9528 won You may leave I’m familiar with Slaughter City No need your protection You’re too naive. In Slaughter City, the real threats don’t come from Slaughter Arena Suit yourself Competition starts now Competition ends 9528 won. 17 wins in total Competition ends 9528 won. 67 wins in total 9528! 9528 excellent! I really can’t see through him Why is she here? I heard that she watched every competition which involved 9528 Are you sure? Look at her serious face It seems she’s analysing 9528 It’s terrible to be her target No one is more terrifying than Emissary of Hell Next participant, 9528 please be on stage Competition starts now Fight! Nine of them are at least soul saint and above Ghostly Trace I sacrificed both my limbs for this competition and fixed with two robotic limbs just to counter your attack What? Cut your crap Don’t let him use the hammer Can’t use Hao Tian Hammer in time, hidden weapon can’t pierce through their armour as well. What can I do?

Well, it’s not a problem if failed to pierce through the armour Amass soul power on this arrow Its great impact will throw you to some distance You too, fall How come they’re not falling? This’s our strategy This is the determination act [Soul Land] Can 9528 win this time? I hope someone can kill him Constantly struggling at the edge of death is the truth of battling The eighth hidden weapon of Tang’s clan Phoenix Guides Nine Chicks Only strength is the strongest strategy Although my soul power only improved one level this year, however, my strength is beyond threefold enhancement Competition ends 9528 won. 68 wins in total 9528! 9528 superb! -He’s as horrible as the Sura -Sura King! He’s the first one ever to win 67 matches within a year I don’t dare to join the match Who dares? I heard that once there were hundreds of people collaborating to attack him after his match Although he was severely injured by those people, he crushed them in the end Fought hundreds of men by himself? He’s truly a Sura King Who do you think will win if Emissary of Hell fight with him? Emissary of Hell? That lady won 72 matches just within two years? What’s wrong with me? Why would I worry for him? Brother was once the most outstanding one I had seen until I met him Don’t be cocksure. Sura King’s waiting for you at the Slaughter Arena It’s her? The descend of a Death God will plunges hell into misery Sura King won another match I know All techniques of Sura King are extremely powerful Even the Grand Soul Land Master can’t kill him without using soul skill Do you think he can hit 100 matches and challenge Hell Road? It’s a matter of time to hit 100 matches, but, as for Hell Road, I’m afraid he can’t I was told that he was sent by the most terrifying one of the two existing Death Gods While the Emissary of Hell was sent by the other one Each time a Death God appears, there would be disastrous harm to Slaughter City Just in case, why don’t we let Emissary of Hell to battle Sura King? They will be Fool We can’t afford to offend any of the Death Gods Go, keep an eye on them Emissary of Hell has completed the 99th match

She just came here for around two years Sura King only came for a year He has won more than 90 matches What if both of them meet in the match Are you new? Slaughter Arena stipulates that participant with 50 victories and above won’t meet in the match As expected, if winner absorb all soul power, his or her strength should be increased by leaps and bounds In every competition, it may seem like the winner absorbs all the soul power of losers, in actual fact, it was all absorbed by Slaughter Arena If I’m not wrong, the entrance of Hell Road is in the Hell Slaughter Arena Netherlands shot is a good thing It calms our thoughts and enhances our soul power too But it’s exorbitant It can only be exchanged with the victory of Slaughter Arena Sura King! I’m sure Emissary of Hell and Sura King won’t worry about this It seems like Sura King has completed 99 matches Perhaps Emissary of Hell wants to challenge Hell Road with him, that’s why she doesn’t go for the last match She has finally got him He’s the first one to achieve 99 wins in two years [Next Episode] It’s me

You’re here for training, right? I know you’re from Hao Tian tribe To show my sincerity, I’ll tell you about my origin When one passed through Hell Road, he or she will be recognised by a domain Absorb others’ heinous spirit Besides, everyone I met Talking about life with me, isn’t this ironic? My mighty Slaughter King