♪The throne escape its fate♪ ♪Martial Soul pulls us together♪ ♪The scars on your face, hidden by your laughter♪ ♪Finding the lapis lazuli♪ ♪Looking back at our shattered memories♪ ♪Courage and belief will bring us to victory♪ ♪Nothing can replace the seven creatures♪ ♪Not giving up♪ ♪Life is full of ups and downs♪ ♪Who will stand for justice?♪ ♪Our memories together♪ ♪They should be cherished♪ ♪The short yet long four seasons♪ ♪If we must go through it♪ ♪Five years of separation♪ ♪Contains all the loneliness♪ ♪Courage to walk alone to a far distance♪ ♪It’s written in our teenage dreams♪ ♪We’ll remember this when we reunite once again♪ ♪Touching memories♪ ♪Not giving up♪ [This animation is based on the novel Soul Land] [written by Tangjia Sanshao] [Previous Episode] You tortured her husband Now, she wants her revenge Revenge? Fine, I’ll face her head-on I’ll let them die together! San, join her. But don’t kill the beast Brother San, assist me! Third Soul Skill, Flying Phoenix! Ao, what’s your Fourth Soul Skill? My Fourth Soul Skill is Stimulate! Those who consume it will get a 10% boost in all stats for five minutes Boost in all stats? [Soul Land] [Episode 64] I didn’t even lift a finger and it’s defeated already? Brother San, a Millennium Soul Beast is not that strong after all This is bad Everyone, be careful That’s the ability of the Ghost Tiger Shadow Clone Jiubao, reinforced with Amber! Jiubao Boosts! First, Strength! Second, Speed! Third, Soul Power! Rong Rong’s Third Soul Skill can boost their soul powers Now, their soul powers are at 140% of their strength Second Soul Skill, White Tiger Intense Light Wave! Not bad But that skill costs Rong Rong’s power a lot It can only last for five to ten minutes This is a clone too. Fatty! Wu! The one on the left is the real one! Zhu Qing, be careful! This is bad! That tiger picked the weakest spot to attack us First Soul Skill, Nether Spikes! Second Soul Skill, Nether Claws!

It’s fast! Fourth Soul Skill, White Tiger Meteor Strike! Although White Tiger Meteor Strike is not as powerful as Phoenix Strike, it can lock down the opponent in an instant, and makes it hard for them to escape Seems like the Ghost Tiger is just a mere distraction It’s too fast! I can’t catch up with its speed! This is bad! Zhu Qing is exhausted after she unleashed her skills! First Soul Skill, White Tiger Shield! Are you okay? Boss Dai! How dare he! First Soul Skill, Arched Body! Fourth Soul Skill, Phoenix Strike! Zhu Qing, do it! Third Soul Skill, Nether Slash! Zhu Qing’s Millennium Soul Skill is quite strong Yeah. Under Rong Rong’s boost, I think this is her strongest attack ever San, keep away the Fragrant Silk Woven Flower Mu Bai, take the soul beast and Zhu Qing to the poison trap Let her absorb its soul ring Is that the power of Jiubao Amber Pagoda? The stronger the soul masters when she enhances their stats, the stronger they will be Rong Rong! This is her first time supporting soul masters that are stronger than her It’s normal for her to be exhausted Retreat to the poison trap! [Soul Land]

Retreat! San, that premium herb of yours has great power At least, we didn’t waste our efforts The ability and the element of the Ghost Tiger are suitable for Zhu Qing Dean, there are many soul beasts outside Some of them are suitable for us I created this Flying Godly Claws You can catch them with this With you, Mr. Zhao, and Ms Er Long, I think you can try this out Ever since he mentioned the poison trap, he’s been planning every step He’s very meticulous Is this because he has the gene of Hao Tian tribe? Dean? Do you know how to use it now? I don’t think it’s hard San, pick one soul beast out We’ll handle it for you I think we should help Rong Rong first I need to observe them before I can decide Fine Gang, which soul ring is better for Rong Rong as her fourth soul ring? Rong Rong’s skills can boost speed, strength, and soul power For her fourth soul ring, I think she should get a defensive boost I think the 4,000-year-old pangolin-like soul beast is suitable Its main ability is to go near an enemy and crush them with pure strength Its defensive strength is impressive I think you three should hunt it together. Just to be safe What a strong defense! Its weakness is its mouth! Er Long, there are kids here Don’t spill too much blood I know that! I’ll play with this thing for a while Rong Rong, close your eyes and come with me I’ll go with you It’s been so many years, but Er Long still acts like a little girl San, have you made your choice yet? Just tell us. Mr. Zhao and I will handle it for you I want that Burrow Demon Spider! Are you crazy? That’s a Decade Millennium Soul Beast, you know? Master, please let me pick the Burrow Demon Spider Listen to me. Choose the Human-Faced Demon Spider It has lived for 6,000 years It’s similar to your last soul beast As long as you absorb its soul power, not only will your Third Soul Skill be improved, you will also have a defensive Fourth Soul Skill Master. To me, the Burrow Demon Spider is more useful to me now Why? Master, I picked it because the Advanced Soul Master School Contest is coming soon

If you have time to think of that, you should think about yourself! It’s 5,000 years way above your league Do you think you can absorb it completely? Master, believe me. I can do it I consumed two premium herbs when I was at the Old Freak’s place They have changed my body completely I’m way stronger than you think And I have an advantage here too The two premium herbs that I have consumed, allow me to absorb the soul ring in a special place With all that, I’m confident that I can absorb its power Wu Even if you’re 99% sure of it, I won’t let you take the risk Decade Millennium Soul Beasts are different from the Millennium Soul Beasts Let alone the excess power Your soul will suffer soul shock when you try to absorb its energy And it’ll be very hard for you Soul shock? What’s that? It’s a phenomenon where powerful soul beasts produce special energy before their souls disappears completely Only Decade Millennium Soul Beasts can cause soul shock Soul shock will destroy a person’s mentality And it will cause that person to become an idiot Wu, how did you know all that? My mother told me that Soul shock? Brother, you said you would protect me forever, right? I beg you, please listen to Master That Human-Faced Demon Spider is not bad too Why must you take the risk? What if I can avoid soul shock? Brother! Did you forget about the Eager Gaze Dew that I consumed? With the Purple Demon Eye, I’m sure I won’t be affected by soul shock I can even reduce the grudges it has towards me Brother, are you lying to me? When did I lie to you before? Besides, I won’t risk my life I need to stay safe, so that I can protect you Okay. You can go But, you must remember this Brother, if you die, I will follow your steps [Next Episode] Tang San! Where’s San? Where is he? Dean, Mr. Zhao, please help me San, have you thought it through? Fatty! You want to escape? No way!

Constraint of Spider Web! Why did that happen? That dragon flame is extremely dangerous. Don’t go near it! Wu! This is bad!