♪The past is buried with farewell tears♪ ♪Tang’s belief is regained in the Soul Land♪ ♪Ghostly Trace, from place to place you run♪ ♪Xuan Tian power burns♪ ♪Never look down at the shabby wooden house♪ ♪Create our glorious miracles in the Soul Land♪ ♪When seven creatures combine, hope is what we get♪ ♪Never give up as it’ll be unforgettable♪ ♪For a hundred thousand years I’ll search and grow with you♪ ♪I’ll turn into a sky of bright stars when I think of you♪ ♪Life is full of wars, battles, adventures♪ ♪and I’ll still protect you♪ ♪I’m still the King no matter the Black and Blue are awakened or not♪ ♪The darkness is all released by clouds and mists♪ ♪I’ll never forget my promise♪ ♪even if the sky and earth changes or the sea roars♪ ♪I’ll stand up high even the Gods have to look up♪ ♪My invincible legend right on this Soul Land♪ [This animation is based on the novel Soul Land] [written by Tangjia Sanshao] [Previous Episode] Mr. Team Leader On behalf of Suo Tuo Soul Arena, I hereby invite Shrek Seven Devils to join the group battle at the Central Soul Arena Here are the details of the opponent I can make some guess about the origin of Emperor Team You have to pay the most attention to two persons, who are their captain and vice captain It’s only with a 30% probability You must not admit defeat until the last moment Gang, I think that you shouldn’t promise them in a hurry I’ve never heard of any other soul masters of Blue Lightning T-Rex yet Are you saying…? [Soul Land] [Episode 39] Blue Lightning T-Rex is known as the beast soul with the strongest attack power Its status in beast soul is similar to the status of Rong Rong’s Qibao Amber Pagoda in Assisting Branch of Martial Soul So, is their captain from the family of Blue Lightning T-Rex? Apart from the Blue Lightning T-Rex family, I’ve never heard of any other soul masters of Blue Lightning T-Rex yet The background of Emperor Team is overwhelming! Not only both captains, but the Black Martial Turtle also has the same level as Blue Lightning T-Rex They are the top in the Defense Branch of Martial Soul As for the soul master of Jade Phosphor Serpent, she makes me think of a person Frander, do you still remember him? Jade Phosphor Serpent? Are you saying…? I’m talking about him Jade Phosphor Serpent is similar to that of several big families It’s a rare martial soul School Dean, Master, who are you talking about? Among the soul masters who own the martial soul, there’s only a famous one He’s being known as The Grand Jade Phosphor Master Are you talking the Poison Master? The most difficult to tackle one, The Grand Jade Phosphor Master There’s no one else other than him The vice captain of Emperor Team is having the same surname of Du Gu as The Grand Jade Phosphor Master Master, the soul master of Jade Phosphor Serpent is in Controlling Branch I wonder how she controls it It’s not easy to control if using the serpent martial soul Poison Poison? If that is the case, we’ll have a chance to defeat them! San, never underestimate the opponent! Oscar’s Detoxifying Small Sausage is only in its second soul ring It may not bear with the poison of Jade Phosphor Serpent Yes, Master Master, may I say something? Yes, go ahead During the battle, we must focus on

the soul master of Assisting Branch of the opponent Oh? Why? I know the martial soul of Nine Heart Flowering Apple It has only one ability of general healing in the scope General healing in the scope? The degree of healing is controlled by soul master’s intentions The higher the level, the more the soul ring, the more the healing power can be used My dad said, if there’s a soul master with Nine Heart Flowering Apple, it’ll not be easy to die even if you want This is an almost perfect combination We can win Mu Bai, Ao, Fatty, Wu, Rong Rong, Zhu Qing Have you forgotten that we’ve already achieved a winning streak of 27? In the previous battles, we won by defeating the strong opponents We have Mu Bai’s top martial soul of Storm Attack Branch, Ao’s capability of holding the battle continuously, Fatty’s top Mutated Beast Soul, and Wu’s magical Rou skill Rong Rong, do you think your Qibao Amber Pagoda is not comparable with Nine Heart Flowering Apple? And Zhu Qing You’re the most speedy among those of Keen Attack Branch at the same level that I’ve ever seen Although the opponent is strong, we aren’t weak If we lose the confidence to win, why should we participate in the battle? San, you’re right We, Shrek Seven Devils are never afraid of anyone else Yes, Shrek Seven Devils will surely win Yes, Shrek Seven Devils will surely win Win! Win! Let’s guess what kind of opponent will be arranged by Soul Arena for us tonight? Any opponent will be useless No one can compete with us Ling Ling, if we get hurts, you have to cure me first Mister This time, you’re going to encounter a strong opponent Here is your opponent tonight [Participant Information] Team of Shrek Seven Devils Seven team members with iron soul badges They’re already qualified to obtain a silver battle soul -Please -Suo Tuo Soul Arena has already decided to grant them the Silver qualification in advance This comes at the time to battle with you all Being granted silver battle soul in advance? Does Suo Tuo Soul Arena have no more silver battle soul team to battle with us? Never underestimate the opponent! Shrek Seven Devils team won the Frenzy Battle Team before Frenzy Battle Team? How can they make it? This is the key person A soul master with Blue Silver Plant Moreover, pay attention to the soul master of Qibao Amber Pagoda too As well as the captain of the team He won’t be the captain if he’s not outstanding This battle is indeed a tough one I have a request for every one of you No matter how the battle goes, never hurt the opponent Especially you, Yan Zi If they got poisoned by you, you have to detoxify them immediately after the battle Why? I’ll tell you when the battle is over Welcome to Suo Tuo Soul Arena It’s my honor to see everyone again I’m the host of tonight’s soul battle, Dou Dou Next, let’s welcome the members of both teams Look! Look! Purple hair and green eyes

Does such color of eyes and hair exist in this world? The Central Soul Arena is very magnificent This is the highest-standard stage of Suo Tuo Soul Arena The diameter of this soul battle stage is up to 70 meters The auditorium is large enough to accommodate 20,000 spectators It’s a retro and ancient style of an auditorium This is a tribute to the ancient soul masters Do you know the leader of the opponent? I’ll tell you when the battle is over It’s not easy to battle with this guy Attention, please you have one minute from now to initiate your martial soul The battle will begin once I announce The battle will end when either team admits defeat or falls off from the battle stage Initiate your martial soul now [Soul Land] This… Is this…? You’ve finally seen it? This is the third tribe in the world The only martial soul owned by the tribe of Blue Lightning Blue Lightning T-Rex Blue Lightning T-Rex is the top martial soul It’s different from the other martial souls The soul ring of Blue Lightning T-Rex can only be the soul beast of toothed-dragon species This means its soul skill is superb Master said, the soul master of Blue Lightning T-Rex is the most terrifying soul master of Storm Attack Branch at the same level As expected, he’s absolute confidence in his own strength Soul battle begins

First soul skill, White Tiger Protection Barrier The best soul ring combination of 2 yellow and 1 purple brings a great pressure indeed Either the quality of martial soul or the configuration of soul rings, Shrek Seven Devils are indeed at a disadvantage However, this is their advantage of encountering the other soul battle teams The advantage might turn into a disadvantage San, what are you going to do? I’m forcibly blocked by two of them at the front I can’t exert pressure on the other members of Emperor Team behind them I’ll tackle two of them first They’re retracted! Up there! Unexpectedly, the Black Martial Turtle is tough You got into my trap! First soul skill- Thunder Dragon Claws Oh, no! I exert power in the air You have nowhere to hide It’s you who got into the trap [Next Episode] First soul skill- Intertwine

The favorable situation that San established is useless now The real battle starts now! I’ll kill you all! The lives of Shrek Seven Devils are at stake No!