hello welcome to ask ujin I’m cool new cap on yo chin and I’m cuckoo hot bun cha know and I’m gonna rock bun terrace and we are here to answer your Korean questions ask how easy this is going to be really exciting yeah for many people who have been wondering about what Korean University of life is like in Korea right so in the intro I said I’m new cup on tuesday i entered in the university big in 2006 long time ago you’re so young I entered University in 1999 so we say the number a year before the word have fun have fun means school number your number so cook wat buncombe papa Daniel come what yeah and it’s so different from America I don’t know about other countries but in America we don’t really care about when you enter the university it’s more about when you graduated so i graduated in 2012 so it’s more common for me to say I’m proud of the class of 2012 class of 2012 so in Korea it matters when you enter University and nobody cares when you write in it except for your parents of course Apple ha no when did you graduate I entered University once again in 1999 when I was nine years old nine years old only and i graduated in 2008 i was actually going to the school to back in two thousand yeah we were in the same school like we didn’t know each other they were all incidentally we’re all from the same university korea university i entered in this year she followed and Terry’s followed so when you graduated you graduated the year I started college I guess so has your vacation starting dad yet actually my finals and next week right now we’re in finals period aren’t you supposed to be study so talk to me in Korean is more important than your studying right of course that’s good to do so when i first came it was actually really weird because by this time we’d be on vacation in America I’m American yeah first off in America school starts in August that’s our first semester okay and our second semester usually starts in January but its opposite in Korean yeah the first semester starts in our March hammer and their second semester starts in September cool it whatever but on the plus side the Korean winter break is much longer than I winter break yeah yes yeah we go to school from august to the end of december and then we start school in january it’s really sure maybe sure it’s just like christmas break yeah pretty much it’s like to eat christmas break maybe like plus a week so in most korean universe it is you start your first semester in march then you have midterms around april late april yeah and then you have finals in june right yeah i mean it’s great that the school breaks are long and people think students enjoy their free time much more than in the during the semesters but the semesters i feel are too short like you really too sure I mean usually it’s 14 weeks 15 weeks and what can you do with in 14 weeks time wow I took 18 to 21 credits in one semester so I’d say I spent very hectic semesters I see I’d say you can do quite a lot in 15 weeks I mean like you enter in March like first or second weeks are usually not regarded as usual semesters introductory weeks so even if you skip classes the professor will not be able to actually give you an F just for that so people don’t go to classes that often it’s not true like yours and then all of a sudden you have this festival period coming up soon and right after that you have midterm exams coming up so all the classes are fever cancelled or shortened and then you study for about a month and then you start preparing for the final exams and then after that it’s over so seem like you’ve mastered the Korean college I think the man went to the school for 10 years yeah so I feel like I always felt like the semesters were too short for me actually just a second ago you said festivals and like how classes are canceled because of festival yeah in America I can’t speak for every school but there’s no big celebrations like we have here in Korea so I thought it was really amazing like at Korea University there’s this big festival called ho jaan jaan that’s in the autumn and it’s a big festival where people from Korea University yonsei university they get together for these sports festival and they like play baseball soccer another sport by five sports I guess and like they all meet in a big stadium our school wears red or crimson and their school wears blue and they like cheer and it’s a really just a big festival and it’s a big favor but I think that’s more Korea University and Yonsei University specific but other

universities other than Korea verstegen yonsei university also have invested usually in May yeah and it lasts around a week they have like a big festival one day they invite all these k-pop stars as well and they you know just enjoy like a concert and then other days that one day what do we do we I remember we set up all this like a stall kind of thing yeah and on the campus and we make food and we sell food and drinks yeah I mean I think the school festivals are just another excuse another kind of excuse to skip classes so I think overall university life in Korea is a lot of fun but mainly because students really want to have fun because they were in high school for like only three years but they feel like they were there for 10 years studying studying every day so they are finally liberated so they just go really actively for the fun vectors so they do all these fun things to do it thing is before I went to the University I expected that I will play all the time I will hang out with my friends I do every year but the reality is there were so many like assignments or presentations to do it does a little most students that’s why i thought the University of life was gonna be different because like the Janice era I heard that not many people really studied hard in university but when I went to university it was really hard to find a job after graduation so people started really really really hard I think it’s also related to the fact that schools made it a little bit like deliberately more difficult to graduate they started adding like required requirements in order for you to graduates of and for example I didn’t need to do anything to graduate I took all these classes required classes of course but I think my kubas younger students that mean they had to either take the toeic test or they have to write some kind of essays but I didn’t have to do anything in particular in order to graduate if I actually filled all the credits I was it sounds like you had a nice easy to I was lucky i know for me i am i went to i studied english language education in my department in my major I to take 140 credits and I to take hunter Chinese character test and then I need a certain points for toy or TOEFL and since I double majored in Japanese I need the Japanese proficient test reality yeah jlpt pensee Oh in America it’s the same like depending on your major you have different requirements like I was a linguistics major so I had to take a certain amount of foreign language classes obviously I took Korea and also before we were talking about like assignments and stuff but I feel like in America we get more assignments than we do here in Korea like in Korea I feel like it’s sort of hard to study for class because in class they just lecture you and like it’s pretty much you have to learn by yourself but I feel like in America you get homework assignments and if you do the homework assignments you like understand it so when you take a test you can like look over your homework and read the notes and it’s easier but in Korea there’s not a lot of homework so before the test you’re like studying everything in like when you finally get the test paper you’re not sure how to like solve the problems so does that mean that you want more Homer I think homework would help more okay I’ll make sure that your professors this video that’s fine yeah it was a little tough for me because you know I felt that I had a lot of assignments and presentations to give but I learned how to make my university life a little easier because you know you make your own time schedule for your classes so I didn’t take any classes on Fridays or two years before I graduated so I was chewed up haha choose ha so true is a week and high is number four and pi is like group claimed or something so choose hapa is usually a name that you use for people who only have classes four times a week so it’s really clever if you do it that way you go to school wawa sumo and then you have a three-day weekend so that’s awesome I try to do that but I always had some one class one morning class like on Friday couldn’t do it so right now I’m to some pop oh because I come to the office on tuesdays and thursdays and I take classes on Monday Wednesdays and Fridays I see you know what but many people who are actually from other cities I was living just three minutes away from the University campus so I didn’t mind actually going to school every day because I had to just wake up 10 minutes before class just brush my hair and go and i have another war to introduce thimphu do you know what it is well I didn’t do much team per team play yeah I didn’t do much of it but I did some team poses it’s just like group activity like group preparation for presentations so you use the word simple

dimple I think it came into existence when i was around like in the third year okay so you didn’t use the word from not much not much so it’s pretty much like when you have a group activity or a group project that you have to do and you know you have four or five people to work together and for some reason they put these two english words together and late team play there’s no playing involved but they put it together and it became temper give me a lot of students use Nate tone which is a pc messenger sort of like aim in America views to hell or a kako told these days to do keep food yeah right even though I didn’t really go to school when we were you when I was going to school we didn’t really use kakao talk I’m quite old and I have a question in America you have like sorority and fraternity yes we have what do you have we don’t have sorority or fraternity clubs we do have something that is similar which is too muddy so I know for eternity or sorority clubs are usually not related to a certain activity like certain yeah word they have like fraternities and sororities can be associated to a specific thing like a certain major like their accounting fraternities where there are sports fraternities or fraternities for Hispanic people or theirs yeah they’re yeah they have different themes yeah but I think too muddy in Korea they are more related more centered around like the activity itself so a lot of tamales they interview new members like aspiring new members and they drink with them and they actually make them quit or you know if they don’t like the new members so yeah domaris awesome he can be quite quickly in the university like in America we have clubs but I think it’s a little different from Korea oh I guess depending on the club because there are clubs where they’re very serious and they’re always together and I’m sure sometimes they drink outside of school but I think the concept is a little different yeah I think for a lot of students who are active in the tamari activity I think for them they are tamari or which the money they belong to is as important as the major that they’re actually you know studying for me it was okay for me it wasn’t like that I wasn’t in a daddy yeah what temari were you I was in the dancing party it was so important to me that if there were classes versus some bestival preparations that I had to do that I have to participate in of course I would be end up in such a practice room and since I was into money I think a lot of drinking happens because of being in a tamale right did you guys drink a lot to you drink a lot these days um I don’t know lie and say no but yes I do drink frequently nowadays especially well not nowadays because there’s finals coming up but as soon as finals are over i’m sure people are gonna go crazy and like drink for the next couple of days do you feel like you are forced to drink cuz your arena university in Korea well for me because I like drinking is ok but there’s definitely that like pressure sometimes especially well if I ignore foreigners like just with Korean students themselves like the older Korean students will sometimes tell the younger Korean students to drink and it’s just like the younger students obligation to obey the older students so sometimes they just drink so agent I know you rarely drink and if you when you do drink you drink like one millimeter something so how did you deal with drinking occasions that were kind of obligatory ok so you guys with no we have this big thing called hapa chick in our university yeah so you had to drink this much of my holy at once and I did that and I got drunk and after that ever since then no one really told me to drink you must have been really scary like oh no don’t give her there are people who have forced you to drink but if you say that I’ll no I don’t drink people don’t really go like I will kill you if you don’t drink I think that kind of trend or tradition started when you were like in your first year in a cow in university because when I entered in 99 1999 I think most people who did say no to the drinking offers they eventually had to drink anyway it doesn’t matter whether you say no or yes please you know it’s an obligation it’s a group culture how can you say you know you’re so rude to say that so eventually they drank for the most people the majority of people don’t really get in serious medical conditions for drinking like one cup of soju just because your sunbae needs you to do right but yeah like when things like someone you know fainting or someone getting sick have it happens that some beds will be a little bit more cautious but then they will go back to the habit of making everybody drink yeah so I think for me it was more common to see girls who can’t drink drinking because they have to even in empty yeah you have to drink like all night usually yeah what is the mts than 40 mt sends for membership training another interesting collaboration of

english words and it’s like a group of students maybe a club or just friends they go somewhere outside well they all together go to a place and they usually rent like a villa or a big room they do it because if you drink in Seoul or in the city you have to go home but if you go on a trip to a remote area you don’t have to go home no one can use the excuse of my mommy’s waiting so they have to drink all together and they think that kind of feels that not yet it’s like a way for them to get closer even though some people may dislike it so they all drink all night and then they all just sleep on the floor with their blankets and it’s quite a fun experience but for foreign people who may be wearing like oh if I go to Korea how am I gonna like have to drink every day usually I feel like they’re very considerate because they know people are foreign and they know like some people may not drink and like honu said before the trend where they force people to drink is sort of dying out so if you like drinking you’ll have a lot of fun if you don’t like drinking than just drink water if you also like drinking I think you will be able to enjoy the fact that you’re some days older students will buy you drinks you have to pay a thing I look for that sunday sunday is like son with means first fool mins later so sunday someone who is older so we all went to the same school so I’m the biggest sunbae here huge ins some bear to terrorists so it’s kind of like the oba doona only home concept no even for the people who is the same age as me if they enter the university before me that could happen if they react to the school first there’s a Miss yeah yeah even though they are not my own your body can be my son bed and there are people who enter the university next to me one year later even though they are the same age as me they are full bed to me yeah so I actually have some friends who are older than me but they entered University after me okay I tried to call it my who pays but they just don’t bet on it so we talked about a lot of things that Korean university students do I think it’s a good opportunity for Korean young people to actually enjoy freedom because I mean even though Hilton said there are lots of assignments it’s nothing compared to high school right so I think I really enjoyed my University of life that’s why I stayed there for such a long time and it’s also a sad fact that people have to prepare like for a long time to get a job these days like for many many years they study for these tests that they have to have the score of right so I think it started the same like when you’re in high school high school students study to death for the swooning exam which is like how in America the SATs I don’t know about other countries but you know there’s a big standardized tests that you have to take if you want to go to a big University only have one chance each year luckily in America we have a couple of chances but in Korea there’s one chance every year no I didn’t get to use my sunam score eventually but on the day or the day on the eve of the sunam exam I got really really sick so I was living in the school dormitory and the manager the administrator asked me if I wanted to go home or not but I said I’m going to stay here and I’ll go to the exam place directly from here but then I had to go home because I was so so sick and I had to be taken care of by my you know looked after by my mother so we were almost thinking that I had to skip the test and that would mean that I would have to study for another year just to take the test again because I skipped it but luckily the next morning I was fine again and I had to I could take the test I think that’s a really bad system I think they should at least be more than one chance per year because there are gonna be cases like that where somebody is really sick and they can’t take the test or you might be having a bad day yeah or you might fall asleep during the test like me it’s really easy to fall asleep because like the s82 it’s so long and it’s just like so hard to focus i’m like what the science and the humanities exam is like two hours and 3 30 minutes long not for us because i didn’t take the science I said it was different a little little talk so there’s this one test session that is over two hours long so okay yeah thank you guys for being in the video with me thank you because i know i graduated from the university like 23 years ago and i don’t really remember much but I know that Hana remember it’s a lot because he went to the University for such a long time and Harris is going to the school at the moment so it really helped oh yeah do you know about the new leg I don’t know if it what it definitely wasn’t there when you were there but they like built a new media home and there’s like there’s like a movie theater that’s one of the bad things when you graduate you go back to school one day and there’s this really nice thing that wasn’t there before and all the new students are enjoying it yeah there are so many things that were not there when i was in school so yeah also gilding a new door you have the finals we don’t anyways any younger students get to pay much more to me it’s very cheap because tuition in America is I didn’t want to talk about my thank you

i think i only paid half of what or less than half of what university students these days are paying is that old and yeah thank you guys and i will see you guys next week Yotam tina detelj in khawaja sahib alcohol subjecting like organ hang heart may save achenbach and HIV nivea tito a mud fight until hola me yo con su hub but I back my cow up top Justin like obesity glow tu boxia medic evo mu karima Kuryakin guy hung a movie from champlin Chang took me by helpless your new toy to you can fake are the konkan architect loop-de-loop to quan tum tum ko ko ko kya haal na Gangnam camera move on time masau’u jajaja buy me buy from gamba for one second yep jokin guy helped I help Harshad I hoped I know why yamla Chang beta gamma Hydra society jumpy glam dive in ahmedabad also Peralta kokomo chumhum elem Hansen ven vietnam zoo happen my phenom high incomes amoeba consignee rattan will emerge am so venom hang in kissimmee hey Val akan so Tanya vodka 20 an angle at an angle 18 single venom jiaxiang same vehicle Kevin oh gotcha no me la Tanya chente Zoe vasan gangway cuando Dylan phenomena in koh samui ba de coca more fight until hola mija Lucci chachaka quantify in quang vinh vo zoo hub my gym commode Fincham therapy coconut well cadet hailey you hop on a movie totally la coka comin back adoption potato / home plate over my Joey Marla till contempt or what engine way new you’ve seen Vic nom de Lima and young Edinburgh no nunca going to help you hopped my they don’t came the haunted invade yoga aim yun hota able to venture queries ojala que su Kwong job not infects you have topped a some taco telly npon i am chief alone now chavacano kahan Jason facade vamos o aah encuentro zoekt marine villanova karnataka Hopsin following the Kentucky Jernigan vehicle within day to vanish economy traveling Mbakwe bank suit am coming nguyen van co county vision globale Ruffin mangala chachaka em of sin chamba ching ching 52 takagaki a fashion that can wilt new to Vinci 09 hub TV come captain ahaab ho cho chi minh teaching la muccio Zeke taught Van Van Van nature via nature and yet then nia-malika a la soupe have we end up with a zoo hop to her t41 upson back neck a Hobson’s concolor Sultan we do ok so the aveo cumin we don’t know Mohammad Al Ricky Dunn division robot eve is a new boss I come caca company to clean up fertile talked about the cat a young new to market in Moodle get behind or laugh leave is a little boy second cup Taylor envelope and where do you get your popcorn go to da that deficit when consumed can we do you laugh yeah oh you then helpful thing you’re Tom you guys how well can I hardened user now the hidden is a robotic and absent McConaughey in family to go home to Al Capone complete vision Lobos air hotel encanto Krieger and my team he’ll go to overlook look new laughs jump again hopped up no Yuma cupcake take off and get a whistle no borders and second ain’t watchin da oh yeah then will you have my English here sorry Adam damn they’re young select a layer beneath the leg day at the movie where the heroine you well yeah yeah laughing yeah majella sahaja so I’m gonna laugh again you’ll add a dash of time you go choke up to Montoya with the last ilm visa back to help something anti a vision globale legend wager man John market with Leo Hoffman okay to Donna but uh la ba vision lavo to campaign problem hope oh hey I yeah we gotta yeah off the top and it done get back they don’t know how down Lou yep I now came out of my car title cuz I Hardman haha kay yow yeah totally I Lancome Davison over ha-la-lu mon Dieu Cay to kneel on a tofu Davina cakmak data package ahead no logic doesn’t come tickle in looking a year indicia they completely button to that

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