hey everybody it’s me new to 30 45 now known as I I dead ninja and I’m playing their East with Ziggy one being on wait for and and when had to restart step so yeah cuz we are my kept getting interrupted by my family so we have to start over so and we’re also eating Eminem so that’s exciting she’s very connotation that’s even a word pretty sure it is I don’t know who look up to some commentary this game is very accurate to get to the real thing and I really enjoy it the animation is so good it just moves back and forth max ammo thank you buddy how do I have so much money you don’t have to help you do believe I’m getting out of here this guy’s raha hai you don’t just camping myself right here doing real good come to me good i got revived this dude i do it might come to me hurry no no I’m here by the box what box oh wait save it for me okay how’d you get over there I did the right you are well no I got the store or can I and I just have this scoop kids often if they get close up its double barrel shotgun okay I’m gonna get the box but hit baki sweet i hope i get something good I didn’t get anything good Oh wonderful first try mmm good for you oh my gosh that was perfect wow that was insane those first try that look so rare geez I’m gonna try to look real but don’t you did it if so that was pretty lucky all right um dude get this guy right oh I don’t know why I did that dude I got ray gun don’t I don’t know some Chi instead it changed so that’s the one dude it can kill up to like 10 zombies at time T I’m just crazy dude I almost had great luck going for some good whoa I got a sniper right good oh gosh see it’s very very soon soup oh my god oh my god oh gosh thing is really since you I have two best weapons like five minutes into the game watch out this guy’s about to die I don’t like oh my god this is insane where are you do this good come to me I’m powerful but this is hard this is amazing I’ve never done that I’m gonna trade this shotgun for some all right whatever yeah anything is better than the double-barreled shotgun I got what I had a while ago I guess TG we give me some shout oh did I nice hear what I thought I heard what did teddy bear why would I go from on the power we have been using yep there it goes it’s gone I love the tray gun i’m killing a card for you I did go carpinteria whoo I’m gonna turn on the power back did you this barrier no not yet use it when the zombies actually come Oh headshot what’s this speedy Cola we need to try to get speak for bunch of speed colas and just drink them all yeah and become super fast I need to pack a punch my ray gun I need we need the UM you need 5,000 oh no and we need the unlock the pack up on I’m gonna pack a punch this pack a punch fits whoops wait where’s the new box Oh will you go to

the box follow the light what has around started not taking any chances wait wait for me I’ll come too I have the two best guns in the game okay good night it’s like it either one or two hit KO with the ray gun so if you see these up there oh we gotta move this barrier I don’t even have enough I did the zombies come this way I’m Oh seriously another one here’s the machine I can’t buy it none of us can except for the scampi thing what are you talking about this oh wait the boxes over here I know I’m a dumb why do you think I said that I almost bought that if I have anything insta-kill wait let me get some money don’t want me to oh ok I’ll wait a minute what so in just got boobs I am NOT going to use the mystery box you can but I’m not dude what did I get I got this thing well that’s a good gun sounds great well this thing is so sensitive I love this gun we need carpenter I opened the door upstairs okay I’m really building this barrier downstairs I’m gonna go camp up in that off on that balcony up there I’m coming up and there might be some zombies following me where are you down there yeah I’m in that I’m in that building over there I’m going up the steps dude that’s the perfect place for me this is more of a sniper remembered i never got rid of the sniper good i can also shoot them if they come upstairs I’ll sit here and technically this these aren’t stairs this is what this thing is so since to watch my screen I’m gonna move bloomin thing moves like crazy day two people died down for no reason to people where’s the second one right Oh what it is to be yeah he’s all died huh what the heck oh it’s so there’s a barrier there dude come get us we’re all screwed hurry man come get me just get me first get me first don’t walk into the fit force field oh please do anyone I have ray gun and rekha waffle Kurt please get me please come on desert pull that are moving up your reviving God dang it so much I’m sorry what was the boy left and now we’re gonna go start ground you snuck it reviving people use using me more on how to do that properly naira screwed well we just lost the best to you yeah good why did you revive that other guy I wasn’t trying to he was in your in the way this moves left a little bit I tried and then you dyed blue buff what do I takes less than a second your day I know I am I don’t have much family and I’m i spected oh I’m did yep okay well there I go and here we go starting it up looking really really terrible why can’t we beat this I got to lookin 41 time seriously it was repenting a guy you just shield did you explain understand oh so much for having to guess game

stop shooting gonna do chilled you here oh I am um officially never touching that again yup it’s official it’s pretty cool Oh what don’t shut it down so what down I don’t know power levels well my grandma’s coming to visit today oh here she is over there look hi grandma right right my friend dared me to sorry I didn’t say anything grandmom why are there so many grandmas hey Jordan that’s your grandma isn’t it look oh he killed your grandma yeah my random weird if you post like common room every day or just say that it’s the kill hey around here you can see comment please say Joe is bad especially at this game uh just for the record hey I’m here we both died at level five do the same here you mean it Oh burning trash is not right don’t do it kids Brian you’re trash everybody burn your trash your jelly always burn your trash most efficient way to get rid of it you people are wimps oh I have a knife how do you eat night Presley eek hoo that’s really good oh I gotta go revive this dude I got heat Jojo hmm I got boomer I’m not much money ahead how much help I have wonder if I should you die no I need to reload anyone see it I think what won him over little oh alright um oh they got the door open and just so many new ads coming up on this computer but all the doors I don’t care stop posting hats or a loss right idiots no keep posting hats who I do nothing are you serious right now open the door I don’t have any choice I don’t know how to describe here well I’m in roblox keeps posting your hats oh my gosh you both have enough money to do this I know I have enough money but I can’t open it it won’t doesn’t give me the choice to open it you have to like get right up next to it right in front of it not to the side oh wait so how’s it been I know Palmer got woke up hook up yes I’m gonna be the first one to get to the box my babies look at my ammo fine go ahead that you know I’m doing this we i have that much animal oh don’t wonder off for first time did you get it yeah right now all you need to get is

like Ray kenderson I got Thompson use that music gun wisely don’t use it on singles on its use it on multiple zombies I’m not even holding it not totally any gun out who to be Fuji you can do to do do do do here comes as long as yep I’m out of ammo I just kill them all i gotta do it again holding this wait hold on don’t guys stop no I’m gonna go turn on the power do it I gotta get the skull know why does everybody can keep forgetting to turn on the power sky keeps using the mystery box well see I’m gonna go find another one when that runs out I just used it it was me grandma is mg whoa it’s tequila I got it nice i’m trying to use single bullet stick this thing is so inaccurate mystery box is still here keep using it so i can get first dibs sir no one’s using up brian guy just usual Oh double points versus insta-kill did I have the SKG so it’s like mowing down one you don’t just spring rain I just killed all my points now look at my points I have the most I know but look how many points X doesn’t matter I happiness ain’t 5005 doubt save it hmm I’m gonna pack a punch the one waffle oh my god yeah i’m not using anybody that’s great unless this gun runs out of ammo i am the not using forgive me all you have to do is unlock my way to back punch machine somebody say buy stuff i’m gonna say it oh hi this FG 14 don’t wait what does it mean own silk I don’t want to lose my sprained pray when we get instacute you jump down here no I’m victim the spot there we’ll just a really not using don’t want to jump down there because so anything to use the box and then I’m gonna have to come all the way back ok you johnis are falling in maxime oh my gosh hey nothing is still going where’s pack a punch machine you do look at my how much I have dude you have enough to pack a punch something know what the package bunch isn’t in our field where is it anyway it’s at the store you might do we get help me out appears you would have faced with so many zombies oops there goes the machine so where is it no oh yeah finally pick the right spot yeah I gotta need this barricade first still out like so much money sweet now I get the box all to myself until somebody comes up here dude ok I haven’t have enough Oh somebody is already figure yeah i just spent it again he’s spending it I hope no idea oh my god oh did you have a bar in a rocket that’s food that is amazingly good foot sir no dude you got monkeys oh yeah what is it good monkeys did win the same reason I am just gonna start you just take a stupid gun ok move don’t be an uber mean don’t be a new guy you only

knew guys take their time I hate you I’m going to teleport back to the main floor if I can I don’t know what it means by that you have to link to the mainframe there’s a mainframe somewhere I just let her go and do it you have to like come over to the sign and like link yourself or something what do that some of the hats are in sold out I failed I like the bar OMG yeah mp40 I just got consciousness I ready I got mp40 somebody get max ammo these guys are gonna run out I just stole it from that guy max ammo got it yes should I get that over this I’m really knowledge dude that looks cool yeah bet shoots players it’s not a flare gun but this over mp40 quick tell me tell me tell me by my Magnum I want dad good let me just let me see it one hit kill you did I make a good choice did you get it no what do you have and i’m using my STG look how much money i have right I doing it oh stop buying stuff dude dude funky oh hell mp4 hellhounds are no match for my mac you suck everybody if I know how comes to tell me they’ll blow it up I have silver bullets in this magnum Oduya kill for the hellhounds people are blowing these people up I have no idea where this being in it over there by the stairs dude bhai you get woken by don’t get back here no I’m run it do it about the dodge place is not to die get down here be protected Oh way over there don’t don’t get him I think I know who it is I want this brian guided dog yummy to bryce’s come out at all the moon or power help he’ll bail bail bail hey you want a piece of pizza I shine well I don’t love this my rocket launchers I shot him a bunch all right look at my money hmm you like monies ya know your money suck that guy’s flames do you have a coin us haha there’s an army of them I just killed them all single-handedly keep you back up and shoot now’s the time for a rocket launcher help help help help help help help oh my god help please just help me just help my I’ll come out the internet and shoot this guy where are you exactly right out of monkeys work on your house I need max ammo oh crap I gotta save this guy help i’m getting eaten you’re mine who ain’t you to see yeah you’re welcome yo Otto I’m just gonna save dot again what are you saying not again this but not been cleared I will get my freakin guns if you ever don’t let me have my guns you’re gonna die open it loser someone else did it oh dang in you suck k spur okay you Smurfs well I still get the first one anyway skin wonder walk and walk nevermind think I’ll stick

with this hi zombie yeah she gained Joseph good job you hit him clear through my body hit him so many times though alright this is mine give me something good baby give me something good dude dude a grenade buyer here what the heck he just took that from me I just spent all my money on that and he just grabbed it from me what’s the heck I was gonna now let’s forget that that was a really good gumbo we might have to stop it now Joseph in making episode 2 yeah you’re right all right everybody we’re gonna set suzhou and make an episode 2 so be sure to check out our second episode of dairies commentary so all right that’s going to be it for now and we’ll see your heart your discharge when my summer fun bear attack