day four of the build I like that we’re starting to use the word restoration because we are actually restoring this vehicle and taking it from old to new day for waiting for the gearbox to arrive transfer box has been sorted gearbox sorted waiting for that manifold waiting for that radiator replacement radiators for both the air conditioner condenser and the engine cooling radiator or on their way now but a lot of work has been done on the transmission brakes suspension already I’m Andrew st. Pierre White join me as I share my passion for building four-wheel drive trucks and traveling to the remotest parts of the world then we found the problem on your gearbox that’s your reverse gear and unfortunately the reverse gear is not looking too healthy because as you can see all the teeth have been broken off that’s our tooth look and this is what’s left of the reverse gear and usually on these gearboxes when you run stop the car in reverse that happens when you do a push start in Reverse yes yeah so it’s an obvious the people because they’re not designed to go back yes while we’re talking you’re talking the clucks you’re doing a shock load on the gears right so you put very weak yeah so they do that drop the clutch never never start a controversy you hear that never start a con you’re in Reverse particularly if it’s well any car cuz you know / then put a phone inside so now okay so what’s the prognosis can we get us is it a spare part is that the major builders that just one component or it’s a it’s a small pod you know self how much you use your so we can actually just mature take it out let’s just take it out doesn’t even know I’m gonna need reverse-fold oh look what’s coming that’s my pride and joy that I’d enjoy that keeps me going in this business I will do a report later in this series about the Bears 40 series Land Cruiser rebuilds Sandra here we’ve got the wire a critical component of the front axle and you’ve got the the axle casing here two small bearings and they really are very small bearings and the whole wheel pivots on these two bearings here and you’ve got a set of seals that actually stop the grease that holds them a CV joint and the drive shaft which sits in here coming out when the wheel turns left and right and then you’ve got a seal inside there this little seal there which stops this grease going into the oil axle so when you get failure off this seal here this little field here and this dark grease starts creeping through there and actually going into the axle casing it’s really difficult to tell so what I’ve always advised people going on over land expeditioners when you come into your service every 5000 KS check the color of the front oil in the in the axle if you find the front wheels actually gone a little bit gray then it’s telling you that actually this grease in here which you can’t see has gone through that seal and actually mixed with that oil the problem with it mixing is that now you’ve actually taken oil and grease and mixed it and it’s not the right education for the differentials when I showed you the nice teeth on that on the differential that looked really in good condition this grease and oil actually deteriorates that takes off what we call the case hardening on those teeth so it’s important that the system with the grease stays here to lubricate the CV joint stays this side of that seal the oil stays that side of that of the seal and these components work separately in from here to make the wheel turn we’ve got a spindle and there’s some parts missing here because they all fit together what I want to show you is the bearings so here we put the spindle these are the two bearings where the actual hub will be bolt the wheel runs on it and the critical points for us here want to check bearings now this people don’t do often enough I’ve often found that you know when you’re driving on expedition you put up you’ve got a really heavy vehicle look you’ve loaded it in a heavy capacity you’re putting a lot of load on the wheel bearings so part of the

service regime which needs to be done more often than if you didn’t load the vehicle for expedition and that’s why a tio2 service regime for the factory is slightly different to overland and how I’ve trained people because you’re putting a lot more stress on things and components like bearings and you’re driving on some really harsh roads so I want people to check bearings more often and what we’re doing here as we actually gain to replace your bearings so you look at and you say when do I change a bearing and should I change a bearing of bearings aren’t particularly expensive and I would actually just go ahead and spend the money and change the bearings if I look at these bearings here and you can see in the light there there’s a brown tinge on what they call the rollers these are the rollers okay now that Brown is a sign of heat so the lubrication is broken down which means the greases are they’re contaminated or it’s actually got too little grease in there and this is run hot and so these start wearing and then the other problem you have is on what’s called the stub x4 where these sit you’ve got the surface where this bearing has to slide on now take this berry and I slide it on that needs to go a nice and true my Louis it doesn’t just slide on there we are so this is Scotty if I I can feel it it’s it’s on it’s not a lot of movement there if I take the top one and if I look at this if I take my finger there’s actually a ridge there now if I turn it around there isn’t a ridge there so the way on this side is more accentuated than the top so when I take this bearing and what I’m trying to make sure is that the inside race here doesn’t have any movement the movement needs to be like that the outside part moving and this inside needs to be fixed and set so it doesn’t move so now I put this on if I just take that and I can actually move that not the earth side I’m actually feeling movement on this and the reason I’m feeling movement on there is because there is a shoulder here that’s worn so I wouldn’t reuse the stub axle if I was in a place where this was really good and I didn’t have that sort of way all around I could clean it up I could put a big bearing lock I could put this back together confidently knowing we could reuse this part and it’s Spencer part able to change the other part to check is that you’ve got a bronze bushing you put a needle roller bearing and we have got I’ll show you quickly the difference between a new bearing okay and then let’s look at that one so there’s a nice new shiny bearing and there’s the old one so by taking your bearings and stripping down the wheel bearings on a regular basis and people say well how often is regular on an expedition probably every 20,000 kilometers and I’d regulate that by testing play on bearings which I would take up play on bearings at a normal service interval of every 5,000 kilometers also if I’ve driven through a lot of water because the biggest problem people have is you’ve you drive through water you’ve got a seal which is keeping the grease out on the inside of the bearing and the dust from the outside and as you go through water you cool everything down quenching it and you can often suck a bit of moisture through past the seal with dirt with mud with grit so River which has got a lot of silt in it now you’re creating a grinding paste and you can see what ends up happening is that creeps in and then of course you can get excessive wear coming through so bottom line you want to make sure that these components are not overly worn spend the money on new bearings if the bearings still looked nice like this I wouldn’t change it I’d actually take it now we’ll just regress it so those millions of the ideal for spares so what you’ll notice here this is what we recognize as a brake disc the wheel goes on here and as you can see that’s where the bearing sits stub axle goes in okay if you take a bearing outer bearing as a matched pair so these two once they start wearing in become a matched pair if you said to me Paul would you take this as a spare set of bearings I knock out the shell that’s the shell that sits in there I knock that out and I keep them together I don’t mix them up because once you mix them up you can’t take a worn bearing with a different shell you know this has got a they they’re nice these two are happy together okay they’ve got a nice relationship they’ve worked together for a long time so now you want to take someone else like a marriage you know you don’t just swap around it’s important that you keep the shell and the actual bearing together if you’re going to take it as a spare yes take a set of bearings of spare because you never know how a bearing could give a problem and again if I’m taking seals I always take new seals I never compromise on skills we use the best seals we can buy so you’re saying if I’m taking the

bearings as spares I must keep them matched with all of the components that were taken out we’re gonna put them in a place where they’re all together so if I have to replace a bearing I take the whole lot and replace the whole lot is that what you’re saying so what I’m saying is this is is the the components you keep together so this is the old bearing from here yes okay he has a brand new one if I take this one out and I’m gonna take this as a spare I need to take its partner the shell out and I’ll keep the shell you’re still in the shell is still in there we knock it out we take it we take a shaft through them like sure we tap it out and then you end up with this piece and then I take the two together and I put a zip tie around so that I don’t mix them up it’s really important if you know if it’s a brand new one in a box that’s fine it’s in a box it’s matched so any spare you’re taking especially bearings and I’m going to reuse them take them together put a zip tie around and you’ve got a spare set of bearings no gaskets very important to take new gaskets brand new seals and I take enough seals to do a full bearing service on the car if I’m going on a trip so the seal that sits in here I’m gonna get one of those so here’s the new seal the seal actually fits in to the hub over here and these these are carry a full set because if I’m gonna service the bearings I can pull them the bearings apart where I’m actually just taking the bearing out clean it wash it put new grease in and I’ll put a brand new seal put it in and make sure I’ve got a good quality seal no this is an amazing seal this is the seal that the new seal at Tarentum have supplied us and what I see is that they’ve actually it’s like a seal within a seal and if you look in there it’s actually ridged and then you put the outer seal so normally a seal will have one lip and the way they’ve designed these well they just look much more efficient and much less chance of dirt and grit getting in because that’s the biggest problem with seal you can imagine there’s your seal here’s your stub axle and dirt and mud and all this come up and this is where the seal will run come up against you and what you’re trying to do with the series is you’re trying to make sure that the water and the dust and the mud stays on one side of the seal away from the grease and the bearing we don’t actually contaminate our grease grease breaks down and oil breaks down because of the impurities that get mixed into it the properties of most grease good quality grease and it’s important in to use of proper really good quality grease generally they’ll last for a very very long time once they get contaminants in that’s what tends to make a grease or an oil fat beautiful beautiful look at this well so here has our brand-new stomachs when I compare the two you can actually see the way marks and no a mom of course the second bearing sits there and the seal sits there and the seal sits there now if I rub my finger on here there’s actually a groove there okay and it’s for the new seal to sit on there’s always a chance that seals not going to seal as well because the lip has actually made a groove from all the dust and mud and oil and that’s critical that that actually seals it sometimes you can get away with cleaning it up in a bit of water paper and you can make sure that it all works and that in the ridges aren’t on there then it’s still okay in our case we’re absolutely changing this and I would add something I wouldn’t compromise on because once the bearing has a little bit of play carrying all the way to the car it can compromise the bearing so you want to you want to minimize any potential play on anything any movement causes damage so you have got our new one is the new bronze bush there’s a new roller bearing in there very nice and so what terrain team have done as well which I really love because it’s it’s one thing now we have a kit here to rebuild this whole setup and make sure that the the new stub axle all goes together and this kit together engine revving okay we’ve got small bearings yeah so these little bearings I change often because I find that you know what ends up happening here these bearings start if I clean that out you’ll find you can see there’s little ridges so what happens is this you’ll find the steering the bearing itself gets knocked out as we call it and those little rollers that we have here they actually start making ridges on and repairing it and it’s really not good and that’s why these are not expensive so don’t always change them but that sits in there a little bearing and of course one on a lot of roads it doesn’t it isn’t a lot of movement when you’re steering and most of the time you’re driving with the wheel straight and that’s bash bash bash bash bash and if they’re not adjusted properly eventually they make little

grooves in here and of course the movement is then restricted and of course your past steering is over is doing all the work but actually if I run my hand and I can feel ever so slightly and you can see it these little shiny edges in there so don’t compromise what’s worse what’s really special about this is I don’t buy these all separate I buy the complete kit the seal this it will seal that sits in there they’ve also changed the design of the seal it’s actually got a nice lip double lip system and gets to last for the shaft goes in there to keep the oil and grease separate but these are the old-style seals now you’re going to compare this seal okay which is also very good seal and you’ve got a newest style seal here as well so you can see there is a difference there’s new design on the seals so perfect little kit has got this complete set inside here here we’ve got gaskets we’ve got seal the rubber seals and these and it felt seals so it’s just beautifully prepared the shims to shim it so we’ve got a properly tensioned up this whole kit is what use is used to build this whole knuckle setup with the stub axle and brake disk so it all comes together it’s just a complete set up really nicely done and I know that the quality of the gasket paper that they use is also a very good quality you do get kits like this that can be quite cheap and inexpensive and and very you go to a lot of time and effort and money to rebuild the front axle knuckle and you use a cheap in a survey cheaper kit and then within a few thousand KS you start finding that they leaking they’re not really holding their way and it’s just don’t compromise on you use good quality parts it really does pay online so now for the rear we’ve got a complete axle here the only difference with the landcruiser axle is that actually that doesn’t have a bolt or stub axle like we had on the front it’s actually part of the axle my mind is actually ethical and I’ve had a much better design because you could bolt these doubles off and you can replace them so it’s important on this that you make sure the way is not like we found on the front stub axle which is also on this is actually still in very good condition if I feel on the edges on the areas where the bearing is going to sit a little bit of coloration but there’s no rich and that’s what I’m reading you know there’s a bit of a ridge here that you can see where the wear COC license but it’s not a deep gouge and because we’ve got the new type of seal it will actually work very well so what’s important we know when I run my fingers rather so want to make sure that there’s no sharp edges there and that we clean to get cleaned up properly and this is where I think the difference between a workshop that actually cares now you can throw bearings on an offer car in many different ways to deed the difference between actually preparing this properly is going to give you the longevity and less problems so if I push a seal on here I’ve already found a slight burrow underneath here with my finger and if I go and push a seal on there and I Nick the seal you won’t know about it it’ll take your car you’ll drive off an eventual starting or grease leaking out there and that’s where the difference comes in that’s why when I’m choosing people who are going to work on my car once you know they’re actually gonna take the care to make sure this is cleaned up properly that they understand this cars going not round the corner around the block or the next suburb where if there’s a pop mark and come back on Monday I mean let me feel let me just feel that and birth it oh yes oh yes I can feel it Oh right there does that no just no certainly so how do you how do you find somebody who’s actually gonna so these guys in Africa they have a unique way of wanting to care your client and that’s the difference I’ve often seen that when you do a job and you actually care care about what you’re doing so well well for those in the nursing home to have his cough sort of that someone’s going to sort it out yeah it’s very obvious so so when I’m looking for poor people it’s a lot about reputation know your you hear about guys who are really good at looking after the cops I found our attention to detail its attention to detail it’s about caring about the times you know you I know you’re gonna go on a long trip so I know the guys are gonna be very meticulous about how they do this so that you don’t have that problem many of the workshops who will operate in Africa that are good and successful understand exactly that these are people

that are trusting them with their lives make okay so basically I’ve shown you pretty much how these components go together and here we have our CV joint okay the little seal that sits in the casing this little seal that keeps this grease and the CV joint and the oil that runs for the differential is a small seal here and this is where the shaft has being compromised it’s got a massive groove there you can see that groove is huge okay that grew there that groove it looks like it’s machinery how it shouldn’t be there okay so that’s the groove there for us to check how good the CV joint is now the CV joint is this part here and then you’ve got a shaft which goes in here and there’s a clip so you’d pull this do you pull the shaft out and that’s a separate component so two things we need to check when we can as a side whether we actually changing the CV joints nice expensive component now it’s heavy its expensive as a lot of money so we want to be sure to things over the life of this car it’s most likely its had CV joints 20 years they wear out if they’re not looked after so I don’t know whether this is a good quality CV joint when I pull it apart I’ll be able to tell because it’s got like roller bearings big big web bearings sitting in there okay and there are a number of them and it allows the wheels to turn as they rotate so this when we pull it all apart and all of this falls apart in the bearings and what we can actually look inside here and we can tell how worn it is and and that will determine whether or not we use the CB joint again and on here this edge here where the splines are again we look to see how the splines and you’ll see the spline starts here and what happens is they where they sharpen up these edges here and then you get play and of course this play accentuates and eventually could shear off it could actually strip so I’m trying to really decide Andrew do you need new CV joints and this is worn the shaft is considerably worn okay and I’m gonna show you there is a brand new one from terrain tamer okay what I love about this is they pre grease it this is painful to try and do it’s really it’s really hard work it’s really messy getting all the grease in there and it’s supplied with the grease would actually just watch better okay so now when we look at your area here with that seals running compain out of those look so you can see that’s totally compromised so what’s gonna happen here if this doesn’t seal this grease leaks into this part of the axle and the oil that runs the depth is now going to become full of that grease that’s what we don’t want and that’s why are we putting we are definitely changing the shaft because the CV joints and the shafts are absolutely see you can buy them separately terrain tamer sell them as a kit so they want you and I actually endorse that if you’re changing the shaft change the CV joint do it properly it’s a little bit of money but at least you know it’s done if I pull the whole thing out and you didn’t have that groove there and I stripped the CV joint and it really looked good inside and I looked at the edge yellowing actually this feels good we’d reuse them we clean them up put them back together and we’re going to use them nothing wrong with that those are not these arms and we’re not going to risk that so you’re gonna have brand new ones and and this is part of stripping down a vehicle and unfortunately when you buy a vehicle like you did we didn’t know what we’re going to find until we actually strip the components down and I always say to people you buying a vehicle basing your decision on a number of factors so one of the factors I said I would always look at is the condition of the chassis the condition of the body you know actually want to see how the person’s looked after the car that tells me a bit about how they probably drove the car under the engine bay the oil condition is the oil clean do their service at regularly when you start finding a trail of things which start to give you doubt you’ve got to decide car hasn’t been serviced the interior looks tacky it’s got rust underneath the body looks like it might have been painted I’m walking away from that car so it’s a balance because I might find a really good car that’s been cleaned up and then we open up the gearbox and there’s a problem so we’re trying to have this very nice balance when you’re buying an older car and same with with the best and most experienced someone likes named on yourself myself we’ve we know cruises

we love them we look for detail we’ll look on the body line as this Paden accident we know your cars been painted does the chassis look good your chassis is an amazing condition actually your your engine bay looks good there’s not a lot of parts that people have modified and added to it so those are all telling me a story on the life of this car when we pull these out your dips on really good condition so that’s great missus this way on the shaft that’s that’s wear and tear so I’m not too worried about a shaft like that whirring and I’m probably sure if we pull the CV apart my gut says it’s probably going to be okay and we’d have to just test the splines so trying to make decisions at the end of the day that means is this car going to be safe reliable and drive that to three hundred thousand kilometers without major component