a big thanks to all our supporters on Patreon from now in all our videos we want to show the names of our Patrons and if you also want to see your name in our videos you can also support us on Patreon all infos and the link to our Patreon page are in the videodesription and now make yourself comfortbale, get some popcorn and enjoy the video from Oman, have fun here we get water here we get water a big tank on top underneath a filter it’s for cooling for cooling? it’s no electricity the water is ice cold really? okay, there is a cable but for real? they a re cooling it? it’s super cold crazy, okay nice so everwhere cold nice water we are packing our stuff then we move on i made a little customaisation on my bike because if found this one in Dubai

now i also have a benz nice we move on. 9:40A.M a bit earlier than yesterday we have to find our rhythm again trying to get up earlier every day but today is okay, 9:20A.M we can make some kilometers before lunch another water filter also ice cold water it’s so nice, because it’s already quite warm i think 26°C now 10A.M. 26°C yeah, right, 10A.M. 26°C so the cooled water is really nice if it continues like this it’s a dream on top really nice landscapes i think it even gets better really nice landscapes awesome ans so few cars yeah almost no cars every couple of minutes one car really chilled one of the many oasis pretty cool you suddenly or like 5km ago you are in the desert no bushes, no plants nothing and then you arrive here and and suddenly everywhere are palms everything is green and growing over there is the biggest mountain of Oman behind the dark one it’s called jebel shams we don’t go on top we go around in russia we have a saying the smart one doesn’t go over the mountain, but around we are smart the road is getting more narrow and smaller

let’s see where we will get if you have a map a little update to oman

so far it’s being amazing so it starts with everywhere are really good roads nice for cycling second: these nice roads are with really less traffic and third: go through amazing landscapes that’s for that, then the people we met are super friendly there are actually quite a few foreigners here i didn’t expect that man syrians pakistani and indians are also here but also many omani they are all super friendly today we were invited to tea got some dates also the days before, the people stop often also today, the people stop a lot and they ask if we need some help pretty cool what’s also cool is that here are everwhere thse water tanks with a filter you can get your water there and it’s even cooled down they have a refrigeration that’s what i have in mind right now i have to say i enjoy it a lot i think we are here for 5 days we are between ibri and nizwa in the mountains on the way to nizwa or to misfat i think that is the name of that village in the mountains a small mountain village which we want to see we’ll see, you’ll be with us we are on the way to wadi dam our first real wadi in oman which we are visiting the road is a bit bumpy it’s not so far, just some hundred meters we are already inside the wadi but here is no water yet there is also some kind of damm or a wall where they stop the water and in this wadi is water all year around a bit further up i think we can have a swim there and cool down and enjoy the day, that’s the plan in the evening, go out a bit and pitch the tent we’ll see bikes are locked locked together we have our important stuff with us right, now we have to walk a bit and then we’ll see where we go in all of oman are countless wadis

these are dried out river beds which are just filled with water after heavy rains in the dry season you’ll find natural swimmingpools which we explored intensively wave and give a sign of live wave and give a sign of live ! carefull that you don’t freeze something like you screamt, i won’t go nice refreshing. i believe you make a good beam it’s now just 20km to al hambra and then a bit further to the village mizfat and we take a smaller raod now it’s the only way we can take here is a bit gravel now and a bit uphill too you can see the road over there already the road looks adventureous steep and a sand road you can push, i will still love you! almost done over there the gravel ends back on asphalt and in front of us or behind this mountain there there is the jebel shams again the highest mountain in oman

we cycled around it now and now we cycle next to it to Misfat, yes that’s the next stage we want to reach close before the village today camp there and tomorrow explore the city yeah this is the oldtwon of al hambra made from clay looks impressive, but sadly it’s abandoned, a ghost town nobody lives here crazy totally abandoned it’s a special tip get here and see this you might send days here with the inventory some are destroyed really crazy we are in the oasis of al hambra now we just left the oldtown and of course the city was next to the oasis because here was water here live was possible we go through the oasis now then we’ll see the other side and then we go to misfat it’s another village on the mountain on whose edge is al hambra so we have to cycle 300m uphill then we’ll the this village i don’t really know what we will see there i’m excited so we are in misfat on the mountain we just had lunch now we are in the village down there you already saw it we park our bikes here take some stuff and lock them then we’ll walk around the village in the evening we go down the mountain again now we are down again in al hambra what’s the name? al hambra, right up to misfat we needed 1 hour around 340m in height down we needed 7 minutes our campingspot for today

an abandoned beekeeper place here are these, what are they called? but nothing going on here everything abandoned i don’t know what’s here, we don’t try here is more abandoned stuff it seemed to be left here a pool? it’s something inside i just took a shower and olga is just showering over there are these water tanks next to our campingspot i think we showed it yesterday there we filled our waterbag put on our shower adapter and had a refreshing shower really nice then we’ll pack our stuff have braekfast and then we move on the fort of bahla we go inside and see it really huge and good restored so really impressive so we left bahla and made lunch now we are in the next village 10km further, jabreen and here is another fort and we see it now over there it is already they are not bad, see, for the toe an extra you think they are better than yours? i had to glue mine with gaffa tape swap them, nobody will notice this is the best it’s a traditional arabic coffee can they always have this long thing i wanted to make a nice record actually and put some music on it, and then you come and make your comments morning back on the road yesterday we left jabreen and cycled a bit further and pitched our tent now we are on the way to nizwa it’s around 40km from here a bit gravel now but then we go on the mainroad in the end it’s the only way we can take everything else would be a big detour and see the city we are in nizwa even in january the sun was strong

and so we were thankful off every bit of shade also when olgas bike had severl flats we were happy about the short break in the shade of a tree before we had to go back on the road into the hot afternoon sun you are here at the right time the good cauliflower strunks they don’t come so close but we have more! what a sick downhill ride i think i smashed my maximum velocity record i think it was 72km/h that was steep but you could see far so i just released the brakes and it went fast up to 70 that was sick now we have to, i hope we didn’t miss it but then we would have seen we have to go right a bit further let’s see yeah, in 3km to the right we found the turn

yes, and 1km ago suddenly the asphalt stopped right, we are back on gravel but i think it will be a nice stage it goes through the wilderness, just a few villages will be nice even tough the gravel will be more exhausting it’s in the worst case 100km over the whole mountain we’ll see, maybe there will be a bit asphalt we’ll see there the road continues go this was the small village makta we filled up water we payed for it then we asked if we can buy bread he said yes 1 bread 1 rial which is quite expensive but he said he also has dates or something like that then we said okay, bread and dates for 1 rial he said yes and went away and then he came back, and you saw it he had a small bag of dates from a kind of date shop and they have date palms here, so they are from here there it costs normally 0,2 rial so, 40 euro cent and he wanted 2 rial, but before he said 1 rial that was uncool of course he wants to make some money as much as possible maybe once a year tourists come here when they take the wrong road so of course he wants to make lots of money then but then he was happy with 1 rial which is a very fair price for him for us too, we now have dates yes of course, for us too! of course, i’m happy that we have dates now the problem was he said 1 in the beginning and then 10 minuets later he thought that it was too less that was it when he would have said 2 rial from the beginning we probabaly would have said yes yes we would but this afterwards raising the price that’s not how it goes okay, we go further uphill it’s so refreshing

the best what could happen now this is good tough stuff really tough, so steep so long, so steep we never had it also not in kyrgyzstan or tajikistan or georgia, iran where we had mountains too it wasn’t that steep it’s minimum 10%, or more if you calculate the route, it’s 10% on average but here are some flat spots too so the steep stages must be more steep than 10% maybe 15% sometimes maybe 20% so, we did around 9,5km today it’s already 3 or 4 P.M we are on the road since 9 A.M it’s sick our campingspot we didn’t make it as far as we wanted but we pushed to the limit now we have this view! absolutely amazing the next day was one of the hardest in oman on this day we made another video which you can find in the description so in this video, we continue on the day after tomorrow we left the mountains and now we go to to wadi tiwi we’ll see it. directly at the coast we go into this valley now 1 or 2km and a short break maybe we can swim have a refreshment and enjoy green landscapes which we din’t have before. and good roads we have a little cyclists convention we are 7 cyclists now if i count right it’s the two of us Olga and me two more germans and now just 3 swiss guys came along pretty nice we will have a cool evening directly at the beach, with good dinner share some stories we arrived in muscat

we are in our hotel olga has a face mask at the moment an my parents are here hi dad and mum, hi we stay 1 week in muscat now check the city and enjoy the time with my parents great, really nice maybe we will record a bit more hello the biggest mosque in the country style of all arabian countries with local architecture the time in Oman and with michels parents was of course way too short it was an incredible experience to travel trough the country and in the end explore the capital with the family a couple of days later we took a flight from oman to india where the next big adventures already waited for us