(YIREN) (MIA) (Aisha) (E:U) (ONDA) (SIHYEON) (EVERGLOW LAND) (This show contains indirect and virtual ads) (6 mysterious balls came to EVERGLOW’s place) (Making wishes come true, ‘You’ll be divided into 3 teams and find all the glow balls’ (It won’t be easy to find it) (Kyaa) (Some members forgot about their mission) (Is this runway or EVERGLOW LAND?) (They’re back on the way to find the glow balls) Don’t judge people by their…Oh? (Peekaboo) (Success is before their eyes) (Will they be able to find all the glow balls?) Where is 86? (We found it!) Here it is (Is this the right key?) Oh, please (Mia and Onda are praying) This time it should work (Please) (Nervous) (It’s open!) (Let’s watch it again) (Mia and Onda team got the first glow ball) (Do you know what we did to find you?) (Our precious glow ball) Finally! (But they disappeared suddenly) Can you see the stationery? We’re going to check there (What’s that?) (I’m here) I didn’t know that it’d be so easy like this – It’s obvious – Come on Awesome Now I got it How many times should we try? (Don’t break it, please) (Aisha is impatient) I think we should try at least 5 times Go for it! We have a lot of coins Wow, we do But (It’s absurd) I can buy some presents for the members here (Why is this not working?) Did you turn the lever? How does this work? Let me try (Let Aisha help you) (Wow! Amazing) (These will be the presents for the members) Present 1 Till we get the ball (The second present) We’re getting closer Is it coming? (Nope) Where are you? (The ball is going far away) Oh, gosh What’s going on? We can do it It’ll come someday – We will get a lot of presents – It’s going far away Where is it going? – We can do it – Go! The members will be happy That’s what I’m saying How kind we are! We’re getting presents for them like this – It’s sparkling – Really? Is this so-called ‘pie in the sky’? (Aisha, you said ‘at least 5 times’) Please come out Why did you move there? So far we’ve got 2, 4, 6 We’ve got 11 Who wants this? This is for free You want one? Or would you want something? Would you like to pick one? Which one do you want? You can have as many as you want This is for you (A little princess got one and left) Bye How cute (Yiren, you’re cute, too) Now we have 10 (But they still have a long way to go) Oh, I think we’ll get it soon Here (Now turn the lever) (Let’s see) (Yay!) We got it! (Yiren is totally excited) (Aisha and Yiren disappeared, too) (Hi, my precious) Look around carefully (While they’re having fun with Golum) It looks like Golum Hey, don’t judge people by their Oh? Oh? We got it! (The glow ball was protected by the dragon) (We’d like to get you!) It’s the glow ball We found it! Can we just get in and take it? Hey, but there’s a fence (Sihyeon is cold) A fence is for jumping over (There is always someone better) – Let me reach out for it – All right (Haha…it’s farther than I thought)

It’s not working (Are you kidding?) Are you Are you joking? I can’t believe it Will this work? (There’s a glow ball catcher) Wow (It’s specially made) They made it specially (This scene was filmed safely) It’s very long Can we catch the ball with this? Sihyeon, challenge Challenge (Self-made BGM) Look carefully (The catcher is moving towards the glow ball) (A thrilling moment) Just drag it (I got it!) (The ball is dragged easily) (Oops! We knew it…) (Please) What are you doing? Come on Come on (Nope) Yes, there you go (The ball seems to be free-spirited) I can’t catch it Oh, gosh Let me try Hold on Oh? (Surprised) (Sihyeon is a mission expert) (I’m so excited!) That was easy (I could’ve done it, too) – Bounce it, E:U – Okay Let me dust first Wow, it was a great job (We accept it) E:U Sihyeon Forever Mission completed! (They disappeared, too) (Where are they now?) (Teleport) (Oh, I’m dizzy) Where are we? I think this is the place we were supposed to be (Wow) Where are we? (Ta-da) Awesome – What’s this? – What’s happened? The ball brought us here Right Probably there are more balls in here I guess so The rest is here We can keep the glow ball We should hurry, come on – Where are we? – Hurry A new place I know – Let’s go find – All right Let’s go (Yiren is scared) (They move together) Oh, this is (Why are they running?) We are (We’ve been waiting for you) (We missed you!) What’s going on? What did you do? I’m so curious There was plenty of food in the market We ate a lot of tasty food Wow, I’m envious – How about you? – We enjoyed sports We did climbing (Look at my muscles) Bulk up! I was like Tarzan What did you do? – It was like winter – The cave was so cool It was really cool inside It relieved my stress I brought this Thank you We’ve collected 4 balls so far Now – We should find 2 more – Yes Let’s go and find those 2 All right Come The glow ball, too Come here Is there anything we can’t do? No, no, hoiya! Let’s go (Totally motivated) (But…) Wow, there’s a trampoline! (The glow ball is forgotten again) (Let’s have fun first) (Jumping) It feels like I’m growing up Hold on (I’m growing) It’s so high (Collision accident) (But they don’t care) Where are the glow balls? Come here Girls, this is not the time for this Where are the glow balls? Oh We should find the glow balls I think I saw there Here? Pardon? Hold on How can we find the balls in here? – The balls must be here – It’s obvious (Welcome to hell of the ball pool) (Balls are everywhere) (The worst stage, hell of the ball pool) This is fun! How can we find them? How? It’s not possible Will we be able to find them? How? How about swimming? (They’re walking around) (to find the balls) Where are you, glow ball? What’s this? (Meanwhile, E:U is interested in a mysterious machine) (Oh, gosh) (It’s amazing!) Awesome (Wow) (Enjoy the benefits of civilization) (They already forgot about the balls) Awesome! (Please find the balls) (I got it!) What? (Surprised) (My name is a problem solver)

– You’re awesome – Where was it? Here Really? We got it! – Aisha, good job – Where? Awesome One more to go She found it so quickly Aisha, you’re awesome How did you find it? Will it be here? If you look carefully, you’ll be able to find it I’ll do it I will, too I’ll find it for sure (I’m a mission expert, too) I’ll find it till I get it Come here Where are you? Oh? What happened? (No, I’d like to find it) (Focused) No, there’s nothing It was fake (Don’t make me surprised) Hey (Hehe) I can’t see anything (They can’t see the end) Where will it be? Why it’s not here? There’s a place here, too I don’t think it’s there There’s no camera (Burst into laughter) Yiren is so smart Let’s corner the balls – Like fishing, how does it sound? – Great Let’s do it Go – Let’s try – Do it slowly Let’s see (6 heads looking for the ball) There’s no ball Please (It doesn’t work) There’s no ball What did we do? (The ball hasn’t seen anywhere) Please We don’t need anything except you We only need you, glow ball Do you have the ball? No, no, hoiya Do you have the ball? No, no, hoiya If we find it, I’ll make a big wish I’ll make a big wish I’ll wish ‘Around the world in 88 days’ I think I deserve it Around the world? Or ‘EVERGLOW top the chart’ What? (We wish it, too) (Let me think) Which part did we miss? (We looked for everywhere) (Then…) I think we should stop here And try something new Okay Okay, let’s try (Something new?) They look the same (Don’t give up) How about getting rid of the small balls? You meant, we should find something that looks different? Yea (Onda looks like she wants to move all the balls) Oh What happened? (Surprised) (Aisha got it again) (Shout out loud) (Aisha, you’re supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!) (I love you) – We got it! – Awesome (Aisha did a wonderful job) (We got the last glow ball) Oh, you’re so mean Where was it? There were so many balls with various colors I looked carefully (While other members left) (Aisha kept looking for the ball) (Found it) (She finally found the glow ball among white balls) I got goosebumps (Let’s open the last glow ball) (The last glow ball is going to Aisha) So mean – I think I’m awesome – You’re meticulous You’re good at it This is absurd Let’s say you and Onda have magic eyes Magic eyes Magic eyes 1 and 2 Without Aisha – You’re awesome – Let’s hug Everyone (Well done) Is there anything we can’t do? No, no, hoiya! (They can do everything) Now It’s finally time to make a wish We’ve got all 6 Wow They are sparkling (1 ball per 1 person) Awesome We did a great job today Let’s put them together (Now tell me your wish) (Where are we?) (Hey, wake up) (To be continued…) (The 4th adventure in the middle of the sea) (A mysterious desert island) (Welcome to lost island)

(They’re in an desert island) (They wake up slowly) – Where are we? – What happened? Are we in an island? No people except us? Are we the only people here? Hello (The island is so quiet) Is anybody there? Is anybody there? There is nobody – Seriously, nothing is here – What? Hold on, I can’t believe it – What happened? On a desert island? – I can’t believe it But our wishes were supposed to come true Right – We got the glow balls – We should make a wish But why are we here? Please explain Why are we on a desert island? There’s nobody except us – If we keep staying here, the sea – Pardon? (Why are they here?) (E:U) Was it my wish? Hey (Flustered) Tell us Please Think carefully – You know something – No way – Seriously? – Did you? You know, like a TV show that visits the jungle I think I made a wish like that That’s why we’re here (Previously) I think other members would hate this but I love watching ‘Law of the jungle’ No It’ll be nice if we work together and achieve something (Their trip to an island was planned a month ago) Okay, I’m sorry But we should do something – What’s that? – Let’s chant first What’s that? (A mysterious thing near the beach) Is that a skeleton? That’s the one we braided – Right – Is that it? The one that we braided We braided its hair (This is the skeleton) (Well braided hair+tropical look) Why is it sitting so sexy like that? Are you enjoying your vacation? You punk You gave us a hard time Yiren (Punished) Are you enjoying your vacation or what? Look, we braided it I did Look at that Let’s open this first ‘The 4th adventure of EVERGLOW LAND’ ‘Welcome to the Lost Island’ (5 mysterious adventures named after EVERGLOW) (The 4th adventure is ‘Lost Island’) (Gather your strategy to escape from the desert island!) We need to gather our strength ‘The last survivor, Leila’s letter will help you escape’ Are you Leila? Probably she is Look through her purse (Rummaging) Oh? There’s chocolate Wow Food! Leila, look at the camera (The most precious thing, chocolate) There’s a letter It’s from Leila We got the Leila’s letter (What’s written there?) Let’s read ‘Dear survivors’, ‘I failed to escape’, ‘but I’m writing this letter hoping you can make it’ ‘I’ll let you know the only safe area in this island’ ‘P.S. There’s no hope for me’ ‘You can take everything I have’ ‘I really hope you can escape from the island’ I’m sorry (The kindest skeleton ever) Leila, thank you Leila, sorry Sorry (A group of thieves) I like your arm warmer – I thought so too – Let me take care of your hair I’m so sorry But I think I should take your chair, too But her pose is way too pretty Cover yourself with this – Shall we go? – Let’s go SOS is written here The letter from Leila – Is this the right way? – Let’s go Seriously, we’re on a desert island – Nobody is here – Seriously (Will they be able to escape from the island?) (Good luck!) Where is the safe area? – I have no idea – The safe area? But it looks the same What’s that? Is that the safe area? Hold on (You’re kidding) – Don’t say that this is the safe area – It’s safe It looks safe (The safe area located in front of a cave) (A shadow tent and a survival kit) (With a swimming ring) We could survive There’s nothing in here Look at this What’s inside? What’s that? (Leila’s survival kit) It’s a hat (Various survival equipments) Take everything Wear the arm warmer – It’s good, very good – Here – Thanks – What’s this? It looks like a bigger version of the letter (Surprised) – It’s a map! – We’ve got a map Awesome, it’s amazing Let’s find something else Is this a picnic mat? It’s a picnic mat What’s this? – For digging? – For digging? – This is for fishing – Yes, it is It’ll be fun I didn’t expect that I’d go fishing

There’s water, too Oh? Look behind you (Behind me?) A hammer? For fixing the tent Oh – How can I do it? – Who has set up a tent? Who has experienced it? Hope somebody helps me Stretch I think I’m doing right That stone (Desert island’s trend) We should tie this to the stone That’s right – How smart! – And here – Stretch as far as possible – Stretch this Stretch it And hammer it Hammer it Okay Great (Meanwhile, behind the area…) Nobody will notice us if we keep quiet They’re doing a great job Like moms’ gathering Nice children, I’m proud of them They’re doing great Wow What are you doing? Nice children E:U’s mom, don’t you think they’re doing so well? Aisha’s mom It’s great to spend holidays here I’m so proud of them – Pour some sand – The stone over there Push once more with it So it won’t come out I think this is great It’s perfect (It was a satisfying job) (They did the same to the opposite side) I think it’s done Let’s hold a meeting Let’s check the map first We should discuss Let’s see This is the cave But which way is right? – The sea is over there, is this right? – In my opinion, this side is right You’re so smart This way is right, isn’t it? There must be some carrots Carrots? Carrots are written here (Smart) Is this food for us? Let’s find some food first Shall we? – Where should we go? – Which area? There are some places for food We should except the skeleton areas, right? – There are 3 places – Right Then let’s go out in teams of two Rock, scissors, paper Rock, scissors, paper (Yay) (The next team is) (Sihyeon and Onda, Mia and Yiren) Wow, these are new groups Let’s decide where to go Right – How about water? – Water? Because it’s hot I’m hungry (Oh…) Don’t eat first even if you find some food Hold on Let’s make a promise Whatever you find, don’t consume for yourself Bring it here to share with us – Okay – Promise I’ll check – I’ll promise – All right Be careful not to get hurt – Come over here – Go for it EVERGLOW Is there anything we can’t do? No, no, hoiya! Let’s go (Let’s go) Well It’s too far – Come here – It’s too far – Let’s go – I’m sorry (E:U) (Mia&Yiren- banana tree, Sihyeon& Onda- hide and sick, E:U&Aisha- Oasis) It’s so hot Right Oh, there’s the sea Let’s get into the water Let’s cool down our feet first – This is a good chance to enjoy – Awesome Wow It’s so cool (E:U shrieks) Wow It’s really cool Here is a starfish Oh, sorry (Giggles) I’ll be careful not to fall down (They’re playing in the sea) Oops, it’s cold Isn’t it fun? This is the nature Wow Now This is not the time for this Let’s go to find the oasis – Let’s go – Where should we go? This way or that way? This way – This way? – Okay I think we need to find something Right But there’s nothing I hate the staff What should we find in this broad area? – Oh? – Be careful Oh? – Look over there – What’s wrong? I can see a flag I can see a flag – Where? I found one, too – Oh? (Ta-da) (They found the nearest box and the oasis at the same time) We should go to the oasis first Be careful Don’t sprain your ankle I haven’t experienced such like this Wow, what’s that? (Mysterious) (Brave girls?) (The crab is running away) We found a box Look at this – We should open it – Right Let’s open (No way) What’s this? (What’s the secret of the oasis?) (ONDA) What I saw from the map was – this curved area – Right

Is this that place or not? Oh! It’s over there Look, I can see a field Yes, I can see a flag (They have good sight) – There’s a flag – Over there, too It’s there Let’s go (The filed is located on the hill) The sand is really hot It’s too hot The sand is heated by the sun It’s too hot The sand is heated by the sun – Calm down – It’s too hot Let’s go through the jungle Let’s go through crawling This is the field This is the real field What’s this for? I think now we should dig the ground – Hold on – Can we? Let’s dig first What will be coming out? (They start to dig the ground with Leila’s equipments) (Digging) (Digging) For our escape! (Yap) (A magic spell) (Working hard) Oh? Will there be something? This is like – This reminds me of something – Right This is like deja vu of the glow ball Is there anything we can’t do? No (We, EVERGLOW) (work hard even today) Weeds are coming out Where is it? There’s nothing We are Oh? (Oh?) There’s something Yes, there’s something (Finally they found food?) Wow, we got it! There’s something in here There’s something in here Well done (Wow) (Shrieks) Awesome! EVERGLOW (Why do the sausage come out from there?) (They’re totally excited) This will be so tasty! We found sausages Hold on, I can’t believe this It doesn’t make sense How come can we find the sausage in a field? Awesome I think I would be able to work harder How is this possible? (Finding the second sausage…) (AISHA) We found a box The box (Make some noise!) (Ta-da) What’s this? There’s a watermelon, yellow cherry tomatoes and kiwis And (Assorted beverages) Wow, it’s so cool (Take a pick oasis) I’d like to drink one Fanta (She’s the one who said that everything should be shared) Drinking one beverage will be fine (Open) Wow, it’s so cool Let’s share this together Hey – Go for it – Take it (Oasis party has started) Cheers (Gulping) (Drinking) (Wow) This is awesome It’s so cool (Sorry, girls) How about eating all of this instead of going back? Let’s live here like Leila did (Sounds great) Like we’re on a vacation, let’s be friends with Leila Drinking this together (Leila/fashion leader- happy about having many friends) The watermelon is so fresh But it’s way too small – Let’s share it with me – All right Hide it under your shirt – But it’s too big – People will think it’s your potbelly Okay – E:U – Yes? (I think I’m a genius) E:U (Just the two of us) (Just so happy) (Haha) Awesome Like this Then I can carry the hat (Good bye, girls) Pick it up quickly! (The watermelon is leaving looking for happiness) (E:U can’t be happy) Aisha (Sorry) But you know what (The watermelon is open) (Aisha is making E:U happy) (Excited) It looks great What should we do with this? It was not my intention (Her mouth automatically opens) Why is it so salty? (Oops) The watermelon is salty Buy a salty watermelon This kind of sweet and salty flavor is in trend nowadays But how? How is that possible to be sweet and salty at the same time? (The watermelon’s addictive taste) This is so funny (Yum) This is great (Slurping) (Now you’re watching) (EVERGLOW’s reality show on a desert island) You gave me too much Shall we go after eating this? (How will their perfect crime turn out?) (YIREN) I think we’ve been half way through

Right I can see something Over there? What’s that? I can’t see the color Oh Look at that – Banana chips – Great! Wow, banana milk and candy! – We got it! – That’s our favourite! (Banana flavored snacks are hanging on the tree) (It’s a magical tree) (that only grows in this island) (So called ‘kick-kick banana tree’) Let’s pick them (They start picking them) (Here and there) There are real bananas Right (The real banana is here, too) 1, 2 (The banana in the highest place) Yap Let me try (She uses a fallen branch) Great (The banana isn’t moving) Don’t die It hurts me How about doing like this? Oh? (Help me!) It died (Haha) Let’s eat it right now All right Because we care for others – This will be dirty on the way back – It’ll go bad – Then the members will get sick – Right That’s why we’re eating it now Turn around So they won’t be able to see us There’s one more camera (One devil knows another) We’re eating this because we take care of their health (Glancing) (Pretending that she didn’t see it) I didn’t know that bananas taste so great like this Let’s go a little further Okay Great Let’s find something that will be helpful for us (They’re looking for the skeleton on the map) Oh? There’s a box Oh Is that it? – I guess so – Seriously? (The box looks mysterious) (Pick me) This is the skeleton But there’s no key (It’s locked) Can’t we open it? How about breaking it? We bring the box and other members bring the key? (Aisha is smart) It makes sense, don’t you think? (It sounds plausible) We’ll bring this first Other members will bring the key What’s this, by the way? It’s too heavy Is it? Yes Be careful (SIHYEON) (They’re still digging) (Working hard) Come out (Come out when I say nicely) Come out I think we should coax (Being kind suddenly) Come out, please Food, come out Let’s get out of here, food (While they’re digging) (Something is found) There’s something! (Finally) Here (The second food is) What’s that? Rice cake? It’s your favourite! Let’s dig more This is not easy Seriously I can do it! – I can do it! – I can do it! I can do it! Sihyeon, you can do it! (Dig and dig) (Never-ending digging) I didn’t expect that the food can be varied this deep (At that moment) Oh! (Happy) Awesome Noodles? This is your favourite I love noodles They’re your favourite (Sihyeon and Onda got some food) (MIA) (E:U and Aisha arrived first) We found something amazing I think we got the best one I’m looking forward to the result But we don’t know when they will arrive Why does it take so long? Isn’t the sea beautiful? It’s sparkling The sea glinted This place is so comfortable – This is nice – Right E:U (This is not a desert island, but a vacation spot) – They’re back – Hey That’s huge! Wow (The tent is broken) Be careful The tent is broken It’s broken But we just arrived It’s broken because it’s so happy to see us Like this? Let’s tie it to the stone What’s this? You don’t need the hammer? This and that Right – Great – Done Hey Why are they so late? We’ve brought tasty things (Let me check)

Are we having a banana party? Why did you bring so many bananas? Let’s have a banana party Friends Welcome (Sihyeon and Onda arrived with the food) What should we do with this? – Give it to me – What should we do? – Come here – What’s the problem? Give it to me (Ta-da) (Have you heard ‘sotteok sotteok’?) (We changed the food because of the hot weather) Have a seat Have a seat How can we eat it? – You know, we have water – Right Let’s boil the water How can we boil the water? We don’t have a gas stove Where’s the gas stove? (They’re right) (Water…gas…) How about starting a fire with flint? (Are you kidding?) We’ll show you what we found This is the best You’ll be surprised We have some fruits (Wow) And beverages (Hooray) I really wanted to eat fruits I love fruits Me, too There’s a watermelon Wow A watermelon? Let’s eat Awesome Awesome Kiwis are great, too! (E:U should say something) Well – Help yourself – Let’s eat (I’ll think about it later) – Just eat first and think later – Wow, this is great Awesome Shall we eat the watermelon? (One shot one kill) She cut the watermelon with her hand (Aisha is a strong girl) She really did (Respect) (Like this) Wow, we have a lot of talented people Let’s eat (It really feels like on a vacation) This is great This is great (They’re enjoying the moment) – We found the box but there’s no key – Right We need the key The key How can we get the key? The map doesn’t show What if it’s magic eye? Like this? (No, it’s not) Shall we take off the skeleton? A mission might be written there (Yes, you’re right) Wow, you’re right ‘Sitting on the chair wearing a party hat’ What? (It makes me feel tired already) I wouldn’t know which direction I see Right (Finding the key- Dance freely wearing a party hat) (They have to sit on the chair in 1 minute after the whistle) Is there anything we can’t do even on a deserted island? No, no, hoiya! Let’s play the game Go! That’s the right way to wear it I can’t see anything I can’t see anything, seriously Seriously, I can’t see anything Is this the right way? (They don’t recognize each other at all) Who is it? Aisha? We’re ready (The first round) Oh, I can’t see anything (A perfect song list for them) (Dance genius) (They don’t care about the chairs) (They’re just busy dancing) (Ring Ding Dong makes them dance) I can’t see anything (Whistling) (Got it) Where’s the chair? Here (Aisha got one) Sit (Looking around) Where is it? (They find the chairs one by one) I got it! (Where are you, pink?) I can’t see Please help Go straight Onda, go straight No, turn around To the left Oh, to the right Just go straight (Receive errors) To the right To the right I can’t see (The 1st round, failed) I think we’re quite good at it – We could do it better – We can do it Go for it! (The 2nd round) 1, 2, 3, 4 (They never feel tired) (Wow, we’re excited) (Dancing) (Go, go) Is this right? How can I know? What’s going on? (In the middle of dancing) It’s my favourite song! (Old ladies’ dance) (They lose control when music plays) (Swaying) (Whistling) I’ll get it (Come on, chair) (Fumbles) (What are you doing…?) I can’t see anything (Collision) (Pats) Hi (Crawling) Let me find it You’re going the right way

– Go straight – What about me? (Sihyeon finally found it) Not that way (E:U is looking for a chair) Yes, there it is – Run – Go straight Onda, run (Time’s up) She’s so bad I don’t know why I can’t see anything Just follow the pink color I can’t see the color Ah I can’t see anything (Frustrated) (The chair avoids Onda) I think we should start as soon as Onda gets her chair It’s too difficult (She’s the troublemaker of the game) (The 3rd round) Who is it? (Looks like the new strategy doesn’t work, either) Who is it? (A loving group, EVERGLOW) What’s that? (I need some time for myself) I got it! (Happy) That’s bad (They check where the chair is) (What is she doing?) (She’s fumbling the ground) (Desperate) (Worried) (Give the chair to me, my dear) (It’s so fun to see) (I think I saw pink color somewhere) Reset (Time’s up) Look back Oh, gosh (I’m angry at myself) It was bad You were mean It was mean (The 4th round) (They got faster) I’ll get it (She goes to the chair) (How is this possible?) (Many members found the chair) What’s this? You are so mean Seriously It was a bad idea (Booing) Okay (Here it is) – Okay, Aisha – Right There it is There it is (She sat on the chair) (after kicking the hat) (E:U, too) (They were not fooled by the trick) There it is (E:U sat, too) (They succeeded) Finally! Hoiya (They’re elated) (We can see that you had a hard time) (Aggressive) (Nobody can stop them) Troublemakers (EVERGLOW LAND) Now, give us the key Where is it? Please (Catch me if you can) The key I’ll get it Where are you going? Please don’t go Are you teasing us? (That’s right) The key (It’s good fun to see them flustered) Give it to us Aisha, hurry Jump (Aisha’s long legs don’t help) (All right, we’ll stop teasing you) (The key is falling) Where is it? Here (Finally they got the key) We finally got the key Nice to see you, the key Give it to me It’s open Let’s check this side first 1, 2, 3 (The first box) Can we cook? Awesome (What’s inside?) (A lot of ingredients and game items) (And an old radio…?) Oh, a beach ball What’s this? – What’s this for? – Let’s open this Pay attention, please – Pay attention – Next 1, 2, 3 Ta-da Oh? What’s inside? (A pair of acupuncture slippers) What’s this? Hold on You know what? Just close it (The items look familiar) (They refuse it) (Lock again) What a shame We couldn’t open it How sad It’s okay, let’s take only this But we don’t have a gas stove Well Shall we eat it because we don’t have a gas stove? Okay What can we cook without a gas stove? Because it’s hot Let’s eat that first Let’s eat that first I’ll keep this, just in case How can we cook this without a stove? We can eat the sausages without a gas stove I meant – Cooking – Noodles (Look at me) I want to cook something Tteokbokki, something like that Right (There’s a story about this) (The staff put many game equipments) (and the items that will remind them EVERGLOW LAND whole episodes) (in order to make them entertained) (But EVERGLOW closed the box as soon as they saw slippers and the jump rope) (Most importantly, there were a gas stove and portable pots)

Wow, you’re great Do you inflate it with your mouth? – Amazing – Her lung capacity Why is the radio not working? I don’t know What if it’s broken? – Just throw it away – Just leave it It won’t work, anyway – It won’t work – It’ll work if I do like this (It looks like something important) Eat first It’s all right I’ll be waiting till it comes out We’re eating raw food Right It looks yummy Awesome – It looks so great – Let’s taste one by one 1, 2, 3 (Yum) Wow, it’s great It’s good It’s better than I expected Cooking? Forget it We should taste raw food at a place like this (Anyway it’s tasty) It tastes even better because we had a hard time It’s great (They become happy easily) (At that moment) Do you hear me? Survivors, if you’re listening to this, make SOS sign on the beach with your body We’ll rescue you right away (It’s a rescue message) We can get out of here – That’ll be easy – Let’s go Let’s make SOS sign Let’s escape from here – I’ll be going home for sure – Let’s go – Please – Let’s escape – Hurry, otherwise the sun will go down – I’ll be going home – Let’s go – Let’s go (They’re on the broad beach) – We should make SOS sign – Right – Let’s go – Shall we make it here? We need a plan Right Let’s make teams of two Every letter needs 2 members Let’s try Great Aisha and I will make O because we’re the tallest – Great – We’ll make O – O should be outstanding – Then Onda and I – Because we’re like a duo – Let’s make S You two S, you two S, we make O It’s like order of height Don’t be sad (I’m not) Let’s chant one more time EVERGLOW can escape from here, right? Yes, yes, hoiya! Let’s escape Let’s go – Lie down here – Lie down – I’ll take the bottom part – All right Roll yourself as much as possible It’s great (Cute) It’s perfect (They’re doing their best) (Perfect SOS is made) Help Help I don’t want to be a skeleton here Let me go home Girls What? Are you listening? Yes – First of all – Yes Sorry – It’s all right – Why? Because of me you had a hard time today I’m sorry about that But we experienced something special thanks to you Right This will be a memory Right There’s something I want to tell you Like what? I didn’t intend, but a watermelon was broken So E:U and I ate it – Sorry – You’re so mean It’s all right It’s all right( I did the same, too) I’ll give you a break (Do the same for me) It’s all right, we ate bananas (They’re telling the truth) Forget about it from now on (Probably the sky was touched by their honesty) Oh? There’s a boat (A savior is coming) Here Help (We’re here) Help Help, here (Finally they escaped) (We had fun, bye) (EVERGLOW landed on a desert island because of E:U’s wish) (Thanks to the last survivor Leila, they completed the mission) (And they finally escaped from the island) (Is there anything EVERGLOW can’t do? No, no, hoiya) (Lost Island, Adios) (The last episode of the adventure) The last mission is taking a rest at home (EVERGLOW’s healing time) Why am I so nervous? There must be a mission (Please) (We’re not easy) (Messy) Is this a witch-hunt? (They’re have a distrust each other)

(They lost control) (Ah!!!) It’s weird (If I can’t, you can’t, either) This is the way it is It will cause a collapse I’ll end a relationship with you (How will the collapse end?) (And hidden stories) I was so happy that I didn’t want to go back to reality (They open their mind to each other) (Be together with EVERGLOW till the end) (EVERGLOW LAND)