there’s definitely not another trail that one I know it’s not much but like there’s and that’s the biggest trail seen like where the grounds actually like moved I think it’s generally the right area just because there’s so many deer on this but it’s hard to know if they’re ever even going on to public and daylight or if any deer spend time over there you know it’s like this stuff is just so much better it’s just that perfect type a lot of it I guess this is where that buck was this is where all the other deer cross well this morning Jake and I walked into a spot that Ted and I kind of walked through and scouted the other day it was on one side of the bedding area and all the scrapes that we saw were not open but there’s some fresh doe sign going in there so we decided gonna go in there and set up for the mid-morning sit probably a couple hours and just see how it goes back there the spot doesn’t really allow for us to set up on the ground I’m afraid to still hunt through the creek bottom just because I’m afraid too much stuff is gonna be able to see us but there’s a bunch of good sign in here there’s rubs scrapes and one really defined trail coming out of this pine bedding area since we didn’t see a really good sign up on the other side of the bedding area at least no good Bucks sign we’re gonna try going in on the other set up a little bit and then probably move sometime in the middle of the afternoon weather’s warm today it’s just like pretty darn warm say it’s I bet you it’s 55 degrees right now in humid no I’m not really sure what the movements gonna be like at this point not that we’ve been seeing anything on any other days but I go in here I’m excited about this spot I really am I think if there’s a spot that we could catch a buck just coming through moving from bedding area to bedding area it’s the spot so we’re gonna go in here and get set up as fast as we can and then like I said probably move depending on what we see if that sign is fresh we should be able to see it so hopefully we get in here and there’s a bunch of scrapes all opened up more rubs and trees are bent over but chances at this point don’t feel good about that being the case have to leave this platform that’s gonna get in that double tree but it’s gonna be too loud well Jake and I made it up in the saddles and we’re set up on a trail and Ted and I scouted the other day we were coming up the hillside and we noticed a trail kind of scaling this side hill going into the pines when we got to the edge of the pines we noticed a rub down there with the scrape around it and then there was a couple other rubs and then another scrape which is right underneath of us right here at like 10 yards the main trail is probably 15 yards going up into the corner the pines here the reason that we decided to come back here and Scout this in the first place was there was multiple habitat types that kind of met the pines make a corner here across the creek bottom there’s another little creek finger that runs into the main Creek finger it’s just a lot of habitat types that come together there’s definitely deer using this trail and there’s definitely been bucks using it at some point it just feels like it could be a place where a buck could cruise from one bedding area to another there’s definitely deer that used this trail just within the last couple days when Ted and I scouted it there’s definitely been bucks going down it at some points seems like it could be a good cruising spot my wind is just kind of going back up the creek where we came

from just barely getting up towards that trail and then it cuts back down it hasn’t hit the trail yet but if it eventually starts to hit the trail we’re gonna have to think about moving probly hang out here for a while so we get tired of it or lose complete confidence and then we’re gonna probably move to a different spot that’s fairly similar at this point what we have to key in on is just these small scrape lines that we found it’s just hard to know because we don’t have any real experience with scrapes in this area we would like to see them open either way we’re gonna set up and feels like there’s a chance a deer could walk through here hope that one does we’re gonna try grunting to him he didn’t know Woodhaven is made in Alabama directly from the source do get a fired up it’s a buck it’s a pretty nice buck Jake pretty darn nice buck right down in there do you see him he’s a nice buck oh sure shoot him i mean has you’d probably imagine are you on him still coming I’m gonna shoot him when he comes I’m afraid he’s gonna get our wind right there let him get a little bit further shoot did exactly what we wanted him to do oh dang it dude me two steps you know like and like I know how far that is I ranged that spot I planned I drew practice drew on it I’m sure I’m shaking but like I was like I’m gonna kill this buck and like I was like so ready to shoot him they’re like I wasn’t nervous like not even just enough no he’s dude nice like seven pointer something like sweet buck yeah that made the trip right there holy cow I was like I’m thinking about the Alabama and they’re like wow I mean had the wind just been doing what it did earlier it’s 11:11 and we were sitting here and I honestly have been looking at our phone’s been reading YouTube comments too much and I looked across the valley and I just saw some little I was like one of those deals were like I saw it move and then I didn’t move and I saw it again and I saw it again I was like okay like that’s something and i glass and I just saw movement I was like Jake seriously deer like just

totally losing it like it felt suureal the whole time and he just came on a string I mean he was going exactly to this spot I think the encouraging thing is is like but basically I mean this is spot I pinned when I was sitting in Ohio with my family at Christmas like I pinned this like it was up there but you know make us some light adjustment I think being care encouraging thing is as dude like we’re about to I was gonna shoot him as soon as he stepped out behind that sure you that it was behind yeah it sucks but I hated to win like I’m so happy I’m so like I’m just so happy that that worked you know like we darn near got that buck I mean what else do you do differently oh the wind is generally coming this way but when it gusts hard it starts to kick in a real funky in here and I’m I’ve always of the opinion it’s worth the risk at some point to just get into a spot because you gotta be in the game you know we could sit further away or further up and be more consistent wind but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to be in the kill spot and like we went in got aggressive steps away from being lucky being done could you imagine if that was happened right there we saw it was a good buck I was like dude like how are we this lucky because I was like all surely it’s a doe or a fawn or something it’s a getter I just I just think now we got it we got to get back to camp and wash all our clothes and make sure we’re more scent free getting stocked up for the hunt might go deep today might not depends what we find get you some of them moonpies yep for good luck cuz I didn’t bring oatmeal cream pies sir these will be been good luck so we’re sneaking this creek bottom we got a lot of room to roam I really could go back pretty much as far as they want before run out of daylight so my thinking is we’ll just go till we find what looks like the good fresh sign I can already tell there’s been deer in here there’s a lot of older tracks that most of them have been rained on and found one pile of dropping so far so they’ve been in here but it seems like they might not be in here right now but like I said we got a lot of room to roam here real overgrown with privet so it’s real thick but usually they do love that kind of stuff so I’m just gonna try to weave through the privet and keep an eye at it and hopefully we bump deer we’ll try to figure out how to set up on them if we dont bump deer just get to where it looks good and maybe set up for that afternoon okay it’s just a little bit before one had that we really like this spot obviously have a lot of confidence in deer traveling down this trail the problem is the wind has really picked up but it’s just kind of going everywhere I feel like there is a good chance we would see another buck here but we don’t feel like with you know a day and a half left and we want to throw all our cards into this and risk it all because we feel like if we can get a calm morning tomorrow that would be our best bet calm conditions down in this bottom with the Sun rising and hit this hillside should rise our thermals we’re gonna come in here at first light potentially tomorrow if the conditions are good for it that way we haven’t spooked anything else out of here he wasn’t that spooked but we don’t want to risk bumping him again or any other bucks because we think if we get the right conditions this is the tree this is the trail that our bucks likely gonna be on there’s another spot close to where Brodie and I found a big shed last year where Ted and I scouted it saw a lot of good sign in there there’s one fresh scrape and where the scrape was it’s more on a Ridge top than what we are here I think we’re gonna get a more consistent wind coming over the top kind of dropping down into the low ground hopefully catch any bucks cruising up there that’s the theory at least it’s about 12:40 now we came in here and made a quick setup but conditions are changing so we feel like we need to move to slip out of these Tethrds get back up to the car hopefully have another encounter cuz im havin fun still having fun this log wants to roll to the left so be careful but it’s pretty stable otherwise

got the slough over here tracks all over the place but it seems like the deer mostly come in to go and coming from and going to the way we’ll try ahead which is following the river more or less back into this big chunk of woods there’s a little river bend with the peninsula that I assume they probably could bed on but really but it’s thick as it is like a bed anywhere in here we could be close to him or they could be way back in there still alright so we were driving down the road Jake and I were gonna go switch spots for the afternoon and we’re looking for tracks on the side of the road which we’ve been doing a lot here in Alabama we got to looking on the road here and we’d notice there’s what looked to be hog sign so we wanted to jump out and take a look at it just for fun we got to looking closer and it looked like deer tracks and that we came across the road it’s really torn up over here all around the road you can see it’s like all that dirt turned up and then there’s a big buck track right there and then if we look down through this a little bit more you can just tell that there’s you know kind of staggered buck tracks all through this all the way back to there almost like two deer we’re pushing each other back and forth what big big tracks probably a fight happened here it’s what we’re thinking if you look you can just see all that grounds torn up all the way to here and there’s huge tracks dude I mean they’re slipping a little bit but we’re actually planning on going down hunting right there so the rut is here looks like there’s a buck fight I mean that’s almost 100% like what that is and and just like turn turn up so much ground huge buck tracks let’s go shoot one whatever like that close 15 yards I think I’ll get my arrow back maybe it went up under everything it is right here I see I mean I would you’re not gonna shoot that not if you stick it in him yeah you smoked him let that swagger freakin put a hurtin on him no he’s very hard did it the arrow think you I think it’s stuck right in it first squirrel of the battle let’s go look for my other arrow while I can still see where it went I don’t know where the deer are but we should still be quiet anyways come on go look for that first arrow recover this trophy gray I got my first arrow back as well the squirrels dead that’s for sure may have taken two shots but we got him talk about shot placement so I went in there

in these Pines but didn’t see anything this evening but might have heard something chasing up here on the ridge kind of where we expected the deer to come from it’s hard to say for sure what it was since we can’t see very far but it sounded like deer running if it was they were headed right up towards that little green patch where we expected him to go just didn’t see any Bucks cruising down through here our confidence is up though we obviously had a good day almost had an opportunity for a shot I mean the buck was in range just needed a couple steps but that’s how it goes a lot of times especially when you’re dealing with thick cover like this but I’m gonna be back after him tomorrow would say will either be in this general area or in the same general areas we were this morning where we got the most confidence at this point go back see what uh ol catman and ted saw today hopefully they had some action you