down here and see older looking real weird out there everyone we’re just having some cake and ice cream right now celebrating Jake’s birthday whoa thanks for having a birthday so we’re enjoying some cake and ice cream and watching Zach’s hunt from the other day where he shot a big 8 pointer that Logan filmed I haven’t really seen any of the footage yet so this is pretty exciting before we get to the video we just wanted to mention a quick giveaway that we’re doing we’re gonna be giving away 10 THP t-shirts and to enter to win you got to use the hashtag hunt on us the hunt on us promotion ends November 21st so there’s like 9 days left till next Tuesday till next Tuesday we will randomly select 10 winners to get a THP t-shirt and Ted what is hunt on us all about so hunt on us all you gotta do is take a picture of your hunting license send it in to hunt on us .com and they’ll give you $25 in credit for legendary whitetails .com so I hope you guys enjoy this episode we’re gonna get back to watching this one because we haven’t seen yet all the haters out there that said that they think that thing looks weird I don’t disagree but anything that comes stomping right to it were gonna hang loose well we just arrived to our destination and this is day 3 now on this spot found it Monday had a real good hunt in the rain saw about 20 deer mostly does and fawns probably 15 to 17 does and fawns in a few small bucks so we’re gonna set up in between rice all those deer the other day in that that real thick cover and then to the northeast there’s what I believe to be another good bedding area a lot of thick cover there and we’re gonna be set up on the head of a narrow strip of timber that connects them I’m gonna get geared up here it is 5:19 shooting light is at about 6:19 so we’ve got an hour to get in there and find a tree and get set up Aaron and Ted are gonna head out about 8:30 this morning and go back into the buck nest area so hopefully we’ll just keep the ball rolling Ted Ted set the bar high it has like I don’t know where you go from there so I don’t wanna film if you’re not gonna shoot anything smaller than that ya we’re shooting I’m shooting just about anything that comes close look like a doe there’s kind of a natural way through here to might just try to get into that red oak right there I’m gonna back up just a touch if you hunt public lands in a state where you can’t cut branches like Iowa always helps to bring a little bit of extra rope or bungees or something like that to where you could pull branches and clear shooting lane I mean without it had really been struggling to get any kind of shot but still not gonna be a lot of footage if a buck shows up it’s probably just gonna be you know only gonna and see him for a few seconds before it gets in the open but I think we’re in the spot we’re gonna catch bucks cruising like that two-year-old did earlier Jake said while I was setting the stands a couple more

yearling bucks came in behind us possibly called him in with all the shaking the branches that I was doing so anyways I finally settled thick bedding area back off to our northeast bedding area to the southwest where I hunted two days ago and then we’re just basically in between rubs all over in front of the stand here it’s definitely a spot where you can see about cruising through here at any time of the day the way it worked out and I was able to wedge stands in in this tree but I’m not gonna be able to sit I can just pretty much lean it’s not bad I mean it won’t be terribly uncomfortable we’re settled in I don’t even know what time it is 11 o’clock yeah that means it’s about lunch time pull the bag of goodies out it’s just gonna be quick gonna have to be on the ball it’s around 10 a.m. and Ted and I are headed in to try to sit midday and all evening down here at the buck nest and we’re running into tons of hunters we just had a guy walked by us right down through the transition here had to back up to his pickup we saw a couple trucks up there near the car lots of tire tracks in the road I mean there’s been people all over it back in here this guy had a climbing stand on it looked like I didn’t even look at his license plate did you do you see where he’s from yeah he was from Iowa mm-hmm he’s coming out we’re going in maybe the bucks will move in the middle of the day we saw some big tracks up there in the road coming in going right through fresh tire tracks it looked like that guy was coming from way back in there don’t you think yeah like so he’s probably just walking through here now granted he’s leaving his ground sent down through here but these cruising bucks a lot of times don’t even care about it we might sit it for a little bit anyway just to see what we see as usual in the first week of the rut we’re gonna have to adapt a little bit we’ve now seen two hunters in less than a hundred yards down here in the buck nest this was gonna be a travel corridor setup that’s why we’re coming in here now you seeing everybody’s leaving the woods right now and we’re coming in lately we’ve been seeing a lot of cruising movement mid morning midday and Ted and I are actually running just a hair late I would like to be set up right now but our spot right here is kind of compromised a little bit got to decide what to do so we’re seeing a bunch of hunters probably give it you know a few hours if we don’t see any movement we’ll just pack up move we’re set up we got a good vantage point out of this tree as you can tell looking out across all this nasty grass problem with this spot today is that there’s a bunch of people in here well sit here for a little while at least if this don’t pan out if we don’t see anything in a few hours here we’ll probably try to get down and either go bounce around on somewhere else this evening but we forgot the dadgum tree settle platform so I’m just standing on a climbing stick and a branch over here just trying to make it work it’s not too bad so far well it’s 10:30 and a just have a nice buck come cruising through Jake and I

are just sitting here talking about Ted’s hunt talking about how the seasons been going and he says big buck down below he popped out it looked like he was gonna keep working north so I waited for him to take a few more steps to where he got behind a tree I called out him and he had heard it and he walked over to another scrape and started working an overhanging branch I was hoping he was gonna come directly at us and come into this opening but he started working behind the stand and eventually got downwind got a little goosey and took off I don’t there’s no way I can shoot back here you know we’ve I weaved my bow through there but there was just there was no way to pull back I could have shot him if it makes you feel any better and shoot yeah Jake could have shot him I know you could have he was no-one 20 22 yards just didn’t work out but that’s a problem with calling it deer like that where you know it’s relatively open in front of the stand and granted I waited until he got behind a tree so that you know his vision was somewhat blocked to this area but you know from where he’s at he probably could see right down here and from the stand and obviously there’s not a deer there so of course he’s gonna circle to the back side downwind side of the what he’d heard that’s how it goes a lot of times and that’s why you know we generally don’t just blind call cuz that’s usually what’s gonna happen is they’re gonna come to the downwind side of that that source of the sound got just a little bit of whiff our scent and went off back up the hill he didn’t look like he spooked too bad but that was an exciting encounter cool buck is kind of a massive wraparound rack actually I think on his right side he kind of had like a palmated not quite a drop time but there was a palmated portion of his beam thought he was huge at first when I saw that right side well yeah when the when the Sun hits them like that yeah yeah they always look bigger like that that’s exactly what we want to see bucks cruising from basically south to north north to south working from bedding area to bedding area I mean there’s there’s a number of trails that work right through in front of the stand here 15 20 25 yards but so far that two-year-old buck and then that buck have been a little bit farther down the hill the first time into a spot like this not always gonna pick the exact perfect tree and there’s actually not a lot of great trees in

this area to get a stand up in but if the tree was a little bit different I mean technically I could have killed that deer even though he looped around to the downwind side I still could have shot him before he got our wind but just the nature of this tree just wouldn’t allow it 10:30 right now Aaron and Ted should be on stand soon if they’re not already yeah this wind is not good we need to get down what do you think yeah it’s about 1 o’clock right now and me and Ted just ain’t feeling it in here I think we’re gonna pop down and move during the rut I don’t want to sit in the same spot very long unless I’m seeing action especially if there’s people in here we haven’t jumped any deer on the way in we could see a long way out of this tree we’ve been sitting there for probably an hour and 15 minutes not too long not to say that we couldn’t see anything out of this stand I mean if the wind was a little bit better at probably stayed but there’s a little waterway strip out here in this field it’s kind of hard to see but there’s some light-colored grass that’s leading out of this creek behind me that’s heading into the main timber and that spots a little bit lower because it holds water and the grass is lower right there so those deer will travel especially the bucks will travel out of those main woods and use that waterway to cross through here and pop across all those doe trails leading out of bedding and right now I mean that’s why you gotta bring milkweed guys today the forecast is for northwest wind which should be hitting me right in the back of the head and blowing right at the camera but the milkweed is telling us that that wind is swirling and it’s going right back down that waterway right there which is not good I mean that’s cutting off half of our cruising trails that were hung over right here so wow we’re gonna pop down out here and move that’s all there is to let’s go Ted don’t like it don’t like it at all well we came over here to option B looks like we got company over here too a little bit there it is yes little buck thought I might have seen something else in there you see em mm-hmm little guy but still look at him he’s not even picking up his head looking at us hardly doesn’t even care little guys combing around in through there though right by the road that’s probably means can only mean good things for further back in you would think we’re gonna be going into the wind too so this should this could work here we go we’re trying to get back in here to this bedding area and we’re already running into a bunch of deer it’s me and Ted may just set up here pretty quick we saw that spike or that young buck out on the road we’ve only made it in a quarter mile or so we’ve just run into another decent two or three-year-old buck a spike and then a doe and a fawn potentially right here we saw that spike back there like there’s probably hot doe back here we found a spot with no hunters and a hot doe apparently we got up in here

to this fence corner we just started running into all kinds of deer me and Ted are standing here trying to figure out what we’re gonna do because the spot I want to get to is a half mile back there but you know if we’re in deer already in if there seems to be a hot doe right here we don’t want to go past her and we just about did we’re gonna try to pop up in a tree fast or get on the ground or something right over here I wouldn’t be surprised if more bucks gonna be behind her here real soon if I’m sitting right in front of that tree I might be able to get drawn and shoot what’d you say did you see him no he walking right at us I feel pretty naked up here Ted’s blending in good back there but I think he would have walked right on through he veered off about 35 yards from me let that spike move off up in the bedding area adding a little bit more brush to our little hut here and the blue jays are fussing they’re going nuts up in there right now I’m betting that there’s more bucks in there behind that doe they’re gonna pop out here and see me I don’t have any idea why he went that way that doe came right down here in

front of us while ago he smelled where she walked but didn’t want no part of it we grunted and snort wheezed at him and he was acting interested but then somebody started rattling or two bucks started fighting down there and started headed toward them I still don’t know what that was whether that was bucks fighting or somebody

rattling but if that noise wouldn’t have started down there I think that buck would have come in I snort wheezed at him and he looked over here couldn’t see much and then he started pawing the ground I could tell he was getting pretty aggressive actin’ I think he would have come in had those two bucks or that guy rattling not started but 50 yards away and man he was a dandy too we just saw another buck come out of the same bedding area a few minutes ago younger two or three-year-old buck that’s why you bounce around in the rut guys I mean Ted and I started out kind of pessimistic about the day because we ran into all the hunting pressure over at the buck nest and he’s got in the car and drove down the road a ways went to a different piece of public land and didn’t even get back to the spot that we wanted to go before we started running into deer man he’s big though real good one I think either way we’re either gonna be here in the morning on the ground with a decoy in a stand somewhere close well must have been a guy rattling because I can see a headlamp coming down through the woods up there maybe he shot the buck he very well could of we’re gonna go up there and find out shoot a nice buck honestly couldn’t tell you exactly what it was oh it’s a nice buck did you find it no but we filmed it were you just in a stand right here yeah right there on the edge okay did you see him coming yeah he was grunting the whole time he was down the bottom were were you guys down kind of that way were you granting a lot yeah lot of red blood right here yeah yep that’s the first red blood I’ve seen oh guys that was a bit of a rollercoaster of an evening you saw that big buck come out got real close me and Ted are excited you know thinking we’re gonna come back here to morning and get on him somehow and we look up and see you guys flashlights coming from the direction of this deer went come to find out the gentleman had actually shot the buck Ted and I helped him track him for a little bit but couldn’t come up with the deer however we only went like 30 40 yards and he he talked like he was going to back out and wait for him till morning but we’re showed him the footage of the buck and he had no idea it was that big so I think he was pretty excited about it but hopefully he gets him if he does he told me he’s gonna send me a picture via Facebook or Instagram or whatever at least we know now Ted and I were getting ready to walk out of the woods with a plan to come back in here in the morning and I’m happy that the guy got a got a shot at him obviously I would have liked to got gotten it but you know that’s pretty cool that we saw the buck right before the guy rattled to him and then shot the deer so hopefully he can recover him in the morning when he comes back in and gets himself a nice Iowa buck he traveled a long way and it sounded like he’s waited several years to come out here hunting so good luck to him hopefully he gets that buck in the meantime Ted and I are gonna go back to the drawing board we saw a lot of hunters today and that’s pretty typical on November 7th public land in Iowa it is full it definitely was today but by bouncing around you can’t find him let’s go to the house and see what Greg and Jake saw