well Zach and I are moving on we’re gonna go deeper into this piece there’s a couple more ridges back in here that looked pretty good and from where we set up yesterday and this morning boot tracks have stopped now we’re not sure if that means there’s no more turkeys any further and nobody’s going any further the wind blowing the way it is up on these tops and just being more green food sources and stuff down these bottoms we’re probably noticed not knows more today ideally if there hasn’t bird in these bottoms I’d like to get above them and try to call them up they’re coming down this hill since we’ve been down in here it’s there’s a noticeable difference in just the wind noise as we were walking down this trail I mentioned how quiet it is bird gobbled 30 yards from where we were walking it’s super windy so he didn’t hear us he was into some thick stuff so he didn’t see us either obviously he was working that way by the time we got set up he was probably 50 60 yards away but never popped out on this trail got a bunch of water not a bunch but we got some water in front of us that he might have been on the other side of him that that could have been what held him up but he shut up sense for about 15 minutes I haven’t heard him but the problem is he’s right on our way out and Aaron and Brody are sitting up in the parking lot waiting for us and hopefully they leave us some food or water way to salt one or two but they’re birds right on the way out and we don’t want to spook it I mean not a whole lot of times in here Zach and Jake are still sitting on some turkeys right now and me and corn dog are out here kind of cutting and running a little bit and this is all public in here in this river bottom to my right when I was telling the guys I figured if there was locals in here with Mississippi plates that there’s probably turkeys in that river bottom it was the weekend that was when everybody was gonna be out it was dead calm yesterday morning so I’m assuming that people on this road would have heard turkeys gobbling in there we’ve been kind of trying to figure this place out and that’s just what we do whenever we go to a new area like this it takes some time to really figure out what the turkeys are doing where they’re at you know essentially where to hunt once you find that out then you can worry about killing turkeys but you got to find them first and over here in this river bottom you can see it’s pretty green behind me and Brody and I were up in some higher elevations this morning in the pines and in hardwoods and they were Brown no green growth whatsoever if you look jump over here you look on these trees see that Brown right there this area flooded real bad about a month ago and the water is still up pretty high in fact there’s some standing water down through this Creek bottom here but since the water has receded you know it was clear up to here at one point since its receded back into the main river channel a lot of these Creek bottoms have greened up and this is where the hens are gonna want to be right now and judging by onX if you go in about a mile there’s some oak ridges and stuff back in there that could be really good roosting habitat and I’m sure that these turkeys are down here in these Creek bottoms so you can corndog are gonna head back to camp maybe go help Greg edit the next video but we’re gonna be back here later today it’s been so windy everywhere else that we’ve been going but right here in this little creek bottom it’s kind of down out of the wind I can hear crows back in there four or five hundred yards away I think that this afternoon if the Sun pops out in the wind lays down a little bit that that’s gonna be a good spot so we might see you back here again later in the day I’m excited to give this spot a try we’ve moved past that water and now we’re following tracks right up this path there’s a couple tracks back there that weren’t there on the way in assuming the toms right with these birds ultimately that’s probably why he never committed to our calling heads didn’t sound very far away but it’s so thick up here we’re just gonna try to get as close as we can another track right there don’t move now lose his head I can see his head

we’re just been creeping down this road since we last heard that turkey we figured we could go slow enough at this wind to eventually they’re here ever see him no we’ve seen him Jake saw strutting turkey or guessing there’s probably multiple turkeys oh I got eyes on him yeah when they died he just broke start he’s not nervous at all though that’s what they look like evil message a sluggish attack I think what you want to see i think that’s a little more epic then that armadillo be careful afraid they’re about to go up well we snuck up this Creek aways hat around and what that cottonmouth and had those birds then right where they were when we first started stalking him I think we’d have him dead by now but they pushed over to the north side of this little cove and they’re kind of right along on the transition of where the hill starts to go up there Zack and I are both in agreement that we don’t think they’re gonna go up top with it being this windy they’re just gonna hang out in this bottom probably for a good portion of the day we’re trying to make a decision on what we want to do I think there’s a spot only 300 yards up the bank here where’s that can get in and be hidden well probably just spot for him as he’s sneaking up there real slow I mean we’re within their bubble word I mean we’re living with them right now yeah it’s 3:00 in the afternoon Brody and I are getting ready to go into a different spot this is one that we haven’t been to before we actually got a tip from one of our viewers who lives in the area and he told us to give this spot a try he’s been hunting here his whole life so anytime you can get a little bit of local knowledge you definitely use it so we’re gonna go in here do a little bit of scout and it’s windy I don’t know if we’re gonna run into anything this evening or not but if we want to hunt here in the future we need to go in there and at least you know put boots on the ground and get to know the terrain a little bit so this is already starting to look like a better spot than the one that we’ve been hunting it’s hard to distinguish turkey scratches town here from deer and armadillos because there’s armadillos everywhere I guess right here looks like turkey scratches to me this little pine think it meets a field it looks like I don’t know what’s in that field but then it goes back up again and there’s probably another hardwood ranch over there on that other side seems like a good spot for turkeys to be see that field down there bro yeah I just saw that field on the map a few seconds ago you would think with this many habitat types coming together that there would be some turkeys in and around here I mean that looks kind of like scratching but it ain’t it’s from armadillos I don’t know bro we could probably get up there and set up anywhere along the edge of that field even though we haven’t found any sign this spot looks really good it has everything that a turkey means there is water down below us here below that field about 200 yards ways the edge of the lake right here behind us you’ve got that green grass down trees and stuff that Ridge that runs up and you’ve got the pines right here then you’ve got that native grass field out here in front of us and on the opposite Ridge over there

you’ve got more hardwoods Oaks and stuff and we walked in through that creek bottom where there was all those Oaks and those big roost in trees so you never know we might see a turkey pop out in this field I’d like to go out there and look around for some droppings or scratching or something but we walk out in that field any turkey up on the surrounding ridges or he’s gonna see us out there so any time you’re setting up on a field edge like this you don’t have decoys you want to sit off of the edge a little bit if we’re sitting in those pines right there in the edge of the field and a bird starts coming across it or right up the edge of it he could easily get us silhouetted when we’re back here and a little bit more of this cover the bird is out in the field we got shadows and stuff on us and here corn dog and I are gonna get settled in here and spend an hour or so i think he’s nervous and while those birds have worked off to the north now we’re hoping that they’d work up this where this Cove narrows down to about 40 50 yards where if they would have funneled through there they would have been within range but those hens took him to the north they went up the hill and then within 100 yards two times today and he didn’t leave him so yeah he was up in that open hardwoods and you could see he’d poke his head up when we call but then he never I mean he’s just gonna stretch out Zach one time and I mean just being where they want to be is what’s gonna ultimately work I think or hope oh shoot there they are brody you see yeah they’re coming through the woods right there yep they’re going to the left see right behind that green bush can you see him you got him? here they come here they come coming right through the grass here yeah my man what did we just do we’ve lost him in that grass out there yes man I’m so shaking right now oh my gosh you’re out there about 50 yards they were getting nervous because I hadn’t called him forever I hit that cherry classic crystal on there and I just popped it a couple times and they hammered they just gobbled one time and you could tell there was multiple birds and they were probably 50 60 yards out there and the ones turned around and I saw him kind of through the grass you know I couldn’t hardly see him either mm-hmm and he started bobbing off back to the right so I just like that and they heard it and they they started to bob to the right through that grass right at us that’s crazy me and Brodie haven’t even

been in here for an hour right here’s your I was set up look at this pile of stuff I have I got calls laying around everywhere and I popped this mouth call in right when I heard him gobble over there cuz sometimes you know you got to make that little sound to get him to commit the last the last bit in the gun range that’s what I had to do in this situation they’re out there like 50 60 yards in that grass and they were getting ready to walk off and leave because they didn’t see that hand so I just yelled just like real quiet like that and boom they heard it and they started bobbing right through that grass straight at us and they came right up there how about that corndog pretty good i don’t know zach he’s pretty long pretty long very pretty Turkey couldn’t ask for something better than that you know him and that other bird probably been strutting out in that field every day mm-hmm we just so happened to be there at the right time it can definitely happen right now we’ve had all this tough weather in the mornings especially it’s been misty rain cool cloudy winds been blowing but the last few afternoons the Sun has popped out right now the sun’s out it’s warmed up in the 60s and on days I at least this is why I believe on days where you have kind of inclement weather real early in the morning I don’t think Tom’s gobble near as much I think that also makes it tougher for the hens to find them because they’re not near as active not new year’s vocal they gobble a few times on the limb then they pitch down and just go about their daily routine I’ve been calling there for a good 30 45 minutes just off and on and I’m assuming that they heard it way off you know those friction calls traveled the sound travels quite a distance even in the wind like this I think they probably heard it and we’re closing the distance a little bit when I hit him again with that crystal and I cut pretty loud on it that one time and they cut me off only thing that could have been better is if corndog would have had tag he’d probably had a turkey wouldn’t you I would that’s all right can you hear me I got you how’s the episode going Greg’s in town he’s editing right now you think you’d have a few hours this evening take some pictures we called in two of them we’ll probably pack him out of here we’ve got to pick up Zach and Jake at some point the onx pin seemed to send a little bit better so I’m going to send you one of those all right see you this is epic Turkey yeah one of our viewers sent us a few of these turkey totes he was wanting us to give him a try this spring I didn’t think I was gonna get the chance to have two missing that one and Alabama but we can definitely try it on this guy that’s pretty slick a lot of bang that’s way better than packing him out the other way well we’re just walking out right now that was the fun hunt getting back to the car so we can meet up with the other guys and show them the bird that sounds funny show them the bird show home yeah heck yeah buddy Jack and sake you’re gonna really flip out and they see this they have probably no idea what happened here’s old gregster about time boys keeping me waiting in suspense yeah way to go corndog corndog good luck charm man let’s see him he’s in here the boys were just in there hunting still they said they were on turkeys did you talk to him yeah so they know we killed one yeah oh it was kind of funny as I was coming down to try to find you guys here comes two guys walking in camo i thought that’s interesting well they have somehow they knew that I was coming to meet him they were so desperately thirsty that they were going to somebody’s house they said Zach said he was gonna steal water from the first hydrant that he could find he just happened to be coming down the road well Greg came pulling over the hill exact and I were walking up to the nearest house to try to knock on the door to a spec I can make out of their hoes apparently Aaron shot a bird Congrats buddy gave them a jug of water so they went back in and trying to get back on those birds but rope on him this guy leave his name’s Paul believe his name is Paul know you named him sent us these turkey totes yeah it’s really nice real

handy pack that thing out like that I was like I’m never going to was about that thing again a little bit heavier than that Bama bird yeah he’s a big turkey for down here he is and yeah you got your camera with you I got it all in the wind name which is hard for pin point that sound yeah let us feel like like I know I would probably call and most people probably would a lot more in that situation just because I mean you get excited to hear the gobble you got that call in your hand and you’re like you know kind of feel like you got to do something but you call it would you say like three times and one was just one little one right there at the end to bring that that first one we just called on that slate yeah and I called quite a bit tein and what you usually do when I sit down in the spot call pretty light maybe just four or five no plain yelps and then increase the volume to try to get a response and I called quite a bit there for a good you know thirty seconds or so I probably had three or four series of yelps but then didn’t call for a while it just sat there and listened for fifteen twenty minutes give any birds a chance they would have heard that up and around that bowl to come in and investigate a little bit but when I hit the crystal I started off with that Yelp that pretty loud six note seven note plane Yelp and then I paused and I followed it with that loud cutting and that’s when we got the response so what those birds are doing is they’re walking through the woods over there and they hear that plane Yelp that gets them to raise their head up they’re listening and then you hit them with that cutting that loud excited cutting and that draws a gobble out and that’s what what happened in this situation I’d be willing to bet and then we you know I shut it down after that hey gobbled what they were like a hundred yards I’m like oh man they are coming you know they’re if they’re coming for sure so I set that call down and I was stumbling around and spilling stuff on my vest and finally got that mouth call that I wanted out of there and popped it in but I didn’t use it yeah I didn’t use it until I had to because I wanted them turkeys to come in looking for us yeah you don’t want to give yourself away no I didn’t want to give away our exact position because that can hang them up sometimes they come into 50 yards and if they got to a position in that field which in hindsight we knew that correct we know now that the grass was too tall they coulda probably got away from calling but if that field was short yeah they could have got just one out in the middle of that thing in saw where that call was coming from and just pop strut it’s 60 yards and they’d have been out of range but what happened was is they they came in and because of the wind and the lack of calling they didn’t know exactly where we were they answered us when we were when they were 100 yards but then they came in and once they got to 50 60 yards they didn’t see a hand they turned around and they started walking the other direction and that’s when I yelped at just that from just that four or five note playing Yelp on the mouth call I did it just loud enough they would get their attention and they immediately start walking straight up tree I’m gonna call Matt real quick Matt what’s up man oh we just got done packing out of Turkey yeah we did well two gobblers come right in together and we whacked one of them about 20 steps all right will do man thanks a lot man that’s cool right there one of our viewers just was been keeping up with the turkey ture and messaged us and said you know I’m familiar with the area that you all are in and the wound to let you know kind of where the hunting pressure is and where it’s not anytime you can get some help like at or at least me I’ll take it I need all the help I can get there ain’t no doubt and Matt didn’t necessarily point us to that exact spot he just gave us you know a handful of options of different areas we could go that would be kind of harder to access that you know some folks may be overlooking he and I don’t think he’d been into that area before we killed that turkey but me and Brody slipped in there and found some birds so I was pretty tickled to get to call him that’s that’s neat well that’s what hunting is all about just everybody working together and in this case I was the beneficiary of the whole deal but hope to repay the favor at some point so we came back to camp tonight and we’re

waiting for Greg and Zach and Jake to get here we’ll pull then and these guys are sitting here making this jambalaya backstraps bringing us food we got a cooler full of food that they brought us down here Darrin Keith and Paul yeah no sweat they come down here help us poor folk feed us tonight so pretty rad day actually you know turkey eat good food really long quest for the longest bird we decided yeah a loose smooth no man he’s kind of a short but fat guy yeah all right buddy do the honors he’s sure he’s short we have 42 at 3/4 well give them we’ll give them 43 yeah I had a pass this guy yeah no kiddin he needed at least three or four more months that’s a little dang it forty definitely year than the one I after a whole day actually take him I’m sitting in the woods no water and food Greg comes to the rescue then these guys come to the rescue rescue boy gets a bird we’re on some birds pretty good day there again did you guys film the Tom when the hen most of the day yeah oh you’re just trying three or four hours you did that weird gobble whatever it’s pretty straight that’s convinced no as a Jake but here’s a couple gobbles that’s where these comms were out was down low being Brody basically this morning when we were walking around we were hugging the tops of those ridges and I’m like man the way that this terrain ladies you’re more exposed at the top of the ridge then you are down in the ditch itself so this afternoon we dropped down in the ditch and worked our way clear down in that bottom where those birds were out turkeys love nesting and strutting feeding whatever in grass and cover that’s about waist-high or slightly lower because they can use that to escape predators but then they can raise that periscope head up and see everything lay down in it right they can and we got down to that field and like there’s there’s a nice strip of pines coming in there’s another little Ridge falling off that’s nice and green it’s got some locusts on it some Elms and then right across from it there’s a big oak ridge that goes straight up and way back in the in the lake bottom and we didn’t find any tracks droppings or scratching but me and Brody were just thinking like what more does a turkey need he has everything right here so let’s just let’s just set up and see you know what we can call in or what we can hear essentially because down low we could actually hear much better today winds howling on the top you can’t hear are nothing up there but if you go down low they might have been two or three hundred yards up to about halfway up opposite ridge and I’m barely heard barely I didn’t even know it was turkeys Ike until I called 15 minutes later and they cut me off at a hundred yards and then my suspicion was confirmed like yeah there they are and hashtag gobbleface yeah film the Brody film the complete and total gobble face today yeah so we backed off about 10 yards off the edge of the field and we had some good shadows and stuff air and the field was women yeah when was blowing and the field was really well lit Sun was you know pretty high in the sky at 3:00 in the afternoon she was beating down the center of that field and at one point they turned around and I thought they’re gonna walk off so I just yelped out and real quiet feel like I feel like a wind does that to him too like he’ll kind of just get lost a sense of where this yeah but as soon as I up they both you know periscope up and they just drilled down on my position and walk straight at them forward march yeah both of them had their snoods down whenever coming in and most I could just see flashes of black coming through the weeds but you’d see their heads bobbing through there they were bobbing through there and I was waiting for him waiting for him to hit the opening because right along the edge of the field there’s a little strip it’s about 10 foot wide this mowed he saw there was no hander he saw my gun barrel and at that point it was like from me to the Hummer and he was that point block down well yeah would y’all have any better be on it we don’t have any objections for Brody to

do a gofund me to get a tag I just got done calling and I heard heard like a big group like and it’s getting louder the leaves crunching just comes right through me like right or these roost trees, it was an armadillo they sound about like squirrels yeah yeah I mean you can tell when they’re digging in the ground you can go okay that’s an armadillo see what messes me up is like down here you got hogs and armadillos that root the ground up yeah everywhere yep it makes it hard to recognize you have deer feeding on acorns we have to look for the throw pattern from a turkey you’ll see tunneling down water bring I’m glad you kill a bird absolutely yeah faster than you did now man that’s all right so you get to sleep in tomorrow or no gotta make hay when the sun shines okay see just like that working on the turkey yeah well we’re putting the wrap on a pretty good day in the mississippi turkey woods I’m gonna finish dressing this bird the boys are finishing eating dinner over there and tomorrow we’re supposed to have some pretty good weather so it should be interesting I think we’re gonna get on a few more birds before we leave the state of Mississippi Greg and Brody and Zach are all leaving Wednesday morning so it’ll just be jake and i here for the second half of the week but we’re not done chasing mississippi turkeys yet we’ve got lots more action coming your way here in the next few days I hope if you haven’t already please subscribe to our Channel and make sure and like this video it helps us out more than you know and really appreciate everybody tuning in look forward to seeing you next time