I just wait it out yeah I’ll wait it out just get something terrible happens to us like we don’t get max Emma we’re gonna have to that running around strategy like all we’ll do is well run will hit the teleporter and then you’re gonna have to follow me it’s like and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna run through like once we hit the teleporter we run through here you know blam blam blam blam blam blam up their game blam blam blam point because it’s probably be empty right yeah well wait right here until like they started attacking us and then we’ll jump down here just hit electricity again we go back to go back I think that’s the best possible thing dude crap oh I really like the other gun though oh yeah dude I know I know and trust me I know that guns a beast oh my god you guys how are you liking the how long is this video going on for we’re gonna check and see the time were quick on this bad boy how long is two o’clock in the morning that’s for sure dude 55 minutes so far let’s keep going you guys let’s do this okay I’m so scared for I’m gonna hit the electricity right now yeah crap man you just have done some veggies up here supposed it is so scary it’s kind of hard to watch them from already have no ammo either how much is the ammo for this thing cost upgraded ammo 4500 point so I have that much we’re gonna get rich how is it okay hold on give me like oh my god I’m just like you do all these guys who I just want to see the maximal thing tomorrow right whatever I have enough wonder what the save us for a little while though I’ll kind of stood up a little bit yeah we should be fine dude I gotta pee so but look do there’s so many there’s so many zombies right now but how’d I miss completely hey Doc you’re like a monkey or something oh I’m just zapping I’m with this bad boy but I’m your monkey I’ll buy some time just don’t know I’d in it I joined my man okay a little time so many do dude you want to try the deputing that was happy I mean teleport II um how do i matter mo with this gun to you okay just follow me hold on after these guys can be electrocuted ok follow me oh jeez come on cocos come home the zombies gonna stop me oh this is so oh my gosh respectable score respectable follow me oh wait what is it drug what is the job what is that be maximum oh my gosh yes stay right don’t do it don’t get oh wait wait why not get it we shall wait into the payment okay wait what’s okay where do we go now oh there’s a doggy right there [ __ ] you got me I’m trying to follow you buddy this way sorry so I like doug is faster than me he’s refined you oh dude I’m so scared oh jeez okay oh my god told you I jumped okay I jump wait why did you jump because I just wait I know I got scared it’s okay okay Scott just like them okay so i’m not gonna go past that okay here we go let’s go past the teleport it Charlie Todd hit it if you hit it is a dog right there mind you and there’s a guy oh my god oh look we’re gonna run back upstairs I’m Phil Phil that dog is chasing you really bear he is just got a knife too sure got him I got him okay okay maybe we should tell apart one more time they may be like maximal pop up oh yeah dude maybe can you kill this guy be honey I don’t want to I don’t know how thank you oh we can’t get on with the titties here oh dude I’m buying this thing I’m sorry I gotta might not gonna work don’t kind of more okay I’m buying this might just kill actually teleport less resorts I don’t know man I don’t even know I don’t else to do I know that spats mo is shy teleport wait for me nobody’s here just two guys but I just want my camel that’s whoa okay who will go we go we go should we do that or no I do that’s my thinking should we just try the box try the bugs but I don’t have I might email to pack a punch anything I’ll do that’s so true the only thing I can get his maximum for this Reagan describe yeah let’s do that let’s just vegas yeah I’ll just but keep the zombies yeah and all i’ll teleport once and then you tell for one’s gonna have no money here it’s okay i could think of dude cuz you don’t have to pee so bad don’t piss them off okay because these people are watching this I hope I really I really hope that they’re like enjoying this because this is intense this is um escape I’m super scared right now where’d they go please be nice mo good guy what is it’s nothing what do you mean it’s nothing is it like net which I tried on cheese I have a pee so bad where’d they go so I’m speaker happens when you try it it will kill them okay so should I like here I got I got them go ahead just don’t bring him any titties remember those tailing everywhere okay I’m just gonna run around a circle right here and I’m not gonna shoot them because if I do but he does at a by the electricity thing so

seriously geez I get myself I think of you all right no we’ll be fine are we great what just happened we’re way to show up at uh-oh there’s a dog that’s what I peered a dog a dog old ones eyes appeared what the hell dude Philip this is not help you have a knife with your knife ain’t nobody scared right yeah juggernaut you can likes that it’s better than me do it anything I can’t do anything we that I just track someone killed one see oh my god dude is that supposed to give this Emma like in times like this to its supposed to do something should I try it again yeah oh my god there’s 20 what is it also kiss okay I’m I go try to use the dogs yeah there’s two of them behind me I forgot ice this guy right in the face wait what guy don’t know if any guy know your dogs okay we I’m a boom right what no just go teleport it should kill him actually um bug where’s the other guy I do ones right next to me keep that guy okay dude we have nothing we’re gonna have to do the same I have to pee I’m sorry I’m sorry you guys watching I got it I got pee real quick we’re gonna pause it right after he teleports soon we get first where’s he gonna show up at do we get any more dogs are you serious oh jeez full do you run okay Phil just run back we’re gonna run back here ah I don’t know Oh Phil right oh where are you I’m up this thing is like oh you jump up this is I’m trying to ok that’s it I’m gonna have to save your life I’m gay I’m just ringing around okay I have no no how much stay up on the walkway I have 14 shots I got a pot we gotta put it okay let’s look back oh I don’t know dogs ok just keep running where do you go I go that way when I go this you jump off right there where right there to your left I don’t oh I’m going this way I went this way cuz I I have to pee I’m sorry can you talk to them keep them in oh yeah sure sure so I cuz it going pee right now we’re about a die I don’t think we’re gonna be able to survive I have no mo he is like 14 shots on his one robbed yet any monkey still you have a monkey still yeah we have one monkey so I might help us a little bit but I don’t see us getting anywhere this is it me it’s round 23 24 not bad I’m impressed actually it’s been a while moving out the game for a while 24 it’s not it’s not gonna add a bad level to get to so I’m gonna say I’m quite pleased with the square so far knowing that we have no mo and we just free handed everything like we didn’t know what we’re doing the best oh yeah we don’t want we don’t lie that’s just real she so okay two o’clock in the morning you guys it’s pretty late I think we started an hour ago did we start like at one in the morning allow time we started this level yeah that’s pretty intense an hour Ruby’s zombies and we’re on 24 you’re not pretty starting to me too we’re gonna eat something that we were like oh yeah oh yeah yeah as an hour ago oh yeah oh god I’m at TJ I think like I’m we’re both in the same kind of area Oh or not okay ready yeah huh well she’s a kid slept in the back can you get out of here doggy by doing um what are you doing why’d you shoot wide you wasted all my juices you later dude okay we sure do four points we should probably switch out one of our guns for a crappy gun just four points I don’t have any what do you have what’s your other one can you get it can unite this guy for me yeah he’s coming on top of you oh he’s gonna cut that sexy oh my gosh leave me alone hello I’m china bowl you okay kill one all right um dad I can think of is you try to tell apart over time but that’s the LT that’s gonna work is dude I’m thinking way three times already okay stop killing people PJ what are you doing oh sorry I thought you want me to kill this guy look there’s two guys right there PJ hate this guy can you stop um think of the gameplay I want to say should I just trying to teleport know this dog Skippy that means what I mean I’m thinking like we could buy a crappy gun I can’t I know some points okay you killed these guys with your knife I’m you but I have a small you can buy a super crappy gun and then we could just get points that way you know I’m saying okay I’m i try to okay but like I should just let you fluid doesn’t scream dude like here’s okay we got a game plan real quick I’m thinking that we do the same strategy we can tap on staba do you want for the viewers will you be okay yeah okay I’m thinking I or my are you okay so that’s the real question please don’t die okay what I’m thinking is I was gonna I thought you’re gonna like Kenneth distract biggest am know if you get a crappy gun this is why I posit because I can do it if you get a crappy gun don’t you kill please you get a crappy gun if you get a crappy gun if

you if you big enough so you’re not gonna try anything um yeah cute nevermind did I have ten nine seven straight up that’s way too 30 so just stay right here let’s go it’s like hope for the best that may be because they were actually started we’re gonna have a teleporter cuz when I can be a last updated dude well I need to tell its dogs it’s dogs oh that’s good oh my god yes can you can keep T hear that yeah I’ll take care of it I just gotta take a bath a Betty and each time yeah just set him down and just use your titties I don’t have any good just run around them no we just beasted oh my god we were all worried for no reason oh my god so there’s a lot of good hey he’s got a lot I’m gonna set this when I hear this has no block right now no cheese no excuse me sir the others are to be back here dude way back here yeah I know I know I said it back there specifically for starters I’ll step okay nice yeah I’m gonna tell you I’m gonna jump out it just goes pretty please i’ll just go she just doesn’t go down here oh my god all right what’s down there haha a dog keep a doggy it’s a few days I hear people I’m sure come she is that way jalapa i’m almost dying okay I can jump off right here okay i’m gonna die bro okay i think his last one just to Italy yeah yeah yeah let’s reload JK oh my god dude we’re lie like I only have a gun I don’t have I’m sure this other dude were more alive than we’ve ever been oops I shot one bullet you ready for this I got four monkeys and everything soon oh nice so I’m just gonna do what your this gun first 1 500 likes you guys five-minute license will probably get 500 likes in total though like on all of them like if i split them up what you owe me love it left is good if you don’t we can call it that oh my god dude put him down it’s okay okay just oh my god can I can I get a monkey that English it up whenever bro should we really dude I’m down to do whatever you want go ya go you would me yeah I’m with you press it I’m gonna press the wait let me press it oh jeez I pressed it okay she worried to the right oh wait hello let’s see please [ __ ] just gonna be Oh insta-kill stinko ok can you staring hidden yeah please no we should move actually over here but there’s a guy right there it doesn’t matter come on camo just bring my other gun where we gonna here let me going come on we’re going up here oh yeah ok that’s the perfect spot a juggernaut for you well hit juggernaut yeah ok go-getters doggie right there go ahead juggernut I got you just hit juggernut I’m fine I’ll take you don’t have you know for [ __ ] oh my god what the hell I’m any point can’t get points Megan Fox yeah go ahead girlfriend look I’ll just watch your back I got these guys hungry I hope near my tummy out wait wait oh I don’t have this one oh no more eight no more insecure come on our show jumper yeah come on oh they’re behind me are you down are you down I’ll she’s gonna die alone oh damn it’s okay my cousin just go down I like because it oh I don’t know what don’t go without you I was okay crawl to the other side of the electricity I guess one day I’ll get you on the other side okay I’m shoot these acid Hohman your way okay I’m sure now I’m soon that was going ok good thing oh thank you I can’t I can’t let you die I can’t let you guys im just gonna take one let’s get out of here look wrong way I think we should tell like just do and then oh you dude you backed into a corner why because I was already down so I’m just gonna shoot him like this I think she like over there with electricity that I’m gonna turn that on I’m just killing guys right here nothing i was eating some points real quick can you come this way though so I don’t die uh yeah I’m right above you good guy right so what is this cheese checking up personal hygiene come on back go up the stairs I go oh my god so it’s okay i guess is marketable oh i didn’t want to hear it cuz we’re gonna

tell put together buddy come here to the right okay to the right to the right actually let’s wait and see what we get ok be cynical attempts to fine whatever what are we going to just go up the stairs then once you up the other stairs you’re gonna go to the right I have another jug not do you really know you do not need almost do don’t yeah almost right can you come over here yeah I’ll kill these guns they come on come on Phil let’s wrangle be ok how’s it looking just guy got drinking let’s go you get a few more points do that game is really not working for you hooking at this one which I clean it up see now house can you take all the things yeah go go go go where my kissy oh jeez go fill a jumbo jack ok ain’t hear something no we’re good were good we’re good just come down here oh my gosh you guys I haven’t even talked to the two they’re just like oh I feel so scared ok we’re gonna have to conserve our ammunition I’m just gonna use this actually why would I concern my ammunition do some by this riff they used is gonna work right here you should buy on the STG once you get enough cuz like that can doesn’t do anything anymore anyway you know I mean I just buy for the strict point son is it go get until the last guy please where’s yeah so we can never mind is going to there is just get it 10th STD yeah I would just buy the STG you know this is type of pinched yeah i would just yeah because it’s not doing anything anyway right what do you guys think in the comment section below let me know perfect okay go ahead pick that thing up pick it up pick it up I thought I left because it was given the final signals um don’t she dogs yeah you know what I was in the start of the thing now that I think about why does it even matter right now please do not be a little bit let’s set up cities real quick I’m just going to work here okay do some work if I can get him get those points I only have one monkey left so let’s not do anything rash I think we’re at the top point okay yeah let’s hit the top for your home you know clean it up all right thanks let’s go ok I got it good yeah I think I did but I don’t know I just don’t want you to get like I’m gonna use this crap it’s just there’s more dogs you want with the strategy swish your crappy gun and just shoot the crap out of them for a little bit before we jump down just so that we can get some points pushing the top oh my god you tonight I jumped off okay hey mate electricity I got it uh okay good we’re good maybe a bind us know we’re kidding i’m trying to get points with the site nice party I’m Oh lecture oh jeez I’m gonna run back oh dude don’t die don’t die future how are you so we get back on top for you um actually just oh my god I’m the one back up here on the jump off so that’s what I’m doing to wait for me go jump off to yeah I’m actually just here crapping yes they’re here yeah let’s stay here for a second what the hell follow my god no jeez felt oh okay yeah I got him okay yeah we gotta go Oh wit how I go down go down yeah oh my god get the Wunderwaffe are you reviving you at me okay oh my god dude oh my last bus bus bus no I must know i’ma okay let’s go I’m trying oh no did you die yeah I went down just uh just go Oh No PJ please go I’m coming back be right now okay have no ammo runway you’re wrong wit you know okay crap dude I’m gonna try to crawl towards uh which I to get the electricity and then we’re gonna be fine yeah if the electricity will be fight I just like stay here and like get them all grouped up I would I would just jump you go away there’s people coming your way oh just go hit the electricity dude no oh dude I thought you were gonna make it I was super excited oh boy we beat about you went to work look we did some work you guys LOL like 20 days dude oh man a combined total of what like 1200 kills nice so far as long as dead we did work

you guys if you guys enjoyed this and you guys want to see more life comes from myself and me then go ahead and leave a like go ahead and leave a comment let me know if you guys enjoyed it um I enjoyed doing it man it’s so it’s pretty intense dude I thought that he was gonna catch me there at the end that was super close anyway you guys I love you let’s see if we can hit like five hundred thousand likes peace out love you P yeah great love you