Holly aloof one day my name is cajun LP old fish feelin walking dead episode Ines won’t harm cladding clan younger I did they often talk two thousand avoid it from yards mekonom we advising on HIV festival when the shot I wash out of Haifa say behind this is as far as we’re going and it’s fair enough that machine is a fiat sayin so you Clementine gets good teen zone Nibbana were all created on before was inclusive a mere touch turn that’s only when a fat has all been doomed even a note suits fight the exact bday if a guy comes on borrowing off island effect invert cha is like a zoo I’m over so it’s coldish episode is this won’t arraign this should be done by side went to a friendly trucks run out of gas yeah I put a daughter who doesn’t die nigga by the Viper controls I nation regarded what you guys can generate scoop this another there’s nothing I know our protagonist on each posted sth near three cheese dogs get here you have skin log on 422 does not annoy her all the time shows for das continues knocking we didn’t take risks like this and we can’t just let people die either when I say that door stays shut no matter what I fucking meaning we don’t know who these people are it could be dangerous worse they cause a lot of right to us where the hell is your humanity we have kids with us I see one little girl what is it hey I have to pee Oh God Dismas are not hold on in a second like that you would then just go they’ve got kids Lily those things outside don’t care maybe you should go join him then you’ll have something in common god damn it Lily you have to control these people Carly and Glenn just ran out there she’s an asshole that’s for sure that’s what it takes well you don’t have to be a bitch about it holy shit son of a bitch one of them is bitten he wasn’t bitten hell he wasn’t we have to end this now over my dead body will dig one hole no I’m cleaning him up there’s no bite he’s fired you fucking people get it we’ve already seen this happen we let someone with a bite stayin and we all had the bitten shut up we gotta throw him out door smashes heavy what do we do about this guy does this go on Jessica business as I’m disentangle ooch hey Lily I’ll handle what’s your heart dad you need to calm down we’ll get this kid out of here we reason with him with the bloody end of an ax handle maybe nobody threatens my boy everyone chill the fuck out nobody is doing anything shut up lily and you shut the fuck up they will find us and they will get in here and none of this will fucking matter but right now we’re about to be trapped in here with one of those things what the hell are you talking about he’s bitten that’s how you turn he’s not written Lee stop this it’s upsetting him oh I’m upsetting him upsetting is getting eaten alive dad we get it it’s a big deal do you you’re not fucking acted like it it’s Larry right man this is his son look around dumbass I got a daughter in here you got a daughter in here get your head out of your ass boy we’ve all got people in here we can figure this out without killing anybody there’s another way yeah with a shovel I’m gonna kill him cat just worried about duck Lee yeah there’s someone in there it’s just locked keys behind the counter probably hey I’m not the bad guy here I’m just looking out for my daughter no you’re just the guy arguing for killing a kid he’s covered in muck she’ll find the bite watch she won’t and if she does the first thing he’ll do is sink his teeth into his mom’s face then once she’s dead he’ll probably pounce on your little girl it’s a little boy I think we can handle it a little boy me an uncontrollable maneater it’s not gonna happen petters hey we’re tossing them out now gosh I suppose Meissonier no don’t touch that board you don’t touch anybody I’ve got a little girl I’m trying to protect it here too you want to get violent y’all fuck we’ll come on you better have

a plan to kill me though because it’s me before anyone else in here try some is this love going down final items map the Schloss louboutin oh fuck it’s 50 no home the booboo slows what of us cover glass maarten janssen Flashman you click the photos Perseid places i give you the flies good looking oh god I ain’t a beauty there okay Denise him before this to go out lots of Stella meet you Nick mother imprison you okay oh god that’s issue drinks Man Man Man up guys everybody down stay quiet I semi-matte addenda to this video to your lucky shot when your eyes are sore flapping be fitted excitability I don’t know thank God for whatever it is we almost died because of this bitch and a Richie trigger finger that was stupid that was oh they ruled out nails and fuck does that troublemaker show mall was like a faced here have a flash vote Aoki bisson was he the one bitten no don’t be crazy it’s his heart my pills um nitroglycerin pills yes we’re out we’ve been trying to get into the pharmacy since we got here nah Colossus little hottie hot booty call off Jesse yoki can’t believe yeah yeah there’s probably another entrance maybe through the office how do you know that’s an office uh educated guess it doesn’t matter we need nitroglycerin pills please get in there I’ll keep it simple we need 20 glitz everyone else shaquita MP and look for anything useful we could be in here awhile I’m starting to think this drug store isn’t a permanent solution you’re right he’s saying exactly Fort Knox what do you suggest we need as much gas as possible so we can all get out of downtown macon fast agreed and i’ll head out and get gas there’s a motel not too far from here och towards the Peachtree I’ll work my way towards it and then loop back sigh Kenny manage not emit he’s on edge split Owen I’ve evonik another damn that’d be great well it’s got to get done plus I’m quick and I know make it local born and raised if you’re gonna do that here’s a walkie-talkie if you get in a tight spot then woodley you won’t need it cool clementines got the other one check in with her and get back here as soon as you can and you what’s your name it’s Lily my dad’s Larry keep a good eye on him Olivia Terry I’m getting you your medicine that’s right and you you keep an eye on that front door you’re our lookout it’s Doug you got it and I’m Carly okay Carly you’ll shift in with Doug when he needs it for now get some rest you’re a good shot and I’d like to keep it that way you got it boss now get him those pills on the java de young as a businessman I thought some clichés problem the wizard in vance enemy anonops nine on the image to that nickname so you can have a chance to donate anything before this all were dead ROV is in equals R DeFazio busy title is alive xtreme papers a week 0 dash panels boom yeah take each video hunter with a hammer vez que llama shokoohi globish is only slashed chuckling you can be foolish given away as my clutch my media flavie’s yoga can happen because my body one around with their a radio I can’t get it to work though here let me have a look visit Navy whole forgot to canalys a barian so I’m a shouldn’t alized so as a mom apocryphon suck nothing okay and done Madame via I’m a lot a twin to give them a deepak not nothing shooting dusting my an Akuma smiling the better he only needs us okay kai problem cookin kinda pattern eaten recently yeah you know that there are no batteries in that thing yeah of course I mean yeah no I can try to find so leads to thanks I wouldn’t even really know what to look for ok it’s advisor you know but I diesel good um you’re clutching Hudson on my dad a pretty good shot well you don’t fuck with a reporter especially one that’s three days out from her last

cup of coffee so i’m still looking for batteries for that day thanks I appreciate it Yoga is all better get back to it yep it’s cook mama bottle engine delivers an initial home yasha loosen ties no witnesses over shenyang vandalized him appear my your mother yeah that was a dead dog Nicole eager to swing anything nothing luckily wanna step outside have a look around I’m not suicidal yet know the gate up there is closed we can hang out in front of the store and be fine oh so yeah okay Vols cooking sure let’s go have a look around cool and we’ll keep it down don’t need to bring them back this way with any unnecessary noises agreed so then give a mouse here he offered us alma mater genome leading the Japanese military SHINee that’s a jesus i meant to do laughter fucker the Addison’s oh I nig on the Vics Ramon is your place as leash too young to unseat Rob the Adonis tumsa nahin not have under the cove invite judges absalon just by eat far as i can tell himself a caribou and if one gets you they eat you and whatever’s left comes back is one of them oh fuck i think it might be more than a couple days before all this gets sorted out yeah i think so too we better keep it down out of here as each mission too often that’s been my over year after shiza myself mother hahaha and that’s when PlayStation so emails please as he does the Commission zombies alone told movements in any way altered sighs nice two lungs abs in too bad we don’t have a way to come out here and watch the nose would be nice to know what’s going on elsewhere the plan is in rough shape nurse all I know owned a nice Aliyev efficient active splinter no jajaja mezuzah Tik Tok n da ba dee cooling vivendi guises King radisson dive on a bison on fields if it’s here Laura’s of us as Alice musique ET bisous kanavan I’m a diversion for for tyranny a shallow so he would did you guys try to get in there and get weapons I did but it was too risky not a bunch of guys showed up and they tried ok happen I think they’re most of who you see wandering around out there jagannadham aruba motion um mr. granny says my oath mohandas loss you could maybe divine a cooker asthma it’s a combination mark hey man what are you doing we can’t even think about going out there unless the keys are out there for sure yeah I’ll get her lessons right energy goes um government even on mccrutchen yeah any idea where the pharmacy keys might be he’s searched high and low inside before you guys got here they weren’t on the old couple we took out of the office ja are you okay I’m fine if the keys aren’t in a drugstore think they could be out here we now live in a world where getting up and walking away as an actual possibility so right yeah hisses at jg photography Cavazos endoscopy cardigans kazini every trick was named as you reach that brick named assets can’t reach that brick I say okay ah here come on a mellow dings I’m cookin so get the one trapped over there better he’ll mess oh shit what do you know that guy he could be a drug store employee so you’re saying he might have the pharmacy keys that’s God’s eyes saying he might have the phone receipt keys I don’t know could be anybody you know it they start rotting and get all chink up and shut up dark mahadevan depicted by did you also don’t know he could have worked at the drugstore and died with keys in his pocket I would take a lot of effort to make it save enough to go out there and see if he has the keys if we could somehow prove that he worked here I think it’d be worth it I’ll see what I can find yeah on da Beach I Mozgov on TV season Stein here carried bring liquor women on ish okay come on was an exam

clicking okay that’s Elijah least Buddha ok that’s a hasty fortification job over there yeah didn’t work okay hey yeah you let’s give senior knock soon as he can eat smell my daughter be given as much ocoee games meissner’s edit a 30-year inched I named Jeffrey Trevor ain’t ninja niacin or the lulav we prove that that guy worked here and then we can try to clear the street to search him for the keys yeah probably easier said than done it doesn’t seem like that trap guys going anywhere anytime soon nope I hope he ended up that way and wasn’t a living guy and got trapped and been bitten Jesus no kidding yeah he’s comin manage tankini flight in my knowledge versus said that’s here for more bits our current determining if their boy worked here sounds good I can’t reach okay the glutes on Oh momma Dean place two vehicles all season we should think about searching that guy across the street maybe he has them but who knows if he actually worked here ja you gyz Kazakh katayama convoy how’d you end up here I moved here to live with my uncle he does tech stuff in just made sense so I’m gonna Judaism loss on the limbs kashish to the owners Alton ish leashed no no really I’ve only been here a couple months and I spend a lot of time on the computer no just do my own thing are you know what’s it matter I guess it doesn’t something like this happens I suppose all the matters is where you are not how you got there ok so it was all cooking here but you come and eat watching michigan he needs my line applique Miranda’s loss of Madame let’s get back inside okay okay is give abided to work shoddy as a defeat own tongue we knocked us Lucy elemento me it is a crest suka knocking and you can actually hear what’s been on base in home lovin vitac open okay mom are a goober suck here dies of a soulless photos namely guns guns feel a totally should window full of water zone links night is he a paw print on sighs ah less money fighter I have a good butter in Zion years I know but I read some birch beer assume as a good food its widest vice ish nish above Aquino has not one thing month in the ducky I know hun ok mama glycinate I am sure to hear your loved one was eaten by the Living Dead cards so he gets all his vital v Abba gum two mins I know better he’d accomplished up defend via various like a normal in loudoun fashion but seems as it gives him an chuckling yeah we just need to get back to Fort Lauderdale we’ll do our damnedest it’s not much but here for the board oh thanks Lee he appreciates it not sweetly so the candidates foot under coolio v funny mouth like a business Haley really gave that old man hell yeah we got pushed you know you don’t have to tell me I was ready to tear the man’s head off anyway we cat and I appreciate your support Thank You Lee yeah I bezug and I was dark to her he’s okay it was just the shock we’re lucky as hell nobody got nabbed on the way in here little cute how is she doing well her family’s dead so that’s awfully yeah well she seems to be handling herself all right she’s just a little girl ken Lisa she spent days on her own that takes toughness but you have no idea what sort of emotional damage is happening to her every second her family is gone da stupid no Julie what’s the plan hang tight I suppose seems pretty dangerous out there so we ought to wait for things to clear up you said your family was from here in Macon that’s right where are they should we go looking for them they own this place they’re gone Oh sweetie cat they were good people I wasn’t around much but yeah they did are you guys all right we’re just fine considering how about you duck we’ve all been through a lot Lee you got a second sure it’s knocked on sunshine shots on your monkey business partners it was des choice it back on Herschel’s farm yeah

we didn’t even try to save him that blood is on our hands you know we let that boy died I know man i know it wouldn’t have taken much that’s what I keep thinking I keep seeing his face Hey look at me I don’t know if I carry this what else is there to do yeah that’s Luke does vas emotion meeting ppl vajura Saturn of us this is normal for voz Woodson’s only does vas I need a battery Hamlet 2 minutes on Freddie’s idea how can i with those things out there the venom of aluminum to question if you don’t mind I think my family and arrogant arrests for a bit let me know of that asshole over there takes a turn for the worse Oh desert video speed is much lighter department about open current information of a story sign the alchemy coconut ice it you’d use an openness mere baba if you love not Julie done or pistachio tallest in the better he energy bar desert under service engineer Jamie revelation immobilization Vince kidney cumin is ok but he then actually initially she dictated Zack know whom diverted off pin on the viva la Salle’s man its ass the battery he is out knowledge of who you okay but on the vivid as Alice man year was a disaster no he in a battery life knee so no jogo de azúcar we give series aunt America me on the decline a Clementine flight no I top game ya allah because artists man with an Alice in these parts he’s our two sons missed any my name is Cajun LP