Guys as you remember in eighth piece we did draw on 1000 rubles We went to Krasnodar and talked about project PulseTech Here I put a screenshot of the winner Write to me in PM instagram and we’ll send you money! Guys Hello this is a new issue “Startup hunters” and today we will tell you about how we still held Start-up land Industrial There were a lot of interesting projects! For us teams from Germany and Sweden arrived, from Belarus, from Uzbekistan and from all over Russia at all. There were so many cool interesting project. Developments liked large corporations, investors. It was great organized and now are watching our video in which we all tell! Dear friends! We have prepared several interviews with foreign participants of our event Our first guest is Mr. Johan Vanderholt, Executive Director of Voxo, which is located in Sweden Thanks for the interview. My first question is why did You decide to come to Russia? We decided to come to this event in Russia, because we think that the Russian market very quickly he is growing, developing, with regard to the technologies associated with voice information In the last two years, we have seen tremendous improvements in voice-to-text technology This is really a very promising technology that will reach everyone The Russian market is really ready for this technology, and we, as developers, are among the best -Yes, Yes, I understand. That’s great! My next question What is your first impression of staying here -I like energy. Here is a kind of mix, the interaction between the companies, FINTECH organizations, Russian companies. That is intriguing It’s interesting to watch Russian companies, but we we also saw startups from other countries. For example, we came from Sweden We also met a team from Germany. I think it’s very interesting, when everyone gets together to present startups from different industries We are talking about the banking and financial sector, there are start-UPS, representing projects on mining There are people who talk about waste treatment. Very interesting, a huge community Ok. I know your company is growing very fast. In this regard, I would like to know: what problems have You faced in the development of Your company? What challenges have you faced? – I will say that in the development of any project there are problematic moments. For example, the search for new technologies I will say that we are very happy because we have the opportunity to work very closely with our customers, that is, we improve our product together with our customers. Therefore, it is a more customer-oriented approach We create, customers test. We have changed many of our products together with banks Therefore, we created a solution that really solves their problems We are very happy to follow this path At the same time, we see huge problems for many associated with the rapid development of technology You can be a market leader. And two months later, something new is happening This is great and scary for many small fast-growing companies But we built a system based on a lot of technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence This means that we combine many components together, that gives a solution, which will be very difficult to cope with competitors This is very interesting! -You mentioned that the world is changing very quickly. It is not so easy to predict what will happen in future. Every day is something new. Taking it in attention, could You give 3 advices to young startups in order to start a business and develop successfully Definitely. It is very important to cling to every opportunity, to concentrate on work At an early stage of development to be open to new ideas, because you never know

what technology will help the final version of the project I think You should be prepared to change., focus on trends in the economy, since it is very easy to spend money, especially in the beginning In the company at the initial stage of development, the developing company it is very important to minimize costs If You don’t need a new computer, don’t buy one You do not need office space in the first 6 months of development if it is not in the idea of the company It is very important to focus on personnel All startups now – it’s about people, you, in fact, you invest in people, also in the product Representatives of companies associated with venture capital investments, with whom I talked, they always say that they invest in people If they believe in you, the product is secondary. We cooperate with talented people Alexey, a fantastic specialist, works in our company the development of Saint-Petersburg, specialist in mathematical analysis from Iran, machine learning development specialist from Italy, who work in the same building with us Nation is not important, important is the talent Timothy welcome, tell us a few words about yourself, what do you do? Hello! I am a partner and Director of corporate services in innovative hub winno Moscow. As well as General Director of the venture Fund Good afternoon. I represent the SKOLKOVO Foundation I am the head of the regional development Department So, the task of the Fund includes support for innovative companies Probably about the Foundation tell do not need much If it is very short, then according to our four today the company has more than two thousand clusters companies are members of the SKOLKOVO Foundation Company revenue. In the aggregate, if you look at the end According to the results of all previous years more than 250 million rubles. And that is the company enters the market I’ve told every Studio what I do We work with start-UPS. We help start-UPS and large corporations. Ours the case now is banks and insurance companies. Start working together! To do the first projects! To break the ice, this barrier and numerous which are between small teams and large corporate structures This is the goal and objective of our acceleration programs Good day! Thank you very much invited to the event. Very interesting projects! Very interesting startups! I represent the interregional industrial cluster “Composites without borders” It was created on the initiative of the state Corporation Rosatom I am an Executive Director Director of this cluster we arrived in the Belgorod region, so to speak see your productions, your projects Very interesting region My name is Andrey Bartov, I am the Director innovation center “metalloinvest” and its regional development Director companies in the usm group. We are engaged fully supported accumulation of all IT functions in the group of companies of Metallinvest and USM holding group of companies . Therefore all new products are concentrated on us innovation within digitalization, digitalization and all that related to technology and indastrial 4.0 Ok, as I understand the first time Belgorod As at all you, organized

us the action you particularly like? Me liked the event! Well, firstly it is atmosphere! She is very friendly, she is very correct It is set up to communicate between different participants, it is very important because in the interaction between corporations, startups , government and the rest of the participants, the most important thing is communication! And on this chessboard of see the such communication takes place, what is communication! And it is very expensive Again, one question You once again we have in Belgorod! Often began to appear! -:) What are your expectations were about the startup land , whether they embodied or Vice versa upset You know how I have already seen in my experience about innovation, startups and all that with it associated. It’s so long the road is not even “a thousand” or whatever says the Chinese or Koreans I’m not remember whom. This is a very long way and I am glad that here in Belgorod appeared there was another place, another a platform that goes in this direction and it’s going very well, by leaps and bounds. I glad in this help, because of course as an accelerator we are interested in development of start-up community startup movements in the country. I believe that should we be without is just not let’s deal with that digital wave the transformation that’s coming Fair very much, very much interesting format interesting project. It is clear that we have arrived from all regions, but I think that was a lot of work has been done. Gather interesting projects, and the most interesting what are the projects, in just a morning help to advise, a small amount of acceleration and the same the most projects that we heard yesterday today we hear in a new way. And I think this is the merit and great experience, and the contribution of the Corporation is the Development just Listen well, really cool, really cool we’re glad that we were invited here in the first place as experts in the direction of industry 4.0 That pleased with this openness of colleagues, these are projects that eat. Managed to establish contacts with we are interested in colleagues and hopefully future partners who present really interesting technologies, which can be useful as in production and information technologies In fact, from the fair very interesting. Projects that are selected very good, that is, in fact, being a member of the jury, it is very difficult to choose those projects that are better. Such project probably about a dozen, I think that all all of them can be project participants SKOLKOVO. And speaking of fairs and assistance that can be provided participants, including SKOLKOVO participants within this fair and of course those companies who showed up today with their projects It is possible to a very dense and good synergy between the SKOLKOVO Foundation and development corporation Three short tips for a startup Oops) the First thing that think of yourselves as business of the very first day when you got the idea about what you want start some kind of startup. Think first of all about who you will be offer to sell your or your wonderful product, decision. Think about who is yours really a consumer who is willing to pay money for it Once you’ve come up go to them! Not wait until you’re ready. Begin talk to him, get away from them answers, advice. Even a negative answer your potential consumer is worth much more expensive than all the praise out there not know your friends and colleagues and so further. This is the second tip, and the third

Elementary prepare for any pitch, meetings and so on. We are talented and great, but we unfortunately do not know how absolutely pack yourself and prepare for performances Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid of big companies Don’t be afraid to participate in events, like Startup Indastrial today. I I think that one piece of advice you can give parts of cooperation. More to communicate, find common ground with the same the most startups, together with them as you might think fighting for investors, but really all like “shoulder-to-shoulder” work. So that success good luck preferably. This is important for a startup Perhaps the first advice this respected start-UPS and start with the problem. As often I hear the, that hi, have us cool technology, it will change the world But if technology does not solve any the problem is, she won’t pull anything off so please, please, please., start with problem!!! The a lot of things already connected, because problems are always connected with the client. Therefore start with customer related issues The problem is always connected with some the environment and so on. Therefore, when you start to work through the problems, you start to create a bunch more clarifying questions and it will be just the beginning of your real startup it project they with project. Not for the hype whether not for the sake of technology second Council. Please use search engine. Yandex or may not be the case politically correct google, see what’s already That’s done. The second thing I too often see when re-invented wheel. Please do not reinvent wheel. And the third advice. Be flexible! Often teams fall in love with their own projects, their own ideas, own technology. This love keeps them from moving on. It interferes listen to information, it prevents receive some critical comments from customers, from investors, simply from external experts who are trying to help That doesn’t mean you have to respond to every remark and run it perform. But at least listen and be prepared to change. Here is perhaps such advice Three, not even the Council, and the words “Confidence” is “experience” and “sales”. Now I will explain that there is in view. You have to be sure. Even I when I present some new technology in front of the Board me the main message – it’s selling an idea, selling a technology to get people interested. All further already operating activities in which you get involved And in which you will continue to develop The main thing is to sell the technology We can finish. Uncomfortable there’s just all waiting And now you can see the interview with Mirko Liebetrau, acceptance Manager solutions in the company TalpaSolutions, Germany -Mirko, my first question – why did You decide to come to Russia? -We work in the field of mining This market in the Russian Federation is growing very fast, has huge potential We would like to enter this market -Yes, it’s very interesting. Could You describe your project in a few words? -We offer digital solutions, solutions for digitalization in mining This means that we provide a source of machine information, analyze this information and provide an understanding of the processes for the consumer This is done in order to improve the use of equipment, improve the efficiency of the mining process as a whole

-I think that this project has great prospects here -What impressions do You have from participating in several of the pitch sessions? What are your impressions of our startup fairs? -It was very interesting, a huge number of exciting projects, ideas floating around. I like the competition and the way the pitches are presented As a whole, hospitality, the organization of this event is very good and convenient for me -Thank You. Finally, the last but not the least important question A small request. Could You give 3 advices to other members of startup teams? Yes, Yes, of course. I think, first of all, it is very important – continue to follow your dream, your the idea is to develop it, as there will always be people who do not understand the business potential of Your idea Also You should use Your liveliness By that I mean not only innovation, but also the speed of the project, which is very important I believe that luck will come with it Good day! Please introduce yourself Hello, I am Varlamov Lucila p I came from Tashkent. Tashkent University of information technology I brought it here to the Startup Land project “Little robot for mining and metallurgical industry” What did You like about this fair and what did you learn from it? Of course I want to note, first of all, I I really liked this fair. Itself at all the organization was at a very high level and the idea of the organization of this fair and it in General Wonderful! To present the possibility of some developers projects, see potential future investor. That’s a great idea. This is very much more just Secondly. Clear organization of work of all the structures of all units. She is also loved it. And at all itself the atmosphere is extraordinary – What are the three of advice can you give to aspiring startups or start-up projects? Three tips for young startups you could say. First, make your own projects! Sure, don’t stop. Inside second are looking for, are looking for, still times are looking for and be sure to participate in this kind of events. Here is I would formulated so Guys, our issue has come to an end=)) And in this issue, you can see how various startups have found a very cool partners in the face corporations as well as investors. If you like this video PUT LIKE, leave COMMENTS and press on the BELL !!! Because we prepared for you a lot of cool and great practical jokes!!! Until next time!!!