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get a couple of nine volts and we’ve got a problem Boy i just so much mo complicad t truth it’s incredible what they do up the but you’re right Even the you know the most minor get a xo geit fixed rightre you that’s right d s — Yh b I meanhe know exactly wt there dngty d it really it does makou ink Th the heuch pabities now of solng the proems in ter sce Th whethe tim comes for some sort of callingou kw on Mars right is just going to be the most Yeah middle happenn ou It goi tbe t mostl fascinating tng twatc real wilbeI can’t wait for the Mars stuff I’m just a little upset that their first going on the moon again I’m like Okay done it yeah been there done that that’s my keys of operation Mars All right let’s go over your top story here onhe day tha iDC lot of surprise on this one yesterday not Kirsten Nielsen says body I am don with DHS okay soeanheread been thistory- t a meeting with the president over the weekend –ndo th origale to tnk oyellhe thoht out it after that long trip out to the border in California y what is viscera may’m jus going to go in there and tender my resignation but some of the rg fox’ Doug wasight or he an tstaing repter- There in of t som of what he he he has seen indicates that that meetin Was actually supposed to be a working meeting where she had somedeas thashe w goi to hrough wh th president d that one she got in to the oval office you realize hold on this is in brainorming this is yeafire This iJohn right he So You kn hopefly weill len the ole sty eveually y before the microphones a little while ago to certainly sound like she still a team player and let’s listen to that right here I n’think he ew a n since I just think the preside again ofhe mennd wen ofHS h proud work so haveryay t exece Theiissie The lastwentfourours since yeerda — Talking wit

adnisttionfficials membersnme os of Congress to ensure a smooth trsition as you knoDHS is a st aay o msion I want make sur o exute Theallith excellence through e transiti — I sur the present’s goal of securing the bord I wl continue to supportll s y crisis on the bder You know this is not I’m on my way to keep doing what I can and for the next few days so thank you all for being here Re statement right outside of her home She wento th capital you know wh’ medicati wan to ke ts one atemt r doverything I can to make By.e amooth trsiti e nouestns Andohy dtheyhot soany estis s ldly to the siingn the ol oice caus hhas a tdency to take o or o morehree They defitelo fiing and extly rig – In thiase’s toet out.ssa sheante dou kw mea ke I sd sef th reportins that tre voeshat e priden diatised wit wt’s gog twt outhis weendaying a syem use o the asylum beibused tt iss a was on to say and knom and thait something about hoaxes Referencing the Russia hoa Of course so wee tked abo at aell i the i termsf thbord andhen yeacross instantly aimsyu ow t thelock srts ckinnd all oa suen tn Pontiayor a very long te’ in e just b m beg blt.ha mor walisn’ ve sn som repts tay Mike that th’ f was to back andoackis rong to eolic of theyome acss the bder .g filyemn stnger.unpacktoryhat l Just thi abo a cple wee o The motr rorts summary came out okaep the bar andhen it was e tmp administrationhey wanted to goight to healthca and then they pulled bk yeah anthen the n iseemlike ey’ron iigraon y yea wellhe psid slway ft like it i a wiing iue forim — In tha yo nhts all Rublinset’s face it f Reblics o aaybe nothe bgest Foexame Mt Roey Iean An heaid or the weend at -ou knohe’srett thborder the you knoin termswhae ishe is tre reay spchn th top fro Ccks a theordee Ta it from m the’s n crisis donnow hav’t sn anyictusf osayk Schumer in Arizon in no time tely But s you hav a’m people waagreng whhe psidectm at more nee to don acro t borr a issu tt fis uhisase Unites Replii tual problyoes nnec inpendt s don’t be rprid if that issue will stay fnt cente Mik ghtntilovemr of tnty entyeah and speaking of twenty tnty e road connues on the and Iouldn’ belie over eeeken Satuay Nightive Pa punching bags yh that rit yeahhe theent aft bitingn thn hielfp — F inargeart ofet relees this vide onwitter – stuf a youot to ke itrn I’m ing to adst ll like awo day later he’ at publievent sewhere sur d he’ g his hds on the shlder of a ttle b hs nd of llin him towd AM Upheren the stage and erybod I thi lookstt thankshat in the craing jes

By t way Iot hisn to tch it mn is hard to ke lig of Iuess sif youeoeght Bidenou pbabn cide Am gonnaut out Twitt deo thasays Iet it d I’m or minu jok my Becaus basicly whahapn And greatolitic disnce betweehosd Iean pple Ihinkf ty wao suppt you they prably we onoard with tt video u r the kef o wow yourer your n credility in seif hgets in re is t a theeeks o d he’s why thisorning a yound I bh said o Fo poll –ven with is heny eaking by storyes a soe yet lot ofhose comout onl Tuesda d nk N Hampsre nber One I enev toa e theye all elytates andhe bads aeo r y justame out With a newoll the at e boom lin i tha and mn this w beif t wh tre wasothi but Jrt deneadlinesut tre a And realldidn’turt m thin it wadisqualifyg causehat ia lotfor evenenator Chi making some statements ts mornin – The democratic senator who’s in support of of Joe Biden there from his home state-nd you’ve h a nberf people Demoatsp on pitol Hl say it shouldn’t be disqualified So that apparently is hohe people in this swing state thank because South Carolin hasoe Bide Mora behd at4% Mikit’s noeven cse So –hat’snteresng I mn — den’ lead shrunk a lite bit poll marn wrehithe roppedour peentage points butgail n crui contr is it any shock th hs stilnot aouncin Rightkay g headne The g hdlinesominout of this story — One the jge t a colete pitical on known a ofbos ue Annow ifou are treimits It’sard lock. ihere becae here she had a Wren it C knowabouter forany maation a lef ars s wasne ofhe ver problyhe mt serus of l these sition.lways put out Is reay talkg the – s izabeth Warr See inouth Colinaes relyetting lot oationa exposu hee Thei polli — Two months a poin sometngercent wasro named shn up Andnowe’s at 7% leapfroing Elabetharren wowuthere’s onotherame I can ts i becae thi is Who is — t of tal she’s gnaerious even into the race it’s Stacy Adams n fool thathe’srom ght nextoornouo an s’s fm Grgia Jim was prablyead lot oheadneseyhen t Ge abouor tre bit more famiar she may have ttle Bit a he cot aanta there buthe’slso Leapog ove Elizath Wren Waen a 6 so aga.eth youe ruingheampaig r Elabet Wren y think I don’tnow don kw but sdater go juehe bigeadlin bood Climng up Staceybram imbi up now by pasng izabh Wrent 6hey’

stl that’s whathe polng aladyold u aut a the you ve t mie Th’re l at ne or t cene so ty’re d behind t leaders of the pack whig frenzy I Bes gng It’s not bad one fans for because that means it’s gonna be Rithreeinets aund ayy e ye at’st tod on en th Jualk Anymor — B I mn b thi time i thelectn cycleour years ae read hing eir debe meathisix iupt’s ce too the- Sly tn hal but jus fees most lika caaign and Ye thas rit tt’sight So I mn it y t r u ally dig io t hea of e matt I’m t l right we got one more story Here foreah read this artie yesrday and Ihought this was on fox new and I ough it was one of those like where was like a joke article like always on facts — In you s r Kell over the weekend and now well know as ese gal was that Happening here — Wh the sexualbuse allatio that l these ting to get makes a appearances.he conrtht oy hwas able tget bookedn Springeld Illois dow state pital yea Iinois moneyawrence yeah it was ae was hundred dollars to get in okay where is he do we have any vide Okay yeah ourare lly thas right Toet in while Manhatt’sou thk isoingo si som songs he sis t And tt’s itnd the pos for so pictus withans And bye bye what a hundred Buc Ok so yo wer payg thr dollarndifr cond. For at conce Wh I don understan is yo if don’t g a? anceo go above andeyond s he gs gog tsay younow wheah’m We wantnoth tnty cond yeah nkidd Not only that Mikeut youou ve got tdo erythin y ca to reach t to the public to reach out tyour fans to try to connect with them So that you can build some support — Across the country from Springfield Illinois to New York to LA — And so will in reality you said something like this up and then you just you gotta believe make a lot of people upset Highlight all goodness what I just pay a hundred Bucks for I don’t think he made himself too many friends as we know It and if for any club promoter that is thinking now they better get a better contract right like sure you need to at least do eight songs for something either that or you may be charged For so belve twoollars andtwent] ninety Iean youharg entyine nts for enty ne sonds I t — Oneenth of theongw Al my gooess at misse opportunity for auy who my faci It would be a little bit different there yeah right around thanks so much their top stories of the daye’re jt expeing thos todayinety sixttin grees everydy name Lookt lookt t cser to th weeke allice the is so beauts cominn thorm of tse tiw next waMikeasehank so mh for ur

inin uset’set — Tra Carrco i here for se a lk On Fdayll three majors averages closing up for the day and for the week folwing a strong jobs report the U. S economy adding o hundred ninety s thousd jobs las moh bncin back from cancellatis of nety ight day thrgh ely Je aft the gundi on thirty seven MAX jet America now it meeting tro long t travel plans for some yers t rlin has twey fo of the Boei planes its fet be grounde worldwides foowin two deadly crashesn compy’sock in ple sleeper.e Th after ten bies have died ile using it sin Two thsand ftea ys chiren older than thr nths w haveearned to rollover should n use of the rock and play The deaths occurred when in fits managed to roll on their stomachs or sideshen they we unro xusines dot com inew York I’Traccrosgo Alright eryone th get s ch there. ree C. for tt date here’ a liv look rig no hdred a tnty poin Let’getou anoer updat t weekend Chrtianielsenhe regning. Foa whe the has en somtensionetween presidt tmp y elsen but still yesterd’s announcement came as a big surprise And president trump and his secretary of homeland security Kirstjen Nielsen have on the surface at least been working togeer taking a har stance on boer secury Buthere is long been an undercurrentf tension Now th has bken o wid open and annannoued Whi Hse tended her rignatiiels stepside hope that thnext secretary will havehe suppo of Coness aheourts in fixing theaws wch hav writerands h been ti Many ways but the predent viously is frurated I was once on board he’s definitely point in a different direction Nielsen was often caught in the middle we president pushing for mo aggressiv borr Congssho s she wtoo far As speaker of the house Nancy Pelorote on Twier that she becae shes not eremesning ough f the White Houses likings Nieln later annncedhathe would stickroun unt Wednesday wn she will be the commiione for US customsyy and KeviMagdala A present trump twes h rvicend he agn thrtened If me isn’tone tstem tder Of iigrant Inashingn Dglas dat fox Thanks smuchoug f tha upte forou rardi.ather Bullying and theasy andasy Opie r d todayn Hoton the pnes.w soanyfr rht thr cuomers theirliso arou the world ubleigit fl savgs wch

antore ofitor their Fu savings wasiredttacng Seven ree ven tchi the biggerngit e wings Chan thelight risdtionf the plane After blowin Started selng ts pne and hihis port isssd thworld Withts fght chars whh dce for manveri augmtatiorrem Folling in oer to otec its golden ven ree ven xgnor the pblemsticits he in the nd lir flht six ten csh ment aftakin offrom kartInteationa Airrt Instea of d soware andhe angle oattack seor Blowingain stuck hisead in e sando prend ke nothi wasrongndi e sa pla to fly. sen w a Th mons lar wheEthiian ighthreeero o crasd devere to hiopn airline onlyour en t wor wasushi to groundhe sev? t o the flht safet of ts ple th pne. Tohe sofaref Boei C.. go othe ane gotn thone Wi theresintf thUnit Stat of Ari i s a sa pla at the Bingevenhree ven s safe plaoeing Uned Stasf Amica not Wi theest othe worlthat ounded thentirflee weve ithe llowin day alrnativ.A w lefwithoithorenforo t torounthe ane Morevidee isomeoi k softwa contributed n onlto the hiopian crash But alo theinh d nooing to ing bac thr ndred dortyix pple re killed aa relt o Boei’s gre Isot gng tbrin bk The ct tt Bongs c accomplish two goals. to rst is to get them answers As to what exactly happened And how to event this from happening in the future And second Iso ho poi resnsib and Brinng a plao marking ofit epin it on mket When ty knewt waa ngerouprodt? Weope that aury ithe twthin. O compeate. willo Ouclient famil f their trendousoss And secoly Boeingcca h andegardls oyoureachare govement.ite States en youut pfitverafet? uill be held accntable a bringo i This is r ti is job he wanted to make a few remar Myame’s ssan a e one acy It’s d to t thes bods cannotelie cking tse t wayhat I sh He a lot [indible] Al Seions- Anybodhas e minim jurisdiional limit a deral urt ia minim Of fivthou a k

Concde in N Hampsreet’s lien to a lile bithisas we hav -d righnow I’m gd thear tt you le td trad b a pri ocarbones r a pre on cbon d I hav question f you wt wou u do. To lps phas out t have a also wha dyou thk about- Nucle power what would you do about that So I believe the global climate change is the greatest threat we ve to humatyoday d if you he a that tt is th gra If yave ahreat tha that’ gi ld enoh and b enoh to acally addss theevery of th threat I he a cole of ideas I suppor te gree neweal a welas putting prico d t reaso w I tnk tse are good er u rket fces to lp you The gen newe n air clean watnd gre jobs l tse threedeas a bipartan I’ve n legiation all threereas f knew abo t green new dlstse the ct t ze carbo emissns of e t ars that’s whasew And wh peoplsau I t John FKennedyid as priden becae it’ har.s easy butan He didn’ know if h couldet maonhe moon in t yea he junewt was an eellent ganizi princle a blor innovati al and thking big So if you ll t America ople we wanto address glal imate ange by novatinge want tuso entrreneureali and n chnologior wd ola Biouels we wt t greatest mindsn e i done that wilinspirest ll insre t globe whyot a spaceace y ying we’reoing tbe the ono innoteeforeou a with glol clima changandl enou to dohat.nt who’sraveu crt Our an runway a ry as cl as predent tmp dcnge we need tp the beacon lit of ho tha have ways then oppounityor allf us nsn your secd queson wasuclear so haveuestio about clearnergy- W had isss iny sta where nucle por pla is nocated where shld be located its solose to a d you eded to the was af medown clos tt nuclear per plant future f some clearsn’t a

of innation fus on botlot ssion and fusn a wean be e heit of rearcheo findut ifherer r o real important that aocal counity gets decidf they community becauhere is a to tehat ri a a loce wling mmunity we he places inew York t n s at mak sense for cmunity and mass it doesn’tt doesn’t And so I alo e estions text – Thr questisill me fronumber of 465-5-2062 [inaudie] All ght en we ve 46509-66 [iudib] Excellt And en w he fr sie ze twoll rht.h’sne celltinauble] od aerno My queion iregardinsocl that tha tru fd forhehow ogram will be iolvent by Two thf elecdell youo the hlth the vital program So I wou — Iave legistion th other — Senatsho beeve ithis bw the c — So that u invest i socl securityt all incom levels legiation waso star tap twoifteenf us that you have donut holes anyncreas — And how muc th’re inveingn soal securi it’s n see bell know at — nator Sande a senat ofegislation oers mit have or yo soci secitys a gat aorep safetyet tte ] llo thk you Ihow you a in far of on Mecare f all — And oer programs- Ju incasing xes onhe rich May noy fotheserogram e ther a progrnd are ere any oer teaers ending Th you wl be wling to cu And h we jugglthese ne ograms And to pay off our national deb Okay let’s aumeour yo ncernshe hght of th tionalad a the natiol bt deb aeficit Thquicke w tpay dow the debtnd de owingconomy sI havlike ten ideasg now so tak t longo them t as you he to that’s y I he anl s threal iss of unr employnt thi ch bett job tining ung o commity cla Medire for ahe traition to get ti for ofit pubc opti bng dicare a a perntagef inco they couldfford Ideally Ion e y in oveime –o matter whether wore s haven empyer mch IT that’ w I wld payor heahcare Eighusing at howould y –a righ Jungle that and to paying off the natial deb wch is twentyrilg you nd a gring enomy anaot ofhat we sn fro progms tt actuly creeing investnts youon’t cregrowth — e oss –henou d’t iest educaonou don creat owth s forenvesti in meanifou’re der vo kes jobs youe sti n makinree ds meet? famioif y hadetterobprovi forour traini tgeta To hher pd jobs youe goin pay me taxeohat’s w use as my emple of howo create ae e payin mortaxes andhe ecomy igrowin a if they ea more mon eithey mor sneake fod eir pa more neyTo invt gring econy.d that creas a Is there Is is there any I spending t

ogramshat yowould t yeahhere’s l so I sit a coue of cmittee I’m o the comttee whi dealsith a rura I on the Aed Servis Committee ae vironmen and pubc works mmitte So one emple — I a polic- We gur e r cropnsuran guaraee that profit at2% ways tcut spdinghat’s ne’s one amplend I could pbabllpl ors a brando as a young person in New Hampire something We’re really concerned about right nows sdent voting rights ts cong threeith the three that a goingo maket much ms escially colgetudents to beble to vote state wt thidoes i highs right to vote ithetate which anstudent are going to ha pay tthe threeundred doars me it t to e DMV which i’to get a driv’s lense and to chge the card disaction obvislye’re rlly reallyso concerd abo thathat woul youo at t feder lel t lprotect stunt bod rates in stesa d on p of at if u cou feroverno Sununune pce of advice right now when it comesTo t govnorhat he eds to be bve and not b raid to uden what would do a uplef things –n legiationithohn Lesne of ourreats icsn how tmakeuree woulsugges is.f ththings I That y are aomatiy – Eighen bas out whever yo live athe time I uld Iould me sur elecon d was I wod maksure tt all state coulaccommate early votin- d I’ve crseo deal wh the Russia andake su we ha paper rece I’m so at wcould tual haveecous-o s k o Gegia but f voter dinfrancsement -o we need to tak y ey’re ying tundermin people’s rights tvote as ar st sacd righ Fox tenews Welcome g seet svice dirtor is a stepping t arni tha cinghrou f atntio thaomesn the ur els ofhe D secrery stepng dn orhd t Stping dn as ll oe w cose wil bng tha tyour yo mor new now it’s coming u ne everyone I faid to ntion isom

o reprent of oppers ther y othe state representatives in theouse iffith we t — Re mey wrong — Pa rod oapplause f their seice All rht- Next46-5-720 [inaible] Twall rit I’veakenhe bac.3 What a last? One 9 righr onof t bacall Go ahe Sir Senato I thank y for comg I’m gonna ask you of a rather sarcasc queson When youe alwed to gi a rcascnswers perfect? Ifoe McCthyenatoroe McCarthy wasy at wou he saying abt our pridenn colleagues? Who arsupporng it litelly infensible – The stanup to Puti t facts that his k lsinki to y the ght tng and doheg The ct tt his pty refess hold th accouable I’m one ofhe mosextraoinary naonalecurit iues tha that sw theussian intdedts underne ourex’s It is outra it an outrag and wre is the paiotism whes thei puttg votgights fstnd andront ant fe advearies en therong a for tually tryin tharm u why munning forresideIt’s uncons cause is predent wl lead y quesons abt the you’ in suort Sphen Mre The on answeis And so if you were president what kind of qualities do you los e fed and you conside Iould lk foromeone w is — artinaudie] Righ.eriend [inauble]capab Is that rights I wouldook – For I Ieally don’tikeabels I don- I don’know wtou mean hawk oroes know at the geraleeti is — So but I amomeoneho s serveon the Arm Servis Commite- AnI takeeryerioly deplmentf our oops — you ou cmd u deci that r couny is at ris anb an ahorizaon for use ofo mitary fce ich psident tmp doenot have todae t o ution aheravity of t ments ift was son who sending — To perhs d for thisountry t I valueur servic mec for em it’why Ipeak for th is why I demd accounbility frs wron in e Penton whethe I wil takany dloymen is iour naonal doot tru thi predent’s jumentt all I wou like t pass a l tt sa aresident nnot u nucle weapo ogram I don’t thinkt shoulbe It’s why I votgainst theailablt- nation defen billhen they to awa theroteions tt were necsao view wheth nlear Nuclea weans wou b ployed- I ctain oith certn technogy in certai

siations this Congress remov that ump thebility to dede about wh and h hwants tmselith e velo nlear wpons and u em It w a mt uise pvision I’ve eve seen in nation dense bi Becaus now w are prociw yid nuclear weapoo you y weon is it leangero i is a ls dey damage of here shima.the Soot oyhey shoulnot be usedtratically anengon is loingo do-s d theyay oh ye it’s just densive Ion’tnow yore trying to you can e a sttegicay I ha tvote no So I d’t knohow t characrize tha but I wil neher be afid to use clear foe allo be afrai to use mitary fce I wilneithe be afraido nouse them thinkou hav to have the judgnt d I s ierested tsee thatn your fstn theraq wa you just talked a abou.b youlast awer When y might use mitary forcbut cou you if your coander in chietells at criteria? Ameranroops would bing Syrias well — North Korea ywhere wwhen would y used oops I wouldse tros as aast rert Rely diplatic answe tre alws areolitif are ing yo judgmt. thi you I uld predent tmp ask al allo come to e Whit use ju few years inthis presidcyh d so hgives one msage I lieve I he all th thoritI need to bo — And take out Nth Kor what I fl there So I’maving art ppitatis i And Ias very coerned so I stted ttalk to my Repubcan lleagu is a le aleast pass aesole wpons So –or me I thi y use milita foy wh y need prote the Uned Statehen yoneed t otect anlly — Wn it i a ourroops you’re puing theioy Soou neeo knows for t ght rsonsnd becse you ha no otr choine of e reason whya n oppounity to t havto militarily in t next twore milie ree yes tt’shere we were at t time it cod havbeen a sooon as six mths And toive at leasa ten ar ti spanhereran wanot prucing nucar weapo and no pducing nlearechnoly at was ging in sce for pee possle w cld resol this wiout mitaryction leas try to relve thgsin it’s pt Kirsn Gilbrand dng thawithoumil wn haln New Hampire let ke a lkive lo rht now thDow is doing still — But thlast te we st dow about a hundred andwenty two points the in th red wl contue to take a look at that here for you throught the day rht go o to thstate partmehe Briefi the reass was Th it eatesomplatio o partilarly and a tn a ck butlso iLebanoand elseere Soiersut aomerica waers c about how wwant t callhi- particarlyn a rackhat Mighhaveitheopl Irarelar officials whf theistatn a hal– T intera withh ke othe send par- The I. R. C. g Amican troslmost nce it inceion dheneve wimpose sanctio

On Ira a endaers- Arican oops i e Midd East -Is aI. R imputy — And h aever h Midd East.ccked ithe for thsustaid maxumnificaire n R. G C..ssur tdeny t I And theunning regim of e o And knowhat thI. R. G has be t n Sie arou ninetn sevey nine the wl And they a tryg to shape e Midd East in eir far workin as- And they assainateivals — t only in thMiddleast b andquip milits all er the Mile Eas As we w in ria thediret And the ce of Iq theve killedvea rvicem And soe thi it’s portan ton this case tay. For adng a ler of adtional sations Onhe I. R… tmake rio active That arenfluced orecono corolledy the IR. G C Justne iss iwhat I’mot forcnd dipmats from IraalkinaboS I’m lkingbout teats t themrom poU osecutn foriolati nctis by doingomethi at m — Bconsued a ovidin material sport to I. RG.u know hypoetical — Aut vario ses tt thatould b njured uin theuture we sayn that at I c tell u is The Us s atrong intest in an Iri govement that stron from line exterl inflnce Threcordf Iraan volvemt in e regis not Look at Yen. lk at ria Look at eleven on whave a interest in makingure tha aq does notake th rd and isble to and ontswn teethwo fee a the ddle Et cann be meat stablendeo akeninthe I.. G. C I.. G. C to contueolwhe isimp nn erate unr thisiction That is a a bignart ofhe bluntnstrumt of Ir’s foreigpolicn th way f decad orgazationere ghlighng.e’re ing- tohe worlds a seetaryust ad — The pels worki wh the IR. G which by st corolledp t or more than half of Iran’s enomy thisillut any st of ds contac wit–n d the in thpasthe paskno yosee toet.e with e ardo Americ htages t f inse r toay so not he any kinof ctact theople who a holdi Americans- Oe threatening Aricansn plac li Iraq t let tel you wt the law provesa is federa crimil ofnse in rison. Foanyersonhors desiated foreignerrori ornization Th is at the. R. G. C now thepplicaonf the law toarticur cases is impossle tpree wh tt’s gng to ok lik simpldon’t wt to g io poin of this desnation of ehicat secr Ju annoued udo rend so a binesse alloreign I. R. G.d ficial — W are tnking aboutngagG to thk lon andard abt That that includes U. S vernme Ameca Amecan What w he te F. TO.? To wille backere onews noor oneore hour when comeack ik welear from some nnesot lawkersn howhey are ying l immiants ithe ste o Minnesa tt’ss now immignts will take a

list at ultry liveock pruction We have ocessi pnts tt procesno o ea And ale have cultul manufactingf farm eipment anthen such Miesota ke many aural cmunitiesn is lor – Ruires a lor ofMinnesaf Manyf the bs antry lel positis -r emplers – Dend on iigrant lar forhis eny leve sitions emplees to beafe on the roads Anu oper dver trning Passag oof of – thishroughpportuty. tain passeshese tts.vyone Wiout opptunity Expeations cannote achieved thank you And next other Joseph Williams Go morning fher Joph Stepn’s Caolic Crch In Minneapis m speaking here day o half othe Minnota Cathoc coerence thes to in my voo In speing on support of the driver’s license for all gislatn this is an issu as Ie hadhe prilege. Fe er tenearso serve th tino cmunity pastor don’tave thrapers And I’ve discovere ove these yeaa d An they’ workiard often humble ccumstaes to ma prospous

Numero iigrant partsn o oucountr childn whoerve in the an moth witssing her sonwear into ts rps Thisothe a my ofhese same parf some othe sic things ty need. To ve peafull among owne and farmersho areere appriate by all.ot alway Beusef its manof the od peoe liv unde cloudf fear.repsentateheaid worsp in the state.dse for Would go long y tlift tt clou e Cathic bishops o nnesota Feel this is a mol imperative Ad Mayod insreuregislars to feel the same Thank you [inaudible] Good morning My name is John I am a sior comh Paulolice dartmt Our lice dartmen.sion ‘s ver Suortive othisill Aaint Paul lice dartmen committin. proteinghe piece o c Under oucommityirst publi fety nure Were worki to redu crime byuildintronge lationipsetweenur ficers Fiftn hundd for rectlycomnity h suort the effos By a frteen eryn driv’s licseto obin a ge at rconomiommitts ana safety andeaningfuway dangTo ournly ouelves themlves b ao to the who ive walkikentohe trait to car ous is lawillelp enrehe invidualwho wand need t ive thwholeave.o lear certied toperatvehies al since a licendrivers in Minsoy We cano ineaseheumber cidentof colsionsor one Mostmportaly we n’t.ure The are portan publi liceed drirs.o ving Linse drers a lessikely toeave t scenef an We kw thatommittembersed arable tcompettly idtified themsveso ficers Mo likel coopete wit iminalnvestitions Sties havehown tt the stes with Unersalriver’licens saw its rates drop. Fteen hdred wld radicay heh blic sety ofur comnity [inaudle] In csing want tthank e spear of t house Missa An cef to e the an Winkler all ocourse polics we regnize your leership a precia Hard work h been t intohis bill Belie me en I say as a policefficeror a f forty yes is wilreally hp mmunits so my ways That is just Hard to explain Thank you very muchOne ofhe S M I am co foderf Mnesota organizatioundedynofit te is mmunit.vthathe and even yes old children ere ere on e blasthen th I My ksere seously jured Anthenn the cident and reque mical etional I waforced to ke tt is ephysil s the ffie many [audibl theto the dical pointmts terhen I expienced Ta the ks tschool. oense words to too their afr scho activies A linse hlo Middle bece depeent and thao be

forcedo stays e need bece invved a on comnity svices In oanizin lik exact I’m ing rit no Myersonay sto is onef o to snd here tod alway seen The e [inaible] Th’re outside at odaily they e over Ca theirears ord to prove f their famies nnesot One eater ads Moving think for s thriver’ Licensor all Thk you od morng hel my na is gela rals e’ve bn warng so my I wo at the. B. aplanlder whe Im fromhem a to u your fs UF debut x six ree I rk in th peline where t majity of the ployeet immignts Whwork he been? Feralize for Ias something Phon dficu taxnd dangous Back in Ju isne of the mt dangerous indusious aar game Evk l toork hava mus fiftyegree wichill es winws [iudible the ge of e time iis on ce you he the r the dies driv licen [indiblofam — avelacing and king iharder for ceih immigrts Th ateast two hdred f And weave.t sting xes come olease to andon Weave coributeofrowt dconomiof me sort agine w much More we canontribute Onocumenblack Othermmigra havaco dreway sgs tdrive j Just le I wa to be se fo work workg out of rk fwardok I wa my ttleor an community Buying travelers the access is all Minnesot thankou vermuch liceeso pi up he kids’ fromchoo tr tooctos appntment tgo to the stoe apoprie culralroceri r our filies And morjusto driver leise Minnotaconomyavingearw insurce? driv’sicense resred it t undomens ‘s aoral a econoc impaired and thank you very muc and dynami coalion.eryarge mult ethni interithThis mulaciar thisill foard tay. ing I fl veryortu- In placehere Kar Clark a reesentave — Gez has bn a lead ligh on th iue thi h en ongng f sixte years Who ve beebringi this forwar y ke pass ts bil andhat’shy

we’re doe rey for y quesons [iudible course Others I’m not a I’mot oy talking tommigras Iave papeut I have a le frndsho don have vors sold Ashe rean I’mere e thoseho are he on D atus to get driver’s license [inaudible] afr [audie]l of wh hapns With ts This bill lle day — ‘s ao incledn outransptationmnibusill- Ast iit is ended today we ll upde t bill r the poions othe bill ere ithe trsportaon bil d we iend tbringhis t d of stion notiatis lik many otr issues An we’rencludi an nibus llsecausef our contiing to worwith sators on this the ll mov forwa and so artrying to ing it To all t waye d ofessionhat’s at it tas Withne othesoption a lled n complnt a mns Doesn’thatd ghting for l enforcent — just to cleare have three kis of lenses i Minneta today h An we ha an enhancriver’ censehe rular css D censehat isot eithe a realD or e compant ithe see o nnon ing onof tho othero knockt did nh real ID Is a n complnce in e sens beingnly for uocumend Imgrants so – Theifferee really f you that you don haveo have to pve you lawl statu in the ited Stes in der to ge regul css E. dver’s licens ino ll be ngled out Sooes anybody have I ha.n who wou have known reale thevents a it’nu you option actd d I ha a pasort. rl ID bause An so passpo i Mnesota eas rely allou nee Th earer Am sta he what y said to f seion [audibl Bu howan you What happeng on the natial vel The’s goi to beeally atedbjectis tthis paicullyn the nate se To jeoparde a budt sessne you p for th n syem i dasternd Ihink work formmigras wthereverybynown doest wor from lyers Don’t wkor Minsotans a erican wer conceed abo fety and secity — We can’t addre tt and what are tryingo s focus in the narrow ft tt there i s to ariver’ lense now An we shodn’tait forhe nationaloa t ma peoe’s liveore bearab and me o rk a make roa safo r tryi to separa out so f aot of publansrend convsation for tm thave with tir o beenorking vercarefuy ande clely wit the.o are number ofmendmes tte theiroe are poedf ample at we ll be acpting undersnd that u’re wling separe the iues okay e nation f Ar you gng to ep it serate from dhe section hieffen’s or areou wilng To n I uerstanhe subct willoor you called fars toay we’ot ointo wra the ssion ware n are n goingo issu any timatu on an issue going to t endf the ssion Asd her to have them Certaiye w Thiss thiis aeparatissue for muc- Mieapolis Northfid bot adted policies That all peopl –o inde — Th eablishin a suppl these fowhichou wou not heo prove wfulu kn t that i it is a serate issrom This noncoliantice yocould ybe which is still talking about not sharing information with a very thin thaties whis onof the d now r some ter thnews fro

The ta praices provisions of thisill on apply. To tthe license that we’re talking abou Which really remember how to face The Minnesota hamburger during argug inavor of thisindf legislan Republican membe respoe ainst an unplained th sconne We the Mnesota cmber i ronglyn favo othis bl and i ft wr on tor theouse tod siedy hostalityinneso Mi procerso a grth uncil — Theres verytrong Busissn agriltural nwork buness sport for ts bil day — Ihink the fthat — at’shat suppo is the mas a dierenceor Republans — Ane ingo contue to theest possiy c to cus in e pubc safy nefits theconomi benits d the bas moral dignityf this bid Repuicans tsuppor.e for Hi h are talkboutuns [audibl to I rprised guess I ve the sameuestion of alo is parcular bl — d it’s e you ing tak the t Mucianecausehat’sio woulhave been f you tget thisacti with e set on solute I thi — Majity Leer Winer sai it ry wel th we’re n issui timams we not layi down relinesf you l down nch of red lin It mes it hder toind th een lis lat — reig Minnotans as gun vlencements be prention d I thi whave arust with the vore sires forward — As gressily as w c — Uil thlast minute of ssions so til t sessi aournedine die thessa imrtant to ishe a fath’s butoremportaly the issue t nnesans issues rightp unti the e wod youind previing for ne weease geup to e to bdefeat the law has of course Si I know it’s ltleit re diffilthink iis at let thas myerceptn for fothe mia to ver th mmitte actio Becausou knoyouave e budg bill nstrucon is ts ally a fun thio cove hourof dedationnd and commite — A wt gerally sha thithat ct weeks at of ng hrsn newith t me coitteeetting the ste’s budg rdy for hse flar tion- M underandings the se wor t c k t on t house a Senat floor This is d that may last nht a theeason at this bil.hat The cus on thfloorheon Rese now waddres tt -assword sterda sixty ves sty votes a whed alere the in bunch ll it’s e suprt tha we This is Yeshis ia norm rt ofhe leglativeession d and whilee’re cnging so thing that re dysfctiona froee s heal and Han Sercesand Wh I chaing erythin about thay theegislare wor anthe wayhe legislatu unti the end of ssion? I’m se thr variy ofolictems comg rward frothe Sete bil it – Sete budt bilnd we’ll albe talng abo tho From now until may twentieth Thank you thank you cmonlynown

asiving wills desibe a fm sttegy f rapid an oerly thevent of material fancialluonn dist planng iso mitite thetion effectsf ao The ard a the FDI asses joinfeedba.snd provide er fe rounds oresolution pls subssions significa progress has bee made

Firms he modified their note bornby taxyers.oss wl Firms have o legaentiti acros the gro uldontinu to berovide planngequirentsade bythrougreso the econoc gwth regulory act. and consur prottion The prosal ao build on th bod andDIC isxperiee t past sev years andaylor’spplicati baseds onirm se comexity a scope of opetions Th is aoint pposal with thFDIC andoard staff word clely with. D. I. staff in itse g the rolutio pla filing J. srt for tn expin theure contt of relution plan suission Sena to yo submiion cycle an oer fir on t thr ar cyc allo suffient tim forheesould develoenf the rms to corporehe The oposal also includes thethee thra suission Fulllansargeted plans and reduce plans.ill provide more dail o t connts o I dict you aention to e second po a And to gureight uitled soluti plafiling For the rst fls o andard the U S. G.aid Th ithe group of firms i e far ft column in the visual They wldubmit plan eve her yr alterting between full a a constent wh currt praice Sie t failu o a firn this group wou pose t most seous threato U. S financl staly most strgentesolutny the planng ruiremes to tse tes Theext fing gro is domest and fos bject to caterywo or category three sndards The mile column the vual Like the. S. Tsays the rmsesolutn plas betwn full and targed plan Comps thdomest and foreign firms inhis gup are genally smaller ans compx aivities With lowerystemik profile. For the majority of foignirmsn this group the succsful hom cntry relution tt encompaes eir USperatis S. pn.escrib in thr U cordinyhe prosal would cycl for thi group.g Adsting the requiments commenrats resoluon restrofile acvities and rolutio sttegies or me andlobal aets.lion They wld fi Pls ever threeears Most of theseirms have lited U S. presce inome ses aingle small branc Staff bia firm limit U. opetions andewer inter conneions wh The pposal wld noongernts quiremtso less cplex domeicirmsith tol at le than t hundr fifty billn And ris based indicors below the cagory one t or thre thresholds Generay these firms v mpleregal structusnd limited non banking operations s e e long apply rolutionlannin withlobal asset lshan two firm’s. S. aets a less th one hundr billi And thei respons to indicars areo orhree teshold Generay tse fmsi S. operatis are conductedn our be Accordinyesolutn plans submisonsm waanted ven th a rht more news np next wheyou’ren the

Addionalnfo welme bac take listen t federalesrve ard meingight n 201-9 econy andeyond wre waing for an e tailorintures tfacilite formational coent elemts of full pn? infmation Eier on eir ow initiive from from.public ruest Thagenciould he sole discreon toy firmequest f such mofication intruce a trdategor of ans. To sy contt. To be submitted only by certn foreign s with a lited US. presee Stf belves that ere is ss risk to S. financial stabily om the bombsateria distre or faure Becausthey havea Accoingly aft filing an initial Redud plan subssions ly be quired to inude submsionsges fm the ior d an abbreated plic section. r ms inhis fir in rm opeace The encieslso reqre a ful targed a reduc plan atwn a otherwe b e with nice ocertaigeies extraoinary ents submsions.s t car bween Indditio to thchange the fingrequen and pn ntent at we ha descred the prosions of thules to rerding iticalperatis Collecvele inteed to he ensehe crical operaons designaons tranarency around t agey’sd critical operations signatns Th the anges thawould cluded in thresoluon pla oposal My colleague and Iould be plsed to swer anyuestions yomay ha anks any queions fortaff So -Ask -nline theseew procedes i uld reestor a fl plan thatertain of e requiments targ plan coulde waived An thatequireboth ancies foonly o agency — To dy

it would granted unless botues agcies joily dend the reest They bh needo proaively [inaudib] as welas instution greateres th two hundr fifty billion mangun revedrovincl And onmended resution plning reqrement a I loo forwar c coents othese mbers Thanksor ciu Mier cha Im — Ifavorf the propos my fathe the hdlinest the beginy thing tt — would wan – T Clar – I I think wehould in gener with resct to l ofur rulator proposa is somethg s h is the beginning of th pross opposo the end of t ocess a thate’re very mh lookinfo Thanks. For the bnd appriate tork th’s ge in theropose res I’v consuld close witmy lleagues In the he that we could hieve se balae in thes prosals unfortutely go bond t requimentsf S twty one fty fivand we c portan safegrds Including for bg abov two hdred a fiftyset biion dlars at a tim whe largeany meetghe post isis requirents Proving ample credito the economt Let sta with the prosal toodify crentialtandar foforeign banking orgazation enhanc pruntial standare putn plt Raisg the risk tir eratio inhe U. and rengthing capitaliquidi holdg compy.mentt the S And I s this as iort In t crisi waw tha the mbined U. operaons of foign banks can pe iortant resours wh disssed stabity bause otheircial reance o dlar deninated ort ter wlesale funng omhe US to nd Th pentslobal actities intentio to imement a its liquidity covage rat L stdard f the comned. S When we filize the LC or rule for domestic banks? In two thousn today’s pposal ds not hieve that mmitment Well it imies liquidity quiremtso the intermedie holdinc stanrds to e U. S brahposed and agcy g nks Evhoughhey rel rouly ice as chn srt term whole lf fundi of the I. H C.’s Most USranches servi importt sour nding for aivitie at their foreigparents shorterm wle selfunding a rest they c face siifican Rurisk atimesf stre to U S. finanalarketssque vice cha f y theiforeign parts treated importt to mind ourselves that durinhe cris foreign branch were ang the most acve urs odiscountindow borrowg We lg dcussed aressing th vulnerabiliy proping e appl K. tion of stanrd andarded liqdity agenesf foren banks thisnd would reduche ientive t sht asss to branches from encies whi is impoant In lht ofh asse have gro as a percentagef forenank actities in e U. S. since e by a theequirement were put in I’misappointe t propol today doee y reduce resolion plaing the isis thathe faire ofquirenti one orog finaial sysm as firales and ru d The Do Frankctequires ordey resolutio i banuptcy. devo I supporome rection in the to tper the subantial work propos goes yondhe’s

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kn know niny sitoda a morrowe’ll te a lk at all tt weeg rit nowt senty tee on Fray and senty fr on turd it Monday weralrey talking out e weend but somdays jt li tharight now it’s already warming up but it doesn’t feel too bad yeah we’re e evybodI meet the same Preview of what’s cing nex onoxh l e waing seehat ve event andreakine e gothe top stoes we’re gonna heado Detroit where unrtunely heboyfend to s own home ms kled gorounavehat storand I’m going to head on over to Californ lite bia liter good new A hospital during a om f theitees evybods alrdy rctingtn secus the Nn dictorwhile resned as wel so is p a department a well as for present tmp Whe Hseill ve before youmentsute here as well allight loong for at Mu mor comg upn foxen Phoeni dott ve youhere or go our As wlut wanto take a ok at e shotereor ya n’t always vehe sho here for youe e usereauty of shots rigow from o e and ye s doeave th rvaturthere Now a t of ople o te anthey they thinkhere’s se right w and w the Dow more lookt ‘s bee stuckn thiseally th one sixteen one twey two range a d doesn look lik it’sonn Ma anyingappen today it’s ju goingo be dn in tne hundreinhl it and see whatappens With more of the Dow and more Things are coming later this week so be on the lookout for that a lot of financial earnings coming from — Chase and other Big Bang so be on the lookout for that later in the week all right here’s one more look at in New York Times Square On this busy Monday there you could see a lot of people enjoying the day there looks like they I’m on good times there has wellell at’s going too it for us today here On fox ten extra thank you so much for joining us as we always really try to bring y the top stories and headlines from all over The untr and one is breaking newsou kw we have you covered her rig here on ns now but thank you to everyone for joining usnd remember the stngoesll the way uil eight o’clock tonight so we love to have you On our YouTube page ofox ten oenicom whichever way you access is We’d love to ha you ar u all thereakinnews and alert e more look aen dayacts casting so much for joining us here on fox ten ext and we right again it tomorrow ews wn yo was myase thank you s mh hav a great Monday everyon andnjoy yr day nia hi tod Enjo gdfternoappy

nday my name is people e area some hopping on a mission no setl rit he onhe ns I ho y a had a fabous weekw wh you did oy youo chat i about o w appreciateach a eveone of u beingere I’m gonna get those top sries or rea to For yeah one tt I just talked story in Detroit the happy story in Cifornia and thethe kind ofixed bag the reaction. To Kirstjen Nielsen stepping down from herole wit D mnwhile I’gonnake yoback that beautifu eh NASAhey we hing a sce lkarlier andow there ju pvidings these imas a falous wkend se ous youad already lot t we’rhere tethere’re gonna please lik sha andubscbe withour frnds fily co woers or nehbor erybody know kw aut news No kd ofhat whe water let everydy kno thawhereler situ evyone can tk abtt togeth a t moe meierighto ain we are happthat y’re her for a we wl certainly he youtry covered An will ge tho top sries ady too for re jus ments Thewo wil we bthe fst nation to o the moon ithe twenty first centu Onhe president behalf. T tell the men and women of the Marshall space flighcenter Can people That in the directionf the esident of t United Stes It is the sted policy Of this administration ithe Unitedtates of America to return American astronauts to the moon within the nex five years Let me be ear The first woman and the nt man onhe mn will [inaudible] American fr Amecan il.ric rocke The president has directed NASA Administrator Jim Breitenstein to accomplish this goaly any mes neceary Inrder to sueed We mustocus o the mission over the means Yomust conside every avaible opto meet our goals Inuding industry government d th ente Amerin space terprise Hiory is written by thoseho bignd do e Ands Rit on ti a I wanto say thanyou for at visn everhing iits por to me thleads thvisiono meet thadeadline And you have my ll comtment too achiing ttister vi prident Ian tl you am nfiden we can get tthe firsty fourLS a actually fly the frui We wl be using the gatay as result comnd mule toet Soon a possie twohousanoots th impoant dcoveries hundreds of mle e n modue need comma muled at cano kidng maneur around theoon th’s wha the gaways al abo America wil onc again astoshinth With t higst weeach Anwe will ad the world In human space explotion

On again Les get work All right we are ready to go with some of the day’s top stories and headlines from acro w since it is Monday wre we do have to cah upith me the weekend news as welight wre Miiganhere unfortunate sentyearldietn veteranas stnd kn h r Jaim men’sad ust rently celebrated another birthday seventy years young because here the young s Margot alrea hadot e a liv lk with h An vidomeyomorwhichtday eveng he th tod and tt’s okay the tomorrow and thenonday morne a He’s been shot the Vietnam that killed ihis ownome ithe nety ne hundd bloc of Mansfidff of Plouth on Fami memrs say Mrs tnage anddaughter who was living wi him had sck a boy in the hous leav.und out a ask h to Poce say the was aargument ant gone but they aren’sure who guent f killg men’s.and t sieen year o boy tk tccoing tine gun and lay in disbeefe w so laid bac and easy going o you m bac real easto talk To bw easy tgetl with and that’s onef th reass mis faoard belve Jam was e go guy H ‘s a gat fatr A od unc whoou just hed fm Nee Jaimee verys maiedo himFor mo than forty arsny died a f yea a On Droit’s west se e i r soong ha a m in stod ioh Colin conntion to o ba re fndn a operty in Sparnbur fox’s Broley kn that was gng he.ven Not next to usecause they dn’totheobody whethey saysis f neiborsrgan sappred wee ago now one of them is charged wh muer Three guys in a female It is banied You kn it is banied Freie Duncang I ad came out.ed.nd theime An w going down to th because don’t get some garettes ve sn a whole le somebody wod dig a hole right would at that offices cars said seching hiseighr’s houserted on Thursday night and we’re back on scene the next morning The devotees were seen putting evidence markers around the house wch iown acti imeceneheytayeout here etty le last night That we letet and fod them when g discery Twoodies burd ic the backyardhonor thing a lot ofu never know [inaudible] A we don’t know how to be a dad the share of says Jonhan Willm stree but can’t conrm t victimssoive the I do know at Gallig did livhere -d thinknother gtleman auall live herwithhem but wknow wher he ise we have sken with him — If it could be But we don’t know that for sure and and we’re not close in our search just for this we’re gonna make sure there’s no more ople he hoptheyet who Th sle ofny sry f thadeal highudiohet a feral judge order Frida haltg sey amniti mazin i Caforn ter itialllowg the sale ainust oa s avin theathe mcy of potentl cminaox’s rob

How much is toouch aeralcm has liftg they waseinstad byederaludgeand morehanen blets isncef ain iegal? Whats t difference if it’s ten round magane? s rou cylinde dierencehatake a card eventsurns was tryg tmake nse of the band aheisit pele that n’t ow anying out The gs That the’s regulatg Our regulating California torney Genal et beaver Serra asked a federal judge for stay in the case pending an appeal a the AG sous determined to ep thaban in place It is clr that tre are tse whare now trygo flood the ate of California decision.ere until this Illegal hig capacity ms e type o my magazines that e usedn fearmso commit the ss sotin tha we’ve seen throughout this cntry st days ago a magazine with ten or more bullets was legal and gun storewners were enjoying A booming business selling venty wn myhipment g ret about teno twelve I had probe s ordeng it theyhey we gng cls.d me thi sevteen rnd d th — was infmed that I ha thar e liforniarian Westbyha his animals andound theelve Caught in the legal red tape b don’tindhe b Don’t botr me too muc — whole. For what need for whato he nds it for ihome prottion oth’ ould bdiffert f her i Texas or anywhere else I thinkin that it would be the same And does limiting California’s to low capacity magazines really makes sense y tee intrurs me in your home a you onl ve tenoundso shoo at hi Are you going to be comfortable with that The bad guys will always have theryeah aaysagazin in ght baut herliveo Phoeni Azona ad wer ca show you t current coitionsooks lite bit hazy o the in the rson’m bringito n Phoexs veryn Just m hathisexttory Arsted in appare roa rage shootih ath of a ten yr oldirl mae atep towar justior heartbrok Summer w beautifu set girlhe had the st Beautiful ring sls rememr tame bill melody Taken awa fm het ten years d I felt le If I wai thathe’l bright the I jt keep reliving it all over and over again Tunisia brown replace the moment her family was attacke Wednesdayy iver with the pent road rage foll the Browns to their home And opene fire tss the he wakep om gting hitt is gasping And thg the n she cls ll ovnd It ieverywre and we just We can receing ti fromheal leads in communy pole ay theyay is sponsie forho suer’s mder Her faer Tquin T washot in theriver st a surve He ss h e spec in theye Iant m t be fe — The guiltr want m to You kn andn wantim to live with at cause have live Wi sayinour dauter Die front of aummer was a fifthn h ight futur heramilyill ner get tsee Now they ay forustin filly levie a ltle bi our pn a sorw andrief Bere t comnitys we All ght — But a cple differentreaking ns alts om t Associad Pss reports to u first this first Uoe eric serceembe and U. S conacto n kied a rdside bbing nean air base ifghastan so that’s baking news asell a learni that actsselicity Huffn ha ilty in clegedmisons cheang sm tt o eaki newalerts right n fr thessoctedresshat ant tbrinto yous sn ossible we’ gonna b Cafornia n befe we ta a ok at a iiden invving a rbag tckere a Phoenix roady a spithrowing pros aut furtr teege patients a lileit oa fid anstor heren th Mo

During game smile and laughter Th sente yea oldrepang for majoii r first prom Her ma up is applied by pressional and lord kno anhinghat’ liklack pk’m he f a gliery it Behind h laughter is in lord hoitaltaysp to wee twe aonth t UCS Bioff ildren’s hospital Oland Ease thee oformay Hoitalfficls dided to thw t childnrom the turng pntntod acce tthes kds oevenhavg or een moree f isolatn that yocan have in e hospital when you’re in the hospital emails here is Focused on yo pain or your sickness or whatever so it’s good To be known delay for that for a minute it took fifty volunteer several hours to transfm th cafeteria into a place of children member their promise two thousand nineteen is a dance treaent for free fm here inr The yng man in laes we tread to a they wl like neverorget we’ve really tried to do all we can To cater to our teen and to really show them that – They can experience something special it means everything to see our kidse ableo co out in dres Participate in a supportive environment Room food to DJ in the photo Thexpeence itop tch spit offial saythiss thetmost impornce becse everyo e h e h o doted dsses or nate — Still re make up whatever I think is very sweet and generous this is the third year the children’s has put on a prom for their pediatric ptients But it’s the first time it’s being held in the hospital Wait how patients in those who have a longer stay Able to enjoy experiences like everne else yoaknd pchin ris to be Fox t new lletin hap new there a alrigh well threacon is regnatio let’s hear some ofg inn it It’s a crisis it’s not manufactured reactions are pouring in following homeland security secretary Kirstjen Nisen resnation t responses overwhelmingly tycally critilf tmakers esident ny ting a at the trump adminiratr i rstjen Niels mled the Ameran peoe and dended trump’snhumanolicy of paratihildren from tir parent ite o rissn’t thenlywenty twty demraticresideial hoful weighg in on th homeland sp New York nator Kiren Gillibnd twt n nominationnd called forer resigne e s immigratio policie wwon’t t that in this adnisttion and evething in r per to elect a presint w will Te gas kid put cldre ins irreversibleamage not oy on our fellow han bngsut on Ohio Repubcan senator robhe con Portma tweetg his support f e job Nielsen s done elsens a fend and a triotnd I’mad to se h go sheid ge fficultircutances Custom andordn coissionevin Mlvainen ll fl ias actg secrery elsen will main othe job rough April ten to he with the ansiti In New York and Kerik fox news All right the Arizona department of transportation eight out for short taken to Twitter just moments ago to say quote That’s a lot of staying in the loop — To to westbound on route from priest is blocked for a garbage truck that spilled its load hash tag THX traffic Again this is in Tempe Arizona loop to go to so it’s a red mountain freeway at priest And he yanks I mean it looks like it’s impacting the it is the on ramp. For the one forty three in the ten and if you want to stay at the two oh two it’s on the right hand side there but yeah Garbage truck lost its load doesn’t look like it has a way to scoop it up so the fire departments there the ramp is blocked the truck looks like it’s going away And it’ll likely be a little while they’re not quite sure from the recycle or regular garbage truck because it does look like there’s some cardboard boxes and that makes but this is right by the airport As you all can see there where it says to the one forty three south sky harbor airport in Tempe Arizona and yeah it just

looks like the garbage trucks like alright see later so Is likely going to be a little bit of a mess — For drivers in the area for a bit and it’s lunch time so lots people working in the area probably trying to get around The area during contain monitor the situation right here on is now