hi and welcome to mr tv in this video i’m going to measure the fov of all the major pcvr headsets fov or field of view is very important for virtual reality because it shows us how much we can actually see in vr the angle that we can see in vr now for many of these headsets the manufacturers tell you that these headset have an fv of 110 degrees now that measurement is meant diagonally but well normally we would think about horizontal right and even these 110 degrees that they say they have they don’t have so it’s about time to simply measure all of these fovs for you now i believe that you’re especially interested in the fov of the upcoming hp reverb g2 now hp says that this has a diagonal fov of 114 degrees so a bit more than the others who claim they have 110 degrees now i will tell you in this video if this is actually true and i’m going to tell you also how about the fovs of for example the pymax headsets and of course the rift s the index and the cosmos so this is going to be a very interesting video so absolutely stay tuned watch the whole video because all of this goodness is coming up welcome back again here to mr tv my name is sebastian ang and this channel is all about virtual reality i’m bringing you unbiased and honest reviews of all the vr headsets and you’re getting breaking news so if you have not yet subscribed to mr tv yet and well you’re interested into vr then absolutely subscribe to this channel and click on the bell button so that you don’t miss any of my upcoming videos all right before we get to the measurements first of all thanks to rov the spanish website who made this test this is an amazing test and if you want to get it you can find it on each io i’m going to put the link down in the description of this video also i must tell you that all these measurements are true for my eyes and for my ipd so my ipd is around 64 millimeters so pretty average so you should get results that are true for yeah for the average user however if you have like a bigger ipd then for some of the headsets the measurements will not be correct and actually your fov for these headset that don’t have ipd adjustment looking at urift s they might even be smaller so keep that in mind but for the most of you this should be pretty representative so let’s directly get into the measurements now and we’re beginning with the rift cv one yes this is the extended version of this fov comparison and now we have the cb1 the original vive and the star vr1 here in this comparison now for the horizontal fov we’re getting 86 degrees here with the original cv1 and that is not really a great value i’m very much looking forward to compare this with the original vive because there was always the question which one is better in fov also very exciting comparing this with the rift s and then with the g2 the reverb g2 but what you’re seeing now is the vertical measurement of the fov and here we’re getting around 104 degrees so overall for the rift tv one we get a horizontal 86 degrees and a vertical 104 degrees now let’s get to the original htc vive and once and for all times determine which has the better fov the rift cv1 or the original vive and counting 102 degrees horizontally wow the original vive destroys the rift cv-1 interesting here it is again 102 degrees so now let’s also measure the vertical fov here for the original vive and for this one we’re getting two hundred and twenty 22 degrees so also vertically a big win for the og vive and htc was truly up to something with the original vive here the final result for the original htc vive is horizontally 102 degrees and vertically 122 degrees and now let’s get to the rift s and see if the rift s can actually improve upon the rift cv1 and let’s start the measurement here horizontally we get to 86 also only 86 degrees so there’s absolutely no improvement whatsoever over the rift cv1

and since there is no ipd adjustment it might even be worse for people with a big ipd now let’s get to the vertical measurement and here i measured a hundred and ten degrees in the end so overall for the rift s we get to 86 degrees horizontally and 110 degrees vertically now we have a look at the htc vive cosmos and that is even worse let me tell you so much in advance already so for the horizontal fov we only have 82 degrees yes only 82 degrees that is really bad and the reason for that is that the headset is not really close to your eyes because of that hinge mechanism and you could get more if you would be able to tune this and probably you can tune this but i’m not going to tune this in this video so the vertical is 112 so overall 82 degrees horizontal 112 degrees vertical not good now we’re going to look at the hp reverb g2 and i’m not even making you wait until the very end of this video you’re welcome so horizontal we have more we have much more than before 100 i could not see the bars anymore so we have less than 100 degrees so let’s go back and for the hp reverb g2 i had a horizontal measurement of 98 degrees so 98 degrees is 12 degrees more than the rift s so you will see a really nice increase in fov if you come from the rift s to the g2 now for the vertical measurement i came up with my personal measurement of 114 degrees so 114 degrees for the vertical fov for the g2 so overall here are the results horizontal 98 degrees and a vertical 114 degrees for the g2 now we’re going to check out the reverb g1 last year’s original reverb and well it’s also said to have 114 degrees but i can tell you already that actually it’s not the same fov so for the horizontal measurements i got 94 to 96 but with 96 i could see the edges of the display so actually i’m going here for 94 so 94 degrees that is the fair measurement for the horizontal fov of the hp reverb g1 so we do have a better horizontal fov with the g2 another reason for the better fov for the g2 is that now we have manual ipd adjustment so you can perfectly dial in this lenses to your eyes now for the vertical fov for the g1 we get 206 degrees and that is not a good value and it’s great to see that for the g2 this has improved and compared to all the other headsets this was the really weak point of the g1 so overall for the g1 we have 94 degrees horizontal and 160 degrees vertical now we’re going to look at the vive pro you haven’t seen it on this channel for a long time but just to be very complete i took it out and we get to a result of horizontal 98 degrees and a vertical 126 degrees so very comparable to the g2 but we even have a bigger vertical fov here now to the valve index we have two different measurements first of all if the lenses are really close to your eyes then you will have the biggest fov with the valve index and horizontal we get to 108 degrees really a nice value and vertically we get to a measurement of 130 degrees so really really nice overall for the valve index we get 180 degrees horizontal and 130 degrees vertical so if you would put the lenses further away from your eyes for example if you want to wear glasses in your valve index then we have a different picture and also i’m measuring this here in this case for the horizontal fov i get to about 100 degrees so that is not much more than with the 98 degrees of the g2 and vertically in this kind of mode i get to 112 degrees so even a bit less than the g2 so overall index minimum 100 degrees horizontal and 112 degrees vertically now let’s measure this samsung od plus this has been my big recommendation before and it’s supposed to have 110 degrees diagonally but this is the big surprise the fov is great 102 degrees horizontally wow so nice bigger than the g2 and even bigger than the index at least for the minimal settings and for the vertical fov

we get to 130 degrees wow also an amazing value so odyssey a horizontal 102 degrees vertical 130 degrees fov wow now let’s measure the oculus quest with the link cable lots of you are using the oculus quest with the link cable and horizontally we get to an fov of 92 degrees so actually more than with the rift s and i think for this mobile standalone headset that is pretty amazing so 92 degrees for the oculus quest with the link cable also without the link cable actually you’ll get to this kind of value all right so now let’s change and let’s measure the vertical fov and for the vertical fov for the oculus quest we get 216 degrees so this is really good as well okay so the quest 92 degrees horizontal 160 degrees vertical now we’re getting to the pi mix artisan the white fov headset and this is the beginner model from pi mix and for the artisan we get a horizontal fov off 110 120 130 no it’s more like 128 degrees so 128 degrees horizontal and that is pretty good definitely a wide fov here all right let’s check out the vertical fov of the artisan and here we get 224 degrees so overall the artisan has 128 degrees horizontally and 124 degrees vertically now we’re getting to the pi mix 8k x the flagship model from pyrmx and here we keep going and going and going for the pimx akx if you put it to large fov you can actually get to 160 degrees however at these extreme angles the curvature of the pi max lens is also quite extreme and well you have a very distorted picture and i don’t think that you can actually use this mode therefore lots of primix users and me included actually use the normal fov mode and there you get to 140 degrees in the first version of this video i had not clarified enough why i go for the 140 degrees instead of the 160 of the large fov but now you should understand it better let’s measure the vertical fov for the 8k x and here we’re getting to 124 degrees the end result for the pi mix x in normal mode is 140 degrees horizontally and 124 degrees vertically now let’s get to the stavia one the undisputed king of fov and in a moment you will understand why as you can tell i even had to change the perspective for you to show where the bar is going because we’re going and going and going so 150 160 still everything is really clear and there’s no distortion that is the great thing about the star vr you have this huge fov and you do not have any kind of distortions here so in the end i’m getting 270 degrees horizontal that is absolutely amazing so let’s check out what this can do vertically and vertically we’re getting two counting and counting and counting and i cut it a bit short here so in the end we get to 128 degrees vertically here with the stavia one the end result for the stavia one is horizontally 170 degrees and vertically 128 degrees and there was the final head set here for our fov comparison all right now this was pretty interesting so if you’re here because of the g2 then the conclusion is that yes this is a major step up from the rift s if you’re coming from the rift s also if you’re coming from the cosmos this is a great step up and also even from the g1 even though the differences are not so big there is a difference and you have a better fov here with the g2 over the g1 now if you are using the samsung odyssey plus then actually this will not be a step up the samsung rdc plus is still the king of the 110 degrees vr headsets and it’s pretty amazing how big that fov actually is now comparing the g2 with the valve index you have to look at two cases for the one case where the lenses of the valve index are furthest away from the eyes then well the fov difference is not so big but the valve index still has a little advantage if you put the lenses off of index

closest to your eyes then the difference is quite big and it’s very very noticeable but i can also tell you like coming from the valve index that actually i personally was not bothered by the smaller fov of the g2 because it’s still a bit bigger than than the rift s and the cosmos for example and most of the of these 110 degrees headset and well it’s kind of a sweet spot because the picture quality is just so over hummingly convincing and you have this bigger fov than the standard 110 degrees headset and therefore i personally did not have any problems coming from the index and from the pymax headset so for me this is really really good and well this is my new daily driver yeah then for the big and wide fov headsets they are absolutely wider the artisan and the akx absolutely and still for me my personal opinion about it if you want to go for a really wide fov headset i really like the pymax artisan it’s tough to get it but in my opinion you don’t have this super wide fov like for example the 8k x or the 8k plus but you also have because of that and probably because we have like this very high refresh rate of 120 hertz you also don’t really feel those distortions as much as you do with the 8k x anyways i really hope that this measurement comparison was helpful for you and that now you feel more informed than before watching this video if this is the case i would absolutely be happy about the thumbs up and of course i would like to know from you now what is important for you is it more the fov or is it more the resolution and which is your headset of choice please do let me know in the comment section below now if you have not yet subscribed to mr tv yet and if you want to see more of these kind of videos then absolutely subscribe to this channel and click on the bell button so that you don’t miss any of my upcoming videos now that’s it for today and i’m looking forward to see you in the next episode you