It could be cutting toxic people out of your life, it could be cutting toxic jobs out of your life, it could be cutting toxic experiences out of your life, because you know what, the well-being of your mind and your soul is also very much important Hi everybody welcome to Zevaulia! Today I will begiving you various tips on how to live your 2019 more holistically So in the past few years I have realized that it is so important to make your body not only feels good on the outside but also on the inside and one of the solutions that I have found is going back to nature! When we go back to nature not only our body feels good on the outside but also most importantly feels good on the inside. As we know every day we are exposed to various pollutants various toxins and these things really took a toll on us. Not only on our mind but also on our body. So hopefully these things that I have been doing would benefit you and make your 2019 more holistic more healthier than ever and even for me I am trying to make this more consistent. If you would like to know what I have been doing that has helped me and that I would also like to enhance this year, keep on watching! Our first goal is to use more organic extra virgin coconut oil or EVCO. EVCO has risen in popularity among health, beauty until alternative medicine enthusiasts especially in the past decade. EVCO has many uses for internal nourishment, topical treatment and even household cleaning! EVCO is rich in fatty acids which is healthy saturated fat in the form of medium chain triglycerides. This makes EVCO have shorter chains to go through exactly 3 steps compared to others that have 26 steps which is a big difference, right?! Other than saturated fat EVCO also consists of 62% caprylic acid, lauric acid and capric acid. Want to know the benefits you can absorb from our list? In this video I will elaborate key takeaways of internal and external benefits of organic EVCO. Now let’s look into the internal benefits of EVCO. So the fatty acids are turned into ketones that is beneficial for the brain because it increases memory and studies have shown that it could help with Alzheimer’s and epilepsy or these fatty acids can give quick energy that is processed in the liver Because of the shorter chains it boosts fat burning because it aids an increase of the metabolism rate temporarily and it helps reduce abdominal or tummy fat. EVCO also helps raise the good HDL cholesterol in your blood and suppresses LDL as known as the bad cholesterol by making it less harmful. This then helps reduce heart disease risks too! It is also great for our immune system because it consists of Lauric acid that forms monolaurin that has the ability to kill pathogens like bacteria, virus and fungi, including the intestine bacteria Clostridium difficile and EVCO is also great for oral health to provide balance in the oral flora and help manage healthier teeth and gums as long as you don’t do it excessively. Now let’s check out the external benefits! This oil is a great moisturizer for the skin it also helps treat eczema. It has anti-inflammatory effects that aids in wound healing such as from insect bites and other scars Although of low effectivity, EVCO also provides SPF 7 as a light sunscreen to use! I love putting EVCO on my hair it penetrates the hair shaft better than any other oils and it’s a great carrier oil to play around with and soaking your nails in EVCO also boosts the health of your cuticles The next goal for 2019 is consuming more chia seeds. Chia seeds packs a punch and has been used in human diet as early as 3500 BC by the Mayans and the Aztecs Chia, or salvia hispanica, was seen to have supernatural powers and the word itself means strength. It is packed with nutrients, it’s gluten-free, non-GMO and low calories. Its skin is filled with antioxidants that protects the fats in the seeds and fights free radicals! So want to know what kind of energy aka superpowers chia seeds really have?! Here are the internal benefits that you can get from chia seeds. The digestive health of ours could really improve by consuming chia seeds because of its high soluble fiber content. In one ounce alone, there’s 40% of fiber content and the gel consistency slows absorption

and increase fullness. Chia also feeds the good bacteria in our intestines as a prebiotic. Chia seeds have essential amino acids through its protein which is very beneficial for us. It also could boost bone and teeth health because of its calcium, magnesium, protein and phosphorus content. Do you have blood sugar issues? Chia can lower high blood sugar levels. It is also rich in ALA, which potentially helps gradually cure cancer cells especially breast and cervical cancer cells Chia also promotes heart health with its anti-inflammatory capability Honey is one of nature’s most beautiful gift. Ayurvedic practice is well known for using it since five thousand years ago approximately for curing ailments, and also for holistic health. For better health it is best to consume and use raw unfiltered and unpasteurized honey so that the phytonutrient benefits are fully used with its rich polyphenols or antioxidants and other useful components in its structure including fructose, glucose, sucrose, maltose, monosaccharides water and others let’s incorporate more honey in our lives in proportional amounts of course and consume less processed and refined sugar. Still not convinced? These are the internal benefits of honey. As we know honey is a perfect immune booster for an added natural energy. This is thanks to the phytonutrients that have antibacterial and antifungal properties and the carbohydrates it contains! Honey exhibits strong antioxidant activity that contributes to the prevention of several acute and current disorders such as inflammations, allergies, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease etc the phenolic acids and flavonoids are responsible for the well-established antioxidant activity of honey. Honey shortens the duration of diarrhea. It blocks actions of pathogens and promotes sodium and water absorption form the bowel If you ever feel that you are about to get acid reflux, consume honey because it will help line your esophagus and stomach Let’s take a peek at the external benefits of honey. There are so many benefits of honey, among them is its well-known moisturizing and nourishing powers for our skin. It can also act as a gentle exfoliator that will give you glowing skin. Honey also has the ability to help fade away young scars and is a good option for acne treatment. When it comes to the human mane, honey has the ability to give ultimate hydration as a stay on mask or as a conditioner Now, I’m gonna teach you how to make this refreshing energy drink inspired by triathletes. Not only it quenches your thirst, it is also packed with energy and great to consume before you do your daily activities especially before you exercise. All you need is a lukewarm glass of water and the ingredients explained earlier which are: 1 tablespoon of chia seeds, 1 tablespoon of raw honey and 1 tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil There you go! It is best not to chill this and drink it in room temperature because it’s healthier for your body Enjoy! Our next goal is to incorporate more use of healthy salts such as the Himalayan salt. Salt has had a bad rep but it actually depends what salt you use and in what amounts because our body still needs it. Himalayan salt derives from the Himalayan mountains in the North-Eastern region of Pakistan. It stretches approximately a hundred and

eighty-six miles from the Jhelum River to the Indus River. Along this stretch are various mining facilities that fortunately use sustainable extraction methods such as using no explosives which makes the salt pure from modern environmental toxins. When mixed with water Himalayan salt produces ionic energy and has balancing minerals that counteracts the negative effects of sodium. The unique pink color which ranges from light pink until dark pink is from iron content Now what about the benefits? The internal benefits of Himalayan salt is aplenty. It balances hormones and metabolism in our body which also improves insulin sensitivity It supports thyroid and adrenal function which are important functions within our body. This salt also aids in weight loss and especially detox. If taken regularly it will boost mineral intake that will benefit ourselves through the production of electrolytes. It also benefits digestion processes by creating adequate stomach acid Now onto another DIY tutorial I will teach you how to make Himalayan salt sole. Sole is a heavily saline blend of water and salt. It aids in hydration, detoxification, digestion, adding electrolytes and many more. It is best to drink this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach You will need a glass jar, a non-metallic spoon and Himalayan salt. You will also need a non-metallic jar lid that I will explain why later. All you need to do is fill a quarter of your jar with Himalayan salt and fill the rest of the jar with clean fresh water in room temperature After you’ve mixed it well, wait for it to blend and sit it overnight before you can consume it in the morning the next day! Don’t forget to use a non-metallic lid for the jar to avoid any unwanted oxidation of the metals by the saline If finding a plastic lid jar is pretty tricky for you, use any plastic lid you can find that covers the top part of the jar but make sure to put it in a safe place to avoid any spills because you can’t close the jar properly. To consume it mix 1 teaspoon of the sole with a glass of water around eight ounces every morning on an empty stomach and remember wait a minimum one hour before you eat or drink anything else The next holistic goal I recommend is to start drinking kombucha. I wish I found this sooner but late is better than never Kombucha was concocted in the Qing Dynasty in 220 BC in ancient China. This fermented tea was first served for Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi This drink is a mix of antioxidants and probiotics with strains of bacteria, yeast and sugar that forms the jelly alien-looking SCOBY, which is a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast This is a great alternative to chemical soda and coffee too. It is naturally carbonated has that fizzy feel to it Kombucha is made out of black tea or green tea. Some people say that the green tea based ones are best because you will get the benefits of green tea too. But black tea also has its own benefits to boast There are aplenty of internal benefits that kombucha could give your body Kombucha consists of acetic acid. This compound is antibacterial and anti-candida yeasts. It will also help to replenish and maintain the healthiness of your liver and kidneys. Kombucha also prevents cancer cells through its high tea polyphenols. It also helps type-2 diabetes Kombucha also contains vitamin C and vitamin B’s that inhibits cortisol or the stress hormone and stabilizes concentration. It also aids in detoxification through gluconic and glucaric acid. Through glucosamine it prevents arthritis too I’m sure all of you if not majority of you have tasted cinnamon, Cinnamon

actually has more beneficial uses than we think! It all dates back to the ancient Egyptians that used it for embalming their mummies and also medieval physicians who use it as medicine It was also a gift for Kings and had a rough history of wars, occupation and colonization to boot. That’s right! Ceylon cinnamon, the true cinnamon has lower compounds of coumarin. It is best to consume this and not the cassia types that are abundantly sold in general supermarkets. Cinnamon comes from the inner bark of the cinnamomum tree species with a distinct smell and flavor Cinnamaldehyde the oily part in the inner bark has powerful effects and it can be turned into ground spice essential oils and other extracts. First let us check the internal benefits of cinnamon. Remember about the mummification I mentioned in the beginning? Cinnamon is a natural preservative through its leaf extract It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties. it can kill salmonella, listeria and cure the respiratory tract from any diseases. Cinnamon is also good as an anti-inflammatory and pain management agent. You can use its essential oils to form this. Antioxidants is also high in cinnamon and it produces HDL the good cholesterol that will surely be beneficial for your body It can also regulate a better oral health if you dilute its essential oil When consumed cinnamon can drop lower blood sugar levels too Now the external benefits! I love incorporating cinnamon in my beauty regime. But if you have sensitive skin it is best to do a test patch because your skin may not be able to handle the warmth. For skin cinnamon powder and oil can assist healing acne, it’s anti ageing promotes better blood circulation, helps heal the dryness of eczema and is also a natural exfoliator. For your hair it’s compounds stimulate hair growth, can help with dandruff problems and fun fact if you have medium to light natural hair it can help lighten your hair naturally if you want a natural method to highlighting your hair! Cinnamon also nourishes the hair Now I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to make your very own anti acne honey cinnamon mask. This mask tastes delicious but of course it’s for your skin so try not to lick it which is also hard for me to do haha You will need 2 teaspoons of ceylon cinnamon, 3 tablespoons of raw honey and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. You may also need a bit of lukewarm water later if the paste is a bit too thick and to make it more spreadable. After mixing well, slather on your face and wear it for 10 to 15 minutes before washing it off with warm water Enjoy your glowing skin! So I love snacking. Chocolate, cake, candy and everything else I love snacking. But I realized that this year I want to have a much more healthier option as well at the side you know I’m not gonna lie I’m still gonna eat all that stuff once in a while but I think it’s also good to cut that down you know this is like a progress and put in a healthier option. So I have eaten you know, dried fruits and nuts in the past and also fruit bars but I don’t really do it often so the goal for this year and maybe you would also like to join in is to eat more healthy snacks and as long as it kind of feel your tummy you know in between the main meals I think it’s good to go

So last but not least my eighth tip is learn to manage negativity better that’s right, learn to manage negativity better. Why? because as we know in life there’s two sides of the coin.There’s positivity and negativity Negative occurrences, situations, people and what not, they just exist in life and it takes a while for us to really understand how to handle these situations and depending on the severity of it. sometimes it takes more effort more patience, but you know what in the very end it all comes back to your mindset because you are the only person who has the final decision to decide whether these negative situations, people, environment, whatever will affect you or not and this might be very cliche and sound simple but it’s not always the case so aren’t the examples of kind of negativity and transforming into positivity? Well it really depends on the situation and your condition but more or less for example is finding things that you love as simple as that and finding things that you really enjoy doing, you want to get involved in, that is good for your self-development, that makes you contribute to the things that you love and to the people that you care about. It could sociopreneurship, it could be doing a hobby that is beneficial for you and others it could be an array of things and even cutting things off. It could be cutting toxic people out of your life, it could be cutting toxic jobs out of your life, it could be cutting toxic experiences out of your life because you know what, the well-being of your mind and your soul is also very much important. We’re not getting any younger in this world and why would you want to be in a situation where it eats you day and night? If in 2019 or any year at that you feel that life is not on your side, you can’t really manage and find solutions to the problems that you have in your life. It’s normal to feel sad, angry, depressed times and you know these are emotions that are very human. We are human with humane feelings and emotions and thoughts. But the thing is, the most important thing is that after you experience all these tumultuous negative emotional situations you need to find a way to go back and stand back on your feet and pull yourself together. It is very crucial and everybody’s pace is different. Sometimes some people requires years to heal some even months some just days or even hours. It really depends on the situation and also on your capability and it’s all completely normal. So don’t feel that you’re weak because you’re not. You have the power in you to turn and manage all the negativity in your life and turn it into something more empowering So that concludes my 8 tips on how to live your 2019 more holistically let me know in the comment section down below what you think and if you’ve ever tried any of the tips throughout the 2019 year, let me know if it works for you and what you think about it and see you in the next video. Bye!