♪ [music] ♪- [Gregorio] Thank you so much, JJ, for all of these wonderful information It’s wonderful to hear how many people are going to change their life thanks to your talk because I am practicing most of the things that you’re sharing for about a year and my life is changing dramatically So thank you so much for sharing it I would like to ask you because I’m having a vegan diet I would like to know from you, because you always mention about good fat and, yeah, good fat, what you think is the best Because I know that soy is not too good I know [inaudible 00:00:39] is not too good I know that most of the things – [JJ] Yes – So I would like to hear – So vegan diet…and I’m happy to share Like I have a vegan guide that goes through how you can do this as a vegan One of the biggest challenges with a vegan diet, if you are committed to being a vegan because of spiritual reasons I will absolutely go through and support you If it’s for health reasons, I’m going to absolutely go and say that this is not the healthy diet – No, the main reason is because I love this planet and I want to take care of it – Yeah, so if it’s a spiritual reason then I support Then I absolutely support it and I’ll show you how to do it, but I always tell people, like, “Okay, like, let’s look through because there’s been a lot of misinformation out there on animal products.” Here’s the deal, don’t eat animals that have been tortured, trashed, fed crappy stuff because you are what you ate Right? I mean this is just…like we have got to change our farming Just…now I’m blanking on beautiful Emily just said…but in terms of a vegan diet, you can do it and be super healthy You just also have to be super focused with how you do it and I’m happy to give you this vegan guide that I’ve put together The challenge with the vegan diet is to get enough protein you have to be very careful that you don’t over carb because all of your protein’s going to come with either carbs or fat So I go the higher fat route, of course, with it and the foods that I tend to focus on, soy is a really problematic food I am not a fan of soy No joy in soy In fact, what the studies show is that people who eat more soy have higher rates of dementia, Alzheimer’s They had a study in Hawaii where they looked at Japanese men in Hawaii and just three servings of soy a week, their brains were smaller Higher rates of dementia Don’t want that That’s not one you want smaller So where I would look at supplementing your diet is using some of the different plant-based protein powders Like pea protein is a great one and hemp protein Cranberry protein So I’d absolutely supplement because you’re going to have to supplement Then the other thing that I would do is an amino acid profile and I would look at also supplementing with amino acids customized to you So that’s what I would always do as vegans is look at their amino acid profile and see what they’re going to need, because you’re not going to get things that you would typically get from meat like carnitine and taurine And of course you have to do things Supplement with B12 And then the other issues are Vitamin D and if you will do Vitamin D3 from…and fortunately you can get some from mushrooms now and, you know, you can get some from the sun but the best Vitamin D sources are animal sources If you’re taking it and I find that almost everybody is deficient in Vitamin D. Some of it’s genetic, some of it’s because we’re using sunscreen – [Vishen] JJ? So that’s a lot of information If…and you have a lot of books out Which book would you recommend for someone like Gregorio who wants to address this issue and find out what should his diet look like? – I address that both in “The Sugar Impact Diet” and and “The Virgin Diet,” and then both of them also have resources where I have vegan guides that go through…there are very…there’s, like, a whole voomp of what you have to do as a vegan Vitamin D, fish oil, like what things you have to do because you have to get Omega 3s up, too – And for the people over here, which book should they start with? How do you know if you should start with “The Sugar Impact Diet” or “The Virgin Diet?” Because I have difficulty with that, as well – I do too You know it’s, like, when I wrote it I was like, “All right If I had it all to do over again I might have started with ‘Sugar Impact.’ “So “Sugar Impact,” what happened was the number one thing that happened after I wrote “The Virgin Diet” is people went “I can’t get rid of the sugar.” And what I realized was people are either controlled by sugar, like they’re addicted to it It is our number one recreational drug out there, right? Or…and it is a drug Let’s be absolutely clear Sugar is a drug It is the number one most abused drug that we have Sugar Or they’re confused Isn’t honey okay? It’s all natural What about Agave? Agave is the worst thing you could put in you ever It is so toxic it’s ridiculous it’s being touted as a health food So I wrote…I realized we were looking at sugar all wrong and it wasn’t about sugar specifically It was about the impact sugar had, just like food waste information So what I would say is if you right now are suffering from joint pain, headaches, fatigue, gas and bloating, you’ve got an autoimmune disease start with “The Virgin Diet.” Food cravings If you are just one of those people that sugar is just your beast, you cannot get rid of it, start with “The Sugar Impact Diet.” I’m going to go through both in the workshop this afternoon and how to cross them over – Great and just to add to that, like, sugar is one of the most interesting things out there I so love what you said about it being the biggest drug that we take, especially in American

I was talking to Mike Heiman yesterday and he downright said, “Coca-Cola is evil.” And you’ve got to understand what sugar does to your body Eric Edmeades, who will be speaking on day four, I was talking to him and he said, “We evolved as human beings 7,000 years ago when we were hunter gatherers Evolutionary biology wise, as we would roam the jungles and the safaris and the plains and we would see fruit, our natural biology would be to grab that bunch of bananas and stuff it all into ourselves.” – So that you store fat – So you store fat because we don’t know when we’re going to see that next giant bushel of fruit, and it’s not eat one banana It’s eat all of them So sugar has an addictive quality Once you start eating sugar you have to keep eating and eating and eating and eating Seven thousand years ago this made sense Today, when sugar is everywhere, what food companies have figured out is that when you add sugar to something – They’ll buy more because you can never get away from it – …it creates that…Right It creates that addictive reaction to keep consuming it So you get hooked on sugar and sugar is what causes weight around you Not fats – Right Fat does not cause weight We all laugh about it because we eat…all of us, the health mafia, eat tons of fat It’s not…but it’s the right fat You’ve got to make an oil change You know, we’re not sitting there eating all these processed fats – So low fat milk completely unnecessary then? – Low fat milk is liquid sugar It is the most ridiculous, heinous food ever No one should…the only worse than low fat milk is fat-free milk It’s worse than low fat milk Or fat-free chocolate milk is worse Or soy milk – So basically – I guess you could put some Nestle’s Quick into the soy milk and then it could probably be worse than all that – But giving up sugar is really easy So I gave up sugar in my coffee at A-Fest two years ago Anton are you here? Anton Konin? [SP] – [Anton Smachko] Here Oh – No You’re Anton Smachko [SP] Anton, okay, so Anton [inaudible 00:06:56] So we were sitting having coffee and…Anton, stop blushing Let me share the story And Anton saw me take a satchel of sugar, rip it open, and pour the entire thing into my coffee He’s like…what did you tell me Anton? – [Anton Konin] That’s pure poison – Exactly He said something like, “That’s pure poison” and my reaction was “FU Nobody tells me how to appreciate my coffee.” But Anton said something else Anton said, you know, “Try not doing that.” I’m like, “Look, I like it this way Don’t mess with my style This is how Vishen drinks his coffee, Anton.” But Anton – It’s how Vishen poisons himself Let me do it – Right, but Anton said something really smart He’s like, “You know, well it’s easy to get rid of it Just start cutting it down.” So at that A-Fest I started cutting it down In three days In three days So that was, like, day two, day four I was drinking coffee without sugar And now it’s been two years and I still drink coffee without sugar I completely got off it and that’s how easy it is to unwind that addictive reaction to sugar – Yeah You made a very important point, though, that – I was doing it for three years – …the critical thing is you tapered – I unwound it in three days – One of the big things I teach in “The Sugar Impact Diet,” when I started to look at, like, why are we so stuck on sugar besides the fact that…I don’t believe it’s the thing, like, adding the sugar to the coffee It’s where it’s sneaking into places you’d never suspect, like the marinara sauce that’s got more sugar than the Oreo cookies You know? And the fat-free dressings that basically you turn your salad into a sundae Or all that dried fruit So, you know, those are the issues but you can’t just pull it all out all together because you’ll crash Because you’ve turned yourself into a sugar burner so if you transition like you just did, where you taper it down, it’s fantastic – So to give you guys an idea of how important this is Okay, so I mentioned on day one of A-Fest how I took my body fat down from 22%, which is actually not bad, to 15%, which is actually pretty lean, and how I lost 7 pounds in 6 weeks Which is tough because I’m not overweight but I did want to at least have a more v-shaped figure Now how I did that, so this was my hack, in the morning it was JJ Virgin Shakes So I would take your shake, the chocolate JJ Virgin Shake I would add fiber to it There’s a JJ Virgin Fiber Explain why is fiber important? – Fiber is the number one thing that we can do to make a massive change quickly because it does a couple different things One thing it does is feed the good bacteria in your gut Someone mentioned yesterday we have, you know, basically we’re more bacteria than cells Well that bacteria in your gut controls your immune system, your mood, but also can help with your weight because if you have too much bad bacteria that extracts more calories from the food you eat and stores it as fat, it can change glucose tolerance One of the reasons that artificial sweeteners are bad…one There’s a gazillion reasons Is they change the gut microbiome to make you more intolerant to sugar So it changes your gut microbiome It helps with blood sugar balance So slow release of blood sugar so you don’t have that spike that causes the big insulin hit that makes you store fat And it helps you feel fuller longer And it gives you poops that you can be proud of – That’s awesome and now the other thing is now if you don’t have access to JJ Virgin Shakes you could just make omelet And what I started doing was, and this was your advice as well – Well if you’re not intolerant to your omelet – If you’re not intolerant to your omelet I started adding Himalayan Salt, which you advised me to do Why Himalayan Salt?

– So sea salt is…somehow we’ve gotten this idea, especially in the States, that salt is bad Sodium, the salt where they pulled all the minerals out and sold them to the supplement companies, that is bad but sea salt is actually very good for your adrenals It’s rare to find someone who’s not under some kind of stress because we’re driving ourselves too hard So it’s a great mineral source to do a little bit of sea salt – Now, again, with your advice I took away one thing from my breakfast and that was juice I would have orange juice or apple juice and you shocked me when you said, “Apple juice is as bad as Coca-Cola.” – Worse It’s worse than Coke – Worse? Okay Explain that – Because it’s higher in fructose and, again, fructose is the most damaging sugar Not only does it make your gut more permeable, it ages you faster The biggest thing that you can do to age yourself is high sugar impact, and fructose is the highest of all The most aging sugar of all Causes something called glycation which is like the crust on bread happening to you Right? – But, you know, orange juice is supposed to be healthy Apple juice is supposed to be healthy – No, oranges might be healthy – How else am I going to eat my vitamins? – Who told you that apple juice and orange juice was healthy? – Mom – Mom? – No, it’s true I mean it’s how we are raised – Could Tropicana have gotten some piece of that? – True, true – Right? You’ve always got to follow the money chain I hate to say it but it’s, like, who told us that snacking was important? Was it the snack pack companies? You know? I mean who told us that fat-free was important? So the juice…juice yes there’s some vitamins in there Eat your fruit You would never sit down and have six oranges If you eat the fruit you actually are going to get the white stuff that’s got all the quercetin and bioflavonoids in it You’re going to get the fiber and you’re going to eat it slowly and you won’t have six of them One or two pieces of fruit a day should be it It shouldn’t be dried You just turn it into candy It shouldn’t be juice You’ve just unwrapped it and turned it into a soda – Perfect Now the other things I did Okay, so I took away fruit That, again, was your advice Then what was really difficult for me was giving up alcohol for six weeks because I enjoy my red wine – I don’t believe you should give up alcohol so we have a difference of opinion – Thank you Phew, that’s such a relief – I’m a real world nutritionist I believe in coffee, Dave, and chocolate, dark And these are my favorite food groups And red wine but during “The Sugar Impact Diet” two weeks and during the Virgin we do pull it out Because if you can’t pull it out for two or three weeks we’ve got another issue, but long term, actually, the research shows that people who drink a little bit of red wine are leaner, fitter, and nicer than those people who don’t – Right and friendlier and more approachable – And friendlier, yeah I like myself better with wine – And they dance better – You know? So – Right, right So, okay, red wine is okay What about white wine? What about beer? – Well so when I started doing sugar…in “Sugar Impact Diet” that’s where you really get the low down on alcohols because I went through all of them Because the biggest question I get, like, what can we drink? The problem with white wine is there’s more sugar in it So you want to get the driest…red wine’s the best In the States it’s the more expensive because they’ll actually smuggle in some sugar into some of these So if you’re doing the Two Buck Chuck at Trader Joe’s…anyone? Don’t admit it They can sugar in there But you want to do the ones that don’t have…that have the lowest residual sugar So no champagne Sorry – Okay Let’s – I know You liked me there for a minute and then it was like ugh Or tequila and I have some great tequila drinks – Here with you? – No No, I did not bring my bar with me – I thought there was an invite So what about – I mean recipes They’re up in here – Now one of the things you said in previous times I’ve interviewed you is one of the hardest things for the Western mind to give up is cheese Let’s talk about that – Because it’s a drug So here’s your trifecta drugs: Dairy, gluten, and sugar All have an opiate-like effect on the brain You know that cereal milk? That is absolutely a drug So cheese has casomorphins We get addicted to it Right? And especially then you can also have the intolerance issue where you have the IgGs and that’s why when you’re pulling these foods out for three weeks you have to pull them out 100% Because just a little bit keeps your immune system fired up and keeps you craving them – Got it So it’s about pulling them out to ease up the pressure on our immune system and also put ourselves in ketosis – Well, no, it’s not about ketosis This one’s not about ketosis It’s actually about doing a reset You’re pulling these foods out that could be creating an inflammatory response to your body, that you could be intolerant to You’ve got to clear it out and give yourself a fresh start So it’s basically a three week detox where you’re getting rid of all of those immune complexes and the antibodies When you get through that period, then you go back The challenge is when people go through these three weeks and they pull all those foods out and they break the cravings, like if you really pulled the dairy out, if you really did this, Vishen…will you do this? – I need a little bit of milk in my coffee A little bit Just a little bit [crosstalk 00:14:55] – I tried the almond milk in this hotel It’s not – Why do you need it?

Why do you need it? – Because milk has a substance that causes the bitterness of coffee to get neutralized So I like – You should drink Bulletproof Then you wouldn’t have this problem – So add butter to it – Why don’t you use Dave’s InstaMix and then you don’t have an issue with this? Thank you – Dave? – Dave have you not been bringing InstaMix for Vishen? What the heck? – Okay, so that’s a fair deal I’ll try Dave’s InstaMix – All right So for three weeks we are not going to…wait Wait – And for those of you Facebook, that’s Dave Asprey Bulletproof Coffee InstaMix – Three weeks we are not going to have dairy starting now? – Three weeks? Okay – Now? – Not even a little? – Starting now No You cannot have a little bit No – Like a dash – No – Like a raindrop – It can’t be a – Okay All right So – If you knew that something was absolutely toxic to your body would you have a little bit? – If it was delicious – Really? – But I get what you’re saying I’m just playing Devil’s Advocate because we have a couple of thousand people watching us on Facebook and they’re going, “Oh no Ice cream? What about ice cream? What about Ben and Jerry’s?” All those people – Oh my gosh, So Delicious has a coconut ice cream with one gram of sugar, sweetened with monk fruit and it rocks the world – Say that name again? – So Delicious Dairy Free – So Delicious, okay – It comes in chocolate, vanilla bean, phenomenal You can make this stuff at home, too, and you can use either Stevia, erythritol, xylitol, or monk fruit as a sweetener – So JJ, a couple of tough questions Number one, what is the single biggest lie, the single biggest brule, that everyone here is buying into when it comes to the food we put in our body? – It’s about calories It’s at the end of the day people feel that it’s all about calories and that if you lower the calories that you can actually…and I’ve had people tell me, “Well you can have that pie if you count your overall calories As long as I count this in, it’ll be okay.” Or “I’ll eat this pie but then I’ll go run for five miles.” Which doesn’t work either Remember, our body is not a bank account So this is a hard habit to break but I believe we still get caught into this whole idea of calories and endurance training, and some of the biggest issues I’ve seen with people with metabolism is people who do a lot of endurance training and eat high carb diets – I think the single…my favorite quote of yours is, “Your body is not a bank account It is a chemistry lab.” – Yes – And what JJ’s saying by this is that this whole thing about calories is rubbish Calories don’t matter Would that be correct? – Well here’s the thing If you’re eating higher fat, optimal protein and slow, low carbs with loads of non-starchy vegetables you will actually feel full You won’t be hungry You won’t ever think about well how much did I eat? Can I have this much more? If you start counting calories it’s, like, an alcoholic You know? You start thinking, “Well can I have this much?” It’s a complete wrong way to go You want to break free of all this stuff I see so many people in my world who diet as a hobby Right? And they try this one and this one You’ve got to go through your own personal discovery process to find what works for you Which foods work for you? How much should you lower your sugar impact? When do you need to eat again? Are you better at every four hours or every six hours? And really listen to that And are you drinking enough water because so often we’re not even hungry at all We’re just thirsty but we haven’t had water all day long Right? By the time you’re thirsty you’ve really screwed that up – Right That was another thing that I did in my biohacking experiment on advice from Eric Edmeades and you say the same thing I learned to recognize that hunger pangs are sometimes simply thirst pangs Evolutionary biology wise, if you go back 7,000 years, people got water from fruit They got water from vegetables and so when you would feel hungry it wasn’t because your body needed food It was because your body needed water So what you can train yourself to do is when you feel hungry, drink a lot of water and it gets rid of that hunger while getting your to avoid that dangerous snacking habit – Yeah I actually have people do that in their journal and track it so that you’re not drinking while you’re eating You’re drinking the majority of your water in between your meals and then diluting your stomach acid, and then tracking that because what you measure, you can improve Of course what you measure and report on you improve exponentially, but it’s one of these things at a time If you decide I’m going to do all this stuff tomorrow you’ll just get overwhelmed and a confused mind says no Right? But if you said, “Okay, I’m just going to start with, you know, the shake or I’m going to start with seven foods or I’m going to start lowering my sugar impact…” Pick one thing that you know is your big issue If it’s just water while you’re on this trip, there’s water everywhere It’d be an easy way to start – And studies also show that if you’re fully hydrated your metabolic rate goes up by as much as three percent, which can be significant – You can burn, like, in terms of just…and I’m talking calorie burn but, yeah, you can burn, like, 300 more calories a day just from water intake But if you are even one percent dehydrated, it raises cortisol And if you’re raising cortisol, that’s telling your body to store more fat around your waist, it’s breaking down muscle, it’s making you crave sugar, it’s making your gut more permeable All bad stuff – So one more tip At this A-Fest you will notice that we made available to you a lot of water and a lot of sparkling water We set a simple rule for the hotel that when waiters are going around with their trays of alcohol at this A-Fest, there should be an equal amount of water options Sparkling with lemon as well as regular water, and I’m glad you guys like that And that was one of the single biggest hacks that I implemented in my life

Sparkling water I used to hate it My wife introduced it to me because it’s very common in European society Not as appreciated in the U.S. but sparkling water actually helped me cut down on alcohol, on coffee, on a lot of other things On the two gallons of milk I drink everyday – Drank – Just kidding but it’s an incredible, incredible, incredible thing and it’s zero calories Which actually doesn’t matter because they don’t exist anyway It’s just awesome – Well if you had…if you thought that I’m going to drink two glasses of water to every drink, you’re fine – Yeah – You know? I mean, unless you’re just standing guzzling the entire time which I’m assuming you’re not going to do But then you’re fine So – Yeah and if you do need alcohol you can try a drink that Mia recommends at A-Fest and that is simply soda water with a little dash of vodka Right? So you can tell people that you’re drinking pure sparkling water and look holier than thou, but really inside you’re learning to dance better But it’s also healthier Less calories So, JJ, what would be the final piece of advice you would give to people in this room? – Well when that happened with my son, you know, it made me realize that what I was doing was so much bigger than weight and, again, that so many people I saw would say, “Oh, I hear what you’re saying.” And then I’d see them a couple months later and they’d go, “Yeah, yeah, yeah I’m going to do that.” Right? And I go, “Okay well when?” The biggest thing I say right now is start now You’ve been so good about what are the action steps and there’s always…health is a process We are never done There’s always something that I’m working on in my health and I’m sure as we’ve been talking there’s something that’s come up for you that you know that you need to address Probably a couple things but just pick one that you’re going to commit to today Not tomorrow It’s very easy to say, “Well, I’m here I’m on vacation.” But just do it today and find someone to tell it to, because there’s nothing that supports success like an accountability partner and they’re all over the room Right? – Awesome Thank you JJ Please give JJ Virgin a round of applause – Thank you – Awesome ♪ [music] ♪