When the hard stuff happens, I want you to get that If life was unbelievably easy, you would give up on it I did a workshop yesterday, and for those of you who, who’s there, who’s there, excellent I shared with all those people that the reason that my voice is like this now is that I’ve decided That to become the best speaker in the whole world I have to sound like Tony Robbins or something’s irritating my throat And in any event, I want to share something with you guys, and this has been a challenging talk for me to kind of put together, and I’ve been thinking about it for quite a long time I’ll tell you why it’s challenging It’s because A third or a half of you have done WildFit Another third or half of the remaining people have been to a WildFit masterclass and some of you have no idea what wild it is yet, and so you can imagine putting a talk together What that means is I have to try and put a talk together That is going to have something interesting and new in it for the people who have spent three months to a year with me in some form Then I’ve got to do something that’ll be interesting for the people that have done like a really mass good masterclass with me, but don’t know a lot more Then I’ve got to somehow get the basics in there for the people who have never heard of anything that I do Challenge accepted sounds accepted, and so I really thought that what might be powerful is to share with you Why it is that WildFit is so successful in the diet space Why it is that our completion rates are so high and why it is that a year later, like people have been using like sending me notes and going hashtag WildFit anniversary a year later, I’m still on track You understand? That’s not how the diet industry works That’s not how it works Statistically, the average person that goes on eight diet gains three pounds every time they go on a diet And often their food habits get worse The worst we get Every now and again, we get clients that go, Oh, Hey Eric, I’ve kind of fallen off the WildFit bandwagon a little And I go, well, how far did you fall? And they go, well, I never will eat this again, and I don’t eat that and I don’t even want that And I go, well, how far did you really fall? Right? You know? Sure There can always be room for improvement So I want to share with you how that came to be And the reason I want to share it with you is that I think some of the principles are things that you can apply in your life, in your business, in your parenting, in your relationships, in everywhere We’re going to start mostly with food, and I’m going to introduce something to you that I’ve been working on for about two years and that I’ve never spoken about publicly before Does that sound good? All right, so I want to introduce you to something that I call the evolution gap, the evolution gap, the evolution gap As I define it is the gap between our genetic evolution and our social evolution So it’s the gap between our bodies, our minds, and the way our civilization is evolving around us And I want to share my theory with you that almost all human suffering or personal human suffering is because of this gap Almost all of it Every time we’re depressed or sad or upset or angry in an, in a, in a, let’s call it a nonproductive way, is because of that gap and I want to share how that gap kind of works I want you to think that this, like, just think about something for a minute How long we’ve been on this planet in some form My grandfather found the oldest up until recently, the oldest hope and homosapien skill in his skull Sorry, in the history of the world, 259,000 years old, the pyramids are 3,500 years old Just consider that, you know, and the truth is, you know, humans probably started something in the realm of 5 million ish years ago, and our social constructs did not change a great deal during that 5 million year period time It didn’t, it didn’t change a great deal So we evolved with those changes really slowly And then Suddenly we started taking massive turns We started making massive changes in the way we live, and yet our software and our hardware did not make those turns with us It can not turn that fast Evolution is like turning a massive ship It takes forever We are about five years, 5 million years in the making, like it’s a massive process in humans first encounter dairy products About Seven or 8,000 years ago, and in that seven or 8,000 years, all we’ve evolved is that a small minority of people on earth are not lactose intolerant That’s as far as we’ve gotten We’ve not evolved a nutritional dependency upon it We’ve not even evolved the ability to not get sick from it Some people have evolved the ability to not get immediately sick in their stomach because they continue to produce lactase and they can break down lactose, but they’ll still get prostate cancer

We’ve not evolved to deal with that change we made And so I want to suggest to you that some of the challenges that you might have in relationships in parenting, in running your business and in social interaction STEM from these differences that your instincts don’t match your life That the messages that you’re getting from your body, from your software don’t exactly match your life Does anybody feel like that? Occasionally Like, I’ll give you an example As a parent, one of my least favorite things in the world is mom guilt I hate mom guilt It’s awful what guilt does to mom You don’t mind My poor wife, we’ve got the most gorgeous little baby girl, and she is vivacious and intelligent and fun and excellent And you know what? Every now and again we need a break from her And the parents on with that, right? And so what happens is, and not only do we need a break from her, but she needs a break from us This idea that two people are supposed to raise one child by themselves is insane And it’s brand new Even two generations ago, even two generations ago, the grandparents would be there, the uncles and aunts would be there That’s gone I know some of you still have it, but it’s fast weaving at least, and I know grandparents held my mother, not a baby woman I am lucky to be alive She was a fantastic mom I’m kidding She’s just not really into babies My mother-in-law, not a baby person My, my, my, my father and my father-in-law, same thing There’ll be great grandparents in a couple of years, but they’re not helpful now So that leaves us on our own It was not meant to be there And now to make it worse, not only do we sometimes expect two people to raise one, but we expect two people to raise two or one person Sadly, too often a woman on her own to raise one, two, three children And then judge her when we see her on her own, that somehow she’s doing something wrong Go for it I dare you to try it one on your own And you know why it’s so difficult because you weren’t built for that I have been out as many of you know, through WildFit to go and visit with the Hadza bushmen on a number of times I’m going again in a couple of weeks I’m so excited and it’s like we’re talking again, just for those who don’t know what I’m talking about is Proper Hunter gatherer, nomadic people, they do not have money They do not have cell phones and they have no Google They know what they know, and I can tell you that when I’ve been in their camps, when I’ve been in their villages, because they don’t move, I shouldn’t even call it a village because they don’t have permanent placement They don’t live in one place They move with the water, they move with the animals And when I’ve been with them, I tell you, you come with me one time, here’s what I dare you to try to do Figure out whose child that is Figure it out, I dare you And then you’re going to go, Oh, what if they’re breastfeeding? I’ll figure it out still, I dare ya Because they share They don’t have the social hangups that we do They this, they want to breastfeed, they do it It’s just right there They don’t have to have a special booth in the airport where we hide our women in shame and so many of the instincts that we have are mismatched with the way we live Because if you imagine 30,000 years ago, or if you’re a Bushman today, right? The way we lived most of our genetic history, you’ve got a baby Say it’s two-ish toddler ish and it’s crawling over here and you’re here Okay No mom Guilt makes sense Why should you have mom guilt? The baby’s right there Tiny bit of mom guilt cause there are Highness a little more mom guilt That’s what it’s for It’s not for you to feel this horrible seizing knife Stabbing pain when you’re not with your child, even when your child is doing something socially healthy for itself Does this make sense? And yet mothers punish themselves with this I got such a powerful lesson in this because our little girl goes to a little Montessori preschool, which she loves, like in the morning I have to go, Zoe Bye-bye Zoe Bye bye Bye bye Like she loves going and so at least sits at home and feels guilty about it I don’t know why She goes, well, I should be with her I go, do you want to be with her right now? Yes Then go to the school and be with her because the school we picked allows that Do you want to meet with her right now? And if she says, well, actually no Then I’m like, well, why don’t you enjoy the time you have now to the maximum? No, no You know why? Because the more she’s enjoying herself, the more guilt she feels

because there’s hyenas out there Because if you are this far away from your child and you started to get distracted by enjoyment, your child got eaten And so your software says, don’t enjoy yourself when you’re away from your child Do you get this? Okay, so let it go So let’s do it with food Let’s do it with food All right? I want you to think about food Now Think of our evolution relative to food Here’s what we evolved to deal with Food was incredibly rare It was incredibly rare in anthropological terms We have this measurement where you go, it’s called calories per acre It’s called calories per acre So what does that mean? It means How many calories are available per acre in your social construct And so if you’re like a totally nomadic Hunter gatherer Bushman, your calories per acre are very minimal That means that every single day you’re going to have to walk 10 or 15 miles minimum to get your calories per acre and all the other non calorie nutrients you need Does that make sense? Then as you come forward, we say forward in civilization and you get to say the Masai people, they are pastoralists, so they keep livestock, which means they now have hundreds of thousands of calories per acre around them all the time They don’t need to do quite as much work, except that the calories they have around them need to graze So their calories have to move around so they have to move with them Then you go to agriculturalists Will agriculturalists grow millions of calories for acre, so they get to do nothing They worked very hard to plant and very hard to solve, but in the middle, it’s kind of not so much work compared to being a Hunter gatherer And now we’re in Southern California where we live in kazillions of calories per acre No, we live in can zillions of calories per bite I would like Uber eats Let’s see What would I like to get right now? Maximum calorie load, minimum effort How’s that work out for the population? You see? Because what we evolve for was the rarity of food, and we evolve not to starve And if I look around in America, I see some people doing a fantastic job of not starving Their body is responding well, patching it in just in case that drought arrives Right And so, so how does that happen? All right, well, we evolved for this incredibly rare food situation And then one day, I often imagine it like this, a couple of early people, they’re in camp one day and they get back to a matter of fact, they arrive at a camp that they haven’t been at for about a year And, and they look, they get situated And then one of the guys looks over here and he’s like, Hey, look at this You know that, you know, that root vegetable that we really like all the time There’s this one gorgeous root vegetable I eat when I’m with them And it’s like halfway between a sweet potato and an onion, and you can eat it raw, but if you put it in the fire, it’s amazing And so the guy goes, yeah, you know, those things are sweet potato, onion They’re growing here They never used to grow here Why do you think they’re growing here? I don’t know Do you know? I think that’s where we left all the bits and pieces last time I think that’s where we dropped the . Do you think we grew them? That’s the moment that it changed That’s the moment we changed our relationship with food and we started to be able to control it We started to deal with agriculture We certainly only grow our plants Now here’s one of the problems that happens with that I would like you guys to vote with me There are two plants we can grow One is a gorgeous, luscious, sweet tasting, watermelon explosion of gorgeousness, and the other one is kale Which one should we grow Now, what I want to suggest is at the moment, at the very moment that they figured out that they could grow their own food, they will have selectively begun breeding for food that they enjoyed the most, not necessarily the foods that they needed the most Does this make sense? That’s where it starts going wrong That’s where it begins And then technology comes in, technology comes in and they start being able to do stuff to food that they were never able to do before See, you can’t eat wheat I dare you I dare you to just, Pete, take some wheat and eat it Try chewing that stuff Go for it You don’t have the teeth for it You don’t have the digestive system for it That grain has, has a hard shell on the outside

It has gluten in it It has enzyme blockers at as hormone triggers, all designed to fool the digestive system of a bird Luckily your teeth can’t break in there so you don’t have a problem right up until you figure out how to grind them into powder You start grinding in their pattern Now you’re introducing a new nutritional constituent into your diet and your justice system doesn’t quite know how to do with it And weirdly, 1510 15,000 years ago, we start seeing bone diseases properly for the first time in the fossil record and dental caries, and we continue to take this left turn away from our evolution And our bodies can’t keep up with that Our body tries A few people start becoming gluten tolerant They’re not the lucky ones A few people start getting lactose tolerant They are definitely not the lucky ones because they don’t get the warning Being lactose tolerant is like turning off the car alarm That’s what it is If you drink milk and you eat cheese and it doesn’t make you sick, I am sorry I wish it did because then you wouldn’t do it anymore Does this make sense? So then this left turn continues because we fast forward and we mass produce food, and then pretty soon we need to start getting involved in regulation, government intervention That’s a good idea, don’t you think? And so the government goes out and they hire this incredible food scientist to develop the food pyramid Go to and develop a food pyramid And this is apparently the first food pyramid is officially Swedish But I know the story of the American food pyramid They hired this woman and they brought her in and she designed this incredible food pyramid It was good, but they wanted to get some expert feedback on it You know, it’s a good idea, don’t you think? So? Who should we get? Should we get the United States dairy association? Should we get Kellogg? Cause we did And the beef growers and the sugar industry because we got them and they took the pyramid and they turned it upside down And the woman who created the pyramid said this, if you publish this pyramid, you will create a UN UN unbelievable epidemic of type two diabetes and obesity like you’ve never seen before And they still did it And she was right Because our bodies are not built for this massive left turn and not our instincts either See, here’s another one Fruit was always seasonal for our ancestors It was always seasonal And you know what’s crazy now is that the whole Quito movement has come along and vilified sugar Sugar is evil, man Look, English is a complicated language It’s complicated because you can use one word to say many different things with different meanings So for example, is meat good or bad? I dunno It depends, doesn’t it? There’s definitely some bad meat out there and there’s definitely good I mean, so you can’t do it like that And so we’ve done the same thing with sugar We say sugar’s bad Well, no Our ancestors grew up eating sugar when it was available I’ve got to tell you something When I’m out hunting with the bushmen, nothing will distract them more than a beehive It is amazing We’re like totally on the hunt hunting along, honey Okay Everybody stopped hunting and cracked the tree open and they hack at it and the bees are swarming everywhere Those bees don’t sting Interestingly enough, they’re tiny little bees And you scoop the honey out of the tree Sorry, vegans, because there’s bees in the honey, but it is the yummiest honey you’ve ever had And when fruit is available, they eat it But then what happens is the fruits not available, and they’re probably sad about that They might even get a little low blood sugar They might even get hangry But then they’ll get over it as they pass back into Quito and the craving goes down and then they won’t even think about it again until the next ripened season The trouble for you and I is that the food industry came along and noticed the evolution gap They noticed that as long as we are eating sugar, we crave sugar They have noticed that as long as we were eating sugar, we crave food Generally Sugar is now in 65% of the food that you buy on the shelves in United States In most countries around the world, the average American eats 154 pounds of sugar a year, pounds It’s a phenomenal amount, and so the food industry has expanded And the government has expanded the evolution gap The challenges is that your instincts, that SMS messages or the text messages you get from inside are, Oh my God, I might be starving I better eat the, like, how many of you have this thing? Well, I wouldn’t normally eat that, but it’s free

That’s not you That’s like, look, I know I’ve, I think I’ve shared this with some of you before, but help me out here We’ve got to do some quick math How many parents do each of you have? Okay, I know we live in this new world of great, interesting family dynamics I’m talking genetic parents How many of you have, okay, so count back the generations with me So at one generation back to then next Then 1010 generations ago, a thousand great-grandparents Are you with me? Carry on Next one Just go to two thousand two thousand eight thousand sixteen thousand thirty two thousand sixty four thousand hundred and twenty eight thousand two hundred fifty six thousand five hundred twelve thousand one million 20 generations ago 1 million people needed to meet without Tinder and they then had to have sex in order for you to exist That means at least half a million I’m hoping it was a lot more At least half a million orgasms I am open more that one simmers a little does it The point is that some of these instincts that we have and he kind of imagine like those people live through the most unlikely environments, the unlikely circumstances, they live through incredibly difficult challenges We live in the safest times in the history of times I shared this with the group yesterday, like in this room, about 20% of you I’ve pulled and pulled and pulled About 20% of you have faced actual death I don’t mean theoretical I don’t mean the doctor said you might this and you that I’m talking about You’ve been in a situation where in that moment you actually thought you were going to die About 20% of you have had that I’ve had it a few times I was in a casino in The Bahamas when four guys walked in with automatic assault rifles and started shooting That’s scary I’ve been standing in Africa with my camera and had two white rhinos make a serious attempt at my life twice So I’ve, I’ve contemplated it Only about 20% of you have had that The other 80% haven’t That’s great for you, isn’t it? Aren’t you happy you haven’t had that? Go back three generations And how many of you would it be? All of you go back 10 generations and it would be all of you annually Go back another 10 generations It’d be all of you daily Daily you would have been dealing with stuff daily There was a high over here Yeah A couple A couple of years ago, I did one of our Kilimanjaro adventures And at the end I was going to go off and visit with the bushmen And so I kind of extended an invitation to one of my WildFit coaches, Yvonne And she came along and there were two of our mind Valley photographers Kirsty’s here somewhere, and Karen was there with us and they actually came with me to go visit the bushmen And it was interesting because I thought what I’d have to do, sorry, a little sexist, wrong, I suppose, is that the women would probably want to stay back at the lodge and I would sleep overnight around the fire with the bushmen You know? That was my mistake That’s what I thought And Yvonne was like, hell no She’s German She’s tough She’s a WildFit coach, man I’m coming out in the Bush and I’m thinking, well, these two, look, the two Estonian girls, they, they, there’s no way they’re going out there There’s nails that could be broken If you see it They really take care of, right No way They’re like, we’re in, we’re in, I should have known they walked up Kilimanjaro, like it was nothing So I should have known and we’re out there We get there, we lay out the sleeping bags, and then we discover a problem I only have two sides, because now we have to argue about who gets to me, because suddenly the reality of it is in, there are animals out there It’s not here You can feel unsafe in some, you can go to East LA and feel a little unsafe if you’d like, but there’s a different, there’s a different unsafe out there There’s no cell phone coverage Yeah And so all of a sudden we hear this And Karen goes, what’s that? It’s a hyena, and she goes, what? That’s like five miles? She goes, Oh, thank God I go, yeah, that’ll take it at least 20 minutes But in that moment, what they got to experience is what your ancestors lived with For 99.99% of your genetic history And so that’s why sometimes your instincts mismatch with your reality That’s why some of you have received a visa bill and thought you were going to die so let’s talk about how to close the gap

That’s how the, that’s what the gap is And that’s how the gap gets created and how it impacts us And that gives you an example with food, how it’s happened Little bit of discussion about how it can happen with parenting By the way, do you think it’s happened with relationships a little bit, do you think, do you think there’s some things we’re doing in relationships that are challenging our instincts? Do you think it’s interesting? So let’s talk about how we close the gap One is with awareness Sometimes awareness is enough It really is Like all of a sudden when I was talking to my wife about what was going on with Zooey, I pointed something out to her that one of our very good friends was also sending her little girl off to a Montessori school a couple of years before, before the one open near our house And the difference was is that she was driving 45 minutes out to the school, dropping the child off for a two hour lesson and driving 45 minutes home, but not right away She was waiting at the school because it wasn’t worth driving 45 minutes out, dropping the child off for two hours, driving all the way back It just didn’t make sense So instead she would sit in her car and read a book while her child is in school Guess what? She did not have mom guilt She didn’t have any mom guilt because she knew that what she was doing was good for the child Does this make sense? The challenge is that when you start to enjoy your time away from your child That’s what kicks the mom guilt in And once at least saw that connection, she was able to let it go It doesn’t mean that your body won’t keep trying to serve it up It doesn’t mean your body won’t keep, won’t go, Hey mom, guilt, and then you’ve got to go No, and sadly, we have to go to logic every now and again to close the gap We have to remind ourselves that we’re not in this kind of danger You know? Do you, is life happening for you or to you see like, do you really believe that? Do you really believe that all the time? No And I want to give you an example of why I think it’s important to really understand it all the time I went to this obstacle course in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and, and it was an obstacle courses about 35 feet in the air And it was all these like, um, like balance beams and little disks on ropes that you had to walk across and you’re 35 feet in the air So if you fall, you’re gonna fall 35 feet, except for the fact that you’re a safety line on Right So how do people walk across these things? How do you think, well, this is how you might walk across the balance beam if it’s like six inches off the ground fair, but what if it’s 35 feet off the ground? How am I walking across it now? And this is how a lot of us are living because we don’t have faith We don’t believe that it’s happening for to us We believe that it’s happening to us, not for us So we’re walking like this Suddenly I’m walking across his balance being gone I must look like I have a disability of in my head here, but it’s a balance beam What’s going on with me? Why am I, why am I unable to see this correctly? I have a safety line on And so I got to the beginning of the balance beam and I said, how would I walk across this if I really knew the safety line was there that I was able to ignore my instincts that are telling me I’m 30 feet, five feet off the ground? I thought, well, I’d walk across the normally So I did I walked across it, I got to the next one, and it was these little disks that are all on and they move and I just walked across those I did all the course like that The entire course, the guy who runs the course is the teenage kid with his, you know, like pimply face and geeky glasses and he comes up and he goes How long have you been coming here? And I said, this is my first time And he goes, but you’ve been to the other ones I said, no, I’ve never been on one of these at all He goes, but how did you do that? How do you just walk up it like that? And I go, dude, there’s a safety line So what if you did that with your life? What if you got that? There’s a safety line Always There’s a safety line And the problem is so many of us are walking around with these ancient fears These, this evolution got this, my ancient instincts, ancient fears, and I’m terrified when you have the most incredible safety lines around you We have social safety lines, we have family safety lines, we have financial safety lines, we have bankruptcy laws, we have governmental systems, we have safety lines upon safety, and we live in the safest times ever I’m not seeing there is that there’s no danger at all, but the danger that you actually live with is infant decimally small compared to the danger that your DNA thinks you’re living with And Sardinia DNA keeps in dangerous, dangerous And so that’s why when the food manufacturer puts food, when they put sugar in your food, it triggers a message in you that says, Oh, fruits available But it might be gone soon Eat some more It’s a more, it’s an old message So the one thing we can do is become aware of it So here’s the theory Here’s a game I’d like y’all play I’d like you for those of you have not done WildFit yet

For those of you who’ve done WildFit, you’ve done this before Do it again Go grocery shopping and look at the labels and observe where sugar is Where is sugar and rice Krispies? What place on the ingredients? It’s not a first come on, it’s breakfast cereal Where is it? Second ingredient Where is it in cornflakes? Where is it in frosted flakes? It is first It’s first It shouldn’t even be called For us, it should be called sugar with corn It’s insane And so what we need to recognize is that they are playing upon our old instincts, this evolution gap, and they’re profiting from it So when you read the ingredients, you pick up a jar of tomato sauce and you go, Oh my God, sugar is the second ingredient But what what I want you to do is take the jar and just smash it on the floor and the whole foods, if you do that enough, they’ll stop stocking that stuff Okay Now what I’m really saying is don’t buy it Don’t look at it with disappointment If you look at it with disappointment, if you look at it with disappointment, you’re going to eat it Oh man, I wish there wasn’t sugar, disappointment, emptiness, little ah, little food devil Well, it’s not your fault, right? This is what I want you to do instead I want you to look at it and go, w T I F get angry about it because it’s there to manipulate your cravings It’s there to stimulate your appetite It’s there to get you to eat more food So get angry when you see it Do you know we can go and lobby the government all we like, we can try that We can go and pressure our congressmen or our senators or what have you And some of them are incredibly proactive, but if we really want the food industry to stop putting sugar in, everything that we eat, we have to stop buying it or are smashing it on the floor would be good too So here’s something else is to actually pay attention to your emotional ride when things are happening Your emotions, they’re just a bunch of life coaches Tell me some of the good emotions Good emotions, happiness, joy, love, anger What else? What are good emotions? Shame, guilt, pride They’re good emotions as long as you’re using them and they’re not using you I look at emotions like this big team of horses You can ride them or they can take you for a ride Joy Joy is a really easy horse You can jump on joy and joy It’s like, Hey, we’re doing, it’s awesome It’s excellent But if you get on anger and you don’t have anger rained in, anger rides you under low branches, isn’t the true shame Shame is a tough one, isn’t it? But here’s the thing, people don’t, Oh, shame and hurt So it’s not such an awful emotion No, it’s not It’s an emotion designed to make you a fantastic human being The difficulty is the rules with which you bring it on it’s the rules with you that you use it with So, so here’s an example Are there different rules about safe sex relative to shaman, different countries around the world? Yeah Is the approach to sex different in America than in Germany? It is It’s different in a variety of ways Not, not normal ways You go into a gym in Germany I went to our staying at the Hyatt hotel in cologne, and I walk in to go to the gym and I, I these like saloon doors I opened the salon doors I walk in and there’s these like women standing there naked and I’m like, Oh, walked into the wrong one What out? Walk over Go Where’s the men’s changing room? We don’t have one It’s unisex Oh, you don’t keep, I can live with that But the problem is when shame gets in the way, when shame gets in the way, and shame holds you back from saying what you really wanted to say from asking for what you really wanted to ask for For being who you really wanted to be and, and, and so then people go, I wish I could get rid of my shame No, you just want to train it You just want to get it under control You just want to reign it in because if you live, has anybody ever met somebody with no shame? That’s just unpleasant It’s just unpleasant

So what we have to do Is notice that our emotions evolved over the last several millions of years, and our environment has changed dramatically in the last 15,000 years And so that means that our emotions are not always the most accurate representation of the coaching we need in that moment Is that true? And so we can bring some consciousness to that So here’s another example with food Those are in WildFit You’ll be familiar with this, but it’s called the food timeline The food timeline Okay Now, how many of you, this is an odd question, but how many of you have ever eaten some food for a reason other than your physical sustenance? Oh, Oh, everyone Okay All right, so in other words, that’s a fancy way of saying how many of you have stuffed your face full of empty calories that had nothing to do with your sustenance, but had everything to do with you thinking it was going to change the way you felt Who’s done that? Okay, so just just for fun, what are some of the foods that do that for you? or used to, for those of you are in WildFit who used to do this for you? Ice cream, peanut butter, chocolate pizza We know what they are We know who the usual suspects are So all right, so here’s what’s going on Is it possible that a person is feeling not great? Is that possible? Let’s say they’re feeling a little lonely Yes A little low and then, and then their food devil goes, how about a little bowl of ice cream and their angels going, dude, like I’ve already, like, I’m gonna have to get new belts if we keep doing this Yeah, but it’s just this one time Okay You say that every time I’m not going to fall for every time Yes, you are, and you give into it right now You know, I know many of you don’t anymore, but many people do Now, here’s what I want to ask you Let’s see On a scale of zero to 10 you’re feeling a zero emotionally, you’re in the bucket, you’re in the bottom, you’re feeling bad All right? So here you are not feeling good And then How good is the ice cream going to make you feel? Really, truly how? How good do you believe it’s gonna make you feel? 10 at least if not more If it’s Haagen DAAs 11 it’s going to do it It’s going to do the trick And so excellent Now, here’s the real interesting thing though You’re at zero, your food devil and your food angel, or are you in about that? Ever notice the food devil has a number of personalities like I discovered the other day A new one But some of the ones that I’ve been aware of for awhile, like how many of you can’t stand whiny teenagers? Anyone whiny teenagers? Don’t raise your hand if they’re with you But like why me? Teenagers, right? Nobody likes that really Cause the next time you’re trying to talk yourself into eating something that you don’t want to be eaten, I want you to listen and look closer Cause I think you are the whiny teenager I want you to hear But doesn’t your food devil kind of go, Oh come on The other kids are doing it Doesn’t that happen? Why need teenager? That’s one personality Then Then there’s another personality, and that’s the drug dealer That’s the drug dealer that’s like, come on Just one Cinnabon Just one You don’t even have to finish it, and these ones are free right And then I discovered another one the other day This woman comes along, she goes, I don’t have any food dialogue I don’t even talk to myself about food I got nothing I got no food dialog happening here at all And I go, well, how does it go? She goes, I walk into the kitchen I, it says, go get some cake I go, okay, who says that? She goes, I don’t know So you’ve got some food dialogue Somebody saying something and I said, describe to me what does it like? She goes, well, it’s just this voice, and it says, go get me some cake And I go, Oh, she’s got her food Devil’s wearing that wife beater tee shirt with food stains on it Woman, get me some ice cream Yes Right? So we’ve got these different food devil personalities And the more we can become aware of them because some of you over the next couple of days, your food devil’s going to talk to you and you’re going, Oh man, that’s what Eric’s talking about, and it’s going to begin to give you consciousness about it is the true All right Now, where was I going before I told you about the food angel and devil food timeline? And so here’s my question You finally give in to the devil You decide you’re going to do it this one time? When do you start feeling better? When do you start feeling better? Do you feel better when you have the first bite?

Do you feel better when you smell it or do you feel better the moment you gave yourself permission? Do you get how dangerous this is? It was never the food that made you feel good It was the permission and the rebellion And as soon as you gave yourself permission and rebellion, you release serotonin and dopamine and you started feeling good and then you ate the food and you linked the food to the feeling good Just like Pavlov’s dogs And this happened to you when you are six and it’s still happening today The food never made you feel good Now unfortunately, it’ll amplify it because these high calorie, high sugar free of eat it in and it will double your serotonin production It’ll double your dopamine release And so now you’ll feel even better But how will you, you guys, some of you played this game with me before We’re about to order pizza and ice cream For those of you who had done WildFit, it was the old days It was before We’re about to order a bunch of pizza and ice cream and we’re going to celebrate We just won the big game We’re about to order it Everybody want to count to three, make the sound that represents the food celebration that we’re about to give ourselves a big treat One, two, three Yeah Yes We’re very happy about it Everybody in a count of three make the sound that represents the way you feel an hour and a half after eating the pizza and ice cream One, two, three, and that’s the other part of the food timeline And that’s why we need to figure out how to close the evolution gap because so much of our life is set up that way Our instincts are kicking in to deal with the present and they’re hurting us in the long term Does this make sense to you? So I want to leave you with this thought I want to leave you with the thought that the past is the past that it really happened and it happened without meaning You gave it some meaning Your parents gave you food, they told you you are a good little girl cause you finished your whole plate How dangerous is that? They told you that because you fell down and skinned your knee I’m going to give you this cookie and love and sweetness all got attached to it How dangerous is that that happened to you? Many of you and other things in this conversation and what I’m going to ask you to recognize is that the past is now gone and the meaning that you created back then is not the truth And that tomorrow is a fresh day of creating new meanings and new consciousness where you can really take a look and recognize you are living in the safest times in the world and you have a safety line on And so from now onwards, instead of teetering your way through worrying, is that business deal going to happen? Is that guy going to call me back? Why didn’t she text me? What’s going on? Why is everything so scary? Instead, I’m going to ask you this For those of you who have played video games, what is your favorite part of the game? The hardest levels, the boss, the hardest level, isn’t it true? And so for at least the next three weeks, I have an exercise for you It’s this simple When the hard stuff happens, I want you to get that If life was unbelievably easy, you would give up on it You would give up on it You would never read Jim Rowan He always said, if you picked up a book, and in chapter one, nothing serious happened, you would You get to chapter two And if chapter two, nothing serious happened when you get to chapter three, absolutely not And so don’t ask for life to be easier Ask for you to be stronger And so the next time something comes along and the wrong phone call happens, you realize it wasn’t the wrong phone call The next time of food craving King’s up and you go, Oh, I’ve always done this in the past you go, no, that was the past I’m now creating my future Does this make sense? And so that’s the goal for the next week Something tough comes along and pushes your emotions, makes you angry, makes you upset, makes you uncertain What I want you to do is just this, it’s a very simple exercise So I’ve just received bad news, which is really a way of saying that the video game just said level up do you? Are you with me? So, so everybody with me, you want you to, I’m going to say level up You’re going to go level up and you’re gonna, you’re gonna walk You’re going to do what I do And that’s what you do for the next week when you level up Are you ready? Okay It’s like this You go, this is the, I’ll show you the old way first You go, you go like this Level up, bad news comes in, right? That’s what we do No, no, not anymore We’re going to go level up Okay With me down at one, two, three level up Awesome I got this Thank you guys so much It’s been a while