well I don’t need to tell you already but hello my name’s Sam and Dan going to be talking to you all about well everything yes this is 101 fight about anything and everything part 2 electric boogaloo war – anything – anything or I don’t know what we’ve got the sequel yet but basically we need somewhere to put all our random facts that don’t really fit in and need a place to belong it’s basically the 101 fact equivalent of a My Chemical Romance concert but which one of these two Rascals was banned from China why was the invention of the first candy floss machine ironic and why is everything so terrifying right now explain it to me please I don’t think I can grown-up properly two out of three these questions are going to be answered so pull on a pair of random underwear punch on random person the face and turn yourself into a run a police station so random as we count through one Hunton one fact about anything and everything part two Electric factor Lu number one the reason why the movie previews you see at the cinema are called trayless is because they used to be shown at the end of a movie see we’re learning already aren’t we number two Zimbabwe economy is in such a bad condition that at the start of 2013 the bank balance of the entire nation was roughly 138 pounds number three former boxer and current flogger of a small electric grill George Foreman named all five of his sons George which he states he did so they would always have something in common that sounds so confused I mean that’s giving me a migraine and I’m not even living in that house you know number four many of the personal checks that Marlon Brando wrote for people were never cashed while I hear you ask well because his signature was usually worth far more than the amount on the check itself number five owing to a fairly egregious design flaw involving a lack of ventilation owners of the Apple three computer who are experiencing issues for their machine were often told they needed to reseed the chips on the logic board how would you go about this intricate maneuver well you simply lift up the front of the computer about six inches and drop it again number six when it became obvious that Israel was going to win 1978 Eurovision Song Contest most Arabic countries have properly ended their televised transmission of the competition Jordan simply replaced the live broadcast with an image of daffodils and the Belgium add one spoiler alert’ by the way for this year but Belgium has never ever won the Eurovision Song Contest number seven a study conducted in 2013 claimed that every single one of the 14 billion publicly accessible web sites are connected by 19 clicks or less don’t try to tell now though come on focus with me number eight in 1989 the multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate Disney forced three daycare centres in Florida to remove several Disney characters that have been included in murals on their walls this was for copyright infringement a greedy overbearing corporation perish the thought number nine in 1988 Freddie Mercury along with comedian Kenny Everett and co-star Cleo Rocco helped Princess Diana to dress up as a man so that she could go out clubbing with them without being harassed by the paparazzi number 10 the English comic actor Charlie Chaplin was so beloved for his decades-long career that when he received his honorary Oscar in 1972 he received a standing ovation that lasted for 12 minutes big deal I clapped non-stop for over an hour when Jennifer Lawrence won her Oscar some say I’m still clapping to this day number 11 in the five-year period between 2009 and 2014 the Netherlands closed 27 prisons why would they do this well they had a lack of criminals to fill them number 12 in 2004 researchers at Middlesex University found that Ducks have regional accents darks in London have to deal with the large amount of noise producing short loud quacks whereas those little duck is in rural Cornwall living in karma environments have a slower quieter quack number 13 the oldest actor to portray Hogwarts students in the Harry Potter films was Shirley Henderson who were tried an 11 year old Moaning Myrtle despite being 37 years old number 14 the chemical elements Olfa is bright yellow in its raw form that being said though it melts into red liquid when sufficiently heated and burned with a blue flame meaning it can produce all over the three primary colors number 15 in 2009 a morbidly obese Houston man called George Vera managed to smuggle an unloaded gun into jail by holding it in the folds of his body fat bear in mind he’d been searched several times and the police only became aware of the weapon when Vera admitted it to the police hours later number 16 in 2012 the White House responded to a petition to build a literal Death Star stating that they did not support the project for several reasons such as the fact that the administration does not support blowing up planets and that the s nighted cost of 850 quadrillion dollars was far too expensive the third of the proposed space station featured a fundamental floor that can be exploited by a one-man starship was also problematic number 17 the face for the female CPR manikin on his rescue an was created in 1958 from the purported face mold of a young woman whose body was pulled out of the river Sen in 1880 as

such the woman is said to have the most kissed face in the world despite never having been identified gross number eighteen seventy-five percent of all the sesame seeds produced in Mexico end up in McDonald’s burger buns the remaining 25 percent just feel left out number 19 the University of Iowa once conducted an experiment in which two year old kids were given toys that had been rigged to break as soon as they started planning with them the children who displayed the most guilt were found to experience fewer behavioral problems later on in life another experiments conducted by me has found that those researchers were incredibly main number 20 contrary to the popular belief promoted by a certain comic book movie for Elise in 2006 that Leonidas of Sparta was a hunky young man at the time of his death of the Battle of Thermopylae he wasn’t he was actually around 60 years old number 21 huge French odd was a British soldier who was shot in the chest and spine during the Boer War resulting in the loss of one of his lungs and the ability to walk due to partial paralysis on the advice of his doctor he travelled to Switzerland for the benefit of his remaining long-wear boredom led him to take up bobsledding a major crash on the Crystal run left rendered unconscious but realigned his spine so when he awoke he was immediately able to walk again entirely unassisted number 22 September is terrible in the nineteen thirties the seventh largest company in the entire world was the Irish Brewing Company Guinness they have somewhat sipped down the rankings since then number 23 Tyler Bates an American musician who composed the film scores for several large Hollywood films like guardians for the galaxies and watchman also happens to be the guitarist for Marilyn Manson number 24 in the movie Titanic Jack claims to have gone ice fishing on lake without it in Chippewa County which you can find in Wisconsin this is despite the fact that the Titanic sank in 1912 and Lake bisoder is a man-made reservoir that wasn’t created until 1917 come on James Cameron stop fantasizing about blue things and do some research number 25 a study published in 2015 concluded that there are over 320 entries on planet Earth more than seven times the amount of stars in the Milky Way number 26 Amazon River dolphins have been observed inserting they’re rare I’m sure you can guess what into each other’s blow holes constituting the only known example of nasal rumpy-pumpy in the animal kingdom King okay number 27 owing to a history of let’s say gb/s behavior which has included being arrested for drunk driving urinating in a janitor’s bucket and getting exploited sat a portrait of performer United States President Bill Clinton the Canadian pop star just eBay B is banned from entering China which indicated that their decision was done to purify the nation number 28 the average cumulus cloud weighs roughly 500,000 kilograms congratulations guys you can now fat shame a cloud number 29 the fleeting but extremely painful headache you get when eating ice cream it’s commonly known as brain freeze but talero see the phenomena give us a long difficult to pronounce scientific name which is God here we go as when a pounding ganglioneuralgia number 30 only 2% of people have green eyes because it’s the best I can are only reserved for the best people interestingly the rarest pairing of iron hair color is red hair and blue eyes are you one of the freaks who is both red-haired and blue-eyed let us know in a fancy YouTube poll number 31 in 1939 the author Ernest Vinson write self-published Gadsby a novel comprised of over 50,000 words none of which contain the letter e this is known as a liver gram a type of constraint writing in which certain letters or groups of letters are avoided in order to make writing a novel even more difficult for yourself number 32 due to a genetic defect cats are entirely incapable of tasting sweetness which frankly explains a lot however there may be to their benefit as chocolate is even more toxic to cats than it is to donks number 33 the city of sedona in the US Arizona is home to the only McDonald’s in the world with turquoise arches instead of golden ones the color of the logo of this particular restaurant was changed to turquoise as it was thought to better complement the reddish desert surroundings number 34 in 2008 two sisters from Virginia managed to sell a corn flake on ebay from $1,350 simply because it was vaguely shaped at the US state of Illinois which on all cornflakes shaped like nut number 35 according to the center of retail research the most common eShop littered food in the world is cheese picked any raw Thompson hmm my god that joke is about ten years old but hey let’s go with it number 36 if a female ferrets cannot find a mate when she goes into heat the increased level of estrogen will cause her bone marrow to stop producing red blood cells without medical intervention only mating can bring a sheath ferret out of heat meaning that her life literally depends on whether she can pull or not number 37 research published in 2018 found that the average desk contains 400 times more germs than a toilet seat but apparently it’s weird when I take my laptop to the bathroom it’s called hygiene people number 38 research carried out by u Garvin 2015 found a whopping 37 percent of British people believe their jobs are meaningless and do not contribute to the world personally I think my job is very

meaningful people need to know that Moaning Myrtle was 37 years old it’s not right number 39 the most expensive perfume in the world is Clive Christian’s number one puffs old guard all the smelly liquid comes in 30 milliliters flasks standard 40,000 diamonds and cost the truly offensive $143,000 number 40 the infinity sign is called a lemniscate which is slightly more fancy sounding than an 8 that fell over number 41 in 1943 a Jewish poet could a birkoff nough led a team of guerrilla fighters who carried out attacks on Nazis and their collaborators during the Second World War the group was known as Nachman which is Hebrew for Avengers and after the war ended the group became assassins who tracked down a murdered Nazi war criminals the meaning of life in order to look as ripped as humanly possible for the numerous shirtless scenes as a mutant Wolverine Hugh Jackman dehydrates himself for 36 hours before filming this draws the skin tighter against his bulging muscles if they appear especially bulgy number 43 blushing is cause when your body releases adrenaline which dilates your blood vessels and turned your skin red other areas of the body are similarly affected including the lining of your stomach meaning that when your face is blushing so is your tummy just on the inside number 44 though brides currently appoint bridesmaids for moral support and help with their wedding that wasn’t their original purpose bridesmaids were originally intended to confuse evil spirits who wish to harm the bride Wow suddenly bridesmaids are a lot more badass number 45 roughly 8% of your total body weight is blood good night now number 46 melting icebergs often make a loud fizzing noise similar to that of carbonated drinks this is owing to the release of air from trapped bubbles this sound is known as a Bergy seltzer which incidentally is my track name number 47 contrary to popular belief cracking ones knuckles like this lovely does not cause arthritis though habitual knuckle crackers can experience a loss of grip oh God the sound heard when you crack your knuckles or other part of the body is the sound of small pockets of air collapsing lovely number 48 the word for roller coasters in many Romance languages like French Italian and Spanish translates for Russian mountains however the Russian name for roller coasters is American ski Gorky which means American mountains number 49 the only animals that have been observed to understand pointing at dogs and elephants however while dogs have learned this skill through thousands of years a contact with humans elephant to bear to understand pointing intuitively don’t forget number fifty the devastating earthquake that rocked the nation of Nepal in 2015 was so powerful it reduced the height of Mount Everest the tallest mountain on earth by approximately 2.5 centimeters number 51 Hey look at the Mona Lisa there she is no nothing at all all right check this then she has no eyebrows sorry just bring that on you but it’s it’s urgent experts believe that she used to have them but over the centuries now were eroded to the point that they are no longer visible number 52 the name of the dip between your forehead and the bridge of your nose is called your neighs e’en I just I just thought you should know number 53 shockingly and you might want to sit down for this a pineapple is neither an apple nor a pine yep you’ve been lied to your entire life because pineapples are in fact that can find mass of several berries coalesce as they grow number fifty-four as the Sun beats down on Earth’s surface it evaporates about a trillion tonnes of water every single day don’t worry though it all comes back down to earth eventually mostly in the English city of London as far as I can tell number 55 humans share roughly 60% of their DNA with bananas most of the shared genetics are housekeeping genes necessary for basic cellular functions like replicating DNA in dividing cells it’s not like we all have genes of appealable yellow skin that is somehow being suppressed number 56 in 2016 Norway knighted Niels Olaf which wouldn’t be all that surprising if it was this stock photo guy but it isn’t because Niels Olaf is a king penguin Nils Olav attached a title that appoints an individual as colonel-in-chief of the Norwegians Kingsguard it’s been passed down through three King penguin since 1972 the current holder is Nils Olav the third number 57 Denmark holds the record for the oldest flag still currently in use by an independent nation the charming banner which consists of a lovely white Nordic cross on a red background has represented Denmark since 1625 number 58 the Central European nation of Switzerland is very very Leakey it’s so Leakey in fact that no matter where you are in the country you’re never more than 15 miles away from a lake hmm that’s Leakey number 59 the specific fear of dolls and Puppet is known as Papa phobia no personally I think the condition should be called just being human because look at them number 60 the word twerk corny refers to the rhythmic flapping of one’s bottom but in the 16th century were spell toes twerk and referred to the action of

twisting the hairs of a stache doesn’t have to be your moustache even could be any moustache number 61 evidence suggests that humans have used dogs as both workers and companions for more than 14,000 years we go way back basically number 62 during a baseball game in 1957 American centerfielder Richie Ashburn hit a foul ball that struck Spectator and it’s Roth their wives were Philadelphia Bulletin sports editor Earl Roth right in the face breaking her nose as she was being carried away on stretcher Ashburn hit another foul ball which hits her in the leg breaking her knee number 63 this on the screen right now is a dual but what’s a 3-way jewel called well it’s called at rule it’s a specific type of Mexican standoff which refers to any confrontation in which the first take action immediately makes one vulnerable leading to a stalemate in duels it’s advantageous to attack first whereas this is not necessarily the case in at rule Nintendo 64 Alfred Hitchcock celebrated 1960 film psycho was the first film ever to show a toilet being flashed on screen iconic number 65 the full version of the Greek national anthem entitled him to Liberty has 158 verses making it the longest national anthem in the world I suppose Greece has to be famous for something number 66 there are more possible iterations of pieces on a standard chess board than there are atoms in the entirety of the known universe thanks mass number 67 bubble wrap was originally conceived as textural 3d wallpaper before someone like V realized that bubbly wallpaper is possibly the stupidest idea ever conceived and began marketing it as a packing medium instead number 68 JK rowling is the first person in history to become a billionaire by writing books however she since lost her billionaire status because she donates so much of her money to charity number 69 electric at one point before he became a famous actor of great renown Danny DeVito worked as a hairdresser in a mortuary yet Matilda’s dad styled the hair of corpses to make sure they looked as presentable as they could for their funeral number 70 a flexitarian as someone who follows a mostly meat free diet but does occasionally eat meat the crucial quality of a flexitarian is that they actively planned the meat free meals basically they’re cheaters number 71 more people have bitten each year by new yorkers than sharks which is upsetting but not surprising number 72 in the late 1600s london was plagued by an attacker dubbed whipping tom who would grab unaccompanied women lift her dress and spank them on the backside with the rod while counting spanked Oh before running away haberdasher was eventually arrested for the crimes but records of exactly what happened to him have been lost hopefully he was just thrown right into the Thames number 73 the American city of Portland in Oregon was named by two developers from New England who couldn’t agree on what to call the growing settlement they decided to flip a coin which resulted in a win for Portland over its alternative name Boston number 74 for 67 consecutive years since 1879 the most popular girls name in the United States was Murray the winning streak was broken in 1947 by Linda what would you call your baby Linda number 75 between 1942 and 1977 a u.s. park ranger by the name of Roy Sullivan was struck by lightning and survived a total of seven times which is recognized as a world record frankly I’m disappointed leaders have superpowers from that because I’m attacked to be trying to get struck by lightning that exact reason number 76 in 2010 a Japanese company created a smoke alarm for the hearing-impaired which works by spraying the strong odor of wasabi into the air ah as weird maybe use bright lights or something instead anything else that isn’t literally to spring wasabi in the air number 77 Jimmy Carter was the first American president to be born in a hospital all previous presidents in mid born in houses lock happens or according to some conspiracy theorists reptilian birthing paths that’s more Robin from what a conspiracy stow number 78 in 2014 researchers from Oxford University revealed that some African elephants have a distinct warning call a specific elephant word if you will that they use to warn each other about nearby humans number 79 the concept of a rap battle isn’t quite as modern as you may think evidence suggests that insult contests have existed in some form since the fifth century when poets would engage in ritualized exchange of insults known as flighting which often was conducted in verse Norse and anglo-saxon literature even contains stories of gods flighting including tales of Loki throwing insults around at a feast yep that sounds like Loki number 80 in order to prepare for his role as a psychotic killer in American Psycho actor Christian Bale studied the behavior and mannerisms of fellow actor Tom Cruise wow that kind of one of many friends didn’t see him jumping on a sofa though number 81 when Japan Airlines declared bankruptcy in 2010 many of the uniform was worn by attendants were sold to the hmm a let’s

say grown-up industry to be used by clothing fetishists number 82 in 2015 over 2 million Americans are still using dial-up internet have some self-respect number 83 when the tiny European nation of Luxembourg won the gold medal for the men’s 1500 meters at the 1952 Olympics everyone was a little well surprised so surprised in fact that the organisers had neglected to provide them with a band to score the national anthem the musicians there were forced to improvise a tune that bore little resemblance to the Luxembourg national anthem which is we all know goes locks embargo locks um but I don’t know sorry Luxembourg number 94 eight number number 84 number 84 when frogs and toads are eating their prey they usually retract their eyes down inside their heads to push the food down helping them swallow grouse number 85 according to the Orkney Inga saga a 9th century North Earl of Orkney named Sigurd the mighty won an unfair victory when he challenged Pictish nobleman called male bricked to a 40-man a side battle to which he then brought 80 men instead yeah that’s hunter del unfair bricked was beheaded in the lopsided skirmish after which staggered attached his enemies severed head on a horse as a trophy however as Segura treacherously rode home he scratched his leg on the corpses teeth the scratch became infected and so GERD died as a result congratulations you played yourself number 86 there is a village in the Netherlands called Gear thorn that has no roads all of the houses and other buildings are connected by a truly adorable network of canals and foot bridges look at all these photos you just want to go there number 87 when Boris Yeltsin met President Clinton in 1995 his first question after stepping off the plane was do you think Oh Jay did it again no one does number 88 as the Sun beats down on the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris metal facing the Sun heats up and expands forcing the very top of the structure to lean away from the Sun by as much as seven inches and that’s a lot 7 a lot too much some would say number 89 there are 1800 thunderstorms progress across the Earth’s atmosphere at any given time and over a million terrified dogs calm down boy it’s just Thor cracking one off number 90 the Japanese video game designer Toru Iwatani was apparently inspired to create the iconic design of the video game character pac-man after seeing a pizza with one slice removed which is exactly what he looks like number 91 the first ever candy floss or cotton candy machine was invented by William James Morrison who was a dentist see candy floss is a scam created by the healthcare industry to make you lose teeth and keep him a business reject their live dentistry comrades you have nothing to lose but your chains then again I do love candy floss number 92 Neptune is the only planet to have been found using mathematical calculations before it was actually seen by a telescope thanks maths again number 93 the shortest scheduled passenger flight in the world journeys from West ray to popper West brain the Orkney Islands of Scotland the trip is approximately 1.7 miles in distance and takes less than a minute number 94 Jamaica is the only country without blue red or white on its flag the flags of Libya and Mozambique used to fall in this category – but have since been changed or had read and it leaving the Jamaican flag all on its lonesome number 95 sloths only defecate once a week and does such lose up to a third of their body weight when they do so not only that they can evacuate their balance on the ground which leaves them vulnerable to predators this makes pooping a pretty horrific experience for sloths sorry sloths number 96 the act of smelling old books or the old book smell itself is known as Biblio smear apparently this is something people actually enjoy whereas for me it just reminds me of scary librarians number 97 a bizarre study conducted in 1989 found that people with a higher income generally prefer their toilet paper to come over the roll whereas those with lower incomes prefer it to go under then where is my massive paycheck because I’ll be damned do I have my toilet paper dragged down the side of a wall number 98 the line between the numerator and denominator in a fraction actually has a name it’s called Vincent haha nope just joking it’s called berry haha got you again it’s called a VIN Coulomb number 99 an ostrich’s eyes bigger than its brain No fence ostrich fans don’t shoot the messenger well I’ll be damned if it isn’t number 100 after all these years Moby’s real name is Pritchard Melville Hall a name which displays his relationship to the author Herman Melville who is allegedly his great-great-great granduncle Melville wrote Moby Dick which is where this all comes full circle because that’s where Moby gets his stage name from the aquarium at London Zoo was not only the first aquarium to open to the public but

the first aquarium to actually be called an aquarium I’ve said it so many times now doesn’t mean anything earlier aquaria were called underwater vivere ins so there you go you can use that bit of trivia on your next hot date anyway that was 100 more facts about anything and everything part 2 electric Boogaloo which was your favorite let me know in the comments down below you want to see more of them let me know in the comments down below how are you doing today let me know in the comments down below also be sure to LIKE and subscribe and if you haven’t done so already you can still hear me click on one of these two videos on screen right now you’re really gonna dig it trust me