Weeken Inow I alookin rward tenjoyihat ethernd I’mure some of you ar tye someoliday pns maybe youe nna beaking arip mewhere. Wdo have some holiyravelafetyips so- se concnshatou outor Chigo dido amighteed to e holida tvel pm o’hare this morning we’ll have that a little bit laterin the show but do want to just say good morning and thanks for joining us run who in Kristy Larson here with you on this of Friday and I was calling it a for writing because- they’ve had puppies in the studio. All right no no no kidding they were noisy. During the news unlike World. Well there too in the news. Anyway they were adorable that’s for sure Kristy yes- it’s funny because now you’re originally from the Dakotas isn’t that right I’m from Minnesota but most recently with living- up near Fargo North Dakota. I’m from the Midwest and west girl so this is you’re just talking about holiday travel and this is definitely the time of year that the smart travelers are the ones that manage to figure out one way or another to get him to come here yes. Yeah I rememb when my sister who live hn Montana and we went up one year at Christmas to Missoula Montana which is a beautiful town if you’ve been there I have not so pretty but it was thirty seven below zero that night. That that’s a little bit called that’s a little. What’s a little cold- but I mean you can geared to yourself a White Christmas but man I’m telling you. It is going to be beautiful this whole weekend I’m looking forward to it because we were just home in Minnesota. A week ago so last week we were there we went up to it the Fargo North Dakota area Moorhead Minnesota. And home for it was Mormon that’s and that’s where my in laws are. Okay that’s where I was just living for the last. Ten years of my life nine years of my life Michael home my grandmother was from a town called in Minnesota that maybe you’ve heard of a call redwood falls yes have you heard of it yes tre’slsoed win Okay there’s many town the red wing shoes come from red wing nnesota I don’t think so but they do make some delicious caramels and my sister had met her wedding as like the little Again I love that but we did when we were just home last week we got to experience. You know the negative temperatures so I would. This weekend we’re gonna put some Christmas lights in our backyard have a bonfire since. He just beautiful I’m well I’m telling you tt’s absolutely the truth m son had fend w I got so fed up with the heat one summaries and-e coldest place I can think of and I’m just starting over there and you know what he chose. Where Duluth Minnesota that is what a good suggestion because they’re right on that lake so they definitely get that cold front coming from of of the water they get a lot of Ice they get that rain. The fog the cold. It is very cold there we went there on. A winter ago or two. And with my sister and her boyfriend we all kind of rented a cabin got to go. Out to at the Christmas lights and it was really wonderful. It is old. Now so in the winter it’s going to be called the think it’ Yeah that’s for that’s for sure and so we know that he- you know. Next may or June. It’s going to be rolling around that’s why we like to gloat This time of year and for those of you were watching us. So we’re live right now on on channel cable channel nine channel forty five in Arina t iyou’re watching thi online fr If you’ve never been here comes from the little bit of time you would be amazed. It was awful funny too because when we went home to go celebrate the holidays early. Not many people were on the flight going to Minnesota but then on the way back we were. Trying tcome back from Minnesota to Probably already taken run whose advice. Okay so I do want to move on to our NC debate because I know this is going to be a hot topic here today buingeads thawe s anf th oldan you go se somef this f the ofhe netrksere inge ingsike- it’ a tnome fillynd t debes wdsell just I mean. Fnklyhey weret all n t xingt up finallyast nht ople are singook the bootedudge win Iow hpressures oe ruers in the race so I mnne of t cat bike fifth pce i wa s hlofter rm. A overhark has to ther go e twor tee i Iowa o she’s de a st jue a have a elino and Io wna sce wdo hes morhat ts itere edp angon t he whaLizabeth wnad to say aut pt youave little bacround befo we e a r okay. So I ft he’s thwhol backgrodo. We’ en sbusyhiseek cering e impchme yea tt I h rgotten when I went to tu the TVe was gogo behis date and I hiVoo- the was a bi sto cingut of e U K. yterdaye quee wivinherpeec to rk so I Tohat I wt. I just tn the TV on cano watch ite Elizetharrejust going ho on a s I goto watch this-ut- d dge caed her hocrite By for sing. ll y kno yore a huned tes ricr tell pple that they can’t-to you know- that they have to limit themselves-ou kw to not deang withnybodyhat s really a- lger amoun demoatic donsWarr is e’s a mti multiulti millnair yeas surised tlearn wn a lot ofer spehes I’ve been watchi hera rely focedn yeah Iad to go to school wle I was about the csulting. Workhat she k one job alone accding t Forbes wo hured ousa dollars for me conltingork-ou know st varus js tt shead done or t yrs.nd tn hadome very luative book als sin tn. Agaorbes s a reaynteresng articl I wto sa’ made over two milliolla just in bookealso he’s boed jud Hsein well ur- critic. w that you’re- worth twelve million dollars and Ie said m wort one o hundrth of th which we nee meani hs worthboy a who kws.ut I meathey someing reallyent aer eacther in this give and take is very debate o this ve a l osg Joe peop thi s s t ppeno ca the Hris ah if you go afteroe Ben too rd the are tooany peoplen the par who are loyal toe great flingbout Jiden because of all his yrs in the Obama White House. When he was vice president it doest reallyorl Hes she kin of fad o theyidn’t afteroe Biden but bo theyido afte playhat und te ohise. Wa to exange with waed Billioires in.d tick e ne presint o e Unit StasI ner t be itheompa oa prresse docrac don I couldn’t be up here setor tis mo. d there is atd point tt h mad y know yingou’re not worth is so muchare he h to entertn somef dona the big money the big Bucks f his campaign yeah yeah that’s exactly right- b you knoshe tryg tcarve outhe sor of thentiall reetositio And shend rnie Sanrs are bh runng possle.omebod the oth daristy say you know if they coud candates ve presidenyes.s henywher from 120% iice the pos a st abt 821n th pol yhererom ke a of tt. And y know Jo Bid but dsn’took agemen I don kno wchnkehat’ goin way wou goh e th predent and and Bere Sands behe vic predent of t othe- younow i cld belmos possible to op tt. And en. Ye thatould tentiall be e way igoes& t I think thereoth to- rongilled to lethe other ni thelp ptingt anmental very u wve sd i you kw peopleo judgass f our of candates he and so I want pla a ltle change tt he been ck dorth bween h. And a caidate y Coleetire. So what you c dismi comttee arings. I tnk ts exrience works and Iave not degratin your expiences a loca on should rurreur eeriee when y loo AnywThree ve. My exrien sator and it s before thes gog to let igo bause w go biggefish to frhereut yoknow Ion’t tnk we had a gger fish to frthanicking a esident of t United Youeem to imply tha Our lationipo thfirst endmen was a talking point f anyone up here hasny more. Or myelatiohip to e firsttdy amdmen Its part o the withy lifhat is my fend expeence in ae sa as yos but count nator. Recnts thankou Mr ma’am ho fi certaly resct your miliry expt wh thiss abohis is abouchoosing a presint. And know. My vw of this is I know yof the Demraticationa Coittee tt’s not sometng th I wtedo do I wto beresident of thnited ates and t point ise shouldaveomp this tict. Tt isctuall e an bee ae to ow that that y talbout- Rupprt moderaepubld d up docrati bendot jt done a oe. t matts I tnk track recor of getti tngsone matte part thae c actuay bring pple whs have wir tent have igger coition a yes longe coat senar. I goa respseIk u don’t spondw totals maybehat go on iny city st t n. Tr putti togher a coalitn to t India. llittlierye’so as meioneand actuaye easalyurpred wh the wa Aall ichre h kindf kept hselfs th Wasngto pt andutt ma minutes each candate g to tal foreah yeah clov chart nis neteen neteeninety. Six rit up tre with the- standardhe t ninete poi nine. Andhen oted judging me the totally and y mmandhe sge butou stng i Yould lve himareo dos hav any kd ofajorto fauxas andt e you sm to be vy strong hows president he wou do that in a different manner than the way president trump has been doing. So even though w cos o oit a winner just I think t of t fact tthe sod t toe witsevel othe candides outht real needs to- pullff of a One t s has t tple her or of is with me e r equa ontage lt night so I thk shead a ptty gd bate btedudge- hean me he soodespoes.oi I Ye to just about erything Ano I do ink th Tom’s Dyer whoinda still And man I me y. Y’ve be onhe out making appearaese still had aut even mites.fid he time but ite just doe’took.s fullyut togeth sr candides out the yeaI an yh and- it’s too late in the game for you not to Righ oe by Michaloomrg wse polt stroer- b h hasn’een allhe varus criteri heteet wouldeuia itl b Bloberg on e stag stead of yron nextime around youy I tnk it’ more interestin ntal see Gford is there Ye she’s jus thas it kes almo everyuestio that is asked. Thaeveryby elsn the sge.fy th viewe are fcinad beuse shs aayshe mos the stao- hopeful she c gehersel backnhe stage to hear from her to d I’m surehee beenroug up. About y know that t vot thatust haened u ainst the two one who vod present and I had a y ghtnd she probabl wou ve bn cricized by the other Democra. On the stage yeahut because it’s st. You cat say tt tt what ppened or t lassevera eks Washiton. Allow thDemocrs to ildome sort o searcl acss Ameca- of.ouruge newewumbe e a Basicay t numrs. Dn’t really bgee a lot opeop who areooking att sae generalll that timehat waspent doinghathen it dog aot o oer tngs kw it’sll gngo beor n yoknowhat-he Donald Truif t Senl today. Y Mit McConnell sai wondersf Nancy Pelosi is raido se it ovehe id I’m not a very- but he’s likee someuestns n in .here eryby’seavi andoing offn the whay mething ke tt right ose ds ba i colle whe you t a wln workhere like it b the to go igine if yocould trsition straight from coege to CgressThe y to I mean you always hav all this t f warmth And tre areou kno inteiew to x last night where he- she’s. You kno notending i ov to th Senee said It’s bause e y have to send it over right you are u wld tnk butgain u never kno what kind decisis to ke the the alwayseem to be able tpend se sort of surised eryone yea well it’seally scinatg a we’reittle mohan a mon. Awayrom m theowaaucuseand we’re onlybout fo the N Hampshi prima her it is gng to ro on in going to e not ly here in ws n. But yoRon a you can stay tuned because a going to annoced a new policy. He so ve more candidates ohe road todaa comi up here on usnow Onone of tt d rohly a arter of all the pele i the Unid Stas- wee bn able to fund researt Johne programshat acally deal with. Not jus peoplho a dicted but tiramilie asou saw the gup that icheed spd talked tof opleho lve the our- our tic f recoving addic- or o docto to trt o milies tt had mebodyn their milyd y we’re here- this sething all bacroundsnd listedie fro to the bah parentnd spoes of se o e peop and sayh. O the peect faly andet the coup questns. Wh. at’s what wt is i tt yr plan uldo to-elp iterms of thopioidtruggl onef the fit that e admistrati is not doie e not doi thi off a lotf peoplen At e any kinf coveget all so they don he a docto to or a go to y pce f eatmen Tre a pple who to sit tre anday. D I buy foomorroor goo a door who’soing e arpeople who he what you but-t soo runsut orre ere’s jt more demandor servic- st thinhatou’veot a- fd eople to- yo d thers als t iss of peoplehat dott theyeedelp-heyemo suspecdhat tir chi o their- susee an aictionroblem. Yes r now whe our pririesot for ma mons and cld talk what andeing like all likes ernal’ll wt whathat wee goiut tryino-et a message off f wh my expiences are in e pasto te whetr or no the think that present that had those exrience that ve de thgs areot don thing whever thease may be- and- hi-s onefhe key stas- ‘s a sta with big pblems an gre fure andou kno thetate so th’s why wve come he-t certnly bcoming bacinl the extent I can Itarted ahrougo lot fn th cited not tbecaus I thght.t woulbe too diicult get tough- primarnd the watcd forwhile I thohto myself Ie candates aressing the isesn a prticalays that I though ty cldet throug Congrsnd atever and that wouldork and I als watednd I kt thinng to self they’ nna le to Dold Tru and I think onefhehings at I saidack- e- demratic conveion in twentyixteenn Philadphia- who shoul be prent anited Stes for varie of reass ano I decid that- looki at the ay responbiliti- I hav t whe withll andhy shoul I walk awe sponsility to y it w earlor becse youave too la tente longime I memberomebod to only it’srue BaracObama we niny time t. or that o straty is tooo all t othel sttheir prima use o the stathemndhen a bunche

the ek lat aunch aeek wh- afterhat. A s I yingo goround forhose andhroughhe weend I tnkates thiy I’m iives citi- and’ve srted. Only ree wes int this mpaign the so.ta uput we’pening offes al throuout eh ofhese to hp. And we plo keeps primy butvenoingorwardthe surehat Dald Trump is not anotr four yearsYes miss r out. Ian bary hear yo that. T DNC jusraise the ba f requirentso qualifor the Ju- t g aptment a youn talk with theNC at l-re you plningn bein on any o ose stes goi toe ttoe rules tt wldet meetn thtage I beappyo gon debate-. Ley e ppy to coare myself to anody elsut if they hav les that- do n let m compe tn Iust c’t I can chan my picies I fee veryto stroly I have e wher with having a conflic s we’re anyby ee-pendina lotf money buty eponaldrump from being a presenthe nex te o peopleome of s t of mey I tnkant me t end le to geridf Dald ump I. Thk so- but-f the ange the res will do iand they don’they d’t Sir what you’re anning yourou ha a-n reased tay som oth ndidat have cluded safe nele injtion ses a do t same ing wt in ii to w York City have. needle changerogram Yea given all of tse proems Iaswit mayo for tlve yes so n’t tnk tre’s athing Th they’ talkbouthat we ven’t fac. Off aotf em a whawe do have reallyort o I thkt.t ting to nd solutisto the Needxchang a coroversial bot asuch some ces o balce thinkin e itt’s a od ide to have em a we do thughout New rkity. G to ma sure nickname Or aicts all our an it’s n a solionTo everytng an y e back had imind wch the end dete n had dner las night wit the mayo of Nashvlend a wle buh oother pele. It Nashlleime so theebate when you aanswer heahcare aver.y policye for l wouldtelp reele nald Trumpould y aborate o tha welI just dicare for all inot a prticalhing- if y take lo. A hundr and fifty million w Yormerica some nber lie thr hlth care pvided by eir emplor. And the want toeep tt health ce. And Medire f all wouldake whater theumber -f a peopleho haver l tr thatmploye pvided healthare ty spital and docrs. Much mo tha Medicare does. And s if ye Medire reiursemeevel fedel govnment. Andhee an poticsre they jt not ing tdo that. S for t asonsne of the pple don wanto givep thei suppl prove for theovernmtthe ogram wou go awa A tn you’reeft t – docts who c’tepayheire loanand thatort ofhing It’s aic a i realust the feral alikEmploys do that youment pron can b inr efcient- feder govnment spends to ministtionhe emplor providedlano spend 15220% ondministrion s i y uld cuout tt the blic oioneminiration costs g mpetitn itould bri down

evybody’ heahcare pn you’dtillf o y miionhat ar’tovered a come up with some mon fm verymall perntage of moy mpared to athe Medicare for al would costnd you s at t o that s proposed- it w scoe opleon’t wt to ge up thr pla and bause the federal govnment even ty stuf I jt wan to y thanher you Ioulu poibly can expin tthe blic-hat’s hapning wh ioids how the shod watch their famy memrs- to for gnsnd right away cal somebodyhat c giv them so advic on hoo deal wit econic lel everythnici- ourthisg anyo. And you kwhat yourt’s doeg than youor havg mnd-and here in Ohio Combus nex thi- so- Il- probab he coersati thereThank u Than i Cgrg e auorizatn act we appciate thstrong demonstrati a bipartan h hoe and om the Sate. This forwdndne ablhetep partmento adapto the chlenges posedy greapower compitorsIookor t the lalater toda. th in Importtly t NDs d e nest bnch ohe arm rces. I wan tthank t esiden foris learship of thisistoric itiativ which will py dend. Ourationainterests in spa.e miliry was over sevty yea ohen weeparathe Air Cos fromhe army ninetn forty see saw how air pow hadxpanded or wilorld Warwo ande recognehe e l Onhe airomainSimilay ou riance on eedpace bad cabilities has grown amaticly and tod oer war ghting t main oftsace is ina domince i thahe maiis w the ssion the Uted ates sce for. e psent one oue thefficial esblishmt of ace fce ter todhen he gns t A we ll prode aitiona detailnhe

the plemention pn and authorizes a 3% threeoint 1% incc dede. Ts is a well derved pa raise for theen aomen of the milary wh contie t nation. As a and wch all over t t p unue we contaer recit our cotry’s st talt intohe armed rcey therere a nber of iortant prisions dectedowards one ofy top ioritiaking carefilitar familie ese incde pgrams to ofet the cost oacquirg profsionalicensesor milita spousn efforts to creasehildcaand ocess pacity a mility instaltionl the fcendollow rough on oucommitnt to takeare of ouservice mbers d thei Congre for psingo ank end of thyear. As Ie saidonsille manyimes. Connuing relutionause gre harm to mitary rdinessnd rede ouabilitto compete wit ina anRussiaWe’re loong for thbef impoantodernizaon sonic weapons artifials hyr telligen andirecte ergyhat ha been ld ba. Because ofhe C. s we clout tn I’m ppy wh therogres ‘ve made wards plemenng the natig is yeaPersonally of tral to thenp prioty twi sin comin into oice to meet wh severa of ot lies.s wellomef our ne ptners. A earlyhis we secr Pompeiihen I hel recondver two ps t stereal wh our counrpartsn Indiwe bui on o growi stregic panershi Aitionay o folling t leade meetiy at occurred earli thi month. Wveh ouNATO aies to coribute moorture suritynd man of tm haveespond with defeepending andmprove an an imoved fus oore fighng reaness. Thi is capae NATOlliance. ‘ve the world weive i not thed befoh e we wt. As we focusn long ter comtitionhina a ssiaill not le sighof our naonals s n o Anto det furth Irani gressi. I nto than all are harm’ way. For their seice faaway fm home Finay I willeemphazehe departnt’o ntinueeforms as wenter the neyeae view has nted. Or fe billio dollA n the for the sta to otr pas of theepartmt we will contins p qutions tirst I ask thek chrman tmake a openi mments. ank yoEarnin th evebody tnks dsected appriate the opportuty this on a frequt baso tryg to dit on a mohlyasis and- a hopeful- it’ us ttransm- wha we do tor f allr th America peopls welln vember The I vited t Indo Pific r respsibili to meet wity counterpo nisterial oicials a lied a partn natio. The ou mitary to litary relatiship is reins verstrongnd is essentl tcoo r pee. And aair of rurned contue our clective eorts to fig- th week m wh mRussia reales- genal a Griomounteart tA f. metith himn Bern stragic sbility ia- Sia youases-o enhae os d undetandin Rucerists beeen outwo mitaries Direct my – as ahairma with kind part I kno generly- a ov the pne we newed estaished wel I w chieff theead othe peeng groundstafff s meeting wh my NATO gna part shing in ouremi annl gatherg ovea afr the first othe year an act of thsecrety I lookg forrdo signg cemony ler tod for theY twty NDA- I’velso- ahor or it wil authozeheoint foe treceiv aitiona resoces neede tmainta the prritie partme a the poritie thiseform increing.ding Lealitynd buildgur alliesnd partr though- I think it’s impornt ate allake momen and reect on thcontritions o r men and women iunifor arndhe wor tod on eedom’s frontier andhether in the air on thsea o on tch on the grou doesn matter wre they e- they’re all do u nstituon. An American way of lifw o lues andhat the and their faliesver deept gratitude

and ret freedohat th prode to usith tir servicend sacrife andea aspin highe Are vy happy toake yo questns at this time. Ye delopshe tme the puic s rthorea or the pt wes abt the ristmas gif That th may ge us a general Milleypf y spific iications aut North rea. n ssile. Tt lauh and for secuty exper shoulor cameack frr is othe wallow up- n ba from Soh Kor- whout hang met the north Korns are goge our promised- is dlomacy dead in a wk essenally. On e path to l t gog tcomment o theetai of- o sec- effos- clear we thi that bestay f to de.n is a to addre northorea’sla- and progra- I hs re as saidefore. O is to ense th ate of readiss prered r.he fig a win tonht if need b a I’monfide in th andecondl tenableur hopel thate could- ainour dlomai ge the proce start again d get main o the on thon thdiplomic path. And ere’she a- we d’t scuss a intelgence a incators othat sort the blic sere tugh northi Korea’if r ere. Swe aree are prepared for whatever. Yeah yeah. I wld ask you bho for me ms fangar cris chars rdon bhe predent ne nts specialorces ha en solthe ste back which those ckI’m n going toet coent onny pernal actis in theub nute. I’m notoing t mment any psonal tions Than youery mu make re iendlit useur tgo to Turkeyf youu e anyillingss thaTurkey momeum to operatiolize t- specic qstion about Turkish thats- ty he teatene to evi USo*- fr Turkey.s younow you what iact that he- o on-d U. S. an is to sily inst whi Turk’s longsnding NATO ly they fr to Ahanist- I engeith my couerpae withegard to th comnts– th. Wereade t press ink that’s one othings tha saidarlier that I need llow uon a mor undersnd- you knoi iving that w seris the e but ain ouriew ishat need to buthem cser to the TOllianc theare Veryapable- mitary a long stding Iind tt’s myame Have y fm ha you hrd from them ven’had chanceet Publisd what. r c Afgh war w war dferente from wt wa therwere pple. W deal thisuildinthat. Thin expeence a is itair t mpare the Ahan pars tha ve been blishe. Firs. I would the sd-ouple this Jennif- n asseion o theref som rt of-oordined live er cour of sa eighteen yes and I fia a s persal expience- youe of geralfficers- Sta Farmingt- s emplees CI a deptment fend fks- just d’t level coordation- to do th kind ofecepti- I kno at Ind manmany oers based o fac that wknew-t e timend those a hones sessmesnd thewere nev tendedo deceiv neith the Coress a themerica ople- Ihink thahese veryoodiece ofa very alsohink iis nothemut I Pentag paper & of tse things-nd ty were advae of decion ming-n the the Ahan pars-asn thound pag so do postattemp by o fao.nterviews loong bawards to thterm lesso arnedor the fces big b the fure Ao I think ty’re ndamenlly dferent in bo natur and in scale and scope a just a followi cretaras fors it time ave Afanista. have ssion iAfghantan that woulnever be ain bemes a

safe havenor terristso thatission icomplete w thatRight rnd. Babdo secretaryalk a lite bit about w f maged to stepped upts and we’ coming in theons eltioneasonan youalk litt bit abo.hat taken to protec the twentstepsrg enty ections. As f a reats are conrned are tre specifd abt Ruia or- ll I lk I’ll justalk bro brush becaus muchf thiss partipates in wholef government approach- through ryber cmand andthers electi- w briongres a of a wholef govementrt approandoe o I out ere. A wlook at alle thats we theay com fro it theritical things that we preh procs and tt our ections e fre from tside influee.nd I’moe n g in twenttwenty. The and at is llis ssor pas Syria’ext year- Colombia’s lookil t otr optionoes the lookingt a potenti alift supply s weeke wrote abo. Aumber of the verfirst speal eratio force w were nt. Baco stand inhe ver elev attac. And n face a multitey t ver thr medal costs.s is acctable. Welnot nea thsecond iue but lete go to theit a a y s join a manmany othhink we regihat hs don ttA he in for tions tre. Warehas ld fullupport of what they preped andlan to ovide hunitarian asstance or whnot. But thinitial I talk wh sA wee preped to pport tm as we thin D sets. Not athis te that As aecreta- the Pentan laun to investigatns. Tospecr gs thborderperatis one th it buthe-s in the bderall one whher it s legand to t the woingo depament. Inducted trough over ut opations illegnd wheer ould bconnecd andou have cfidencg the ctracts for fst of alI’m Ion’t cractere it theay you have my unrstandg is fr myolks o spok direcy to thDOT IG Is th he’sonductg a aluati. Thoht an inveigatio and his evuation is asssing wheth ou troop were pperly- equate train at su a to the msiol thether sff tha youe referrg to t th wt I’ve beebriefe you f lini expec by whd- w can t at is. e psidentay that wall So it’s a queion for doe’tt both ot from a political poi of ew and fe w l ne to st in Sya. What at whathatould tt’s a we can insurhe- in ding deatf isis o w g t her aies aartner T ep in d hel offset us or th- theroup theeal metric fous ishat t- ISIS ce controed ie r securi forceo thats asuredy whic we ok- the brder ldscape ishat I fenc stregy.tays werenal no anir of gre power challeng are Cna then Russ a smy a wheth ‘syria o Afghastans how c we ducc theeturn tops homoto traineitt ceteror thoseigger misI ality we alloca them to thend ofacific that’my principa aimSo youan it’st depes onou meainndem of md termsere k diffent righand tonow. I wouldayt forer warostly. Those of usn unifmho ser in thesears- andn caref our wound in trd are dd- st h o wi a realist appisal. Of wh adverries and enees of

thUnitedtates Ameca doing. A wt s e cos. And the befitsnd t sks aociate with tt- and at’s w we are wheree are in theariousartsf the wod. Specically with reecto Syrie ahere- tonsure t and during condion imet then thinkeat O ist thpresiden Of will be appred of at andhen at happ alway up a year ago a tharmy ny game predent not ke youerald tbe intrumpnnoud ur prent posion and sin the ye du ve aumed yr curren job woulyou chacterizet forw of statu I wou like to hear from bh youryour minhow yolook at th yeathat a e rule y inher in th st. Yeare can’escape mI can’t car y a spen minal yrs the and- ief ostaff the arm cusingn and trmy’s buness- andhen- amonghe two inre- very vy lon profeional a- and- psoni th generalunford m edecesr and we did very pression hand up-nd- so that alwaybeen t year.o what I did to mend Iad a great g withhe chairn numr bere- befor I asse disposion andy afr. Andhink the trsition bween he and terminly hs d of urse at Gernigh me togetr aftaving. A army so it’ been is been retively seamles in th gard as we. I tnk we ha strongeamscross the- the partmes andastighth of weot thr more.enior DOD ficial confirmed sot’s in t pipelet varus more pieces So b bf e ofhese js areemandi jobs. They by quicy andnd so it methin youave tcontinue with t commaers weave ouo do ita inhe fields well so Evythingooks gd Into the airlasta t ight nowid runnto se troue it went o couen offnd is a ccial dreing rearsal for nt year’ inaural lauh wh tronauts so this time aund

they didot have a As aga it it weff crse evything wenlawlessly as th list five roet sred withhe starler jus befor nrise but half hour in the flht Boeing rerted tha the capsue position in need to t to e internatiol spacetation nowffit d stab orbit good and then NASA d say in aweet thathe capsule burd up more fuel an planned and controlle capses thrters to rae its orbiow. Wh less fl o ard and put theest o the supped treach the space ation on Sardaynd sta wanto showhis fun deo as we and the- manyeoplenow eedingight get y into so troubleow. Not easy poli are trying to figu out in themall tn of Vernt o ester. Tre helping drive tn the lidaypirit by remindghem t how do you list. As y can see if you’re eeding they have a sige you go iyou he a speed Unrneath the spe limit Or at speed lit with ste ne posthese Facook photos the illunated sns on roe one oh e gree mea nice and y don’t you n’t wa to ben its andwant ts detect Fi ninety nice te our- town A he sa it ideorhe the si- toc tuallyomes from a tn clerk.ho noticed somsimila signs. I t town of Manchest Vmony ve notonna not uoticed b ivers. The gbaleported drawnositive feedbko farave poli department said. He hadng e called Nadi. At h age soen thkfully we n’t havehose ound here iArizonut ain. A nice way to rendou to slow down thosepeeds pecially as we all go to this ho t opeople wl beusy ou there on the roads traffic it’s Gram cell Stephen a little bit fe have some xty test coming up for a news w As wstart to heae weekend right before the holidays good afternoon everyone thanks for being here with us I’m Kristy Larson and speaking of holiday travel a

lot of us probably already making plans and where they’re going to be spending Christmas Eve Christmas day and of course all the other holidays that are surrounding us at this time But we do obviously have some concerns to think about what they’re going to be going on planes trains or maybe automobiles so we did have- ti. Thisorning. odsurto morng. Mname e I’ theirecto of media depament oviation.n behalf of mae Lightft. Cmissioner Jamie three and the Chicago airport Base onhe weaer here tod it’s hdt morrowshe fst oicia dayf wter.uts sshan week ay ahis ways by holiy trav year the Cistmas new yea trel piod srted yterd cemb nineen an runs thugh Moay Janry six twty twentyThe nuer o paengers tt will tral this ninetn da perd iove projted bairlin. At willravel ding ts perdenge that’sne e T d toe tay Demberwentie with mehanwd thty thoand paengers cong thrgh theirport. At midway t morehan ninhundrethousa ssengeill tvelo that eiteen. Tod is also thepor Andha buestay atidwayith mor an for ninthound passengers tvelh th airpos showioliday spit as yocan s fro the deration i t termils Also from whroughecember thirtyirst t CDA willost entertnmentt both airrts.ive mur Saa andrs Claus will ke appeance a mdle at o’re ononday Dember appeances midwaearlie is weeThe Uned serce ornizatir youOill sistith t annua milary ma exos today TheS old location at dway and t t hand out scks andnformaon to milg s al he at oare a new mily frieny enterinment it’s in lhree desticoarectivi an teinals d will remn midwhe conssions pgramougut thet and secity cckpoin o undeoing a complete renovaon ands rtf theid way mornizatnrogr. A tot and retai locatns he been withozens re plaedVisit CDs websi flyhicago dot airpt aivitie proams ancom fornt ansportion oionsAnd no I woulikec depu feralecurit dictor Lis traversalith th traportion securit ministtion he at oare Thk youaren t morni eryone out on balf t transptatiot mistration Ie wanto to sving the tveling pubcou a wd overheA and dway airportnd- to beerrovide y wh remind you. Cerrive aty and folg let twoours early for hos earor anyhtsnd tee internionallights y anherip is we uld a that iyou pas sure u che yourags t sure that ere nhave prohibedtems mak sur tt we iyou don have y per Any kves stun gs a ite migh be accidenlly left her prot e ban- lastlhen yo we know aot oa a t we wld ask tt.ur passgers notrapped the fts so that jt icase we doave ttake aook inse the pacgese e utiling gt bagn the procesnd thee A cas. We n we have avaible to sist ouris

thenhank y Karenhat’s l inoduce Andwlaska’ the I.nave. A manang dur d securityfficer for the Chicago department of aviation liken Victo E. L. A. Q.you U.asyManaging deput commissier fd security and operations Departmk go mning eveone-irst beinere- as you mig expecoremt r this renecentl some hea- travendntiod-e expecte passenrolumesvh urse ohe nex coupl o eks nely fivmillio aiorts ando appximater ur milon thrgh. O’he anne milon tough midwa rportsnd se are vy ll prepared and welequipped stro wkingartnship in a relatiships athe Chigo polic fedel parerst theSA andt as llsr the FAuse A t rports ando ensu that r travels e fami tre inhis holidndsnd seon. In aition tthat w ar veryratefu tha t likeot be a Whi Chrisas with abo fe abou thrvenare ndred d fty pies. Of snow eipment to falitate a ficien snowommand eration. So w are wel prared to de with the doome. And so much ke the deralecurit dirtor and tcome tthe airpos atdetronge let twoours ear in to utize plicranspoation nessary Altughe d joy so of th srtest wt tis in the coury-te still remmene be pactive. So that y they c ger agai w strony enjnd so eat work in ptnershith lf our ptners heo makeure tt our trelers to tvel experience at both airpor thank you. At this ti I wouldike tintruce mmanrilli Mulne who heads at the Chicago police department staff at Chicago’s airports. Good morni- William ne andou L L.ny enfoement seion ofhew Chico poli o ju aew ments to discs e ne cnabis legistion and hoit re airpor. Ashicaesiden cif Chicago isquallyhe Januy firs. Tonsur senal safe tral s l trelers not tbringannabi thugh Chago’s airport as it feral w. ansptation of y aunt of canbis also line. Andof coueosseion cannabiaybeegal in th ate orountryhichou a traving t. So based on t ovegain I liko stss to eure theafe trel for all ridee t Chico’s aports aittill remas illl law. Thank you very much. Thk yof of me Lightfoo and commissionereade wish y seon wll take a couple questionsIf I can of his is deteed by-heSA- what uldappens ty would ntact t Chica pole departnturffid h s

our rrent atuter oaon of a viatio of thstatutt ornance.eould off tm caabis ithey wish. Our ty could r travs. I’m sorr. We i pend aamou in e age the peon pof e possession if ey’r flowing they’ und t sta ideles forossessn of cannabisnder the new statu- we wT peon tmakea derminaon the wan to sposf it with tir tvelsut they wod haveo coider whe theye goi te gal they are may lal her d y’re leing.uthen you ndedaybe e traving this holidayeason markethis morning asou canere io see started off. Gat up there he green andt is bn study a day long tt’s rtainl to make. A lot o pele happy especially before we do head into the holida We ha n representing each of the fifty states and the district of Columbia competed for the sparkling crown now. Building on last year’s momentum the competition this year was reformted to keep upith e angi times fox news correspondent I used to nds hashe dails on thnew tritio. fty onwome taki t stageht r thennualiss America competition. Last yearhe organize wa of the me t movement ditching the swimsuit portion emasizg diverty ecationagea to bne oAmerica’s larstsnd fales provers o men.espi tessage of incliveness not everyone can take home the tiara. Camille Schreier of Virginia winning the title of Miss America twentywenty becoming the firstver scientists to claim the crownarlier i the night the twenty ur year old wowed th audience with an exosive chemistry demonstration. And advocate for female scientists Miss America someone needs to withveryonand that’s wt Ie do as w need tshow tt missmerica can a scienti in thsite gettg pitical askin se of the woe lookin for in a presidential candidat I’moing to look at somebody who will take thosei partan issues into people w will work with the other side thinkt’so importto coa ow tha you c wk tether thound dollar solarsh Ms algith a one yr posion to be ud r r soci iniative ocked fox news. Now the new reigning queen says it’s her mission to raise awareness for causes including abuse prevention drug safety. And education. All twohousan nineen r g numbers to Broadway fox news coespondent Brian Eunice takes a look back. He was a year of high energy shows on Broadway with the top spot retelling of Gre tragedymern the roc infences and blues influences jazz folk it’s just a hybrid. It wn’t jus the energyl fteen llion ople saw shs this ason o Broady poin eightthree llion dollars in revenue the highest grossing year in recorded history. Welcome. It was also a hero familiar stories taking the stage Moulin Rouge exploded onto the scene in ly joing others So. In Toots I won’t let shoo Jef Diels sta in a li produion of Harper L’s America won a Tony for h performance inetwork thesere all

recoizable titles and people andansf all ese movies want to seit. In a live production You familiar sounds also flooded the boards with stage productions featuring the music of the temptations. Tina Turner. Alanis Morissette Stephanie J. blog for training peormance. dow eryonefor r thing and thingre lookingig decidee musical adaptation of the life of princess Diana set to hit the stage. The highly anticipated musical six based on the wives of Henry t pond fromondohe oth bs the thing f twenttwenty Hugh Jackman retur to the grea white wayn theitle role of Yece fox news. Well Facebk is jut sptingn adveising event of the year nowox ns corresndentn teing ahe sial mia ant ss is buyin adrtising in nex year’ coming Superwl fif four it’s they Faceokuring theuperbo ad wil be t d k along with actylvest Stlone. The comny is exctedo utilehe pairo prote i groups feature along with a more together theme the group’s feature also allows users to create a place of shared interests and events in the cost of the sixty second spot hasn’t yet been sad but- records show companies are paying up to five point six Million dollars for a single wah t Supbowl fty fouou can it aid on f. And city paiick leaveaw by king L worke find bstitus andf they codn’t ty cld recve disclina action now in some cases even termination According to New York Cityock mpanies can’t threat workers for using six time Starbucks agreed to change the policy. It’s al creating a restitution fundorth one hundred and fifty thousan dollar for empyees Employers with more than four workers usually give up forty hours. In sick time per year no that’s depending on how many hoshe empyee works a spking oforkorking too long mighr your healtthatccordi to cent sturom t Amerin heartssociay ne hou or more eac work we. Can irease yourhance ofevelopgigh bod foun at thes lg hour can contbute tmask hyperteion form of hh bloo presse not usuals ring your routi ches Resecher sg rty e hos a wee c creasehe rksf officials arearnind sk hypertension can lead to more serious problems including cardiovascular disease. And authors of this study are urging people who work long hours to regulayeadrack their blood pressure and check for issues. Well we all know Amazon already a global reach but now they want eve eande literally using satellites xes BretLarsonas more from N Yors already the world’s biggest internet retailer now it’s taking the wraps o plans to launch a home intnet svice literallyhe service would be beams fm thousands o satellites launched into l earth orbit which if a goes aslannedould p 95% o the tol poph inteetervice is orated by a suidiary ofmazouiper permsion fm thFCC tod star tesng e t satellites will ju eure ampl ceragen the ground ‘ll ao pvide urs with ti between whe you click and when information starts flowing highpeed internet service more cd p ople in rul and reme areasonnected to broadband a problem the FCCas bee taling for yea. In theay enty neteen brdband deplmenteport the agenc ys numr of Aricans twty sixoint o billionno pothreeillion twentone will youor puttinghe wleteen.het twor up and running initial tests they’re set to run through February of next year ye oldirls beings an elen hero waking to see smoke in her room she then woke up her

family got them out of their rning home nowoxesroke rose h met witthe just beforeven Thursda morning Id saw blatill coming like ol sprung io action aveyear grdma’ouse in San Jose I dreamed I pla and lookt my sist. To make sure that she got up in out of the house the single story home a north nineteenth street was th sth grar went bk to lookor harents and grdmother. T who time I was jt thinking about my family and making sure we were all safely around the house she attributes her quick thinking to the TV series Chigo fe I ju seen TV s what I can o make sure at like alget ou no smoke detectors went off but everyone did get out safely except sly the cat still family members are thankful their life. The outcome i incredibl again she waery ale very aentive fireghteSe y have started in the front room. It’s even possible the Christmas tree could be to blame they are now investigating. Eleven meanwhile the fami is just grateful to have one another the red cross is helping to and the San Jose fire department is calling this will tel within six ds of Chrimasnd altugh this is a tragit t this eleven ye old little girl. They were family the best Christmas gift. T gift of life Brooks to rose KTVU fox two news wt a brave little girl foraving her sister and then gngack and for the rest of her family well speakingh school student got a huge rprise in clahen her sailors sister who’s been ploy orsea for months are veryn fo ten Phoenidays Daniel Mleras me on thi rpri in spris Chrtmas ca ear for a willow canyo high sr ster surpred her with a gift that money. Can’t buy. It was no ordinary day at school for tumn Williams her sister deployed overss. Oboar the S bor for nearly a year Sh surprised her ltle siste toda Itas amazing she’so grown a fo smaer. lliamsad no ider ster haeen planni thi for ms about halfway through deployment-heerlwaysn she’s li Ie su cou dohat fornde surprisin yoknowt’s en aile nce I e the and she’s – heo sister ts for is lonhas en har Ralp. Shalwe th’re ke have ear. So ah Ias definely rough begway but I’m hap to be ho I he a I do thisor you now the arpass them and shotis he st in time. For the holidays Yel Milloxen new a peoe judge jus poppe up he he comi up ne. As mehat And theost or d

weight was there and making FOR e you becse he h smuch initutional knoedgele wh onhere wre at ght no But ishere we have commity lders- businsqualy lderi ownersill o lfie. We dneed t llaboreederally yes- and at’s wree’re vy list to ve. So Inow. You ve me questns where- actuly Iot t vironmtal justiecau I te I gotccurred t llowshor the alus progra Thrgh ts reseah in thtruckn mountain of m rearching ow So en cing back to uthhe and tn realizg likf e nothe are affting this i Arizonad lookg more to.ike tryg somee arend the they row getoreu me to sg i liforn therillin cld stop. Tthano n no actuay overhere t view dfood. ll I tnk one thehinge yeahnd I’ve talketo peoe thatre c ndidat in e comi up-he democric r whicwill andhen othng ople a sayin all t green enys gam disays a bch of has com to mean many differe saw alltarty sayin what eaf a grneweal shoul lookike. Is o that mes foss fuels wh swift spss awa frn thatove towardhe lonr term goal tt by twey fift re carn neual buthat’s not a o dt fure w ask we tta be mong now irder to ha a you n see theilestosAnd beeen herand tre twenty twentyivt ratef renewabnergy ing into thera e techlogy to tt that ft I me twey twentyive yes d someew pow plantbut we cod do i. By twentthirty ink we n and en twey thirtyive we trsitiong. The vehics many owhice n ten. Abobout tnty foy en hea vehles- tough will havo at e idea by twenty fty. The entire en r ound ts thisear thon no. Bu w esn acally cate. Thr milli w joboe have tbreak th ia thatouan eitr have aood enc tn clime because- first nothg is t greattg constae. Certae e from aown whe tre’s still a t of js ithe an induries a goingo haveo adapt. Bs g ouobsou don have to acally u tt mu aginatioo see som othe rit he a I ares. Se of them arery – builngradesnsulats elecical wkers tt some o- pluers e workhat’soing tbe ed. Tretrofithe buiings at exi and me the more newuild stuhat th’sd ing be mo thindiffert peoe innSo I politicsaved

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