hello everybody welcome to our PlayStation experience pre-show we’re gonna be talking about whatever it is Sony is gonna be giving us tonight I am here with the one the only the legend himself Michael Caine Hubert oh ho thank you yeah Kyle boss me and Ian hate there yeah so we’re talking about PlayStation experience and the first thing I want to get out the gate is Sony has been tweet treating this kind of strangely yeah their whole language surrounding this event is like it’s gonna be it’s gonna be chill man don’t worry about it yeah and so my first question for you is is what do you think this means are we are we already pinning too many hopes and dreams YES on what we’re about to see what is it gonna be in uh I heard I heard rumors that it’s gonna be man on couch with some trailers behind him answering questions no see man on couch with trailers behind it it could be good or bad it could be great you know if you’ve got she but it could be the word man right depends on what this behind the man okay yeah so it’s all about what the trailers are behind the man yeah I’m looking I’m behind every good man a good better trailer I’m thinking it’s very their language is very calculated you know we came off of the e3 of Sony dreams and then the next year was really really good but because the hype was so high everyone was kind of let down yeah so I feel like they’re getting out in front of it right now to kind of temper everybody’s xpeke expectations right I still think there’s gonna be some big some big bombs a calculating big bomb big bombs okay boss so Kyle Bosch mini bombs yeah when we’re opening with that trailer yeah behind the man on the couch yeah what what do you think they start off with what sets the tone for this this evening there Oh Ben you know what it’s going to be a shot of the Colossus mm it’s gonna set the tone what kind of message is that sending everybody we’re not gonna bring out a lot of new announcement but you like this but you like but you like there’s still good games remasters only but it’ll be fun everyone’s freaking out about our table being crooked our table is crooked okay I love it like approximately four feet it would worry me more is an Amazon Prime box that’s got poops all berries I don’t know I think that’s a good representation of where easy Alice is right now easy allies pre PlayStation pre-show brought to you by Saul berries I like that you brought that up I do I like that so you birth with PSX the message that I’ve always kind of gotten is and let’s celebrate our best stuff let’s reach into the past yeah let’s let’s hype up the things that we’ve got coming what do you think he’s going to be kind of like the key title for tonight cuz they have a lot of options we have a list of games i we can talk about I would be shocked if it wasn’t gone for yeah I think gone war is the lock I think it is the marquee game of this PSX cuz the release is imminent yeah did they confirm the gate March something it was that like a rumor March not confirmed Marshall eat yeah okay gone over previous kind of our games have come out in March so it’s safe safe to assume right back do you think that we’ll get that confirmation tonight do you think that’ll be that kind of day the big story of PlayStation yeah Dave’s doing God of War dated wouldn’t be surprised to see a demo to God of War as a history of demos demo or boy that would be something yeah and then they can play it at the show for as well it’ll be there at the show for in so we have this whatever this is guy on couch where I was behind him this is coming after Game Awards yeah do you think that’s kind of dangerous for whatever this is do you think that kind of creates an expectation because we saw a lot of reveals last night that you could see here again tonight do you think there’s kind of an expect in there uh do we see I mean like I’m reading heat of shadows sanicboys if we see from Suffern that’d be great they said on their Twitter that we’ll hear something within the next twelve months right which could mean tonight they said it yesterday that’s 12-month but I doubt it we could still hear about from from from software it was different games yeah right there a rumored to be making three right yeah right what if they just come out and they’re like and here’s the new armored core yeah and then they’re like and here’s blood-borne two out right now put Zelda down

it’s blood-borne time another trailer last night a game that I really want to talk about Kyle I’m gonna swing this at yield sure a game that I think needs to be followed up on his ghost of Tsushima do we should gameplay from that do we see anything from that or is it still needing time to cook I’m afraid it needs some time to could sometimes I think it’s gonna come out soon it might even come out next year I think the games have been actually in development for long yeah but I think that I don’t think we’re gonna see more of it tonight I mean they have do they have a panel Chet let us know if they’re doing a panel for ghosts of Tsushima yes yeah I’m gonna go to that panel if they do I’m gonna say yes then if not I don’t know you know yeah I think we left a big one off actually been that I think is going I got a lot of games I think it’s gonna be there no matter what I think it’s gonna be second in line to God of War tonight days gone these gone yeah yeah good call a song Ben I get why you forgot it do I know yeah I feel like they debuted that one trailer it got people pretty hyped I feel like it was it was a name accepting God I’m not sure like I’m actually asking like an exciting part of the debut yeah the trailer fell flat right so I think they just rebranded it it’s called World War Z now I ghost of Tsushima we’ll have a panel so I think we will see more of it tonight okay exciting Thank You Bert since I’ve known you I think I’ve known you for close to six years at this point you know I think I don’t know time is time is a flat circle old did you ever since I’ve known you from the first year that I know you’ve been campaigning it for any sort of onion Lucia recognition whatsoever I know this ghost of Tsushima tempered that desire uh it depends you know neo did not really because it was neo is more in line with a different software type of game whereas Onimusha is more in line with Resident Evil mm-hmm so I would have to see how it plays sure you know you’re waiting to see waiting to sit you’re not there’s because there’s never too many feudal Japan games that’s true so yeah that’s true so whatever it is it’s good you brought another thing that I want to throw at you so yeah Kuzak you want me to do you think that’s something that we could see at the show whenever I think about PlayStation experience the messaging that they have taken with the acquisition in recent years this seems like a perfect Avenue for a mine I get my hopes up for nothing dude Chuck who’s a 6-pin yeah could be here could be here we got closed captioning on damiana and they’re just it’s just wildly repeating state yeah there’s I didn’t realize this Captain Crunch has cannon he’s got at least nine sub characters and it’s highly distressed wanna do is like scooby-doo it’s like Shaggy and scooby-doo had a kid yeah I’ll show the camera okay honey but then please put it away I gets distracted I can’t think about Sony right now I’m distracted by God we got to put it away to show the camera yeah no way Kyle yes thrown it to you spider-man we’re that’s coming up next Oh we’ll stay on you okay but we gotta get through this first question well I look at the list of things that Sony’s likely to talk about there’s a lot of stuff that we already know about that it’s coming out relatively soon yeah and so in my mind it could kind of see this show being just a continuation of that like a final push for these things we’ve got like Monster High world we’ve got the updated version Street Fighter 5 we’ve got Secret of Mana coming we’ve got Shadow of the Colossus we’ve got spider-man we’ve got Detroit do you think that will be kind of the the cadence of this show or do you expect some sort of bombshell at some point so my real expectations been my my highest expectations are are for more ps1 remasters mmm last year we saw the parappa thing announced that PSX we saw loco loco and Patapon and so I want something on that level yeah we’re is evil – I keep my mind it’s a spiral like the one that would be like I think that’s the max we can expect right I think that is the max but you know now that we’ve kind of broken down that crash bandicoot door it feels a lot more possible than it did in the past forming well though I thought like didn’t parappa not do very well prophet did not a crash did yeah well crash yeah but probably I mean I didn’t receive the level of attention that crash did yeah uh well again I guess like at least the local real code I’m switching sides the look of Rome : sequel did come out so like they did another them to continue do ya Chad I see you I think Ape Escape would be really cool to escape that’s a good pic Chad and whenever I do my episodes about

what I want to see APUs cape is it like real always one of the most commented Syphon Filter boy it would be fun to reflow I haven’t played APUs cape in ages I remember that being like the the thing that was selling you the DualShock yeah it was a big I got them hand in hand yeah yeah yeah wasn’t there a bed of oh yeah t-shirt for ape escape t-shirt yeah in the shop will there be name if there’s an ape escape release I might get that question wrong so in a lair like we like to do it easy allies we’re gonna we’re gonna it’s a pie in the sky dreams you’re gonna we’re gonna hear hubris a reson evil to remake at some point in this pre-show but I want to know realistically beyond shadows die twice what do you want to see what do you want to see here I mean beyond the other two from software games yeah yeah without side of the realm from software right I know I know it once will tell me what I want cuz I don’t know tell me what you want Regan’s Dogma Oh Dragon’s Dogma online in the West Dragon’s Dogma – I feel like we turned a realistic portion into apply this game which is okay I mean I do you mentioned it already I do want to see more Monster Hunter world yeah and I think it would make sense cuz the betas this weekend right um I just want to see more of it but yeah Tommy honey is chat hearing this music what no this is the most insane loop it is it’s basically like a title screen menu for like a PlayStation 1 game it’s like I’m here hope seconds long give it a second good demon scream has it released oh that reads yes there’s the loop that’d be something I mean they just shut down what they did shut down a service yeah me yeah for game oh man yeah guaranteed Raptor tweets they pay that listen it’s kind of way to say this but PSX feels like the remaster parade yeah this is oh yeah prey on nostalgia most heavily and you raise it down raise it on Michael Huber crazy worried oh I’m worried though because the first PSX was like whoa and then this and then the second video sex was not low really yeah like they’ve been getting worse if I came out and and they’re like here we got to keep it chill because expectations are just too much because they announced Final Fantasy 7 remake at e3 so I feel like there are there are two elephants in the room here that we need to talk about yeah we need to talk about the final 9 to 7 remake right I need to talk about Kingdom Hearts 3 right it does not seem likely that any of that either of those have a meaningful presence here do do any of the panelists disagree we still have a date for 7 so like if a shadow dropped a demo for one of those it would like break the reality I would love the same yeah oh love to see you know the time is right the time is perfect I would love to see Star Wars world in Kingdom Hearts 3 coming out so how does that how does it open for you who are we talking to who’s escorting us around Star Wars world is it ray yeah it’s gotta be ray that felt shorter than you Luke Luke shows up at some point Sora battling it Luke with a lightsaber because Luke is like what the hell is going on wait young Luke are old Luke old Luke spoilers fighting Sora I don’t want to see that dude spoiler cover your eyes okay uh I think then I think realistically like we’re dreaming too big already if we’re talking square enix so our last sphere I think is like the peak plus we’re yeah yeah like losses here so I wouldn’t – visitor we lost fear last year lost fear I believe it is loss are you trying to get memories back a little bit is lost hey someone in chat the other day said dark cloud 3 which I thought well we’ve gone would be I just mm-hmm I feel like they’ve already got a lot going on Kyle where do you think like what do you see on the screen where like there’s no hope anymore like this whatever seeing is is kind of a bust is going to remain of us where do you as Kyle bossman lose hope anything Battlefront to anything oh yeah if it’s like and now we’re gonna show you something cool about that – we should probably take our headsets off and go home well we’ll just stream an empty dance for the rest of the night yeah yeah we should Dino Crisis yeah all right side Eve all so Hubert and yet over there’s just a crisis bear said Eve you were you’re a bad dreams Joe if you

had to pick one thing that you could see just even a sliver of tonight what would it be it’s Resident Evil 2 it’s been two and a half years since they announced that they were making it and we haven’t even seen Oh like a logo really it we haven’t seen a screenshot we did like that was like a work in progress logo that was like Microsoft Word typing in res evil to know as we do yeah yeah that was in 2015 middle of 2015 so I would just love anything would you be satisfied with not a hero footage I’m kind of media blackout on not a hero okay I’m gonna be actively disruptive to you yeah it’d be hard you know like I kind of want to watch it but at the same time if I’m ever media blackout it’s definitely for DLC because it’s so short usually right so like anything they shut up attentional the ruin yeah like anything they show from not heroes is most likely gonna be big mm-hmm that made me think I wonder if they’re gonna show anything from let it die like a little expansion or something yeah because I love that Ian you know the not a hero and the end of Zoey DLCs are coming they come out next week so I just think like a one-two punch of that and a resin Evil remake to showing would be it would be huge thank I you what it what is it did loop I think is genuinely setting my expectations for the quality of the stream I get it listen it serving you it’s it’s like I had to take the headset office it is frankly driving me crazy it’s kind of like putting me in this weird like manic space man yes so kind of thinking about this yeah does this loop indicate to you that maybe they just kind of threw it into the last minute yeah well yeah I want to time this loop jam it was time to lube I hope she I can hear this like even like you look at Paris games week they had custom graphics especially for Paris nice yeah the budget was high TGS gets new graphics and things like that look at were looking at right now stay tuned this is this is we’ve seen this graphic before do you think this loop indicates battlefront to TV spot okay I’m gonna go from drop to drop nervous yeah yeah just one big announcement just one so we’ve said this before about PSX do you think this will be a place where they talk about like PlayStation 4 upcoming features yeah I mean forgiving if they haven’t learned their lesson we’ll hear from view tonight we’ll hear from what’s up with PlayStation now well here like some kind of specs about sales like who knows like I’m putting my expectations in the trash for this where do they find this loop by the time yeah for this loop okay yeah just one oh that’s the 33 second loop that you like the person whose job it is to pick the loop did a bad job they were just like they went to epidemic meet music and clicked techno and then just downloaded the first thing without even listening to it and I love them for it sure I’m into this it’s so bad I love it we talked a little bit about follow ups from the Game Awards and there were a bunch that we didn’t mention so we’ve got like in the valley of the guys from the Firewatch developers we’ve got which fire we’ve got like Metro Exodus we’ve got I got a question which fire do we think that was real I totally a.m it looked too good to me no it looks really good I think really that’s all gameplay oh I’ll make it better I know this sweet yeah I’ll bet you okay so we have steaks cube yeah you have to scream pain killer if it is the vanishing village so you have to scream you think are okay and I already I already beat it I’ll play it again sure but I mean how do we know whether was get real or not we gotta find the scoops will they be at PSX I’ll go ask him on camera was that real yeah you don’t even preface the question but was it real was it real excuse me sir who are you chances it’s real chances all right I’ll trust you check chess is real I’ll bet seven all right so you were you you suggested the list I don’t think it’s gonna happen at all tried quest 11 during quest 11 why do you think it’s gonna be there cuz it came out in Japan yeah last year and it’s usually about a year later yeah and that would put it right around III times so if they want one last push in the public eye before III which is still like six months away seven months away I think now now is the time just a little little date little look even a commercial you know if they’re wedging and commercials in

between guests will spot have a little dragon quest 11 spot with a Western release right yeah I I can’t wait to watch the dragon quest 11 ad and you’re in it and you didn’t know it’s that Japanese ad when they’re done playing the game and they’re so happy here in the new one good suggestions from chat I think ninokuni to it would be an easy walk I think that is a game that every time everyone sees it they’re pretty excited about it February now isn’t it get annoyed past that I know I believe these February is that right Donnie oh my gosh it’s so soon da manha can’t hear me got me I choose not to hear seep in the loop what we’ve lost them here Earth Defense Force five just came out in Japan’s easy win for me yep do we see any ears defense force it’s really good yeah I believe yeah I don’t know I don’t know if it’s gonna come sorry Ben was it the good one or the bad one the last TGS we saw a good Earth Defense Force and this is Force anthers Defense Force it is like as you know and love it okay and we’re putting a little bit more emphasis on presentation yeah but it’s still you shoot a rocket launcher at the ant the ant does it has the most hilarious ragdoll physics ever like it’s and the frame rate is like it’s Tula yeah well the river was fine and would have played so far all right let’s see we got to get to the legend yeah yeah downloaded it I guess yeah so it turns out Nino can be is January so they gotta go have January heavy now’s the time sir they are at e3 with ninokuni they had what they basically showed off is uh I feel like would be prime for a demo they basically threw seconds there’s different things is that something where it’s like hey we’re gonna release to your demo show that III section here tonight as a shadow drop for Huber I’m coyote happen you know it worked for Final Fantasy 15 they had a bunch of demos yeah let’s do it let’s do RPG demos it gets to IG demos again but yeah yeah okay they’re gonna announce that Kingdom Hearts 3 will come with the Final Fantasy 7 demo right after the Star Wars level you know but it’s for pre-orders of the Platinum Edition yeah yeah yeah they’re $95 one yeah there are a lot of things I miss from the ps1 that’s probably the thing I missed the most yeah give me give me the hotly-anticipated damn like buying zone of the enders to play the Metal Gear Solid 2 damn right so good feeling yeah going to dream catcher to see the Animatrix what that’s the only reason because see T cream catcher it’s a deep cut six minutes six minutes left they’re always late we haven’t talked about spider-man yet we have not talked about swear you know I said I was gonna come back I um I feel like spider-man is in terms of things that are important to you in the video games right now let’s top of the list we’re thinking about okay yeah yeah all right so tell me tell me more about this demo demo that controls its own pacing you know what I mean so I expect not to see a trailer I mean we got a really cool demo from e3 where spider-man or spider-man but I want that I want the Peter Parker demo now so we see what it means actually play as Peter Parker just taking pictures yeah I mean we saw that you get to play as Mary Jane as well and so maybe that’s involved with what they get to show us tonight as well but yeah because we get to play as Mary Jane yeah oh no that’s spider-gwen nevermind spider-gwen is not in the game not in the game she’s in a whole other canon she’s a holder University like in her universe Peter Parker dies nice yeah so that makes her turn into go like this I saw a spider-man come on go bail in there last weekend that’s a good flick it’s a fun time which department spider-man who can I saw his first time last weekend it’s good man in the chair man in the chair when they release that yeah poster of all the people coming to infinity work yeah seeing that they got him yeah I was like yeah all right manage it nobody host he’s there’s like a big done already yes man it was a big like 40 characters thing and he was on it I talked about from your faces that this loop has made me insane yeah you got to take it off trust me it really will drive you I’m too [ __ ] hot you might make it mid you managed manic yeah I feel like we’re spiritually changed this so I’m obliged to ask you will we get a shadow drop down for spider-man from insomniac no okay thank you thank you for we’re not ready for that we’re not ready you’re not ready for it oh we’re not ready are we not worthy both both okay

well you know what we had a tough year well we are worthy everyone is worthy everyone is worth – yeah we’re not ready for the world needs it yeah Shamu HD Qbert so there are things that I know you’re looking forward to where I was able to remake chef Reese what’s with something that we haven’t heard of from Michael Huber that you you’re dreaming about what’s something that you haven’t shared with the world yet um it’s been a while since I’ve shared it but I knew rocksteady made a game oh yeah I’d love to see anything Batman from Rocksteady I was so sure Rocksteady was gonna be at the game yeah I’m gonna keep teasing us on Twitter I don’t know I don’t think their new thing is gonna be Sony exclusive I mean Batman VR was for a year but like I don’t think they’re gonna reveal tonight I think it’s gonna be three before our e3 is the right place for a new Roxton oh but it’s fine you can we’ll think you know existence I don’t doubt my machine six months see we were doing so I was watching the email Wars by my lonesome last night kind of just interpreting things on myself I honestly thought that Soul Calibur 6 looked great I thought that was a really good trainer worries let me know yeah engine that lighting it just gets the job done listen you want to make something will get the way you’re gonna sword fighting game yeah whatever alright we could do that will Bayonetta be in Soul Calibur yes yes the switch version this time I think Soul Calibur did it not have switch on the bottom the trailer though I feel like that was the one that did one of them didn’t and we were like no switch invited back there’s some I can’t remember things about and according to the rumors is not gonna be announced until III but rumors are rumors we have to talk so we have to talk about it and we can dream the number one thing for me the thing that would send me through a roof the roof not a roof not any random roof the titular proof is Devil May Cry 5 what are the chances being Hank um 56 percent 56 percent that was a lot higher than I was expecting yeah I bossman give me a percentage that rumor was so specific I’m all in on it there’s a 12 percent chance we’ll see don’t lay down to 12 yeah Cobo spin 98 percent chance we see double may cry that calculated announcement of the HD collection coming out that’s too tight albertalli 3 98 percent yep rosante rises tonight okay so we’re gonna ask you hubert what what’s what’s the other 2% doing the other 2% is if like the guy with the footage is stuck in traffic [Applause] [Laughter] I don’t want else to go from there getting over at console release oh we’re at any minute right now or any minute it’s so nice Oh probably like five ten minutes so last minute dreams definitely just is some cool HD ps1 games PC with skip highest among them maybe skip heisman what’s below everyone for general a BBC and watch the show speculation over crowd noise that’s oh that’s a big stage that’s a presentation on the couch any couch that’s real be okay that’s a [ __ ] I’m nervous every time this happens now it can be hyped again right yeah Anaheim a meal a CG render Center yeah all right they got custom graphics CG rendering you’ve – Emma – Digital PSX

evening download right now 50x music ah yeah whoa is this be without logo and yet contacts thunder the movie contact yeah there’s a lot of people fighting part of the PlayStation might I saw like a Damiani switch from Kyle right there and it’s quite embarrassing to lose oh I forgot about me what is the name of that game with a kid her Feeny game yeah oh yeah yeah we all collectively forget it ah yes lots of cutting to the why here will there be a destiny to commercial in tonight oh yeah always there must be country to country Jeannie it’s like an anxious and nervousness we had humor at like reasonable expectation now he’s got a boss sir this is very ps3 era starting off with the montage yeah 4 star 5 I’d like to be 5 of the crowd though people are going nuts don’t be disappointed so now we’re moving the psvr stuff that’s happening here yeah I saw that silence this one that loop really drove your hi-yah hi-yah you’re too high brain it in mono front – yeah that’s good what’s on your mind man come on Ashima alright do it out so Ian I do you think there’s a couch the onion yes there is a couch in two chairs at least assume that part was accurate yeah it looks like several couches yeah it does not vote well the couches couches Wow PC showcase we can have a couch at pcs okay not this time yeah oh is that a little near in there rigid yes all right there I think that’s why I just ate my name is Sylar they didn’t want to get hype people hi yeah right I was a settled epigraphic stack please welcome Shawn and Sid Schumann you’re right about watch those hands too that charlatan change who does it when he sits experienced thank you so much for coming Sean is this a furniture convention I for sure got the hands more than 40 different segments here right and hopefully ending up with those nice postmodern gray this is awesome it all series this folks it is unbelievable to be here again at another PlayStation experience so exciting to have all of you here I really give yourselves a round they could announce nothing and I’m ready I wish he came out up here with my friends so thank you so much yeah thanks for coming everybody yeah it’s incredible great yeah he’s unzip in that jacket it’s Sean it’s been a heck of a year Wow it’s been a crazy year 2017 and I think we saw a lot of great game releases any Uncharted fans out there my friends in Amsterdam pulled together with horizon zero dawn and then without tell me just kind of what’s great too is the year got off to such an incredible start Resident Evil 7 one of my absolute

favorites this year do you haven’t played that in PlayStation VR you haven’t played it in I think everybody’s golf that’s true every game can we get something love for my golf course listing all the incredible games that came out this year all right but we got a little bit more other things to do that’s right yes that’s right and you know I mean I think it’s it’s just it’s such a special year and I mean then we had Paris games week I mean you know when really well we saw the reveal of sucker-punches new opus ghosts their new host of Tsushima yeah that’s gonna be great you saw some of that in the trailer right now but there was a lot that happened in 2017 and we can talk about that and we can we can share some some some of our memories of that with everybody here but 2018 is going to be another tremendous year for PlayStation both in ps4 and Ria’s very afraid we’re also gonna bring you top developers right here I think it’s something like the PlayStation experience unique and special as you folks can be right here with us all of our friends right here thus all the furniture that’s and all this furniture right here we’re gonna try to build a super group up here you can tell us what you think at the end but I think it we have a special night here ahead of us we have some old friends dropping by Sean yeah we’re gonna have our group chairman and the house is in the house that’s right Lee can we join us later with with our old friend mark Cerny that’s right ps4 System Architect mark sure he’s dropping by ok Cory bar log from Santa here tonight right the taxis outside we think you’re running with Cory’s gonna read deliver a report then get right back to the studio I get that get that work done but and we’re having Media Molecule yeah Media Molecule through names you guys check out the game of words last night you see that new trailer yeah something’s wrong credible we’re also gonna take another look at concrete Genie here a little bit later tonight one we’re all very very I don’t like it when I tell you that was the Paris this year some updates on managing a break take a peek or two it the PlayStation experience show floor which I know a lot of your check out over the weekend and it was easier than a heart attack yeah I think there’s more than a surprise or two indeed super excited for our the panels we got going on great line really killer panel lineup I think the best we’ve ever had I mean look at this stuff here honey dog doing not one but two panels the cast of wait to see what these guys are up to with the counting plus so it’s just a lot of great stuff yes can we talk about that show floor yes the show floor we were taking a look at that earlier today it’s like nothing we’ve done before we have some photos I think too if we could can we put this on the screen Dave’s gone I mean that’s an experience right there that’s the entryway so you’re gonna have to find it we only find out gonna find out yeah because they’re gonna fill in the devs another one I’m really excited about it’s incredible Shadow of the Colossus way do you see this this is one of the key colossi from the game you will be able to climb up the back top of the key cards put that sword right it’s incredible I mean that’s just a taste there’s so much more than so I hope you all check it out tomorrow let us know what you think got a lot of PlayStation VR here I know not everyone gets a chance to go on with this oh this is the information the information is here the inpatient Supermax well that was nice of Oz to sit in the wheelchair like that yeah we take away all this yeah here we go about silence yeah I was like as you just talking about someone in the know let’s play the demo it’s incredible so it’s not for the faint of heart not a very cool around 80 label PlayStation VR experiences here over the weekend and so lots to see and do on the PlayStation VR front but actually Sean speaking of PlayStation VR right I believe we do have a new PlayStation VR game to reveal here tonight yes we do and I think it’s really important though this is the West couple days experience

it because it’s not as being about on the web you can have a gaming experience like that you’ll never really know what it’s like so please but next couple of days get in there and do that because we have a new game we’re announcing tonight called firewall firewall zero hour I think is the full is a full title let’s take a look on the first gameplay we’re seeing a firewall no this is actually go to the first at first contact entertainment there’s serious 4v4 is a very early sneak peek for all of you here firewall yes succeeds either a dual shock or your PlayStation VR aim controller to be in that that’s right it’s on the floor here you’ll be able to play this weekend what does we have on the VR front anything else we have a gift and a year ago we launched one of my most favorite games The Last Guardian any Last Guardian fans latarian BRR it was such a seminal moment for my career cuz I think I’ve been working on that game my entire we were able to ship it last year around this time and in the meantime wait asan and the group have come together and they’ve made a VR experience based in the world of Last Guardian will you’ll be able to go in there and experience that with with Treecko calling calling the beast and moving across a level it’s probably 20 minutes a game play that’s not yeah PlayStation C or December 12th here in the US and Europe Shawn do you think treecko’s feathers are more plush and downy and BR well I think you can only rubbed them one way but yes unless I push it down it would be one way to call yeah there is there and you’ll be able to call it our fine feathered friends girl yeah it is you know flutter fly so please make some time to doing that a couple days and get in and try this and then out on December 12 go home download it and play enjoy your Christmas that’s really weird why why not max Guardian VR demo look one of those three days by insects to play first time eh but wait there’s more there is more there is no um you know we like to go back from time to time and look at some of our classic catalog games we have because we believe that you know he’s not great good it’s always a great game he sometimes you have to refresh and mystify because he on new platforms because sadly you can’t go out and buy a ps1 and and and play it so but we this one classic is we’ve taken a game we delivered last year we brought wipeout back and now we’re gonna bring out wipeout VR yeah let’s check out the trailer yeah white foam has always been that kind of game where it’s like okay that’s fun I’ve like you just never noticed right now yeah it’s like it I believe you that it’s very good you I don’t know scatter of ER is the worst that I felt for sure I SPR brag about how it doesn’t give him the Cui’s at all that’s a Brad thing psvr makes me sick immediately and this will have the VR capabilities to the to the game you have now you have to supply your own air sickness bags we can’t give you any hope of that yeah and it’s coming early it’s an inferior product yep it’s on schedule

on time I think it’s strong starts great shadow the Colossus won’t gonna be playable on this all playable on the show floor and Chapel Colossus is is being played on PlayStation 4 Pro and wait’ll you see that it is stunning amazing but I you know before we get into all the 2018 stuff cuz we got some more to talk about there I got a lot of chairs there got a lot of chairs here so I wanted to revisit what I think is 2017 s biggest game so please welcome Herman L host from guerrilla games big game said it didn’t win anything I think he’s doing a good job of hosting this by the way oh yeah he’s working with what he’s got yeah for what this is he’s doing ladies and gentlemen please welcome Herman Hulst it’s very good it’s a very good suit can I borrow your copy yeah or you go Shawn Leighton is Andy rip during it yeah getting pushed aside for 40 hours yeah well I mean from my perspective horizon zero dawn I mean it’s that’s one hell of a year I am thinking about intensive actually of you guys and we we hear about it and we see people being so active yeah oh my god so many surprises I would say the just just a feedback the show we’ve had such amazing treehouse week up sessions as a male that’s Shawn four that gives me from president of the treehouse game studios yeah it’s the highest neutral natural he just sent his note that’s his daughter’s John I haven’t played the games they rearranged the furniture so that they have breakfast like a low these kind of responses or instead the cosplayers so many forget sheer amount of time that people spend in the spective one of the reasons I’m so pleased the horizon be such a huge hit is because well damiana single-player game I love single-player dance I mean if I think it’s fair to say it’s sort of it seems like people still want them what are you thinking I’ve answered that question but I think you’re dead man there no you know the strange thing is it’s by far our best selling game and it’s the first I don’t really get that much to pause when you go for it yeah somebody like myself sometimes you’re after this kind of magical it’s actually crazy they’re always like an interesting as horizon character is interesting and

unique as a boy so you don’t want to be interrupted you want to be in that magic scale and stay there and times a single-player game can be absolutely couldn’t agree more Herman you’re gonna stay with us here tonight and we’re gonna have some other folks dropping in thank you so much Herman horizon is not the only pirate of baby horizon anyone interested in a small handcrafted artisan franchise by the name of God of War but he’s gonna stay out yeah dude the form of the Justice League Rose I think I just wish they’d ask me I don’t know more meaty questions yeah well we gave how awesome is your game yeah do you trust your wife ladies and gentlemen please welcome kogai buddy w lucha now you have a missing man he’s he’s gonna Andy Richter run off this casting – no see you here that’s all right well you know what I’m gonna cut to the chase on this one we got a little bit of a status check on God or how’s that one coming along apparently it’s really intense he looks like a green screen but you know I gotta get some clear glasses yeah you feeling confident Cory oh absolutely feeling good about things I would love to be able to tell the release date so I don’t have that right now but I can tell you a little bit more about it now we are in the play testing phases in fact this week we just finished up play test and over the last like four or five plates as we’ve been clocking in I think the total game play time is somewhere in the arena of 25 to 35 hours I’m into this we made it a long yeah it’s twice as big as we expect it that’s funny so Shawn you know question I’ve been wondering about if I heard Cory obviously has a very unique vision here for God of War it is quite a shift where what we’ve seen from the last six six games I think it is in the series so what was it about maurice fish and his vision that sold worldwide studios on this new god of war bribe well he said he’s shipping 2018 glory has so much expertise and knowledge and and special secret skills as if he might have sat in some library that’s not a school channel and so when he took me through his vision for the game and really taking it to a new place not only by you know by the camera angle but the type of story were telling a more a more narrative driven and not not so like brawler driven kind of game I thought this is exactly the place where we need to take some of the God of War franchise it it keeps it true to its roots you know it was exactly what a bit loquacious like that but this is the guy who’s already shipped his game and this is the guy who’s bigger than I expected I can say that basically telling me it’s large its large so but in a big world like that how do you sort of keep a narrative focus like how do you stay on track with the player oh very very very carefully uh I mean playtesting honestly has really helped us a lot

rumor that he was world but the bus is always a few steps away no matter what you do so it’s kind of a fun exploration the music loops table it’s got a mess the tour bus we use the analogy of a theme park just around the corner your Disneyland for make it arises your adult bus we said before this the bass managed expectations I think they did not matter we got you here I wanted to run through the latest gameplay footage actually that we saw Paris all right from the bottom layers they should have said we may be done right away at night yeah I was talked about playtesting low-key talk-show still having a system for the kids ability to talk in-game the banter system we call it so at Reyes in the game wasn’t fully talking a lot so when we made this video I was dropping the audio in without us having play tested it so I treat this video a little bit like it was a giant play test with the world so we sort of discovered as we sent it out in a play test that was happening almost the same time this was coming out they were like oh man he talks too much we need to chill that out a little bit so it was kind of a fantastic realisation this right here is just a little bit of the moment-to-moment combat showpiece whether whether you’re new so it’s kind of honeycombed with secrets and extra put that in the marketing it is absolutely honeycombs do that hmm he just said honeycombs to know I remember there being something from the end of this particular that’s the revenant one of the characters that we’ve introduced in the los pages and those are characters of Caesar magic and they’ve been doing it for so long they’ve kind of lost their it’s like it is cool there’s like some dungeons in God of War six games so I should be the seventh game I believe in the God of War sub that’s right so how do you keep up with fan expectations I mean there’s a there’s a big history with this title there really is permission this is a labor of love for everybody at Santa Monica so a lot of people it’s cool it’s just this game because of expectations of what peers like games some have fan games come from somewhere like this is right now do you have any words of wisdom any advice lots of comfort no so the Corey’s known in a place where you’re peak productivity every hour counts I really don’t know what he’s doing here right now she should be back but it said it’s also the most interesting phase in the project where everything kind of falls into place and I know because we’re pretty close guerilla games and Santa Monica studio we actually visit each other we do an exchange program we have a lot of people that have been on site of this team and I know that these guys are in a situation now where everything is falling into place it’s gonna be magical I can’t wait to visit soon yes everybody else goes out with a she’s open right Cory I check out the God of War booth that’s actually Wow so you’ll be able to with Shawn brave enough to conjoin a

face appeal they’ve had a conversation about think we’re gonna have some other guest dropping by here like June now or May or June screams Wow all right well please turn them shiburin ready from medium molecule Dawn’s dream lab I mean I’m actually pretty stoked for dreams dreams is a game I really need to play right it’s hard – ladies and gentlemen please welcome Siobhan ready that’s Siobhan not Siobhan it is hang on Siobhan come on hello welcome thank you this is the more relaxing seat this is so relaxing so busy heads down get it ready getting dreams ready for everybody so we’re so excited to be here PSX Hollywood project I swear yeah innovative new experiences to everybody and can’t wait to see what you’re gonna do it how would you describe dreams I mean it seems like a game that’s kind of hard to describe if I’m Frankie well I mean so he did make LittleBigPlanet and for us dreams is our next step into the play crate share domain and what um you know the trailer that we released last night like three important thing about that announced our story mode and sort of showed what the story is that we’re making but also the really important thing about that like all of the characters animation everything everything was made in dreams for us that’s what’s you know a big differentiator and so really it is like that next step one is the play crochet this looks cool it looks a little big planet I love Terra it’s not a tight confined crush on you and we decided that instead of just going with one type of gameplay one type of look we would do the three so this is a sci-fi and we also have these the film lasts anymore or short click adventure and there is the child Scholesy which is kind of classic it yeah I think we’re seeing this we’re not we’re not seeing it’s it looks it’s so interesting yeah so different yeah yeah well that’s we’re not sit at the plate because we want to show people the breadth of what can be done with the tools and know this theme here the nuclear-free was just absolutely gorgeous the whole thing was just drop-dead stunning and for us like it was really important so that you bring in these you know paints and the university’s characters here we have a map and so this is sort of how you the dream is laid out their secrets a new song as you play through it this is a free build yeah yes it was the idea of like taking these three different settings and sort of binding them together into an inter wave in there that is straight up top not to belabor the point but you’ve made all of this in the Commons voice came that’s right all of it is running real time and dreams that’s right yeah sort of does the rabbit hole go when it comes to genres I mean I mean can you make like racing games they make RPG apps can you amaze I mean any I mean I think we learned from lvp is give people the tools we have we saw the most extraordinary things and really started talking so it’s just so much deeper than

lb page so I mean for us like we you know we’re so excited a question is absolutely this guy’s why not why not just them I think that’s a really good question I think the director doesn’t know that this is actually new stuff I see so it’s like screen for me right simply doesn’t know I would have had a release date today had I had if dreams is you give that actually Chabon right yeah so with we’re ready getting ready yeah no release the mattress crazy beta or something to really launching some kind of a shadow Johnson don’t you have beta preamp right along freedom yeah we’re now seeing the exact dates just yet but to get to get it to the surface human error yeah and and so are your sister studios with in the world would say well you know I’m sure you got a copy early right yeah well we’d love to do the jam worldwide studios Jam like how cool would that be various no I’m into it all right thank you firing everyone Africa war we’re doing a game you know I mean what do you guys think you want to play a game myself play game with us Oh calm now Yahtzee any ideas about a fun game to play with friends to play Yahtzee right here on this stage we’re not gonna play over cooked up there we’re gonna be waived unintel dawn before in the group setting yes we’re gonna play Detroit become human [Applause] please welcome Guillaume from Quantic Dream it’s been out for 65 years but now it’s out okay fight Tod so do you think they’re gonna have some like phone integration with this for like decision-making on the mirror yeah they have the right for Detroit PD out first – yeah Detroit isn’t the other version it’s Christmas yeah the very first PlayStation experience by the way where the tech demo Cara what happens to Cara when she goes out into the world and so david cage and the team started to work on you know what happens when she comes out and so we imagine this world in about 20 years when human-like androids a really common place so they’re everywhere they start actually most jobs show has begun and so in the game you’re going to play as three of these androids Cara of course I am excited like this is all news right very different but same thing like seven different like I feel like they almost shouldn’t have died please you have to get out there and say here’s where we’re at today so you’re really good showing on werden yeah and I love games like this I love games like this and the great news is this is playable here this weekend at PlayStation experience but I don’t want to wait why did you write yeah I want it all I’m gonna open my presents right now so Guillaume take your position please um we’ll be playing on ps4 Pro and here’s what’s gonna happen it’s all these early bird ticket holders out there you’re gonna help Guillaume make decisions in this game and you’re gonna do that by making noise

right I don’t hear you well so please context we’re playing this hostage scene which is the very first scene in the game we’re playing as Connor Connor is a prototype this is like a locate deviant androids androids that all of a sudden do something wrong and so we’re going into this hostage scene where the house down there and enjoyed I’m gonna write down a stick and we’re going to try and save the girl we saved the kid Wow it’s like we’ve seen this clip though Ben I know seven times right it wasn’t even just like we saw it the last one it’s like three last year’s out there’s the fish tank the the clues are there there’s a hostage situation on the roof like many wines um when I played this yeah there’s the fish tank give me the loop wow they really are showing this part yeah I can really move around the way I want okay so my god he can really move that so this is this would be cool if it was now I love the real actual live games like well yeah it’s not new and the trailer that showed this was pretty much just this one narrative of this one level it’s a lake it’s so unexpected yeah there’s no sound save the fish I actually have seen a few people [Applause] so one thing we do know a moment is that national fish decision has zero yeah a bunch of aces because their mind because of the character was ejected I asked when I was doing this demo really yeah I was like what could that possibly do he said not all of them do anything but like when you’re picking up clues things I can see that control ripple yeah what are they called and until done butterfly at moments very giant Manik vibes from the slowly and everything dude source can be good captain come on already shot down two of my men don’t easily get this is so HDR no they are in this one no I don’t think it has it that’s pretty flat I can ask him about the deviance name emotional shock this is kind of fun the audience’s fun he’s gonna do them all it doesn’t mess the activation it’s the first thing to try I don’t he I don’t think a good time to do them all i exceeded in kidnap so what did you deal with this [ __ ] Android now we’d invent this okay we should have asked a question here but okay so I’m Connor the investigator I have special abilities one of his abilities this is a really good way to demo if you can analyze evidence and then find all the evidence you can put them together and you enter into the reconstruct mode so you can basically reconstruct what has happened in a in a recent past so here for instance you can see that someone has taken this trial are I was like triangle as that entire from guys on or that sketch guys prompt to take the thing it’s just in the past in his world yeah and his work okay so we have unlocked something here apparently that we may use later in the game so I’m going to further invest – oh

there’s an apartment is actually fairly large you know that the bad guys stole the gun mmm see news there that’s not gonna help us audience oh nice audience follow the probability of success things I hadn’t actually seen that before oh so there’s just really nothing you have with the probability of success have a hard time with the swipe Oh God come on there you go deviance name is Daniel that’s gonna help us a lot maybe something that we can use later on so 20% but yeah that’s a big boost it’s a boost Wow we are press Y to hear and see you know those little yellow flags just don’t push our to now it’s now it’s just it’s just going every room you [ __ ] you hit that button and you just walk up to everything yellow clicking some things lowers it though you have the time don’t click on everything yellow still do you know let me in for that room as a detective well Damiani dude aggressive yawn message young setting a message get the clues dude what are you doing oh boy I’ve got patroller I have a basket you’re okay they came a bad controller deceased control it’s really part of the gameplay to also play with the camera try to find clues this is kind of creepy Gil okay we found something oh come on man jealousy oh that’s gonna be a huge boost that’s gonna be like what’s going to be replaced all right time is of the essence a softer binder gunshots interesting when a demo on cells you own a game is this on selling you yeah I love this what What’s it telling you just uh just the UH yeah I don’t know the amount of time things take and then it just tells you like Cody you were saying like it is just a search and find and then it your percentage goes up and then you do the thing you know it it takes my agency out I think it makes me feel like my choices matter less because I just have to get my percentage of conversation you want to understand that he will have outside with the hostage-taker is like the good parts of the game yeah the meaty stuff cuz then it’s not just like going to room hit the button go pick up the clues it’s like your dialogue choices matter and what you do in the moment but what I like about this actual scenario is you don’t have time to write found a weapon and the fact that you control the camera for these is cool like that’s like outsiders get the gun I just that’s probably a critical error I guess I just really hope that your treasures do really yeah let’s go so she’s playing another game GM like people can have wildly different endings

okay now we need to be quick looks good huh yeah it does kind of a bad play if you’re afraid of being replaced taking the child hostage each other slowly I like that you’re controlling this part we want the approach good shot yeah that was good that was good don’t examine no time no time don’t wake up no no no help the cop go pick you up put him out of his misery Oh Thank You charlie this is a bad call it’s losing blood don’t get him to a hospital he’s going to die All Humans die eventually what does it matter if this one dies now I’m going to apply a tourniquet tourniquet why should I do your no it’ll be nice yeah we got a missus stabilized we got a good news from why did we live about that okay so then why you locked quick am i emotional see this yeah this dog in the pool this you see that fire in the hole you can go to quick multi no shock motion shot this film in each other’s eyes businesses at 98 many a doctor who just gets cut in half how’s a chance did what you do get out of their set except this is a highly respected robot rationals and I want a car when I’m outside the city I’ll let her go [Applause] gotcha he would’ve gone over with the kid I’ve seen it happen if you shoot it I’ve seen the kid diner oh yeah I knew you would say that it’s actually interesting execute is the best possible outcome right no you can probably give him I guarantee you yeah you have yield so I think that was good that was probably the highlight of the show so far yeah that’s cool that’s cool I was save the fish and I’ll tell you I played that two or three different times I didn’t even know you could do that I I

would always talk him out of it or I mean I how many ways are there to solve that’s it there many ways and but more than the different endings and that’s true for this scene but for all the other scenes everything that you do has a consequence and so you have to experience it for yourself because watching someone play and playing it yourself is really different but we really try to comin out give players the possibility to make decisive decisions characters fate like I wanna change the story and it’s it’s really a most ambitious project it’s the most branching narrative that we’ve ever created and it’s also the most incredible game that we’ve created because we are touching the bell upon certain themes that are you know socially relevant and I hope we think that we’re going to touch players on an emotional level and give them the opportunity to experience something really really different well you touched me on an emotional level I can tell you that right now what about you guys are down there I slightly more yeah slightly more there’s a lot more probably the scripted more than 2,000 but we are crazy long yeah obviously and yeah we have thousands of story permutations that’s we’re going through it’s a it’s hell so what you have been working on for seven years and you said you were working on how long seven less than five years ever well think about your gay years we’re thinking about the game for three years then we start devolve there’s so 10 but it’s it’s necessary [Laughter] finish the game Cori great job everybody it is coming out next year in spring I am buying that kind of show welcome to spring well very cool so far April man I gotta say and our Chamberlain to see some trailers you want to see some new game trail oh yeah roll it I can relate and I’ve heard that this is Donna County already dark county baby venous system rolls so what is this whole simulator its chemical you put trash in the hole and it gets bigger you know it would be cool if it actually ran at 60 frames per second it’s go that’s morning go do the screen does it have a platinum trophy I don’t know like what’s the point of the game there’s puzzles if you collect the kiln the hole catches on fire oh this gate has up dog right what’s up dog I’ve done this looks really fun that’s a cool game at Jenner County dude yeah reverse Katamari I’m excited yeah Ben’s been working on this forever it’s been a good trailer dude that’s busy you say I have a plan I’m happy Ibiza do the people on the couch is clear out I know they’re still here sing out where’s Shawn Taggart Ron flowers oh wait is it Ecco the Dolphin to reel in our

what that’s the Mecca location right there baby wait is that go this kind of insane future thing no but you gotta update echo to some house to Dolphins though Jupiter and modern is there a moment in the game where I’m separated from Mario yeah and it’s really sad sign me up yeah – wicked wit yeah boy well you gotta say about Tantalus Damiani terrible oh whoa what do they make it bad Don some works let’s tuck it up give me hope right now this is bringing me back man wake up yeah wake up the collision is inevitable so Adachi yeah been totally new characters pop up okay the times you intersect is nine the time to intersect is not heroes looks like an actual group yeah okay let’s pretend it’s not you no no it’s not that kind of show there’s hope now because of that trailer so caliber so cal caliber yep yep yep yes 100% yeah yeah we got a show next time fight but you made it I am ready to tell it from last night no you’re doing this differently there’s my man right there yeah yeah no fighting absolutely it’s okay babies they seize the third care last night gets the job done unreal it’s got lighting Oh God guide me come back again snapping necks with your calves you want to talk about a game that could milk loot boxes through the Ike what’s like the authority is a lot of equipment every single effectively yeah people need to start learning their lesson on that super speed is like all right okay we’re coming back coming back from the break right now mm-hmm wake me up inside still great favorite fellow God see these broads down and bring this up look at the presentation moment I was so captain doesn’t make games like this you know it’s cool to see give it a chance my heart I’m a player give it a chance it’s theta tomorrow means the Elder Crossing is upon us again well the beta has story stone Bethesda is gonna sue their asses beta yeah she’s cool that monster I know oh yeah dude then I will load the cannons man you fire I love we got this many different character classes are there bad also were those new characters talking have we seen them talking I haven’t see she’s never yeah I haven’t seen your breasts easily or something I have ever seen how many a class it’s like laughter all right I love the main boxer this one that is

so cool like some kind of volcanic area so there’s a lot of different biomes you’re a plane this weekend this weekend then get ready for that next year oh no way dude sorry weakly likes has been confirmed way away long ago no matter what I knew I think she might be I spent 16 I just said like 46 and I got cool I know I don’t be away from my ps4 this weekend that’s okay how long is the beta I’m not sure actually starts at 9 a.m. tomorrow if it’s Monday or Tuesday other does this game not looking system great does this not look like something to feel so it doesn’t not it doesn’t die it doesn’t matter I appreciate they trying to animate a hood up in most any other game trailer yeah is the beta open to anyone PS Plus well yeah but and you have to have a PlayStation right right right no cheese a bag of accountability or does he give this game what the hell’s happened so you get cat buddies yeah this song I’m sorry to the swords like you yeah it looks like the Japan a wet wet which weapon they’re using it is different hunting the beef that is so bizarre oh yes say good stuff so cool that’s so weird world shatter is what we came for it keep them coming keep coming ladies and gentlemen please welcome Andrew house and mark Cerny hit the stage nice champion that’s immersing yeah sir he’s always got style hope you just get their own couch over there hi Sean yeah so uh had it you’ve been at the heart of the play station for over 20 years and plenty of change varies yo is there a little you can tell everyone about that I sure well mr. Jack I have been with Playstation since the start and I’ve been through some good times since retirement Terrence and I think right now the business is probably in the best shape our platform our games in it and thank you I hope hope you guys agree with that and having finally achieved the creation of Sony interactive entertainment bringing all of our company together under one roof and then on top of that having you know being with the same company for 27 years 14 of those years working in Japan is my yearly salary a great thing you means the first time the price of that water so yeah the tribute at the Game Awards last night it was talking seems like he died but it was touching yeah and Bradley has done special guest wants to celebrate your impact on gaming but before that let’s roll video oh sorry once it was annexed a coasters boy we’re playing this again wait is it the entire one again I’ll watch it again let’s do it I’ve already seen it fort yeah I watch it like three times it was it explode one more neighbor baby spider crab guest of life did you see that one do you see a comparison video that the end of this and the end of the first one are like perfectly timed to each other you had to get times out to my god easy there hopefully gives a different realities are thing so do you think the whisper man is mad is that the guy who drops down from the hangs on the truck

and just goes this is literally the same video it’s a little weird I’m so hyped for this never liked knowing Kojima though those two bees I was gonna say I hope there are like tiny differences that we’re supposed to see yeah you get a good shot of that didn’t catch it ended virgin baby yeah minute let’s go 45 minutes kinda gonna be able to handle this game is scary I mean okay lights on podcast on I don’t know if you listen to it like Kyle if you played s training while listening to a podcast never tell me just never time well here’s the thing take that to the grave yes I didn’t notice that they had bridges patches actually oh yeah they worked for bridges I didn’t realize how young the guy starts yeah he’s like crazy this trailer is breathe so good right there like health status bracelets too cuz when that guy stabs himself it turns red our trailer oh yeah water if they walk on my hands no cuts put our logs like not and he’s like I guess I’m doing this too but this is so much more like handheld then what God of War is trying to do you know so cool yeah how do you do this do you actually have a digital camera in the room is that how you think of this handheld book think so it’s so cool just even have the wobble of somebody walking makes it so much more tense yeah face brings out the green dress yeah that’s like some Jacob’s Ladder Silent Hill style love that just like that – how tight the best training is to be in the game words and the PlayStation GB presentation I do feel like Jones is hating this Oh junk Oh Jones is so John look at look for Jones’s tweak with his arms crossed yeah sure the bitter Jones sweet is coming you just see a little box in the corner Jones yeah I’m pretty positive the baby powers the detecting guys because Norman Reedus turns on as soon as you get to baby uncle and this guy’s the only one that’s working right now I’d be interested to see if the baby times out in this trailer would be out on street like disappeared from the other trailer and showed up in the first one mercy could let the sentence you just say and outright that’s the magic of death stranding yeah hey bud we’re doomed now see oh yeah Mads he’s got a detector as well it’s different though different he doesn’t work for bridge he looks bigger I think it is okay he does do that yes oh this dude this says bridges on there like his says Porter so Porter his last name or he’s he like a different organization Porter has bridges somewhere on his does he well yeah so you think it’s his name yeah and this guy’s name just by coincidence is bridges fitness pants releases glances bridges I like how his in a different spot but I’m not convinced nor Maurice has bridges on his outfit okay I agree super wrong with that I love the little tendrils in 40 years when this game comes out it’s gonna be so good not a kill shot by there it is red yeah Oh Jenna fashioned if you were to be holding a dual shot for right now you could call it like the game is out it’s just presented through trailers it’s the only boy I’m waiting for the reveal that it’s a Netflix series it’s not a game at all your enemy doesn’t Britain is anywhere on his uniform I don’t think he does it but see now is detectors working that he’s holding the child yeah oh dude this part yeah crying fool ooh face yeah yeah this is just cutscene standard Kojima like 20 minute cutscenes god I’m stoked for this that’s kind of a cut oh for sure it’s a

fadeaway yeah yeah dipped dipped away I just mean for that tense part where you just discovering things living things land action oh it’s too crazy handprints on his chest here and inside of his esophagus the upcoming baby part actually freaked me out really yeah baby in the tummy yeah wasn’t laughing just was like whoa oh he eats that guy mom that body disappears blood pointed out that the whale is upside down very cool bridges [ __ ] Geoffrey is your fridges in the game yes there’s that there’s his I think that is probably the dream catcher from the back of his knee but it’s still on him when he stands up and you’re standing there in the game saved us the baby saved us Thank You Elijah what are the significance of those numbers Justin buggy there’s no big deal I love how they like crawl upward so cool yeah just the universe is so after right now right I don’t think that’s what the point is that’s the little logo just a bloomin skeleton lumen sage lumen sages Brown Norman he’s like dude this is so left music stranger things knob he’s like dude I’m so tired of it it’s not an idea these synths are done lunians Thank You cat what’s ludus that’s the name of their loaf a Scott Oh a bang which gave rise to life as we know it and then came the next exposure Jones pissed he said that would be a glass that’s what she seats tourney’s in the credits technical producer yeah certain lawyer you’re teasing yeah could ever tell with you it’s true technical producer probably that was like a massive drop that text but we just well nothing ladies and gentlemen it’s so funny how he’s just like I can’t walk any faster than yeah there’s a big no break so uh yeah failure is a little strange but the strangest thing is that after you played the game for four or five hours all of that starts to make sense he’s in on it must be nice yeah a long history together how did you meet we met under the worst of all possible circumstances it was e3 I was responsible for running the show and I was hosting an event and I got a call on my cell phone saying Kojima sounds code has just been stolen by a fan from the booth Wow and you have to go telling scoops so went out into the night we had tracked him down to a restaurant and we called him outside and on the sidewalk in LA I told him that his precious code had been stolen and we had no idea where it was and I remember the looks on people’s faces as some guy was short guy was bowing deeply on the sidewalk in LA to apologise for what had just happened anyway the relationship could only go in one direction from there I know go home what about it there he’s on his way out he’s ready to say

anything we were eating at Aris and for no reason for an apparent reason and he comes out of nowhere and approaches and then he tells the news and he starts apologize deeply I remember that and cutting your son’s face just went white as a sheet I’ve never felt so bad in my life oh my god Andy Santa I know kid cause Kylie toca a domestic at all wow I love that he’s doing it with the thing over sure this entirety it’s hard to forget that I mean before that I’ve been with Andy meetings and whatnot but that was the first time that I really remember you know it closing the distance with Andy so uh death stranding can you tell us a little bit about how that came together [Applause] did they must act at all so you just saw the trailer that is all working in real time in a PlayStation 4 Pro and also in the latter half of the trailer you see Norman some in like water kind of swimming going to their own body that’s playable oh it skips so how to death stranding come together so what are your some of your favorite there any other uncomfortable I know mom she always say yo cool after Tamara we often go and grab lunch or dinner together hello handsome Sno there and we barely ever talk about work June in the Hacienda you know we mainly talk about the 70s 80s TV shows mainly American or European TV shows okay so good you know science being very modest here because he will take on pop-culture trivia in the US and Japan 70s 80s and he will kick ass he’s just an encyclopedia I would also add that I think the most fun time most recently was sort of building a different form of relationship and seeing at firsthand the sort of rebirth of Kojima Productions and having Sony be part of that has just been just really really phenomenal from my boy [Applause] I know but you don’t know – Rakharo ha ha ha best so when I became independent I was fortunate enough to receive offers from the from many different people very soon in one of the Kruegers I know they’re boku no koto Rica is to create to the Tokra pay I’ll turn up – no – Thomas so I had this many offers but I wanted to keep my freedom to create exactly what I wanted so I wanted to work with someone that understood me nominal screw tendered hey you saw that was reversed and well I met with Angie and I told him you know this is kind of what I want to do a queen on journey more you talk or the peach eternal something advocate so who you want to call you any right the contact area you got the conductivity must you can a diskette or more so normally what you would do after this point is you going to executive meetings and you do a page of this is kind of the expected revenue this is exactly what I’m planning and what kind of target audience I have that’s what would normally happen with sample code they attack a nominee okay don’t remember at that point I just told on the maybe 2-3 minutes about what I wanted to do and just told him maybe do you have any document that he just said yeah okay and Esau amor that at the sea yes in the khaki bar no there so they they are no strangers really good funny Sangha energy about corona Tata marina catapodis and Coronel kanaka tamil

kanakam and it would be the first work of the of Kojima Productions in the independent so it was very important for me and well it was all because Effendi without Angie none of this would have been possible none of this and what you saw would have been created none of the baby keeping the thumbs up would have been possible [Laughter] he knows what they know they wanted maybe a shout out to a Herman and guerilla games for decimals any final thoughts run I know it’s we need more cards Tony my sword equal to say ma Tony so going lunch lunch with Andy last year a finger was in January they contacted on this catwalk technology come at acuña today in gym more thorough Montezuma shamanic artist I already had a good idea of what I wanted to do but I didn’t have that technology with me I didn’t have you know it I didn’t even have an office at that time talking about I wanna see no marks on boy testing marks and so – you first also thought of mark and discuss with mark the mark sent towards you got to Sakai you know Stassi OMA there so called a hero Monsanto today Iman OTC my name’s Naruto and well when on a thorn a to through all the studios in the world with Mark and at that point I met with Herman and well that’s where the tech guru my oku you don’t know preserve it a mosquito more you don’t not start a presentation look a master engineer a coda Atoka see Rocco DiSpirito cut you know ok must this is something I often mentioned but in that tour I went through different studios and I I got a presentation of what kind of engine each studio was using what were the characteristics of each one a mnemonic yoni Ingrid so what Christie a rocky mustard at that point I had nothing I think we we were four people in total at a very small rented space arranged at office space but everyone was really really kind with us they gave their own young presentation what their the Cairo static image taco crate honestly and well gorillas made their presentation showing us their engine and when we were about to leave they just give us a small wooden box rocket at all so corny mark gave got no ends in the source code ah Simba hide – oh no I didn’t well when we open the box there was the whole source code of a real ass engine the key action animal costume us a quasi-static Latino was over at more huh Mac so much credit I just want to ki o monster more mosquito I it should be noted at this point we had no contract nothing no no bounces and they were just like yeah go ahead please use your engine this almost brought me to tears and I at that point my decision okay this is the people I want to work with this is also in part thanks to mark I know this is trending good till game Inomata ma-mutt it’s not very not discern it’s Toronto dukkha the team of this the themes were in the theme of this training is connections that strength sighs Tony undies on Tony Santos neither yeah pay mark Santos neither you are today you know Santos neither I got the standing joke I’d Akira – with a scoop one must know it started with a connection with me and ended that led to connection with mark and that led to a connection with airman and guerrilla games and that led to a collection a connection with all the people in here and that all that all those connections led to the having different here today so I want to thank them thank everyone for this thank you gentlemen and you know that was cool very cool she’s rad-foot night huh you know just get some old friends together you know that was weird gonna be holiday times I love spending time with friends and family you know and I kinda lotta you among among that I mean it seriously it’s like it’s like a game development supergroup it’s stacked up on here just what one huge name after another thank you so much for for all it’s not a musical act together this

would be wonderful it would be incredible what kind of game do I use chair made a game together that’s what I want we would make deaths trending in dreams and they would ship in 2018 and I still would not understand it your story coming under budget seriously is in your dreams anyway PlayStation experience is just such a special time and we have an incredible weekend lined up for everybody there got all those big panels I was talking about earlier Naughty Dog’s bringing that sucker pocket media molecules producing tons and tons and tons of playable guess for an psvr titles lots of Sumerian and charming by five to the top of my list you’ll be able to play firewall zero hour that’s the new PlayStation VR game we announced earlier Shadow the Colossus serious it’s a third time I’ve said it I know absolutely gorgeous it’s gonna make your eyes pop out of your head and then don’t forget we’ve got Capcom couple yes Jeff that’s gonna be a lot of fun too yeah it’s gonna be right here yeah that’s soccer Israeli I truly think it is our biggest PlayStation experience yet and I hope you all agree when you get out there in the show floor tomorrow before we wrap up those Sean there’s been something I’ve been meaning to mention to you way down here all by myself on the way there’s this this thing with this shirt oh no I see it kind of peeking out there out of your what what’s the deal with that can we get a look so so we kind of it this kind of tradition sort of happened by accident and that I would wear a shirt on stage of PSX what you’re given indication of kind of games it up in the future things like when I wanted to be there is the infamous Crash Bandicoot t-shirt experience but but it led our friends and partners of Activision to bring out Crash Bandicoot again which is one of the biggest success yep and so this your shirt yep yeah what is that yeah yeah I think it’s medieval it says sir dan yeah I’ve been I’ve been getting a lot of a lot of feedback about the titled medieval it’s a really important title in my personal journey very sick we worked on that London we would like to bring it back on PlayStation 4 we think sir Daniel needs one more resurrection and this is no way well thank everyone for sending that suggestion serendipitously I’d already had this one baking in the oven and then I saw the pressure coming in so I thought this was a great time to bring it up can’t tweet any more times about [Applause] Oh nice taste you can Cole coca-cola so it is a remaster sister scale of vision sweet I share the contrary it’s so awesome one more thing this shirt will also be available in the PS Store that’s two days at PlayStation experience and all proceeds from the sale of the sir Daniel resurrection shirt we’ll go to AbleGamers guys have been great we have an incredible weekend plan for all of you coming up next as Greg Miller with kind of funny we’re gonna take a very short intermission but we’re just getting started so stay with us get started it’s 936 Damiani looked at us like I gotta go what is the Greg Miller thing is it more I think I think that was the Battle of the show is the show I was that was that the show that was the show let’s not get

ya kind of funny he’s doing so now do we talked about know cuz Huber last year when they nuts travel remastered it was playable they can go play it they show it wait didn’t they say we’d see more from concrete Jeanne he said that in the beginning yeah so I guess that’ll be I mean like they said it was gonna be chill and relaxed yet it was like Entertainment Weekly does like around the Oscars with all the filmmakers were great yes talking about God of War and could you even talking about des training those were definite highlights for me like the fact that they have this big stage with a bunch of monitors and the audio and audience everybody who’s right right it’s it’s sending mixed messages it’s a very weird thing to do yeah yeah like why pay for all this if you’re not gonna actually do this like randomly in the middle here’s some trailers and then back right yeah does Shenmue HD exist guys like it exists look to remake even exist yes and they do all right all right I mean like they did tell us not to get psyched yeah and you know it doesn’t it’s yeah yeah Olivier just killed the audio to kind of funnies Greg Greg milk like that man I didn’t like hate it you know it wasn’t good but I’m not like mad I need I need to do some research see this about the show like they said it would be what it was and exactly they spake Teddy did temper expectation I didn’t want to believe it like it wasn’t exciting but it wasn’t like I’m not like mad at them you know oh I don’t think I’m mad at them I just didn’t think it was good right that’s all to have nothing new for god of war yeah nothing new at all he appeals what the there’s the battlefront what are they doing which is a Devil May Cry demo man they got stuck in traffic human error but 2% howdy is still possible what was it what what filled in for that medieval medieval yeah they were gonna announce it you know they lift it up roof he had he had the shirt just in case look at back up like a second traffic and then yeah the 2% happened yeah yeah yeah oh boy the loop is back is it yeah chum Laden doing slices prettiest young maiden doing slice was it good the loops back baby away they do the same move you’re in one no yes or no shadow drops fewer than 16 new characters spoke I really want to watch that firewall footage again that was something that’s the VR game yeah which one was that I don’t even remember that were before VR whoa yeah that was not good idea in the concept I’m super onboard right dude stars bent over to is such bad vibes like every time I see it I’m saying they’re pranksters with each other she’s like we’ve always been rivals Wow all right well Greg Miller and what No well seven months silly three seven months is a month I’m in month you get a hot tub begins right now III that’s

gotta be when they show R is evil to your aunt and your own you three III shown at e3 Nintendo Direct and January’s gonna be huge oh it’s in January yes okay that’s gonna be the high pinnace yes Bayonetta 3 gaining way if they don’t win in January it is no it leaked that isn’t Jeff okay also we’re back in cata buddy all right he knows it sitting a long time everybody get up let’s do some of this a little bit of this right at you I’m not served you right yes there thank you thank you that’s all I need oh my name is Greg Miller I work for a website called kind of funny comm but I think on the occasion I’m feeling a bit nostalgic beyond my kind of people this is PS X this is my favorite show of the year this of course the fourth PS X the fourth one I’ve been at is to model lucky enough to be at have a panel now usually I come here and I do a podcast I’ve done podcast beyond I’ve done the kind of funny games cast I’ve done PS I love you xoxo why you stopped doing that this year I thought maybe I would do kind of funny games daily maybe we do the games cast instead but it finally dawned on me I email PlayStation I said hey could I get Sean or shoe sit them down and do an interview with him I’d love to do that and I expected them to say no instead they hit me up and said would you like to do it both of them on the kickoff night and I said sure that sounds like no probably not did you talk to these gentlemen 15 years so are you ready for that pretty Miller PSS please welcome back to the stage you know the responsibility to hump them for information about Shenmue right now do not let me down is there gonna be more stuff or not let me down yes like yeah do we do our breakdown or do we watch this room comment over an interview it’s a good question something I want to see is this is uncharted territory Chad yes Ashley IKEA sure no no no the couch portion of the programming is over now we’re done with that no no no no no no um Shawn already talking great stuff by the way thank the good content good reveals no one’s asked you the hard-hitting questions yes Greg yeah we go let’s go yeah we should and I I reckon that’s not gonna be you either no please no let’s start at the top of the list okay okay fire away when will we be able to change our PlayStation [Applause] good man I would change mine the elves back at the North Pole have been working on that for quite something I’ve noticed yes yes many PS X’s I’ve talked to people and they’re always working on it very hard it’s a large piece of work yeah and it’s more complex than I think we what are you coder we’ll see events occur that you don’t have to ask me that question next bsx okay 2017 a crazy year for games okay Greg’s conversations right where you’re saying something is better than saying nothing telling people hey we’re working all right we’re trying little bit into that going quiet sometimes we just can’t speak about in detail of course I think every question deserves and answer you know that answer is I can’t answer it good answer so now everybody knows you you’re in charge you’re the big man on campus well they made me sit the end of the sofa Rody’s oh that was weird you’ve been in the business you now since 2014 yes president of the sales and marketing company here since 2014 and chairman of the studios since last year only getting one paycheck oh yes yes have you adjusted to the role because you are now in a position where you say anything and it gets picked up as this is Bible truth the headline says Sony says this well

the great thing about being the CEO of the publishing business and being the chairman of the studios is that crazy enough the head of marketing on the head of development they always agree now any of those you know problem no it’s it’s a privilege honestly to be back in worldwide studios where I began my career back in 1996 and while it’s been a while real quick go crazy if you were born after 1996 well really are old men we’re old anyone born in the Eisenhower administration ok my people is that position did it take you a while to wrap your head around press one down yeah it’s it really is a team effort what right you know days of building a game by by oneself unless you’re publishing on let’s say Android or iOS those days are over and it’s your ability to pull teams together and get them focused in the right direction you look at some some games will have 150 or 200 people on to that peak and that cannot just be driven by one megalomaniac it needs a whole team around it the same goes through sales and marketing and publishing I see my role it’s not necessarily you know picking the target and leaving the every time but really to create an environment where people can become successful four people can get involved with the process I need it’s like it should be the computing right I need the brainpower of everybody that I work with the second big question for PlayStation is PSX are you gonna take any of that computing power and put it behind giving release States to the video games unless you but I just don’t care get sick for 2018 and we’re not even there yet mm-hmm I think we talked about the Last Guardian earlier right uh-huh and you know we can create a rod for our own back if we come out with a date to a date that’s not secure enough too early sure because we ended up moving dates out and what a lot of times people can understand why that may occur it’s just not it’s not a great place to be you get all excited they tell you I’m sorry did I say Christmas was December 25th it’s actually July night so you can’t lose those kind of things out I think we’re trying to get in a place where when as soon as we get a solid feeling we are going to express that but would you rather us just not show the game until that moment or do you still want to see the game yes yeah earlier don’t show anybody an odd or earlier oh my goody ass see cuz I just feel like you know God at war I’m sold on first trailer done you know how to see more spider-man we all know Brian insomniac he is not gonna ever put a release date on this because he just likes to tease you you follow this guy on Twitter he’s terrible every weekend oh I’m gonna do this and then I’m gonna play spider-man in my house no it’s god we just hate to to put a date out there and then and then keep changing it or having to be a moving moving target yeah we’re having to come back and say oh that wasn’t the date and you know we’re move it again I mean there are other things that impact that as well if you put something on a pre-sale on the store on a certain date if you move the date you have to refund all those pre-sales because the date has moved out of a certain window complexity around that yeah but we’re trying to get better at I think I think the games that we’ve talked about in 2018 will be in yes spring is in Australia so then talk to

me about this yes we have all time dealing is very important for because you all have playstation cousins living in europe and they’re heavy gamers just like all of you are and so we want to bring you know new stuff stuff hot baking right out of the oven after them as well or sent me a message early this into more of a sport it’s a die what’s – Billy designers developers in this two senators you’ll find in the game we’re good so Monday or Tuesday that was a good chance to do it for you guys to get to know who the people are that makeover sent a message yeah you sang sang let me know what the we react well the medieval sorry about the changes I mean we’re guys Adriana came because I feel like do you think that what you’re doing here having this open dialogue today guys it’s awesome yeah is that a move to redefine or at least re-establish what you think the identity of PlayStation is because I’ve talked in the shows a lot in the way that I thought PlayStation 4 is launched which is obviously been such a huge success was so strong the February event was so strong cuz it was you guys coming at me like all right no cell processor this is the box it runs awesome games let’s talk about games games games games games games yes and then it was you know we rolled into e3 and there was a great video of Adam boys and Shuhei Yoshida talking about how they share videos it was like they get it there and then we – with the threes recently where it was alright can’t remember shoes not gonna come out you’re gonna spin chat it’s just gonna be traded yeah who are we going back to a PlayStation 3 era era PlayStation that wants to be more behind the scenes or CEO of iron galaxy no I’m not sure which means what I can’t remember I think we have this great opportunity every year now is PSX to have this kind let’s get by the fireside up-close-and-personal lets you know speak our truths and tell our stories and I think III it’s a trade show yeah that’s what it is a trade show and we have such great content lined up for that I really felt why would I I don’t need to come up and say on the next scene you’re gonna see Bob is having a little trouble with his son and he’s wants to go over here and get a kill alligator you know you just show you what it is right having so many problems with my son it comes to be good stuff – oh we are we shouting out greatest hits I think they yelled at karaoke I don’t understand so through their experiences right now honestly cuz I think the crowds too big for this type of vibe right cuz I’m pumping them all you’ll swim along a bit on the teams and and craters you know on the floor themselves enjoying it’s not even a question it’s just yelling on the floor as well this is a show you want to do III is good right now it’s kind of ten or eleven he’s going after this yeah this is a Playstation yeah pow pow pow pow what did you think of usually being open to consumers this year I thought I’ll be honest with you guys I think the es8 sold 15,000 consumer tickets for that and it really brought the crowd to the edge of pain yeah and I won’t bore you guys with the details around there but if you’re going to design a trade show or a consumer show there’s a completely two different beef well in the way you’d do it not only physically the way you have to make rose wider you have to have this experience in order to get more people through yeah we have to determine you know III is like in the middle of the highway he’s gonna get hit by cars on both sides yeah so it’s got it’s got to choose a lane to be a boy yeah not the way to drive so then looking at 2018 mm-hmm

what is your vision for PlayStation in 2018 well I think we continue along our path phew hey after he’s coming I think in world West’s we have a lot of energy a lot of devotion a lot of love around storytelling around narrative you know some people call that single player gaming we do have most of our eggs in that basket just because that’s that’s the thing we do well I think I’m blue in my humble opinion I Rachel and I don’t want to go to any of those teams and tell them you know I read in a magazine that there’s something called games of the service maybe one of those I don’t be that guy so that’s that’s what we do we do horizon we do God of War we do Detroit we’ve Uncharted The Last of Us these are the things we’re gonna continue to you know lean into really strong so I see our content story you know continue to play out that way as a platform I think we’re going to see you know again humbly continued dominance of PlayStation in the game market a Nintendo switches government and as we see the install base which is dominating have your thing at the installed base of PS we wanna do after my owns over going to a critical mass point become a lot more content developers jumping in there of course world West’s will be there a little denser insulted a firewall that’s awesome you guys Fuji’s matching if it’s three plays out of the next couple days we’re gonna see some more energy in that pay another three dudes are successful as well like yeah well it caught us really off-guard I’m gonna go to sleep just thinking about paying out of three and the fact that it exists and that is that’s just evidence of the momentum we need low down because we’re so sorry than me of that and so we’ve almost kind of research plan and titles like Skyrim check that up doom VFR yep what’s the F in VFR you know nobody knows right now it’s pretty magical mod my good way to kill a [ __ ] goddess I saw the picture of the mutation pretty creepy so I think we’re getting a good breadth of content coming out and it caught us by surprise but but we’re fully committed to the platform to the format I have more VR questions but your times already up okay sucks there you go but the next man can answer these questions for me about VR you can ask him he’s a he’s a fan of VR he plays it yes ladies and gentlemen please rise for Shuhei Yoshida Archer shoot take them home all these people just leaving shoot now again to clarify mistakes of PSX past they were saying shoo they weren’t booing you this was a big moment of contention before yeah I was worried yeah DC AIT’s much closer everybody you like that yeah yeah yeah what is PSX mean to you well I always say PSX it’s my favorite show of the year yeah why that’s the thousands of happy people everybody smiling all love PlayStation they’re paying arriving three three and games Commodore this even TDS but only our walkthrough of the

game walk it back confirm ok the character yeah so they spend a long time very very stages of the development of the ghost of Tsushima you know they always have this created second some Skell ago but not already talking about lots of gameplay notice yet yeah it already feels and plays very well so it’s a large you know tell Greg to talk about really yeah many times for doing a research in taking photos talking to people they’re sure you know learning about the history and culture and you know nature there that became a story in the local newspaper like actually my times or something yeah it was a small piece but friends of friends of you know our our development team in Japan was led know that oh you know I learned about this you know us occupants people from Seattle visiting Chimel to do research for the next game and we are like we don’t talk about it and luckily the the paper the saturations only a few thousand yeah on the turnover on neogaf only you know large companies move you know baby sumo multiplayer to where were you i GN yeah yeah so is afraid that the quartet except our eyes in japan might be could pick it up do you find it disturbing that even in an auditorium this large you can make out Marty’s laugh anyway how much last of us part two of you played no I haven’t trade any I don’t lie to me no no I am no I don’t know yeah yeah and I haven’t played this running either alright yeah let’s go down there you’re their boss you can go in and you make well yeah I can just wait and enjoy no yes just tell me what is it is it is it or a mom is I mean is that been confirmed because that’s what it seems like and then she’s pregnant is that what the knife’s about yeah that’s that’s my question yeah so I was watching in a video like us yeah talking about trying to feed it down do you think Joel is alive or do you think he’s a ghost ghost of Tsushima remake okay that’s amazing game you know lucky I got on like a half cross see chorus how to you know it’s just beautiful and it plays well you know the you know they sped up

the framerate you know it’s the controls and still you know trying to keep the original intent sure that it should be a struggle I couldn’t stop praying I you know I prayed through the game for about two or three days but just amazing experience how have you seen how I know it’s not this we’re talking about this backstage I’m kind of funny games daily we had a conversation me and Andrea about if second party exists and is insomniac and spider-man that’s a second party relate and we went back and forth for a while and then insomniac just tweeted at us and they were just like no we’re a third party developer it’s a first party game mm-hmm so have you seen that have you played that do you know about that can you ask Brian when it’s coming out actually I play the spider-man okay good yeah yeah some like scripted sequence but actually it’s open-world game another game and actually the every time I play it pray differently of course there’s like switches you can trigger some event but entirely it’s controllable and you might have seen Brian you know played different paths and it feels so great I don’t know what we aside to 2018 yeah I know I know we are not saying like all your you know spring go right you’re not no you’re spring for Detroit and February for shadow boxes so now them oh yes information that isn’t is real information I guess the other game I’m trains of days gone that’s another it’s not fair unfortunately here but for some set up in the booth but the games playable I think through now so it’s in the face of you know doing the tweaks and the position testing is it’s a big game right that is the thing when I was talking to Sony Bennett III about it it still seems like yeah we haven’t seen what the game actually is cuz the game obviously is shooting it is taking on the tweakers the freaker’s but because zombies you know and so no they know my apologies everybody freaker’s TM playstation it seems like when we see it is our let’s to fight them reality talk about it they talk about it being the open world and how your bikes a character and how you have to upgrade it keep the gas and get supplies it seems like it’s not going to be just as action focused as you know demos have led us to believe yeah stories this time around yeah well so some of the trailers are focused on the you know struggles of the characters and you know but it’s pretty much action game yeah like in approach the situation each situation you can approach anyway well that was the cool thing about behind closed doors v3 right is that it was the same demo but this time it was at night and so fewer people you were using snow it was being stealthy you were not being heard as easily yeah yeah it’s not the day changes and the the you know the difficulty or the approach you have to take each situation changes so it’s very cool talking about you overseeing the first party right what all these I mean playing dream Sun square because I feel when if when we see last of us oh sure we’re not gonna see Dave’s gone Ben and then it was that interesting question of why would we see anything at PS X that was new because I feel like the games on paper in the trailer in just a glance seems so similar that you can’t have them come out one on top you need to give them room to breathe both in their marketing beats I’d assume right well when the games come out they’re very different yeah I you know I understand where you’re coming from and your questions about how you decide it’s pretty much so we tend to try to do big

like media close showcase twice a year like III and Paris this year and the three MPs exactly and teams have the you know development schedules and have milestones and some you know optimum time to showcase and you know Libya or showcased you know gameplay or put demos on the show floor so the you know the calendars of these entire games and you know PR production team have a conversation with each studios and try to position sure yeah so that that’s a long you know long process you know it takes for over six months to produce one show so so the our PG must have been working on the field so when I the way it works correct me if I’m wrong question my studio wraps the game then they start prototyping and deciding what they want to work on next time and then they come to you and pitch you right mmm so was their concern about Sony vents Studios getting involved into the zombie world when you do have the Last of Us you do have this key franchise you cancelled the particular because last last of us already existed yeah this game came later there’s a in a conversation a little bit between been teaming Naughty Dog to make sure that the diction that you know these good teams are going are different you know sure yeah and you feel though you’ve hit it yeah and we’ll see both these games won what 2018 remember what we’ve been saying for oh nothing no Neil druckmann zipping his lips not saying anything about that they just put out these trailers some people get mad that say something yeah yeah what is your take here on PlayStation VR because one PlayStation VR first was getting ready to come out you were the one walk around beating the drum tell me how great it would be I got it I agree it’s great thank you how are you how are you dealing with it right now the fact that like we were talking to Sean you weren’t prep for the success you found newest numbers come out two million units sold which is something I guess why do you do medium so soon yes fans why are you guys finding success with the PlayStation VR whereas other VR people seem to be many more actually when you talk about other via people like because there is such a passion project for all of us not just our teams who worked on piece so I hear the door slam those guys leaving it’s heartbreaking on the involve guys they came for pizza researchers have been doing so it’s a small community and we respect each other and we discuss and so we understand you know we have the same kind of passion and goal to make this amazing new medium new technology in the hands of lots of people in the hands of you know game developers and creators and the media companies people creative people to use so so I think success of any of us is a successful for all of us you know because we are you have to experience to really understand the potential of this new young doctor if most difficult part always a stroke is so different so any of us deleting new title were doing the demos in doing this kind of event and getting more people to try good via for the first time yeah is a win for all of us really working in my head Canon you’ve been thinking this is Playstation one again like we’re not gonna come out of the gate and be where we’re at with PlayStation 4 we see it as a 20 year process yeah with what you’ve had in terms of success so far but also what you’ve seen was just people how much they want to play VR what kind of games they want to play in VR are you still you think in that mindset that this is this long-term thing do you think you’re going in a different direction than where you initially thought it was going to go yeah yeah so what I was saying I’ve been saying is

the things that we are seeing you know for the launch of his PR and those you know I’m taking this uma very you know similar feeling that I worked on when original first you know PlayStation was the very first consumer based in a gaming system that allowed the game yeah on the advance so you know mrs Winant those are the things help me use a breast or you get it download you can download her ass so I had to download right now it was more than that I had to say it and believe it that meant it do it I depend I’m questionable your lies weeds also huge yeah are you doing weekly hunt six months ago you did okay I think your holder I believe it yeah so what we talking about in the future you know this can happen or that can happen why I I think looking back two minutes gradually that will happen sooner than you know and you know games like most bosses awesome yeah I can’t wait for very pretty experimenting with different use of for your technologies manifest ninety-nine messin when you tweeted out recently right yeah yeah yeah it’s the one that doesn’t have trophies right row fees who wants to see a video game let’s play some video games who wants to stop talking yeah are you down for that okay it’s a game called concrete genie yes absolutely you want to see the developers there from pixel opus come on here yep alright let’s do it kind of a coma is it definitely a weird show I mean the show is technically over it was over an hour ago I think this might still be PlayStation presents though no I mean they wrapped inserted kind of funny thing I’m saying like if you’re looking at their budget you’re looking at the person who directed this they didn’t all the same crews that work the same crowd is in the same idea yeah the same people are doing their weird commentary livestream all right so I think actually if it comes to it any bets would include this stuff really you’re in a hearing not you I like it makes me win yeah I don’t like a game about a boy called ash who can bring his

paintings to life and she’s gonna get started on the demo chances funniest dreaming the game Red Hat he’s got a bag on he’s doing graffiti he’s just ripped off sucker punch and everybody knows it I knew you’re gonna do that you know what let’s get this and when we actually got an email from Nate Fox teasing me about that as well yeah and so I had to assure him that it was completely coincidental as well I say you lean into it now there is that option when you’re making again you go through some iteration of the character real life a lot of other reasons you used to have a blue hat and I think when we changed it to a red hat it suddenly yeah all right so what is happening right now where’s painting yeah so we use the erosion controls in the DualShock 4 pad and so you can see Jing motioning there and you have these selection of brushes that you find as you play through the game and we call this living paint and the goal is to take any of the marks and the gestures that you make in the world and grow them into something beautiful a big part of our player fancy is making sure that anybody who plays the game can feel like an artist I I can’t draw at all in real life but in this game you know I can pull something together that looks half decent like what was the original iteration not as my painting and put I probably will that’s a good question not as much as likely the third iteration like this is cool because you can just run around the game when when you search grid whatever you do you feel like man I’m overwhelmed yes yeah overwhelming actually gonna go in the corner and start painting creatures which I don’t have a really important part of the game a story in the theme of the game is about bullying and one of the reasons that the these features are so important is that they’re the friends – wish you had in in real life and they have a really important gameplay function as well we have some exciting projects coming up have fun tuned for details is happening wasn’t the show that yeah wasn’t that just announced right now it’s common things are having that so that people can just go and

often having some way to just sit there and relax and just chill out and do whatever you want yes see there’s like there’s less now around a surroundings the creative process though ya know like no matter what yeah yeah right you’re actually working out of the San Mateo office right yes somehow Maya tucked away hidden on the back sleepers and we’re the only development that’s happening there so we’re kind of flying under the radar but we get to kind of make our own creative IP which is quite a unique situation Shuhei that means you’re their boss it does roadie for not really thanks for you confirmation we’ve got a game place that you want to get behind wait give us some eyes what are you doing why was this a game you wanted them to me you can’t give me an idea of sketches and I was led in to see all of the different concepts that and this concept stood out you know I can see you know I am I’ll be playing this game and Dom under the team said keep the same yeah that was an unusual moment like we won of one of the things that happened when we we kind of more in our dream phase is we came up with 10 different concepts for a game and we go through an exercise where we imagine the game planners story and we do a little one sheet where we try and picture it as a finished product and then we do a bunch of supporting artwork and prototypes to try and figure that out and when we came to the idea for this game which actually came from our VFX artist ashlynn the boards were like five times longer those looser they wish they’d time elapsed and again first game yes yeah should we just talk over this who was making up the staffing sting need things pops off has it brought in a bunch yeah it was delayed to III three three is true yeah in the states and I think it would have been bad in the show there’s no six but I think the original plan was for it to be here yeah do you think that that decision to move it to e3 it was part of the decision to make this super low-key I think the decision make this super low-key was made a long time ago yeah okay I mean Shue did say that they do two a year and this year was e3 in Paris yeah yeah I think that was the thing is I think they bumped a lot of up stuff up to Paris games week yeah and so as a result when we see Devil May Cry 5 at e3 is it playable on the show floor yes yes yeah good answer it’s out there what there was a correct answer there they don’t pick that it’s plump and moist in the oven right now plump and moist yeah juicy and that is the thing I mean PSPs ex is more about just people getting to go and play games on the floor it’s like an e3 that’s cheaper and easier to get into that’s obviously Sony only but like it is more about that then about reveals and stuff but previous PSX is have been really good shows chat where you tell me stuff isn’t true what did I say that was not true how do you feel about us going down the list do it let’s do it okay I mean what’s the street you gotta get down there man you gotta get down there I am so elated okay I just need to see Shawn lay down on the floor for it to happen that’s it if our CSUN if I’m if I’m filming and our paths cross homonym turn off the cameras in pom-pom pumping him for the world to say say Shawn the cameras off mr. Shawn but really the cameras on that’s an old it’s like the old Dateline cameras down but the audio titles speaking of Shawn Layden what you guys think of him and said how’d they do with the show how they do with the presenting of the show opening it up that’s fine Sean was really a part of the show he got bumped up I ran he was a big part of the intro he’s only part of the intro for sure was it as strong as your Hebrew ah the intro kind of set the tone there was there was excitement there was there was scale there was a anticipation okay when the show started Cory bar log was the first guest and I thought that was cool it was a fun it was fun to hear like you know it’s easy to forget that videogames come from people people who make them so like the intent of interviewing the developers I

thought was awesome like I really like the Kojima interview I really liked the bar long interview yeah I felt like it really dragged with Detroit yeah Detroit really really brought it down no new footage for God of War and no release date forgot also really hurt so it was just it was very inconsistent sometimes I just got the sense with these conversations that they weren’t even really sure what they were going to do until they got out there yeah right things that hurt the vibe a little bit not that you want everything to be scripted but I think just a little bit more structure the Detroit Mo was cool but it’s something we’ve seen write numerous times right like that whole like if you’ve been following Detroit become human you’ve seen that exact demo so many times right I I do think that doing it with the audience like that did add an element to it that I actually really liked isn’t that was cool but yeah it’s something that we’ve seen before so going honest we’ve kind of already talked about firewall zero-hour is there anything else to say about that good idea weird footage I think was footage VR doesn’t always show well anyway but that footage was pretty rough what do we what do we think about wipeout fear I was a pretty muted reaction it’s it’s the right choice wipeout will work well in VR and it’ll be cool but it’s not a smashing announcement it’s that there’s not much to say yeah okay all right I would like to note that during the trait become human before we really got into a cab bossman said we’ve reached Nickelodeon levels mm-hmm that was I think something where we really picked up I’m cut it going through it’s like we were down down down down we picked up at donut County and I think the show we you know if we’re gonna do a relaxed vibe yeah give me relaxed games give me something light give me something fun give me something interesting and I think donut County was really that that’s true stuff that was a cool new trailer oh yeah that trailer we could we could you use like three or four mower donut County sq things I think there’s a high point for me yeah previously nods game it was definitely it was geared obviously toward this press conference with the the dumb platinum joke does it have a platinum trophy right that’s funny like that was getting a trailer they were playing it on appeal I’m sure there’s certain other indie games who would have loved to put a trailer together that’s the thing is I think there were there there are a good handful of games that they could have pulled out and done stuff walk Amelie – yep oh yeah so then we get Jupiter and Mars and I’m not really sure what to say about Jupiter to Mars dolphins it’s flour and abs ooh but you’re a dolphin I did forget about Jupiter and Mars right yeah cool when you’re going through like the subway stations and things yeah I feel like that’s one of those games that we’ll know more soon enough and you’ll be able to solve man I bet that’s a 20-minute game yeah I bet you are yeah I can see it we had blazblue cross battle which which is cool to see yeah Matt gave me hope yeah it was the most hopeful I was all night yeah because of our system works oryx’s worried that if not showing that type of game right in the middle right of this it was like okay and you feel like there would be like a lot to do with it and the nest it kind of happened yeah was it wasn’t as exciting as I was hoping yeah chances was the same trailer for each that says yes from Eve oh yeah that’s trash then okay that’s not the writer Arc System Works game to put in your press conference yeah we’ve spoken over six which did for my understanding and correct me if I’m wrong that was new stuff supers which is cool as I I would say the Soul Calibur six was the point where I had the most hope absolutely because it was that and then small caliber six it was it was kind of my dream of we’re we’re following up from Game Awards yeah good stuff the show yeah this is something you care about this is new this is big this is exciting mm-hm and I thought that monster hunter world trailer was really good I’m very excited for that game in terms of trailers shown that was new I think the monster hunter will trailer was the best trailer that we saw I agree I think that the dust training trailer was best it was a new trailer so that was exhausting the best it wasn’t in a best all right we just saw it last night the second time was you worked on it so oh you’re right though sorry you’re right monster hunt world was the best trailer and I saw a mixed reaction in chat I didn’t really personally have a problem with it but the Mega Man calico weight seems to react for sure weird who’s not into it well I saw a mixed reaction from shadow yeah I did click quick glance over at chat and they’re like what is this you gross oh they didn’t like it shattering but like if you’re there to have fun and solution to Mega Man music while you’re playing you know I think that’s kind of the thing is you’re not gonna be going through the story and then suddenly Mega Man you it’s an option that you just year’s choice you want to jam out to

Mega Man tunes I didn’t think it was it was like I won’t turn on Mega Man if I don’t want to write my she’s a cute little thing I’m gonna be turning on Mega Man oh I didn’t do it I’m on the I’m on the a side of that once I’ve like played a lot of it maybe can’t you also make it look like one of the robots from Rogers you’re done yeah you can make a character looks like a LOI yeah yeah mm-hmm that’s funny it’s not can it doesn’t make sense well you can make your character that’s weird Wow how does it feel to know that Lincoln Mario Kart 8 is now canon what are you referring to the motorcycle it’s a different motor so it doesn’t matter it’s Ken and he rides motorcycles its cannon cow live with it deal with it I’m actually really stoked about the motorcycle okay because they showed it they showed like their dev documents they showed like here we were thinking about things really early and they showed link on a motorcycle and everyone was like oh not like I think they went back and like DLC meetings and they’re like why not why not yeah I hope you did just summon it I haven’t earned it yet that’s gonna be the most pathetic feeling when making a game where you just at that point we’re like sure switch t-shirt in that game right there’s there’s a bizarre sub quest that pops up when you start the DLC that just says Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in parentheses didn’t go on that mission I was like what coming back sorry experiences we had cerny cross and dream house I really liked that I thought they’d cerny was awkwardly entertaining and I thought house sets of interesting things then we had the desk training trailer I liked kojima out there again I think Hueber everything and this just felt like way longer than it needed to be yeah like almost everything yeah like the show some of those stories though were so great well they were I agree no I liked like Corey Borlaug could barely really say anything I think because maybe just the game is so close he didn’t want to let anything slip so he was guarded it’s crazy that he said we just finished our first testing phase yeah and the game is 25 to 35 hours long yeah it was big information yeah yeah that was kind of I like I like the personal stories of with Kojima in-house but yeah but I think he were nailed it when he said this wasn’t the right venue right the video we were imagining this going to be you know just hanging out in a couch probably in a smaller room that was it I was a story that’s when you sit around table that that was right like if these have just been of videos that they put out yeah save yourself two million dollars or whatever you’re right just put out these videos don’t do a presentation live and then the expectations will actually have been managed yeah because I idea like Kojima right this good amazing video trying to cram that into the way that they had done things before yeah they didn’t they didn’t they didn’t change the structure for the stuff they had to fill it total and that was a bummer right that was a bummer also like the language beforehand was incorrect like they managed our expectations by saying it’s not a press conference as a presentation yeah right he really should have said talk show how a prime table developer panel yeah but you know cuz like they have so many panels like tomorrow there’s a Tsushima and Last of Us like if they just said it was one of those right we would have known exactly because we know that those panels are just like in our own right talking to developers you know digging into the game um the last thing arguably the biggest thing of the show I mean evil coming back not the one that I expected but I’m very happy by this and it’s cool yeah feel-good announcement very feel-good announce feel-good moment um so the way that Sean was talking about medieval he said hey expect more soon there’s an emphasis on that yeah how soon is soon a three so my my dream my dream at this moment this exact moment is that there’s going to be something in between now and III doll why would you hope that there’s no summer yeah you gotta you gotta find someplace to just put out trailers either yeah I don’t know not like not necessarily a presentation okay good like a like a Nintendo Direct style thing okay something along those lines from Sony I don’t know I’m just dreaming man you don’t crush my dreams right now Kyle reason too big he needs to dream the boy needs it’s like it’s like a friend who’s like $30,000 in debt go and do it I gotta buy a boat I know my last superfans gonna bring my knees man take them I found the scheme to get rich yeah [ __ ] who’s coming

do you want to be in on the ground floor the interviews with Sean and Shuhei honestly I think that the biggest thing for me from that was hey we’re working on you can change your PSN name you won’t have to ask me this again next year how much does it matter to you guys personally I would change my name now my name is cool my name’s cool your name is good with mine yeah my name is what is ever so yeah yeah I would choose mine but still something that a lot of you hear about that they’re working out so good good check it yeah I think well I absolutely think we’ll have the same problem this time next year is that a bet oh yeah that’s a bet that’s a bad that’s a bad a good bet that’s a bad hole take it that’s a fun band given his answer it seems like he knows something like the playstation network will be wildly different or something like is the impression from his answer like we’ll be on PS 5 and there’s a new network or something next by e3 yeah and we write some crazy thing oh I mean that’s pie in the sky that’s a Hebrew level yeah if if it is if they don’t ask that question again next year at PSX you have to change your PSN name got it yeah and then the reverse is true for me I wait if they if you’re not able to change your name is able to change your name then I’ll have to change another name I got six no no no because I’ve got you get sick yes I got one that I’ve been thinking about okay I want the shackles off okay I want to be able to call captain toad whatever is on row I want to call it no no no no yes I do not ever let him do that to me never let him do it alright to choose your profile picture then that’s for you do I you to choose your name for a year that’s if you can change your name or if someone asks about it if you can change your name right if you have the ability by this time next year yeah right so what he was doing something next year change it somehow yeah that’s a high six bit I don’t agree that it has to be with Damiani for some you can’t go back and watch it yeah what do you mean go back we watch it a bit where’s between you and me yeah rules can we make a bet where if I sneak II bets no set the precedent that our stakes don’t matter I’m gonna trick me into a we ended the show not only with a bet we brought Michael Damiani back from the dead that felt good you’ve got you’ve got to wake up early I’ve gotta wake up early questions need to be a film soon thank you everybody so much for watching thank you Michael Huber I almost just called you Michael’s is wrong that’s why it’s weird well they’re not wrong for me are we doing scores or is this or we just passed that at this point okay score it yesterday Damiani once once we’re gonna go from in down to me once I give the last score we hard cut okay I know out of five or ten or is it letter grade letter grade well then we should do Damiani first you should get to do is you’re right yeah we should do down the any first you’re right Kyle yeah I mean it’s hard for me because they said this is what it was gonna be yeah and they did what they exactly what they said I even feel like some of the trailers even throwing deaf stranding in you know the same trailer was just an effort to placate some of the concerns people were gonna have like so that the complaints people you have so I’m gonna give it a bit solace boring so unable to see I like the developers like the interview stuff yeah but like I’m having it just a C for just my personal interest in it so see oh see for personal interest yeah along the lines of what Damiani said this is pretty much what they said they tempered

expectations I was hovering be minus C area I think I’ll give it a C+ cuz it was what they said it was but compared to other like in actual press conference it’s like an F this is nothing short of a D this is a D because you got so many people watching yeah you had live people watching and I think you kind of put on a bad show for a lot of people who were watching that live obviously because of what was present the last two years last three years there’s a huge expectation for what you’re gonna put on exactly and so to even fill up the same crowd the same arena with the same television screens I think is misleading even if whatever they wrote ahead of time coming into it so yeah I think this was the wrong venue for the right show maybe I’m going d+ because they did try to manage expectations and the intent was jolly there was jolly intent there was jolly there was jolly intent trying to bring all of the people in the crowd in on it like the the intent of trying to have a intimate conversation with developers about video games that we care about with the audience there good intent poor execution I’m gonna go Dee as well I really agree with the bulk of what Kyle is saying and I want to bounce off the poor execution by saying like like yes they did lower expectations but I think even with those lowered expectations I think you could have made those conversations with the developers more interesting you could have presented them in a more interesting way the whole show could have been more structured it really just felt slapdash from beginning to end and from the loop from yeah yeah the loop was yeah it is really painful of me seeing concrete Genie after all of the energy has been drained for me something that hurts genuinely interesting genuinely cool it seems like there’s a lot to say you’re playing it on stage something that we didn’t get the whole show and you’re like yeah let’s throw it after these two interviews that just seems like there was there was not the amount of care that needed to be in there which would be fine if as Kyle said we didn’t have PS X’s that were completely different things a wasted opportunity for sure