Abdullah? Yes dad? What’s wrong? Nothing… I was just going down Come here Come here What’s wrong? You were right dad She doesn’t understand a thing dad She says whatever she wants in front of anyone and everyone without thinking Its… its… very… very embarrassing dad But I’ll manage dad Hey… hey… hey… I told you so That girl isn’t worthy of being the daughter-in-law of this family People still remember Mr. Shahbaz’s powerful personality with awe So just think… what would happen if you were to go to those people… and introduce this girl saying, ‘This is my wife.’ This is Mr. Shahbaz’s daughter-in-law Those people will laugh at you The embarrassment you’re feeling right now… and Mr. Shahbaz, his soul must be trembling! He must be saying, ‘What have you done Abdullah? Is this the daughter-in-law you brought me?’ All his years of respect will have been ground to dust within minutes What… what should I do? If you ask me, then you shouldn’t allow her to leave the house Its what’s best for you Fine Goodnight dad Goodnight Good night… indeed Shanzeh? Get up and make some tea for me Shanzeh? Wake up yaar, I need to go out for some important work Make me some tea I’m getting late I’m really unwell Essa Please tell the maid to make you your tea And get some made for me as well but get her to add some joshanda in mine

Bring a cup of tea for me to my room… yes, only for me, she’s sleeping I told you I was unwell Essa Do you take me to be your slave Shanzeh? Instead handling your responsibility yourself, you’re telling me to call for the tea? If I wanted to get the servants to do all my work then where was the point of my getting married? But Essa, I told you I wasn’t felling well And yet you immediately got up in order to have the tea Abdullah… Abdullah! What are you looking for? Look at this! Look at this! Look at this! Look at this! What is that? Oh hey… Mahjabeen dil Abdullah What do you think of it? Its fine What… only fine? You know I really worked hard at it… and I even ended up wasting so many pages because of it! At look at how much effort I put into it Had I put in that much effort in my studies, I probably would have passed my exams But its okay… I didn’t put in that much of an effort in my exams but I did work hard on this so you could have at least said that… What is with you?! Can’t you see that I don’t have my glasses and that I cant see a thing! You’re unnecessarily wasting my time! Glasses? It must be the glasses is why he’s angry… because this is quite good Are you in your senses! Are you sure you haven’t lost your mind What are you doing? I’ve decided that I’m leaving you and this house You cannot do that Shanzeh! Why cant I do it? Who are you to tell me anything? Am I your servant, robot or some slave??? I am Shanzeh Mir Shanzeh Mir A complete person in herself A person who does not need a person like you in her life! All the time telling me off… you cant do this, you can’t do that, you cannot stand like this or that, can’t eat this, can’t drink that! Am I some kind of a robot or what??? Who do you think you are? You think that I will do as you tell me to do? You think you’ll say, ‘Sleep now ,’so I’ll sleep, ‘Wake up now,’ so I’ll wake up! What do you think of yourself?! This instruction list of yours, keep it safe for some other girl Because I am gone honey I don’t know what I was thinking of to marry you and what a huge mistake I made But then its only human to make mistakes right? And I’m glad that I still have a chance to rectify my mistake What you’re calling your ‘Mistake,’ is none other our marriage! People will laugh at us We will become a laughing stock in society! We’ve hardly been married that long yaar To hell with you and your society! I’d rather have people laugh at me then live with you! I’m not that stupid Yeah right, ‘What will people say.’ You know what, this was bound to happen to us Essa… if not today then tomorrow

Which is why its best if its today Shanzeh! Razia baji! Razia baji! Miss. Shanzeh, you and here? Yes, its me Do you have a problem? Should I make you breakfast Miss? Yes, make it and… also bring me a blanket, please Shall I prepare your room for you Miss? Why? So you can rest Why cant I rest here? This is my house so I will rest where I want to rest and I will rest for as long as I want to rest! I don’t know why everyone’s trying to control me! Baji … I’m sorry Actually I’m really quite unwell is why I vented all my anger at you Please don’t be offended Forget the breakfast and just get me a cup of tea and a blanket, I’m going to sleep out here Alright Umm… Excuse me? Where’s Abdullah’s office? On the right Straight and then right? Thanks What a pleasant surprise Hi Mr. Sarwar Are you looking for Abdullah? Yes Actually the thing is that I was really very hungry and I was getting quite bored so I thought I would go out for lunch with Abdullah But if he’s busy, I can go back One should always have time for friends I’ll just call him here In fact, why don’t you just go to him yourself Yeah okay… umm… straight and right He’ll be very happy to see you Still? Thank you Mr. Sarwar Come in Oh… hey… its you… its a surprise… come inside Please How are you Abdullah? Uh… I’m… I’m good… good I actually had some work with you Only if you’re not busy I’m fr… fr… free I don’t have any work Why don’t you at least sit down Abdullah Oh… yes So how are you here? Actually… I had some really important work with you Yes? Will you go with me? Go where? You’re so cute Abdullah! ‘Go where?’

Where does one go at this hour? Where? It is lunch time isn’t it Abdullah? So obviously we’ll go for lunch Oh… yes… lunch, dinner, what… what… whatever you like, lets go This is real nice that your friend has come to your office for the first time but you don’t ask her, even out of sheer courtesy… whether she would like to eat and or drink something or if she needed anything Oh shi… I forgot, I’ll just make a call… one second Yes, hello Bring a cup of coffee to my office without sugar… quickly I just totally forgot I just totally forgot I’m surprised Surprised about what? You still remember that I like coffee, Abdullah? I… I… I haven’t forgotten I remember… everything you’ve ever said to me Then you must also remember the time when it rained real hard at the University… and you turned your register into an umbrella and stood holding it above my head! Yes, I remember… and you got angry with me I thought it cute Mahjabeen, she’s here to groom you so go with her Who is she by the way? She’s a consultant at a grooming centre I’ve asked her over so that she can groom you so you know how to do things in a high society… like how to sit, stand, eat… the kind of clothes to wear It’ll all become easy for you then She’s come to help you But why? I’m not some child you know I know how to sit and stand, have a conversation, eat and drink I know it all real well! See the thing is that I had a real tough time getting my studies of my back so why do I have to study anew now! I wont be able to do all this so you can leave! That’s not nice Mahjabeen What am I telling you to do? Now go with her Fine, then from tomorrow… we’ll start from tomorrow, okay? She’s taken time out for you for today so why from tomorrow? Please don’t argue Now come along, be a good girl and go Go on Now its your turn to eat Good Oh my gosh… and between you and me, I’ve never been given a ‘Good’ in school One should never volunteer unnecessary information to anyone Especially that which has not been asked Now please eat You can do it Mahjabeen God, I cant do this! Its such a bother!

Look Miss ji, if one is feeling hungry one should just eat comfortably… why go to all this trouble! And… and then we’re only going to eat food, not fight a war! If I had to eat like this all the time, I’d probably die of starvation and I just got married recently so would you want me to die?! No Then please explain to my mom that I’m unable to do all this Okay Oh Miss ji, you’re really nice! I wish you’d been a teacher at my school Do you know what my school teachers used to say? But look at what happened… nothing! I got married God saved me from all that education so now you can save me from all of this as well So tell me, you will save me wont you? Sit properly and do as I say There’s no ‘Huh!’ Now have a seat Have a seat This is such an damn ordeal! Now eat I only praised you like that You’re not nice at all! You’re just like my useless teachers at school! What is this way of eating? There’s no lack of eggs! We can get another one You can teach me on the next egg, okay? I cannot teach you I’m leaving this place! Yes, you do that Up to you I’m leaving! Okay so listen, tell mom that you’re leaving of your own free will! What? You tell me, ‘What?’ Nothing Tell me something, have you come here today to look at me or what? No, I was only looking like that… Its okay I like you looking at me Rea… really? And besides I’m really happy today Its been ages since I felt so relaxed, stress free and control free Nice… nice So… have you now adjusted with your husband? Are you mad! Why should I adjust with him! We’re two very different people… and all that I know is… that it’s not going to work out! And your dad… what about him? Will… will he agree? I don’t know about that… but what I do know is that I will make him come around And that’s because I’m definitely not going back to that jail! I’m just thankful right now that I didn’t take that long time to reach a decision Yes, you’re right Anyways I don’t want to talk about this topic You tell me, how’s the office going for you? The office? Its going well There’s a little less work these days… but it gets done Uh hmm… I never thought that I would see you go to office Yes well dad told me to join so I did This office look of yours also looks pretty good This? Yes, thanks Okay so look I think we should order now because I’m hungry Yes, of course Why are you all doing this to me! Tell me what bad thing I’ve ever done to you all that you put a teacher onto me! This is my home, so let it remain my home… why are you turning it into a school! I beg of you but I don’t want to study!

Oh hey, the only reason we’re doing this so you don’t have to plead or make excuses before anyone You should have confi When and how to speak to someone, you should know that Look you know that in order to move around in our class you have to learn everything don’t you? What class do I have to move to now? I’m not going to any class! I’m telling you this from now and I can vow to you on that as well! This is my house, my room and I’m not leaving this room and you can tell mom that as well!!! You can tell her that she has to refuse her! And you can leave the room as well as I’m going to sleep! I’m leaving today but this will not do from tomorrow Bye Ever since I’ve come to this house my life’s become a living hell That Vashma, she’s really stubborn What happened? Did you make her come around or was it the other way around? Right now she needs to be mentally prepped for it She’ll agree after that And if she doesn’t then just leave her be What are you saying? Abdullah’s always angry and upset with her Abdullah’s being angry and upset with her could also be Sarwar doing He doesn’t want Abdullah to be happy Have you gone mad! What does Sarwar have to do with Abdullah and his wife? Mom, you know that Sarwar will never allow Abdullah to remain happy and content If Abdullah’s relaxed, then he will interfere with the business and if he interferes with the business, then Sarwar’s blunders will be seen Its been many years now my dear… and everyone adjusts in these many years One comes to terms with things and settles into it Why are you accusing him of such things! I’m not accusing him This is my assessment Well then its a wrong assessment! And wrong assessments destroy homes! Okay fine, I accept that Sarwar is not your biological father but he is my husband and older than you… so if you cant pay him respect at least don’t insult him…! Fine mom! I know that you will never accept it Never But do make sure you make Sarwar understand one thing in your own words… and that is to stay out of Abdullah’s life He’s now an adult and married so he should let the marriage work He can at least do this much if nothing else! Crazy, ill-mannered girl Are you chatting to Shanzeh? No… uh ahem! No! Look I may not be your biological father but I know you really well You know how I knew? how? It was from seeing the happiness on your face I like it Are you happy? Uh… Yes, I’m… I’m happy All this happiness will end the moment you reach the house When you see that walking, talking mistake of yours The feeling of having to love someone who’s been forced upon you even when you don’t want to Anyways you brought her of your own free will so what can I say I didn’t bring her of my own free will dad don’t know what was running through my brain at the time… the situation had become such that… I didn’t understand anything else Had I been there I would never have let this happen I know that dad Had you been there you would never have allowed this marriage to happen Yaar, you have two paths before you Yes? You either spend the rest of your life with this mad, illiterate woman… or else muster up your courage, move forward and marry Shanzeh That now impossible dad… I… I cannot do this

Its impossible? Yes Do you love Shanzeh? Well then son, nothing is impossible in love Go for it What? I was taking photographs of you Could you please smile Why? You’re awake Come on then, sit up and take a photograph with me Sit up, sit up, sit up… Why do you want to take a photograph with me? Smile! Do you know something, all wives put up photographs with their husband on their DP And Neelo, she also put up a photograph with Dr. Hammad And mom, she also put up a photograph of herself with Mr. Sarwar so I thought that I should also have DP with you I like this one so put this one up This is a nice one isn’t it? Hmm… Its such an awful photograph, delete it! No, no, no! You’re not going to delete it! You’re not going to delete it! You’re not going to delete it! What’s wrong with you! Delete it! Delete it! Its a perfectly good photograph! I’ll put it up myself on my DP! Fine Abdullah? Abdullah? Abdullah, I don’t know how to put it up Could you put up the DP for me please? I do have at least this much right Please? Sit This one This one? I’m going to… Come here Hmm… Okay Now also put it up Now post it with this caption, ‘Mahjabeen loves Abdullah.’ Why are you thinking so much about it?! My hero Put it up Yes, okay ‘Mahjabeen loves Abdullah.’ Thank you Good boy When are you going home? Dad, I’m already home Did you two have a fight? No and… and there wont be one now

What do you mean? I’m taking a divorce What?! Baji, Mr. Essa is here What the hell is this? Wow! Essa, a man who is apparently the most intelligent man of this world… cannot read a court notice What’s wrong Essa? Didn’t you open it to read it… or have you forgotten how to read? Stop talking nonsense and come with me! I’m not going anywhere with you! Are you in your senses! If you haven’t opened it and read it then please do so! Its clearly written in there that I want a divorce from you Do you have any idea as to which family you married into? There is no such thing as a divorce in our family! Now come with me! To hell with you and your family! Listen to me and listen good Essa, I don’t want to be your wife! And nor do I want to be your family’s daughter-in-law! You’d better get that straight! And now please… you get out of here! How will you not agree to being their daughter-in-law, your whole family will agree! Now come on! Dad!!! I will not go with you! Leave my hand! Dad! Essa leave me! Leave me!!!