hey here so welcome to the vrtec channel welcome back to the turtle lenses series the series where we stick a camera in front of the lenses of our vr headsets to see which one is the best which one is the right for you in this video of course we’re gonna feature the oculus quest 2 with an rgb pixel arrangement lcd display with a resolution of the 1832 by 1920 in chai comparing it with the original oculus quest with a resolution of 1440 by 1600 in an amoled display with of course pentile arrangement now this video took forever to make i was supposed to post it yesterday but i wasn’t able to finish in time because i had to reshoot many different stuff because there was just something that wasn’t working out for me i wasn’t able really to represent the jump that is from one to the other and then i realized that i was actually looking at the front thing so i’m gonna talk more in details about the situation after the video of course i have just two actually three uh different reminders the first one is that of course we’re gonna have more turbulences video i’m already preparing the one with the oculus quest one link oculus quest to link and the oculus rift test to see uh the old platform right now the second is that we are really close to the 50k subscribers goal and if you remember from my review that you can find over here by the way we are doing a giveaway when we reach 50k let’s keep pushing guys let’s make it happen and i’m super happy to give away an oculus quest to to you guys and the third point what i always say this is not the science this lancer i made it for your eyes and not for the lenses of a camera so take your own conclusions see what you want to see but of course let’s enjoy this video first as always also for the point number two like share subscribe this took really forever so i like will really be appreciated and uh let’s enjoy the video let’s get to the lenses hey so [Applause] so [Applause] dreads so

oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] all right and here we have it guys this was the comparison between the oculus press 2 and the oculus quest 1 of course let me know what you think about in the comment below let me know which one you prefer over there uh the next day tomorrow or the day after tomorrow depends how long it takes this time uh to make the other video we’re gonna see it compared to the quest one uh with link so the usual uh games that we see all the time so you really have the standard uh way to see them and also compare it with the oculus rift test and then we’re gonna compare it because i know uh that you guys are waiting for it and you ask like probably three trillions time with the hp reverb g2 and let me know what you want it to be the third option like the valve index well let me know in the comment below but anyway let’s explain a little what i meant when i was saying that i was looking at the front thing because the situation here is very particular we have of course a much higher resolution also with rgb pixel arrangement that means that we have three sub pixels instead of twos a pixel that’s why the screen guard effect is so so much reduced compared to the oculus quest and that’s pretty much the thing that stands out the most the difference in the screen door effect and you might wondering why i’m not really able to read more than what i was reading on the original oculus quest and that’s because many games many apps actually didn’t really scale up with the resolution at least that’s what i saw uh shooting these screedless video we don’t use a native resolution like we weren’t using actually the native resolution on the oculus quest 1. so everything looks better yes

looks cleaner yes because we have less green artifact but at the same time we don’t have a complete jump in resolution over there so the characters actually kind of look the same but of course we have more resolution to display those pixels i hope it makes sense so i was really wondering why nothing was super super crisp and that’s actually the reason because we don’t have a full resolution over there at least not yet maybe it’s going to arrive in different applications we can see for example in rec room that their resolution is higher so we are actually able to read a little further away than with the original oculus quest but yes is not a pc vr experience where we can really cramp up the resolution at the same as the display so this is the result uh i’m really wondering if for link is going to be different for link we’re going to be able maybe to use the full resolution and the better picture over there but so far yes it’s still better for my personal experience much better than the original quest as i said in my review but the resolution can be still improved it really could be also a limitation of the processor of course so we’re gonna see how it’s gonna evolve in the future so far though it’s very very good many people were wondering for watching videos and well it’s much much better because the screener effect is pretty much gone and let’s remember that these pictures are already a big crop of a bigger image than what you see with your eyes so the screen artifact of course is much less than what you see uh with these images but yeah that was all guys let me know what you think about it in the comment below if you have any other questions please let me know down there so we can address them in the next video that i’m really working on probably while they’re watching me right now i’m there editing like crazy or trying to take shots uh like crazy so get excited because very very soon we’re gonna be able to have the giveaway and if we’re gonna be able uh to have a new torrence’s video and even another one if you’re interested in new ones uh well let me know in the comment below again but as always guys if you liked the video like if you didn’t like to do dislike subscribe to the channel for all of vr tech and if you really love a channel there’s a join button down there and in the description below there’s also the patreon patreon for example at the preview of this video before the final edit and of course we also have the merchandise with the t-shirt speaker and the mask the 20 20 item number one but again like dislike subscribe see you guys next video thanks for watching ciao