StarMedia Presents CINDERELLA.RU Andrey Tsvetkov in a show «You and me» Yevgenia Loza Nicky Iliev Ivan Nikolaev Vladimir Sterzhakov Oleg Shklovskiy Michail Bogdasarov Nikolai Gusev Screenplay by Natalia Marfina Look at the girl with a plait over there! What a mousy girl I’m shocked! Sound by Alexandr Retin They studied with him at university He cheated from her notes and she got claws into him Music by Vitaliy Okorokov, Alexandr Gritsenko Director of photography Andrey Samarets Directed by Alexandr Zamiatin Thank you! Thanks for coming! I’m happy to have such fans! Good-bye now! The audience was at my feet! Have you seen it? Damn! Why are we not in Moscow? I would show all those stars! Andryusha, what do you need Moscow for? Everybody in this town knows you Is it not enough? These houses of culture are past the stage for me I need a big stage The Kremlin palace? No, but do I have the right to dream? Just imagine, we are sitting here and suddenly the door opens and a producer comes in and says: «Andrey, I want to offer a contract to you on …» On one million dollars What is one million? On a hundred million dollars And what will you do with a hundred million dolars? I’ll buy a flat, the coolest car, a villa on Sicily, a castle in France, a jet and a yacht It’s alluring Do I fit well into your plans? Natasha, who else if not you? But where can I find that producer? Those fans tick me off Tell them I won’t give any more autographs May I come in? Good evening Hello! Did you come to me? I see you have recognised me, but still I’ll introduce myself I’m Michail Salzman, producer … Take your seat Is it your girl-friend? Yes. Should she go out? Natasha, go to the corridor, please I’ve left my guitar there Could you bring it here? No, let her stay and listen As you see, I came here for a reason The project «Matryeshki Entertainment» which I dealt with became obsolete That’s why I’m traveling in the depth of the country looking for talented people And I think you have what I need: charisma, ability to keep the audience Though you don’t have a good voice, but nowadays it doesn’t matter … But I write my own songs Would you like to hear them? No, such music is not to my liking Why did you come if you don’t like Andrey’s songs and the way he sings? Natasha! It doesn’t matter what I like The main thing is that people swallow it And they do! Even in such a terrible rendering What else do I need? We’ll amplify the voice, improve the appearance and you’ll be a star, my son! – Do you want it? – I do! Andryusha, I put a chicken at the bottom

and pasties on the top not to bruise them Just think of it! She is so practical! Don’t you worry that you’ll miss her pasties? I have no time to miss. I must work When shall we sign the contract? Wait! I have to get to know you better Andryusha, call me when you arrive, all right? He’ll call you, baby But he won’t be able to call you often He’ll be busy, you know Look! How do they happen to know? Silence! Silence! How many of you came here? Andryushechka, will you miss me? Take me with Thank you. Thank you Excuse me. Excuse me, please Miss, don’t push! Thank you!!! When will they show Andryusha on TV? Soon? Very soon, girls That’s it, girls It’s time to say good-bye Oh, thank you! Andryusha, you left the packet behind! Natasha, where are you? Let me go! Come here! Call me, all right? I love you very much! I love you, too! Bye! Has you boyfriend congratulated you? Not yet. But my birthday is not over yet Right. Does he often call you? He called me once when he came to Moscow And then one more time You mean twice in three months? But he’s busy all the time He’s a star now! Right, but do you try to call him? I do, but he is not availble all the time Has it occured to you that he might have somebody in Moscow? Dasha, how can you say that? You are my friend! I am your friend, that’s why I tell you this Moscow is a city of temptations! No, it’s impossible I wonder how he is there He must have lost weight There is nobody to look after him there And he’s is so absent-minded He may forget to eat if you don’t put a plate in front of him No, I can’t bear it any more! I’m sorry, but I’m spoiling your holiday. Just look here A wedding? What about me? He promised we would … He promised it to a lot of girls. You see?! To Lubka Chernyshova and Lenka Shlykova He chased me, too! What should I do now? My life is ruined! It’s only the beginning of your life Wnat should you do? You should find a guy! A good one. Not an ordinary guy, but a great one So that your Anryushechka kicked himself Look what I’ve found It’s a Moscow marriage agency «Cinderella» «To girls from the backwoods! Introductions to millionaires!» You must write there You are what they need!

Where do the find those millionaires?! They come themselves Millionaires can’t meet girls on the street. It’s improper And girls from their circle only fall for money So, poor millionaires have to look for love in the Internet Why don’t you write there? First let’s find your happiness Sit at the computer So, write «Dear Cinderella! My name is Nataly I want to meet a millionaire very much» «Dear Natasha! It’s not easy for a modern millionaire to find a worthy wife That’s when I come to help My name is Madlen Our service is free for girls Bachelors pay for everything I’ll let you know soon when you can meet them» «Natasha, pack your things and come to Moscow Your meeting with millionaires is scheduled on 9th July You’ve got to look well-groomed and vulgar Take some money with, milluionaires like checking If their chosen one is greedy That’s why be ready to pay for yourself Moscow is an expensive city. Mind it! So, you should have enough money for everything But bachelors will rate it highly Hide your money and jewellery into your travel bags I can say from my experience that small handbags are stolen more often than other bags in trains and at railway stations I’ll be waiting for you on 8th July at the Kievskiy railway station» The main thing is that they’ll find several bachelors for you at once Take this blouse, this costume and my fox tippet What tippet, Dasha?! It’s July! So what? But it’s chic! Do you know how much it costs? Your millionaires will burst with envy! All right, give it to me But I’ve packed so many things! So what? Let them see that although we are from the province we are nobody to sneeze at! And now money I’ve got it! Don’t be rediculous. Here is my case-dough, 1500 bucks Dasha, I can’t. How shall I repay it then? You won’t waste it, right? And you’ll feel more comfortable And now the most important thing If they invite you to a restaurant, order a salad and a glass of juice You’ll show that you are not going to make them bankrupt They like it How do you happen to know? Believe me as a woman Let’s change If you want to bare your heart, look into your salad and don’t open your mouth Otherwise he may think you are a loser You know, Dasha, I’m going to Moscow not because of a millionaire, but because of Andrey I think, I’ll meet him there Though I don’t know what to tell him Don’t tell him anything Just spit in his face and he’ll understand everything without any words. Let’s go! Look, find something digestible for me there Good afternoon! Miss Orekhova? Natalia? Good afternoon. Yes, it’s me! Nice to meet you I’m Ivan, Madlen’s driver Nice to meet you. And where is she? She’s in the car. So, shall we go? As they say, to meet your fate Give me your bag No, thank you Come on, what did you think of? A young girl is carrying such a heavy bag and a strong man is going empty-handed This way, please

So, go ahead and be brave How was your journey? We’ll wait till one more girl comes and then I’ll tell you how you’ll be able to find happiness in Moscow The capital is waiting for you Good afternoon, welcome to Moscow! I am Madlen Nice to meet you. I am Natasha I thought I would be the only one We are an agency! There are a lot of girls who desire to get married But don’t worry, you won’t stay without bachelors! So, girls, here is our plan: we get in the car, go to the hotel, you’ll groom yourselves and have dinner with millionaires in the evening What hotel? The best one. 5 stars I’m sorry but is there enough place for all of us? Of course, not. Ivan will go first, take your luggage and we’ll go by limo with you What? Can you imagine that?! So, I’ll go first. Catch up with me! All right, we’ll follow you I have almost forgotten Read and sign it not to waste our time These our contracts As soon as you sign them we’ll be your official agents Yura! Yura! Are you deaf? Where is he? He have agreed with him! All right, girls, stay here, don’t go anywhere or we’ll lose each other I’ll be back soon Where did you come from? We are from Voronezh with Lubka I’m from Saratov region Rzhev From Penza Valenki What? From the village of Valenki She’s been away for so long! Hello! Where is Madlen? What Madlen? Are you Yura? I’m not Jura, I’m Igor Michailovich Wait, don’tyou know Madlen? I don’t know Madlen I’m sorry, girls, my client is coming What is going on? Damn it! Damn! We plumped into it, silly girls! I don’t get it! What don’t you get? We’ve been stiffed! They’ve duped us! What do you mean? What do I mean? They duped us as if we were silly geese My mother warned me Where shall we go now? Where? Back to our home collective farm That’s good I didn’t take much dough with So did we. Oh, Katia, shall we go home? Where else shall we go to? I have a train in an hour Maybe I’ll catch it. Bye! Wait, girls! Maiby we should call the police?

Dream on! They won’t look for them! They are from one gang! Yes, we’d better get out of here till we are not arrested! But … Andryushechka, please, pick up the receiver! The subscriber is currently unavailable Call later Please, let me in! I need to go very much! Miss, we have a face-control Do you understand Russian? I do, but … Second, second, I’m the first Take him out. Did you get it? Is the concert over already? It is. You’ll see your hero now Step aside, miss, step aside! Andrey! Andrey, I’m here! Andryusha! Andrey, I’m here! Andrey! Do you have nowhere to spend the night? Does it bother you? No, I just was going by and saw a girl crying If you are driving at something I’m not that kind of girl! You are not to my liking. I lease my flat You seem to be a decent girl Do you need a flat? I do! Very much! 600 bucks How much?! I don’t have so much money! How much do you have? A little. I was robbed They stole everything i had I see. I’m not Mother Teresa. Good bye Wait! What? You want 600 dollars for a month, right? So what? I don’t need a flat for a month, only for a week I have 150 dollars, in roubles All right, let’s go! So, now this den is yours Thank you very much! Hallo! Dima? Is it you? I see, you are on to it You know what, don’t be vulgar Oh, I like it! I’ve told you hundred of times that we’d parted with Vladik Why? Because he’s an idiot I told you Vladik is a freak of nature

Well, it happened so. Yes Even homer sometimes watches porno Oh, nods All right, don’t be jealous Better tell me when we are going to meet Oh my gosh! Look, some burglers must have broken into my flat What shall i do? No, I don’t have a gun I have a razor Don’t hang up! If i don’t answer in 5 minutes, call the police to my address! Do you hear me? Where are your accomplices? I don’t know Hands up! Who? Oh God! Who are you? And who are you? I was the first to ask! Can you imagine, it’s a girl! What are you doing here? No, what are you doing here? Not bad! You broke into my flat, multilated me and now you ask me How did you get here? I’ve rented this appartment! What are you talking about? Did I lease it to you? A guy leased it to me What guy? He’s thin and fair-haired Vladik? No, I can’t stand it any longer Now he leases my flat to anybody he likes! Actually she doesn’t look like a burgler So, take off my dressing gown and get out of here Where shall I go? I gave all my money for this flat, I have nowhere to spend the night! Good bye. That’s not my problem Did Vladil leased the flat to you? Yes So, sort it out with him Oh God, I must be dying. Am I not too pale? No. Can you move? Where? I’ve lost 2 liters of blood! Do you have a bandage, some brilliant green and iodine? Look, am I an amergency service? Check on the shelf And where will you go to? Moscow is big I’m sorry it all turned out like that I hope you’ll recover soon Oh God, anybody can persuade me Hey, you, what’s your name? I won’t go anywhere today because of you So, you may stay. But only for today! Sunny! You are so ungrateful! I forbid you to eat bread in my house Do you think you left me? No! I turned you out of the house! It was me! Don’t come back till you come to senses! No! He wants to teach me what to do! Who are you?! You are a greenhorn! A snotnose! Georgiy! My dear! Why did you shout so loudly? What happened? Where is Sunny? Will he have any breakfast? He’ll have neither breakfast nor lunch nor dinner at my house! And one more thing! I forbid you to utter this stinker’s name here! That’s it! Have you had a row again? Holy Georgiy, what is going on? Is Theo in? He’s in. Shall I call him? Theo, sun! Daddy is calling you! Georgiy, what happened this time? Tell me! I’m tired of indulging that boy! He keeps violating our laws, distaining our traditions He doesn’t respect me! His father! Daddy, did you call me? You both sit down and listen to me

From now I forbid you to talk about Sunny, even to utter his name! Is it clear?! But what happened? Hush! He wants to embroil us in quarrel with Socrates Ananasis He told me all our arrangement meant nothing to him and that it had nothing to do with him Georgiy, tell me you are joking! What jokes, Camilla? It concerns the honour of our family, our business, our reputation! How shall I look into Socrates’ eyes? How?! What shall we do? I don’t know! I gave Socrates my word 25 years ago and this snotnose Sunny … Daddy, you’ve just uttered his name What a shame on my grey hair! Georgiy, what if he comes to senses? Give him some time What if he doesn’t? I’ll be waiting for three days He he doesn’t come back in three days, I’ll decide what to do with him Look, it’s tasty. What is your name? Natasha. What about you? Dionysus Are you from Greece? No, it’s my stage name Actor? In some respect, yes When I work all people cry I’m a stylist. I create beauty The slogan of my beauty salon is «Come in, be brave We’ve seen even worse» What about you? Who? Where from? Why did you flitter to Moscow? I’m a librarian from a little out-of-the-world place I feel ashamed to tell you why I came here Do you know a singer Andrey Tsvetkov? That cute one? A little star? Look, are his fan? I’m his ex-fiancee This cat was your fiance? How did you let him go? I couldn’t be like you! I didn’t let him go, he dumped me because of a millionaire That’s why I came here I wanted to find a millionaire to spite him I wrote to a marriage agency, they invited me here and robbed Then I met your friend and you know all the rest Of yes. Don’t remind me of him! Forget it, juvenile follies What are you going to do now? I’ll look for a job I can’t go home like that I owe my friend 1500 dollars and a lot of things I’m afraid of calling her, she’ll have a stroke So, I won’t go anywhere till I get my possessions from Madlen! You are so naive! All right, I seem to be a trustful person and you look like an honest person Besides, you cook well All right, you may stay at my place Dionysus, thank you! You are so kind! All right, calm down. No fanatism, please I told you to live at my place, but not with me Do you feel the difference? Well-well, you look squalid Your backwoods show And it makes me so nervous! All right, let’s start Look, my things suit you Now you look like a normal person So, we need to have a beautiful life You are my beauty! That way. The first door to the right

Thank you very much! Good morning! Good morning. Nice to meet you What’s your name? Orekhova Natalia Nice to meet you. I’m Alex What made you come to our low dive, Natalia Orekhova? It’s written there you need waiters and I decided … Why is it a low dive? It’s a very nice cafe Really? As for me it’s bullshit! Cooks make terrible dishes, waiters are lazy, salaries are small… I’m not trying to talk you out of working here You must have a reason for that You are right Tell me about it About what? About everything. Who, where from, why, what for? It would be good to know your profile and your attitude to famine in Africa What does it have to do with Africa? All right, you may skip Africa I’m 23 years old. Almost I’m a librarian I came to Moscow by chance I need money very much I’ve never worked as a waitrees, but I’m very diligetn and I learn fast Are you married? Civil marriage? No, I’m not. Is it important? Of course, it is! Because I’m looking at you and thinking «What the hell I need this resaturant for» Let’s live together I see, good bye! Oh, Anton Andreyevich! I’m sorry, we didn’t expect you’d come Why are you here? Why not in the hall? By the way, Mariana is up to her eyes in work all alone there Hurry up! Did you come to me? Natalia, let me introduce our manager Anton Andreyevich to you This is miss Orekhova She’s eager to deliver pizzas Come on, get down to work. Quickly! Did you come because of the announcement? Come in. Take your seat Here an application form Fill it in, please Who is that Alex? A waiter Don’t mind him, we abide him only because he’s quick As you must have noticed, we don’t have enough staff So, you came just to the point Call Mariana to me! Mariana will tell you and show you everything She’ll give you your uniform, too Your salary won’t be big, but lunch is free This is Natasha She’ll start to work with us tomorrow So, show her everything, tell her everything So, good luck See you tomorrow in the morning Thank you, Anton Andreyevich, you won’t regret it! I hope so Yes! Georgiy Georgiyevich, we have found his car Where? At the parking near Sheremetevo He might have flown away Damn it! I’m sorry. It’s just this lousy creature will drive crazy So far you may go Darling, why are you not going to have lunch? Sunny has flown away What do you mean? Where to? I don’t know. My guys have found his car near Sheremetevo What shall we do now? We should pray so that Socrates didn’t recollect about our promise as long as possible Most holy Georgiy, help us! Won’t you be too strict to Sunny when he comes back, right? I’ll grind him into dust

I didn’t call him from London for that First of all he must accomplish the terms of engagement and then he may go back to studies! Miss, how long do I have to wait here? One minute, please! Miss, will you finally serve us? They’ll trot the girl off her legs very soon So what? Let her move about Miss, give me at least a menu, we’ll look at it Miss, what is it? It’s a vegetarian lasagne Just what you’ve orered I’ve ordered meaty pizza, I’ve been waiting for half an hour Are you making fun of me? I’m sorry, I’ve mixed everything up Hey, beauty, have you been long here? What are you doing? I’ll call the manager! Antoshu? Call him I haven’t seen him for a long time What’s your name? Let me go! What are you doing? Come on, tell me! Let me go! Tell me! What are you doing? I won’t let you go till untill you tell me Let me go! She meant to spoil my suit! You swine, you’ve spoilt my suit! Enough, that’s it. I can’t do it any more, let’s change Off we go! One! Two! Three! Come on, four! Five! Don’t tinker! Seven! Are you tired? No! Well done! You’ll be like Schwarzenegger! You mean I’ll be Governor of California? Work hard, everything depends on us! Nine! Ten! Barbell! Aphrodite! What? Would you like a drink? No I love you! As your instructor? No, as a woman. Marry me Theo! Dear Theo! That storke with a barbell doesn’t mean anything What shall we tell Sunny? I’m engaged to him, Theo! Come to yourself! Theo! Theodore! I feel so easy with you As if I’ve known you all my life I would never think you are like this At first I thought you were a different man What kind of a man? Impudent, shallow. Besides, I thought you were gigalo I’m sorry Hold on, please I can accept that I’m impudent As for «shallow», it’s your subjective point of view A lot of people consider me to be too intelligent But why gigalo? I don’t know. Maybe because such good-looking men prefer to scrounge on somebody You are too handsome Really? I still don’t understand women’s taste Now I’ll be more careful with my beauty Maybe I’ll manage to sell it for big money I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you It’s just I loved one handsome guy for a long time And he only dreamt of money So, he found an oil derrick Maybe he’ll change his mind and come to you Oh no, he has such a wonderful life I doubt he’ll exchange it for me Come on, how can you know that? If I were him, I’d do it Money is good, but love …

What a pity he isn’t you Pity So, how are you, son? I did 700 push-ups yesterday Well done! Do you think of doing something else? What are you eating? Is it food? Daddy, let’s change the subject I need to have a serious talk to you Let’s talk I’m almost 26 So what? I want to get married Do you think I don’t? So, I thought I had to get married, daddy. Maybe Holly Georgiy heard my prayer! My son has finally come to his senses! Who is she? Aphrodite What a beautiful name You grategrandmother’s name was Aphrodite, too Ananasis Maybe I see in all my dreams how you are getting married Really? But when I start talking about our wedding, Sunny starts to laught at me And now he has disappeared But I’m sure he has escaped not to marry me He has no right to escape from you! You are meant to be together since your childhood And this is a question of honour! When Georgiy set up his business, he didn’t have enough of money and he asked me for help … And that was when Aphrodite was born and Socrates was so happy that he lended me some money Without any interest! That was when I swore that when Aphrodite grew up … Sunny will get married to you because we are noble people! Aphrodite will get married to your brother! But daddy, we have so much in common I like sports and she likes sports I like casino and she likes casino I like kebab … And she likes kebab. Who doesn’t? Show me at least one person who doesn’t! And if he says that he’s changed his mind, I’ll kill Georgiy and that rascal Sunny They’ll see whta happens when you break your word They promised me you’d be a member of their family If only they try to deceive me! Daddy, but there is Theodor and I like him much more than Sunny What is I get married to him? I’d better see you a spinster than married to that idiot! But daddy! But daddy! That’s it! I’ve told you everything! Miss, will you buy it or not? Thank you Excuse me. Can I have «Tusovka» magazine? Yes, you can Thank you What’s new? Hi! Hi! It’s all the same About a meeting with his producer, leaving for Moscow and big love. In general, a fairy-tale about Cinderella It doesn’t matter what they say in interviews People often pretend to be what they are not Maybe he was made to say that but in fact he thought of you Like this Did I say something wrong? Or is there a pimple on my nose? It’s unbelievable What? So what? You are very much alike. The same face I think, we have nothing in common Although you are not the first to tell me about it I was even invited to a look-alike show «A heir to an olive and wine empire and a man any girl would marry Alexandr Popandopulos was noticed at the party» And the name is the same Is it really not you? If it was me, I wouldn’t deliver pizza I would drive my Bentley somewhere in London It’s unbelievable how people can look alike He’s mama’s darling. It’s obvious He spends father’s money and he doesn’t know a real life But he’s a millionaire and he’ll always have enough of girls’ attention I even know such a girl Will you remind me of that all my life? You know why I’ve done it! I know, I know. It was just a joke Oh, sorry, I didn’t know that

Oh, Orekhova! Orekhova, come in, it’s all right I’ve brought your lunch Lunch is great You became so amiable. Am I right? Are you crazy? Let me go! I don’t like when you are like this! What about this? Are all men like that? Yes, they are! I don’t understand why they find you attractive? There is nothing to look at Dionysus! How can you say that? Miss, don’t listen to him, you are very beautiful! He envies you! Why should I? She has so many problems and I have to solve them Really? And what happened? You see, I came to Moscow and I … Enough. Shut your mouth, I’ll tell him everything In short, the money she had saved for an operation was stolen Oh, it’s terrible! I happened to meet her on a bridge when she was about to drown herself It’s so terrible! I took her to my flat, gave her my warmth, let her stay at my place, helped her to find a job, but she was fired. I don’t know what she’s gonna do now If she doesn’t find any money for her operation I’m afraid to think what can happen Is it serious? It’s better for you not to know It’s horrible! It’s a real nightmare! And what are you going to do? I’ll look for another job Look, why don’t you come to me? I’m looking for a servant I see you are a nice girl, besides, you are a friend of Dionysus Actually I’ve never worked as a maid But you need the money, right? But we need the money! You know what? You’d better agree Do you know how much money she pays? All right, I agree Hi! Hi! Why are you so attractive? What are your plans for the evening? Oh, you know, I want to have some rest What about a night club? I’m sorry, but I think, I won’t be able to Firstly, I’m very tired, secondly, … You have nothing to wear How did you guess? I don’t remember if I told you that I can read thoughts. It’s for you Oh no! Are you crazy? It’s written here «Armani»!

To tell you the truth, it’s fake Where do you think I get «Armani»? My neighbour is a suitcase trader, she brings different stuff from Turkey Try it on! I think, I won’t go Not your size? I even don’t know Damn! I was sure about the size! The problem is not the size I’m not sure, I don’t know how to wear all this So, do you like it? Let’s drink to this evening! It must be a very expensive club Not really Will they not turn us out of here? I told you! The guard at the entrance is my friend Shall we dance? Thank you for the dance. It was wonderful! And now let’s go to the bar What drinks do you prefer at this time of day? I don’t know. I don’t understand anything about it Then we’ll improvise Andryusha, I want to dance! Wait, I’ll just say hello to Valdis … But don’t be long! All right! Vera! Hello! Oh, what a meeting! Hello! Hello! Hello! I hear you have a new music talk-show And I rotate a new song Could you interview me? You know, it’s not really a music show, you’d better go to the administration of the channel They deal with it. It will be professional I’m sorry All right, thank you! All the best! Our financiers are working at this now You know, that’s a great idea! I think you wanted to dance, right? Sorry, guys, you’ll talk about business later Bye! It’s so rude to interrupt people It’s so rude to ignore me By the way, I’m a famous singer And you behave as if I were a thing! You know what, singer? Don’t forget who you are and who I am! And who earns money here! I don’t forget You don’t let me forget about it But remember that people know your face because of me When we get married, you’ll be Tsvetkov’s wife and I won’t be Guseva’s husband! Got it? You know what, honey I’ll think it over if I need such a husband. Got it? I like it here. It’s like a fairy-tale This dress, jewellery, club! There are so many nice people here I’m like Cinderella Although I hate this word now Right, a fairy-tale I didn’t get it! What are you doing here? Hi, Popandopulos! I haven’t seen you for ages! How are you? Tell me everything I beg your pardon! Popandopolus, did you come back long ago? Where from? What do you mean? You were in London! Your brother told me! Again! Guys, I think, you mix me up with somebody

Who are you? What do you mean «who»? I’m Vadik, this is Dima We studied at MSU together MSU? Vadik? Dima? I think, you are imposing somebody’s life on me Dear Vadik and Dima, I’m really sorry that I haven’t justified your hopes that I’m not … what did you say? All in all, I’m not him And we have to go. Have fun! Andryusha, will you keep silent all evening? Look at me. Andryusha, please Don’t be offended Yes, I behaved improperly I promise that I’ll never tell you anything about money Will you forgive me? I forgive you Andryushen’ka, my pussy. Don’t get upset It will pass off. It can happen to anyone Andryushen’ka, open it! Hallo! Hallo! Dasha? Hi, it’s Andrey! What Andrey? Tsvetkov! Do you know so many Andreys? Who are you talking to, Andrey? Why do I have such a big honour? You are such a big star now! How did you deign to us? Tell me where your friend is I keep calling her, but she doesn’t answer I wonder where she is walking so late Oh, the girl-friend you dumped? She went to Moscow. Long ago What do you mean «to Moscow»? To whom? You see, she’s found a man He’s a millionaire He’s handsome He fell head over ears in love with her and made her a marriage proposal Stop lying. Where could she find him? Who do you think you are? You think you are the only one in the world Open your eyes, there are so many men Andrey, open the door. Open it right now! Listen to me carefully Tell your Natasha that if I learn that she cheated on me she won’t see me any more. Got it? Oh really? Open it! I tell you! I’m so scared! Andrey, open it right now! Open it now! Who you called? To your ex-girlfriend? Leave me alone! I don’t want to see you any more! What? You live in my flat, spend my money And you are nobody in all senses! How dare you offend me! I’m fed up with youа! What did you say? I ask you, what did you say? I’m fed up with you, jealous goose! Get out of here, freak! Dullard! Get out of here! With pleasure! You and your money make me sick! So go and earn it yourself! Jerk! I feel sorry for you You have lots of money, but no happiness And you’ll never have it! It’s for you to remember me by! For you to have something to remember Oh, what an odour! Wonderful! Shall i wait long? No, the duck is ready, and I’ll get out the pie in 3 minutes Do your best. I’m waiting for my old friend and I want to surprise her Good afternoon! Is Anzhela in? Yes, she is Haven’t seen you for ages. Come in Shortcake with cream Anzhela, your house is incredible I liked it so much! Look, where did you get so much money? You look chic!

Allo? Beauty salon «Fairy» Dionysus, hi. It’s me. Listen … What shall I listen to? Speak louder then I’ll listen to you I can’t speak louder Do you know where Anzhela lives? So what? Take a taxi and come here But don’t call her and don’t tell her anything Wait for me in the taxi behind the gate What spy games are these? Why are you silent? Have you stolen her money? Oh no! It’s just that Madlen that robbed me is here Do you remember? Is it a ken there? Natasha! Is everything ready? Yes, Anzhela Viktorovna! Bring it, then! I can’t talk to you any more Come here! I beg you! So, tell me. How are you? Oh, everything is all right Can you imagine, he made me a marriage proposal! I made difficulties for a while For the sake of propriety And then I said «yes» Oh, congratulations! Yes, my Vania is a good boy Honeymoon in Greece! What’s up with her? Natasha, are you all right? Yes, I’m fine Is she ill? Looks like that. I don’t know exactly, but she cooks very well. Forget about her Let’s have lunch I’m happy to see you in my house! It’s a big honour! To you, my dear Socrates! To you, Socrates! To you! So, how are you? How is Aphrodite? Everything is fine, thanks God How are you? Where are the chidren? I can’t see them Theo is at training and Sunny has gove away Any problems? No, nothing serious. He’ll come back soon You are right! He may enjoy himself while he’s single He won’t be able to have fun when he gets married That’s right! Do you have any news? Well, I talked to my daughter Aphrodite The girl has grown up, she wants to get married I’m not against it, but what about Sunny? What about Sunny? You know how much he loves her! Shall we choose a wedding day? Why to put it off? You know how much we want your daughter to become a member of our family Sunny is looking forward to their wedding He’ll come this week That’s good. He he doesn’t show up within a week, I’ll consider that you’ve deceived us and I’ll assume measures! Socrates, there is nothing to talk about We are friends! If Sunny refuses to marry Aphrodite, she’ll be disgraced And me, too And if you think that I’ll leave it like that, you are sadly mistaken! Socrates Ananasis doesn’t use words lightly! What?! Do you know how long I’ve been here in this hole? I’ve got cellulite all over my body Madlen is coming out. We’ll follow her and learn her address Oh God, why did you come to my misfortune? Here she’s coming. Follow this car! Why are you shouting? Get going! Do I need all this? In my old age! We’ll watch her and learn where she lives I’ll intimidate her and she’ll give you everything at once!

What if she’s not alone there? What if they seize you? And then me! Because I’m a witness They’ll catch us and start to blackmail, one by turn It’s terrible! I can’t let her go What if she escapes again? If you are scared, I’ll call Alex and ask him to come here Who is scared? Alex! He’s attractive I see. I get so nervous! Have you talked to your father? Yes, I have. But he doesn’t want to hear anything What shall we do? Look, Theo, do you have your passport with? Yes, why? Maybe we should go to the register office and get married? Right now! Oh no! They will kill us! My daddy wanted me to become a member of your family He wanted me to marry uncle Georgiy’s son No problem. I’ve done his will And what’s the difference whethere it will be Theo or Sunny?! It makes a great difference! I’m smarter, more handsome and stronger than Sunny You are so smart! I wouldn’t have thought of the register office That’s because your protein-lipidic balance is discrupted What? You need a wife! What! Hi! Oh, who is it? Hi! Let me introduce my friend Dionysus to you He’s very good and kind Yes, almost an angel And this is Alex. He’s very good, too Yes, I’ve noticed it So, will you help us? I don’t know, I had other plans All right, you’ve persuaded me I’m so amenable It’s terrible. But I’ll stay here What do you mean? I’ll be a lookout All right. Let’s go? Let’s go What? May I have it? And this hat What for? Later Vania, is it you? Yes Good afternoon, Madlen! How did you learn? What do you want? I want to take what belongs to me And who is it? I’m sorry, I haven’t introduced myself I’m a famous killer, my nickname is Gogol Why Gogol? I like reading «Dead souls» at night Where are my things? Natasha, this one? No, mine is big and blue Here it is And where is the fox tippet? I know it’s in your flat It’s in the wardrobe Look for it yourself, I don’t know where everything is And my money How much did you have? 1500 dollars I hope you don’t need any change

There is much more here Natasha, say thank you to this nice lady and let’s go We have 3 more clients today Good bye, Madlen And be grateful that I haven’t called the police I won’t say good-bye I might call by again We did it! What shall we do with the rest? Oh God! I’m so glad you came, Vania! Look, I’ve met one of those geese we duped at the entrance door … Is she still there? She’s standing there kissing a man Vania, they have nearly killed me They took a fox tippet, they took some things and money Vania! What? Did they take much money? Much, Vania! All we had! Vania, catch them. I beg you! Maybe it’s better to call the police? What police, Vania? Run! Faster! Hurray! We did it! Why are you scaring me? When she saw me she was so frightened that gave everything at once I told you that was not difficult and you were afraid! That’s good I was on the lookout Alex, thank you very much! See you! I’ll call you. Good luck! That’s it! Get going! Where did she go to? What’s the matter, young man? Drop dead! Oh God, you broke my nose! I’m dying! Call 911! Freeze! Hands up! Oh God! Why did we take that fool? He’ll deceive us! Run! Run faster! Why did you put on handcuffs? Because! Yes, miracles happen You are right! We chased them for a year without any results and now we were driving by and here they were! If he needs artificial ventilation I can do it Thank you Georgiy! Georgiy! We have such a sorrow! Georgiy! Sunny is at hospital! What do you mean? What hospital? What are you talking about? They showed it on TV He was assaulted in the center of Moscow He’s wounded. Let’s go there! My boy!

Mummy? Daddy? How do you feel, son? I have a headache Where am I? At the hospital. You were assaulted be some bullies Really? It’s strange It seemed to me I had assaulted him We are so glad it’s all over The doctor said you’ll stay 24 hours at the hospital And we’ll take you home tomorrow Daddy, are you angry with me? Oh, Sunny, this night was the longest in my life Suddenly I understood that I didn’t have the right to treat you like that. I was so selfish Forgive me What are you talking about? You must forgive me It was all my fault No, I won’t make you marry Aphrodite You don’t have to reply for my words But what shall I tell Socrates? You may congratulate me, daddy I’m Popandopulos now. I got married! When? Yesterday. We couldn’t wait and registered our marriage What about him? Did he resist very much? No, on the contrary. He was very happy And where is he? I want to see him He’s at his place, daddy His parents also don’t know anything Don’t worry, daddy, we’ll live together only when everybody knows about it I’m sorry, daddy, but we thought it would be so romantic Oh, young people! All right, I won’t scold you The Popandopolus have finally redeemed their promise I’ll go to Georgiy today to arrange the wedding Hi! I’ve bought train tickets I’m leaving tomorrow at 11 a.m Are you glad? What’s up with you? We were assaulted by a gang There were about 5 people They dropped your Alex at once and I was the only one to fight I was like an antique warrior and now my Greek nose looks like a nose of Razan citizens Look, I’m shocked! Oh God, what about Alex? Is he alive? He’s fine. He has a brain concussion, he was taken to the first town hospital Who assaulted you? I haven’t asked them Look, there were about 7 people If only you could know what we’d been through with your mother! Stop it, daddy. It’s over Nothing happened to me If Socrates doesnt’kill me for refusing to marry Aphrodite, I’ll live long years and you’ll get tired of me Sunny, you don’t know the most terrible thing Aphrodite registered her marriage with Theo When? The day before yesterday Socrates thinks she got married to you He is busy arranging your wedding, he’s so happy But I don’t know When he learns that it’s not you but Theo is his son-in-law I think it’s great! Aphrodite and Theo are birds of a feather I’m happy for them They are happy, too But what will Socrates say? Miss, what ward is Alex in? Surname? Orekhova You mean, you are looking for Alex Orekhov? No, you understood me wrongly Oh God, I don’t know his surname All right, I’ll look by myself Miss, where are you going to? Miss, wait! Miss, you can’t walk here! Miss! I can’t live without you! Stop! What are you thinking of? I don’t know. I just have a lousy mood I don’t give a damn about your mood!

You won’t get out of here till you sing properly Peter, one more time Misha, I beg you, let’s have a break 10 minutes. Peter, smoke, please I’m tired of your depressive look I took you here for you to work! Understood? I spent so much money on you Oh God, i’m sick and tired of your money I can here all the time only «money, money, money» And now you. I’m so tired of that Did you think it would have it all of a sudden? You are a zero! You are nobody i took you here because of your cute face There are thousands guys like you in Russia! I’ll take other boys tomorrow if you don’t toil. Understood? By the way, let’s talk about Guseva Why the hell did you split up with her? What shall newspapers write about? I don’t need such a singer! I promise, I’ll write 100 hits It’s just I feel awful now I miss my ex-girlfriend You’ll have 10000 girls tomorrow I’ll pick them myself But work, please! Please! What shall I do for you to come to your senses? Arrange a concert in my native town I want to come back as a star so that everybody saw what I am now Besides, I’ll make it up with Natasha She’s waiting for it so much So, write to me I won’t miss you, of course, because that’s where I’ve got it But if you send a card with flowers, let it be so, I’ll read it Thank you for everything Dionysus, you are so cool I love you so much I don’t know how I’ll live without you That’s it. Otherwise I don’t guarantee I’ll control myself We shouldn’t cry or we’ll have a running nose Dionysus, I want to ask you for a favour If you see Alex tell him I’ll never forget him, that he’s the best and that I love him Oh God! What do you need this waiter for? Of course, he’s good-lloking, but I think you wanted to find a millionaire I don’t need any millionaire. I love Alex! I see. I thought she loved me but she’s so perfidious All right, I’ll tell him when I see him I have to go Thank you for everything and good luck! Good luck to you, too, Orekhova! What? We need to have a beautiful life! My beauty! Hi! Hi! Tea? May I have some, too? You don’t seem to be happy to see me Why? I’m happy. I just forgot you And I didn’t. You see, I came back! I have an important talk to you I’m listening to you You’ve changed. You are different

You are cold and very beautiful Is that all you wanted to tell me? You know, when I was in Moscow I always had a feeling that I missed something I missed your care, your love, even your tea Nobody can brew such tea So, I thought I had to go to you Becuase I felt really well only with you What about your millionaire? She drove me up the wall! Try to undrestand, Natasha, that it’s PR, it’s my job! I want to be with you, to have all we planned And Salzman promised to buy a flat for us if we get married So, you need me because of the flat, right? Natasha! Why because of the flat? Do you want me to be honest? Do you want? I couldn’t manage to to anything without you I’ve lost my inspiration I can’t write any songs Salzman yells at me, he comes down on me I think of you all the time And I miss you so much! Come here. Sit down I know you love me It seemed to me I saw you in Moscow But I don’t think it was you I always thought about you Did you think about me? Did you? Andrey, let me go! Will you be my wife? Will you marry me? Andrey, i don’t know I tried to forget you I came to marry you But you don’t love me! Natasha, you are so beautiful How can I not love you? How? Tell me! Please, don’t! Will you be my wife? Will you? I don’t know! That’s your Dashka. Don’t open What if it’s something important? Alex, how did you find me? Hi! I looked for you and I found you I hope you are happy Of course Will you introduce us to each other? It’s Alex, my friend from Moscow From Moscow? And what are you? I’m a waiter from a low dive Orekhova, your taste got worse He’s only a waiter Andrey, stop it! Why did you come to my fiancee? I wanted to tell her I loved her and offer to marry me And a tray in addition Natasha, I think there is no reason to refuse such a suitable match You’ll be full all the time Andrey, your jokes are silly! Alex, don’t pay attention to him I don’t care. I came not to him but to you You are a bit late. The girl will marry me I offered my hand, too. And she said «yes» Is it true? Not exactly So, I’m sorry to bother you. Be happy! Alex, wait! Forget about him There is only you and me now Andrey, don’t A star offered you his hand! Isn’t it enough for you? In short, we’ll go to my concert in the evening, then have dinner with Salzman and go to Moscow tomorrow What’s up? I told you he’d be back and you didn’t believe me

We’ll have fun at your wedding. Eat salads Whta’s up? Are you crazy? Do you stint a wedding? Miss, take your seat! We are shooting! Quickly! What’s wrong? Nothing, it’s just stuffy here Thank you!!!! Dear friends, we are happy to perform here for you Andrey Tsvetkov, one of most romantic singers, decided to present his new show in this town, because he was born here There are a lot of respected people in the audience, including millionaire Alexandr Popandopulos who wants to say some good words to Andrey Natalia Orekhova, i love you more than my life Will you marry me? Come on, say something! I don’t understand why you pretend to be a millionaire Hey, you! She’s my fiance! I don’t give a damn about who you are! She’s mine and i won’t give her to anybody! I don’t think so I’ll kill you! Have a try! Oh my God! Stop it! Help! Why are standing? Separate them! Anybody! Andrey, stop it! Andrey! Enough! Stop! Calm down! Andrey! I’m sorry, I can’t be with you, because I love him I know why you pretended to be that guy from a magazine You wanted to look more imposing, right? But you don’t need it, because you are the best I don’t care if you are a waiter! I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’m really that guy from a magazine Alexandr Popandopulos How? But you told me you … Did you lie to me? But why? I’m sorry, it happened so I wanted to be in somebody’s shoes, to live somebody’s life It’s such a white lie Oh God, I’m so tired of you with your white lies! Leave me alone! Both of you! Give me the car keys What? Wait, don’t abase yourself! You’ll have a millione of such girls Natasha! Natasha! Forgive me! I’m a fool I should have let you know But I wanted to give a surprise so much How could you? You lied to me all the time! How can I trust you? Golly! Orekhova, a miracle happened and you are crying! If he preteneded to be a millionaire but turned out to be a waiter then I’d understand you Isn’t it like a fairy-tale about Cinderella? Come on, make it up with him Orekhova, I love you! Can you here me? Natasha! Can you hear me? I was thinking …

It really doesn’t matter what you do I fell in love with you because it’s you I loved you when you were a waiter, now I’ll love a millionaire Maybe we’ll be successful But promise, you’ll never lie to me! I do! Upon the word of Popandopulos! Happy end of this movie But you deceived me. Friends don’t do that It’s so bad Dear Socrates, did I promise you that your daughter would get married to my son? – Yes – She did I promised you she would be Popandopulos She is! Didn’t I do what we agreed upon? Come off it! Look how much they love each other! I love you! Come on, Socrates! To love? To love!